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1.    Honorable Augustus Chaflin French, former Governor of Illinois. Chart #4.

2.    Rear Admiral William D. French, Defense Superior Service Medal. Chart #23.

3.    William French Smith, American lawyer and the 74th Attorney General of the U.S.

4.    Heather French, former Miss America in 2000 from Augusta, Kentucky, Chart #36.

5.    Marilyn French, American author known for her feminist novels and non-fiction.

6.    Daniel Chester French, sculptor of the Concord Minute Man, Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial, the John Harvard Monument, and more. Chart #4. His father, Henry French, invented the French drain.

7.    Robert T. French, inventor (along with his sons George and Francis), R.T. French & Co., French's Mustard, Chart #183.

8.    Victor French, actor in Lassie, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and Little House on the Prairie, b. 4 Dec 1934 Santa Barbara, CA, d. 15 Jun 1989.

9.    Melinda French, wife of Bill Gates of Microsoft, m. 1 Jan 1994.

10.Percy French, IrelandŐs foremost songwriter and entertainer. Chart #IREB. More.

11.Bob French, jazz drummer and radio show host at WWOZ from New Orleans, Louisiana, honored by Branford Marsalis.

12.Conrad OŐBrien-ffrench, artist, soldier, poet, adventurer, spy, raconteur, teacher, lecturer, philosopher, and humanitarian. He was also the man generally acknowledged to have inspired his friend, Ian Fleming, to create the fictional sensation, James Bond. Chart #IREH.

13.Frank French, Ragtime and Terra Verde pianist and composer. Chart #3.

14.James M. French, businessman and community activist, used his wealth and influence to serve the community and African-American youth. Believed to be the son of a former slave of Sandusky, OH.

15.David French, CNN Live, who reported on the War in the Gulf in 1991 with Wolf Blitzer and President George Bush as the weekend anchor for 12 years before his transition to the CIA.

16.Peter French, of Frenchglen, Oregon, had a cattle operation and built a round barn in the 1870s which is on the National Register of Historic Places as of 1971.

17.George French, leader of the George French Band in New Orleans, LA. He sings base jazz and rhythm & blues and cut hit records in the 1960s.

18.Lizzie Crozier French, ca. 1890, was an educator and a leader in the movement for womenŐs suffrage in Tennessee. Chart #110.

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