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Panel Discussion – 13 Aug 2011

The Jeffersonville Library in Indiana is having a panel discussion on Daniel French and his shipbuilding and “Yankee” Steam Engine Patent, on August 13, 2011 in the early afternoon. The Henry French House, son of Daniel French, will be open for viewing in the morning. See The Henry French House.

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1.    John French House, Avon, MA, 1749, FFA Chart #5

2.    Henry French House, Jeffersonville, IN, 19 Dec 1812 – 4 May 1878, FFA Chart #4

3.    Asa French House, Asa French, 1775-1853, First U.S. Post Office, FFA Chart #5

4.    Joshua French House, Dorset, VT, FFA Chart #11

5.    Jeremiah French Jr. House, Manchester Village, VT
1775, FFA Chart #11

6.    Jeremiah French Jr. House, Mille Roches, Ontario, Canada,
1784, FFA Chart #11

7.    John Jay French House, Beaumont, TX, 1845, FFA Chart #8

8.    John French House, Topsfield, MA, 1675, FFA Chart #1

9.    Truro Parish Church (Pohick), built by Daniel French, 
Fairfax Co., VA, 1768-74, FFA Chart #36

10.Seth French House, 319 East French Ave., Orange City, FL, 1876, FFA Chart #9

11.The Fred F. French Building, 551 Fifth Ave., New York, NY, 1926-1927. Fred was a real estate tycoon.

12.Holyoke-French House, corner of Elm St. and Topsfield Rd., Boxford, MA, 1704, FFA Chart #2

13.Valentine-French House, 5105 N. Main Street, Fall River, MA, 1769

14.Teter Myers French House, Hedgesville, Berkeley Co., WV, 1860, FFA Chart #195

15.George French House, Pershing Avenue and East 11th St., Davenport, OH, 1911.