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French House in Braintree, MA. The house’s most prominent resident was Asa French (1775-1853), a trained civil engineer who opened Braintree’s first post office in his house in 1825.

Chart #5, John French, 1622
Braintree, Quincy, and Dorchester, MA

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History and Research

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Frank Dyer’s Genealogies of Families of Braintree, Email:
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Photos of the French Family in Braintree, MA (to be supplied later)

John French House in Avon, MA, 1749

Asa French House in Braintree, MA, 1825

Genealogies of the Families of Braintree, MA, by Waldo Chamberlain Sprague


Cemetery Reports

Index of Chart #5

History and Research

John French was first recorded in Dorchester on 27 Jan 1642/3 after his arrival in Boston. He and his wife Grace (Kingsley?) had 9 children: John, Thomas, Mary, Dependence, Temperance, William, Elizabeth, Thomas, and Samuel, all born in Braintree. Some say John was born on 26 May 1612 in England; others say he was born in 1622.  Another says he was born in 1619 in Suffolkshire. Others say he was born in Dorsetshire, England. Some researchers say that John’s wife’s name was Grace Kingsley; others say her surname is unknown.

Mara French has many photos of their land “French Common” in Braintree and of the first Braintree Post Office which they owned – these photos will be added to this website. Both John and Grace are buried at the Hancock Cemetery in Quincy, MA. A more recent stone was dedicated to them.


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Cemetery Records

Hancock Cemetery in Quincy -- It appears Daniel and Hannah Keith Haskell French deeded the cemetery and a piece of land to be used as a town house to the inhabitants of Quincy back in April 19, 1844. It was to remain as such forever with the understanding that if ever the town of Quincy used it for any other purpose than that intended, the deed would become void. Frenches buried here are Anna Hannah Marsh French, Annie Evelyn French, Arthur French, Charles E. French, Daniel F. French, Eleanor Tompson French, Eleline Phipps, Francis French, Grace Kingsley French, Hannah Keith Haskell French, Henry French, Infant French, John French (2), and Willie French. Photos of all of these gravestones (new stones and engravings) are shown at this website; however, when Mara French was there about 20 years ago, she took photos of the original stones which will be added to this page as soon as they are scanned.