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      William French, died 13 Mar 1775, the First Blood of the Revolution

      General Samuel G. French, 1818-1910, Mexican War and War Between the States

      Brigadier General William Henry French, 1815—1881, American Civil War

      Brigadier General John French Conklin, 1891–1973, grandson of Brigadier General William Henry French above, was also a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and a Brigadier General in the United States Army.

      George Will French, 1833—1865, Civil War, Battle at Vicksburg, Mississippi

      Rear Admiral William D. French, Defense Superior Service Medal

      Captain Thomas H. French, served in M Co., 7th US Cavalry with Col. George Custer at the Little Big Horn. He told Marcus Reno, Major, the Indians are in our rear! moments before Crazy Horses warriors charged. French fought in this battle and survived. He was later Court-marshaled out of the Service for Drinking. He never testified at any of the hearings that were going on at the time. Thomas Henry French was born in 1843, the son of Thomas French by his second wife, Mary Ellen Burke Foy. Thomas' first wife was Naomi Brown. They had one child together, Sarah French who married Daniel Piquette in Baltimore, MD. Thomas is buried in the Holy Rood Cemetery, Georgetown, Washington, DC. He died on 27 Mar 1882.

      Commander Sir George Arthur French, was pivotal in the formation of what became the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.