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William H. French, American Civil War


William Henry French (January 13, 1815 Baltimore, MD – May 20, 1881 WDC) was a career U.S. Army officer and a Union Army general in the American Civil War. He rose to temporarily command a corps within the Army of the Potomac, but was relieved of active field duty following poor performance during the Mine Run Campaign in late 1863.

His parents were: William French,13 August 1786 of Amherst, NH and Anna Rosetta Halverson of PA. Son William, in turn, was the son of Ephraim French and Hannah Melendy, he born 10 November 1751, Billerica, MA, dies 27 September 1834. It might be noted that Ephraim French, above, born 10 November 1751 was the son of Private William French, Billerica, MA, who served in the Revolutionary War and was born 25 January 1713, Billerica and Tabitha Pierce, she born 1716 in Chelmsford, MA.

FFA Chart #2.
William French of Billerica 1605 (1); . . . . . Private William French 1713 (5); Ephraim French 1751 (6); William French 1786 (7); William H. French 1815 (8).

William H. FrenchÕs early life and career, Civil War days, and Postbellum.

His grandson, John French Conklin (1891–1973), was also a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and a brigadier general in the United States Army. FFA Chart #2.

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