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Robert Timothy French

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R. T. French & Company, FrenchÕs Mustard

IMPORTANT: This is a genealogical website for Robert T. French who invented FrenchÕs Mustard. If youÕd like to order any of FrenchÕs products, please go to their homepage or write to FrenchÕs Mustard, 4343 Mustard Way, Springfield, Missouri 65803 or call 417-837-1813.

ROBERT TIMOTHY FRENCH, b. November 15, 1828, Ithaca or Ludlowville, Tompkins County, NY; d. June 17, 1893, Rochester, Monroe Co, NY. He was the progenitor of the FrenchÕs Mustard Company. He married FRANCES JACKSON ca. 1850. She was b. in 1833. Robert Timothy French began his career as a New York spice merchant in 1876. He ultimately started the R.T. French Spice Company of New York City. Robert went to work for S. M. Beard's Company, tea, coffee, and spice merchants, where he remained some 20 years. Besides George, the family grew with Robert, Edward, and Francis. The dreams of Robert Sr. for his gifted sons were beyond the modest scope of a mercantile clerk. It was in 1880 that the birth of a New York City enterprise started with the name of R. T. French & Son, because Robert's first born was taken into the firm. A few months later, the name was changed to French, Jackson, & French. Jackson was an in-law into whose quarters on Warren Street in Brooklyn the business was moved. His son George introduced French's Mustard at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair when hot dogs were invented at the same time.


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