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Chart #36, Hugh French Ist, 1636
MaryŐs and Charles Co., MD
Westmoreland, Prince William, Stratford, Fauquier, King George, Richmond, Culpeper, Northumberland, and Loudoun Counties, VA

Also Mason Co., KY; Pike Co., MO; Independence Co., AR; and Zaneville. OH

Sixth Generation

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Children of William Lewis and Anna Guy (Isemonger) French, 5.4

Hugh1, Hugh2, Hugh3, James4, William5

6.1 daughter French [83].

Lydia Isemonger French (photo) [83]

6.2 Lydia Jane Isemonger French, b. 2 Jul 1799 in Farmwell, Loudoun Co., VA, d. 5 Mar 1885 in Arcola, VA, m. Walter Nelson Bradshaw in 1822 [83]. They had 8 children: Hugh French Bradshaw, Walter Richard Bradshaw, Lewis H. Bradshaw, Margaret Elizabeth Bradshaw, Courtney Ann Bradshaw, Lydia Jane Bradshaw, Priscilla S. Bradshaw, and George W. Bradshaw, all born in Loudoun Co., VA.

Daniel Isemonger French (photo) [83]

6.3* Daniel Isemonger French, b. 29 Mar 1801, d. 14 Dec 1884, m. 30 Oct 1827 Caroline Brawner, b. 10 Feb 1808, d. 1854 [5] [83].

Sarah Curtis French, wife of James French (photo) [83]

6.4* James French, b. 1 Apr 1803, m. Sarah (Sallie) A. Curtis on 23 Sep 1830, d. 29 Sep 1867 [83]. They started the French family at Poplar Grove Farm in Stafford Co., VA, which lasted almost 170 years. They started the graveyard at the farm with their young sonŐs death in 1862 during the Civil War [83]. The family has no surviving picture of James French, but surprisingly, there are pictures of James' sister "Liddie" and of his two brothers, Daniel Isemonger French and Hugh Uriah French. Perhaps these pictures of James's sister and two brothers will provide clues as to what James looked like and reveal family resemblances. See the account on their lives at this websites:

As a young man, James traveled one day from Loudoun County to visit an uncle (probably Captain Hugh French) in Powhatan County, located just West of Richmond, Virginia. This was a trip of about 100 miles. The only way to travel was by horseback and there was no public road like now. After traveling all day, he arrived at the George Curtis home in Stafford County where he spent the night. This was about half way between Loudoun and Powhatan counties. George Curtis had two sons and more importantly for James, four daughters, three of which were younger than he. This is where James French met his wife-to-be, (and distant cousin?) Sarah (Sallie) A. Curtis, the youngest of the girls. The Curtis' were well off, while James French's older brother had gone through most of the French property. (Note: This may be incorrect because James' daddy died in 1839, after his marriage, or perhaps mismanagement occurred after James' marriage, but Daniel's mismanagement of money is also alluded to in the will of Anna Guy French and in the will of Hugh Uriah French) [83].

James French (age 27) and Sallie (age 18) got a marriage license in Washington, D.C. on August 26, 1830 and married Sept. 23, 1830 in Stafford Co. When they were married, George Curtis gave his daughter a private slave (Betty) as he did for each of his daughters at their marriage. George Curtis had also acquired the Poplar Grove farm in Stafford County about 12 miles Northwest of Fredericksburg, Virginia some twelve years after Quakers (who had originally settled it in about 1780, left. This farm, consisting of about 1,000 acres, was given to Sallie as a wedding present also [83].

After spending a short time elsewhere (perhaps in Loudoun County), the newly married couple moved onto the farm at Poplar Grove. The original old stone house built in the 1700s was their home. The house was three and a half stories tall, (counting the basement and attic) facing south. James was a lifelong Democrat and farmer [83].

Sarah A. Curtis was born April 1, 1812 at "Green Meadows", Stafford County, Virginia, the daughter of George and Jemima (Payne) Curtis. "Green Meadows" was adjacent to and Southeast of the then 1000 acre "Poplar Grove" Farm and was in the location of what is now the Seven Lakes Subdivision in Stafford County. James French and Sarah (Sallie) A. Curtis French had seven children [83]. Sarah d. in May of 1872 of typhoid pneumonia [83].

6.5 Ann Lewis French, b. 23 Mar 1805 [83].

6.6 Courtney Wood Isemonger Mankin French, b. 20 Feb 1807, m. Howard C. Freeman on 15 Oct 1837 [83] [19].

6.7 Margaret Ann Fields French, b. 24 May 1809, m. William Horace Deming on 17 Dec 1851, buried at Poplar Grove Cemetery [83].

Hugh Uriah French (photo) [83]

6.8 Hugh Uriah French, b. 21 Jul 1811, plantation owner and sheriff in Vicksburg, Mississippi, never married [83].

Hugh Uriah French settled near Vicksburg, Mississippi by 1840 owning/overseeing 46 slaves. He seemed to have a "colorful" personality.... once falling out of a 2 story window from uncertain cause (pushed or fell), and a niece once wrote that he "wouldn't live long if he kept drinking like that" written when he was in his 60's, and another statement about hurriedly leaving Virginia so a Virginia Court judgment of several thousand dollars against him could not be collected, and in 1878, he was involved in and lost a case before the Louisiana Supreme Court concerning 16 rented mules. He was involved in a Warren County, Mississippi lawsuit in 1884 as a bondsman in a criminal case (Jack Flanigan evidently skipped bond). Going on someone's bond is an indication of wealth and to be approved by the Sheriff on a bond is an indication of community respect. He was also involved in a second Mississippi lawsuit in 1885. The 1878 and 1885 civil cases were against same fellow, Thomas Rigby, who may have been an enemy of Hugh Uriah French. (Rigby was involved in bank fraud in Vicksburg in 1885, so is not a completely honest man.) I wonder if these lawsuits added stress to Hugh Uriah French's life and contributed to his death? [83].

On the other hand, there are several complimentary aspects of his personality. For instance, there is a letter written by a very young girl saying she wanted to live with him and how he was not like other grownups and that he would play with her and how nice he was to her. Hugh Uriah was relied on by family members for help and there is a letter written during the Civil War (probably April 1863) by his sister Margaret Deming asking Hugh Uriah to come soon and comfort her after her husband's death. After the Civil War he was acting sheriff in Warren County for a time, and he was the administrator of a Vicksburg woman's estate (Mrs Caroline Keep), indicating honesty and business management skill. Hugh Uriah was an officer in the Mississippi militia in 1846 and he was a successful business man in Vicksburg for 30 years or more, and he was always an honored and welcomed visitor to the home of his brother, James in Virginia. Additionally, James thought so highly of his brother that he named his third son after Hugh Uriah [83].

In 1846 Hugh Uriah was "steamboating" which may mean working on a steamboat on the Mississippi River, perhaps as a ship's purser or perhaps more likely, river boat gambling. Family tradition described him as a riverboat gambler.

He also supposedly had a reputation for cock fighting. (He was indicted for card gambling for Confederate money of the value of $5.00 in 1862 in Vicksburg by the Warren County grand jury, but the case was dismissed, in a legal form called NOLLE PROSEQUI, in 1865 upon his payment of Court costs of $1.50-- seems like a strange indictment, perhaps political and I bet there's more to the story, forgive the pun.) Hugh Uriah found "steamboating" unprofitable by 1847; however and returned to his former employment at Belle Isle, Warren County, Mississippi. In 1848 he had borrowed $400.00 and purchased a $75.00 horse. It is assumed that $75 was a lot to pay for a horse at that time and almost certainly, this horse was used by Hugh Uriah to travel the dangerous Natchez Trace to visit his Virginia family in the late 1840s. In the early 1850s Hugh Uriah French was an overseer for William H. Johnson at Belle Isle, an island which was located in the Mississippi River 22 miles North of Vicksburg (near Eagle Lake now, the river has changed course) and later according to family tradition for Jefferson Davis' brother on an island in the Mississippi River owned by the Confederate President's brother.

By 1860 Hugh Uriah French was a plantation owner in Northwest Warren County, Mississippi near Vicksburg. His land was valued at $12,000 and he owned $20,000 in personal property, some of that value is assumed to be slaves. He owned 30 slaves in 1861. Hugh Uriah French had made several trips up and down the Natchez Trace on horseback visiting his Virginia family, and later by train (probably at least 3 trips between 1845 and 1860 and in 1869, 1878, 1879, 1882). Hugh Uriah clearly loved his family in Virginia and wrote to them consistently through the years. He once responded to an inquiry about how he kept his hair so neat with the facetious reply "I use snake oil madam."

Hugh Uriah wrote a great many letters during the Civil War but most were lost before arriving in Virginia. In fact, the Virginia family worried that he might have died because they did not hear from him. He was in "very bad health for three years", beginning in 1863 and was "confined to bed the greater part of the time". After the war, he wrote to his Virginia family that he was "a poor man, lost everything" and was even "robbed of his clothes."

Though he lost all his property in the Civil War, Hugh Uriah recovered and later he owned at least three lots and a house in Vicksburg, Mississippi across the street from the Courthouse with a view of the Mississippi River and property in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Hugh Uriah French had no wife or children and he died on August 3, 1885 in his home at Vicksburg from the consequences of a stroke with paralysis suffered on April 11, 1885. He had a nurse, Mack Ferrel, taking care of him after the stroke for $12.00 per week. He owned substantial assets for the time, and left a will dated July 15, 1885 and recorded a few days after his death in Vicksburg, Mississippi, which left the bulk (4/5ths) of his estate to the children of James. This Will was contested by the family members left out, but was sustained by the Court in 1887. Our family still has a walking cane (with a hidden stiletto) used by Hugh Uriah French for protection during his dangerous travels to visit James' family. Hugh Uriah French is probably buried in the City Cemetery, Cedar Hill, at Vicksburg, but there is no existing record or tombstone there to prove such.

The estate assets totaled approximately $12,000 in 1885. A partial disbursement was made in 1887 to the heirs. John I. French, who inherited slightly more than 1/5th of the estate for instance, then received $465. The executor, Dr. T.G. Birchett, by 1887 had received $1,119.89 ($741.00 for his medical bill as doctor--charging $3.00 per visit and visiting Hugh Uriah French as much as three times per day until death--high for the time?). In 1890 there was a balance of $5,703.26, but there is no record of how that was disbursed. Most likely the executor received at least 7% of that too. Thus, it may be that John I. French inherited about $1500 from his uncle's estate in total, plus slightly more than 1/5th of that Loudoun Co. Virginia land owned by Hugh Uriah. It would seem that almost 1/2 of Hugh Uriah's estate was consumed in probate expenses.

6.9 Mary Ellender French, b. 7 Mar 1813 [83].

Children of James French, 5.6

Also in this generation in the Lower District of Mason Co., KY, in the 1860 census is the following family, so far not able to tie them in with this line: John E. French, age 47; Lucy French, age 45; D. A. French, age 16; Mary A. French, age 12, Annetta French, age 10. In the 1850 census of Mason Co., KY (District 1 or Maysville) are: Arretta French, Charles H. French, Cynthaan French, Damascus French, Elizabeth F. French, John French, John L. French, Juliet C. French, Lucy A. French, Mary A. French, Mary E. French, Reuben French, Richard French, and William H. French. In the 1840 census of Mason Co., KY, are Hiram D. French, John French, another John French, and Mary French.

6.10* James French, b. between 1800-1810 in Mason Co. KY or in Loudon Co., VA [67], who died 7 Feb 1841 in Harrison Co., KY, m1. Rachel Applegate on 8 Jun 1810, Jacob Applegate bondsman. James m2. Rebecca Applegate, RachelŐs sister, in Mason Co., KY, 2 Sep 1823, John Applegate bondsman. She was the dau. of  Jacob Applegate [21] [55] [67]. James was one of the founders of Maysville, Mason Co., KY [21]. Deed Book ŇRÓ 1816-1818, p. 187 refers to FrenchŐs line in a property description. James and Rebecca moved to Harrison Co., KY somewhere around 1825 after the birth of their son Hugh. Hugh, JamesŐ brother, was the administrator for JamesŐ will in 1841. After James died, Rebecca m2. Tilman Mockbee on 24 Jan 1842 in Harrison Co., KY and moved to MO with their youngest four children [54] [55] in 1847 [67]. James was killed in a knife fight on 12 Jan 1841 and died 7 Feb 1841 from wounds received in the fight [55]. A William French (probably his brother) witnessed JamesŐ will written on 15 Feb 1841 and was probated 13 Jul 1841 in Harrison Co., KY. In 1810, the first Kentucky census, James appears in Mason Co., KY, with 3 2 0 1 0 / 2 1 0 1 0. He appears in the 1820 census of Mason Co., KY, with 2 2 0 0 1 / 3 1 0 1 0. He appears in the 1830 census of the Eastern Division, Mason Co., KY, with 1 (male under 5), 1 (male 5-10), 0 (male 10-15), 0 (male 16-20), 1 (20-30), no male over 30 / 2 (female 5-10), 0 (female 5-10), 1 (female 10-15), 0 (female 16-20), 1 (20-30), no female over 30. This last entry would indicate James was born between 1800 and 1810. Thereafter he moved to Harrison Co., KY.

6.11 Hugh French, m. Malinda Wilkerson on 8 Mar 1825, in the same family as his sister Sarah married [21].

6.12 Sarah French, m. Wilkerson, in the same family as her brother Hugh married [21].

6.13 Lucinda French, based on marriage bond by Hugh when she m. Nicholas Bechetta on 27 May 1827.

6.14 Mason French, d. 1827 [21]. Hugh was the bondsman of his will [21].

6.15 William L. French, b. 27 Oct 1807 in Mason Co., KY, m. Jane Elizabeth Brooke on 27 Mar 1830 [21]. This chart continues with FFA Chart #90 which was started back in 1994.

6.16 John K. French, m. Elizbeth Dobyns on 17 Dec 1834 [21]. JohnŐs will is probably that of Mason Co., KY 016 Bk N 1843 [21].

Children of Daniel and Ann (Gutherie) French, 5.14

6.17 Sarah (Sally) French, b. ca. 1786 in Bedford/Franklin Co., VA, d. ca. 1821 in Harrison Co., IN, m. Joseph Wheat, 12 November 1802 in Bedford Co., VA [36].

6.18 Mason French, b. ca. 1787 in Bedford/Franklin Co., VA, d. before 17 April 1849 in Harrison Co., IN, m1. Margaret Conn, 6 August 1810 Wayne Co., KY, m2. Nancy Rhodes, 19 Dec 1833 Harrison Co., IN, m3. Susan James 24 October 1843 in Harrison Co., IN [36].

6.19 Hugh French, b. ca. 1789 Bedford/Franklin Co., VA, d. ca. 1837 Warren Co., KY, m. Priscilla Pope, 13 January 1818 in Adair Co., KY [36]. Priscilla was the dau. Of Humphrey Pope and Elizabeth Duncan [107].

6.20 Daniel French, b. ca. 1792 in Franklin Co., VA, living in 1880, m. Sarah Smith 10 Nov 1814 in Harrison Co., IN [36] [84].

6.21 Mildred French, b. ca. 1794 in Franklin Co., VA. She d. between 1860-77 probably in Russell Co., KY [25] [36]. She m. Bryant Flanagan on 3, 6 or 7 Dec 1813 in Wayne Co., KY [25] or 22 Mar 1814. He was b. ca. 1795 in Russell Co., KY, d. 26 Mar 1836 in Russell Co., KY [113].

Mildred and Bryant Flanagan were guardians for John, unknown relative of the French family whose father was deceased (not verified) [25]. Bryan Flanagan didnŐt name this son, John, in his Will, and suspected that John wasnŐt his son. The DNA proved that fact. John Flanagan has the identical DNA as this line of the French Family, thereby indicating that his father was a French. John Flanagan was b. Jun 1811 in Adair Co., KY, d. Sep 1869 in Jasper Twp., Crawford Co., AR. He m. Ruth Triplett on 3 Oct 1833 in Russell Co, KY, the dau. of John Triplett and Martha McFarland [113]. She was b. 1817 in Adair Co., KY and d. after 1880 in Jasper Twp., Crawford Co., AR. John Flanagan became a Reverend [113]. They had 15 children: Bryant, William, Amilia, Nathan, Anthony, Lloyd, Charles, Martha, John, Mary, Benjamin, Nancy, Elizabeth, Daniel, and Pheobe, all born between 1834-1861. See website [113]:

Their son, Bryant Flanagan, b. 5 Sep 1834 in Russell Co., KY, d. 7 Apr 1862 in Pittsburg Landing, TN at the Battle of Shiloh, m. Phoebe Myers Ruth on 14 Oct 1855 in Hartford, Putnam Co., MO [113]. They had son Liberty K. Flanagan, who had son Dana C. Flanagan. These are all actually Frenches, and the matching DNA test proves this. Also see the Flanagan Family Page. Also see the Flanagan DNA website or the FTDNA website that matches the French DNA website, Group 1.

Mildred French and Bryant Flanagan had these children [113]:

á      John French (adopted Flanagan), b. 1811 in Adair Co., KY*

á      Anna Pierce Flanagan, b. 1819 in Adair Co., KY, m. William J. Wilson in 1835 in Russell Co., KY [113].

á      Daniel Flanagan, b. 16 Jan 1820 in Adair Co., KY, m. Elizabeth Dunbar, d. 16 Sep 1867 in Russell Co., KY

á      Mason Flanagan, b. 28 Aug 1823 in Adair Co., KY, m. Martha Jane Bailey, b. 28 Aug 1823, d. ca. 8 Apr 1907

á      Elizabeth Flanagan, b. ca. 1825 in Adair Co., KY, m. William Helson

á      Wesley Flanagan, b. 22 Mar 1828, d. 1897, m. Elizabeth Catherine Bailey

á      Davis Flanagan, b. ca. 1832, m. Minerva Nelson

á      Charles Bennett Flanagan, b. Apr 1833, m1. Jane Dunbar, m2. Frances Dunbar

á      Ira Grey Flanagan, b. 23 Apr 1835, m. Parkie Jane Eastham, d. ca. 12 Oct 1916

See Flanagan website. Hugh French was witness to Bryant FlanaganŐs will
See Flanagan Family Website
See Russell Co., KY, Flanagan Genealogy Page
Flanagan Family
Flanagan Documents

Marriage Record for Bryant Flanagan and Mildred French, 1814
Bryant FlanaganŐs Will of 1836, and the transcribed version
Flanagan Family

*To figure out which French male was the father of John French (Flanagan), b. 1811, 8 years before the next child and 2 years before Mildred and Bryant married, we could analyze the French males:

á      MildredŐs brother Mason French, who married in 1810 in Wayne Co., KY, nearby Adair Co., KY where John was born in 1811. Perhaps MasonŐs wife Margaret Conn had died in childbirth with John. Has anyone researched if Margaret Conn died in 1811?

á      MildredŐs brother Hugh French m. in 1818 after John was born.

á      MildredŐs brother Daniel French m. in 1814 after John was born.

á      No other cousins from Generation 6 could be considered because of the dates involved, or that they didnŐt live in KY.

6.22 Catherine French, b. 5 Mar 1798 in Franklin Co., VA, d. after 1870, m. Patrick Flanagan on 29 November 1814 in Harrison Co., IN [36]. Many folks want to place Patrick Flanagan as a brother to my ancestor who married Mildred French [Bryant Flanagan], but I don't believe that this is accurate. First, I have never seen ANY evidence that Patrick was a brother of Bryant and, second, there was another Flanagan family in Washington Co., KY and I believe that Patrick is a part of that family (which I suspect was not related to my Russell County Flanagans - I am hoping to use DNA to clarify the connections or lack of between various Kentucky Flanagan lines) [25].

6.23 Sofia French, b. 13 Sep 1809 Adair/Russell Co., KY, d. 19 Jan 1851 in Harrison Co., IN, buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Harrison Co., KY, m. William L. Littell or Littrell 26 November 1829 Orange Co., IN [36]. William was b. 1807, d. 19 Jan 1851 in Harrison Co., IN [121].

Children of John E. and Dolly (Spencer) French, 5.15

Hugh1, Mason2, Hugh3, Daniel4, John5

6.24* Littleberry French, b. 8 Dec 1786 in Franklin Co., Virginia, lived in Russell Co., KY. Will of Littleberry French, Page 1 and Page 2. He d. Mar 1830 in Russell Co., KY. He m. Laodecia ŇDicyÓ Spencer of Kentucky on 12 Feb 1812 [21] [35] [151].

6.25 John French, b. ca. 1790 in Franklin Co., VA, d. after 1844, m. Jean Swan on 26 Oct 1813 in Wayne Co., KY [21].

6.26 Daniel French, b. ca. 1791 in Franklin Co., VA, m1. Elizabeth swan on 30 Dec 1812 in Wayne Co., KY, m2. Martha Davenport on 28 Apr 1844 in DeWitt Co., IL [21].

6.27 Sally French, b. ca. 1792 in Franklin Co., VA, m. Josiah Clifton [21].

6.28 Elizabeth French, b. ca. 1802 in Adair Co., KY, m. Thomas Davenport [21].

6.29 Martha French, b. 14 Feb 1803 in Jamestown, Adair/Russell Co., KY, d. 14 Jan 1879 in DeWitt Co., IL, buried 15 Jan 1879 in Texas, DeWitt Co., IL, m. Levi Spencer on 10 Apr 1824 in Adair Co., KY [21].

Children of James and Barbary (Key) French, 5.16

Hugh1, Hugh2, Hugh3, Daniel4, James5

6.30 Elizabeth French, m. 19 Sep 1803 in Adair Co., KY to William Holt [62] [21] [36].

6.31 Susannah French, b. 1787 in Franklin Co., VA [21], d. bef. 1863 in Washington Co., IN, m. 27 Dec 1804 in Adair Co., KY to John Vandeveer Jr. [62] [21] in Lincoln/Adair Co., KY and they all moved to Henry Co. KY about 1815 then on to Orange Co IN about 1820 [36].

6.32 Nancy Ann French, b. 19 Nov 1789 in NC, d. 7 Aug 1871 in Christian Co., IL, m. 8 Jun 1805 in Henry Co., KY to Aaron Vandeveer [62] or Aaron Vandiver [21] [36].

6.33 Hugh French [62], was called ElizabethŐs brother in her marriage bond. James French was ElizabethŐs father; hence Hugh his son. Nothing further is known of Hugh French [21] [36].

6.34 Richard French [62], was called ElizabethŐs brother in her marriage bond. James French was ElizabethŐs father; hence Richard his son. Nothing further is known of Richard French [21] [36].

6.35 John French [62].

Children of Hugh and Ann (Lewis) French, 5.17

Hugh1, Mason2, Hugh3, Daniel4, Hugh5

6.36 William French, b. unknown, d. by 1845 [36]. In 1834 he lived in Morgan Co., IL, and m. Elizabeth H. Humphries. In the 1835 census, he was in Morgan Co., IL aged 30-40, and with 2 females aged 20-30, one his wife and one which could be a sister of his wife, Maria. In 1844 William died and is listed in Anderson Funeral Home Records of Morgan Co., IL [61]. The 1850 census of Morgan Co., IL lists WilliamŐs wife, Elizabeth as over 35 years old, Charles at 13 years old, Mary at 8 years old, and Harriett at 6 years old. William is buried in Jacksonville East Cemetery in Morgan Co., IL [61].

6.37 Hugh French [36].

6.38 Teresa French, b. unknown, m. Ira Whitlock [36] in Morgan Co., IL [61]. She arrived in the Greene co., IL area in the 1830 census [61]. The 1830 census or Morgan Co., IL lists one extra daughter living with Ira of less than 5 years old which could be his wifeŐs sister, Matilda French [61]. This line continues with Delia Whitlock (7), Hugh Million (8), Charles Million (9), Ira Million (10), dau. Irene Hayes (11), Donald Hayes (12) [61].

6.39 Richard French [36].

6.40 Clementire (Clemeny or Clemy) French, m. William T. Duncan in Morgan Co., IL, on 1 Feb 1830 [36] [61].

6.41 Matilda French, m. Dr. Jacob Herriford on 16 Jun 1831 in Russell Co., KY [36].

6.42 Julian French, living with her father, Hugh, in the 1850 Russell Co., KY census [61].

6.43 Nancy French, living with her father, Hugh, in the 1850 Russell Co., KY census [61].

Children of Hugh and Temperance (Jackson) French, 5.17

6.37 Julia Ann French, m. Robert C. Simmons on 3 Jan 1850 in Russell Co., KY [36].

6.38 Nancy Richardson French, b. 5 Feb 1826, d. 12 Oct 1862, m. Henry Harrison Cox on 17 August 1852 Livingston, TN [36].

Children of Richard and Dinah (Greer) French, 5.18

6.39 Dorinda French, b. ca. 1800, d. ca. 1873 Harrison Co., IN, m1. William Johnston on 17 Jan 1817 in Harrison Co., IN, m2. Nathan Hughes on 13 October 1853 in Knox Co., IN [36].

6.40 Lenora French, b. 1802, d. 6 August 1886 Harrison Co. IN, m1. Robert Bell, 11 June 1823, Harrison Co., IN, m2. John Kintner, 23 March 1838 Harrison, Co., IN [36].

6.41 Portia French, b. 7 Mar 1805, d. 26 Nov 1873, m. David Grable on 26 Mar 1822 in Harrison Co., IN [36].

6.42* Strother French, b. ca. 1808 Adair Co., KY, m. Elizabeth Goldsmith, 8 Aug 1826 in Harrison Co., IN [36]. She was b. 1809 in Knob Lick, Lincoln Co., KY. He moved to Illinois and had many children in that area [79]. He d. after 1860 [79]. They had 5 children [79].

6.43 Felitia Ann French, b. 25 Oct 1809, d. 1837 in Harrison Co., IN, m. John Grable, 24 July 1828 in Harrison Co., IN [36].

6.44 Bennet French, b. ca. 1811, m Lucinda Hartley on 26 Nov 1841 in Knox Co., IN [36].

6.45 Bois M. French, b. ca. 1816, m. Cassandra Thorn, 31 July 1841 in Knox Co., IN [36].

6.46 Richard French, b. ca. 1817, m. Rebecca Gwartney [36].

Children of Micajah and Lucy (Hogan) French, 5.20

Hugh1, Hugh2, Hugh3, Robert4, Micajah5

6.47* Robert Morgan French, b. 1814, d. 16 Feb 1899 [21], m. 24 Feb 1840 to Martha Ann Dillon in Amelia Co., VA [59]. Ref [57] says Robert married Lucy Hogan on that same date. Lived in Chesterfield Co. VA in the 1860 census and in Lunenburg Co. VA in the 1870 census [59]. She was the dau. of Edward Tr. Dillon [37]. There is also an 1865 Prince Edward County marriage record between Robert M. French and Bettie J. Henderson [37].

6.48 William French, b. 1816 [59], d. 16 Feb 1899 [37].

6.49* Hugh French, b. 1818 [59], m. Martha Ann West [37].

6.50 Bedford French, b. 7 Aug 1820 [37] [59], m. 20 May 1840 in Amelia Co., VA to Elizabeth P. Dillon, sister of his brother RobertŐs wife, and dau. of Edward Tr. Dillon [59]. Bedford granted a trust deed on Mar 9, 1857 to Elisabeth French and Edward Tr. Dillon (Lunenburg Co., VA) (this is probably his wife and father-in-law). Bedford granted a mortgage on 1874 to William J. Bayres (Lunenburg Co., VA) [37]. They had a daughter, Lucy [37].

Children of Robert Mosby and Mary (Hopkins) French, 5.21

Hugh1, Mason2, Hugh3, Hugh4, Robert Mosby5

6.50* William Mason French, b. 11 Jul 1804, d. 4 Jul 1887, m. Sarah Robertson ca. 1842 in McMinnville, TN [56], d. in McMinnville, buried at Riverside Cemetery [56].

6.51 Mary French, b. 11 Jul 1804, twin sister of William Mason [56].

6.52 Sarah French, died at age 17, unmarried [56].


Lucy Virginia Smith French was born 1825 in Accomac Co., VA. This marker is located on West Main Street on property where Mrs. FrenchŐs home was. The home is currently owned and occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith, 28 Sep 2001.

6.53* John Hopkins French, b. 1816 in Goochland Co., VA, m. Lucy Virginia Smith in 1853, born on the Eastern Shore in Accomack Co., VA in 1825 [94]. John was a man of considerable means who lived in Lebanon, TN, and was a land speculator in Warren Co., TN, and he also raised thoroughbred race horses [56] [94]. They may have had these children: (1) Matthew French living in Chattanooga, TN, (2) Mary Chase French living in Nashville, TN, (3) Jessie Benhaus living on Jolly Island [56]. From Ref [56]: Lucy Virginia Smith French (wife of John Hopkins French) was a "well known poetess, having written several volumes of poetry.Ó My cousin, Hugh French, went to McMinnville in 2002 and checked up on her in the library. It seems that Virginia Smith French wrote a four-volume diary of the Civil War. He has ordered Vol. #1 from the library and is waiting to read it to see if it's worth reading the rest. I have it now but havenŐt ordered the rest. Lucy Virginia Smith French also is on the McMinnville Website. She has a plaque in the town devoted to her and is listed among the most prominent women in TN history. Her Civil War diary is also in Nashville. My cousin also sent me a photograph of the graves of John Hopkins, his wife and William Mason and his wife, Sarah Robertson. Lucy Virginia Smith French was buried at the Riverside Cemetery in 1881. Mary Molly Hopkins is also buried there and left a will. No one knows what happened to Robert Mosby French, however. He either died earlier and there is no record of his grave or he left town.

John was a young, handsome, and successful horse trader from McMinnville TN named John Hopkins French, picks up a newspaper while in New Orleans. As he reads the paper he notices a poem entitled, "The Lost Louisiana," a poem written of a recent tragedy regarding the steamship of that name. This Tennessee horse trader had nearly lost his own life in an earlier mishap when the same ship accidently rammed and sunk the riverboat "Bell of Clarksville," on which he, several of his horses and men servants were aboard. Of his party John French was the only one, man or beast, to escape with his life. As he finished reading the poem he notice the authorŐs name de plume, "L' Inconnue," and the fact that the article had originally been published in Memphis. He tore the poem from the paper and stuck it into his breast pocket. The same day he boarded a steamship for home which had to stop in Memphis to resupply with coal. As the ship docked John French was first on the dock and soon found a local book store. He inquired of the clerk there, if he knew of this "L' Inconnue," to which the clerk answered as he pointed out the shops window, "there she goes there." As fate would have it she was entering the same bookstore, after a short conversation with the lovely, dark haired, green eyed poet, well, John French may have missed the boat back to Nashville that day, but he never regretted it.
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6.54 Hugh Lewis French [56].

6.55 James Henry French, m. Elvira Rice. James went to the Indian Territory and married a part-Indian woman in order to get a part of an Indian inheritance from the government [56].

6.56 Robert Mosby French, Jr., m1, unk, m2. Margaret Wilson Fields, a Cherokee Indian woman of Oklahoma. His son and grandson lived in the Cherokee Nation in Muskogee, OK and both share his same name [56]. There is a peculiarity regarding Robert Mosby French and the Cherokee. A History of Muskogee and the Cherokee, excerpt below, says that a Robert Mosby French founded Three Forks, Oklahoma in 1817. But, it is unclear if the first Robert Mosby French, Jr. (son of Robert Mosby French of McMinnville) would have been old enough in 1817 to head off to Oklahoma at that time. He appears to have been born later than his brother, William Mason, who was born in 1804. However, he could have been the firstborn, as his father (Robert Mosby French, was born in 1877, which meant he could have conceivably been old enough to have a son born in the late 1890s or at the turn of the century, which would make R.M. French Jr. around 17- 20 years old in 1817. However, Robert Mosby French (the first one, not any of the juniors) is not buried in McMinnville, TN next to his wife and family. So perhaps the father also took off for Indian Territory. This is unclear [56].

A Brief history of Muskogee

The first mention of this area came when President Thomas Jefferson addressed Congress to second the recommendation of Merriwether Lewis that a trading post be established in this area. (All of the current state of Oklahoma except the Panhandle was part of JeffersonŐs Louisiana Purchase in 1803.) [56]

Spanish explorer, Onate, came up the Arkansas River as far as the Verdigris River in 1695. And French explorer, LaHarpe, came through the area in 1719 and left poles displaying the arms of the King of France near present day Haskell. In 1806, James B. Wilkinson, a member of Zebulon PikeŐs exploration advised the government to establish troops in the area. In 1819 Thomas Nuttall, an English naturalist, predicted while traveling on the Arkansas River that an "important settlement would be established at the confluence of the Verdigris." [56]

Three Forks

Trading in this area for some time with the Indians were French fur traders. Joseph Bogy is reported to have started a trading post in the Three Forks area in 1806. Some say, including J. D. Benedict, that the first real settlement in this area was in 1817 at Three Forks by Robert Mosby French and Samuel Rutherford [56].

Children of Mason and Ann (Perkins) French, 5.22

Hugh1, Hugh2, Hugh3, Hugh4, Mason5

6.57 Hugh B. French

6.58 Sally French

6.59 Lucy Ann French

6.60 David Mason French

6.61 Daviel Otis French

6.62* John Perkins French, b. Apr 1813 in VA, d. Apr 1843 in Logan Co., KY, m. Mary Fowler Binford. She was b. 25 Aug 1813 in VA, d. 4 Feb 1882 in Hickman, KY. They had 3 children.

Children of James Burgess and Nancy (Triplett) French, 5.33

Hugh1, Hugh2, John3, John4, James5

Of these 12 children, only five sons reached adulthood: Grafton, Thomas, Mason, Reuben, and Lewis [21].

6.63 Sarah French, b. 27 May 1818, d. ca. 1878, m. 13 Dec 1836 to Aquella or Aquilla Harrop [21].

6.64 William French, b. 7 Aug 1820, d. 18 Jul 1822 [21]. In another email, Ref [21] says William was b. 7 Aug 1819 and d. 18 Jul 1820. Died in infancy.

6.65 Anna Maria French, b. 24 Nov 1821, d. 27 Mar 1893, m. Aquella or Aquilla Harrop (as his second wife) [21].

6.66* Grafton French, b. 15 Jun 1822, d. 15 Feb 1900, m. 18 Nov 1846 to Amanda Cartel. She d. 22 Oct 1878 [21].

6.67 Margaret Jane French, b. 28 Apr 1824, d. 16 May 1894, m. 9 Aug 1852 to Tobias Thomas [21].

6.68* Thomas French, b. 3 Jul 1826 in Muskingum Co., OH, d. 4 Jun 1899 or 16 May 1894 [21], m. 5 Nov 1851 to Louisa Wheeler [21]. Louisa was the dau. of George W. and Hanna Wheeler from Loudoun Co., VA, who migrated in 1808 to Muskingum Co., OH, with some other families.

6.69 Delilah French, b. 9 or 29 Oct 1828, d. 1829 [21].

6.70 Mary French, b. 11 Jun 1830, d. 17 or 27 Apr 1900, m. John Beard [21].

6.71* Mason French, b. 6 Aug 1832, d. 10 or 18 Apr 1903 in Zaneville, OH, m. 11 Jan 1855 to Caroline Wheeler, who was b. 11 Jun 1838, d. 14 Mar 1894 [21].

6.72 Reuben Triplett French, b. 30 Sep 1834, m. 25 Dec 1861 or 22 Dec 1862 [21] to Martha J. Spangler [19]. She was b. 8 Sep 1840, d. 1904. Reuben d. in Muskingum Co., OH, on 16 May 1866 [21]. Has daughter Nancy Rosetta French, b. 24 Nov 1864 in Zanesville, OH, d. 13 Apr 1935 in Sedalia, MO, kin to Nancy L. Smith, 1831 E. 18th St. No., Independence, Missouri 64058. Also had daughter Augusta French [21]. The family daughtered out [21]. Nancy Rosetta French m. Heckart [6]. Family of Ref [6].

6.73 Lewis French, b. 9 Jun 1837, d. 28 Nov 1919, m1. 3 Nov 1859 to Sarah Jane Beard who was b. 1839, d. 1906 [21]. Lewis m2. Josephine Van Pelt on 26 Aug 1908 [21].

6.74 Hugh Rutter French, b. 27 Sep 1839, d. 16 Jul 1841 [21].

Children of Alpheus and Julia Ann (Bryne) French, 5.35

Another French line that lived in Independence Co., AR was William French who arrived much earlier and was b. in 1780. This is FFA Chart #25. Anyone who can make a connection between these lines please email

6.75 Mary J. C. French, b. 1833 in VA, age 17 in the 1850 Census of Independence Co., AR [101].

6.76 Uriah French, b. 1835 in VA, age 15 in the 1850 Census of Independence Co., AR, a farmer at age 15 [101].

6.77 Elizabeth U. French, b. 1838 in MO, age 12 in the 1850 Census of Independence Co., AR [101].

6.78 James D. French, b. 1840 in MO, age 10 in the 1850 Census of Independence Co., AR [101].

6.79 Margaret Abigail French, b. 1842 in Pike Co., MO, age 8 in the 1850 Census of Independence Co., AR. Margaret d. 6 Feb 1916 in Independence Co., AR [7] [8] [86].

Margaret m1. Jesse Washington Flinn [7] [8] on 10 Sep 1858 in Independence Co., AR [7]. She was 16 years old and Jesse was 57 years old. Jessie was b. 4 Sep 1801 in Caswell/Stokes Co., NC, son of John Flinn and Nancy Whitlock [8]. He was a doctor. Margaret was Dr. FlinnŐs third wife. He m1. Margaret Bowen/Boen/Boon in Stokes Co., NC on 21 Feb 1826 and they lived in Guilford Co. until about 1831 when they moved to Madison Co., KY and then in 1839 they moved to McMinn Co., TN where Margaret Bowen Flinn died 29 Jun 1845 [86], and is buried in the Pickens Cemetery, McMinn Co., TN as ŇMrs. J. W. Flinn Wife of J. W. FlinnÓ [8]. He then m2. Nancy Smith on 26 Feb 1847 in McMinn Co., TN, and moved to Independence Co., AR in 1857. It is not known if Nancy Smith died in TN or AR, but by 1858, J. W. Flinn took a third wife, Margaret Abigail French. He had 3 children by his first wife and 3 children by his second wife, and six children with Margaret Abigail French. He spent the rest of his life as a farmer and stock raiser, also practicing medicine to some extent. He had attended Baltimore College of Medicine, now The University of Maryland Medical School. He d. 13 Dec 1873 in Independence Co., AR, and is buried in Alderbrook Cemetery; Desha, AR. Jesse was 41 years older than Margaret.

Margaret Abigail French then m2. John M. Nash on 19 Sep 1875 in Independence Co., AR. They had 4 children: William Franklin Nash, b. 25 Dec 1876; Alice Elizabeth Emma Nash, a twin to William; and Charles Edward Nash, b. 3 Dec 1879, all in Desha, AR. See website: Her obituary appeared in the Batesville Guard, 11 Feb. 1916. "Mrs. Abigail Nash, aged 74, one of the oldest and most highly respected women of the Desha neighborhood, died Sunday and was buried in the Alderbrook (Desha, Independence Co., AR) Cemetery Monday." Daughter of Alphous French and Juliet Ann Byrne.

After Margaret d. in 1916, John m2. Elizabeth Hawkins, m3. Rhody Douglas.

This picture was probably taken about 1898. See the Nash, French, and Byrne Homepage. Also see:

Front row: John M. Nash (seated in rocking chair), Margaret Abigail French (his wife), Charles E. Nash holding child, Linnie Williams Nash wife of Charles, Charlene Williams daughter of Linnie (first marriage).

Back row: Alice Elizabeth Nash and twin brother William Franklin Nash with his wife Sarah Jane Erey. Young boy may be John Henry Nash, son of William Franklin and Sarah Jane Erey Nash. If you know who any of these people are, please let me know. Contact Rebecca Pack.

The great-grandson of Margaret Abigail French and Dr. Jesse Flinn is Ref [86].

6.80 Alpheus French, Jr., b. 1844 in AR, age 6 in the 1850 Census of Independence Co., AR [101].

6.81 William E. French, b. 1846 in AR, age 4 in the 1850 Census of Independence Co., AR [101].

6.82 Martha Ann French, b. 1847 in AR, age 3 in the 1850 Census of Independence Co., AR [101].

6.83 John French, b. 1849 in AR, age 2 months in the 1850 Census of Independence Co., AR [101].

6.84 Lorenzo Dow (George) French, b. ca. 1854 in AR [101].

6.85 Jesse W. French, b. ca. 1858 in AR [101].



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