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Chart #36, Hugh French Ist, 1636
Mary’s and Charles Co., MD
Westmoreland, Prince William, Stratford, Fauquier, King George, Richmond, Culpeper, Northumberland, and Loudoun Counties, VA

Also Mason Co., KY; Pike Co., MO; Independence Co., AR; and Zaneville, OH

Seventh Generation

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Children of Daniel and Caroline (Brawner) French, 6.3

Hugh1, Hugh2, Hugh3, James4, William5, Daniel6

7.1* John Isemonger Lewis French, b. 5 Oct 1830, d. 12 Jan 1889, m. ca. 1857 Jane Conner, b. 1831, d. 25 Sep 1875 [5].

Children of James and Sarah A. (Curtis) French, 6.4

Hugh1, Hugh2, Hugh3, James4, William5, James6

7.2 George Lee French, b. December 31, 1831 in Stafford Co., VA, m. Martha Margaret Payne October 25, 1866 [83]. George d. 1903 [83]. Martha was b. 1832, d. 1905 [83].

7.3 Martha Ann (Matt) French, b. 1833 in Stafford Co., VA, m. John G. Helm 1857 [83]. Martha d. in 1912 [83]. John was b. in 1831, d. 1902 [83]. They had 4 children: James, Sarah, William, and John G. Helm born in 1862, 1863, 1864, and 1866 respectively.

7.4 Charles James French born 1835 in Stafford Co., VA, never married, d. in 1920 [83]. Charles French, was captured by Yankees, and was imprisoned first in Ft. Delaware, Delaware and then Point Lookout, Maryland until March 14, 1865.

7.5 Louisa May (Lou) French born 1840 in Stafford Co., VA, married Peter Trone Weedon in 1864. Peter was b. 1836, d. 1890 [83]. Louisa was a school teacher.


Hugh Uriah French (photo) [83]

7.6 Hugh Uriah French born July 18, 1842 in Stafford Co., VA, never married, was the son who d. July 26, 1862 (age 20) of typhoid during the Civil War, the first member buried at Popular Grove Cemetery [83].

7.7 Mary Ellen French born February 1, 1845 in Stafford Co., VA, married Richard Montgomery Jones after 1870 [83]. She d. in 1917. Richard was b. in 1844, d. 1922 [83].


John Isemonger French (photo) [83]

7.8* John Isemonger French born August 25, 1847 in Stafford Co., VA, married Louisa (Lula) May (or Mae) Shelkett May 1, 1884 [83]. John d. in 1906 when he was mortally injured at Poplar Gove in a gun accident. Louisa was b. in 1859 and d. in 1925 [83].  

Children James and Rebecca (Applegate) French, 6.10

Hugh1, Hugh2, John3, John4, James5, James5

7.9 Louise French, b. 1823 in KY [67], m. Jeff Kabler [65].

7.10* Hugh French, b. 16 Oct 1824 or 2 Oct 1824 in Mason Co. or Fleming Co., KY [67], d. 15 Aug 1877 in Robertson Co., KY, m. Margaret Moran who was b. 17 Mar 1827 in Harrison Co., KY, and who d. 29 Apr 1901 in Robertson Co., KY [67]. Hugh lived in Harrison Co., KY, in the 1850 census with his wife Margaret (age 23) and children James (age 3), Susan (age 2), and Hiram (age ½).

7.11* Charles French, b. 1825 in KY [67], 34 in the 1860 census [65] [66]. He m. Nancy Sparks and/or perhaps Elizabeth [67]. Charles lived in Harrison Co., KY in the 1850 census with his wife, Nancy (age 22) and their daughter Malinda (age 2).

7.12 Susan French, b. 11 Apr 1826 [54] [55] or 3 Mar 1826 [55] [67], m. Ramson Clough 16 Nov 1842 in Harrison Co., KY [54] [55]. Descendants of this line are [65] [66]. They became the parents of 7 children [55]. Susan Eades is a descendant of this line.


Union Church at Highland Prairie Cemetery, Ethlyn, Lincoln, MO. See all internments, including the Applegate and French families, at this website:

7.13* Alexander French, b. 12 Feb 1830 in Mason Co., KY [54], m. Virginia A. Martin on 8 Jan 1856 [67] or 1855 [54] in Flint Hills, St. Charles Co., MO [54]. Alexander d. 26 Sep 1897 in Lincoln Co., MO, and is buried at the Highland Prairie Cemetery in Ethlyn, Missouri. Virginia was b. 10 Feb 1837 in VA, the daughter of Charles William Martin and Nancy Dues [54]. She d. 15 Jul 1887 in Fairmount, Middletown, MO [152]. They had 8. Descendents of this line are [63] [54] [152].

7.14* Hiram Duncan French, b. Sep 1832 in Harrison Co., KY [54], m. Julia Lusby 24 Aug 1852 in Lincoln Co., MO. He d. before 14 May 1869 in Lincoln Co., MO, and is buried at the Highland Prairie Cemetery in Ethlyn, Missouri. Julia was b. 1828 in St. Charles Co., MO and is buried at Highland Prairie in Ethlyn, MO [54]. They had 6 children. Ref [96] says Hiram m. America Malinda Cleveland on 9 Mar 1876 (that would mean he was 44) and that America was b. 2 Nov 1851. See website:

7.15 Miranda French, b. 11 Sep 1837 [54] or 4 Sep 1837 [67] in Harrison Co., KY, m. Harrison E. Snead 17 Jan 1856 in Lincoln Co., MO by consent of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Tilmon Mockbee. Miranda d. 28 Jul 1897 [54] or 25 Jul 1897 [67] in Lincoln Co., MO, and is buried at the Highland Prairie Cemetery in Ethlyn, Missouri. Lived in Moscow Mills, MO. They had 2 children: (1) Elizabeth Jane Snead, b. 5 Nov 1857 in Moscow Mills, MO; and Benjamin Todd Snead, b. 22 Jun 1861 in Miscow Mills, MO [54]. Benjamin’s line continues with his daughter Mary Edna Snead, b. 17 Apr 1910, m. Harry K. Schneider; Pearl Maxine Schneider, b. 23 Nov 1930, m. Robert Clark [54]. Miranda’s obituary shows that she came to Missouri in 1847 with her parents [67]. For the children of Elizabeth Jane Snead, please contact Ref [54] because they are outside the surname French.

   Pearl Maxine Clark nee Schneider ca. 2008

7.16 Jane E. French, b. 1838 in Harrison Co., KY [54] [67], m. Thomas Batt 13 Dec 1855 in Lincoln Co., MO [54] [67], but perhaps returned to KY.

Children of Littleberry and Laodecia (Spencer) French, 6.17

Hugh1, Mason2, Hugh3, Daniel4, John5, Littleberry6

7.17* James Jesse French, b. ca. 1816, and that he m. Elizabeth Blankenship in Dewitt Co., IL [70].

7.18 Robert Berry French, b. 1825 in Russell Co., KY, m. Eliza J. Carpenter [151]. They had daughter Winona French, b. 1862 in Decatur City, IA, who m. John W. Tinsley. They had son Vernon French Tinsley, b. 1890 in Hull, IA, m. Marjorie Blish. They had daughter Eleanor B. Tinsley, b. 1924 in Des Moines, IA, m. Charles L. Bacon [151].

Children of Strother and Elizabeth (Goldsmith) French, 6.42

7.19 Malvina French, b. ca. 1830 in IN [79].

7.20 Ellen J. French, b. ca. 1834 in KY [79].

7.21 Mary J. French, b. ca. 1836 in KY [79].

7.22* John Thomas French, b. ca. 1837 in Fulton Co., IL, m. Rosanna and had 4 children [79].

7.23* Benjamin French, b. 5 May 1842 in IN, d. 13 Apr 1910 in Peoria Co., IL, m. Elmira Clenavia Foote on 12 Jun 1864 in Fulton Co., IL. She was b. 25 Aug 1849 in Fulton Co., IL, d. 5 Apr 1938 in Breeds, Fulton Co., IL. They had 9 children [79].

Children of Robert Morgan and Martha (Dillon) French, 6.47

Hugh1, Hugh2, Hugh3, Robert4, Micajah5, Robert6

7.24 Martha S. French, b. 1842 [59].

7.25 Ann M. French, b. 1843 [59] or 1847 [37].

7.26 Louisa C. French, b. 1850 [59] or 1851 [37].

7.27* Bedford Hugh French, b. 7 Aug 1853 [59] in Chesterfield Co., VA (1900 Census), d. 1944 in Meherrin, VA [37]. He m. Ada F. Mann on 12 Dec 1877 in Lunenburg Co., VA and appeared as head of household on the census of 18 Jun 1900 at Leigh District, Prince Edward Co., VA. He appeared as the head of household on the census of 6 May 1910 at Farmville, Prince Edward Co., VA. After Ada’s death about 1900-1910, Bedford m2. Amine E. [37].

7.28* George M. French, b. 1856 [59] in Chesterfield Co., VA, d. ca. 1893-1910 [37]. He m. Victoria J. Flowers on 16 Oct 1878 in Lunenburg Co., VA. She was b. Apr 1860 in Lunenburg Co., VA, d. 9 Nov 1917 in Lunenburg Co., VA. In 1878 George was a farmer [37].

7.29 Eva French, b. 1861 [59] in Prince Edward Co., VA, m. Walter Nunnally on 17 May 1905 in Prince Edward Co., VA [37].

Children of Hugh and Martha Ann (West) French, 6.49

Hugh1, Hugh2, Hugh3, Robert4, Micajah5, Hugh6

7.30 Lucy French, b. 1840, m. Edward Queensbury on 22 Dec 1858 in Nottoway Co., VA [37].

7.31 Robert Morgan French, b. 20 Dec 1841 in Amelia Co., VA, d. ca. 1920-1940 in Richmond, VA [37]. Helen Rutledge Pond recalls visiting her "Uncle Bob" when she was a child, this is how his death date is estimated. Robert was a Civil War Veteran who enlisted in Company "C", Twenty-third Virginia (Stonewall Jackson's Corp) regiment as a private on March 15, 1862 at Winterham for 3 years, was absent sick May 10 1962, Jan 2, 1863 and April 5, 1963. He was captured on May 12, 1964 at Spotsylvania C.H and sent from Belle Plain to Fort Delaware. He was released on oath on June 20, 1965. A full accounting of his capture is published in the newspaper article entitled "Followed Lee" [37] at

From the 23rd Virginia Infantry (below), website:

Born 12/20/41 in Amelia Co. Enl. 3/15/62 at Winterham for 3 years. Absent sick 5-10/62, 1-2/63, and 4-5/ 63. Was at Chancellorsville. Sprained ankle on way to Gettysburg and missed battle there. Captured 5/12/64 at Spotsylvania. Sent 5/20/64 from Belle Plain to Ft. Delaware. From interview he related, "We were having a right hot time of it at Spotsylvania Court House. We were down behind a low breastworks. I was loading and my companion was shooting. One gun jammed and both of us tried to fix it. When we looked up, we couldn't see anything but Yankees. They took us across the Potomac with about 2,000 others to The Plains. Here they kept us huddled together in a little hollow for three days without food. Then we were loaded on a ship and sailed out into the Chesapeake Bay up to Fort Delaware. The wounded lay around without medical attention. Some had gone mad from head wounds, and all we could hear was the moans of the dying and the distant roar of cannons. To make matters worse, I got scurvy of my right leg and couldn't walk. Then we heard about Appomattox. Those of us that were left cheered. But they kept us until June 21." Released on oath 6/20/65. Worked as foundryman for Southern Railroad for 20 years before retiring to Soldier's Home from Chesterfield Co. 10/19/14. Never married. Died of bronchitis and old age 3/26/39, age 97. Buried Maury Cemetery, Richmond. Five feet-six inches tall, dark hair, dark eyes.

7.32 Edward M. French, b. 1843 [37].

7.33 Martha J. French, b. 1845, m. James M. Hudgins on 11 Feb 1867 in Amelia Co., VA [37].

7.34 Benjamin J. French, b. 1848 [37].

7.35 Mary E. French, b. 1851 [37].

7.36 John E. French, b. 1854 [37].

7.37 George W. French, b. 1856 [37].

7.38 Melville W. French, b. 15 May 1856 [37].

7.39 Rebecca F. French, b. 10 Nov 1859 [37].

Children of William Mason and Sarah (Robertson) French, 6.50

Hugh1, Mason2, Hugh3, Hugh4, Robert Mosby5, William Mason6

7.40* Robert Henry French, b. 11 Aug 1844 [56] in McMinnville, TN, m1. Mary Eliza Taylor, dau. of Abner Taylor and Laura Polk [56]. Mary was b. 17 Jan 1848 in Denmark, TN, and d. 29 Mar 1869 [56], buried at the Taylor Cemetery in Denmark, Madison Co., TN. They had a daughter, Laura French, who d. 14 Dec 1868 and is buried at the Taylor Cemetery in Madison Co., Denmark, TN [56]. Her mother died 3 months later. Robert m2. Rebecca Williams Taylor (his first wife’s sister) in Jun 1873 in Denmark, TN. She was b. 15 May 1845, d. 18 Nov 1889 in Denmark, TN, and is buried at the Taylor Cemetery [56]. Rebecca’s last 3 children all died in infancy between 1877-1879 and she d. 10 years later. Robert then m3. Louise (Lulu) May Tyson in the 1890s [56]. One of the executors of Abner Taylor’s will (husband of Laura Polk, first cousin of President James K. Polk), was James H. French. Relationship to this French family is unknown. Abner Taylor was the father of Mary Eliza and Rebecca Taylor [56]. Robert Henry French d. 16 Jan 1903 [56]. Louise was b. 1 Aug 1865 and d. 28 Apr 1962 in Jackson, TN [56]. Robert d. 16 Jan 1903 and is buried in the Methodist Church graveyard [56].

Children of John Hopkins and Lucy Virginia (Smith) French, 6.53

Hugh1, Mason2, Hugh3, Hugh4, Robert Mosby5, John Hopkins6

7.41 Walter Scott French, b. 12 May 1854 near McMinnville, TN. He was tutored by his mother and local teachers, then he entered East Tennessee University. He later graduated from a business college at Nashville. On 17 Dec 1877, Walter set out for Chattanooga, where without means and among strangers, he began life anew. He finally found a position with glass dealer P.C. Wilson at $20 per month. He proved a valuable employee and represented the firm at the banquet in 1880 where 2,000 guests celebrated the opening of the Cincinnati Southern Railroad. In 1881, he m. Ella May Carpenter, whose family had lived in Indiana and then Cleveland, OH, before coming to Chattanooga in 1874. In 1883 Walter joined with his wife’s father, David T. Carpenter, and her brother in established the Phoenix Foundry Company [87].

Walter Scott French, of the Phoenix Foundry Company. Our subject was born in Warren County, near McMinnville, Tenn., May 12, 1854, and is the only son of John H. and L. Virginia (Smith) French of three children born to them, his sisters being Jessie V. and May L. (Noel) French. His mother, of whom he is very proud, was born in Accomac County, Va., was educated in Washington County, Penn., began her literary career in Memphis, Tenn., and was married to John H. French, his father, in 1853, a native of Virginia and a resident of Tennessee, whose writings are too well known to need comment here. His early life was spent on his father's farm, where, under the tutorship of his excellent mother and a few local teachers, he received his primary education, and laid the foundation of a character for a useful life. In October, 1872, at the age of eighteen, he entered the Eastern Tennessee University, where he applied himself diligently to master the scientific course of the institution, stood high in his classes, and soon won the esteem and confidence of his instructors and follow students by his gentlemanly deportment. Owing to sickness in January, 1874, he was obliged to give up his studies and seek rest, which was much needed. Having regained his health, in October, 1875, he entered Frank Goodman & Company's Business College, at Nashville, Tenn., where in February, 1876, he graduated with honors, and in April of the same year entered upon active life, as bookkeeper for the manufacturing firm of T. F. Burroughs & Company, of his native town, at a nominal salary. Longing for a wider sphere of activity, and wishing to see more of the world, he decided to sever his connection with the firm, and on December 17, 1877, left for Chattanooga, Tenn., where without means and among strangers be began life anew. Disappointed in not finding ready employment, though by no means discouraged, his efforts were at last successful, and on January 8, 1878, he was taken into the employment of Mr. P. C. Wilson, glass dealer-a business entirely new to him-over many worthy applicants, at $20 per month, which was afterward increased as he became more proficient. As an appreciation of his services, his kind employer allowed him to represent the firm at the great banquet tendered by the citizens of Cincinnati to the merchants of the cities of the South, upon the formal opening of the Cincinnati Southern Railroad, where nearly 2,000 guests dined at Music Hall on March 18, 1880. In March of the next year he was called home to attend the bedside of his dying mother, where after a long illness she breathed her last on April 1, and was laid to rest. Two weeks after this event found him again at his business, and in August of the same year, at the earnest solicitations of his first employer, Mr. T. F. Burroughs and his father, he was induced to take a half interest in the firm. On September 7, 1881, be was married to Miss Ella M. Carpenter, a native of Indiana, and a former resident of Cleveland, Ohio, whose parents came to Chattanooga in 1874, and left for McMinnville, his old home, and immediately entered upon his duties in his new sphere. After eighteen months of patient and unceasing labor, and seeing that he was falling behind in meeting his payments, he at once determined to sell his interest, either to his partner or father, and return to Chattanooga. This he did, although he received no financial benefit in the transaction, except to clear himself of a debt of $8,000. The transfer was made to, his partner on March 15, 1883, and with a light heart he returned to his adopted city. In July of 1883 he, in conjunction with his wife's father and brother, organized the Phoenix Foundry Company, of which he was made secretary and treasurer, and owing to whose good management and devotion to its affairs brought the company safely through the depressing period of 1884-85. From the investment of $500 in this company, saved up by the severest economy and the frugal habits of his young wife, he is slowly gaining a place of honor among his follow citizens. Two children were born of this marriage - boys. Independent in politics, Presbyterian in his religious faith, a good citizen, energetic, conscientious and courageous, we leave him to bravely fight the battle of life set before him. Goodspeed's "History of East Tennessee" 1887 See


7.42 May L. French, b. in McMinnville, TN, m. Noel.

7.43 Jessie V. French (female), m. Benham.

Children of John Perkins and Mary Fowler (Binford) French, 6.62

Hugh1, Hugh2, Hugh3, Hugh4, Mason5, John Perkins6

7.44 Molly French

7.45* Thomas Mason French, b. 1 Nov 1838 in Logan Co., KY, d. 20 Dec 1887 in Hickman, KY, m. Emma Stephens in 1877. She was b. 26 Feb 1854 in Fulton Co., KY and d. 26 Oct 1917 in Hickman, Fulton Co., KY. They had 3 children. The “Fulton County, Kentucky: A Pictorial” website has a photo of Thomas Mason French.

7.46 Nannie French

Children of Grafton and Amanda (Cartel) French, 6.66

Hugh1, Hugh2, John3, John4, James5, Grafton6

7.47* Harvey L. French, perhaps lives in or around Zanesville, Muskingum Co., OH [21].

Children of Thomas and Louisa (Wheeler) French, 6.68

Hugh1, Hugh2, John3, John4, James5, Thomas6

7.48* James Lewis French, b. Oct 1858, d. 1923, perhaps lived in or around Zanesville, Muskingum Co., OH [21]. There is a book printed entitled “James Lewis French and His Ancestors and Descendants” by American Printing Co., Ft. Worth, Texas, by Vincent Shilling [6]; but this is another James Lewis French, b. 14 Jun 1788 in Spartanburg, SC, book written in 1973 by Wilna Powell Sawyer [6].

7.49 Howard Monaroes French, b. Nov 1860, d. 1938, perhaps lived in or around Zanesville, Muskingum Co., OH [21].

7.50 Reuben Ellsworth, perhaps lived in or around Zanesville, Muskingum Co., OH [21].

7.51 William G. French, b. 1865, d. 1941, perhaps lived in or around Zanesville, Muskingum Co., OH [21].

Children of Mason and Caroline (Wheeler) French, 6.71

Hugh1, Hugh2, John3, John4, James5, Mason6

7.52* Mason French, perhaps lived in or around Zanesville, Muskingum Co., OH [21].

Children of Lewis and Sarah Jane (Beard) French, 6.74

7.53* Charles Ellsworth French, b. 1860, perhaps lives in or around Zanesville, Muskingum Co., OH [21].

Children of Hugh and Margaret (Moran) French, 6.87

Hugh1, Hugh2, John3, John4, James5, Hugh6

7.54* James Alexander French, b. 1846 in KY [67], d. 1925. He m. Anne Sparks French [55].

7.55 Susan French, b. 1848 in Harrison Co., KY [67].

7.56 Hiram French, b. 9 Feb 1849 in Harrison Co., KY [67].

7.57 Lydia French, b. 1852 in Harrison Co., KY [67].

7.58 Jane French, b. May 1853 in Harrison Co., KY [67].

7.59 John C. French, b. 1855 in Harrison Co., KY, d. 9 Jul 1889 [67].

7.60 Miranda French, b. Mar 1857 in Harrison Co., KY, d. 25 Apr 1890 [67].

7.61* Charles Robert French, b. Aug 1858 in Harrison Co. or Bracken Co., KY, d. 1 Jul 1939 in Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY. He m1. Mahala Kabler on 18 Oct 1877. She was b. 1859 in Robertson Co., KY and d. 23 Dec 1885 in Robertson Co., KY. Charles m2. Liddie Wiggins on 16 Dec 1887 in Robertson Co., KY. She was born 1 Oct 1866, the dau. of Madison Wiggins and Aletha Eals, d. 12 Dec 1928 in Mt. Olivet, Robertson Co., KY [67].

Children of Alexander and Virginia (Martin) French, 6.90

Of these 8 children, 4 died in infancy or childhood.

7.62 Charles William Sidney French, b. 7 Mar 1857 in Chain of Rocks, Lincoln Co., MO, d. 27 Aug 1930, buried at Mt. Olivet, New Middleton, MO. He m1. Laura Middleton on 10 Feb 1881, m2. Sarah L. Shannon on 24 Mar 1895 [54].

7.63 James H. French, b. 9 Feb 1860, d. 29 Jan 1861 ca. 1 year old [54].

7.64 George French, b. 21 Jan 1864 in Lincoln Co., MO, d. 8 Dec 1865 at 1 year old, buried at Highland Prairie, Ethyln, MO [54].

7.65 Tazwell O. French, b. 11 Sep 1866 in Lincoln Co., MO, d. 31 May 1955 in Old Monroe, Lincoln Co., MO, buried at Highland Prairie Cemetery, m. Maggie Brown on 27 Nov 1890 [54].

7.66 Nannie French, 2. 22 Jan 1870, m. Eugene Brown on 12 Jun 1890 [54].

7.67 Kate French, b. 16 Sep 1872, d. 26 Aug 1887 at 15 years of age in Middletown, MO [54].

7.68 Edgar Lee French, b. 25 Feb 1875 in Lincoln Co., MO [54].

7.69 Leslie French, b. 7 Jul 1880, d. 5 Mar 1888 at 8 years old in Middletown, MO [54].

Children of Hiram and Julia (Lusby) French, 6.91

7.70 James F. French, b. Feb 1865, d. 19 Feb 1866 at almost 1 year, buried at Highland Prairie Cemetery in Ethlyn, MO [54].

7.71 Mary Louise French, m. 18 Mar 1872 in Lincoln Co., MO to James S. Nevil [54].

7.72 Indiana B. French, m.1 17 Jan 1871 to F. M. Allen, m2. William B. Herrington on 15 Oct 1874 in Lincoln Co., MO at the home of Julia French (her mother) as a double wedding ceremony with her sister Miranda [54].

7.73 Sarah J. French [54].

7.74 Miranda J. French, m. 15 Oct 1874 to T. N. Stewart in Lincoln Co., MO at the home of Julia French as a double wedding ceremony with sister Indiana [54].

7.75 Julia E. French [54].



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