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Chart #36, Hugh French Ist, 1636
St. Mary’s and Charles Co., MD
Westmoreland, Prince William, Stratford, Fauquier, King George, Richmond, Culpeper, Northumberland, and Loudoun Counties, VA

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This biography was updated by Mara French on 7/25/08. Revisions: 1991, 1997, 2008.


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[1] Cemeteries and Churches of Stafford Co., VA, French-Fitzhugh Family Cemetery. Website: This cemetery is located on Popular Road (Route #616).

[2] Overwharton Parish Records of Stafford Co., VA (1723-1758), listed on the Quit Rent Roll for 1723, Old Stafford County.

[3] Tender’s Tobacco List. Tender and Payment lists were kept. Tender comes from the word “Tend” or “to tend to” or make a formal written offer to carry out work, supply goods, or buy land, shares, or another asset for a stated fixed price. Tobacco was in full supply in Virginia at that time, and was an acceptable legal tender in many of the Southern colonies. Virginia farmers became the exclusive suppliers of tobacco to a large English and Irish market during the 1600s. Every acre of land was devoted to growing tobacco to the neglect of other crops, thus dooming the emerging colonies to a single crop economy dependent on slave labor.

[4] John French (1616-1657) was an English doctor. Website:

[5] FFA member Mary Belle French Reid, c/o R. Cleland, 521 West Meadow Ave., Rahway, NJ 07065, or 183 Kenneth Ct., Spotswood, NJ 08884. Mary is listed with the National Society of Founders and Patriots of America, 2025 “I” St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006, Founders & Patriots #8985 National Number, 7/8/85 admitted. Her Founder was Hugh French, and her Patriot was James French. They have a copy of her ancestry.

[6] FFA member Marlys (Cindy) Louise (Halcomb) Sawyer, 2204 Vichy Rd., Rolla, MO 65401. John French and Margaret Burgess marriage record of January 15, 1749/50 is from The Register of Saint Paul’s Parish by George Harrison Sanford King, 1960. Likewise for the marriage of Mason French and Margaret Lacy, April 16, 1749, and Margaret French and Original Bowling, March 18, 1752.

[7] FFA member Yvonne Flinn Bognar, 8040 Tremont Circle Dr., Affton, MO 63123. Letter from FFA member Yvonne Flinn Bognar, dated 9 Mar 1985. In 2008 lives at 4580 Kerth Forest Dr., Saint Louis, MO 63128-3768, 314-892-1870. Email: (good in 2008). Her sister is Evelyn Brogan, Tel: 618-939-4032, Email: Descendant of Alpheus French of Independence Co., AR. Yvonne is first cousin to Ref. [86].

[8] Mary Arnold Kaufman, 190 Herworth Drive, Chesterfield, MO 63017. Mary is first cousin to Ref. [7] and second cousin to Ref. [86]. In 2008 she lives at 4 Timerlake Dr., Little Rock, AR 72207-1607. Tel: 501-221-1524. Email:

[9] Mary Millicent Godfrey French Luckett (known as Millicent F. Luckett), 2844 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, D.C. 20007 (same line as [5]). Millicent doesn’t live in WDC any longer. Phone: (202) 686-0067. She moved to St. Petersburg, Florida and died 15 Feb 2000. Millicent is listed with the National Society of Founders and Patriots of America, 2025 “I” St. N. W., Washington, D.C. 20006, Founders & Patriots #8272 National Number, 7/8/85 admitted. Her Founder was Hugh French, and her Patriot was James French.

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[13] Anna French Wilson (Mrs. Evertt) of Zanesville, Ohio. She may live at 416 Eppley Ave., Zanesville, OH 43701-5604, phone unavailable.

[14] FFA member Dolly Farrow Nicol, 3301 Hughes Lane, #67, Dickinson, TX 77539. In 2008 she lives at 3822 Hansen Dr., Dickinson, TX 77539-6114. Email:

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[21] Margaret Amundson, 8214 Red Wing Court, Frederick, Maryland 21701, (301) 668-9120. Margaret R. Amundson, CGsm is a service mark of the Board for Certification of Genealogists, used under license by Board-certified associates after periodic proficiency evaluations. As of January 27, 2005, Margaret’s email noted that she plans to cover this French family through the 6th generation, as well as other related families, and finish it within a year. Margaret has given so much over the years and we are thankful for her endeavors. Margaret R. Amundson's article "The Taliaferro-French Connection: Using Deeds to Prove Marriages and Parentage" (Vol. 83 No 3, September 1995) describes how she used deeds to prove the marriage between Robert Taliaferro (1688-1736) of Essex County, Virginia, and Margaret French (ca. 1690-1724) of adjacent Richmond County. You can also order copies of article by subscribing to their magazine from the Allen County Public Library for about $8.00. Margaret’s daughter’s address is 9438 Woodsboro Pike, Walkerville, MD 21793-9101. Email: Margaret’s line: Hugh French (1); Mason French (2); John French (3); Mason French (4); Margaret Burgess French (5); Albert Franklin Garrett (6); Corneila Alice Garrett (7); Margaret May Sparshott (8); Ruth Corneila King (8); Margaret Ruth Bates (9), m1. Carroll, m2. Amundson.

Other information in Margaret Amundson’s book which is not added on FFA Chart #36 is:

1.    Land purchases of Daniel French, 3rd generation

2.    Entries in George Washington’s Diary concerning the French Family

3.    The complete court case of Jonas Allen and Mason French

4.    The George Gray Family

5.    The Taliaferro Family

6.    The Margaret Gaines Family

7.    The Catlett Family

8.    The Ball at Shooter’s Hill by A. X. Georgetown

9.    Who was the mother of Daniel French of Rose Hill?

10. Details of the Pohick Church

11. The Estate of Mr. Daniel French, 1775, long-hand

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[24] Visit Eunice White’s niece, Patricia Pepper, 3832 N. Landing Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. Phone: (804) 427-6062. Patricia’s husband is Joe E. Pepper. Eunice d. Apr 1989. Eunice White’s book, Joplin, MO, library.

[25] Flanagan family, Ganuaile Lythande O’Flanagan, and email for Gary L. Flanagan: (see fifth generation). Use this email: (good in 2008).

[26] GenForum about Margaret Mason and Hugh French. Website:

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[28] Will of Daniel Field, 2 Sep 1732/3, Westmoreland Co., Wills & Deeds, Vol. 8, p. 200)

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[30] Virginia Marriages and Wills, Book D18, p. 326, widow of Symon Miller. Margaret was the widow of John Prosser (d. 1677) and Capt. Symon Miller (d. 1684).

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[32] Pohick Church Cemetery visit by Mara French and FFA member Margaret Amundson, Nov 1991. Families of Pohick Church, Truro Parish, Fairfax Co., VA, by Chester A. Liddle, Jr. 1991. Gateway Press, Baltimore. Pohick Church is located in Lorton. Daniel French, George Mason, and George Washington went to this church and served as vestrymen. I took a photo of Daniel French’s tombstone which I’ll publish when I have more time.

[33] Virginia Marriages and Wills, Book O10, page 187. Robert French, b ca. 1717, was a half brother to John, m. Mary Rennolds in 1737, widow of Thomas Rennolds.

[34] Dan deButts, Wicklow House, P.O. Box 157, Upperville VA 22176, phone: (703) 592-3366. Visit Nov 1991 by Mara French and FFA member Margaret Amundson. In 2008 lives at: Daniel H. Debutts, “Kinsley Mills”, 8241 Buckland Mill Rd., Gainesville, VA 20155-2025. Tel: 703-754-0865. Letter from FFA member Dan deButts, 31 Dec 1991.

[35] DeWitt GenWeb Project, DeWitt County, Illinois, French Family.

[36] Mabel Van Dyke Baer The Vandeveers of North Carolina, Kentucky and Indiana (Richmond: Whittel & Shepperson, 1960) pp 121-123. Recorded in Deed Book A page 339 James French senior and Barbary his wife to Henry Stalcup $500.00l and lying on waters of Blue River 120 acres presence of us Tanday French Joseph Holt recorded 29 May 1821. Deed Book A p 390 James French, Sr. & Barbara his wife to Arthur Whitehead of Crawford Col. For $500.0040 acres waters of Blue River. From Margaret Amundson.

[37] Jim A. Supan, worked with Margaret Amundson on this line, website: or

If these pages don’t open, then search for “Jim A. Supan” +French in Google. Jim lives at 1629 Waterside Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23320, (757) 420-0348, email: JSUPAN@DLBA-INC.COM

[38] The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants; Religious Exiles; Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations 1600-1700. From Mss. Preserved in the State Paper Department of Her Majesty's Public Record Office, England. Edited by John Camden Hotten. Chatto and Windus, Publishers, London, England, 1874. (Also reprinted by G.A. Baker & Co., Inc., New York, 1931.), pages 184-188 Settlers living at "Elizabeth Cittie" (more) in Virginia, February 16, 1623/4. No French or Washington are listed; however, Hugh French’s transporter, Captain Nicholas Marteaw, as well as members of the Mason family (Frances, May, Walter) are listed. Website:

[39] Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666, by George Cabell Greer, 1960, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore.

Richard French, 1649 by Wm, Nesum, Tho. Sax, Miles Bathasby, and John Pyne, Northampton Co.
Docto. French, 1649 by Richard Kemp, Esq.
Henry French, 1653, by Charles Grimes, Lancaster Co.
William French, 1654 by Capt. Nich. Marteaw, Westmoreland Co.
Peter and wife French, 1655, by Mr. Robert Bourne and Mr. Daniel Parke, Yorke Co.

[40] Russell County Brides Index, website:

[41] 11 May 1615: The French Huguenot congregation on Threadneedle Street, London, England; "Touche, Richard, fils de Denis T., de Dieppe, et de Perette Duran, sa femme. Tem. Richard Panner, Nicolas Martian, Elizabeth Lian, themoins Anglois." Website:

[42] Historical Atlas of Westmoreland County, VA, by David W. Eaton, 1942. Dietz Press, Richmond, VA. Shows Pope’s Creek and mentions Hugh and Daniel French.

[43] The Early Settlers of Maryland, an Index to Names of Immigrants Compiled from Records of Land Patents, 1633-1680 in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland, by Gust Skordas and Dr. Morris L. Radoff, 1974. This list might indicate a later transportation date of a second, third, or greater trip.

French, Hugh, transported 1663.

French, Hugh, Service 1680 of Charles Co.

French, James, Transported 1671.

French, Margaret, Transported 1680.

French, Margaret, Transported 1665, wife of Nathaniel.

French, Mary, Transported 1678.

French, Nathaniel, Transported 1659.

French, Nathaniel, Immigrated 1665.

French, William, Rights 1680 of Plymouth.

Hatton, Ann, Transported 1663 with William Hatton (perhaps his wife) and Hugh French.

Many other Hattons were transported almost yearly between 1647-1671.

The names Miller and Prosser are restricted entries in this reference.

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[54] FFA member Pearl Maxine Clark, 1420 Thousand Oaks Dr., Nixa, MO 65714. She has been working with Ref. [55] on the Mason Co., KY Frenches. She also lived at 16615 E. Cypress, Covina, CA 91722. (818) 339-9247. In 2008 she lives at 12426 Del Amo Way, Victorville, CA 92392. Tel: (760) 241-5257,, email good in 2008. Descendant of Miranda French of the 6th generation.

[55] FFA member Catherine Maye Clough Eltiste, #2 Park Dr., Holdrege, NE 68949, tel: 308-995-2704 (disconnected). In 2008, Howard D. and Catherine C. Eltiste live at 1018 West Ave., Holdrege, NE 68949-1838, 308-995-2489. Email good in 2008:

[56] Kathleen French Campbell, (email good in 2008 – note that the email uses 3 lowercase L’s. Kathleen studied the Mason/French genealogy in 2004. Also,,, and, and, and Website: Follows Polk line back to Scotland many generations. Goes to William the Conqueror, the Stuart Kings, the first Colin Campbell, etc.

[57] Carolina Cousins, website of 26 Frenches in 2008:
Michael Vance Baker, 805 Bay Colony Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23451. Email:

[58] Cheryl White, 778 Dorado Dr., Santa Barbara, CA 93111, descendant of Francis Ann French, b. 17 Jan 1798.

[59] Tom B. French, 2390 Clydesdale Ct., Dubuque, IA 52001. In 1993 Tom was working on Robert French who married Mary Mosby. Robert was the son of Hugh3 and Margaret Jarvis. Address in 2008: 1303 Tomahawk Dr., Dubuque, IA 52003-8767. (563) 556-3755. Email:

[60] Sara Thornhill Preiser, 17127 Whitehaven Dr., Boca Raton, FL 33496, fax: 561-451-1144. Email: (undeliverable).

[61] FFA member Donald E. Hayes, 1627 31st A., Moline, IL 61265. (309) 764-3068. Email: His line is Hugh (1), Mason (2), Hugh (3), Daniel (4), Hugh of Adair (5), dau. Teresa Whitlock (6), Delia Whitlock (7), Hugh Million (8), Charles Million (9), Ira Million (10), dau. Irene Hayes (11), Donald Hayes (12).

[62] Sandra Benham, (old email - undeliverable).

[63] Ronald Kliensorge (correspondent of [54]).

[64] 1840 census of Harrison Co., KY.

[65] Susan Eades (correspondent of [54]), email: (good in 2008)

[66] 1860 census of Harrison Co., and Robertson Co., KY.

[67] FFA member Kim Woodward, (male). (2006 -- undeliverable). 5226 Ferndale St., Springfield, VA 22151. 703-941-4592. (1999) (undeliverable).

[68] Greg French, (good in 2008) in Greensboro, North Carolina.

[69] Virginia Marriages, 1668-1853.

[70] Jesse and Lena French, (undeliverable) (Hugh French of Russell Co., KY) Email good in 2002. Lena’s husband is through John Elson French and his son, Littleberry French, who lived in Russell Co., KY. John Elson came from VA and went to DeWitt Co., IL. This line comes thru Hugh and his wife Margaret Jarvis according to Margaret Amundson. Will of Littleberry French, Page 1 and Page 2. 3861 Meteor St., Redding, CA 96002. (916) 221-2145.

[71] Melissa Thompson Alexander, (undeliverable)

[72] Francine Conn Walter, (good in 2008).

[73] Laurie Ronan, (undeliverable).

[74] Lillian Dickinson, (good in 2008).

[75] Diane Mason, website on geocities, email:

[76] Torrence, Robert McIlvaine, Torrence and Allied Families, Philadelphia: Wickersham Press, 1938, 640 pgs. (Hugh Torrance of Gaston County, N.C.). Also see GenForum, or email Gary Mason at

[77] St. Leonard Shoreditch Vital Records, 1558-1640, London Guildhall Library. Approximately 11,000 baptisms, 4500 marriages, and 17,000 burials. St. Leonard’s, Shoreditch is a church of England denomination in the London borough of Hackney, located along Shoreditch High Road. First photo below is an 18th century print. The Shoreditch Parish covered a large area. If anyone can locate a French on this 1745 map, please email

[78] Nancy Hammes, (2003 – undeliverable). Part of the Seale – French family.

[79] Mary Lou Tannich, and (both good in 2008).

[80] Aaron L. and Michelle M. French, 2915 Coopermill Rd., Zanesville, OH 43701-8387. (740) 455-9639. Email:

[81] Annette Smiley, (undeliverable).

[82] Goffe GenForum site #3412, 2824, 1990, and 510, William Goffe, New Kent, VA ca 1660s, posted by James Mahar (ID *****7303) Date: March 31, 2004 at 18:57:14 of 3412. Email:

[83] Jared Smith, Website:, James French and Sarah (Allie) Ann Curtis French, First of the Family at Poplar Grove Farm, by W. D. Moore, Jr., April 1980, revised Aug 1999. Email:

[84] Mike Flanagan, (undeliverable).

[85] Betty Brooks, email:

[86] Robert (Bob) Cawley, (email good in 2008). Robert is in the possession of much pertinent research on the relationship between the French and Mason families, including land purchase records that show that Hugh French bought land adjacent to Capt. George Mason in September 1693. He also has interesting information and ship records with the names of Frenches and Masons arriving in the same year of 1663 and a Francis and John French who lived in Maryland and later possibly went to Virginia along with Hugh. 508-740-6485. Bob is first cousin to Ref. [7] and second cousin to Ref. [8].

[87] From Three Brothers of French Family Died in Chickamauga Fighting, 5 Jul 2002. Website:

[88] Barry Watson,, interested in the French Family of Pershore, England.

[89] Helen Pond and Gloria Dooley.

[90] Gravestones, Sacred Heart Church

[91] Briery Church

[92] Cabbage Patch Cemetery

[93] Ward Monroe French, 3485 Padaro Lane, P. O. Box 86, Carpenteria, CA 93013. Tel: (805) 684-2204. Calls himself the “Head of the Clan.”

[94] Mary Elizabeth Pearson, 521 Del Oro St., Woodland, CA 95695. She was connected to FFA Chart #59 which may be connected to FFA Chart #36 after more research. Tel: 530-662-5205. Email: Moses French, b. 23 Apr 1811 in Newark, Licking Co., OH, d. ca. 1890 in Jackson, IN [94]. This birthdate is probably correct, but Moses’ father’s birthday (ca. 1794, the year his parents married) must be incorrect. We are therefore not 100% sure that this is the correct line. Ref [94] says that Moses m. 9 Jun 1840 in IN to Mary Ann Willey. She was b. 30 Jan 1824 in IN, d. 11 Nov 1889, and that Moses d. 12 Jan 1882. They had 7 children: William Manson French, Wesley Melvin French, Almon Wiley French, Amanda Jane French who m. Wilson, Siles French, Savilla French who m. Barkus, and John Barzillia French who was b. 18 Nov 1857 in Leesville, Lawrence Co., IN, m. 20 Mar 1883 in KS to Altha Marie Morris. She was b. 12 May 1866 in Sharon Center, Medina Co., OH, d. 6 Jul 1956, the dau. of Floyd Morris and Susan Marie Caskey. John d. 5 May 1934. He was a teacher and his main homesteads were Halstead, Pittsberg, and Topeka, KA. John Barzillia French had son John Willey French, b. 24 Oct 1889 in Burton, KS, m. 5 Jun 1914 in KS to Mary Alice Smith. She was b. 9 Mar 1886 in Burchard, NE, d. 11 May 1972. John d. 11 Oct 1979. He was a professor in Education and his main homesteads were in Winfield, KS; Lincoln, NE; Tulsa OK; and New York, NY [94]. He had dau. Mary Elizabeth French, b. 12 Oct 1917 in Lawrence, KS, m. 22 Jun 1940 in NH to Woodring Pearson who was b. 17 Apr 1915 in Nashville, TN, and was a surgeon. They live at 521 Del Oro St., Woodland, CA 95695 [94]. Please email if these descendants are correct and I’ll add them in the proper order.

[94] Judy Ann Dale Bell, email: (undeliverable), descendant of Walter Scott French and his wife Ella May Carpenter of Generation 7. More info about the French-Hopkins-Pettus line can be found in the Hopkin’s Family of Virginia from the Southern Historical Press.

[95] Carol S. Leavitt, 8325 Hadley, Overland Park, KS 66212 (letter from 1992).

[96] Applegate website:

[97] Melvin Steadman’s work that Margaret Amundson said would be made public soon after 1992. His collection of original items (deeds, orders, etc.) were microfilmed and are at the Library of VA in 1997. Melvin is the author of a book “By Fence and Fireside” which has many Fairfax and Loudoun county families.

[98] Susan Eades, 278 Springhill, Paris, KY 40361 (1992). Email: (good in 2008)

[99] Case in Chancery in Fauquier Co., VA. This case proves that Alpheus French belongs to this line. This is a real significant find by Margaret Amundson in 1992. The copy of the summons shows John French probably was alive and living in Kentucky in 1836, so he could be the one whose will is on file in 1843. It shows the names of the distributees of George French, deceased, 1837. The Children of Daniel French are Alpheus, Daniel, Lorenzo, Reuben, Mary, Sydney, Lebbens, and Margaret. The child of Mason, his brother, are James, Lewis, Reuben, William Henderson and Jane French his wife, William Triplett and Frances French his wife, Sydney Garret and Margaret his wife, and Sarah Bowen with 7 children mentioned: Hugh, Ann, Mason, James, Sarah, Margaret, and Mary.

[100] 1850 Independence County, AR:

Alpheus, 50, farmer in VA (there is one from Farquier Co., VA who m. Juliet Byrne on 23 Jan 1832).

Julia A., 39, of VA (the wife of Alpheus, above, and probably named Juliet Byrne)

Mary J. C., 17, of VA (the rest are their children)

Uriah, 15, farmer, of VA

Elizabeth U., 12, of MO

James D., 10, of MO

Margaret A., 8, of MO

Margaret Abigail French 1842-1916, who m. Jesse W. Flinn. He was a doctor. After he m. Margaret, they lived in Guilford Co. until about 1831, when they moved to Madison Co., Ky., and then in 1839 they moved to McMinn Co., Tenn., where Margaret died in 1844. He must have been m. to Nancy Smith for a short time, for he moved to Independence Co., Ark. in 1857 where he m. Margaret Abigail French. He spent the rest of his life as a farmer and stock raiser, also practicing medicine to some extent. He had attended Baltimore College of Medicine, now The University of Maryland Medical School. He is buried in Alderbrook Cemetery; Desha, Ark.

Alpheus, 6, of AR

William E., 4, of AR

Martha, 3, of AR

John, 2 mo., of AR

[101] Rose Ombre, Email:, (email good in 2008) worked on Frenches who moved to Independence Co., AR.

[102] The Martiau Ancestry of the Lewis Family, by Merrow Egerton Sorley, from The Lewises of Warner Hall: the History of a Family, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1981, website:
Written by Helen Glenn Court,

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[121] Estill Duggins, Email: (undeliverable in 2008).

[122] "Kentucky-Decades of Discord 1865-1900" by Hambleton Tapp & James C. Klotter. Page 395 says: "Other feuds of the "bloody eighties," all with political implications, were the Howard-Turner (1884-1889) in Harlan County, the French-Eversole (1887-1894) in Perry County, and the Hargis-Marcum-Cockrell-Callahan (1879-1912), in Breathitt. Though not as deadly as the Hatfield-McCoy vendetta, these wars took scores of lives and added additional reproach to the "dark and bloody ground." Strangely enough business rivalry and "a woman" seem to have been the basis of the notorious Perry County outbreak. This struggle was made famous, not only by the bloody battle of Hazard (which left the Courthouse a shambles), but also by the animated word battle between Governor Buckner and Circuit Judge Henry Clay Lilly, who insisted upon the protection of state troops before attempting to hold court in Perry, Letcher and Knott Counties." Alta Wesley, Email: (good in 1999).

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p. 245

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Martha Prosser, daughter Martha and her husband Thomas Kendall
John Coomes and Thomas Kendall
Mary Holloway, Hugh Palmer, Archdale Combe
John Prosser and Andrew Harrison
Francis Thornton and Margaret Strother
Anthony Savage, Alice Savage, Francis Thornton
John Prosser and Anthony Savage
European Settlement to Society, 1608-1742
Colony to Nation: The Establishment of Fairfax County, 1742-1800
John and George Mott
Samuel Poe, John Meaders, Henry Peters
Alexander Fleming, Robert Taliaferro, Simon Miller
Cadwallader Jones, Anfrew Harrison, John Battaile
Andrew Harrison of Essex Co., VA and his children
Life on the Evolving Virginia Frontier
Richard Buckner, Richard Johnson
Introduction to the Embrey Grantor Index for Fredericksburg, VA
How were each county (or shire) created and divided and changed in VA

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Wills of Richmond County, Virginia 1699-1800 Robert K. Headley Jr., Wills and Inventories 1699-1709. F33v Hugh French, St Mary’s Parish, Richmond County, Virginia, Will 20 Jan 1699 proved 3 Dec 1701 200 acres in Maryland to be sold and money paid to son Hugh; daughter Mary 200 acres bout of David (Darnall), sons Daniel and Mason, daughter Margaret 130 acres executor wife Margaret. Witnesses John Battaile, Simon Miller, John Miller

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Libraries and Other Visits

Virginia State Library & Archives, 11th St. at Capitol Square. Visited by Mara French and Virginia, Oct 1991.

Fairfax City Library, Virginia Room 3rd Floor, 3915 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax, VA 22030, Mara French visited Oct 1991.

Centreville Library, 14114B Lee Highway, Centreville, VA 22020. Mara French visited Oct 1991.

Visit to Montross Archives, Westmoreland Co., VA, by Mara French in Oct 1991.

Heathstone Books, Alexandria, VA., visit Nov 1991 by Mara French and FFA member Margaret Amundson.

Gunston Hall, home of George Mason, author of the Bill of Rights, on Mason’s Neck of the Potomoc River, Lorton, VA, visit Nov 1991 by Mara French and FFA member Margaret Amundson. Built by George Mason, the author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights of 1776, and one of the framers of the U.S. Constitution. Website:

Old Welbourne and New Welbourne, Loudoun County, VA, home of the Dulany family, visit Nov 1991 by Mara French and FFA member Margaret Amundson.

“Wakefield”, birth home of George Washington, Pope’s Creek, Westmoreland County, VA, gift shop brochures. Mara French visited Oct 1991.