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Chart #36, Hugh French Ist, 1636
Mary’s and Charles Co., MD
Westmoreland, Prince William, Stratford, Fauquier, King George, Richmond, Culpeper, Northumberland, and Loudoun Counties, VA

Also Mason Co., KY; Pike Co., MO; Independence Co., AR; and Zaneville, OH


Muskingum County Courthouse in Zanesville, OH

Fifth Generation

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Children of James and Catherine (Lewis) French, 4.4

Hugh1, Mason2, Hugh3, James4

James and Catherine had 13 children.

5.1 Hugh French [21].

5.2 Catherine Lewis French [21].

5.3 Margaret French, b. 14 Aug 1763 [21].

   Oak Hill near Arcola, Virginia [119]

5.4* William Lewis French, b. 1775, d. 16 Apr 1839 at Oak Hill, m. Anna Guy Isemonger in 1795 [83], d. 22 Jan 1852 at Oak Hill [5] [83]. She was b. 1776 in Charles Co., MD, the dau. of  John and Lydia Musgrove (Mankin) Isemonger [83]. Ref. [119] says John Isemonger married Elizabeth Ann (Mankin) Pucket who had dau. Anna Gay Isemonger. She d. 22 Jan 1852 at Oak Hill, Loudoun, VA [119]. She was the granddaughter of Captain Mark Matthews Mankin of Prince William Co., VA, and was heir to the 4,000 acre estate of Colonel John Wood, her great-grandfather [83]. They had possibly 9 children [83].

5.5 George French [21].

5.6* James French [67] [21], b. ca. 1760. This son is part of FFA Chart #90. Moved to Mason Co., KY as early as June 1788 [21].

5.7 Robert Henry French [21].

5.8 Mason French [21].

5.9 Daniel French [21].

5.10 Ann French [21].

5.11 Lewis French [21].

5.12 Elizabeth (Betsy) French [21].

5.13 Mary French [21].

Children of Daniel and Mildred (Strother) French, 4.5

Hugh1, Mason2, Hugh3, Daniel4

Five sons of Daniel and Mildred (Strother) French (4.5) came to KY beginning about 1800. Their father, Daniel (who m. Ann Gutherie) appears to have come also. The five sons were John, who married Dolly Spencer about 1782 and later moved to DeWitt Co., IL about 1833; James who married Barbary Key March 9, 1784, Bedford Co., VA and moved to Orange Co., IN by 1818; Daniel who married Anne Guthrie March 24, 1785, Bedford Co., VA and moved to Harrison Co., IN; Hugh who probably married Ann (Lewis) Douthart about January 14, 1797 in Augusta Co., VA; and Richard who married Dinah Greer February 2, 1800 Franklin Co. who moved to Harrison Co., IN about 1818.

The father of these men (Daniel French) signed an oath of allegiance in Powhatan Co. in 1777. Both John and brother, Daniel, have Revolutionary War pension application files. Between these two records, a detailed outline of the families migration and names of its members are revealed.

At least two of the brothers, John and James, were awarded certificates for South of the Green River Grants in Green Co. about 1801. They were in the Wolf Creek, Caney Fork area of what is now Russell Co. James sold his land to his brother Hugh from Orange Co., IN, in 1818. Hugh was awarded a certificate for 300 acres but signed it over to Daniel French, his father.

5.14* Daniel French, b. 1764 in Richmond Co., VA, d. 2 Oct 1821 in Harrison Co, IN; married Ann Guthrie or Gutherie [21] 24 Mar 1785 in Bedford Co., VA or Franklin Co., VA [62]. Ann Guthrie was b. after 1764 in VA, d. 2 Nov 1861 in Indiana, the dau. of Henry Guthrie and Penelope Johnson [79]. The entire family moved to Indiana [21] [61]. Before going to Indiana, he and his 4 other brothers moved to KY [21].

5.15* John Elson French, b. 2 Nov 1760 in Richmond Co., VA, d. 17 Feb 1845 in DeWitt Co., IL [79] [151], m. Dolly Spencer ca. 1782 in Bedford Co., VA [21], moved first to KY [21] and then moved to DeWitt, IL [62][70]. John Elson came from VA and moved to Powhatan Co., when he was young, staying there a short time. From there he went to Bedford Co. where he lived until 1798 [21].  Then he went to DeWitt Co., IL [70]. John was a Revolutionary War Veteran [35]. Widow Dolly made her application for a pension from Russell Co., KY [21].

5.16* James French, b. ca. 1761-62 in Richmond Co., VA, married Barbary Key [21] on 9 Mar 1785 in Bedford Co., VA, moved first to KY [21], and then moved to Orange Co. IN before 1818. He d. ca. 1855 [61] possibly in Orange Co., IN where he deeded to Henry Stalcup land. Barbary Key was b. 1764/68, d. after 1821, had six children [62]. The entire family moved to Adair Co., KY, which later became Russell Co., KY [21]. Don, is this true, or did James go to IL?

Adair Co. Court House, 1852, just before Hugh French died.

5.17* Hugh French, b. between 1765-1772 in Richmond Co., VA [21], d. 1855-1857 in Russell Co., KY, m1. Ann (Lewis) Douthart on 15 Jan 1797 in Augusta Co., VA. Hugh m2. Temperance Jackson on 10 Aug 1817 in Adair Co., KY [36]. Moved to Russell Co., KY. Hugh wrote his will in 1845. Another source says Hugh m. Julia Ann French [79]. Hugh remained in Adair Co., KY [21]. This is the line of FFA Chart #36 contributor, Donald Hayes [61]. See Hugh French’s will of 1845, Page 1 and Page 2. The will of High French dated 1845 and proven 17 Sep 1855 in Russell Co., KY lists all his children as stated in the next generation. The Hugh French who came to Adair Co., KY was appointed to the court of Adair Co. about 1806. He remained a leader in the community for decades, sometimes being referred to as Squire French. He was a trustee of Jamestown, active in civic affairs in the community for some time. The name French no longer appears in the area but issue of these men married and remained in the area. One such family is the Flanagan family. Daniel and Anne's daughter, Mildred married Bryant Flanagan. There are probably more surnames in the area who can trace themselves back to one of these five early settlers of Russell Co. through female lines [21].

5.18* Richard French, b. ca. 1767-1773 in Bedford (later Franklin) Co., VA [36], m. Dinah Greer [21] on 2 Feb 1800 in Franklin Co., VA [62] [79]. Richard and his brother Daniel both moved to Harrison Co., IN about 1818 [21], but had moved first to KY [21]. Richard d. after 25 Jun 1823 in Harrison Co., IN [36]. Dinah Greer was b. 9 Feb 1776 in Franklin Co., VA, d. May 1841 in Knox Co., IN [36].

5.19 Nancy French, b. ca. 1759-1763, m. James Richardson [62] [107].

Children of Robert and Mary (Mosby) French, 4.6

Hugh1, Mason2, Hugh3, Robert4

5.20* Micajah French, b. ca. 1780-1794 [37], d. ca. 1840-1850, m. Lucy Hogan on 18 Jul 1812 in Amelia Co., VA [59] [37]. Micajah was still living in 1840, where he is shown on the Amelia Co., Virginia Census, on page 184, In 1850, Lucy his wife was living in the household of her son Robert, then age 35 and his wife, Martha A. age 26. So Micajah must have died between 1840 and 1850 [21] [59].

Children of Hugh and Sally (Mosby) French, 4.8

Hugh1, Mason2, Hugh3, Hugh4

Elk Hill can be seen above the word “Goochland”. From Elk Hill, one had a clear view NW of Monticello.

5.21* Robert Mosby French, b. ca. 1777 in Goochland Co., VA, m. Mary (Molly) Hopkins, dau. of Col. John Hopkins and Mary King in 1796 [56]. Mary Hopkins was b. 22 Feb 1777, d. 1850. Robert and Mary first lived at the home place called Elk Hill. It was situated on an island in the James River in Goochland Co. VA. Thomas Jefferson had a plantation on Elk Hill, and Cornwallis had a camp at Elk Hill. From Virginia, they moved to Rockbridge Co., VA [56], then Warren Co. TN and lived in McMinnville, TN in 1826, and then nearby at the family home called, "Forest Home." Robert d. ca. 1846 [56].

5.22* Mason French, b. ca. 1781 in Goochland Co., VA, d. there before 15 Oct 1826, m. Ann Perkins 3 Sep 1804. She was b. 25 Feb 1782 and d. 2 Jul 1853 in Hickman, KY. They had 6 children.

5.23 Elizabeth French, b. ca. 1781 [56].

5.24 Mary (Polly) French, b. ca. 1783 [56].

5.25 Ann (Nancy) French, b. ca. 1786 [56].

5.26 Margaret (Peggy) French, b. ca. 1787 [56].

Children of Mason and Ann (Lewis) French, 4.10

Hugh1, Mason2, John3, Mason4

5.27 Francis Ann French, b. 17 Jan 1798 [58], d. 1878, m. 1 Feb 1820 [19] to William Triplett, son of Thomas Triplett, the stonemason of Mountain View. Francis and William were both living in 1837 [99].

5.28 Jane French, b. 1791 [21], m. 1811 to William Henderson, son of Bennett and Elizabeth (Lewis) Henderson. William and Jane went to Mason Co., Kentucky before 1817. They had dau. Frances Ann Henderson who m. Hiram Duncan French of this generation and had a dau. Frances French. Hiram was the son of John and Catherine (Carter) French of this line (see below). Jane French and Hiram French were both the grandchildren of John and Margaret (Burgess) French of generation 3. Frances “Fannie” French joined the DAR on Mason French, brother to John, who descended from cousins that married [21]. Francis’s DAR national number is #16751 [21]. William and Jane were both living in 1837 [99].

5.29 Lewis French, b. 1800, d. 186_, m1. Sarah White in 17 Nov 1822, the dau. of George White and Ann Nancy Burgess (Lewis and Sarah were first cousins [21]). She d. 1833. Lewis m2. Eliza Marshall on 8 Feb 1836 or 15 Feb 1836 [19], the dau. of Thomas and Amy Marshall.

5.30 Mary French, b. 1786, m. John Rutter [21]. She had children Hugh Rutter, Ann Rutter, Mason Rutter, James Rutter, Sarah Rutter, Margaret Rutter, and Mary Rutter, all alive in 1837 [99].

5.31 Reuben French, b. ca. 1802, m. Catherine Watkins 1 Feb 1820 in Loudoun Co., VA [19], moved to Ohio, d. Jan 1826. Ref [19] states that Reuben French m. Catherine Watkins on 3 Jan 1833. He was living in 1837 [99].

5.32 Sarah French, b. ca. 1784, m. 24 Feb 1803 to Alexander Bowen [21]. Sarah was living in 1837, but not with Alexander who may have died [99].

5.33* James Burgess French, b. 9 Jul 1789, d. in Loudoun Co., VA, on 6 Oct 1858 and is buried in Brush Creek township, Muskingum Co., OH [21], m. Nancy Triplett in Loudoun Co., VA on 21 Aug 1817 [9] [19] [20] [68], dau. of Thomas Triplett and Phoebe Lunceford. Nancy was b. 11 Apr 1795, dau. of Thomas Triplett [21], and d. 13 Oct 1870 in Muskingum Co., OH and is buried at the Irish Ridge Cemetery [6] [13] [21]. James went to Ohio in about 1818 and was in Loudoun Co. before then. James is listed with his father Mason on the Personal Property Tax List in Loudoun County in 1805 for the first time, indicating James was sixteen years old then. By 1808 Mason and son James are listed confirming that this is the same Mason French who had a son James Burgess. There was another family from the Hugh French line in Loudoun during this time period and they had a son James Jr. and James Sr. They lived in a different part of the county and appeared on different lists [21]. James and Nancy had 12 children.

5.34 Margaret Burgess French, b. 9 Oct 1807 in Loudoun Co. VA, d. 8 Jul 1880 in Orleans, Fauquier Co, VA, m. 18 Sep 1834 to Sydnor Garrett of Fauquier Co. and had 6 children. A DNA study shows that Sydnor Garrett was the son of Henry Garrett when no document survived to link the two men as father and son [21]. There are at least 3 distinct lines of Garretts in Fauquier and Loudoun Counties in the late 1700 [21]. This is the line of Margaret Amundson [21], as follows: Hugh French (1); Mason French (2); John French (3); Mason French (4); Margaret Burgess French (5); Albert Franklin Garrett (6); Corneila Alice Garrett (7); Margaret May Sparshott (8); Ruth Corneila King (8); Margaret Ruth Bates (9), m1. Carroll, m2. Amundson. Sydney and Margaret were both living in 1837 [99].

Independence County, Arkansas, Township Map, from Rose Ombre [101]

Children of Daniel French, 4.14

5.35* Alpheus French [99], b. 1800 in Fauquier Co., VA [7] [8], m. Julia or Juliett Ann Bryne on 23 Jan 1832. Alpheus is in the 1850 Census of Independence Co., AR as 50 years old, Julia 39 years old, with 9 children. Alpheus lived in VA until at least 1835 when his son Uriah was born. In 1838 he was in MO when his daughter was born. In 1844 he was in AR. Julia was b. 1811 in Fauquier Co., VA, d. ca. 1915 in Independence Co., AR [7] [8]. Alpheus is listed as a bondsman and a ward of Elizabeth Byrne who m. John Chinn on 23 Jan 1832 in Fauquier Co., VA [10]. In 1824 when Independence Co. was created, it comprised entire Northern Arkansas, and in 1820 there were only about 40 families in this area. Julia (Juliett) Ann Byrne was the daughter of Darby Byrne, dec’d 23 Jan 1832, one of three children orphans, including James Uriah Byrne and Lydia Elizabeth Byrne. Julia died at the age of 104.

This family seems very closely connected to FFA Chart #25, but as yet, we cannot find a connection. If you view Chart #25, you’ll see how Independence Co. land was distributed at that time.

5.36 Mary French [99],

5.37 Margaret French [99],

5.38 Daniel French [99],

5.39 Sydney French [99],

5.40 Lebbens French [99],

5.41 Lorenzo Doe French [99],

5.42 Reuben French [99],

Children of John and Catherine (Carter) French, 4.15

Hugh1, Mason2, John3, John4

There is no known order for these 7 children. They are more or less entered by the year they were married. By 1820 John and Catherine had 2 sons, 10-16, and 3 sons between 16-18 years of age. John still had 3 daughters at home in 1820 [21]. See the Mason Co. KY Census.

5.43 Burgess P. French [21].

5.44 John E. French [21].

5.45 Richard Carter French, m. Maria Collins 24 Jun 1823 [21]. Carter lived next to his father in Mason Co., KY [21].

5.46 Mathilda French [21].

5.47 Agnes French (named after her grandmother), b. after 1794 [21].

5.48 Elizabeth French [21].

5.49 Hiram Duncan French, b. after 1794, m1. Frances Ann Henderson. Hiram m2. Margaret Hardin on 16 Apr 1821 in Washington Co., KY. Hiram lived next to his father in Mason Co., KY [21]. They sold land in Mason Co., KY on 9 Nov 1840. They moved to Newark, OH. Frances Ann Henderson’s mother was Jane French who m. William Henderson. Hiram Duncan French and Jane French were cousins. Jane French and Hiram French were both the grandchildren of John and Margaret (Burgess) French of Generation 3. Hiram continues with FFA Chart #59. His son is Moses, and Moses had 6 children: William Mansion French, Wesley Melvin French, Almon Willey French, Amanda Jane French, Savilla French, and John Barzillai French. The line continues with the children of John Barzillai French who were John Willey French and Altha Eileen French. These descendants will be added to this chart as time permits.

Children of Burgess and Sally (Taylor) French, 4.18

Hugh1, Mason2, John3, Burgess4

5.50 Luiza (Louisa) French, b. 16 Oct 1808, m. James A. Williams, 17 Apr 1827. Burgess French was the father and bondsman for this marriage in Fauquier Co., VA.

5.51 Marian French, b. 28 Sep 1810.

5.52 Anna French, b. 5 Oct 1813.

5.53 Mahala French, b. 19 May 1817.

5.54 Matilda Ann French, b. 9 Jul 1819.

5.55 John W. French, b. 2 Jun 1822, the only one in this family to carry on the name.

5.56 Sara Elender French, b. 25 Sep 1825.



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Chart #36 Records (Wills, Court Cases, etc.)