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Chart #90, Montreville French, 1838
 Christian Co., IL;
Mason Co. and Harrison Co. Kentucky;
St. Claire, MO;
Chickasaw Nation and Pittsburg Co., OK

This chart updated by Mara French on 2/1/09. Numbers in brackets [  ] show sources and refer to the bibliography at the end of this chart. An asterisk (*) shows continuation of that line. Please send me any corrections or additions to this chart to Revisions 1994, 2008, 2009.


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DNA Website for Group 1, FFA Chart 36, Hugh French



History and Research

The first records of this family were:

Š      Virginia at birth

Š      1830 Mason Co., KY

Š      1840-1850 Harrison Co., KY

Š      After 1850 Pana, Christian Co., IL

Š      1855 Shelby Co., IL

Later generations of this family lived in Madison Co. KY, Missouri, and then Oklahoma where they lived on Chickasaw Nation Indian Territory in 1900.

Since this chart began in 1994 with Montreville French (second generation), the FFA has gone back to the emigration of the first French of this line who was born in London, England in 1636. This family connects with FFA Chart #36 which was from Virginia and also used the names Mason, George, and Hugh. The ancestors of Chart #36 moved from Virginia to Mason Co., KY by 1800 after the Revolution, the same time and place as the ancestors of Chart #90. See the 4th generation of FFA Chart #36 which also shows a list of French ancestors in the census records of Mason Co., KY.

First Generation of FFA Chart #36

1.1 Hugh French, b. ca. 1636 in London, England, m. Margaret (Prosser Miller) French in VA

Second Generation of FFA Chart #36

2.4 Mason French, b. 1692/93 in Old Rappahannock Co., VA, d. 1746, m. Catherine Bennett (born Ellis) [22] of Stafford Co., VA

Third Generation of FFA Chart #36

3.9 Hugh French, b. ca. 1715, m. Margaret Jarvis in VA.

Fourth Generation of FFA Chart #36

4.4 James French, b. ca. 1737-1740 in VA, m. Catherine Lewis.

Fifth Generation of FFA Chart #36

5.6 James French, b. ca. 1760 in VA, migrated to Mason Co., KY as early as June 1788  [21]. The first VA census was in 1810, showing James and Mason in Loudoun Co., VA.  James shows 0 1 2 0 1 / 2 0 3 0 1, and Mason shows 1 0 1 0 1 / 1 1 1 0 1. John French, Jr., b. ca. 1765, probably was no longer in VA, but in Mason Co., KY. The 1810 KY Census (first KY census) shows a John French 2 2 0 0 1 / 2 1 0 1 0 (7 children, 2 adults). John d. Nov 1843 in KY.

First Generation

Search also for 6.15 William L. French in the 6th generation of FFA Chart #36. The following article is from Ref. [20] stating that William L. French’s father was James.

1.1* William L. (perhaps Lewis) French, b. 27 Oct 1807 in VA [1] [4] [13], however, the 1850 census (age 43) says he was born in Kentucky which we assume is the best reference [21]. He d. 15 Sep 1855 in Pana, Shelby Co., IL, and is buried in the old Coal Creek Cemetery [13] which is not next to Coal Creek Bible Church in Shelby Co., IL. It is out in a field in the middle of a grove of trees and the only road to it is a cow path road [13]. Jane, William’s wife, wanted to be buried with her husband, but the road to the cemetery was so muddy when she died, they couldn’t travel on it, so she was buried elsewhere [13]. The church was originally built for St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1866. William m. Jane Elizabeth Brooke in Mason Co., KY on 27 Mar 1830, the daughter of John Henry Brook and Charlotte T. Hoe of Virginia, whose mother, Miss Fitzhugh, was a niece of Henry Lee III aka “Light Horse Harry” Lee of Revolutionary fame, and the father of General Robert E. Lee of the Confederacy [20]. Jane Elizabeth Brook was William’s only wife, b. in 1810 in VA [16] and d. 1880 [19]. They were married in Mason, KY, bondsman John N. Brooke [13].

William is listed in the 1840 Census of Harrison Co., KY with 2 males under 5 (Montreville and William), 3 males between 5 and 10 (George, John, Mason), 1 female between 15 and 20, 1 male between 30 and 40 (William), 1 female between 5 and 10, 1 female between 10 and 15, and 1 female between 20 and 30 (Jane). He was living close to Bennet Dynes. In 1850 William was living with his son Mason, in Harrison Co., KY, and with his wife and 9 other of his children. William and his wife, Jane Elizabeth Brook, moved to Pana, Christian Co., IL after 1850 [13]. Most of his life, he was a farmer.

William L. French died from the flu that was going around the area in 1855 [13].

Siblings of William L. French can be seen in FFA Chart #36, Generation 5: James, Agnes, Hugh, Sarah, Hiram, Carter, Lucinda, Mason, John.

Second Generation

Children of William L. and Jane (Brooke) French, 1.1

Of these 9 children, 7 were males. The 1840 census shows several other females.

2.1 Mason French, b. 1832 in KY [16], age 18 in the 1850 District 1, Harrison Co. KY census, with his father William (age 43), his mother Jane (age 40), and his 9 siblings: John (age 16), George (age 15), William (age 12), Mentreville (age 10), Mary (age 5), Joseph (age 3), Emerim (age 2), and Richard (age 1). He was in Pana, IL, local politics and was instrumental in getting the county seat moved to Pana. In 2001, a few descendents from this line still live in Pana and the outlining area [13]. In 2009, the following French family lives at 300 Grant St., Pana, IL, 217-562-3660: Andrew E. French, Chris French, Donna M. French, Greg K. French, Gregory K. French, Katie French, Mary French, McHristin C. French, and perhaps Donna, Donald, and Roger French. The name of the township was changed to Pana on 2 Sep 1856 on the petition of Mason French and 30 other legal voters. The petition was presented to the county court by Postmaster Milan Beckwith [23].

Looking down Locust Street in Pana, IL

2.2 John J. French, b. Oct 1834 in KY [2,3], age 16 in the 1850 District 1, Harrison Co. KY census working as a farmer, m. Sara A. Fletcher on Jul 1877 in TN. Sara was b. 1842. In 1880 John was in Polk Co., MO, age 46 with his wife Ara E, 38 and their adopted son John Whitney, 8 years old, born in MO [4]. Apparently no children were born to this couple; however, Sara had two children with the last name Fletcher [2]. Both John and his brother, Montreville, lived in the Chickasaw Nation Indian Territory in 1900 [2].

2.3 George French, b. 1835 in KY [16], age 15 in the 1850 District 1, Harrison Co. KY census.

2.4* William Chadwell French, b. 18 Apr 1837 in Mason Co., KY [20] [16], age 12 in the 1850 District 1, Harrison Co. KY census. As a strong, prosperous, progressive and representative citizen of Madison County, an extensive landholder and active in everything appertaining to the public welfare, William was for many years distinguished [20]. At the outbreak of the Civil War, William returned to Robertson Co., KY, where he and Oliver G. Cameron organized the Second Kentucky Mounted Riflemen, of which William became Captain [20]. At the expiration of their period of enlistment, the company was incorporated with General Morgan, as Company H, Eleventh Kentucky Cavalry, with William as first lieutenant. After the surrender of General Johnson, William volunteered for service in Mexico with Davis and Breckenridge, but was captured at Washington, Georgia on 10 May 1865. On his release, he located in Madison Co. KY and began his career as an agriculturist. Industrious, energetic and judicious, he met with signal success, and his death, on 5 Sep 1909, was felt by the community [20]. On 18 Nov 1868 William m. Mary F. Harber of Madison, the dau. of Stephen Franklin Harber (b. 8 Jul 1824 in Madison Co., KY) and Amanda Catherine Green, descended from the Gentry family of Virginia and England. (The French family connected to the Gentry family are in FFA Chart #10). Amanda’s grandfather, Thomas Pendleton Harber and wife, Sallie Tevis, came in pioneer days from Virginia, to which colony Thomas P. Harber’s grandfather, Tilman Harber, had moved from England. Tilman Harber, and likewise, her maternal one, Martin Gentry Green, did their full share in transforming the pathless forest of Madison into a rich and very beautiful agricultural region. Amanda as a widow occupied the family home “Esperanza” near Richmond, where she was a faithful and valued member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and of the society of her community [20]. They had 6 children [20]. FFA Chart #151 and Chart #14 also lived in Madison Co., KY.

2.5* Montreville French, b. 10 Dec 1838 in Harrison Co., KY, age 10 in the 1850 District 1, Harrison Co. KY census, m. Lucinda Raymond [19] in 1864 and had 5 children born in MO [1]. Lucinda was b. Jan 1841 in KY [2] [3], and d. 26 May 1910 in Kiowa, OK. She was the dau. of William Raymond (b. ca. 1803) and Nancy (b. ca. 1806) [19]. Montreville was a farmer in Kentucky [1]. In the 1880 census, this family lived in St. Claire, Doyle Co., MO [2] [5]. Montreville was 41 and a farmer, and Lucinda was 38 [4] In the 1880 census, his parents are both listed as born in VA, Roll T9_714, Page 384D, ED 235. In 1890 both Montreville and his brother, John, lived in Chickasaw Nation Indian Territory [2]. Montreville and Lucinda lived in Pittsburg Co., OK in 1910 [5], which celebrated its 100th birthday on 16 Nov 2007. Montreville was buried in Holdenville, OK [13]. The name “Montreville” and “Montville” were commonly-used names among the Chickasaw Nation as a surname, Christian name, or town name. In the French language, Montreville means “small mountain or hill”. Montreville d. 9 Apr 1911 in Holdenville, Hughes Co., OK.

2.6 Mary French, b. 1845 in KY [16], age 5 in the 1850 District 1, Harrison Co. KY census.

2.7 Joseph French, b. 1847 in KY [16], age 3 in the 1850 District 1, Harrison Co. KY census.

2.8 Emerim French, b. 1848 in KY [16], (female), age 2 in the 1850 District 1, Harrison Co. KY census.

2.9 Richard French, b. 1849 in KY [16], 1 year old in the 1850 District 1, Harrison Co. KY census.

1850 District 1, Harrison Co. KY census

Third Generation

Children of William C. and Mary F. (Harber) French, 2.4

3.1 Ida May French, m. Evart Huguely and had four daughters: Harry Wood Huguely, Mary William Huguely, Frances Leavel Huguely, and Anna Catherine Huguely [20].

3.2 Amanda Myrtice French, m. Louis Todd [20].

3.3 William F. French [20].

3.4 Robert L. French [20].

3.5 Kittie Ann French, m. Arthur Todd and had two children: William French Todd and Myrtice French Todd [20].

3.6 Bettie Harber French [20].

Children of Montreville and Lucinda (Raymond) French, 2.5

3.7 Nancy French, b. 1864 [19].

3.8* Mason (Mace [13]) French, b. 1866 in MO [4], or in Harrison Co., KY [13], or in IL [13], lived in St. Claire, Doyle Co., MO in 1880 with his parents [4]. The family believes he was ¾ Indian and he did have Indian features and was about 6’ 5”; so was his brother William [13]. Not living with his parents in the 1900 MO Census [3]. Died 30 Oct 1930 in Vernon, Wilbarger Co., TX, while picking cotton following the harvest through Texas and Oklahoma [13] [19]. Mason m. Annie Cannaday on 20 Feb 1906 in Kiowa, OK [15] (he was 40 and she was 18). She was b. 1888, d. 15 Mar 1918 in Savanna area of OK only 9 days after her last child was born. She died from complications from childbirth [13]. Annie appears on the Cherokee Nation Dawes Final Rolls, age 25, card D1725, Roll – NR [13]. Their marriage was recorded in the Choctaw Nation marriage files [13]. Click here to see the Choctaw marriage records listing the groom and bride, their ages, marriage dates, and residences:

Annie Cannady and Mason French Wedding Photo, 1906, Kiowa, OK, Contributed by Ref. [13].

Mason worked at the prison [13]. After moving to IL, he was part of a petition drive to changing the township to Pana township, Christian Co., IL in 1856. The name “Pana” is derived from the Native American tribe, the Pawnee. This township was first known as Stone Coal Precinct when it was founded in 1845. In 1857 the village of Pana was incorporated. Mason farmed around the town of Pana; some of the family are buried at the East Linwood Cemetery in Galesburg, IL. All their children were born in the Savana area in OK. They had several that died young and four children who survived. Annie was 22 years younger than Mason. Mason was mostly of Indian ancestry. Annie’s mother, Martha Turner, came from the Muskogee area of OK [13].

Mason French in the late 1920s just before he died in 1930, contributed by Ref. [13].

3.9 William Thomas French, b. 15 Feb 1870 in MO [16], lived in St. Claire, Doyle Co., MO in 1880 with his parents [4]. Not living with his parents in the 1900 MO Census [3]. William d. 7 Jan 1936 [16]. He m. Iva Mae Harris on 28 Jan 1896 [16]. Family referred to him as Uncle Bill.

William French (Uncle Bill) just after 1930, with his niece Rilla Lee French (Mace’s daughter), contributed by Ref. [13].

3.10 Samantha E. French, b. 1872 in MO, lived in St. Claire, Doyle Co., MO in 1880 with her parents [4]. Not living with her parents in the 1900 MO Census [3]. She m. James Pierce [16].

3.11 Mary E. French, b. May 1875 in MO [3], lived in St. Claire, Doyle Co., MO in 1880 with her parents [4]. She was living in MO in 1900 with her parents according to the Soundex. Mary d. 1907 [16].

Greene County Court House, Springfield, MO

3.12* James Madison French, b. 5 May 1879 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO [16] [19], living in St. Claire, Doyle Co., MO in 1880 with his parents [4], age 21 in the 1900 MO Census living with his parents [3], m. Mary Ellen Davis in Sherman, Grayson Co., TX ca. 1905. She was b. Jan 1884 [3] or 25 Jul 1883 [16] and d. 29 Jun 1977 in Holdenville, Hughes Co., OK [16]. They had 11 children [16]. James d. 2 Jul 1961 in Holdenville, Hughes Co., OK [19].

Fannin Co., TX, January 16, 1908, A Water Melon First Monday

3.13* Charles Henry French, b. 10 Sep 1884/85 in Fannin Co., TX, d. 10 Sep 1934 in Ropesville, TX [1] or in Meadow, Terry Co., TX [19], m. Sarah "Pearl" or “Belle” Fields on 24 May 1903 [19]. Fannin Co. is just west of Red River Co. and just south of the Oklahoma border. Sara was b. 5 Mar 1885 in Polk Co. MO, d. 31 Jul 1976 in San Diego, San Diego Co., CA [1]. She was the dau. of Alexander Robertson Fields (1856-1923) and Malinda May Rounsaville (1864-1910) [19]. The Fields family may have been Cherokee Indian [2]. Ref [1] says that the Fields family definitely does not look Indian, but English. Ref [1]’s parents were born in Red River Co., TX, just south of the Oklahoma border, because they couldn’t marry in Indian Territory. Sarah’s father was Alexander Robertson Fields, b. 1860 perhaps in Yell Co. AR and m. 2 Mar 1880 in Bluffton, AR to Malinda May Rounsaville who was b. 24 Jul 1864 in Bluffton, AR [1]. Charles’ mother was 42 years old at his birth.

Fourth Generation

Children of Mason and Annie (Cannaday) French, 3.8

They had several who died young and four children who survived. All were born in Savanna, OK [13].

4.1 Franklin Benjamin French, d. Aug 1963 in Vernon, TX, buried in Sacramento, CA, at the Sunset Lawn Cemetery north of Sacramento [13].

4.2 Dolly Lucille French had 3 children, m. Oval Nation, both died in Sacramento, CA and are buried at the Sunset Lawn Cemetery north of Sacramento [13].

4.3 Mason French, b. 1906, d. 1906 [13].

4.4 Rilla Lee French, b. 9 May 1912 in Savanna, OK, m. Elva Lee Ivy on 25 Jul 1910 in Boswell, OK, d. 14 Jun 1981 in Placerville, CA [13]. Elva was b. 25 Jul 1910 in Boswell, OK. Ancestors of Ref  [13], had 4 children: Imagene Mae, Mary Ann, Inez, and Eva Nell [13].

4.5 Jeff French, b. 1914 in OK, m. Loraine Nation, d. Sacramento, CA, and is buried at the Sunset Lawn Cemetery [13].

4.6 child French, b. 8 Jul 1916 in OK, died young on 29 Sep 1916 in OK [13].

4.7 Sonny Boy French, b. 8 Mar 1918 in OK, died same day [13]. His mother died the 9th day after his birth from complications from childbirth.

Children of James M. and Mary (Davis) French, 3.12

4.8 Lillie French, m. Ray Craft [16].

4.9 James French, m. Jean [16].

4.10 Bertha French, m. Dan Simpson [16].

4.11 Raymond Montreville French [16].

4.12 Nathan French [16].

4.13 Eula Fay French, m. Ray Ferguson [16].

4.14 Imagine French, m. James Arnold Robinson [16].

4.15 William Otho French, m. Bernice Floyd [16].

4.16 Willie Ray French, b. 31 Mar 1901, d. 11 May 1901 [16].

4.17 Effie Myrtle French, b. 16 Jan 1904, d. 31 Oct 1904 [16].

Children of Charles Henry and Sarah (Fields) French, 3.13

4.18* Ester J. French Sr., (son), b. 27 Feb 1904 in Indian Territory, OK [19], d. 1 Jan 1990 in Levelland, Hockley Co., TX [19]. He m. Anna Belle Cline, the dau. of Frances Cline (b. ca. 1872) and Margret E (b. ca. 1875). They were m. 27 Dec 1926 in Roswell, Chaves Co., NM [19]. They had 5 children.

4.19 Winnie Mae French, b. 15 Jun 1905 in Indian Territory, OK [19], d. 18 Nov 1997 in Crane, Crane Co., TX [19]. She m. Otis Olen Shaw on 22 Dec 1928 in Lubbock, Lubbock Co., TX [19]. They had 4 children: James Charles, Jerry Wayne, Patricia Yvonne, and Otis Michael [19].

4.20 Lucinda (Cynthia) French, b. 24 Jan 1908 in Indian Territory, OK, d. Mar 1992 in Roswell, Chaves Co., NM. She m1. Warren Henry, m2. John W. Gover [19].

4.21* Willis (Bill) Oble French, b. 19 Apr 1911 in Indian Territory, OK [19], d. Dec 1984 in Roswell, Chaves Co., NM. He m. Mamie Iris Shaw, the dau. of James William Shaw (b. ca. 1879) and Emma Ruth Melton (b. ca. 1886). They married in 1934 in Comanche, Stephens Co., OK, and had 2 children [19].

4.22 Vera Knox French, b. 10 Dec 1915 in Vera, Knox Co., TX [19], d. 27 Feb 2004 in San Diego, San Diego Co., CA. She m. Robert Morgan Elkins on 14 Mar 1938 in Alamogordo, Otero Co., NM and had 2 children [19].

4.23 Hazel Beatrice, b. 4 Feb 1919 in Cottle Co., TX, alive in 2008 [1]. She m. Clint Ray Melton on 3 Nov 1933 in Littlefield, Lamb Co., TX and had 4 children: Gary Dean, Jo Ann Rhea, Sharian June, Renetta Schrae [19].

4.24 Nora Ellen French, b. 8 Jun 1921 in Paducah, Cottle Co., TX [19], d. 6 Jan 2001 in El Cajon, San Diego Co., CA. She was buried 10 Jan 2001 in the Greenwood Mortuary, San Diego, CA [19]. She m. Buford Milton Huffman on 22 Jan 1944 in San Diego, CA and had one daughter Sara LuAnn [19]. Buford worked on highways in NM, CO approximately 1935-1938, heavy equipment operator on the Panama Canal 1941-1942, U.S. Navy WWII 1943-1945, auto body shop owner 1946-1980, and apartment owner 1980-1993 [19].

4.25 Anna (Ann) Lee French, b. 24 Jul 1924 in Ropesville, Hockley Co., TX, m. 16 Nov 1943 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ to William Troy Ferguson, lives in Mesa, AZ in 2008 and have 2 children: Barbara Kay and Nora Carol. William died young in 1952 on Presque Isle, Arostook Co., Maine [19].

Fifth Generation

Children of Ester J. and Anna Belle (Cline) French, 4.18

5.1 Ester J. Jr. French, 1927-2007 [19].

5.2 Gene Weldon French, 1929-living in 2008 [19].

5.3 Jack Rae French (twin), 1930-2005 [19].

5.4 Janice Mae French (twin), 1930-living in 2008 [19].

5.5 Joe Wayne Sr. French, 1933-living in 2008 [19].

Children of Willis Oble and Mamie Iris (Shaw) French, 4.21

5.6 Billie Charles French, b. 1934 [19].

5.7 Don French [19].


U.S. Indian Census Schedules, 1885-1940

The website shows 2,776 individuals with the surname French stating the tribe they belonged to in the states of Montana, North Dakota, Nevada, Oklahoma, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nebraska, Arizona, Minnesota, South Dakota, Oregon, Iowa, Washington, and North Dakota.


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James French b. ca. 1775-85 in VA [20]. No 1800 census in KY. In the 1810 census, he is listed with 3 males under 5 (William), 2 males between 5-10, 1 male between 20-30 which would be him, 2 females under 5, 1 female between 5-10, and 1 female between 20-30 which would be his wife. “A” Jas French is listed in the 1820 census of Mason Co., KY with 2 males under 5, 2 males between 5-10, and 1 male over 30 which would be himself, and 3 females under 5, 1 female between 5-10, and 1 female 20-30 which would be his wife.

John French b. ca. 1775-80 in VA  [20]. Listed in the 1810 census of Mason Co., KY, with 2 males under 5, 2 males between 5-10, and one male over 30 which would be him, 2 females under 5, 1 female between 5-10, and 1 female 20-30 which would be his wife.

Willis French (perhaps) [20]. Listed in the 1820 census records of Mason Co., KY [20]. No 1800 census in KY.

Jonathan French (perhaps) [20]. Listed in the 1810 and 1820 census records of Mason Co., KY [20]. No 1800 census in KY.

Henry French (perhaps) [20]. Lived in Eastern Division, Mason Co., KY in the 1830 census. No 1800 census in KY.

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James French b. ca. 1775-85 in VA, was the father of William L. French per Ref. [20]. No 1800 census in KY. In the 1810 census, James is listed with 3 males under 5 (William), 2 males between 5-10, 1 male between 20-30 which would be him, 2 females under 5, 1 female between 5-10, and 1 female between 20-30 which would be his wife. “A” Jas French is listed in the 1820 census of Mason Co., KY with 2 males under 5, 2 males between 5-10, and 1 male over 30 which would be himself, and 3 females under 5, 1 female between 5-10, and 1 female 20-30 which would be his wife.

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