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In 1883 farmers would arrive by the hundreds and converge on Morgan Square in Spartanburg, SC, to sell crops and goods out of the backs of their horse-drawn wagons. See old Postcards.

Chart #87, Michael French, 1756
Spartanburg Co., SC,
Franklin Co., Perry Co., Hickman Co., TN

This chart updated by Mara French on 5/2/10. Numbers in brackets [  ] refer to the bibliography at the end of this chart. An asterisk (*) shows continuation of that line. Please send me any corrections or additions to this chart to Revised 1997, 2007, 2008, 2010


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History and Research

From Spartanburg Co., SC to Perry Co., TN, many descendants of this family ended up in TX. This chart is based mostly on the research by Mike O’Guinn [2] and Linda O’Rourke [6].

Several ancestors of this family were born on an Indian Reservation in Williams, LeFlore County, Oklahoma.

Michael French of the first generation is not one of Joseph French Jr.’s sons with wife Hannah Horne of FFA Chart #188. The only documented children of Joseph and Hannah are William, Joseph, Lafford, Sarah, Mary, and Simon. In fact, as Jeanette S. French [9] explains below, there is no real evidence, except a Bible record, telling us Michael French’s ancestors and descendants.

“The testimony of John French, son of Lafford, contained in the court record, establishes that William, Joseph and Simon are the brothers of Lafford FRENCH who served with him during the Rev War. Michael French lived in a different area of SC and served under a different man; however, the researchers of Michael French have continued to confuse these Rev War records for the FRENCH men in SC.  In addition, the claim that there was a descendant "Lafford" associated with Michael FRENCH is based on one researcher's claim that the name appeared in a family bible that he had. I have been unable to obtain a copy of this bible record and can find no other record that substantiates this claim.

There are other records that indicate that Michael French was not a brother of Lafford French. The preponderance of evidence supports that there were only 4 brothers in this FRENCH family -- William, Joseph, Lafford and Simon. At this time I have only located the baptismal record for the eldest son, William French, son of Joseph and Hannah French.” – Jeanette S. French [9]

Five Sets of identical twin boys 

Generation 2, William French's 2nd wife's first marriage had identical twins boys.

Generation 5, Amada Lou French m. Bruce Camper and had 10 children, among them identical twin boys, Albert and Elbert Camper.

Generation 5, Rebecca French and Barrett Barber had identical twin boys, Thomas and Tick Barber.

Generation 6, John Wesley and Bettie (Lynch) French had identical twin boys, Robert and Thomas.

Twins of Clyde and Lois French died in infancy.

Married into families Vickory, Baucom, Skelton, and French

Sarah French m. Thomas Vickory

Nancy Vickory m. James W. French, 3.23 and 2.5

James Skelton m. Elizabeth Vickory

Susannah French m. Abraham Baucom

Michael French (fem), m. Thomas Martin Baucom

Rebecca French m. Dennis Baucom

Melinda French m. Isaac Skelton

Robert French m. Mary Jane Skelton

James O. French m. Charity Skelton

Mary Jane French m. George W. Skelton

Sarah L. French m. W. F. Skelton

Ethel Minnie French m. A. R. French

First Generation

1.1 Michael French, Sr., b. ca. 1756, d. ca. 1840 [2]. This information is from the Oliver French Family Bible. They lived in Spartanburg, S.C. Rev. War records state that Michael was in the Spartan Regiment (later Roebuck's Regt.), Col. John Thomas, commanding. Several Frenches appear in this regiment as Privates in the Spartan Regiment website: Daniel French, Joseph French, Lofford French, Michael French, and Simon French.

Many records have been considered in compiling the information on Michael's children and onward; 2 additional daughters born between 1790 and 1800 are yet to be found. They had at least 8 children [2].

Michael rec. 90 acres as a result of Rev. War Claims in S.C.
C.S.; A.A. 2579, x3501, x1185
Roster of SC Patriots in the American Revolution
1790 Spartanburg SC Census Pg 20 132--
1800 Spartanburg SC Census Pg 509 1211-/4-1--
1810 Spartanburg SC Census Pg 313 2-1-1/121-1
1820 Franklin Co TN Pg 38 -1-1-1/-1—1
1836 Michael granted 10 acres in Perry Co TN
1837 Perry Co TN Tax List (Michael & Oliver)
1840 Perry Co TN Pg 177 1-----/-----
Petition to divide Perry Co, 1845 (Michael & William French signed) [2]

Michael received 90 A as a result of "Rev. War Claims in SC" #109.
Michael received 10 A as a general grant in 1836 in Perry Co, TN [4].

Second Generation

Children of Michael French, Sr., 1.1

2.1 Robert French. In 1820, Robert sent a letter to Governor McMinn concerning affidavits of an alleged theft. Apparently the Governor was a bit slow in his answer, as Robert sent another letter that same year asking him to respond [2].

1810 Spartanburg SC Pg 375 (Robt French, next door to Michael & Nathl)
1 male under 10, 1 male 26-44, 1 female 16-25
3 Apr 1819 witnessed a sale of land from James Martin to Thomas Hopkins. (Warren Co TN Book 1814)
1820 Warren Co TN, Pg 238
Letters of the Tennessee Governors: Joseph McMinn (Pt.2)

2.2* William French, b. ca. 1780-1790 Spartanburg Co. SC, m. Catherine who was b. 1798 in SC [2]. William d. btw 1845-1850 in Perry Co., TN [2]. They had 5 children.

2.3* Nathaniel French, b. ca. 1790-1794 in SC, m. Nancy Jane Sutton [2] (Ref [1] says Nancy’s surname was “Jane”, not “Sutton”) [1]. There was a Hannah Jane (head of the household in Spartanburg Co) that indicates that Jane may be Nancy’s surname [1]. He was in the 1810 census of Spartanburg Co., SC. In 1820 he was in Franklin Co., TN. He was in Green Co., IL in 1830 (this may be untrue. See Email Reports below). In 1830 Nathaniel may have lived in Perry, Geauga Co., OH [9]. In 1840 he was in Monroe Co., IL. He went to Denton Co, TX after 1840 where he died before 1850. Nancy d. before 1852 in Denton Co., TX [2].  They had 7 children. Nathaniel and Nancy finally settled in Denton Co TX prior to 1 Jul 1844. Later, Nancy patented 640 acres, Oliver, 160 acres, James, 160 acres. Michael was granted a certificate for 160 acres, but it was never patented. Because of the French family, the area of the present city of Lake Dallas, TX was known as French. It was changed to Garza, then Lake Dallas. Much of the old settlement is now under water [2].

Family Bible of Oliver M. French; now in possession of his great grandson
1810 Spartanburg SC Pg 375 (Nath French)
1 male 16-25; 1 female 16-25, 1 female 26-44
1820 Franklin Co TN Pg 38 1---1-/311--/-1
1830 Greene Co IL   Pg 35 21---1/--321-
1840 Monroe Co IL
1850 Denton Co TX #60 (Nancy 54, Oliver 28, James 22, M.20, a 10 y/o female Bainbridge from IL), #58 Joseph Sutton age 19, liv w/mother Sarah)
1860 Denton Co TX Pg 423 (Oliver & James French familys)
1860 Greene Co IL Pg 789 (John Short family), Pg 772 (Joseph Sutton family)
1870 Denton Co TX Pg 123 (Oliver), Pg 188 (Joseph Sutton family)
1880 Denton Co TX Pg 102A (Oliver M. family, b. 1821 IL,  James B. family & Oliver M. family, b. 1855 TX), Pg 17b. (Nancy J. Sutton family)
1900 Denton Co TX Pg 5 (Wm J family)
1900 Dallas Co TX Pg 280b. (John French, son of Oliver, & family.)
1910 Dallas Co TX Pg 3 (JM French -John, son of Oliver, & family)
1920 McLennan Co TX Pg 172 (Carl French family)
Texas Marriages, 1851-1900
The Lake Cities Quarterly magazine
Denton County Genealogical Society of Denton TX
Illinois Marriage Records, 1763-1900
Illinois Land Records; Doc. Nbrs 12502, 19561
Illinois Death Index 1916-1950
History of Greene & Jersey Counties, Illinois – 1885
Published Springfield, Ill.: Continental Historical Co.

2.4* Michael French, Jr. b. ca. 1795 in Spartanburg Co., SC, m1. Nancy, who was b. ca. 1795 in SC, m2. Martha (Mattie) J., who was b. 1810 in TN. Michael d. ca. 1855 in TN. They had 7 children. Martha, Michael Jr.'s second wife, was first married to Michael's younger brother John, who may have passed on before 1843. In January of 1843, Michael & Martha French were charged with "Open and Notorious Lewdness". In other words, they were living together without benefit of a marriage license. Michael paid a $400 fine, and Martha disappeared for a short while. She was pregnant with their son Thomas at the time.

In November of 1876, their son Thomas was arrested on suspicion of being the head of a plot to burn down the city of Linden, Perry Co TN. He was placed in jail for his own safety, and by his request. Later that night, a mob of 50 men broke into the jail and shot him countless times, leaving him for dead [2].

1830 Hickman Co., TN liv/w brother Oliver 'Franch' family
1840 Perry Co TN p.177 11--1-/111-11
1850 Perry Co TN p.170b
1860 Perry Co TN p.360 RJ (Rose Jane) French & son, Martha J. French and son
1870 Perry Co TN p.435b Melinda Skelton servant/w K. M. Cotten family, p.463a/b Thos French family
1875 4 Mar Melinda Skelton deed of gift
1880 Perry Co TN p.425a Mattie French w/N.C. & granddaughters
Columbia Herald and Mail newspaper
Perry County TN Court records

2.5 Sarah French, b. ca. 1797 in Spartanburg Co., SC, m. Thomas Vickory on 26 Jul 1817 in Christian Co., KY. Sarah and Thomas had 7 children: Mary, Elizabeth, Hetty, Rebecca, Nancy, Rachel, Thomas, and Richard Vickory. With this family’s fifth child, Nancy Vickory, the family tied back into the French family when Nancy m. James W. French, b. ca. 1831 in TN, the son of Oliver and Fanny French [2].

Those children were
1. Sarah (Sally) French, b. Mar 1853 Perry Co TN.
Rachel French b. 4 Apr 1856 Perry Co TN
Elizabeth (Lizzie) French, b. Jun 1858 Perry Co TN, m. Robert Reed b. Jun 1858 TN
Nancy J. French, b. ca. 1860 Perry Co TN
5. John French, b. ca. 1864 Perry Co TN
6. Mary French, b. ca. 1866 Perry Co TN
7. Martha (Mattie) E. French, b. 10 Mar 1868 Perry Co TN
8. Rebecca French, b. Jan 1870 Perry Co TN
Alice French, b. ca. 1872 Perry/Weakley Co TN
10. James French, b. Jul 1875 Perry/Weakley Co TN [2].

2.6 Susannah “Sukey” French, b. ca. 1799 in Spartanburg Co., SC, m. Abraham Baucom on 10 Oct 1817 in Christian Co., KY. He was b. ca. 1793, the son of Nicholas Baucom Jr., and Dolly. Sukey d. before 1850 in Decatur Co., TN [2]. They had 10 children [2].

2.7 John French, b. 1800 in Spartanburg Co., SC, m. Martha “Mattie” J. in 1838 in Perry Co., TN. Martha was b. ca. 1810 in TN. John d. poss before 1843. On 12 Oct 1824 in Perry Co., TN, John bought 20 acres on the Buffalo River [2]. Martha then m. John’s older brother, Michael Jr. [2].

2.8* Oliver French, b. ca. 1803 in Spartanburg Co., SC, m. Fanny who was b. ca. 1810 in TN, d. before 1870. Oliver d. after 1870 in Perry Co., TN. They had 11 children [2].


1830 Hickman Co., TN p.81b Oliver 'Franch' family
1840 Perry Co TN p.177 Oliver French 231001 20001
1850 Perry Co TN p.164B Oliver French family,p.152A William E. French family
1860 Perry Co TN p.340A/B "Olaver" & James French familys, p.341A Henry French family, p.339A Thos Baucum family, p.339a Saletheal Trull family
1860 Maury Co TN Thomas Oakley family
1870 Perry Co TN p.492 A/B James French family, p. 494 D. Baucom (Sr.) family, p.495B TM Baucom family
1870 Overton Co TN p.465A H(enry) French family
1880 Perry Co TN p.406A Rachel & son William, lived with G. W. Cotham family, p.434D John (J. W.) French family, nephew George-son of Rachel, p.398A Thomas Horner family, p.448A F. M. Gladden family
1880 Lavaca Co TX p.405C TM Baucom family, p.404b H. F. (Henry) 'Franch'
1900 Greene Co AR p.9A John W. French family
1900 Perry Co TN p.40B George, son of Rachel liv/w Wm Cotham family, p.64A James Dicus family, p.58 'Hart' (Thomas H) French family
1900 Bastrop Co TX p.19A Arthur French family
1900 Caldwell Co TX p.197 Thos M. & Charles C. Baucom family
1910 Caldwell Co TX p.260 Moses S. Baucom (head) w/bro Charles/mother Michal
1920 Houston Co TX p.169 Charley C. & Moses S. Baucom

Third Generation

Children of William and Catherine French, 2.2

3.1* Robert French, b. ca 1815 Perry Co TN, m. Mary who was b. ca. 1819 in TN. They had 6 children [2].

3.2* William French, b. ca. 1823 in Perry Co., TN, m1. Catherine, m2. Nancy Elizabeth Roberts ca. 1836 in Perry Co., TN. William was with the 2nd TN Mounted Infantry (CSA), along with his brother Larkin. Nancy's first husband was Isaac Little, who died of pneumonia in the Civil War; 4 Mar 1864, 6th TN Cav, buried at the Natl Cemetery, Memphis TN. Isaac and Nancy's 4 children were Frances (b. 28 Nov 1856), William (b. Nov 1857), Joseph (Joel) D. and Wiley M. (twins, b. 1 Jul 1859). [2].

3.3 Milly French, b. ca. 1825 in Perry Co., TN. She appears in the census of 1850/1860/1870 Perry Co TN [2].

3.4* Larkin French, b. Sep 1831 in Perry Co., TN, m. Sarah (Sallie) Hardin on 17 Feb 1875 in Perry Co., TN. She was b. Feb 1849 in TN and d. 1916-1917 and is buried at the Simmons Cemetery in Perry Co., TN [2]. They had 2 children.

Larkin was a private with the 51st Tennessee Volunteers. Enlisting in Oct 1861, he was at several skirmishes and was wounded at the Battle of Shiloh. Later on, he was with the Forest Cavalry until his horse was shot out from underneath him.

1870 Perry Co TN, Pg 427B. (Larkin w/sister Milly)
1880 Perry Co TN, Pg 402B
1900 Perry Co TN, Pg 21 (Larkin w/wife Sallie, dau Katie, grandson Lee Roy)
1910 Perry Co TN, Pg 27A/B
26 Aug 1912, Application for pension
10 Sep 1917, Deed; Heirs of Larkin to gson Leroy & wife Esther
Perry Co TN Deed Book, F-6, Pg 280
1920 Perry Co TN, Pg 213A (William T. French family, dau Ira & family)

Sarah Hardin had three previous children. These children were  full-blooded Cherokee Indian. Sallie was born on Feb of 1841 [3]. According the census records and marriage records of Perry Co. TN, Sallie's parents were born in Tennessee [3].

1. Nola A. Wiseman (or Harden), b. 1868 Perry Co., TN [2] [3].

2. Robert Commodore Starbuck, b. 1872 Perry Co TN, m. Ella Skaggs [2] [3].

3. Mary Ellen Starbuck b. 17 Jan 1875 Perry Co TN, m. William Thomas Gray and had two children: William Roy Gray and Robert Gray [2] [3].

3.5* Michael French, b. ca. 1832 in Perry Co., TN, m. Rebecca Kelly who was b. 1835 in TN, the daughter of Guardinaer and Charlotte Kelly. Michael d. before 1880 in Perry Co., TN.  They had 7 children [2].

1850 Perry Co TN Pg 190 age 18, w/mother Catherine
1860 Perry Co TN Pg 340A/B. Michael French family
1870 Perry Co TN Pg 492 A/B. 'Mick' French family, John French family
1880 Perry Co TN Pg 449D Rebecca French family-wd wife of Michael
1900 Bastrop Co, TX Pg 19A Arthur French family
1900 Perry Co TN Pg 49 Albert French family
1900 Hickman Co TN, Pg 146B. Henry Barber family
1910 Madison Co TN Pg 72a Barrett BARBER family
1910 Perry Co TN Pg 58 Thomas (John Thomas) French family, Hart (Thomas H.) French family
Pg 26 Henry-James Henry- French family, son of John T.
Pg 31 George French, son of John T.
Pg 36 George French, son of Rachel
Pg 78 A. R. French & Ethel, dau of John T.
1910 Hickman Co TN Pg 203 Tom C. French family
1910 Madison Co TN Pg 52a/b. Martha J. French family; wd wife of Albert
1920 Perry Co TN, Pg 225B-227B. William E. French/sons John W. & George family
Obit of George Marshall Barber 1976 son of Jemima
Obit of John F. Lomax, 2 May 1951 Trenton TN, brother of Ethel & Tilda Lomax French

Children of Nathaniel and Nancy Jane French, 2.3

3.6 Hannah French, b. 1811 [2].

3.7 Lafford or Lefford French, b. 1812 [2]. This Lafford is a mystery to most genealogists. See Email below under Reports.

3.8 Roday French, b. 1814 in Green Co., IL, m. David C. Burnett on 5 Oct 1837 in Greene Co., IL [2].

3.9 Rosanna French, b. 1818, m. Stephen Riggs [1] on 22 Mar 1845 in Fannin Co., TX, d. 11 Nov 1880 in Denton Co., TX, m. Sarah E. Hall on 28 Jul 1853 in TX. She was b. 3 Feb 1831 in IL and d. 6 Jan 18xx in Denton Co., TX. Both are buried at the Old Hall Cemetery in Denton Co., TX. They had 7 children [2].

3.10* Oliver Matheney French, b. 7 Dec 1820 in Franklin Co., TN, d. 11 Nov 1880 in Denton Co., TX, m. Sarah E. Hall on. 28 Jul 1853 in TX. She was b. 3 Feb 1831, d. 6 Jan 18xx and both are buried at the Old Hall Cemetery in Denton Co., TX. They had 7 children [2]. Both Oliver M. and Sarah E. are buried at the McCurley Cemetery in Lewisville, Denton Co., TX.

3.11* Michael A. French, b. 1825 in TN, m. Lucinda Fisher on 14 Apr 1848 in Grayson Co., TX. She was b. 1829 in AR. They had 10 children [2].

3.12* James P. French, b. 1828 in TN, d. 10 May 1871 in Denton Co., TX, m. Susan who was b. 1835 in AL and they had 4 children [2].

3.13 Mary (Polly) French, b. ca 1824-1830 in IL d. 9 Jan 1858 Greene Co IL, m. John Short 17 Oct 1839 Greene Co IL (on his birthday), b. 17 Oct 1815 Scott Co KY, d. 23 Feb 1887 Green Co IL, both buried at the Mt Gilead Cemetery Woodville Greene Co IL, son of Purnel Short & Jane Butler. They had 8 children: James Arthur Short, Nancy J. Short, Mary Ann Short, Cassie Elizabeth Short, John Madison Short, Martha A. Short, William B. Short, Margaret A. Short [2].

3.14 Nancy Jane French, b. 31 Mar 1831 in Green Co., IL [2] or in McCoupin Co., TN [1], d. 18 Dec 1891 in Denton Co., TX, buried at the Swisher Cemetery in Denton Co., TX, m. Joseph Perkins Sutton on 21 Feb 1849/50 in Denton Co., TX. He was b. 11 May 1831 in Green Co., IL, the son of Edmond Sutton and Sarah McDaniels, and d. 30 May 1876 in Denton Co., TX. They had 11 children: John W., Sarah, Ambrose, Eveline, Louisa Ellen, Andrew, Jane, Mary L., John, Emma E., Laura B. Sutton. This line continues with John D. Sutton (3); Homer A. Sutton (4); Carolyn Sutton (5) who m. Clark [1].

Children of Michael Jr. and Nancy French, 2.4

3.15 William French, b. ca. 1820 TN [2].

3.16 Matilda French, b. ca. 1822 TN [2].

3.17 Melinda French, b. ca. 1822 TN, m. Isaac T. Skelton Jr. b. 1802 Elbert Co GA, son of Isaac Sr & Annis DePriest [2].

3.18 Lucinda French, b. 1825 TN [2].

3.19 Rose Jane French, b. 1829 TN [2].

3.20 Ezekiel French, b. 1830 TN [2].

After 1850, Michael's line of Frenchs seem to disappear from Perry Co TN. Not known if the family perished or moved elsewhere.
1840 Perry Co TN Pg 177   11--1-/111-11
1850 Perry Co TN Pg 170B
1870 Perry Co TN, Pg 435B.
(Melinda Skelton servant/w K. M. Cotten family)

Children of Oliver and Fanny French, 2.8

3.21* William E. French, b. 1827 TN, m. Elizabeth unk [2].

3.22* Henry W. French, b. 1829 TN, m. Martha Ann Sloan, b. 1836 TN. They had 3 children [2]. The 1850 census of Perry, TN list Henry W. French as age 21, b. ca. 1829 in SC, living with a Frank family, not French. However, it lists his father as Oliver Frank, 46, mother as Fanny Frank, 40, and siblings Henry 21, James 19, Michel 16, Oliver 14, Philip E. 13, Elizabeth 11, Nemiah 9, Arthur 7, Rachel 4, and John W. 2.

3.23* James W. French, b. 1831 TN, m. Nancy Vickory, b. 1835 TN d. before 1900, dau of Sarah French (also of this line) & Thomas Vickory [2].

3.24 Michael French (fem), b. Jan 1833 TN d. before 1920 TX, m. Thomas Martin Baucom, b. Nov 1834 TN d. before 1910 TX. They had 4 children: Nancy E., Sarah J., Charles C., and Moses S. Baucom [2].

3.25 Oliver French, b. 1836 TN (idiotic) [2].

3.26 Phoeby French, b. 1837 TN [2].

3.27 Elizabeth French, b. 1839 TN [2].

3.28 Nemiah French, b. 1841 TN [2].

3.29 Arthur French, b. 1843 TN, m. Martha (Patsy) E. Skipper 29 Jan 1870 Perry Co TN, b. 1842 TN [2].

3.30 Rachel French, b. 1846 Perry Co TN, m. unk. She had son George William French, b. Feb 1872 TN who m. Elizabeth Nancy Fitzgerald 19 Oct 1890 Perry Co TN. She was b. Dec 1865 TN. They had 2 children:
(1) Jesse B. French, b. Feb 1898 Perry Co TN, m. Alice V. Warren 14 Jan 1919 Perry Co TN. She was b. 1900 TN and they had son Jessie James French, b. Oct 1919.
(2) Sarah Evelyn French, b. 29 Aug 1900 Perry Co TN, m. F. Carroll Westbrooks [2].

3.31 John W. French, b. Mar 1849 Perry Co TN, m. Nancy E. Oakley 1869 Perry Co TN. She was b. Jan 1850 TN, the dau of Thomas Oakley and Elizabeth. They had 6 children [2].

1840 Perry Co TN Pg 177 Oliver French 231001 20001
1850 Perry Co TN Pg 164B. Oliver French family, Pg 152A William E. French family
1860 Perry Co TN Pg 340A/B. "Olaver" & James French familys, Pg 341A Henry French family, Pg 339A Thos Baucum family
1860 Maury Co TN Thomas Oakley family
1870 Perry Co TN Pg 492 A/B. James French family, Pg 494 D. Baucom (Sr.) family, Pg 495B. TM Baucom family
1870 Overton Co TN Pg 465A H(enry) French family
1880 Perry Co TN Pg 406A Rachel & son William, liv/w G.W. Cotham family, Pg 434D, John (J.W.) French family, nephew George-son of Rachel, Pg 398A Thomas Horner family, Pg 448A F. M. Gladden family
1880 Dunklin Co MO Pg 614C Henry French family-listed as H. F. French
1880 Lavaca Co TX Pg 405C TM Baucom family
1900 Greene Co AR Pg 9A John W. French family
1900 Perry Co TN Pg 40B. George, son of Rachel liv/w Wm Cotham family, Pg 64A James Dicus family
1900 Caldwell Co TX Pg 197 Thos M. & Charles C. Baucom familys
1910 Caldwell Co TX Pg 260 Moses S. Baucom (head) w/bro Charles & mother Michal
1920 Houston Co TX Pg 169 Charley C. & Moses S. Baucom

Fourth Generation

Children of Robert and Mary French, 3.1

4.1 Henry H. French, b. 1837 TN [2].

4.2 Sarah J. French, b. 1940 TN [2].

4.3 Mary A. French, b. 1842 TN [2].

4.4 William French, b. 1844 TN [2].

4.5 John French, b. 1845 TN [2].

4.6 Robert French, b. 1848 TN [2].

Notes: 1850 Perry Co TN, Pg 163b

Children of William Jr. and Catherine French, 3.2

4.7* Robert French, b. Oct 1845 in Perry Co., TN, m. Mary (Polly) Jane Skelton ca. 1869 in TN, the daughter of James Skelton and Elizabeth Vickory. Robert d. aft 1910 in TN. They had 11 children, of which only 8 survived infancy [2].

4.8 Fanny Milly French, b. Dec 1848 in Perry Co., TN, m. J. Thomas Ethridge who was b. 1847 in TN and d. before 1900 in TN. No children [2].


1870 Lewis Co TN p.124A Milly, servant for HF Skelton family
1880 Perry Co TN p.309B J. T. Ethridge family
1900 Hickman Co., TN p.145 Milly Ethridge, widowed, no children, servant w/William Cotham household
1910 Hickman Co., TN p.209 Millie Ethridge liv. w/brother Robert & family

4.9 James (Jim) O. French, b. ca. 1852 in Perry Co., TN, m. Charity (or Carrie) Skelton on 26 Oct 1872 in Perry Co., TN. She was b. 1847 in TN, the dau. of James Skelton and Elizabeth Vickory, and d. before 1880. They had no children. James is listed with his parents in 1860, and father and step-mother in 1870. In 1880, James French lived w/the J. W. Roark family next door to the Skeltons. 1880 Franklin Co AR p.754D [2].

4.10 Nancy K. French, b. ca. 1854 in Perry Co., TN, m. a man named McStricklin on 9 Dec 1874 in Perry Co., TN. Nancy is listed with her parents in 1860, and father and step-mother in 1870 [2].

4.11 Mary Jane French, b. ca. 1857 in Perry Co., TN, m. George W. Skelton who was b. in TN, the son of James Skelton and Elizabeth Vickory. Mary d. before 1881. They had 1 daughter, Serina Elizabeth Skelton [2].

George's (2nd)Marriage record Lewis Co TN
First 50 years of Lewis Co TN Book 1, p.111
George's (3rd)Marriage record Pope Co AR Bk. E p.145
Serina's 1st marriage; Pope Co AR Bk. F p.479
Serina's 2nd marriage; Pope Co AR Bk. K p.144
AR death index Pope Co AR
1880 Randolph Co AR p.124c C. B. "Dilda" family
1900 Newton Co AR p.2 Isaac' Dildy' family
1910 Pope Co AR p.6b Isaac Dilday family
1920 Pope Co AR John D. Dilday family

4.12 Rachel F. (or H.) French, b. ca. 1862 in Perry Co., TN [2].

Children of William Jr. and Nancy E. French, 3.2

4.13 Thomas C. French, b. ca. 1869 in Perry Co., TN [2].

4.14 Andrew French, b. ca. 1872 in Perry Co., TN [2].

4.15 George W. French, b. 1876 in Perry Co., TN, m. Lina in 1898 in TN. She was b. 1879 in TN. They had one child: Enoch French, b. 1899 in TN [2]. He is listed in the 1900 Census of Benton Co., TN, p. 195 [2].

Children of Larkin and Sarah (Hardin) French, 3.4

Larkin’s wife Sarah was previously married to an American Indian and had 3 children between 1868-1875. It is not known if these children lived with Larkin French [2].

4.16 Catherine (Kate) French, b. Dec 1876 Perry Co TN, d. unknown, Simmons Cemetery, Perry Co TN, m1. unknown Rhoades and had son Leroy Rhoades, b. 1895 TN who m. Esther unk. Catherine m2. Thomas Ingram 30 Nov 1899 Perry Co TN. Catherine m3 unknown Flora [2].

4.17* William Thomas French, b. 10 Jan 1882 Perry Co TN, m. J. Ada Shephard 7 May 1898 Perry Co TN. She was b. 1883 TN. They had 3 children [2].

Children of Michael and Rebecca (Kelly) French, 3.5

4.18 Sarah Elizabeth French, b. 1858, m. Felix M. Gladden, 1 Feb 1875 Perry Co. TN. He was b. ca. 1855 Perry Co TN. They had 3 children: Lewis R., Martha P., and David W. Gladden [2].

4.19* John Thomas French, b. Dec 1860 Perry Co TN d. 1929, m. Lucy Tennessee Tanner ca. 1877 Perry Co. TN. She was b. Oct 1862 TN, d. 1946. Both are buried at the Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Gibson Co TN. They had 6 children [2].

4.20* Albert French, b. Oct 1862 Perry Co. TN, d. before 1910 Bemis, Madison Co TN, m. Martha M. Harris 27 Jul 1880 Perry Co TN. She was b. Mar 1866 TN. They had 8 children [2].

4.21 Samuel French, b. ca. 1865 Perry Co. TN, d. prob. before 1880 TN [2].

4.22 Jemima French, b. Apr 1867 Perry Co. TN, m. Henry C. Barber 2 May 1882 Perry Co., TN. He was b. Oct 1859 TN. They had 7 children: first child, David, Cora H., Beckie, Robert, George M., and Luther Barber [2].

4.23 Vinia French, b. ca. 1869 Perry Co., TN, d. prob. before 1880 TN.

4.24* William E. French, b. Jan 1872 TN, d. 1947, m1. Mollie E. Coble, 9 Apr 1892 Perry Co., TN. She was b. Mar 1874 TN, dau of John Coble & Mary unk. They had 12 children [2].

Children of Oliver and Sarah (Hall) French, 3.10

4.25* James B. French, b. 1855 TX, m. Sarah J. unk, b. 1855 TX [2].

4.26 Josephine R. French, b. 1857 TX [2].

4.27 Austin Alexander French, b. 19 Dec 1859 TX, d. 22 Jun 1891 and is buried at the Old Hall Cemetery, Denton Co., TN [2], now known as the McCurley Cemetery in Lewisville, Denton Co., TX. He may have had a son, John O. French, 12 Mar 1877 – 27 Dec 1881 (4 years old), because they are buried next to each other in the same cemetery.

4.28* William J. French, b. Nov 1864 TX, m. Hanny E. Prince, 2 Feb 1890, Denton Co., TX. She was b. Nov 1869 IL [2].

4.29* John M. French, b. Dec 1866 TX, d. 1925, m. Maggie unk, in 1888 TX. She was b. Jun 1871 d. 1932. Both are buried at the Old Hall Cemetery, Denton Co., TX [2].

4.30 Mary Elizabeth French, b. Nov 1868 TX, d. Apr 1943 OK, m. Thomas Burleson Carter, 31 Mar 1889, Denton Co., TX [2].

4.31 Sarah E. French, b. 1872 TX [2].

Children of Michael and Lucinda (Fisher) French, 3.11

4.32 James P. French, b 1849 TX, m. Martha unk and had 1 son, Fredrick French, b. 1870 in Sebastian Co., AR [2].

4.33* Patrick J. French, b 1851 TX, m1. Margaret W. unknown, b ca 1860. They had 2 children.

4.34 William French, b 1855 TX, m Nancy Rupe 16 Dec 1873 Ft Smith Sebastian Co AR. She was b. ca. 1854 [2].

4.35 Joseph French, b. 1857 TX [2].

4.36 Thomas French, b 1858 TX, m Rosa McBride 14 Nov 1890 Sebastian Co AR. She was b. ca. 1860 [2].

4.37* John E. French, b. Aug 1860 TX, d. 20 Sep 1943 OK at the French Cemetery, Williams, Leflore Co OK, m1. Mary B. Laxton, b. 27 Oct 1865 Indian Territory, d. 29 May 1903. John m2. Emma Miller on 4 Oct 1893 [2].

4.38 Jasper French, b. 1864 TX [2].

4.39* Alfred French, b. MAY 1869 TX, m. Sarah Holt, 15 Oct 1890 Ft Smith Sebastian Co AR. Sarah was b. 1874 [2]. They had 4 children.

4.40* Alexander French, b. 1870 TX, d. 25 Mar 1896 Ohio Prison, Columbus OH, m. Julia Bagwell ca. 1886 and had 2 children [2]. See report on his Prison Record. Alexander lived on the Bokoshe Scullyville I.T. Choctaw Nation [11], [12].

4.41* Stephen French, b. May 1877 Indian Territory, d. 15 Aug 1914 OK French Cemetery Leflore Co OK, m. Margaret J. Emmerson 16 DEC 1893 Sebastian Co AR. Margaret was b 28 Apr 1875 AR. They had 6 children [2].

The French cemetery is in Williams, LeFlore County, OK. Total records = 73.

Located on soap hill below Backbonemountain, on Hwy 112 go 3 miles north of Cameron Ok. and Rock Island OK. From Old Highway 112 turn on the Poker Bend Road, go west approximately 2 miles about 1/4 mile from Green Road.

French Cemetery is located on Poker Bend Road about one mile Northwest of the Williams Baptist Church on Green Road. The cemetery lies at the bottom of Soap Hill.

This record comes from the board of trustees for the French Cemetery. Last updated and edited by William A (Jude) Green, Trustee, Jun 2003.

Frenches buried here are:
French Ben, b. 1905, d. 1905 Infant, son of John and Emmer French, identified unmarked grave

French Emmer, b. Jan 12 1882, d. Oct 26 1952, wife of John French

French Infants, twins of Clyde and Lois French, identified unmarked grave

French James, no dates, identified unmarked grave

French John, d. Sep 30 1943, husband of Emmer French

French Mary B., b. Oct 27 1865, d. May 29 1903, wife of J. E. French

French May Ann, no dates, Infant, d/o John and Emmer French, identified unmarked grave

French Murrel, b. Mar 29 1925, d. Oct 21 1939, son of J & E French, killed in a Black Powder Explosion

French Virgle, b. Dec 29 1927, d. Dec 29 1927, son of M.M. & E.B. French

Children of James and Susan French, 3.12

4.42 Sarah French, b. 1853 TX [2].

4.43 Oliver M. French, b. 1855 TX, m. Rebecca unk b. 1857 TX [2].

4.44 Margaret French, b. 1857 TX [2].

4.45 William French, b. 1859 TX [2].

Children of William and Elizabeth French, 3.21

4.46 Rebecca J. French, b. Sep 1848 Perry Co TN, m. Dennis J. Baucom, 15 Feb 1872 Perry Co., TN. He was b. Feb 1850 Perry Co TN, the son of Dennis & Martha Baucom. They had 8 children: Willis, Richard, Minnie, Jessie, Thomas, Maud, Birdie, and Mamie Baucom [2].

Children of Henry and Martha Ann (Sloan) French, 3.22

4.47 James O. French, b. 1854 Perry Co., TN, m. Mary Day 31 Oct 1886 Dunklin Co., MO [2]. The 1880 census of Independence, Dunklin Co., MO, lists James O. French as age 27, b. ca. 1853 in TN, the son of H. F. French of TN and Martha A. of TN. James O. works on a farm and is single.

4.48 William J. French, b. 1855 Perry Co TN, m. Martha Ann Moore, 21 Oct 1873 Dunklin Co., MO [2].

4.49 Nancy A. P. French, b. 1859 Perry Co., TN [2].

Children of James W. and Nancy (Vickory) French, 3.23

4.50 Sarah (Sally) French, b. Mar 1853 Perry Co TN [2].

4.51 Rachel French, b. 4 Apr 1856 Perry Co TN [2].

4.52 Elizabeth (Lizzie) French, b. Jun 1858 Perry Co TN, m. Robert Reed b. Jun 1858 TN [2].

4.53 Nancy J. French, b. ca. 1860 Perry Co TN [2].

4.54 John French, b. ca. 1864 Perry Co TN [2].

4.55 Mary French, b. ca. 1866 Perry Co TN [2].

4.56 Martha (Mattie) E. French, b. 10 Mar 1868 Perry Co TN [2].

4.57 Rebecca French, b. Jan 1870 Perry Co TN [2].

4.58 Alice French, b. ca. 1872 Perry/Weakley Co TN [2].

4.59 James French, b. Jul 1875 Perry/Weakley Co TN [2].

Children of John W. and Nancy (Oakley) French, 3.31

4.60 Eller French, b. 1870 Perry Co TN [2].

4.61 Meagan French, b. 1874 Perry Co TN [2].

4.62 Diller French, b. 1877 Perry Co TN [2].

4.63 Minnie French, b. 1879 Perry Co TN, m. Joseph F. Dicus, 27 Apr 1901 Perry Co TN. He was b. Oct 1878 TN [2].

4.64* Thomas H. French, b. Jun 1881 TN, m. Lou Richardson, 1900 TN. They had 3 children  [2].

4.65 Loney E. French, b. Nov 1889 TN [2].

Fifth Generation

Children of Robert and Mary Jane (Skelton) French, 4.7

5.1* James (John) Thomas French, b. Jun 1870 Perry Co TN, m. Frannie Alice Howell 20 Nov 1888 Perry Co TN. She was b. Dec 1870, the dau of John Henry Howell Sr b. 1846 TN/Martha Arnold, b. 1849 TN. They had 7 children.

Hickman Co Marriage Records, Vol.1
1880 Hickman Co., TN p.303d JH Howell family
1891 Hickman Co., TN Voters registration (Dist.10, pg 106)
1900 Perry Co TN Beardstown (J. T. French family)
1910 Hickman Co., TN Pg 209 (John T. French family)
1920 Hickman Co., TN Pg 102 (John T. (Tommy) French family),  (Robert French (Sr.) family), Edward French info: SSI index
Lila Pearl French info: Obit, "Stewart-Houston Times" newspaper

5.2 William Whitfield French, b. 15 Nov 1871 Perry Co TN, m.  Nettie Lynch, 1895 Perry Co TN. She was b. 6 Nov 1880 TN d. 23 Nov 1958 Beech Grove Cemetery Hickman Co., TN. She was the dau of Thomas Lynch & Mathilda Shephard. William d. 3 Aug 1934 Beech Grove Cemetery Hickman Co., TN. They had a daughter, Bessie E. (Nora) French, b. 29 Jul 1896, d. 8 Jul 1959.

1900 Hickman Co., TN Pg 147b (Will French family)
1910 Hickman Co., TN Pg 210 (Whit French family)
1920 Hickman Co., TN Pg 102 (Whit French family)

5.3 Amanda Lou French, b. 21 Sep 1874 Perry Co TN, m. Bruce Camper, Sr. 1892 Decatur Co TN. He was b. 8 May 1862 TN  d. 1945 Dyer Co TN, the son of James William Camper & Sarah Nancy Level. Amanda d. 1962. They had 10 children: James W., Emma, Mary Nellie, Luther, Francis, Jesse, Bruce, Ernest, and twins Albert and Elbert Camper. Ref [13] reports that Amanda French and Bruce Camper had another child, Floyd Camper.

1900 Decatur TN 3rd Dist, Pg 25 (Bruce 'Kemper' family)
1910 Decatur TN 3rd Dist, Pg 167 (Bruce 'Kemper' family)
1920 Dyer Co, Finley TN 30th Dist, Pg 218b & 219a
James Camper info: SSI index
Jesse Camper info: SSI index
Bruce Camper info: SSI index
Ernest Camper info: SSI index
Albert Camper info: SSI index
Elbert Camper info: SSI index

5.4 Mary (Molly) Frances French, b. 8 May 1876 Hickman Co TN, m. Samuel Monroe Lewis 30 Nov 1892 Hickman Co TN, d. 17 Mar 1941 Trumann Poinsett Co AR. They had 10 children.

5.5* John Wesley French, b. 25 Oct 1877 Hickman Co TN, m. Bettie Emma Adeline Lynch 13 Apr 1898 Hickman Co TN. She was b. May 1879 TN, the dau of Thomas Lynch & Josephine Shepherd. John d. 10 Aug 1934 Chessor Cemetery, Hickman Co., TN. They had 8 children.

5.6* Robert David French, b. Apr 1883 Hickman Co TN, m. Birdie Lynch ca. 1901 TN. She was b. ca. 1887 TN [2].

1910 Hickman Co., TN, Pg 209 (David French family)
1920 Hickman Co., TN, Pg 101 (Robert French family)
Ralph French info: SSI index

5.7 Annie May Ruth French, b. 25 Jun 1887 Hickman Co TN, m. Hardy Harvel Reese, d. 10 Sep 1979 Beech Grove Cemetery, Hickman Co., TN. They had 4 children: Era Clyde, Dicy Bee, Ina Pearl, and Johnny Harvil Reese.

5.8 Bessie B. French, b. Feb 1890 Hickman Co TN, m. William Claude Anderson 6 Feb 1920, d. 6 Feb 1964. They had 4 children: Eva Minnie, Melba Lorene, William Cuebert, and Dora Jewel Anderson.

Notes: 1900/1910/1920 TN.

Children of William T. and J. Ada (Shepherd) French, 4.17

5.9 Eva Ira J. French, b. 1902 Perry Co TN, m. Willie K. Hines 1 Sep 1918 Perry Co TN. He was b. 1900 TN. They had 1 child: James F. Hines.

5.10 Edna Caline French.

5.11 Donnie Pearl French.

Children of John T. and Lucy (Tanner) French, 4.19

5.12 Sarah Leanna French, b. Aug 1878 TN, m. W. F. Skelton 31 Oct 1895 Perry Co TN. They had one son, Edward Skelton.

5.13* George W. French, b. Dec 1881 TN, m. Ethel Lomax 6 May 1899 Perry Co TN. She was b. Jul 1880, the dau of Russell Lomax & Mary Jane Richardson. They had 4 children.

5.14 Thomas Commodore French, b. Feb 1884 TN, m1 Lillie M. unk 1908 Hickman Co., TN, and had dau. Myrtle J. French, b. Mar 1909 Hickman Co., TN. Thomas m2 Ora Goodman 1922 Gibson Co TN d. 1945.

5.15 Ethel Minnie French, b. Jun 1886 TN, m. A. R. French 5 Aug 1909 Perry Co TN [2].

5.16 James Henry French, b. Jun 1890 TN, m. Tilda Lomax 1898 Perry Co TN, dau of Russell Lomax & Mary Jane Richardson. They had a dau., Ethel French, b. 1903 Perry Co TN [2].

5.17 Edward French, b. Mar 1896 TN [2].

Children of Albert and Martha (Harris) French, 4.20

5.18 William French, b. Nov 1881 TN [2].

5.19 Rebecca Melissa French, b. May 1884 TN, m. Barrett Barber 1903 Perry Co TN b. 1883 TN. They had 3 children, Joseph Lee, and twins Thomas and Tick Barber [2].

5.20 John W. M. French, b. Jun 1886 TN [2].

5.21 Henry Michael French, b. Feb 1889 TN [2].

5.22 Emma E. French, b. Sep 1891 TN [2].

5.23 Sarah Charlotte French, b. Jan 1894 TN [2].

5.24 Ida E. French, b. Jan 1897 TN [2].

5.25 Guy French, b. 1906 TN [2].

Children of William E. and Mollie (Coble) French, 4.24

5.26 Selina W. French, b. Oct 1892 TN, m. J. E. FULLER 11 Apr 1908 Perry Co TN [2].

5.27* John W. French, b. Jan 1894 TN, m. Maude HEATH 25 Apr 1915 Perry Co TN. They had 3 children [2].

5.28 Mittie J. French, b. Dec 1895 TN, m. Howard BLACKBURN 5 Mar 1916 Perry Co TN [2].

5.29 Katie Coble French, b. 12 Dec 1898 TN, d. 12 Aug 1931 [2].

5.30 Fannie French, b. 31 Aug 1902, d. 11 Sep 1903 [2].

5.31 George H. French, b. 1903 TN, m. Hester unk ca. 1926 Perry Co TN [2].

5.33 Jack French, b. 1905 TN, m. Birdie unk ca. 1928 Perry Co TN, m2. Cora Carter 24 Dec 1905 Perry Co TN. She was b. 1881 TN [2].

5.33 Ollie May French, b. Sep 1909 TN [2].

5.34 William Arthur French, b. 1913 TN [2].

5.35 Lora Mabel French, b. 1914 TN [2].

5.36 Darsie (male) E. French, b. 1916 TN

5.37 Walter Allen French, b. 1918 TN [2].

Children of James B. and Sarah J. French, 4.25

5.38 Dilla W. French, b. 1875 TX [2].

5.39 John O. French, b. 12 Mar 1877 TX, d. 27 Dec 1881 Old Hall Cemetery Denton Co TX [2].

5.40 Mary C. French, b. 1879 TX [2].

Children of William J. and Hanny (Prince) French, 4.28

5.41 William H. French, b. Sep 1892 TX [2].

5.42 John O. French, b. Oct 1897 TX [2].

Children of John M. and Maggie French, 4.29

5.43 Robert French, b. Sep 1889 TX [2].

4.44 Earley French, b. Aug 1891 TX [2].

5.45 unk French, btw 1892-1894 TX d. before 1900 [2].

5.46 Edna French, b. Mar 1895 TX [2].

5.47 Carl French, b. May 1897 TX, m. Alta unk ca 1918 TX [2]. They had 1 child.

Children of Patrick and Margaret W. French, 4.33

5.48 Edward French, b. 1873 Choctaw Nation, m2. Elizabeth Tucker on 17 Oct 1891 Leflore Co Choctaw Nation. She was b. 1858 [2].

5.49 Lucinda French, b. 1875 Choctaw Nation [2].

Children of John and Mary (Laxton) French, 4.37

5.50 John French, b. Aug 1892 Choctaw Nation [2].

Children of John and Emma (Miller) French, 4.37                                    

5.51 Ben French, b. 1905 Indian Territory [2].

5.52 Beulah Ellen French, b. 24 APR 1907 [2].

5.53 Alfred E. French, b. 18 Jan 1910 [2].

5.54 Elza French, b. 1915 [2].

5.55 Clyde French, b. 1918 [2].

5.56 Dortha L. French, b. 1922 [2].

5.57 Murrell Virgil French, b. 29 MAR 1925 [2].

5.58 Mary Ann French [2].

5.59 Edna M. French, b. 1928 [2]. Their children were b. in Leflore Co., OK [2].

Children of Alfred and Sarah (Holt) French, 4.39

5.60 Myrtle French, b. 11 AUG 1900 AR [2].

5.61 Johnnie French, b. 1907 OK [2].

5.62 Flora French, b. 1913 OK [2].

5.63 Earl French, b. 1915 OK [2].

Children of Alexander and Julia (Bagwell) French, 4.40

5.64 Thomas Warren French [2], b. Aug 1888 Choctaw Nation, lived on the Bokoshe Scullyville I.T. Choctaw Nation, OK [2]. Thomas died in Roseville, CA 1968 crossing a street and was hit by a car.

5.65 Jackson French [2], b. Jan 1892, lived on the Bokoshe Scullyville I.T. Choctaw Nation, OK [2].

Children of Stephen and Margaret (Emmerson) French, 4.41

5.66 Manuel M. French, b. 9 Jan 1895 Indian Territory [2].

5.67 Rhoda Belle French, b. 9 Aug 1903 Indian Territory [2].

5.68 Martha Ora French, b. 6 Feb 1908 Indian Territory [2].

5.69 Barney Clyde French, b. 15 Jun 1910 OK [2].

5.70 Ruth French, b. 7 Sep 1912 OK [2].

5.71 Helen French, b. 28 Jul 1914 OK [2].

Children of Thomas H. and Lou (Richardson) French, 4.64

5.72 Clyde French, b. 1903 TN [2].

5.73 Lillian French, b. 1906 TN [2].

5.74 Tommie French, b. 1908 TN [2].

Sixth Generation

Children of James and Frannie (Howell) French, 5.1

6.1* Thomas Lee French, b. 7 Oct 1889 TN d. 8 Jan 1954, buried at the Beech Grove Cemetery Hickman Co., TN, m. Nettie A. Arnold, 6 Mar 1910 b. 1895. They had 3 children.

6.2 Robert Henry French, b. 16 Mar 1891 TN d. 24 Jan 1972, m. Leora Shepherd 8 Jan 1914.

6.3 Minnie French, b. Oct 1893 TN [2].

6.4 Ila Italla French, b. Feb 1899 TN, m. Charlie Goodman [2].

6.5 Nellie French, b. 1903 TN, m. John Andrew Campbell. They had one daughter, Mary Lou Campbell, b. 1917.

6.6 Louise French, b. 1911 TN, m. Fred Arnold [2].

6.7 Annie R. French [2].

Children of John Wesley and Bettie (Lynch) French, 5.5

6.8 Eunie Inie Mavis French, b. Nov 1899 TN d. 15 Apr 1930, buried at the Bastin Cemetery, Lewis Co., TN, m. Robert Jones Talley, 8 Oct 1916.

6.9 Gladys Bell French, b. 1902 TN d. 14 Aug 1983 Warren MI, buried at the Chessor Cemetery Hickman Co., TN, m. Willie F.Marshall Warren, 21 Feb 1918

6.10 Robert Luther French (twin) b. 1906 TN d. 13 Nov 1969, buried at the Chessor Cemetery Hickman Co., TN, m1 Lena Stephens Westbrooks, m2. Lessie Bell Stephens on 30 Oct 1927.

6.11 Thomas Arthur French (twin), b. 1906 TN d. 2 Jun 1961, buried at the Beech Grove Cemetery Hickman Co., TN, m. Allie Dee Williams, b. Apr 1900 d. 21 Oct 2005 Hickman Co., TN [2].

6.12 Isaac David French, b. 20 Dec 1907 TN, d. 28 Feb 1998 Hickman Co., TN, m. Esther Rose Chessor 24 May 1930 buried at the Chessor Cemetery

6.13 Freddy Rudolph French, b. 10 Feb 1911 TN, d. 30 Apr 1990 Humphreys Co TN, m. Lillian Williams 21 Oct 1933 Hickman Co., TN. She was b. 17 Nov 1916 Perry Co TN. Freddy d. 13 Oct 1974 Humphreys Co TN [2].

6.14 Perry Clayton French, b. 19 Jul 1914 TN d. 2 Apr 1972, m. Elise Lois Divinny 8 Jul 1933

6.15 Allene Elizabeth French, b. 21 Nov 1917 TN, m1 Luther Brown Tibbs 8 Aug 1933, m2 Randall Sweeney, buried Woodlawn Cemetery Nashville

Allie Dee & Lillian Williams were sisters, daughters of William Wesley Williams and Ida Ann Shepherd.
1880 Smith Co, TN Dist 22, Pg 107D (George Lynch family)
1900 Hickman Co TN, Pg 146B
1910 Hickman Co TN, Pg 189A (John W. French family)
1920 Hickman Co TN, Pg 87A  (Wesley French family)
Isaac French info: SSI index

Children of Robert D. and Birdie (Lynch) French, 5.6

6.16 Pacific? French, b. 1906 TN [2].

6.17 John M. French, b. 1909 TN [2].

6.18 Ralph French, b. 26 May 1917 TN, d. Aug 1986 Paragould, Greene Co AR

Children of George W. and Ethel (Lomax) French, 5.13

6.19 Ethel French, b. Jan 1900 d. before 1903 TN [2].

6.20 Floyd French, b. 1905 TN [2].

6.21 Pearl French, b. 1908 TN [2].

6.22 Bertha French, b. Feb 1909 TN [2].

Children of John W. and Maude (Heath) French, 5.27

6.23 John O. French, b. 1916 TN [2].

6.24 Ricky Louise French, b. 1917 TN [2].

6.25 Mildred French, b. 1918 TN [2].

Child of Carl and Alta French, 5.47

6.26 Carl French, b. Nov 1919 TN [2].

Seventh Generation

Children of Thomas and Nettie (Arnold) French, 6.1

7.1 James L. French, b. 1912 [2].

7.2 Lila Pearl French, b. 28 Feb 1916 Hickman Co., TN, d. 3 Mar 2005 McEwen Humphreys Co TN, buried at the St.Patricks Cemetery Humphreys Co TN, m. Frank H.WALSH.  They had a daughter, Mary Nell Walsh, and 4 other children [2].

7.3 Edward Howard French, b. 23 Mar 1918, d. 5 Apr 2001 Rives, Obion Co., TN [2].


[1] FFA member Carolyn Sutton Clark, #221,, researching genealogy since 1971.

[2] Mike O’Guinn,,, and the French website is

[3] Heather Ferry, (2002 – old email).

[4] Jenny LaMore, (2005).


[6] Linda O’Rourke,

[7] Bobby Earl French, (old email) researching French in Denton Co., TX, descended from Oliver M. French and the descendant who holds the Oliver French Family Bible that was passed down to him by his grandmother.

[8] Nancy Trout Frame,, researching French in Denton Co., TX

[9] Jeanette S. French,

[10] Sue Taylor, 2517 Mauna Kea Dr., Ceres, CA 95037. Tel: (209) 538-4338. Sue has done much research on the Oklahoma Indian Tribes. (Sue is deceased)

[11] Skullyville County. A county in Moshulatubbe District, Choctaw Nation. Former capital of the Choctaw Nation. The post office name for the Choctaw agency from August 16, 1860 to December 14, 1860, located at Skullyville. Skullyville is now a virtually abandoned village. Scullyville County changed to Grover County on 12 Feb 1886. Bokoshe, Skullyville County is now LeFlore County.

[12] "SKULLYVILLE. A principal settlement in the Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, Skullyville (Scullyville) was situated three miles east of present Spiro in LeFlore County. The community developed around the Choctaw Indian agency, which was established in 1832. The Choctaw received annuity payments there, prompting traders to settle nearby. "Skullyville" was derived from iskuli, the Choctaw word for "money." However, the village was officially called Choctaw Agency until 1859, when the bureau was relocated. The Choctaw Agency designation was resumed in 1860 and changed to Oak Lodge in 1871" from The History of Skullyville and Skullyville Cemetery. This site shows many photos of Skullyville during the mid-1800s. Scullyville dates back to 1832. No French is buried at the Skullyville Cemetery. To find the cemetery, drive E. on Highway 9, through center of Spiro, and turn North just past the Lakeview Baptist Church. Follow the blacktop just a few miles as it meanders into the country, and watch for a small sign, "Skullyville Cemetery." Turn Left, and shortly another small sign will signal another left turn. Skullyville Cemetery is a short distance. If the vehicle gate has been secured, visitors may enter through a smaller gate on the left.

[13] Curtis family, email: (email good in 2010).


Elmer French


Jul. 14, 1920


Jan. 3, 2002


Pvt US Army WWII




Rube French

Dec. 8, 1885 - Sept. 30, 1969

s/o Tom & Katherine

h/o Tidy Warren

Buried: McCulloughs Chapel Cemetery

Dyer County, Tennessee


Tidy W. French (Mrs.)

June 27, 1898 - Aug. 24, 1988

Buried: McCulloughs Chapel Cemetery

Dyer County, Tennessee





Dyersburg State Gazette Newspaper

French, Elmer

81yrs Jan 3, 2002 Dyersburg, Tn., US Army WW II

He leaves four daughters, Janie Childrey, Patty French, Christy Harris & Kathy Inman; four sons, Charles, Danny, Donnie & Michael French; three brothers, R T, Eugene & Jerry French; nine grandchildren & a gr'grandchild;


He was preceded by his parents, Tidy Warren & Ruby French; four sisters: Velma Bryant, Martha Creagor, Katherine Cryts & Lena Lowery

Burial: McCulloughs Chapel Cemetery






Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Donnie Ray French, 55, of Reagan, died Thursday, Nov. 13, 2008 at his residence.

A private burial was held in Reagan on Nov. 14.


Survivors include his wife, Betty French of Reagan; two sons, Mickey Young of Fort Smith, Wash. and Josh French of Reagan; five sisters, Christy Harris of Yorkville, Janie Childrey of Newbern, Patty Marbry of Trenton, Grace Hayes of Jackson and Patty Dickson of Reagan; two brothers, Mike Middleton and Mickey Middleton, both of Reagan; three grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.


He was preceded in death by his parents, Elmer French and Betty Middleton; and a sister, Sheila Goleman.


Pallbearers were Danny Harris, Greg Brimmer, David Smith, Allen Cooper, Harold Hensley and James Hudson.






Dyersburg State Gazette Newspaper

Eugene French

of Dyersburg -- 71yrs, farmer, died Saturday, Jan 15 2005 at Oakwood Community Living Center.


Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday at Dyersburg Funeral Home with burial in McCulloughs Chapel Cemetery.


He leaves two daughters, Shelia French Curtis of Dyersburg and Angela French Duncan of Bradford; a son, Danny French of Nashville; a brother, Jerry M. French of Huntingdon, nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.


He was preceded by a son, Tony Freeman French; his parents, Rube and Tidy Warren French; four sisters, Katherine Cryts, Lena Lowery, Martha Cregor and Velma Bryant; three brothers, R T, Elmer and Freeman Thomas French. The family requests that any memorials be sent to the American Cancer Society.






Eugene French

July 22, 1933 - Jan. 15, 2005

Buried: McCulloughs Chapel Cemetery

Dyer County, Tennessee







Velma L. Bryant

1920 - Dec. 23, 1981

Buried: Dyer County Memorial Gardens

Dyer County, Tennessee




Martha Mae Creger

Sept 27, 1936 - March 11, 1996


Buried: McCulloughs Chapel Cemetery

Dyer County, Tennessee




Katherine Madalon Cryts

March 24, 1925 - Jan. 15, 1995

Buried: Fairview Cemetery

Dyersburg, Dyer County, Tennessee




Lena C. Lowery

June 6, 1918 - May 29, 1997

Buried: McCulloughs Chapel Cemetery

Dyer County, Tennessee





McCullough Chapel Cemetery


Dyer County

Tennessee, USA


Created by: Sis

Record added: Jun 22, 2008

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Email Exchange between Ref. [2] and Ref [9] above

Reference Lafford French, 3.7 above

From: jfrench < > 
Subject: [FRENCH] Nathaniel French and Lafford French 
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 18:00:28 -0400 (EDT)


You say that Lafford "appeared with the family" but disappeared by 1840. What record shows Lafford with the family and Lafford as the son of Nathaniel French and Nancy Jane Sutton?

Since this is before 1840, it wouldn't be the census records. Before 1840, it appears the family had not yet moved to Denton, Texas. The family was probably living in either Illinois or Ohio at the time.

This line was in Denton TX by 1850 and the father of the family apparently had died. 1850 US Census lists a Nancy French age 54 and born in South Carolina with apparent sons, Oliver (age 28) and James (age 22) born in Tennessee and a possible daughter or daughter-in-law, "M" (age 20) born in Ohio. Listed next is a Jessie Sutton, 37, born Illinois, and his family.

In 1840 Census, Monroe County, Illinois, I find a Nathaniel French age 50-60 with apparent wife, age 40-50, other males: one is 10-15 and two are 15-20. other females: two are 5-10 and one is 15-20. The ages for this family match well with those found in Denton, TX, in 1850.

In 1830, Greene, Illinois, US Census - Nathanial French age 30-40, apparent wife, 20-30, are shown with 3 males and 5 females, but these ages don't match either the 1840 Nathaniel French nor the 1850 Nancy French in Denton, Texas.

In US Census, 1830, Perry, Geauga, Ohio, there is a Nathaniel French listed. Both he and apparent wife are aged 30-40. They show 2 boys and 3 girls. These ages match more closely to the 1840 Monroe County, Illinois Nathaniel French and to the 1850 Denton, Texas, Nancy French. The possible daughter "M" born in Ohio about 1830, also corresponds to this 1830 Nathaniel French in Ohio.

What record do you have that shows the 1830 Greene, Illinois, Nathanial French family is the same family that is found in the 1850 Denton, TX, census?


Jeanette S French



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The only Lafford found in my line was the son of Nathaniel French (son of Michael) and Nanch Jane Sutton. Lafford's vitals are a mystery as he appeared with the family, but disappeared by 1840. Nathaniels family moved often, starting with Spartanburg SC, then to Franklin and Perry TN, then to Greene Co IL, before finally settling in Denton Co TX.

Laffords siblings include Oliver, Roday, Mary, James, Michael, Nancy, Rosanna, and an unkknown female.


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Bobby Earl French is descended from Oliver M. French the son of Nathaniel French, the son of Michael from SC.

He takes his information from Oliver French's Family bible that was passed down to him by his grandmother.

Nathaniel French and Nancy Jane Sutton


Hannah French 1811

Lefford French 1812

Roday French 1814

Rosanna French 1818 Tennessee

Oliver M. French 12/07/1820 Franklin County, TN

Michael French 1825 Tennessee

James P. French 1828 Tennessee

Mary French 1830 Greene Co., IL

Nancy Jane French 1831 Greene Co., IL



Ohio State Penitentiary

Michael and Lucinda French's son, Alexander French (4.40), has a prison record. The info on sheets from prison state [10]:

Education: none
Relative and Address: Wife Julia, sons Thomas and Jackson, mother Lucinda
Bokoshe Scullyville I.T. Choctaw Nation
Age: 26
Nativity: (where he lived when arrested) I.T.
Occupation: Farm Labor
Height: 5'4"
Color Eyes: Hazel
Color Hair:: black
Complection: common
General Appearance:  Forehead med & back at sides: Brows straight & apart.  Ears med & standout: Nose short and turned up: Chin large and round. Well built: irregular scar back right ear: cut scar top forehead edge of hair: cut scar inside end left middle finger
Prisoner number: 25784
Term: 1 1/2 yrs
Crime: Disposing of mortgaged property
When rec'd: Sept 30, 1894
When and how discharged:  Died 2:10 AM  March 25, 1895
Alexander m. Julia Bagwell 1886 in Scullyville IT.
After the death of Alexander, she m. Greenberry McCullar 17 May 1897 Choctaw Nation IT
The son Thomas mentioned above died in Roseville, CA 1968 crossing a street and was hit by a car.