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Chart #36, Hugh French Ist, 1636
St. MaryÕs and Charles Co., MD
Westmoreland, Prince William, Stratford, Fauquier, King George, Richmond, Culpeper, Northumberland, and Loudoun Counties, VA

Also Mason Co., KY; Pike Co., MO; and Independence Co., AR; and Zaneville, OH

The waters of PopeÕs Creek taken from Hugh1 FrenchÕs land looking across the cove at the 20th century Memorial House

Second Generation

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Children of Hugh and (wife unk) French, 1.1


2.1 Mary French, (mentioned in her fatherÕs will as under age 16), probably b. ca. 1678 because Ref [21] states she was about 8-10 years younger than Hugh2 who was born to the second wife of Hugh1. Mary was dau. of HughÕs first wife who is unknown at present with no legitimate source proving her name [21]. It doesnÕt appear as though Mary married [21].

Mary received 200 acres in King George Co. from Sampson Darrell in 1699. The bounds of this land were not clear to Hugh1 or his heirs. Both of Hugh1Õs daughters, Mary and Margaret, had problems with their land because of cloudy descriptions [112]. In Hugh1Õs will, this tract of land is called a gift from Sampson Darrell.

Concerning Hugh1Õs Two Daughters, Mary and Margaret

James Scott of King George County made his will in Dec 1722 and names first in his will his loving Aunt Margaret Amon, then his brother Paul Scott, and then his sister Margaret Scott, then his Aunts Isabel Triplett and Margaret Taliaferro [21]. His will was presented in the court by Hugh French, his Executor who made oath thereto [21]. Therefore, Mary married the father of James Scott and Hugh came into the land through her sonÕs will. Several years later, Hugh2 sells the land to his sister Mary who was deeded in Hugh1Õs (their father) will. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume Isabella Triplett was MargaretÕs child and Margaret French married Robert Taliaferro. Margaret Amon could have been on the paternal side [21].

Children of Hugh1 and Margaret (Prosser Miller) French, 1.1


2.2* Colonel Hugh French2, (mentioned in his fatherÕs will as under age 16 in 1705), b. 1686 according to his wifeÕs will, in Stafford Co., VA. Hugh2 was over 16 yrs old when he petitioned his fatherÕs will on 5 Sep 1705 [45] [21], but he was still a minor. Prochein ami, literally translated, means Ònext friendÓ. A next friend acts for the benefit of a minor because an infant cannot legally sue in this own behalf [21]. Hugh2 was the son of Hugh1Õs second wife, Margaret [21]. Hugh2 petitioned the court on 5 Sep 1705 when his mother, Margaret French, has remarried John Somerville. He wanted to make sure he received his share of his deceased fatherÕs will.

Hugh m. ca. 1710 [21] to Mary (Browne) Triplett, daughter of Originall Browne and Jane Brooke and first wife of Francis Triplett II whom Mary m. Jan 1702 and who d. 1704. Mary Triplett Browne and Francis Triplett II (1672-1704) had two children: Mary, and Francis Triplett III, b. ca. 1704, as he was an infant when his father died. Mary, herself orphaned, chose Caleb Butler as guardian in 1701 (almost 18 years old). Hugh was a strict but fair step-father to MaryÕs young son Francis. At age 16, Francis begged his step-father to let him go to sea, as his cousin, Francis, son of Thomas had done. In 1720 Francis Triplett was bound out to Lutwidge, master of a ship [21]. Because of neglect, Francis left Lutwidge 5-6 months before his time was out, and became a bricklayer [21]. Francis made a petition in Jan 1702 in Westmoreland Co. to claim the estate left by his motherÕs deceased father [109]. During this time period, people did not marry during Lent [21]. The date for Hugh and MargaretÕs marriage becomes significant when challenging the alleged maternity of Hugh2. If Hugh2 were a child from an earlier marriage, he would have been an adult when his father died in 1705 [21].

On 25-27 Jan 1714/15 Hugh2 bought 130 acres of land in Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co., VA from William Thompson of Essex Co., for £73 sterling [108]. On 7 and 8 March 1726, Lewis Elzey of Overwarton Partish in Stafford County, and Elizabeth his wife, sold to Hugh French of Washington Parish in Westmoreland County, for £1 and 7,000 pounds of tobacco, 400 acres in Overwarton Parish [110].

In 1722 Hugh2 purchased 770 acres of land from the heirs of George Brent. He divided this land between his sons Daniel and Mason in his will.

In Jan 1722/23, Hugh posted bond for £500 sterling levied on his lands and tenements and goods and chattels guaranteeing his brother, Mason, would be present in Williamsburg to stand trial for the murder of Jonas Allen [21] [111]. More from Margaret Amundson.

In 1726 Hugh French was living in Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co. Note: If youÕre an ancestor of Colonial Hugh French, you can join Colonial Dames of the 17th Century [21]. See County Court Records.

HughÕs wife, Mary, predeceased him. Hugh resided in Stafford Co., Virginia. HughÕs will dated 5 Oct 1736 about to go to England, d. 13 Sep 1737 at sea of gaol (typhus) fever while on a ship with Captain Augustine Washington, (1694-1743), the father of George Washington, bringing convicts over from England. By 1737, Capt. Hugh French was in the convict trade, and died from Òon-board gaol distemperÓ [103].

We hear from Potowmack, that a ship is lately arriv'd there, from London, with convicts. Capt. Augustine WASHINGTON, and Capt. Hugh FRENCH, took their passage in Her; the former is arriv'd in Health; but the latter dy'd at Sea, and 'tis said of the Goal Distemper, which he got on board. See article.

Sunrise over PopeÕs Creek, from George WashingtonÕs birthplace and home of Hugh1 French

HughÕs inventory showed he had 21 slaves in all and 1 white servant. Also among his possessions were 2 wigs, fine shoes and other such luxury items. HughÕs final estate was worth £622.18.8 ½.

There is a will in King George County for a James Scott who named his Aunts Isabella Triplett, Margaret Taliaferro, and Margaret Amon, and Uncle Hugh French [21]. Several years later, Hugh French sells the land his sister Mary was deeded in Hugh1Õs will (her father) [21]. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume Isabella Triplett was MargaretÕs child and Margaret2 French married Robert Taliaferro [21].

Augustine Washington Jr.Õs records show him as being the half brother of our first U.S. President, George Washington. Augustine was b. 1720 in old Abington home at Popes Creek, d. 1762. See also Augustine Washington and his son, George Washington, who were neighbors of Hugh French. Augustine (the father of George Washington) witnessed a collection to receive debts owed Hugh French in Virginia, and to bring suite if necessary.

2.3* Daniel French, (mentioned in his fatherÕs will as under age 16), b. ca. 1691 in Old Rappahannock County, VA, m1. Elizabeth Dade Peyton in 1714, dau. of Henry Peyton (an aristocratic family according to the book AlbionÕs Seed) and widow of Robert Dade who had died in 1714. Daniel m2. Margaret (Vivian) Birkett Pratt, ca. 1729, dau. of Thomas Francis Vivian, or John and Ann (Mills) Birkett of Richmond Co, widow of John Pratt, Jr. who d. 1724. There was no issue between Daniel and Margaret Birkett [49]. DanielÕs will was executed 2 Apr 1736 by Hugh French in King George Co., VA. Another source says Daniel m. the widow of Sir Francis Dade, Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant of Stafford Co. Daniel recorded his will 3 Mar 1734, d. 8 Oct 1734 in King George Co. Elizabeth d. before 1728. Margaret d. 21 Nov 1749. [49]

Tidewater, Virginia, Published by Thomas Jeffreys, London, 1770,

2.4* Mason French, (mentioned in his fatherÕs will as under age 16), b. 1692/93 in Old Rappahannock County, VA (now Richmond Co. [62]), son of HughÕs second wife, Margaret. Mason d. before 25 Mar 1746 in Westmoreland County, VA, m1. ca. 1715 in VA perhaps to a Seale* (see MasonÕs court case), m2. ca. 1718/19 Catherine Bennett (born Ellis) of Stafford Co., who d. 25 Sep 1759 [5] or 1749 in Westmoreland Co., VA [67]. Both David *Seale and Mason French were indicted for the murder of Jonas Allen in 1722 (see MasonÕs court case). Catherine Ellis was the daughter of Capt. Charles Ellis who had to flee England along with George Mason1 and Mason FrenchÕs father, Hugh French [87].

Before marrying Mason French, Catherine was widow of Cossum Bennett Sr. of Westmoreland Co., VA. By Cossum Bennett she had 4 children (see will of Cossum Bennett). By Mason she had 4 children. Catherine d. 1718, the dau. of Charles Ellis who had d. 1708. Mason lived at the Machodock Plantation at PopeÕs Creek in Westmoreland County, VA, directly across the Potomac River from St. MaryÕs Co., Maryland – there is no source for this yet, but this right is claimed by the Richard Lee family who built it in 1673 until it burnt down in 1729 [61]. However, the Machodock Plantation may have been inherited when Cossum Bennett died. Machodock Plantation was sold in 1718 by Martha Lee, but not to a French or sidelines [61]. Catherine was administrator to her Mason FrenchÕs estate in 1746 [21]. Her son John was administrator to her will in 1759.

Lower Machodoc Creek at the Potomac River

Note: There is an Upper Machodock Creek in King George County, just across the Potomac River from Piccowaxen Creek in Charles Co., MD [61]. The Lower Machodock Creek is the one referred to for the French family and is in Westmoreland Co., VA [61].

Mason died intestate sometime before 25 Mar 1746. He was the last son to die of Hugh1 and Margaret French. His estate was valued at £158.7.2. His wife CatherineÕs share amounted to £58.15.8. Catherine, his widow, died before 27 Feb 1759 at about 70 years of age.

Potomac River, Rappahannock River, York River, James River, and the Chesapeake Bay

2.5 Margaret French, (mentioned in her fatherÕs will as under age 16), b. ca. 1694/96 in Westmoreland Co., VA [62], still living in 1759 [44]. She m. Robert Taliaferro3 after 1705 [21]. Margaret Amundson [21] was the first to prove this marriage, and her documentation came out in the Genealogical Quarterly in 1995 and is at the Ft. Wayne Indiana, Allen County public library. She spent quite a few years tracking their children and writing about her find (2003).

President James Madison, 4th President of the U.S., 1809-1817

Robert3 Taliaferro was b. ca. 1686, d. 6 Jun 1726 in King George Co., VA, the son of Robert2 Taliaferro, Jr. and Sarah Catlett [79]. Robert2 and Sarah Catlett Taliaferro, in their short marriage, had one son, Robert3, who married Margaret French. Robert3 and Margaret Taliaferro had daughter Elizabeth Taliaferro who married Roger Madison, the grand uncle of Thomas Madison, the President. The children of Robert Taliaferro and Margaret French Taliaferro were Elizabeth, Ann, and Samuel.

One of the George Masons married a third time to a Sarah Taliaferro who was either the first cousin or the aunt of Robert Taliaferro, MargaretÕs husband [56]. The Taliaferro family was originally from Florence, Italy.



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Chart #36 Records (Wills, Court Cases, etc.)