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Chart #36, Hugh French Ist, 1636
MaryÕs and Charles Co., MD
Westmoreland, Prince William, Stratford, Fauquier, King George, Richmond, Culpeper, Northumberland, and Loudoun Counties, VA

Also Mason Co., KY; Pike Co., MO; Independence Co., AR; and Zaneville, OH

Pohick Church, Built by Daniel French

Fourth Generation

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Children of Hugh and Betty (Brittingham) French, 3.1

Hugh1, Hugh2, Hugh3

4.1 Mason French, b. ca. 1737 [21] in Stafford Co., VA, d. after 11 Mar 1755 [21], mentioned in fatherÕs will of 1739. James Waugh became the guardian of the French children Mason and Rachel.

4.2 Rachel French, b. 1739/40 in Stafford Co., VA, not yet born at fatherÕs death in 1739, d. 16 Jan 1755, age 15 [21]. James Waugh became the guardian of the French children Mason and Rachel. James Waugh wrote his will on 8 Sep 1748 when Rachel was only 8 years old; then Rachel died at the early age of 15. James WaughÕs wife, Betty Waugh, took over the plantation according to the will of her husband.

Children of Daniel and Penelope (Manley) French, 3.7

Hugh1, Hugh2, Daniel3

DanielÕs one child, Elizabeth, received a large inheritance.

4.3 Elizabeth French, b.1757 at Rose Hill in Fairfax Co., VA, m. 10 Feb 1773 (age 16) to Benjamin Tasker Dulany, of ShooterÕs Hill, Alexandria, VA. She d. 22 Mar 1822 in Fairfax Co., VA. Benjamin was b. 1752 or 1754, the son of Daniel Dulany and Rebecca Tasker, and d. 1816. He was Aide-de-camp to General George Washington. Benjamin T. Dulany is depicted in a mural by Allyn Cox along with George Washington. Elizabeth inherited ShooterÕs Hill (sometimes written ShuterÕs Hill) in Alexandria, VA, from her father; it is now the George Washington Masonic Temple. Benjamin was a Colonel and Aide to George Washington in 1773. At age 15 in 1771 Elizabeth was an orphaned ward of George Mason (not George Washington as seen on many websites including the Welbourne website) who gave her hand in marriage to Benjamin when she was 16 years of age on 10 Feb 1773 [21]. George Mason wrote [42]:

"Our celebrated fortune, Miss French, whom half the world was in pursuit of, gave her hand to Mr. Ben Dulany of Maryland."

See this website that explains the archeology taking place on ShuterÕs Hill:  and


Old Welbourne, Upperville, Loudoun County, VA (left), and a 19th century sketch of the Mills/Lee/Dulany Mansion and Plantation 1780-1840 (right). Old Welbourne, a brick building, is reputed to be a reproduction of the Mills/Lee/Dulany Mansion.

The Mills/Lee/Dulany Mansion and Plantation 1780-1840. Photo taken by Mara French in 1991.

Elizabeth French was b. in 1757 at Rose Hill in Fairfax Co., VA. Her father, Daniel French who built the Pohick Church in Fairfax County, the same church that George Washington attended, died in 1771 when Elizabeth was only 14. She became the orphaned ward of George Mason (not George Washington as written in various references – this has been verified by Margaret Amundson [21] ), who introduced her to Benjamin Tasker Dulany and they were married two years later on 10 Feb 1773 when Elizabeth was only 16. ElizabethÕs great wealth enabled the Dulanys to provide their eleven surviving children with estates in Virginia, such as Old Welbourne shown above. See map.

New Welbourne, Middleburg, Virginia, Built in 1775

New Welbourne is now a Bed and Breakfast. It is also a Colt & Horse Show, the oldest horse show in the United States, founded in 1853, celebrating its 155th show in 2008. Located at 22314 Welbourne Farm Rd., Middleburg, VA. See map. Directions: From the Red Fox Tavern in Middleburg, continue west on Route 50 for 3.5 miles, turn right on 611, go 1.5 miles, turn left on 743, Welbourne is 1.2 miles on the left. The house is a Virginia Historic Landmark and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Two photos above of New Welbourne taken in 1991 by Mara French

George Washington wrote a letter to Elizabeth thanking her for the celebrated white horse that her husband had given him during the Revolutionary War named Blueskin [21] [53]. This is the famous white horse that we see with George Washington in uniform [21] The note read:

ŌGeneral Washington presents his best respects to Mrs. Dulany with the horse Blueskin, which he wishes was better worth her acceptance.

Marks of antiquity have supplied the place of those beauties with which this horse abounded in his better days. Nothing but the recollection of which and of his having been the favourite of Mr. Dulany in the days of his courtship can reconcile her to the meager appearance he now makes..Ķ

Mrs. Washington presents her compliments and thanks to Mrs. Dulany for the Roots of Scarcity.

Friday, past 2 oÕclock

Mrs. DulanyĶ [12]

This copy was received from Nate Morison III who, in 1991, ran the Welbourne B&B with 6 guest rooms and 4 cottages, an 8th generation ancestral home.

George Washington had an obsession with some land Elizabeth's father had acquired that was part of the original Spencer-Washington patent. He wanted to own all of the land once part of this 5,000 acre patent. In 1782 Elizabeth refused to sell or trade her land, but in 1786 the Delanys and George Washington finally came to an agreement. Also in George WashingtonÕs diary there is an exchange regarding some pork that Washington bought from Dulany [21].

Dan deButts indicates where various homesteads of his family exist today (he is a descendant of the Dulany family). Old Welbourne (1A) has two rooms upstairs, two rooms downstairs, and is his ancestorÕs home where the graveyard is. Old Welbourne (1B) is the new larger house, some family in recent years lived there; currently is the BedfordÕs home. Also see New Welbourne (shown as Welbourne on the map), Catesby or The Anchorage, and Creek View. (from Dan deButts research in Nov 1991) [34]. See Dulany Genealogy.

Elizabeth French and Benjamin Dulany had at least two daughters: (1) Elizabeth French Dulany who m. Joseph Forrest and had a dau. Sophia Forrest who m. John Henry deButts, and (2) Louisa Dulany who m1. Richard deButts, m2. James Edward Hall. John Henry deButts had son Richard Earle deButts, who had son Dulany Forrest deButts, who had son Richard Earle deButts, who had son Daniel Heath deButts, b. 1949, who helped greatly in putting this French line together [34].

The Ball at ShooterÕs Hill is described in Margaret AmundsonÕs book. It was quite a wild ball. In 1809 Elizabeth and Benjamin divorced [21]. The division of property was amicable. He received $500 per year on the 8th of every September. He was also allowed to keep the bank stocks he held in his own name. He also turned over all of the property to his son Daniel French for the purpose of keeping it away from his other children until they grew up [21]. They gave their son Benjamin, Jr., Rose Hill and he sold it out of the familyÕs hand. ShooterÕs Hill, which became his son Daniel FrenchÕs property, was where the family lived.

Benjamin Tasker Dulany died at 76 years old and is buried in the churchyard of old St. PaulÕs Protestant Episcopal Church, and the inscription on the altar tomb is shown in Ref [12]. He died in Baltimore on 2 Nov 1817. Elizabeth followed him, dying on 17 Mar 1822. They had 12 children: Benjamin Tasker Dulany, Julia Dulany, Daniel French Lulany, Rebecca Dulany, Anne Bladen Dulany, Maria Dulany, Elizabeth French Dulany, John Peyton, Louisa French Dulany, Bladen Dulany, James Health Dulany, and William Washington Dulany.

Children of Hugh and Margaret (Jarvis/Gervase) French, 3.9

Hugh1, Mason2, Hugh3

4.4* James French, mentioned in his uncle Robert FrenchÕs will, born ca. 1737-1740 in Richmond Co., VA [21], d. ca. 1802 in Frenchland Manor, Loudoun Co., VA, m. ca. 1759 Catherine Lewis who was b. ca. 1741 [5]. Two of JamesÕ brothers (Daniel and Robert) lived in Harrison Co., IN right next to Orange Co., IN [21].

4.5* Daniel French, b. after 1736 in Richmond Co., VA, mentioned in his uncle Robert FrenchÕs will, m. Mildred Strother ca. 1758 in Richmond Co., VA, b. ca. 1738-1740 in Richmond Co., VA, and had six children [61]. Daniel d. ca. 1807 in Adair Co., KY [79].

4.6* Robert French, b. ca 1739, m. before 9/1775 in Cumberland Co., VA to Mary Mosby, dau. of Micajah Mosby and Maudlin Bedford, and sister of Sally Mosby who married RobertÕs brother Hugh [59], d. before 3 Sep 1789 in Amelia Co., VA [37]. In Sep 1770 Robert witnessed an indenture between a William Hudson, his wife Abigail, and Samuel Kendall in King George Co., VA [21].

4.7 William French, probably born after 1743 [21].

4.8* Hugh French, b. ca. 1746, d. between 11 Oct 1800 and 15 Dec 1800 in Goochland Co., VA. He was a Baptist Minister. He m. Sally (Clarissa) Mosby by 1775 in Cumberland Co., VA [37]. She was b. in 1752. She was the daughter of Micajah Mosby and Maudlin Bedford, and sister of Mary Mosby who married HughÕs brother Robert [37].

4.9 Mason French, b. between 1734-1761, d. ca. 1821, m. Mildred [56].

Children of John and Margaret (Burgess) French, 3.14

Hugh1, Mason2, John3

4.10* Mason French, born about 1751, served as an officer in the Revolutionary War from 1777-78, married Ann Lewis on 20 Jan. 1783 in Loudoun Co., VA. She was born 1761, daughter of Thomas Lewis and Ann Hickman, and died 1831. Mason French marriage bond can be found in Leesburg, Loudoun Co., VA [21].

Mason purchased "Creek View" on Goose Creek (see map) in Loudoun Co., VA in 1808, and died there on 6 June 1819. He and his wife Ann were separated at the time [21]. Mason became quite violent in his old age and may have suffered from dementia [21]. Anna was formerly married to William Douthat.

Home of Mason and Ann (Lewis) French on Goose Creek in Loudoun County, VA, showing the Creek View in Loudoun Co., VA.

Creek View, Home of Mason and Ann French, on Goose Creek, taken in 1991 by Mara French.

Mason purchased Goose Creek in 1808 [21], d. 6 Jun 1819 in Loudoun County, VA. Mason lived at Creek View, Goose Creek, Loudoun Co., VA for about 15 years. He did not build it. Creek View was sold after his death by his son who bought it from other heirs. His son was granted land in Kentucky, a state where there was more land for everyone. Mason was Ensign and 2nd Lieutenant, engaged in battle at Monmouth, NJ served under Capt. Peter Grant, also served under Col. William Grayson Reg. Enlisted as Ensign at Maryland 15 Feb 1777, was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant 1 Dec 1777, resigned 12 May 1778, served as recruiting officer in Loudoun and Farquier Co., VA [31]. See Ref [99] for the list of distributees after MasonÕs brother George was deceased in 1837 (most of his wealth went to the children of GeorgeÕs two brothers Mason and Daniel).

Ann Hickman was named in the will of her father as Ann Lewis. His will was probated here in Frederick Co. MD about 1750. The family actually lived in what is present day Montgomery Co. MD across the river from Loudoun co. MD. Thomas Lewis was from an early Maryland family as well [21].

4.11 George French, named in fatherÕs will, d. 1834, in Fauquier Co., VA [7] [8], unmarried. George bought the old home place in Fauquier Co. after his father's death, dying there unmar­ried in 1834. He died intestate [21]. See Ref [99] for the list of distributes after he was deceased in 1837 (most of his wealth went to the children of his 2 brothers Mason and Daniel).

4.12 Elizabeth ŌElizaĶ French, named in fatherÕs will, d. Dec 1809. Lived with her brother, George, until her death. Unmarried [31].

4.13 Margaret Burgess French, not named in fatherÕs will probably because she was married, m. 8 Jul 1790 as the second wife to Reuben Triplett in Fauquier Co, VA [10], d. 1 Feb 1823. Had children Willis, Roderick, Felix, Elizabeth, Mildred, Frances, Harriett, and John [31]. John French was the bondsman for the marriage of his daughter, Margaret French to Reuben Triplett on 8 Jul 1790 in Fauquier Co., VA.

4.14* Daniel French, named in fatherÕs will of 1805, married and had children [31]. He died before 1834 [21]. See Ref [99] for the list of distributees after DanielÕs brother George was deceased in 1837 (most of his wealth went to the children of GeorgeÕs 2 brothers Mason and Daniel). This is a real significant find by Margaret Amundson in 1992. This case proves that Alpheus French belongs to this line and was the son of Daniel French. Even though Daniel was no longer living at this time, the wealth went to his children.

4.15* John French Jr., named in fatherÕs will, moved to Mason Co., KY by 1800 after the Revolution, m. 13 Mar 1794 to Catherine Carter in Loudoun Co., VA. She was born about 1766 in Loudoun Co., the daughter of Richard and Agnes Carter, and died after 1836. John d. in KY on 7 Nov 1843 in Mason Co., KY [21]. JohnÕs name does not appear in the PatriotÕs Index (DAR), but his brother, Mason, appears [31]. John served in the Revolutionary War as a 2nd Lt in the Fauquier Co. Militia [21]. This is recorded in Minute Book 1773-1780, pp. 311-312. John gives his power of attorney for his fatherÕs will in 1806 to a brother and states he was living in Mason Co., KY [21]. John had a niece, Jane, who married a William Henderson about 1811. They moved to Kentucky and had a daughter named Frances Ann married Hiram Duncan French also of this line [21]. In JohnÕs will, he mentions his 7 children: Burgess P., John E., Richard Carter, Mathilda, Agnes, Elizabeth, and Hiram [21].

John bought 69 acres of land from Robert Bagby Jr. and Betsey his wife on 22 Aug 1810. This land was located in or near LeeÕs Creek. Some of his close neighbors were Samuel Clarke, Thomas Longly Jr., and Richard Boucher. This was part of an 1800 acre tract granted George Evans [21].

4.16 Sarah French, not named in fatherÕs will probably because she was married, m. 24 Feb 1794 to Charles Chinn, Jr. in Fauquier Co, VA. Charles was the son of Charles Chinn and Sythia Davis. They had two daughters, Pamela and Sarah Chinn, both married into the Carr family. John French was bondsman for the marriage of his daughter, Sarah French m. Charles Chinn 24 Feb 1794 [31]. John French was bondsman for the marriage of his daughter, Sarah French m. Charles Chinn 24 Feb 1794 in Fauquier Co., VA. Charles Chinn was an administer for the estates of SarahÕs brothers, George and Reuben.

4.17 Reuben French, named in fatherÕs will. He died childless in Jan 1826 [31]. He died intestate [21]. His land was administered in 1836 along with his brother GeorgeÕs land who had also recently died (in 1836). He had 40 acres of land lying on the road from Salem to Middleburg, VA. He also had 300 acres at Front Royal, Warren Co., VA, near the foot of Fort Mountain and about 4 miles from Front Royal.

4.18* Burgess French, named in fatherÕs will, m. Sarah ŌSallyĶ Taylor on 30 Apr 1807 in Fauquier Co. Sally was b. 9 Jun 1787, dau. of William Tarlton and Elizabeth (Hampton) Taylor [31]. Burgess was living in 1834 [21].

John was the first from this line to move to Mason Co., KY. Here are others from the 1810-1850 U.S. Census from Mason Co., KY. Information received from Margaret Amundson [21].





Relationship to John Jr., 4.15


James French



Contemporary to John Jr. He had 3 sons 1-10, 2 sons 10-16, and he was 26-45 years old, birthdate of between 1765-1784. Continues on FFA Chart #90. Migrated to Mason Co. KY as early as June 1788 [21].


John French Jr.





John French Jr.





James French



James had 2 sons 0-10, 2 sons 10-16. Perhaps the same James as in 1810. Continues on FFA Chart #90.


John French Jr.





James French



Continues on FFA Chart #90.


Willis French





William French



Witnessed JamesÕ will. Could be son. Probably the one b. 1809 in Mason KY who m. Margaret Applegate.


Hiram D. French



Son, lived next to his father, John


John French Jr.





John L. French



Perhaps son


Maria French



Could be Maria Collins, next gen. and wife of JamesÕ son Carter.

Maysville is the county seat of Mason Co. and is situated on the south bank of the Ohio River in the northeastern portion of Kentucky. Frontiersmen Simon Kenton and Daniel Boone were among its founders. Heather French of Maysville, KY, was Miss America in 2000. She is the daughter of a disabled Vietnam veteran. Also see her website: Email: I have emailed her to see if she is part of the early 1800s French family of Maysville (May 2008).

Marriages during this period are [21]:
**James French m. Isbel Porter, 29 Jun 1788. In the 1810 Mason Co. KY census was a James, Jane, Roland, and William Porter, all as heads of household.
William French m. Sophia Reed, 5 Aug 1844
William French m. Hannah Karr, 12 Dec 1807 (probably contemporary to John and James).
The first French to reside in Independence Co., AR was a William French. See FFA Chart #25.
Robert French m. Lucy Hawkins, 29 Jun 1847


The following documents still remain unanswered as to who they are in this line. If you know, please contact

á      Daniel French was the bondman for the marriage of John Turley and Susanna Squires on 18 Mar 1783;

á      Jeremiah French was the bondsman for the marriage of Polly French (probably his daughter) and John Tharpe on 26 Nov 1794;

á      Samuel French was bondsman for the marriage of Thomas Smith and Ann Smith on 21 Nov 1808.



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