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First, I’d like to explain the FFA Library to you. I started it in 1965 long before there were computers. I traveled a lot and xeroxed various documents as I traveled to libraries and courthouses. Since about 1990, I started putting documents online. The FFA Library was created from the documents I found between 1965-1990, and as such, they are very sparse as the world hadn’t caught on yet to genealogy nor were any genealogical program invented. So, having said that, I’ve been gradually taking papers out of the files and putting them inside the documents to where they belong. 

All this material is on paper only, not on the computer. My intention is to send it to the appropriate chart compiler and have them enter the appropriate data into each chart. In that way, the data will be made known to the internet, plus I will reduce my papers at home. Be patient, this will take time. I didn’t realize I had so much data. Respectively, Mara French

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: French Family Genealogies

Chapter 2: Allied Family Genealogies

Chapter 3: International Genealogical Index (IGI)

Chapter 4: Wills, Vital Statistics, DAR, Military, Church Records, and Obituaries

Chapter 5: Ship, Passenger, and Immigration Lists

Chapter 6: English, Scottish, Wales, and Irish Records

Chapter 7: American Records by State

Chapter 8: Canadian Records

Chapter 9: Miscellaneous Records

Chapter 10: Maps and Atlases

Chapter 11: Catalogs

Chapter 12: Guide Books

Chapter 13: Newsletters and Societies

Chapter 14: Magazines


BA500 = Atlases and Map books
BC550 = U.S. and Canadian History books
BG600 = Guide books (How to books on genealogy)
BF650 = Family Genealogies
BE750 = English, Irish, and Scottish books
BK800 = Catalogs
BM850 = Miscellaneous books
M = Foldout maps
SLC = Book file number for the Salt Lake City Library
IGI = International Genealogical Index
FL = Frenchline
P = Photo
N = ?
F = File Folders

Chapter 1. French Family Genealogies

BFxxx FRENCH. Thomas French and Susan Riddlesdale, 1555-1993, by Eleanor M. Crouch, HC 83 Box 374, Cardville, Maine 04418, 7 June 1993, “Cousin to Cousin”, about 100 pages with an index, spirol-bound. FFA Chart #1. Sent to Jim C. French on 23 Sep 2019.

BF656 FRENCH. French and Related Family Genealogy, including Treadway, Cummings, Blair, Hutton, Barker, Haynes, Jones, Barrows, Ward, Lobdell, Howland, and Brewster, by Mara Treadway French, 1982. Pedigrees of Thomas French (Chart #1) and William French (Chart #2), 720 pages, 550 photos.

BF650 FRENCH. The French Family Heritage Book, by Beatrice Bayley, Inc., 1985. Basic genealogical information with an address list of 19,000 heads of families in the U.S. arranged according to postal zip code.

F254 FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French on the beginnings of the name French.

F396 FRENCH. Descendants of James Jackman. Data from the New Hampshire Historical Society, compiled by Harry Dana French, Concord, NH, Box #4 (1),  Newbury, MA, 1686-1802. Edward French (Chart #4). This material contains Folder 1 or Box #4.

F408 FRENCH. Revolutionary War Pension Applications in New Hampshire: Benjamin French of Newmarket, NH and his ancestry from Stratham, NH (Chart #1). David French of Westmoreland, NH and his ancestry from Chesterfield, NH; Milford, MA; Keene, NH. Ebenezer French from New Sharon, Kennebec County, Maine (Chart #4). Ezekiel French of Sandwich, Carroll County, NH, (Chart #4). John French of Spencer, Tioga County, NY (Chart #5). Jonathan French of Enfield, Grafton County, NH. Joseph French of Warren, NH. Moses French of Deerfield, NH (Chart #4). Nehemiah French of Elmore, Lamoille County, VT. Nicholas French of Merrimac, Hillsborough County, NH. Obadiah French of Mount Vernon (Chart #4), Kennebec County, ME. Offen/Orphin French of Bradford, Hillsborough County, NH (Chart #4). Samuel French of Boscawen, NH. Silas French of Glover, Orleans County, VT. Thomas French of Berlin, Washington County, VT. Thomas French of Windham, VT. William French of Canton, Oxford County, Maine. Most of these are service men who fought in wars between 1776 and 1812.

F463 FRENCH. Genealogical Dictionary of Settlers of New England, by James Savage, 1860. Dependence French (Chart #5) of Braintree, Edward French (Chart #4) of Salisbury, Ephraim French (Chart #1) of Windsor, Francis French (Chart #8) of Derby, CT; Jacob French (Chart #7) of Weymouth; Jacob French (Chart #2) of Billerica; John French (Chart #3) of Cambridge; John French (Chart #5) of Braintree; Richard French (Chart #6) of Cambridge; Joseph French (Chart #4) of Salisbury; Nathaniel French (Chart #3) of Taunton; Samuel French (Chart #4) of Salisbury; Samuel French (Chart #2) of Billerica; Simon French (Chart #4) of Salisbury; Stephen French (Chart #7) of Dorchester; Thomas French (Chart #1) of Boston; Thomas French (Chart #9) of Charlestown; Thomas French (Chart #5) of Braintree; Thomas French (Chart #1) of Northampton; William French (Chart #2) of Cambridge; William French (Chart #5) of Braintree. Need to separate these and send some to Jim C. French.

F504 FRENCH. The French Family, a well-known family of Franklin County, Maine, by Hon. E. R. French, Lancaster, MA, furnished by Henry I. French of Mt. Vernon, ME, 1936. Edward French (Chart #4). Contributed by Richard H. Damren. Surnames: Goodale, Brown, Collins, Page, Carr, Walton, Ford, Fellows, True, Dearborn. Locations: Salisbury, MA; Mt. Vernon, ME; Fayette (Starling Plantation), ME; South Chesterville, ME.

F558 FRENCH. Excerpts from "Over Their Dead Bodies'', written by Thomas C. Mann & Janet Greene, The Steven Greene Press, Battleboro, VT, 1962. Contributed by Ruth Michie. Epitaph #151, p. 67, from Dummerston, VT, concerning Adkin N. French, d. 19 Jul 1855. Epitaph #39, p. 20, from Westminster, VT, concerning William French, son of Nathaniel French, who was shot at Westminster on 13 Mar 1775. Includes notes on surname Knowlton of Ashford and Windham Co, CT, and Bridgewater, Windsor Co, VT. Westminster Massacre, FFA Chart #2.

F550 FRENCH. Notes contributed by Robert F. Taylor, 8 pages. Includes the origin of the surname French, and the line of William French (Chart #2). Edward French (Chart #4). These records were copied from the unpublished manuscript of Daniel French Thompson of Troy, NY, with additions traced and verified by Richard Henry Greene of New York City, and data added by Alonzo Currier French, Frederick B. French, James M. French, Jonathan French, Darwin G. French, and recorded in 1915. Sent to Art Westneat for inclusion in his database, May 2018.

F565 FRENCH. Notes contributed by Robert P. French, 16 pages. Includes descendants of William French (Chart #2) who moved to Iowa, Ohio, and Illinois. Lineage is Jonathan French, b. 1751 in Dunstable, NH. Locations: Reynoldsburg, OH; Montgomery Co., NY; Worcester, Otsego Co., NY; Hamilton, Butler Co., OH; Keokuk, IA; Cincinnati, OH; Chicago, IL; Georgetown, CO.

F568 FRENCH. French Family History, by Ellen Cochran French, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 52641, Amundsen Publishing Co., Decatur, Iowa 1977. Contributed by Robert P. French, from the State Historical Society of Iowa. William French (Chart #2). 7 pages. Sworn statements by Jonathan, John M. and Rensselaer W. French, Licking Co., OH.

F571 FRENCH. Notes contributed by Lester F. French. Daniel French, b. 15 May 1761, Mansfield J. French. Locations: Stratford, NH; Boyceville, Dunn Co., WI; Syracuse, NY; Dover Plains, Dutchess Co., NY. 2 pages.

F575 FRENCH. The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, First Families of America, contributed by Homer French. Alice French of Andover, MA; Hollis French of Boston, MA; Winifred French of David City, NE; Calvin H. French of Williamsburg, OH; Francis H. French of Davenport, IA; Asa Palmer French of Braintree, MA; Edward French (Chart #4); John French (Chart #5); Thomas French (Chart #1); William French (Chart #2); David Edwin French of Curve, Giles Co., VA and his line; Minnie Reid French of Summers Co., W. VA and her line in W. VA; Elizabeth Richardson French Cheylesmore of NH; Leigh Hill French of Dover, NH; Leigh Hill French, Jr., of Minneapolis, MN; Raymond Thompson French of Seymour, CT; Amos Tuck French of Boston, MA; Daniel Chester French of Exeter, NH; Howard Dakin French of Boston, MA; Harry Dana French of Loudon, NH; Leon French of Washington, D.C.; James Hay French, Jr., of Winchester, KY.

F120 AARON FRENCH. Aaron French and His Descendants, compiled by Charles Newton French, Chicago, 1910, 29 pages. SLC 929.273 F887F. Concord, NH library 929.2F874A. Contributed by Paula F. Owen. Intro includes list of Frenches of France and England, including Thomas French of Ipswich, MA (Chart #1); William French of Billerica, MA (Chart #2); Edward French of Salisbury, MA (Chart #4); Thomas French of Guilford, CT (Chart #9); John French of Braintree, MA (Chart #5); Philip French of New York and New Brunswick, NJ; John French of Woodbridge, NJ; Thomas French of Burlington, NJ, Francis French of New Gretna, NJ, and Aaron French of New Providence, NJ. Homesteads of Aaron's descendants include Essex Co. NY; Amity, PA.

F569 AARON FRENCH. Notes contributed by Philip Franks French, 3 pages. Aaron French, b. 1739 in NJ, d. 1805 in PA. Surnames: Fordyce, Clark. Includes Ezekiel French of Miami Co., Ohio.

F562 ABNER FRENCH. Antecedents and Descendents of Abner French of Topsfield, MA and Norwich, CT. 6 pages contributed by Jannette Klein. Thomas French (Chart #1). Jacob (1), Thomas (2), Thomas (3), John (4), John (5), Abner (6), John (7), Abner (8). Don’t know where this is. Looks like this should be in F076 following.

F076 ABNER FRENCH. Antecedents and Descendants of Abner French of Topsfield, MA and Norwich, CT, contributed by Jannette Klein, 6 pages, Thomas French (Chart #1). Not there. See above.

F414 ANNA MARIA FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French on his line, William French (Chart #2). Anna was b. 16 Jul 1814 and resided in New Athens, OH.

F493 CALEB JAY FRENCH. New England Historical and Genealogical Register, April 1926, by Rev. Arthur Wilmot Ackerman of Somerville, MA. Caleb was b. 29 Nov 1841 in Epping, NH, the son of Caleb and Mary (Sanborn) French. Edward French (Chart #4).

CHARLES E. FRENCH. American ancestors of Charles E. French and his wife Anna Richmond Warner, by Anna Richmond Warner French, 187p. 1894. Order through Higginson Books, 508-745-7170.

F421 DANIEL HOUSTON FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French on his line, William French (Chart #2). Daniel was b. 11 Dec 1830 near Taylorstown, PA.

BF671 DANIEL FRENCH. Daniel Chester French, An American Sculptor, by Michael Richman, Landmark Reprint Series, Postscript by Paul W. Ivory, National Trust for Historic Preservation, The Preservation Press, Washington, D.C., 1976. Life of Daniel Chester French, born in Exeter, New Hampshire on 20 April 1850. 209 pages. Contributed by Nancy Leinwand. Edward French (Chart #4).

L441 DANIEL FRENCH. Newspaper article about Daniel French, the sculptor, contributed by Jane Westneat of NH. Edward French (Chart #4).

F487 DARWIN FRENCH. Introduction to the Dr. E. Darwin French Dictation, contributed and written by Gerald H. Tonnell. Includes the Dictation from Dr. E. D. French, Poway, Calif., 7 Jul 1887. Dr. Erasmus Darwin French was asked to provide his own eye witness account of the final decisive battle for the future state of California in the Mexican American War of 1846- The Battle of San Pasqual. 4 pages. Harvey and Ozias French. This document was added to FFA Chart #114 and removed from the FFA Library.

BF651 DAVID FRENCH. The Family of David French, by Robert Hughes French, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1982, 240 pages. SLC 929.273 F887f. One copy contributed by the author, the other contributed by Bill Sopher. David was a pastor in Pennsylvania, b. 11 Aug 1783 in Salem, NY. Book includes his descendants: John McClellan, Ann Maria Blair, Sarah Jane, David Wishart, Nancy McClellan, Susannah Blair, Marguerite Maxwell, Phoebe Thompson, Simeon Webster, William Hanna, Daniel Houston, Ebenezer Gifford, Martha, Eliza Isabel, and John McClellan, all of whom have the surname French. Summaries of other surnames include Cummings, Howlett, Kingsley, Brackett, Clements, and Blair. William French (Chart #2).

F405 DAVID FRENCH. Tales of My Tribe, the French Family's History of South Potsdam, NY. Written by Sally Tupper Sherman Anderson and contributed by Sally T. Dingysoyr and her cousin Maurice Sherman. David was b. 11 Apr 1779 in Weston, CT. Includes surnames Tupper, Perry, Witter, and Sherman. 67 pages. Thomas French (Chart #9). Also includes various newspaper articles on the French family of Potsdam, NY. These have all been incorporated into FFA Chart #9 and thrown away, all except for the book which is now in the Chart #9 folder. The vital records of Weston, CT, has also been added to Chart #9 and thrown away to save space at my house. Folder F405 no longer exists.

F416 DAVID WISHART FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French on his line, William French (Chart #2).

F432 DAVID FRENCH, from a record kept by Thomas Gilyard of Seymour. CT Historical Society, contributed by Beverly McGuire. David was b. 30 Jan 1742 in Bethany, CT.

F494 EBENEZER FRENCH. New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol CXXVII, April 1973, contributed by Elizabeth Cagnon. William French of Sandown, NH; Ebenezer French m. Rhoda Barnard in 1777. South Hampton, NH and Evanston, IL. Edward French and his son Samuel (Chart #4), added to material on Josiah French who migrated to Louisiana. I have removed the file folder.


The following record was copied in 1971 from the ink-on-paper original, which was in the possession of a Massachusetts antiques dealer. At the top appear "Family Register" and an eagle design. The column of dates is headed "Births". The record is signed at the bottom “J. Phillips Payson June 29th 1834". John Louis Ewell in The Story of Byfteld (1904, p. 220) shows that the Rev. William French of Sandown N H., was born in South Hampton, NH, 5 Oct. 1778, died 12 Dec. 1860, was a deacon and elder of the Methodist Church and had nine children. The vital records of South Hampton show the birth of "William French on 5 Oct. 1778 to Ebenezer and Rhoda French, and the marriage of Ebenezer French and Rhoda Barnard on 18 Dec. 1777. Found with the subject family record were two stitched samplers, one signed by Betsy B. French, aged 12 years, and the other by Mary P. French, aged 11.

William French, Oct. 5, 1778
Phebe Mitchel, Sept. 17, 1779
Married Sept. 15, 1803

Rhoda French, Oct. 11, 1804
John French, Aug. 23, 1806
William French, July l, 1808
Nathan French
, Nov. 13, 1810
David French , Feb. 28, 1813
Abner French, Apr. 14, 1815
Mary French, Feb. 28, 1818
Elisabeth French, Jan. 10, 1821
George French Sept. 16, 1823

Evanston, Ill.                                                                                LOUIS D. MELNICK

F422 EBENEZER GIFFORD FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French on his line, William French (Chart #2). Ebenezer was b. 11 Sep 1832.

BF673 EDWARD FRENCH. Edward French of Salisbury Lineage List, Revision 5, published by The French Family Association, December 1986, 114 pages, includes index, Edward French (Chart #4). See Vol. III of The Frenchline for more details on this book. Main lines are Edward French and Ann Goodale, Joseph French and Susanna Stacy, Joseph French and Sarah Eastman, Joseph French and Abigail Brown, Daniel French and Sarah Gould, Gould French and Dorothy Whittier, Daniel Flagg French, Timothy French and Mary Harriman, Simon French and Sarah Heard, Simon French and Joanna Jackman, Joseph French and Mary Pillsbury, Moses French and Sarah French, Joseph French and Abigail French, James French and Phebe Gill, Mary French and James Jackman III, Joanne Jackman and Benjamin French, Edward French and Mary Winsley, Hannah French and Abraham Pettingell, Eliphalet French and Rebecca Fitts, John French and Mary Noyes, Edward French and Jane True, James French and Elizabeth Carr, Rebecca Frenchand Henry French, Timothy French and Ruth Greeley, Josiah French and Mary Worcester, Timothy French and Elizabeth French, Timothy French and Mary Pike, Samuel French and Abigail Brown, Henry French and Elizabeth Collins, Benjamin French and Judith Greely, Samuel French and Mary Whitcher, Samuel French and Mary Collins, Moses French and Mary Dearborn, Joseph French and Ruth Knowles, Nathaniel French and Sarah Judkins, Samuel French and Abigel Godfree, Jonathan French and Johaner Elkins, Elizabeth French and Joseph Sanborn, Samuel French and Esther Jackman, Joanna French and Matthew Pettingell, Abraham Pettingell and Hannah French, John French and Sarah Noyes, Hannah French and John White.

F482 EDWARD FRENCH. French line by W. L. Holman, 1955, 81 pages. Edward French (Chart #4). See BF678 below.

BF678 EDWARD FRENCH. The French Family Workbook, by Arthur Westneat III, 1982 with W. L. Holman manuscript of 81 pages, 1955, totaling 166pages. Edward French (Chart #4).

F391 EDWARD FRENCH. Edward French of Salisbury, MA. Data from the New Hampshire Historical Society in Concord, compiled by Harry Dana French, Concord, NH.1590-1853, in 8 folders, Box 1. Box 2 contains 6 folders, 1800-1916. (Not yet available in library)

F040 EDWARD FRENCH. The French Family Related to John F. Stevens, by Elizabeth H. French, 1936, 4 pages.

F576 FRANCIS FRENCH. 11 pages of notes contributed by Homer French. William French (Chart #2) and his son Francis (Chart #8). William (1), Francis (2), Francis Jr. (3), Israel (4), David (5), David Jr. (6), John Jay (7), David (8), John (9), Homer Lee (10), Homer Lee Jr (11). Locations: Milford, CT; Derby, CT; Seymour, CT; Woodbridge, CT; Shawangunk, Utica Co., NY; Beaumont, TX. Surnames: Bunnell, Bowers, Loveland, Lines, Johnson, Munson.

F572 HENRY FRENCH. 9 pages of notes contributed by John and Norma French. Henry Willard French, b. Hartford, CT 1854. Letter to Henry from his twin sister Mary Willard French, July 1849; Alfred French of Picqua, OH; tombstones in the Union cemetery in Moosup, CT; article written by Olive French Fredeen about the Canadian winter of 1906-07, The Western Producer, Thurs., 31 Jan 1974.

F602 HEPZIBAH FRENCH. Insert on p. 1-4 after F572. Ancestry of Hepzibah (Chart #1) - Thomas (1), Thomas (2), John (3), Hepzibah (4), of Topsfield, MA. Written and contributed by Brian J. Berry. Surnames include Shapley, Towne, Keyes. 25 pages. Book in draft stage in 1987. Write author for details on publication.

F393 HEZEKIAH FRENCH. Data from the New Hampshire Historical Society, compiled by Harry Dana French, Concord, NH, Box #3 (1), Plainfield, NH (Rev. War Soldier), compiled 11 Sep 1963. John French (Chart #3). 79 pages. Sent to Jim C. French on 23 Sep 2019.

BF675 JAMES and WILLIAM FRENCH. FFA member Charles K. Field, III, published a book in 1985 on his line entitled "The Field Family and the French-Henry Families.'' The book covers James and William French (Chart #14) of Prince William and Stafford Counties, VA. James French (1680 to May 1743) was the first colonial ancestor of the French family who arrived in America from the North of Ireland (early 1700's). The entire book contains 371 pages and includes a large index. The section on the French family has 130 pages, the main line being James (1), William (2), Stephen (3), James (4), James (5), Junius (6). Besides the wills of James and William, the book describes James' life as a young man in the tobacco fields. Three French sons were officers of the Confederacy and tried desperately to preserve their plantation way of life from Virginia to Texas. Homesteads include Montgomery County, KY; Brentsville, VA; San Antonio, TX; Warrenton, Farquier County, VA; Houston, Halifax County, VA; Fort Worth, TX; and Tustin, CA.

F394 JOHN FRENCH. Data from the New Hampshire Historical Society, compiled by Harry Dana French, Concord, NH, Box #3, of Dorchester and Braintree, MA. John French (Chart #5).

F395 JOHN FRENCH. Data from the New Hampshire Historical Society, compiled by Harry Dana French, Concord, NH, Box #3, John of Cambridge, MA, 1635-1881. John French (Chart #3). Folders 3, 4, 5 and 6. Each folder contains between 60 and 150 pages. Sent to Jim C. French on 23 Sep 2019.

BF684 JOHN FRENCH. 51-page pamphlet published by the FFA, 15 Dec 1985, compiled by Art Westneat and Roland Rhoades. John and Grace of Braintree, MA, lineage list includes John French and Grace Kingsley, John French, Jr., and Experience Thayer, Thomas French and Mary Allen, John French III and Margaret Darling, John French IV and Anna/Olive Haynes, Haynes D. French and Irene Learned, Thomas G. French and Aletta Hinman, Dependance French and Rebecca Fenno, John French and Mary Vinton, Dependence French and Mary Linfield, Joshua French and Esther Wales, Jedidiah French and Phebe E. Wales, Temperance French and John Bowditch, William French and Rachel Twells, Elizabeth French and Benjamin Wheelock, Thomas French and Elizabeth Belcher, Thomas French, Jr. and Mary Owens, Elijah French and Mary Clark, Moses French and Esther Thayer, Jonathan French and Abigail Richards, Abijah French and Joanna Holbrook, David French and Lydia Twitchell, Ebenezer French and Mary Fuller, Ebenezer French and Mehitable Gay, Samuel French and Anna Marsh, Alexander French and Mary White, Josiah French and Mary French. See related information on this publication in The Frenchline, Vol. II.

F498 JOHN FRENCH. "The Memoirs of our French Family.'' Written and contributed by Delwin and Verda French. 310 pages, including index. The FFA library has 26 selected pages. John French, b. 1793, was the son of Samuel (Chart #66) and Rebecca French of Amberson Valley, Fannett Township, Franklin Co., PA. Surnames: Taylor, Bayle, Young, Deavor, Toughhead, Zeigler, Holland, Gracy, Ernst, Siebert, Eckman, Dredge, Dunn, Schroeder. Includes homestead maps of Fannett township in PA; Cumberland Co in PA; and Galesburg, Knox Co., IL. Other counties: Knox, Warren, Rock Island, Henry, Mercer, Peoria. Other towns: Galesburg, E. Moline, N. Henderson, Monmouth, Abingdon, Farmington, Peoria, Kewanee, Berwick, Alexis, Geneseo, Port Byron, Wataga.

F073 JOHN FRENCH. The Family, Ancesters, and Descendants of Captain John French of Stoughton, MA, by Sidney French, 1870, 11 pages, John French (Chart #5). Contributed by William M. French. Surnames Poole, Thayer, Lamb, Savil, Marsh, Bowditch, Twells, Wheelock, Vinton, Niles, Wales, Linfield, Hammond, Packard, Beals, Chessman, Perkins, Bryant, Howard, Ames, Pratt, Packard, Cobb, Hunt, Beals, Keith, Page, Billings, Burrell, Adams, Belcher, White, Porter, Arnold, Gorham, Capen, Lane, Monk, Cole, Hyer, Tirrell, Atwood, Rogers, Wood, Clark.

F020 JOHN FRENCH. Chart #5 "Genealogical Tree of Descendants of John French of Braintree'' (Bartholomew French, b. 9 Oct 1751, E. Bridgewater, MA)by Orvis French of Evanston, IL prior to his death in 1897. Contributed by William Pearson Leisening Rice. John French (Chart #5).

F119 JOHN FRENCH. John French Jr. of Taunton, Berkeley, Middleboro, and Oakham, MA, and His Descendants, by Henry B. Wright, 1914, John French (Chart #3). 39 pages. Index: Aaron French, Abigail French, Adaline French, Abigail Stone, Adaline Sadlier, Agnes M. French, Albert French, Albert E. French, Alexander C. French, Alice Linfield, Alvah B. French, Alvah J. French, Alvah R. French, Alvah S. French, Amelia Curtis, Ann M. French, Ann Parker, Ann S. French, Anna A. French, Anna Buffington, Anna Coates, Anna Davenport, Anne Smith, Annie Farnham, Anson H. French, Arthur R. French, Lieut. Asa French, Asa French Jr., Asa L. French, Augustus F. French, Azubah French, Bathsheba French, Bell Justice, Bessie Lambkin, Betsey French, Caroline Baldwin, Caroline D. French, Caroline M. French, Catherine D. French, Catherine Davis, Charles French, Charles Anson French, Charles Asa French, Charles D. French, Charles E. French, Charles F. French, Charles H. French, Charles Henry French, Charles M. French, Charles Walter French, Charles Wright French, Chester French, Clara P. French, Clyde French, Courtney A. French, Crighton B. French or Creighton B. French, Cyrus French, David French, Ebenezer French, Edith E. French, Edward French, Edwin French, Edwin L. French, Eliza French, Eliza Boardman, Elizabeth French, Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth Sherman, Emily French, Erastus S. French, Esther Hathaway, Evelyn French, Evelyn French, Experience French, Experience Foster, Fannie T. French, Fannie Young, Florence M. French, Fordyce R. French, Fordyce S. French, Frances French, Frank C. French, Frank O. French, Freddie French, Frederick L. French, Freeman French, George F. French, George French Jr., Grace E. French, Hannah French, Hannah Bellows, Hannah Brimhall, Hannah H. French, Hannah Sawyer, Harriet Plastridge, Harry B. French, Hayden Shaw, Helen M. French, Henry French, Henry D. French, Henry Dwight French, Hopestill French, Horatio J. French, Horatio L. French, Ida Haring, Inez French, Isaac French, Jacob French, James C. French, Jane Mackintosh, Jane S. French, Jennie French, Jennie Porter, Jennie W. French, Jessie B. French, Jessie Williams, Joanna, John French, John B. French, John E. French, Jo Nathan, Joseph French, Joseph L. French, Julia C. French, Julia H. French, Julia M. French, Katherine French, Laura E. French, Laura Wright, Lillian L. French, Lillian Margaret French, Lillie Maria French, Lucia Waite, Lucy Abell, Lucy Bell, Lucy Ann B. French, Lucretia Titcomb, Luthera Lamb, Lydia French, Lyndon French, Lyndon S. French, Lynward French, Mabel Brock, Madeline J. French, Marcy French, Marian Smith, Martha E. French, Martha Hazen, Martha Sawyer, Mary French, Mary A. French, Mary Abigail French, Mary Ann French, Mary Brakenridge, Mary C. French, Mary Elizabeth French, Mary Ella French, Mary Esther, Mary Farris, Mary Nevins, Mary Rhodes, Mary Ruggles, Mary Sanford, Mary Spooner, Mary Waite, Mercy French, Minnie French, Monona Howell, Myrtle French, Nabby French, Nancy French, Nancy D. French, Nancy Emerson, Nathan French, Nathaniel French, Patty Fitch, Philena French, Polly Ruggles, Prudence Head, Rachel French, Rhoda French, Rhode French, Robert M. French, Robert S. French, Samuel French, Samuel Farnham French, Samuel Franklin French, Sara French, Sarah French, Sarah Baker, Sarah E. French, Sarah Ireland, Scott French, Silence French, Solomon A. French, Susan A. French, Susan Reed, Susan Rohan, Susan Schober, Susanna French, Thankful French, Thankful Thrasher, Thomas French, Walter E. French, Walter F. French, Wilbur D. French, William French, William E. French, William H. French, Winifred F. French. Other surnames: Abell, Baker, Baldwin, Bangs, Barden, Bell, Bellows, Berry, Blood, Boardman, Brakenridge, Brewer, Bridges, Brimhall, Brock, Brown, Buffington, Carpenter, Cummings, Curtis, Cutler, Davenport, Davis, Dean, Eastman, Emerson, Farnham, Farris, Fitch, Foster, Garfield, Gaven, Gilibert, Goodale, Green, Haring, Hathaway, Hazen, Head, Henry, Howell, Humphrey, Ireland, Jardine, Joslyn, Justice, Kent, Lamb, Lambkin, Leedom, Linfield, Lyon, Mackintosh, Macullar, Moulton, Myler, Nevins, Owen, Parker, Phillips, Plastridge, Porter, Raymond, Read, Rhodes, Richardson, Ripley, Ruggles, Sadlier, Sanford, Sawyer, Schober, Shaw, Sherman, Smith, Spooner, Stone, Strong, Thrasher, Thompson, Titcomb, Treubeth, Trull, Turner, Vrooman, Waite, Warner, Welton, Williams, Wright, Young. Sent to Jim C. French on 23 Sep 2019.

See text:

Full text of "John French, Jr. of Taunton, Berkley, Middleboro, and Oakham, Massachusetts, and his descendants" – Chart #3

The history of Oakham and the genealogy of some of its 
families may be found in the following publications: 
Oakham, by Major John B. Fairbank, in History of Worcester County, 
Vol. II, pp. 157-168. Boston, C. F. Jewett & Company, 1879. 
Oakham, by Deacon Jesse Allen, in D, Hamilton Hurd's History of 
Worcester County, Vol. II, pp. 1079-1092, Philadelphia, J. W. Lewis 
& Company, 1889. 
Biography of Deacon James Allen of Oakham, Massachusetts, by Hiram 
Knight, 67 pp., Worcester, Charles Hamilton, 1889. 
Genealogy and Record of the Descendants of Deacon James Dean 
of Oakham, Massachusetts, by Gardner Milton Dean, 29 pp., Boston, 
Press of T. W. Ripley, 1889. 
Stephen Lincoln of Oakham, Massachusetts. His Ancestry and Descend- 
ants, by John E. Morris, 109 pp., Hartford, Press of The Case, 
Lockwood & Brainard Company, 1895. 
The Ancestry of Lydia Foster, Wife of Stephen Lincoln of Oakham, 
Massachusetts, by John E. Morris, 26 pp., Hartford, Press of The 
Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company, 1898. 
Vital Records of Oakham, Massachusetts (Systematic History Fund), 
133 PP-> Worcester, Mass., Published by Franklin P. Rice, 1005. 
The Fobes Memorial Library of Oakham, Massachusetts, with Historical 
Addresses [and sketches of the Fobes and Fairbank families], by 
Henry P. Wright, 121 pp., New Haven, The Tuttle, Morehouse & 
Taylor Press, 1909. 
Independence Day in 1797 in Oakham, Massachusetts, by Henry P. 
Wright, 17 pp., New Haven, The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Press, 
The Crawford Family of Oakham, Massachusetts, by General William 
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MS. Family Records and other Documents relative to the French Family 
of Oakham, in the possession of Miss Mary A. French of North 
Brookfield: (1) The Genealogy of John & Mercy French's Family; 
(2) A Record of the Family of John & Hadon French, by either 
Mary C. or Anna Smith French; (3) A Record of the Family of 
Asa & Anna (Smith) French, by Ann Smith French; (4) A Family 
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and William Caldwell; (6) Newspaper Obituary Notices; (7) Letter 
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• • . - •••••* * * • . • • • 
••2 • * J • ••• .* 
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In the case of a conflict in dates between town and family records, the 
former have generally been accepted as final. Where no town records 
exist and the conflict is between two versions of the family record, the 
more probable date is given first, the variations following in parenthesis. 
Between the years 1635 and 1637, two brothers, William and John French, crossed 
from Europe to America and settled in Cambridge, Mass. They may have come 
from Halsted, Essex Co., England, but it has been proved that they were not the 
sons of Thomas French of Stanstead Hall. William arrived in 1635, with Harlak- 
enden and Shepard, on the ship Defence. How or when John came is not now 
known, but his name does not occur on the list of proprietors of Cambridge in 1635, 
as does that of his brother William. Two years later, however, in 1637, it is found 
on Cambridge town records. Both William and John were tailors by occupation and 
practised that trade in Cambridge for a number of years. John and his wife died 
within a month of each other, in the year 1646, at Cambridge, leaving four — 
possibly five — orphan children, who were brought up under the guardianship of 
their father's brother William. When, about 1654, the latter removed with his own 
large family to the settlement of Billerica, in the founding of which he had had a 
prominent part, he took with him the orphan children of his brother John. To 
these children the church in Cambridge had previously granted, on June 9, 1652, 
thirty acres of land in the new settlement. 
The family history of the first of these brothers, William French of Cambridge, 
one of the founders of Billerica, has already been carefully traced and has been 
printed in part. Much confusion exists, however, in genealogical publications, regard- 
ing the descendants of William's brother John. Savage (Genealogical Register, ii, 
207) states that John's son Joseph probably removed to Concord. Paige (Hist, of 
Cambridge, 551) suggests that John's son Nathaniel died young. The fact that the 
early records of Taunton, Mass., to which town Joseph — and probably Nathaniel — came 
between 1670 and 1680, were destroyed by fire nearly three-quarters of a century ago, 
has added much to the difficulties of identification. But the will of Joseph French of 
Taunton, made in 1694, on file in the records of the Bristol County Probate Court, 
with its explicit reference to the town of Billerica, and its mention of all his 
sons born before 1680 with the same names and in the exact order in which they 
occur in the Billerica vital records — save for omissions of children who died young — 
establishes the fact that the French family of Taunton, Berkley, Middleboro and 
Oakham is descended from John French of Cambridge, brother of William of 
Cambridge, one of the founders of Billerica. This monograph attempts to trace 
but a single line of the family of John French of Cambridge until John French, Jr., 
of Taunton is reached. The latter was born in Taunton in 1701, spent his manhood 
in Berkley, passed his later life in Middleboro, and died in Oakham in 1794. He 
had two sons, John, 3d, and Asa, both of whom established families in Oakham, 
and died there. From them, all the Frenchs mentioned in this book subsequent to 
John French, Jr., are descended. 
Had it not been for the assistance of Mr. Ezra D. Batcheller of North Brookfield, 
Mass., this monograph would probably never have been written. He guided the 
writer to the spot where the key to the whole problem lay hidden. Without the 
manuscript records in the possession of Miss Mary A. French of North Brookfield, 
and of Miss Charlotte Crane of Taunton, the story of the descendants of John 
French could not have been traced. Both have given generously of their time and 
of facts which they alone possessed, at every stage of the work. 
Taunton, Berkley, Middleboro, and Oakham, 
Massachusetts, and his Descendants 
(a) John French, Brother of William of Billerica, crossed to 
America and settled in Cambridge, Mass., as early as 1637, when he was 
granted a house lot between the highway and Mr. Dampford's, is mentioned 
on the church records in 1638-9 and 1640, and is on the list of proprietors 
in Cambridge in 1642. He was a tailor by occupation and resided at what 
is now the southeast corner of Holyoke and Mt. Auburn streets. Two 
wives are mentioned: (1) Sarah; (2) Joanna. Children: 1. John, b. 
about 1635.* 2. {Mary?, married Theophilus Richardson, May 2, 1654?). 
3. Sarah, b. October, 1637, in Cambridge; married John Trull, Dec. 11, 
1657. 4. Joseph, b. April 4, 1640, in Cambridge. 5. Nathaniel, b. June 7, 
1643, in Cambridge.! Joanna French, the mother, died in January, 
1645-6, and John French, the father, died within a month.t The children 
were brought up in the family of their uncle< William, first in Cambridge 
and later in Billerica. June 9, 1652, the church at Cambridge granted 
30 acres of land in Billerica to "John French's children." In 1657 the 
John French homestead in Cambridge was sold by William French, 
administrator, to Robert Browne, "John French, son & heir of said John 
French" joining in the sale. 
(b) Joseph French of Billerica (John 3 -), the son of John and 
Joanna French of Cambridge, born April 4, 1640, at Cambridge, was 
brought up in the family of his uncle William, first at Cambridge 
and later at Billerica. He married on Nov. 4, 1663, at Billerica, 
Experience Foster, daughter of Sergeant Thomas and Elizabeth Foster. 
He lived first on Golden More's lot, later east of the Woburn road 
* Perhaps the John French who married Mary Palmer of Rehoboth, Nov. 27, 
1678, had nine children, Hannah, John, Mary, Elizabeth, Martha, Samuel, Jonathan, 
Thomas and Ephraim, and died Feb. 25, 1724-5 (Vital Records of Rehoboth, 611, 824). 
t Perhaps the Nathaniel French who was in Taunton as early as 1675, obtained 
a grant of land from Jonah Austin on Nov. 7, 1676, married Mary Tisdale, daughter 
of John and Sarah (Walker) Tisdale of Taunton, Jan. 9, 1673-6, had two children, 
Nathaniel, Jr., and Sarah, and died at Taunton, June 14. 171 1 (Plymouth Colony 
Records, viii, 228, 229; Emery, Hist, of Taunton, 93; Bristol Co. Reg. of Deeds, 
iii, 169). 
t Joanna was buried Jan. 20, and John, Feb. 16. 
near Sergeant Foster's house. Children, born at Billerica : i. Joseph, 
March 25, 1667, died April 25, 1667. 2. Elizabeth, July 16, 1668; married 
(as his second wife) James Phillips of Taunton, May 7, 1691, and 
had eight children. 3. Joseph, Jr., March 7, 1669-70. 4. John, Jan. 30, 
1671-2. 5. Nathaniel, May 6, 1674. 6. Thomas, Feb. 29, 1675-6; died 
before 1680. 7. Sarah, April 6, 1677; died April 14,* 1677. 8. Jacob, 
April 26, 1678. In 1664 Joseph French, the father, was one of the signers 
of the address of the town of Billerica to the General Court, expressing 
confidence in the Government. In 1675 he took an active part in King 
Philip's War in Billerica, being assigned to assist in the defence of the 
fortress at Sergeant Foster's against the Indians. Between 1678 and 1680 
he removed to Taunton and purchased land there of Mary Evins and 
Anna Macomber on March 12, 1681. His home was in that part of 
South Taunton where Andrew Coville was living in 1898. He was a 
member of the 4th Squadron of the 1st Military Company of Taunton 
in i682.f Three more children were born at Taunton : 9. Thomas, Dec. 12, 
1680; buried Dec. 29, 1680. 10. Ebeneser, June 27, 1682. n. (Jo) Nathan, 
June 28, 1686. The name of Joseph French, Senior, occurs on the inspec- 
tion return of Capt. Leonard's Taunton Co. in King William's War in 
1691. He died in Taunton, between April 24 and July 3, 1694. His wife 
Experience was living in Taunton on May 10, 1720. 
(c) John French, Sr., of Taunton (Joseph, 13 John 1 ), third son of 
Joseph and Experience (Foster) French of Billerica, was born Jan. 30, 
1671-2, at Billerica. He came with his parents to Taunton between 1678 
and 1680. His first wife's name was Elizabeth. Children, born at Taun- 
ton : 1. Elisabeth, October, 1609. 2. John, Jr., May, 1701. 3. Experience, 
September, 1705. 4. Silence, June, 1707. Mrs. Elizabeth French died 
July 1, 1707, at Taunton. John French, Sr.'s, second wife's name was 
Hannah. Children, born at Taunton: 5. Abigail, May 25, 1711. 6. Sam- 
uel, Dec. 3, 1714. 7. Israel, July 21, 1717. 8. Hannah, June 19, 1720. 9. 
Rachel, April 20, 1723. John French, Sr., was a farmer by occupation. 
He served in King William's War in 1692 from Taunton. He was 
a member of the 1st Military Company of Taunton in 1700 and in 
1710. In 1735 the south part of Taunton, in which he was living, was 
set off to form a part of the town of Berkley. He assisted in the forma- 
tion of the Congregational Church at Berkley on Nov. 2, 1737, his name 
together with that of his wife Hannah appearing on the earliest list of 
members. His wife Hannah died Nov. 12, 1749, and he died Sept. 6, 
1760, both at Berkley. 
* Paige, Hist, of Cambridge, 552, says April 20. 
t It is probable that the Nathaniel French who was one of the heads of families 
in Taunton in 1675, and was in the 3d Squadron of the same military company in 
1682, was his brother (Emery, Hist, of Taunton, 93, 330). 
— 7— 
i. John French, Jr., descendant in the fourth generation of 
John French who settled in Cambridge in 1637, was born in 
Taunton in May, 1701. He was the eldest son of John French, 
Sr., and Elizabeth French of Taunton. His mother died when he 
was six years of age and he was brought up by his father's sec- 
ond wife, Hannah. On the last day of February, 1731-2 (prob- 
ably shortly before his marriage), his father, John French, Sr., 
Husbandman, deeded to him — John French, Jr., Husbandman — 
in consideration for "the Love, Good will and affection which 
I have and do have toward my Loving Son, John" 39 acres of 
land in South Taunton, bounded on the north by the land of 
Benjamin Darling (formerly owned by James Phillips), on the 
east and south by the land of George Caswell (formerly owned 
by Benjamin Crane), and on the west by that of Malachy Hallo- 
way. In 1735 this property became a part of the newly set- 
off town of Berkley. John French, Jr., became a member of the 
church in Berkley in 1738. He was Selectman in 1740. His 
wife's name was Marcy.* Children : 
i. Hopestill, b. Nov. 13, 1733, in Taunton ; married Rowland 
Gaven, Intention, April 1, 1769, in Middleboro. 
2. ii. John, 3D, b. Aug. 11, 1735, in Berkley. 
iii. Mercy, b. Sept. 13, 1737, i n Berkley; married Joseph Turner of 
Middleboro, Oct. 5, 1757. Child : Joshua, b. Dec. 13, 1757, in 
Middleboro; he was brought up from the age of six by his 
uncle, Asa French. 
3. iv. Asa, b. Oct. 28, 1740, in Berkley. 
v. Azubah, b. Sept. 25, 1742, in Berkley; married Ebenezer Barden, 
Intention, May 6, 1769, in Middleboro. 
vi. Lydia, b. March 22, 1746-7, in Berkley. 
vii. Rhode, b. Sept. 7, 1749, in Berkley; died young. 
On Aug. 10, 1749, John French, Jr., sold 30 acres of the 
farm which his father had given him nearly twenty years before, 
to Bezaleel Thresher of Taunton, and on Sept. 5, 1749, the 
remaining 10 acres to Nathaniel Townsend. It was then 
described as bounded on the north by land of Nathaniel Town- 
send and Widow Rebeccah Harvey, on the east and south by that 
of Ebenezer Miricks, and on the west by that of Major Thomas 
Gilbert. Shortly after he removed with his family to Middle- 
So spelled in deeds. 
boro,* where he lived till the year 1792, the latter part of the 
time in the family of his son John, 3d. He was brought from 
Middleboro to Oakham about 1792, when over 90 years of age, 
by his son John, 3d, and lived there till his death, Aug. 5, 1794. 
2. John, 3D, (John, Jr. 1 ) was born in Berkley, Mass., Aug. 
11, 1735, the son of John and Marcy French. He removed with 
his father to Middleboro in 1750. He married Hayden Shaw of 
Middleboro, July 24, 1766.! She was born Sept. 22, 1740. 
Children : 
i. Rhoda, b. Aug. 23, 1767, at Middleboro; married Benjamin 
Green of Oakham, Intention, Nov. 22, 1793; a daughter 
married a Methodist minister named Ruggles; d. Jan. 5, 1829, 
aged 61. 
ii. Hannah H., b. Aug. 19, 1769, at Middleboro; married (as his 
second wife) Zenas Ripley of Oakham, Intention, June 23, 
1805; d. June 12, 1847, aged 78. 
iii. Betsey, b. Aug. 31, 1771, at Middleboro; married her cousin, 
John French, 4th, of Oakham (son of Lieut. Asa), April 
25, 1804 (for her children see p. 14) ; d. March 18 (11), 1855, 
aged 84, in North Brookfield. 
iv. Nancy, b. July 6, 1773, at Middleboro; married Woodward 
Berry of Stockbridge, Vt, February, 1801 ; had two sons, 
Joseph and Isaac; d. April 28, 1850. 
4. v. Isaac, b. June 1, 1775, at Middleboro. 
vi. Philena, b. March 5, 1777, at Middleboro; married Alvin Lyon 
of Braintree, Vt. (son of Robert Lyon) on Jan. 20, 1807; 
d. March 8, 1820, aged 43, in Braintree. 
vii. Abigail (Nabby), b. March 6, 1779, in Middleboro; married 
Arunah Gilbert of Stockbridge, Vt., Jan. 29, 1800; had ten 
*A son Thomas may have been born in Middleboro in 1751. An unidentified 
Thomas French died in Oakham in 1825, aged 74 (Oakham V. R., 120). The 
Middleboro records are singularly silent regarding the French family. Nine of 
John French, 3d's, children must have been born there, and his wife certainly 
died there in 1787, but there are no entries in the town vital statistics to confirm 
these dates which are found in the family records (see Appendix). 
t An error in transcribing the Middleboro records has led some editors to assume 
that John French, 3d, was married twice, (1) to Lydia Shaw, on July 24, 1764; 
(2) to Hayden Shaw, April 5, 1766. The correct reading is: married Hayden 
Shaw, July 24, 1766, intention announced April 5, 1766. The somewhat unusual 
name Hayden was incorrectly transcribed Lydia. 
sons, John French, Linus Shaw, Franklin Emerson, Lyman 
Washburn, Alvah Lyon, Joseph Dennison, Isaac Barnes, Ira 
Washington, and two who died young; they lived in Mem- 
phis and Manchester, Mich., and in Cornish, N. Y. Mrs. 
Abigail Gilbert died Oct. 31, 1862, aged 83. 
viii. Sarah, b. May 25, 1781, in Middleboro; d. in Middleboro, Nov. 
4 (9), 1/83- 
ix. Sarah Eaton, b. July 9, 1785, in Middleboro; married Alvin 
Lyon of Braintree, Vt. (former husband of her sister 
Philena), Feb. 11, 1821 ; d. Oct. 19, 1873, aged 88, in Braintree. 
On July 11, 1771, John French, 3d, bought of Uriah Samson 
of Middleboro, 40 acres of land bordering on Assawompsett 
Pond, near John Roberson's. On May 6, 1784, he purchased 30 
more acres in Middleboro from Rowland Hammond of Plymp- 
ton, land which was formerly the property of Capt. Ichabod 
John French, 3d, served in the Revolutionary War as a pri- 
vate, from the towns of Berkley and Middleboro, in probably 
eight campaigns:* (1) in November, 1776, in Capt. Joshua 
Wilbore's Co., Col. Ebenezer Francis' Regt. ; (2) from Dec. 
8, 1776, 12 days on a Rhode Island alarm, in Capt. Joseph Burt's 
Co., Col. Edward Pope's (Bristol Co.) Regt.; (3) from Oct. 
2, 1777, 29 days on a secret expedition to Rhode Island, in Capt. 
James Briggs' Co., Col. Freeman's Regt. ; (4) from Jan. 10, 
1778, 2 months 23 days in Rhode Island, in Capt. James Nickols' 
(Berkley) Co., of Col. John Daggett's Regt; (5) May 6-9, 
1778, on an alarm at Dartmouth, in Capt. John Barrows' Co., Col. 
Ebenezer Sprout's Regt.; (6) Aug. 25-Sept. 1, 1778, 9 days in 
Rhode Island, in Capt. Ebenezer Paull's Co., Col. John Daggett's 
Regt.; (7) Sept. 6-12, 1778, on an alarm at Dartmouth, in Capt. 
John Barrows' Co., Col. Ebenezer Sprout's Regt. ; (8) on the 
Rhode Island alarm of Aug. 1, 1780, 9 days in Capt. Abner 
Bourn's Co., Col. Ebenezer White's Regt. 
Mrs. Hayden (Shaw) French died in Middleboro, July 18, 
1787, aged 47. John French, 3d, was living in Middleboro in 
1790, according to the United States Census of that year, with one 
male over 16 years of age, one male under 16, and six females 
Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Rev. War, vi, 75 (15), 77 (5). 78 (3)- 
in his family, besides himself. He removed to Oakham after 
Sept. 10, 1792, when he acknowledged a deed in Middleboro, 
and before Nov. 22, 1793, when his oldest daughter was mar- 
ried to Benjamin Green of Oakham. He was married a second 
time to Patty Fitch of New Braintree, Intention, March 26, 1797. 
She was born July 25, 1750, and died July 2, 1836, aged 85, at 
Oakham. On Nov. 8, 1791, he had already purchased of Rob- 
ert and James Forbes of Oakham a part of the Widow Ruth 
Forbes farm. In 1797 he bought the William Batt farm of 10 
acres and in the next year 25 acres of the John Powers home- 
stead. On Oct. 11, 1809, he sold his farm of 137 acres to his 
son Isaac and shortly afterward removed to Stockbridge, Vt.* 
He returned to Oakham and purchased the Thomas Conant place 
on Dec. 6, 1816. John French, 3d, died at Oakham, Sept. 11, 
3. (Lieut.) Asa (John, Jr. 1 ) was born in Berkley, Mass., 
Oct. 28, 1740, the son of John and Marcy French. He removed 
with his father to Middleboro in 1750. He served in the French 
and Indian War as a private, in Capt. Benjamin Pratt's Co., 
which was raised in Middleboro and which was engaged in the 
campaign in and about Fort Henry in the summer of 1757. He 
was then 17 years of age. About the year 1764, at his sister 
Mercy's request, he took his nephew, Joshua Turner, to bring 
up till the latter should be of age. He married Anne (or Susan- 
nah) Smith of Middleboro, Oct. 24, 1765. She was born Sept. 
29, 1745 (Aug. 21, 1736, Nov. 28, 1737), in Middleboro, and died 
April 6, 1802, in Oakham. Her ancestors, five generations back, 
came over from England in the Fortune, the ship that followed 
the Mayflower in the following June. Sept. 6, 1768, he pur- 
chased of Jonathan Bullard of Oakham, for £60, 143 acres of 
land in the northerly part of Lot No. 19 in Oakham, Mass., on 
which he lived till his death. The place was later known as the 
Charles Clark place. He removed from Middleboro to Oak- 
ham with his family in 1769. Children: 
* In Bass, Hist, of Braintree, Vt., 162, where reference is made to the marriage 
of his daughter Philena to Alvin Lyon, he is spoken of as John French of Stock- 
bridge, Vt., formerly from Massachusetts. 
— II — 
5. i. Samuel, b. Oct. 3, 1766, in Middleboro. 
ii. Susanna, b. Feb. 22 (23), 1769, in Oakham; married (as his 
second wife) Samuel Brewer of Spencer, April 5, 1810, who 
was born Feb. 13, 1758, and died July 23, 1840. Child : Samuel 
Snow, bapt. May 14, 1815. Mrs. Susanna Brewer died Sept. 
20 (4), 1850, aged 81. 
6. iii. John, 4TH, b. Dec. 16, 1771 (1772), in Oakham. 
iv. Bathsheba, b. Feb. 17, 1774, in Oakham; married (1) (as his 
second wife) Philo Sanford of Medway, April 28, 1835; he 
died in September, 1835. She married (2) Daniel Moulton of 
Spencer, July 28, 1836. She died in West Brookfield, July 28, 
1869, aged 95 yrs. 5 mos. ir days. 
7. v. Asa, Jr., b. March 17, 1777, in Oakham. 
When Captarh Crawford of Oakham called for soldiers after 
the Lexington alarm at the end of April, 1775, Asa French 
equipped and sent his nephew, Joshua Turner, in his own place. 
The latter served eight months, from May 2 to December, 1775, 
in Capt. Hazeltine's Co., Col. Fellows' Regt. He then reen- 
listed for one month more in Capt. Barnes' Co., Col. Ward's 
Asa French was elected Second Lieutenant of the 8th (Oak- 
ham) Company when the Fourth Worcester* County Regiment 
of Massachusetts Militia was organized at Brookfield, May 14, 
1776. His commission was dated May 31, 1776. 
He was sent with a detachment of 10 men from Oakham to 
Dobb's Ferry, Tarrytown and North Castle, N. Y., in Capt. 
Abner How's Co., Col. James Converse's Regt., in 1776; term 
of service, Sept. 19-Nov. 16. He was made Second Lieuten- 
ant of the Company, and when Capt. How and First Lieut. 
Joseph Packard both left for home on account of illness, the 
command of the Company devolved upon him. The Company 
was discharged at White Plains on Nov. 16, and the pay-roll 
is signed by him as Commandant.* 
In September, 1777, during the absence of Capt. Crawford 
from Oakham on military service, he and Lieut. Bothwell raised 
a company of between 10 and 20 volunteers from the town to 
reinforce General Gates at the Northward in anticipation of the 
invasion of General Burgoyne. They joined Capt. Cutler's Com- 
Wright, Soldiers of Oakham, 274, 275, 276. 
pany of Col. Stone's Regt. and General Fellows' Brigade, serv- 
ing from Sept, 14 to Oct. 18 (32 days). The company marched 
to Bennington on what was known as the Stillwater campaign. 
Lieut. French served as Sergeant on this occasion. The com- 
pany was discharged at Fort Edward. 
Oct. 15, 1779, Capt. Crawford, Lieut. Bothwell and Lieut. Asa 
French, who had already served the Oakham company as offi- 
cers more than three years, asked the town to relieve them from 
further service. This request the town at first granted, but on 
Oct. 25 reconsidered its action and asked the three to remain. 
They were prevailed upon to do so, and continued in office till 
the close of the war. Asa French taught in the schools of Oak- 
ham. He was Selectman of Oakham five different years, in 
1777, 1782, 1783, 1786, and 1797. In 1786 he subscribed £4 
toward building a house for Father Tomlinson, to be paid in 
boards, braces, etc. 
After the death of his first wife in 1802, he married Thank- 
full (Bangs) Thrasher, originally of New Salem (widow of 
William Thrasher of New Braintree), Intention, Sept. II, 1803. 
She died Feb. 18, 1806, in Oakham. He was again married to 
Abigail Stone* of Oakham, Intention, Oct. 5, 1806. She was 
born in July, 1750, and died July 4, 1825. Lieut. Asa French 
died at Oakham, Dec. 3, 1832, aged 92. 
4. Isaac (John, 3d, 2 John, Jr. 1 ) was born in Middleboro, 
June 1, 1775, the son of John and Hay den (Shaw) French. He 
removed with his father to Oakham soon after 1792. He mar- 
ried Catherine Davis of Oakham, Jan. 14, 1809 (1808). She 
was born Feb. 25, 1786, daughter of Deacon Samuel and Kath- 
erine (Smith) Davis. After the death of her husband in 1826, 
Catherine (Davis) French lived in Oakham until Dec. 26, 1850; 
when she was married a second time (as his third wife) to Enoch 
Goodale of Saco, Me. She died Jan. 21, 1858, at Saco, Me., 
aged 72 years. Children: 
Two family records read Abigail Stone Williams. 
i. and ii. Twins (unnamed), died a few days after birth, 1808. 
8. iii. Charles, b. Feb. 3, 181 1, at Oakham. 
iv. Nancy Davis, b. Aug. 10, 1813, at Oakham; married Samuel G. 
Henry, Dec. 14, 1836, who was born in Oakham, Feb. 14, 1813, 
was a pharmacist of Westboro, and died there April 17, 1877. 
Children, all born in Oakham: 1. Martha Elizabeth, Dec. 30, 
1837, married George H. Raymond of Westboro, Nov. 2, 1864, 
who died in Grand Rapids, Mich., April 26, 1904; no children; 
Mrs. Raymond resides in Westboro. 2. Ellen Maria, June 17, 
1841, married William R. Warner of Westboro, May 1, 1865, 
and had two children, Charles Henry and George Menzies ; 
Mrs. Warner resides at 764 Rock St., Fall River. 3. Charles 
Samuel, July 2, 1844, unmarried, lives in Westboro. 4. Mary 
Catherine, Sept. 30, 1847, a teacher, unmarried, lives in West- 
boro. 5. Frank French, Nov. 5, 1853, died March 13, 1854. 
Mrs. Nancy Davis Henry died Nov. 13, 1853, aged 40. 
9. v. Edwin, b. June 18, 1817, at Oakham. 
vi. Caroline Denny, b. Aug. 17, 1819, at Oakham ; d. April 20, 1820, 
at Oakham. 
vii. Catherine Davis, b. Aug. 17, 1819, at Oakham; d. Dec. 28, 1840, 
at Oakham, of consumption. She was regarded by many as 
the most beautiful girl of her day in Oakham. 
Isaac French lived on the Cheney Adams place. He was 
Selectman in 1805, 1806, 181 1 and 1812, Treasurer of the town 
1811-1822 inclusive, and was on the committee to circulate the 
memorial for peace in 1812. 
Isaac French died at Oakham, Oct. 4, 1826, aged 51. 
5. (Col.) Samuel (Lieut. Asa, 2 John, Jr. 1 ) was born Oct. 
3, 1766, in Middleboro, the son of Lieut. Asa and Anne (Smith) 
French. He came with his father to Oakham in 1769. He mar- 
ried Polly Ruggles, July 17, 1795, daughter of Timothy Rug- 
gles of Hardwick, Mass. (later of Cambridge, N. Y.),* and 
granddaughter of Edward and Lucy (Spooner) Ruggles of 
Hardwick, in whose family she was brought up. She was born 
Dec. 11, 1769 (1770), and died Oct. 19, 1844, aged 75. Children: 
* She must have been the daughter of a first wife, whose name is not now 
known, according to the testimony of her cousin Anson taken in the year 1871 by 
her son Fordyce S. French. No mention of a former wife occurs in the Spooner 
Genealogy, where the history of the Ruggles family is given at length, neither is 
Polly Ruggles mentioned as a daughter of Timothy Ruggles (Records of William 
Spooner of Plymouth, 1, 236). 
io. i. Lyndon Smith, b. Sept. 17, 1706, in Oakham. 
11. ii. Alvah Ruggles, b. April 7, 1798, in Craftsbury. 
iii. Mary Spooner, b. April 6, 1800, in Craftsbury; d. July 9, 1808, 
in Craftsbury. 
iv. Anna Adeline, b. April 7, 1802, in Craftsbury; d. July 27, 1825, 
in Craftsbury. 
12. v. Asa Leander, b. Oct. 4, 1804, in Craftsbury. 
13. vi. Samuel Franklin, b. Jan. 27, 1807, in Craftsbury. 
14. vii. Fordyce Spooner, b. Jan. 3, 1810, in Craftsbury. 
15. viii. Crighton Brewer, b. Sept. 8, 1812, in Craftsbury. 
Samuel French removed with his family to Craftsbury, Vt., 
about 1796. He was one of the early settlers in Orleans County, 
only one other township having been previously started. He 
aided in the settlement of a Congregational minister in 1797, 
and in the building of the church at a later date. He joined the 
church under the ministry of Rev. Wm. A. Chapin. 
Col. Samuel French died in Craftsbury, Sept. 28, 1854, aged 
88, as the result of a paralytic shock. 
6. John, 4TH, (Lieut. Asa, 2 John, Jr. 1 ) was born Dec. 16, 
1771 (1772), in Oakham, the son of Lieut. Asa and Anne (Smith) 
French. He married his cousin, Betsey French of Oakham, 
April 25, 1804. She was born Aug. 31, 1771, in Middleboro, 
daughter of John, 3d, and Hayden (Shaw) French. When a 
baby she was taken by her parents on a journey on horseback. 
Riding on a pillion with her mother she exposed one of her feet, 
which was badly frostbitten. Although always lame she cared 
for her home and from the amount of linen in the possession of 
her descendants must have done her share of spinning and weav- 
ing. She was a tailoress by trade and was a familiar figure 
going the rounds of her customers on horseback with her tailor's 
"goose." She died in North Brookfield, March 18 (n), 1855, 
aged 84. Children: 
i. Ann Smith, b. April 22, 1806, in Oakham; d. Sept. 21, 1887, at 
West Brookfield, from the results of a broken hip. 
ii. Erastus Shaw, b. Jan. 7, 1808, in Oakham; d. Sept. 7 (11), 1812, 
in Oakham. 
iii. Mary Caldwell, b. May 4, 1810, in Oakham ; d. May 13, 1896, at 
North Brookfield. 
16. iv. Anson Hadon, b. Aug. 6, 1813, in Oakham. 
b. Sept. 17, 1796, in Oakham 
b. Feb. 3, 1811, in Oakham 
b. Aug. 6, 1S13, in Oakham 
b. June 17, 1817, in Oakham 
John French, 4th, was Selectman of Oakham in 1813, 181 5, 
1816, 1819 and 1820. He purchased 3 acres 94 rods of land of 
his father on April 9, 1806, and on Jan. 26, 1816, added 64 acres 
more. He lived on the Charles Clark place in Oakham, but 
removed to West Brookfield in 1833, and later to North Brook- 
field. He died in North Brookfield, Dec. 23 (25), 1854, aged 82. 
7. Asa, Jr., (Lieut. Asa, 2 John, Jr. 1 ) was born in Oakham, 
March 17, 1777, the son of Lieut. Asa and Anne (Smith) French. 
He married Hannah Brimhall of Oakham, Intention, Nov. 9, 1801. 
She was born June 6, 1780 (1779), probably daughter of Sam- 
uel and Eunice (Humphrey) Brimhall, and sister of Jonas 
Brimhall. She died Dec. 20, 1864, aged 84. Children: 
17. i. (Capt.) Freeman, b. June 5, 1805, in Oakham. 
ii. Eliza, b. May 1, 1807, in Oakham; married Horace Bellows, 
Dec. 27, 1825, who was born Dec. 2, 1801, in West Boylston, 
and died in Worcester, July II, 1884, a jeweler by trade. 
Children: 1. Alvah H., b. in Oakham, Oct. 25, 1826; d. Sept. 
20, 1828. 2. Maria W ., b. in North Brookfield, Aug. 28, 1832; 
m. Sept. 2, 1856, to Otis H. Blood of Worcester. 
18. iii. Cyrus, b. Oct. 15, 1809, in Oakham. 
iv. (Infant child), b. Sept. 1, 1812; d. Sept. 5, 1812, in Oakham. 
Asa French, Jr., was in partnership with Samuel Hunt in 1824. 
He died May 3 (5), 1851 (1854). 
8. Charles (Isaac, 3 John, 3d, 2 John Jr. 1 ) was born in Oak- 
ham, Feb. 3, 181 1, the son of Isaac and Catherine (Davis) 
French. He taught school as a young man in the West Brick 
school-house in Oakham. He joined the Oakham church April 
30, 1832. Planning to study for the ministry, he attended Phil- 
lips Academy, Andover, during the year 1834, but then went west 
because of a weak throat. He took up land in Memphis, Scot- 
land County, Missouri, and transferred his church member- 
ship there from Oakham, March 6, 1842. In spite of his strong 
anti-slavery convictions, he remained in Missouri until after the 
death of his first wife in 1850. He then came east to Memphis, 
Michigan, making the journey as far as Detroit with his three 
— 16— 
surviving daughters, all under eight years of age, in a "Prairie 
Schooner." For three years he was a merchant at Memphis, and 
then removed in 1853 to Cleveland, Ohio, where he was a lumber 
merchant till his death. He married (1) Mary Ann Braken- 
ridge of Ware, Mass., on Oct. 16, 1839. She was born March 
24, 1816, daughter of William Sinclair and Anna (Cummings) 
Brakenridge.* She died at Memphis, Mo., May 11, 1850, and 
Mr. French married (2) Elizabeth Whitcomb Sherman, prob- 
ably of Ware, Mass., on Nov. 18, 1850. She was born in 1827, 
and was a cousin of William Brakenridge's wife. She died Dec. 
18, 1855, at Cleveland, Ohio, aged 28 years. Mr. French mar- 
ried (3) Ann A. Parker, on Aug. 3, 1856. She was a Michigan 
school-teacher. Children : 
i. Ann Maria, b. Aug. 6, 1840, at Memphis, Mo.; d. Sept. 4, 1840, 
at Memphis, Mo. 
ii. Catherine Davis, b. Oct. 14, 1841, at Memphis, Mo.; d. June 5. 
i860, at Cleveland, Ohio, 
iii. Lucy Ann Brakenridge, b. Sept. 27, 1843, at Memphis, Mo. ; 
d. April 10, 1884, at Cleveland, Ohio, 
iv. Martha Ellen, b. May 28, 1846, at Memphis, Mo.; A.B. 
Oberlin 1870; M.A. 1875; studied two years in Germany; 
taught for thirteen years as Lady Principal in western coedu- 
cational schools; from 1879 to 1881 she was Instructor in 
Mathematics at Smith College. She resides at Lake Forest, 
v. Mary Esther, b. Nov. 29, 1847, at Memphis, Mo.; d. July 17, 
1848, at Memphis, Mo. 
vi. Mary Elizabeth, b. July 4, 1852, at Memphis, Mich. ; d. Oct. 3, 
1854, at Cleveland, Ohio, 
vii. Clara Parker, b. Dec. 1, 1857, at Cleveland, Ohio; d. June 2, 
1858, at Cleveland, Ohio, 
viii. Charles Edwin, b. May 2, 1859, at Cleveland, Ohio; attended 
Amherst one year and University of Michigan one year; 
went into the general insurance business; married Mary 
Nevins ; they have no children. He resides at 620 Kent 
Place, Toledo, Ohio, 
ix. Anna Coates, b. Oct. 7, 1861, at Cleveland, Ohio; d. June II, 
1863, at Cleveland, Ohio. 
Charles French held local and civic offices and was a member 
of the Board of Education in Cleveland, Ohio. He contributed 
* Temple, Hist, of Palmer, Mass., 416. 
five thousand dollars toward the erection of a two-story brick 
building on the west side of the Oberlin College campus near 
the south end, which was named French Hall in his honor. This 
building, begun in 1867, was completed in 1868. He was Dea- 
con in the First Congregational Church of Cleveland and leader 
of a large Bible Class, which had a portrait of him painted and 
hung in the class-room, where it is still in place. He was not 
rich, yet he left one-sixth of his estate to religious and edu- 
cational objects. Though bound by the strict Puritanic code of 
his day, he was genial, abounding in tact and anecdotes, and used 
even with his Southern neighbors a freedom in speaking of slav- 
ery not often allowed. When one of them complained of his 
inability to get on, he compared notes to show that with no other 
advantage than lack of slaves he had been able to make money. 
He had lung trouble before he left Oakham for the West, and 
while recovering from this he developed other troubles which 
wore upon him till his death. He died in Cleveland, Ohio, July 
16, 1866, aged 55 years. 
9. Edwin (Isaac, 3 John, 3d,- John, Jr. 1 ) was born in Oak- 
ham, Mass., June 18, 1817, the son of Isaac and Catherine 
(Davis) French. He went West with his brother Charles before 
1838, first to St. Louis, Mo., then to St. Joe, from there to 
Sand Hill in Scotland County, where he embarked as a young 
man in general merchandise and remained for several years, after 
which he removed to Schuyler County. In 1844 he laid out the 
town of Tippecanoe, and carried on a general country store. 
From there he went to California and remained two years. He 
crossed the plains with ox-teams and returned via the Horn. 
After he came back from California, he laid out the town of 
Lancaster, Schuyler County, Mo. There he remained all the rest 
of his' days, with the exception of a temporary residence in Cal- 
ifornia and Colorado, for his health, in the seventies. He mar- 
ried Esther Hathaway in Schuyler County, Mo., in 1843. She 
was the daughter of Josiah and Julia (Dean) Hathaway and was 
born in Vermont, July 15, 1822. Children: 
i. Charles Henry, b. Jan. 20. 1845; served in the Union Army 
from 1862 to 1865; married Mary J. Farris at Lancaster on 
Oct. 13, 1867 ; engaged in the mercantile business with his 
— 18— 
father for many years, later in the banking business; d. at 
St. Joe, Mo., Aug. 14, 1913. 
ii. Wilbur Dwight, b. Jan. 27, 1847; served in the Union Army 
from 1863 to 1865; married Mary Rhodes at Lancaster, Jan. 
1, 1871 ; removed to Colorado, where he engaged in stock- 
raising; d. Dec. 29, 1888. 
iii. Agnes M., b. Aug. 22, 1849; married William S. Leedom, Dec. 8, 
1867; resides at Lancaster, 
iv. Julia Catherine, b. Nov. 8, 1853 ; married Charles E. Vrooman, 
Chief Clerk in the Solicitor's Office, Washington, D. C, on 
Nov. 27, 1873; resides at 1123 Euclid St., N. W., Washington. 
v. Edwin Lewis, b. Jan. 11, 1856; a lawyer; married Bell Justice 
at Keokuk, Iowa, May 16, 1883; resides at Lancaster, Mo. 
vi. Alexander Campbell, b. Sept. 3, 1858; d. Feb. 8, i860, at 
vii. Mary Ella, b. June 12, 1861 ; d. April 12, 1862, at Lancaster. 
"Edwin French was the first representative of Schuyler County 
in the Missouri Legislature in the fifties. During his more than 
forty years' residence in Schuyler County he held the offices of 
Representative, Clerk of the County, County Treasurer, Presi- 
dent of the Schuyler County National Bank, of the Agricultural 
Society, Mayor of his town, and was repeatedly summoned by 
the courts in a fiduciary capacity. He was a man of fine phy- 
sique, large brain, great intellectuality, of the Websterian mould. 
His advice was constantly sought by his fellow citizens in the 
community in which he lived, in finance, business, politics, com- 
mercial transactions, and religion. He was a consecrated church- 
man, holding the office of Bishop in the Christian Church for 
more than 40 years. He was loyal to his country, to his domestic 
relations, and to his God. During the conflict between the States 
his devotion to his country was exceptional ; on several occasions 
he had been condemned to death — but the Lord in whom he 
trusted willed otherwise. Ever and always he was the first 
citizen of his county, honored by the courts, esteemed by his 
fellow citizens, admired by the younger generation, and revered 
by the clergy and church, to whom and to which he imparted 
much usefulness, helpfulness and grace during the many years 
of his long and spiritual service in his Master's vineyard. Never 
a flaw in his character, never a suspicion of wrong-doing, never 
a breath of scandal marred his godly and useful life. Wonder- 
—i 9 — 
ful in his perceptive faculties, marvelous in his wisdom, thorough 
in his judgment — he completed a well-rounded and magnificent 
career. He passed peacefully and quietly away on a beautiful 
June morning, as he had lived — honored, loved, and esteemed, 
the 'noblest Roman of them all,' and had his life been spent 
in a broader sphere, under different environments, easily would 
he have been a 'Great Commoner.' 
'Full many a gem of purest ray serene 
The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear, 
Full many a flower is born to blush unseen 
And waste its sweetness on the desert air.' ' 
Edwin French died in Lancaster, June 15, 1893. Mrs. Esther 
(Hathaway) French died, also at Lancaster, on Sept. 30, 1903. 
"In her lifetime she was much loved and revered by all who knew 
her, for her sweetness and simplicity of character, strong relig- 
ious convictions, nobility of wifehood and motherhood, ever 
patient, calm and companionable; a woman of no ordinary 
intellect, much acquired knowledge, and when she became the 
wife of Edwin French was a teacher of repute — taught the first 
school in the county. When her Lord and Master called, her 
soul passed peacefully and calmly to the Great Beyond to join 
that company John saw and which no man could number." 
10. (Rev.) Lyndon Smith (Col. Samuel, 3 Lieut. Asa, 2 John, 
Jr. 1 ) was born Sept. 17, 1796, in Oakham, Mass., the son of 
Col. Samuel and Polly (Ruggles) French. Sometime after 1796 
his father removed with his family from Oakham to Craftsbury, 
Vt. He lived with his father till he was 20 years old, when he 
learned the cabinet maker's trade in the family of Dea. Farn- 
ham of Hardwick, Vt. From 1821 to 1828 he lived in Crafts- 
bury, later in Cabot Lower Village. He entered the ministry and 
preached successively in Moretown, Duxbury, Fayston, Warren, 
Coventry, and Franklin (1845-1861). He married Annie E. 
Farnham of Hardwick, Vt., on March 26, 1820. She was born 
July 3, 1799, daughter of Dea. Aaron and Florella (Strong) 
Farnham of Hardwick. She died June 21, 1881, aged 82, in 
Franklin, Vt. Children: 
i. Samuel Farnham, b. Jan. 17, 1822, at Craftsbury; served as 
private in Co. B, 1st Vt. Cavalry, from Sept. 16, 1861, to 
Nov. 18, 1864; promoted to Corporal; a mechanic and 
farmer; married twice, first to Nancy E. Emerson of Salem, 
Mass., name and date of second marriage unknown; had 
four children by second marriage, Evelyn, David, Myrtle, 
Clyde; all reside at or near Canon City, Colo. He died at 
Canon City, Feb. 2, 1912. 
ii. Evelyn French, b. May 14, 1824, at Craftsbury; a manu- 
facturer of patent sewing machine cases and built-up tables 
in New York City; married Elizabeth H. Brown, Dec. 19, 
1854; no children. He died April 3, 1888, in New York City. 
iii. Alvah (J.),* b. May 14, 1824, at Craftsbury; an unassigned 
recruit in the Civil War from June 3-18, 1862; a furniture 
dealer; married (1) Lucy Abell, May 30, 1855, (2) Lucy 
Bell. Children by his first wife: 1. Freddie, died in infancy. 
2. Frank Chester, b. May 7, 1858 ; married Monona Howell ; 
has one son Chester; lives in New Rochelle, N. Y. Alvah 
J. French died Sept. 19, 1882, at Franklin, Vt. 
iv. Adaline, b. Feb. 9, 1826, in Craftsbury, Vt. ; an artist ; married 
Rev. L. H. Stone, June 30, 1869; no children. She died May 
28, 1907, at Castleton, Vt. 
v. Augustus Fordyce, b. Feb. 7, 1828, at Cabot, Vt. ; served as 
musician in Co. F, 15th Vt. Infantry, from Sept. 16, 1862, to 
Aug. 5, 1863; a farmer; married (1) Hannah Jane Sawyer, 
(2) Martha Sawyer, sisters. Children by his first wife: 
1. Horatio Lyndon, b. Jan. 4, 1856. 2. Evelyn Frank, b. Dec. 
17, 1859. 3- Julia Hariat, b. June 9, 1864. 4. Augustus 
Fordyce, b. Oct. 27, 1872. 5. Albert Eugene, b. Aug. 6, 1875; 
d. in infancy. He resides in Barton, Vt. His son, Horatio 
L., married Sarah Ann Thorn Ireland and resides at 1235 
Iranistan Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Children : (a) Courtney 
Augustus, b. Dec. 2, d. Dec. 24, 1880. (b) Walter Evelyn, 
b. Nov. 22, 1882. (c) Horatio James, b. Feb. 19, 1886. (d) 
Arthur Raymond, b. June 27, 1888. (e) Lillian Margaret, b. 
March 13, 1893. 
vi. Emily, b. March 5, 1830, at Cabot, Vt. ; married Allen Barr 
Cutler, a farmer of Highgate, Vt., Jan. 8, 1851. Children, 
born at Highgate: 1. Elizabeth Catherine, Oct. 30, 1851. 
2. Alary Emily, March 19, 1853. 3. Alice Maria, Feb. 16, 1855. 
4. Adaline Bell, Sept. 17, 1858. 5. Lucy Allen, Aug. II, 1864. 
Mrs. Cutler resides at Highgate. 
vii. Aaron, b. April 7, 1832, at Cabot, Vt. ; Second Lieutenant in the 
3d Vt. Battery, service from Sept. 21, 1863, to Oct. 10, 1864; a 
The initial / was adopted merely for identification. 
mechanic; married (i) Mary Waite and had four children, 
Lyndon, Scott, Inez, and Minnie; (2) Jennie Porter on 
Dec. 17, 1872, and had two children, Gertrude, b. Nov. 12, 
1873, married D. W. Welton, March 28, 1902, and Frances, 
b. Feb. 26, 1880, married W. B. Myler, March 12, 1902; both 
live in Selby, So. Dakota. Aaron French died Dec. 8, 1901, 
in Dennison, Iowa. 
viii. Katherine, b. Jan. 26, 1835, in Fayston, Vt. ; married Henry 
Hall Bell of Franklin, Vt., May 5, 1857, who was a Com- 
missary in the 7th Vt. Volunteer Regiment, and afterwards a 
merchant. Child: Anna Florella, b. Nov. 4, 1861, a school- 
teacher in Pittsford, Vt. Mrs. Bell resides in Pittsford. 
ix. John, b. June 6, 1839, at Coventry, Vt. ; served in the Navy on 
the "U. S. Wachusett" in the Civil War, from January to 
April, 1865; a mechanic; married Anna Buffington. Chil- 
dren: 1. Harry Buffington, b. Jan. 11, 1868. 2. Winifred 
Farnham, b. June 20. 1869. 3. Lynward, b. April 14, 1872; 
d. Aug. 9, 1898, in Cuba in the Spanish War, a member of 
Co. F. Naval Brigade, M. V. M. on the "U. S. Prairie." 4- 
Sara, b. June 6, 1876. John French's address is unknown. 
His two oldest children reside in Fall River, Mass. 
x. Henry Dwight, b. Feb. 11, 1842, at Coventry, Vt. ; served in 
Co. F, 2d Regt. Mass. Volunteers, from May 25, 1861, to 
May 28, 1864; was wounded by a cross-fire in both shoulder- 
blades while in service; a mechanic; unmarried; d. Oct. 12, 
1891, at Highgate, Vt. 
xi. Crighton Brewer, b. Oct. 20, 1844, at Coventry, Vt. ; served as 
musician in Co. C, 5th Vt. Infantry, from Aug. 21, 1861, to 
June 29, 1865; a manufacturer; married Bessie M. Lambkin, 
daughter of Howard and Katherine Lambkin, on Jan. 16, 
1868. She was born April 17, 1846. Children : 1. Jessie Bell, 
b. Dec. 24, 1868. 2. Charles Marshall, b. June 27, 1870. 3. 
Lillian Lee, b. Nov. 16, 1871 ; d. Sept. 16, 1873. 4. Frederick 
Lambkin, b. Dec. 2, 1873; d. April 2, 1896. 5. Edith Elizabeth, 
b. June 28, 1886; d. March 29, 1911. C. B. French resides at 
1 1 17 Carroll St., Brooklyn, N. Y. He is president of the 
C. B. French Cabinet Co. (Incorporated). 401 Flushing Ave., 
Brooklyn. His son, Charles M., married Ida Haring on June 
12, 1897, and has two sons, (a) Robert Marshall, b. Dec. 17, 
1897, and (b) Crighton Brewer, b. Jan. 30, 1902. 
Six sons of Lyndon S. French served in the Union Army in 
the War of the Rebellion, their united terms of service aggregat- 
ing twelve years. On July 4, 1879, the entire family, father 
aged 83, mother aged 80, and the eight sons and three daughters 
with their families, met together at Franklin, Vt. Rev. Lyndon 
S. French died in Franklin, Vt., July 10, 1879, aged 83 years. 
Rev. W. C. Smith, D.D., of St. Albans, Vt, said of him: "Lyn- 
don S. French is an encyclopedia of religious knowledge, and a 
system of unimpeachable theology." 
11. (Judge) Alvah Ruggles (Col. Samuel, 3 Lieut. Asa, 2 
John, Jr. 1 ) was born April 7, 1798, in Craftsbury, second son 
of Col. Samuel and Polly (Ruggles) French. Sometime after 
1796 Alvah's father removed with his family from Oakham to 
Craftsbury, Vt., where he was born and where he spent his life 
as a cabinet maker. He married Amelia Maria Curtis. She was 
born at Hanover, N. H., June 6, 1806, and died Sept. 22, 1843, 
aged 37 years 3 months 15 days. Children: 
i. Henry D., b. June 22, 1839, in Craftsbury; d. July 19, 1842, in 
Craftsbury, aged 3 yrs. 27 days, 
ii. Solomon A., b. in Craftsbury, Aug. 11, 1843; d. Nov. 17, 1862, 
aged 19 yrs. 3 mos. 6 days. 
Alvah R. French died in Craftsbury, Vt., Aug. 9, 1876. He 
left no children, and this branch of the French family became 
extinct with him. 
12. (Judge) Asa Leander (Col. Samuel, 3 Lieut. Asa, 2 John, 
Jr. 1 ) was born Oct. 4, 1804, in Craftsbury, Vt., the son of Col. 
Samuel and Polly (Ruggles) French. Sometime after 1796 
Asa's father removed with his family from Oakham to Crafts- 
bury, Vt., where he was born and grew up. He later removed 
to St. Johnsbury, Vt., and was at first a carriage maker. Then 
he became Judge of Probate for Caledonia County, Vt., which 
office he held for more than 30 years. He married Laura Wright 
on Oct. 14, 1828. She was born in Barnet, Vt., in 1807, and 
was the daughter of Dr. Ashbel Wright. She died in St. Johns- 
bury on March 21, 1879. Children: 
i. Henry, b. Aug. 19, 1829; married on Aug. 2, 1859, Sarah W. 
Baker, daughter of Oliver and Elvira (Eastman) Baker, who 
was born Feb. 2, 1836, and died Jan. 7, 1914. Henry French 
was for many years Registrar of Probate and, in the last years 
of his life, was Treasurer of Carrick Bros. Granite Co. of 
St. Johnsbury, Vt. Children: 1-4 (four children died in 
infancy). 5. Laura Emma, b. Sept. 19, 1865; d. Sept. 17, 1908. 
6. Frank Oliver, b. May 15, 1872; married Mabel L. Brock 
of Barnet on June 26, 1901, and lives at St. Johnsbury, Vt. 
ii. Charles Wright, b. Feb. 20, 1832; married Adaline Sadlier of 
Drummondville, P. Q., on Oct. 20, 1859; he died Dec. 1, 1882. 
Children: 1. William Henry, b. Dec. 31, 186 1 ; d. April 22, 
1892. 2. Charles Walter, b. Dec. 14, 1864, lives at Colebrook, 
N. H. 3. Asa Leander, b. Jan. 4, 1874; married Jessie 
Williams of Colebrook, N. H., on Feb. 4, 1899, has three 
children, all born at Colebrook : (a) Charles Asa, June 16, 
1900; (&) Jennie Williams, Feb. 21, 1903; (c) Walter 
Francis, May 13, 1904. Asa L. French lives at Tilton, N. H. 
iii. Edward, b. Nov. 23, 1833; married Lucia Waite of St. Johns- 
bury on June 5, 1858; d. at Alexandria, July 7, 1864, of 
wounds received at Petersburg, while serving in the Union 
Army in the New Hampshire Sharpshooters. 
iv. Helen M., b. Oct. 20, 1839; married Capt. J. W. D. Carpenter 
on July 30, 1863, who was killed in the Battle of the Wilder- 
ness, May 5, 1864; no children. She died May 1, 1899. 
v. Mary A., b. April 9, 1848; d. Feb. 15, 1871, aged 22. 
Judge Asa L. French died Feb. 14, 1886, at St. Johnsbury, 
Vt., aged 81 years 4 months. 
13. Samuel Franklin (Col. Samuel, 3 Lieut. Asa, 2 John, 
Jr. 1 ) was born Jan. 27, 1807, in Craftsbury, Vt., the son of Col. 
Samuel and Polly (Ruggles) French. Sometime after 1796 
Samuel's father removed with his family from Oakham to Crafts- 
bury, where he was born. He lived in Coventry, Vt., and was 
a carpenter by occupation. He married (1) Harriet Plastridge 
of Coventry, Vt. She was born May 2, 1820, daughter of Amasa 
Plastridge, and died March 2, 1843. After her death, he 
married (2) Prudence Head. Children: 
i. Mary Ruggles, b. Aug. 19, 1841 ; d. July 28, 1907, unmarried, at 
ii. Albert. 
iii. Jennie, before her death, married and had one child. 
Samuel F. French died May 29, 1888, in Coventry, Vt. 
14. (Judge) Fordyce Spooner (Col. Samuel, 3 Lieut. Asa, 2 
John, Jr. 1 ) was born Jan. 3, 1810, in Craftsbury, Vt., the son 
of Col. Samuel and Polly (Ruggles) French. Sometime after 
1796 Fordyce's father removed from Oakham to Craftshury, Vt., 
where he was born. He was the youngest but one of the' eight 
children of Samuel French. He taught school several terms, 
and then bought a farm in Craftsbury. He removed to Glover, 
Vt, in 1845, an d later to Barton in 1856. He lived for the 
remainder of his life in Barton, Vt., where he was Judge of the 
County Court and was kept busy in the settlement of estates. As 
Justice of the Peace many cases came before him for trial. He 
married (1) Eliza Ann Jewett Boardman, Aug. 20, 1837, in 
Craftsbury. She was born Nov. 12, 1817, daughter of John and 
Abigail (Hazen) Boardman, and died Sept. 18, 1848, in Glover, 
Vt. He married (2) Martha Hazen, on Feb. 22, 1849. She 
was born May 13, 1821, and died Aug. 25, 1888. Children: 
i. John Boardman, b. June 19, 1840, in Craftsbury; d. in Brainerd, 
Minn., Nov. 30, 1873. 
ii. Mary Abigail, b. April 18, 1844, i n Craftsbury; married Oscar 
Daniel Owen, Nov. 5, 1874. Child : Julia French, b. Dec. 30, 
1875, married Rev. John Pearl Garfield, Dec. 30, 1902, 
and has two children : (a) Owen Richardson, b. April 1, 
1905, and (b) John French, b. Oct. 18, 1907. Mrs. Mary A. 
Owen resides in Claremont, N. H., with the Garfield family. 
Judge Fordyce S. French died in Barton, Vt., Sept. 26, 187 1, 
aged 61, as a result of a paralytic shock. 
15. Crighton Brewer (Col. Samuel, 3 Lieut. Asa, 2 John, 
Jr. 1 ) was born Sept. 8, 1812, in Craftsbury, Vt., the youngest son 
of Col. Samuel and Polly (Ruggles) French. Soon after 1796 
Crighton's father removed with his family from Oakham to 
Craftsbury, Vt., where he was born and where he lived till 1846, 
when he removed to New York City and, in 1848, formed a 
partnership with Messrs. Baldwin and Reed in the dry goods 
business. The firm was most successful, and Mr. French was 
considered one of the best judges of silks and dress goods in the 
city. In 1870 his health failed and he removed to Rochester, 
N. Y., still retaining a partnership interest in the firm. The fail- 
ure of the firm a few years after he left weighed heavily upon 
him and was in part responsible for his death in 1872. He mar- 
ried (1) Caroline Baldwin, May 13, 1847. She died of con- 
sumption in New York City, Dec. 3, 1862, and Mr. French 
married (2) Jane Mackintosh, July 19, 1864. She died in San 
Francisco, Cal., Aug. 25, 1913. Children: 
i. Robert Samuel, b. Sept. 5, 1848; d. Oct. 8, 1850, in New York 
ii. Alvah Ruggles, b. March 24, 1850, in New York City; d. Oct. 9, 
1000, in Cleveland, Ohio. 
Hi. James Chrystie, b. Dec. 11, 1852; d. July 14, 1853, in New York 
iv. Crighton Brewer, b. May 31, 1854; d. March 13, 1857, in New 
York City. 
v. Henry, b. Sept. 3, 1856, in New York City; unmarried; resides 
in Rochester, N. Y. 
vi. Joseph Lewis, b. Aug. 16, 1858, in New York City; present 
whereabouts unknown; a brilliant writer and newspaper man. 
vii. Caroline Mackintosh, b. April 15, 1865, in Rochester; taught 
in the public schools of Rochester before her marriage; 
married July 26, 1890, in Rochester, N. Y., to Frank Treubeth, 
a musician of Herkimer, N. Y., who died March 7, 191 1. 
Children: 1. Edith May, b. May 4, 1891 ; d. Sept. 6, 1910. 
2. Grace, b. July 6, 1893; d. March 4, 191 1. 3. Arthur For- 
dyce, b. April 16, 1898; d. July 7, 1906. 4. Richard Henry, 
b. Sept. 26, 1908; d. Feb. 4, 191 1. Mrs. Caroline French 
Treubeth died March 28, 1909, in Herkimer, N. Y. 
viii. Fordyce Reed, b. Dec. 10, 1868, in Rochester, N. Y.; married 
Fannie Julia Young of Rochester, July 10, 1900, daughter of 
James and Jane (Jardine) Young of Scotland, Eng. ; is a 
lay modeler and sheet metal worker. Address, 27 Bloomfield 
St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Crighton B. French died in Rochester, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1872. 
16. Anson Hadon (John, 4th, 3 Lieut. Asa, 2 John, Jr. 1 ) was 
born Aug. 6, 181 3, in Oakham, the son of John, 4th, and Betsey 
(French) French. April 14, 1834, he bought of Luther Hunter 
a farm containing 53 square rods on the road from Oakham 
center to Coldbrook village, north of Otis Stone's. To this he 
added on Oct. 20, 1835, 20 more square rods by purchase from 
Otis Stone. He located in West Brookfield in early manhood 
and joined the church there in 1839. He came to North Brook- 
field in 1843, and worked in the Batcheller Shop from 1844 to 
1875. He married Luthera Sabrina Lamb of Fletcher, Vt, 
April 2, 1845. She was born March 4, 1824, daughter of Zura 
and Polly Lamb. She died Feb. 10, 1904, at North Brookfield. 
Children : 
i. Charles Anson, b. April 12, 1857, in North Brookfield; married 
on July 31, 1877, Marian Maud Smith of North Brookfield, 
who was born April 11, 1858, daughter of Charles and Caro- 
line Smith. Child: Grace Ethel, b. June 14, 1878; d. March 
6, 1882. Charles A. French resides in Marlboro and is 
engaged in shoe manufacturing; he is an active worker in 
the Congregational Church, being one of the Deacons, a 
teacher in the Sunday School, and President of the Brother- 
ii. John Edwin, b. May 3, 1859, in North Brookfield; d. Aug. 3, 
1859, in North Brookfield. 
iii. Lillie Maria, b. Oct. 12, 1861, in North Brookfield; married on 
Aug. 8, 1883, Charles G. Thompson of Templeton, who was 
born June II, i860, in Templeton, and died Oct. 14, 1004, in 
North Brookfield. Children : 1. Elida Richmond, b. Oct. 2, 
1887, in North Brookfield. 2. Mildred Evelyn, b. Dec. 4, 1891, 
in North Brookfield. Mrs. Thompson resides in North 
Brookfield with her sister and two daughters. 
iv. William Erastus, b. Nov. 24, 1862, in North Brookfield ; married 
Alice Linfield of Brockton, daughter of Adelbert and Alice 
(Joslyn) Linfield, on Jan. 31, 1889. Child: Madeline Joslyn, 
b. May 13, 1890. William E. French resides in Rutherford, 
N. J., and is Business Manager of the New York office of 
the Cyphers Incubator Company. 
v. Mary Ann, b. Dec. 2, 1869, in North Brookfield; she is employed 
in the office of the H. H. Brown Shoe Co., North Brookfield, 
and is an active worker in the Sunday School and Christian 
Endeavor Society of the First Congregational Church. 
Anson H. French was a member of the First Congregational 
Church in North Brookfield, by transfer from the West Brook- 
field Church. He died in North Brookfield, Nov. 9, 1882, aged 
69, as the result of a broken hip. He was severely injured by 
a cow jumping upon him, and suffered greatly up to the time 
of his death. 
17. (Capt.) Freeman {Asa, Jr., 3 Lieut. Asa, 2 John, Jr. 1 ) was 
born in Oakham, June 5, 1805, the son of Asa, Jr., and Hannah 
(Brimhall) French. He married Hannah Davis Bellows of Pax- 
ton, April 26, 1827. She was born Aug. 7, 1806, at Sturbridge, 
Mass., daughter of Jonas and Sally (Bridges) Bellows. She 
died Nov. 13, 1884. Children: 
i. Jane Swan, b. March 15, 1828, in Oakham; married Edmund 
P. Macullar, May 4, 1847. Children : 1. Martha Jane, b. July 
24, 1848; d. Feb. 12, 1854. 2. Charles E., b. Jan. 28, 1853, 
is in insurance business in Boston. 3. William F., b. Sept. 6, 
1857, in Worcester. 4. Alice Marion, b. July 30, 1861 ; d. 
March 8, 1869. Mrs. Macullar resides at 2 Aspen St., 
Roxbury, her son Charles E., at Hotel Westminster, Boston. 
ii. Alvah Bellows, b. May 3, 1830, in Oakham; married Mary E. 
Sanford. Children: 1. Alvah Sanford, b. July 30, 1856. 2. 
Florence Mabel, b. 1858. 3. Mary Elizabeth, b. September, 
i860. Alvah B. French died April 13, 1904, in Boston. 
iii. Susan Amelia, b. July 11, 1832, in Oakham. 
iv. George Freeman, b. Aug. 12, 1834, in Oakham ; married Lucretia 
H. Titcomb. Children : 1. George Freeman, Jr., b. March 19, 
1861 ; married Susan Rohan. 2. Fannie Titcomb, b. June, 
1863; married Dr. Charles Morrill Kent. 
v. Charles H., b. Dec. 26, 1836, in Oakham; d. July 2, 1837, in 
vi. Charles Davis, b. July 14, 1842, in Oakham ; conducted a leather 
business in Boston for many years; married Susan Eckstein 
Schober of Philadelphia, Dec. 28, 1871. A son, Charles 
Frederick, born in Boston, May 4, 1876, graduated at Harvard 
in 1897, married Anna Morton Davenport of Boston, April 20, 
1908, conducts a stationery business in New York City, and 
resides at 9 Livingston Place, New York City. Charles 
Davis French died in Boston, Feb. 10, 1912. Mrs. Charles D. 
French resides at 6 Humboldt Ave., Roxbury. 
vii. Julia Marion, b. Oct. 6, 1845, in Oakham. She resides at 
6 Humboldt Ave., Roxbury. 
In early life Freeman French was a shoemaker by occupation 
and had a small shop between Oakham and Coldbrook. He was 
Captain of the Oakham Military Company. Afterwards he 
removed to Philadelphia, where he and his son Charles Davis were 
members of the firm of French, Schober & Co., manufacturers of 
shoes, 436 Market St. and 431 Merchant St. Later he removed 
to Boston. Even in the eighties he was active mentally and 
physically, and regularly attended to business until a few weeks 
before his -death at the age of 89. Capt. Freeman French died 
in Boston, May 29, 1894. 
i8. Cyrus (Asa, Jr., 3 Lieut. Asa,- John, Jr. 1 ) was born Oct. 
15, 1809, in Oakham, Mass., the son of Asa, Jr., and Hannah 
(Brimhall) French. His father deeded land in Oakham to him 
in 1 83 1 and he was living there in 1833, when he married Susan 
C. Reed of Oakham, on May 16. She was probably the daughter 
of Benjamin and Betsey Reed, and was born July 4, 181 2. She 
died Dec. 1, 1852, aged 40. Cyrus French and his wife were in 
East Boston in 1834. He died in Brookfield, Aug. 12, 1844. 
Papers connected with Asa French's Pension Application 
Li Asa French 
I Asa French now a resident in Oakham in the County of Worcester 
and State of Massachusetts aged ninty one years old the 28. day of 
October last past, I was born in the Town of Bartly [Berkley] in the 
County of Bristol in the State of Massachusetts the 28. day of October 
in the year AD 1740 — my Father moved into Middelborough in the 
County of Plymouth when I was in the tinth year of my age and I 
lived ther till the year 1769 then I moved into the town of Oakham in 
the County of Worester and State aforesaid where I now live and 
have lived ever since I moved there, — I further state that Joshua Turner 
a boye about six years of his age was given to me by his mother a sister 
of mine to bring up till he was twenty one years old, in the year one 
Thousand seven hundred and seventy five in Apl a War tuck place 
betwen old ingland and the United States of America, the newes came 
that the British troops had marched out of Boston to Lexington and had 
kiled a number of amaracans and we wer Colled upon in Oakham, the 
Cap 1 told me I must go or let my yong man go according to his orders 
I let Joshua Turner go for eight monthes (about in Dec r the same year 
sum of the men wer wanted to Stay one month longer) [this sentence 
in parenthesis is crossed out in the original. H. B. W.] he enlisted in 
Cap 1 Hazeltons Comp y in Col Fellowes Reg 1 I furnished the said Turner 
with Armes Aquipments Blanket and Cloathing who was then in the 
ninteenth year of his age and he marched of with the Comp y to Rox- 
bury the town next to Boston, in December the same year 1775, the 
same Joshua Turner enlisted in Cap 1 Barnes Comp y in Col Wards Reg 1 
for one Month. 
I Asa French do further stat that I was a Lieu 1 in Cap 1 John Crawfords 
Compy in Col James Conveses Reg 1 in the month of September in the 
year 1776. I was Caled upon by the Agitent of Col Conveses Reg 1 to 
march to Brookfield and Joine Cap 1 Abner Hows Comp. y and march to 
the State of New York according to orders I marched through Newhaven 
in the state of Connecticut, to the State of New York in Col Conveses 
Reg 1 , under the emmediate Command of Gen 1 Starks, and was discharged 
at white Planes in November was there two Months and allowed nine 
days to march home 
— 3 o— 
I also state in the month of Sep 1 in the year 1777 I was informed 
that Gen 1 Brogoine was marching through the Country to Albany and I 
was informed that Gen 1 Gates wanted more men and Cap 1 Crawford 
being gon to the Armey for three monthes, I volenteared and called for 
men to turn out and about twenty of the most respectable men in the 
town of Oakham turned out and volenteared with me and marched with 
me through Benington in the State of Vermont to Still Water and Joined 
Cap 1 Cutler's Comp y in Col Stones Reg 1 in Gen 1 Felloses Brigade, we 
marched of the 14 day of Sep 1 and ware dismised at fort Edward the 18 
day of Oct r and ware allowed seven day to march home. 
I did not searve at one time long-enougt to intitle me to a pention in 
the pres t pention Law. 
John Forbes 
for Asa French 
I John Forbes of Oakham in the County of Worcester and State of 
Massachusetts of lawful age do testify and say that I know one Asa 
French now of Oakham in the County of Worcester and State of Massa- 
chusetts and that I knew the same Asa French in the year one Thousand 
seven hundred and seventy six, and that he searved as the second Lieu 4 
with me two monthes and nine days in the Revolution. War in Cap 4 Abner 
Hows Comp y in Col James Conveses Reg 4 in the State of New York, 
Cap 4 How and L 4 Packard ware both taken sick and left the armey and 
the Command of said Company devolved on Lieu 4 French, further your 
deponant saith not 
John Forbes 
Worcester Ss. Oakham August 18, 1832 — 
Personally appeared John Forbes, subscriber to the above declaration, 
and made Oath in due form of law to the truth of the same, before me 
Skelton Felton Jus. of the Peace. 
John Boyd to A French 
I John Boyd of Oakham in the County of Worcester and State of 
Massachusetts of lawful age do testify and say that I knew one Asa 
French in the year 1770. I also knew one Joshua Turner a miner to 
the said Asa French both then of Oakham and state aforesaid, in the 
year 1775 a war tuck place in the united States and the said Joshua 
Turner enlisted in Cap 1 Hazelton Comp y in Col Fellowes Reg* for 
eight months and marched to Roxbury and there searved eight monthes. 
for the aforesaid Asa French — in Sep 1 1777 we received newes that Gen 1 
Bruguine was marching throug the Cuntry there was a call for men 
Asa French then being Lieu 1 Volentered and a number of other with 
him and marched with him to Saratoga. 
John Boyd. 
Worcester Ss. Oakham August 15, 1832 
Personally appeared John Boyd Subscriber to the above declaration 
and made Oath in due form of law to the truth of the same — before me — 
Skelton Felton Jus. of the, Peace 
Wm Coldzvell for Asa French 
I William Caldwell of Oakham in the County of Worcester and State 
of Massachusetts of lawful age do testify and say that I knew one Asa 
French in the year 1770 I also knew one Joshua Turner a miner under 
the said Asa French both then of Oakham and state aforesaid in the 
year 1775. a War tuck place in the United States and the said Joshua 
Turner enlisted in Cap* Hazeltons Comp y in Col Fellowses Reg 1 for 
eight monthes and marched to Roxbury and searved eight monthes for 
Asa French — in the year 1776, I further state that I knew the same 
Asa French then a Lieu*, to searve two month and nine dayes in Cap* 
Hows. Comp y . in Col Conveses Reg* in the Revolution War in the 
State of New York — I further state that in the month of Sep* 1777. 
we received newes that Gen 1 Burgoin was marching through the Cuntry 
there was a call for men Asa French then being Lieu* Volentered and a 
number of others with him and marched with him to Sarratoga. 
William Caldwell 
Worcester Ss. Oakham August 18, 1832. — 
Personally appeared William Caldwell, Subscriber to the above declara- 
tion, and made Oath in due form of law, to the truth of the same, 
before me — 
Skelton Felton Jus. of the Peace. 
Family Records 
The Genealogy of John & Mercy French's Family 
[In the possession of Miss Mary A. French, North Brookfield, Mass.] 
Haden Shaw born 
Patty Fitch was born 
Rhoda was born 
Hannah was born 
Betsy was born 
Nancy was born 
Isaac was born 
Philena was born 
Abigail was born 
Sarah was born 
Sarah E. was born 
John cV Betsy's Family. Births 
Ann Smith born April 22, 1806 
Mary Caldwell born May 4, 1810 
Erastus Shaw born Jan 7, 1808 
Anson Hadon born Aug. 6, 1813 
John French [the elder]. Died Aug 
5, 1794 Aged 94- 
Haden F. 
John F. 
Died July 
Died Sept. 
18, 1787 
12, 1824 
Aged 47 
Aged 86 
Philena Lyon 
Rhoda Green 
Died Nov 
Dyed Oct 
4, 1783 
8, 1820 
6, 1826 
5. 1829 
Age 2 
Aged 45 
Ag 50 
Aged 61 
[Oct. 31, 1862 
Aged 83] * 
Erastus S. French Sept. 11, 
Letter of Mary C. French 
[In the possession of Mrs. Martha H. Raymond, Westboro, Mass.] 
"Isaac French was born in Middleboro, Mass, came to Oakham and died 
there in 1826 . . . They all came up from Middleboro. I have been 
to the spot where my mother Betsey was born and I suppose the other 
members of the family were born there." 
Col. Samuel French's Family Record 
[From the Bible of Polly (Ruggles) French, now in the possession of 
Mrs. Mary A. Owen, Claremont, N. H.] 
Mr Samuel French Miss 
Mary Ruggles were Mar- 
ried 17th July 1795 
Lyndon S. French and 
Miss Anna E. Farnham 
Married 26. March 1820 
Samuel French, Born 3d 
28 Sept. 
Mary Ruggles his wife 
19 Oct. 
nth Dec. 1769 
Their Children. 
Lyndon Smith 17 Sept 
10 July 
Alvah Ruggles 7 April 
Aug. 9. 
Marv Spooner 6 April 
8 July 
Anna Adeline 7 April 
28 July 
Asa Leander 4 Oct. 
14 Feb. 
Samuel Franklin 29 Jan 
29 May 
Fordyce Spooner 3. Jan 
26 " 
Crighton Brewer 8. Sept 
* Dates in brackets are by a later hand. 
Statement of Bathsheba {French) Moulton, daughter of Asa French 
[Taken down by Fordyce S. French on a trip to Oakham about i860] 
My father named Asa was born in Berkley and moved to Middlebury 
and from there to Oakham; and when my Grand Father John was 90 
years old my Father brought him from Middlebury to Oakham and he 
died in his 94th year. My Father was in his 92nd year when he died. 
I am the 6th generation from england on my mother Smith's side. My 
ancestor came over from England in the ship , the next June after 
the Mayflower being the first vessel that succeeded her. Motto on the 
gold ring that came over in the second ship from the Mayflower now in 
the possession of Ann Smith French, West Brookfield, Mass : Death is 
Myne ; My hart is thyne. 
Abell, Lucy - 20 
Baker, Elvira (Eastman) 22 
Oliver 22 
Sarah W 22 
Baldwin, Caroline 24 
Bangs, Thankful 12 
Barden, Azubah (French) 7 
Ebenezer 7 
Bell, Anna 21 
Henry H 21 
Katherine (French) 21 
Lucy 20 
Bellows, Alvah H 15 
Eliza (French) 15 
Hannah D 26 
Horace 15 
Jonas 27 
Maria W 15 
Sally B 27 
Berry, Isaac 8 
Joseph 8 
Nancy (French) 8 
Woodward 8 
Blood, Maria (Bellows) 15 
Otis H 15 
Boardman, Abigail (Hazen) ... 24 
Eliza Ann J 24 
John 24 
Brakenridge, Ann (Cummings) 16 
Mary Ann 16 
William S 16 
Brewer, Samuel 11 
Samuel Snow 11 
Susanna (French) 11 
Bridges, Sally 27 
Brimhall, Eunice (Humphrey).. 15 
Hannah 15 
Jonas 15 
Samuel 15 
Brock, Mabel L 23 
Brown, Elizabeth H 20 
Buffington, Anna 21 
Carpenter, Helen (French) .... 23 
J. W. D 23 
Cummings, Anna 16 
Curtis, Amelia M 22 
Cutler, Adaline B 20 
Alice M 20 
Allen B 20 
Elizabeth C 20 
Emily (French) 20 
Lucy A 20 
Mary E 20 
Davenport, Anna M 27 
Davis, Catherine 12 
Katherine (French) 12 
Samuel 12 
Dean, Julia 17 
Eastman, Elvira 22 
Emerson, Nancy E 20 
Farnham, Aaron 19 
Annie E 19, 32 
Florella (Strong) 19 
Farris, Mary J 17 
Fitch, Patty 10 
Foster, Elizabeth 5 
Experience 5» 6 
Thomas 5> 6 
French, Aaron 20, 21 
Abigail 8, 32 
Abigail (d. of John of Taun- 
ton) 6 
Abigail (Stone) 12 
Adaline 20 
Adaline (Sadlier) 23 
Agnes M 18 
Albert 23 
Albert E 20 
Alexander C 18 
Alice (Linfield) 26 
Alvah B 27 
Alvah [J.] 20 
French, Alvah R 14, 22, 32 
Alvar R. (s. of C. B.) 25 
Alvah S 27 
Amelia (Curtis) 22 
Ann M 16 
Ann (Parker) 16 
Ann S 14, 32, 33 
Anna A 14, 32 
Anna (Buffington) 21 
Anna (Coates) 16 
Anna (Davenport) 27 
Anne (Smith) 10 
Annie (Farnham) ,19 
Anson H 14, 25, 26, 32 
Arthur R 20 
Asa (Lieut.) 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 
29, 30, 31, 33 
Asa, Jr 11, 15 
Asa L 14, 22, 23, 32 
Asa L. (s. of C W.) 23 
Augustus F 20 
Augustus F., Jr 20 
Azubah 7 
Bathsheba 11, 33 
Bell (Justice) 18 
Bessie (Lambkin) 21 
Betsey 8, 14, 32 
Betsey (French) 8, 14 
Caroline (Baldwin) 24 
Caroline D 13 
Caroline M 25 
Catherine D. (d. of Isaac) . . 13 
Catherine D. (d. of Charles) 16 
Catherine (Davis) 12 
Charles 13, 15, 16, 17 
Charles Anson 26 
Charles Asa 23 
Charles D 27 
Charles E 16 
Charles F 27 
Charles H 27 
Charles Henry 17 
Charles M 21 
Charles Walter 23 
Charles Wright 23 
Chester 20 
French, Clara P 16 
Clyde 20 
Courtney A 20 
Crighton B. (s. of Samuel) 14, 
24, 25, 32 
Crighton B. (s. of preceding) 25 
Crighton B. (s. of Lyndon 
S.) 21 
Crighton B. (s. of Charles 
M.) 21 
Cyrus 15, 28