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All this source material is still in boxes after my move from San Jose to Sutter Creek, CA. I need to have my library room painted and a new carpet installed before I bring in boxes and file cabinets from storage. What a job! (Early 2008 – the carpet is in and the room is painted and the shelves are up – making progress)

All this material is on paper only, not on the computer. My intention is to send it to the appropriate chart compiler and have them enter the appropriate data into each chart. In that way, the data will be made known to the internet, plus I will reduce my papers at home. Be patient, this will take time. I didnŐt realize I had so much data Respectively, Mara French

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: French Family Genealogies

Chapter 2: Allied Family Genealogies

Chapter 3: International Genealogical Index (IGI)

Chapter 4: Wills, Vital Statistics, DAR, Military, Church Records, and Obituaries

Chapter 5: Ship, Passenger, and Immigration Lists

Chapter 6: English, Scottish, Wales, and Irish Records

Chapter 7: American Records by State

Chapter 8: Canadian Records

Chapter 9: Miscellaneous Records

Chapter 10: Maps and Atlases

Chapter 11: Catalogs

Chapter 12: Guide Books

Chapter 13: Newsletters and Societies

Chapter 14: Magazines


BA500 = Atlases and Map books
BC550 = U.S. and Canadian History books
BG600 = Guide books (How to books on genealogy)
BF650 = Family Genealogies
BE750 = English, Irish, and Scottish books
BK800 = Catalogs
BM850 = Miscellaneous books
M = Foldout maps
SLC = Book file number for the Salt Lake City Library
IGI = International Genealogical Index
FL = Frenchline
P = Photo

Chapter 1. French Family Genealogies

BF656 FRENCH. French and Related Family Genealogy, including Treadway, Cummings, Blair, Hutton, Barker, Haynes, Jones, Barrows, Ward, Lobdell, Howland, and Brewster, by Mara Treadway French, 1982. Pedigrees of Thomas French (Chart #1) and William French (Chart #2), 720 pages, 550 photos.

BF650 FRENCH. The French Family Heritage Book, by Beatrice Bayley, Inc., 1985. Basic genealogical information with an address list of 19,000 heads of families in the U.S. arranged according to postal zip code.

F254 FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French on the beginnings of the name French.

F396 FRENCH. Descendants of James Jackman. Data from the New Hampshire Historical Society, compiled by Harry Dana French, Concord, NH, Box #4 (1)- Newbury, MA, 1686-1802. Edward French (Chart #4).

F408 FRENCH. French Family Genealogies of New England. Benjamin French of Newmarket, NH and his ancestry from Stratham, NH (Chart #1). David French of Westmoreland, NH and his ancestry from Chesterfield, NH; Milford, MA; Keene, NH. Ebenezer French from New Sharon, Kennebec County, Maine (Chart #4). Ezekiel French of Sandwich, Carroll County, NH, (Chart #4). John French of Spencer, Tioga County, NY (Chart #5). Jonathan French of Enfield, Grafton County, NH. Joseph French of Warren, NH. Moses French of Deerfield, NH (Chart #4). Nehemiah French of Elmore, Lamoille County, VT. Nicholas French of Merrimac, Hillsborough County, NH. Obadiah French of Mount Vernon (Chart #4), Kennebec County, ME. Offen/Orphin French of Bradford, Hillsborough County, NH (Chart #4). Samuel French of Boscawen, NH. Silas French of Glover, Orleans County, VT. Thomas French of Berlin, Washington County, VT. Thomas French of Windham, VT. William French of Canton, Oxford County, Maine. Most of these are service men who fought in wars between 1776 and 1812.

F463 FRENCH. Genealogical Dictionary of Settlers of New England, by James Savage, 1860. Dependence French (Chart #5) of Braintree, Edward French (Chart #4) of Salisbury, Ephraim French (Chart #1) of Windsor, Francis French (Chart #8) of Derby, CT; Jacob French (Chart #7) of Weymouth; Jacob French (Chart #2) of Billerica; John French (Chart #3) of Cambridge; John French (Chart #5) of  Braintree; Richard French (Chart #6) of Cambridge; Joseph French (Chart #4) of  Salisbury; Nathaniel French (Chart #3) of Taunton; Samuel French (Chart #4) of  Salisbury; Samuel French (Chart #2) of Billerica; Simon French (Chart #4) of  Salisbury; Stephen French (Chart #7) of Dorchester; Thomas French (Chart #1) of  Boston; Thomas French (Chart #9) of Charlestown; Thomas French (Chart #5) of  Braintree; Thomas French (Chart #1) of Northampton; William French (Chart #2) of Cambridge; William French (Chart #5) of Braintree.

F504 FRENCH. The French Family, a well-known family of Franklin County, Maine,  by Hon. E. R. French, Lancaster, MA, furnished by Henry I. French of Mt.  Vernon, ME, 1936. Edward French (Chart #4). Contributed by Richard H. Damren.  Surnames: Goodale, Brown, Collins, Page, Carr, Walton, Ford, Fellows, True,  Dearborn. Locations: Salisbury, MA; Mt. Vernon, ME; Fayette (Starling  Plantation), ME; South Chesterville, ME.

F558 FRENCH. Excerpts from "Over Their Dead Bodies'', written by Thomas C.  Mann & Janet Greene, The Steven Greene Press, Battleboro, VT, 1962. Contributed  by Ruth Michie. Epitaph #151, p. 67, from Dummerston, VT, concerning Adkin N.  French, d. 19 Jul 1855. Epitaph #39, p. 20, from Westminister, VT, concerning William French, son of Nathaniel French, who was shot at Westminister on 13 Mar  1775. Includes notes on surname Knowlton of Ashford and Windham Co, CT, and  Bridgewater, Windsor Co, VT.

F550 FRENCH. Notes contributed by Robert F. Taylor, 8 pages. Includes the  origin of the surname French, and the line of William French (Chart #2). Edward  French (Chart #4). These records were copied from the unpublished manuscript of Daniel French Thompson of Troy, NY, with additions traced and verified by  Richard Henry Greene of New York City, and data added by Alonzo Currier French,  Frederick B. French, James M. French, Jonathan French, Darwin G. French, and  recorded in 1915.

F565 FRENCH. Notes contributed by Robert P. French, 16 pages. Includes Šdescendants of William French (Chart #2) who moved to Iowa, Ohio, and Illinois.  Lineage is Jonathan French, b. 1751 in Dunstable, NH. Locations: Reynoldsburg,  OH; Montgomery Co., NY; Worcester, Otsego Co., NY; Hamilton, Butler Co., OH;  Keokuk, IA; Cincinnati, OH; Chicago, IL; Georgetown, CO.

F568 FRENCH. French Family History, by Ellen Cochran French, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa  52641, Amundsen Publishing Co., Decatur, Iowa 1977. Contributed by Robert P.  French, from the State Historical Society of Iowa. William French (Chart #2). 7  pages. Sworn statements by Jonathan, John M. and Rensselaer W. French, Licking Co., OH.

F571 FRENCH. Notes contributed by Lester F. French. Daniel French, b. 15 May  1761, Mansfield J. French. Locations: Stratford, NH; Boyceville, Dunn Co., WI;  Syracuse, NY; Dover Plains, Dutchess Co., NY. 2 pages.

F575 FRENCH. The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, First Families of  America, contributed by Homer French. Alice French of Andover, MA; Hollis  French of Boston, MA; Winifred French of David City, NE; Calvin H. French of  Williamsburg, OH; Francis H. French of Davenport, IA; Asa Palmer French of  Braintree, MA; Edward French (Chart #4); John French (Chart #5); Thomas French  (Chart #1); William French (Chart #2); David Edwin French of Curve, Giles Co.,  VA and his line; Minnie Reid French of Summers Co., W. VA and her line in W.  VA; Elizabeth Richardson French Cheylesmore of NH; Leigh Hill French of Dover,  NH; Leigh Hill French, Jr., of Minneapolis, MN; Raymond Thompson French of  Seymour, CT; Amos Tuck French of Boston, MA; Daniel Chester French of Exeter,  NH; Howard Dakin French of Boston, MA; Harry Dana French of Loudon, NH; Leon  French of Washington, D.C.; James Hay French, Jr., of Winchester, KY.

F120 AARON FRENCH. Aaron French and His Descendants, compiled by Charles Newton  French, Chicago, 1910, 29 pages. SLC 929.273 F887F. Concord, NH library 929.2F874A. Contributed by Paula F. Owen. Intro includes list of Frenches of France  and England, including Thomas French of Ipswich, MA (Chart #1); William French  of Billerica, MA (Chart #2); Edward French of Salisbury, MA (Chart #4); Thomas  French of Guilford, CT (Chart #9); John French of Braintree, MA (Chart #5);  Philip French of New York and New Brunswick, NJ; John French of Woodbridge, NJ;  Thomas French of Burlington, NJ, Francis French of New Gretna, NJ, and Aaron  French of New Providence, NJ. Homesteads of Aaron's descendants include Essex Co. NY; Amity, PA.

F569 AARON FRENCH. Notes contributed by Philip Franks French, 3 pages. Aaron  French, b. 1739 in NJ, d. 1805 in PA. Surnames: Fordyce, Clark. Includes  Ezekiel French of Miami Co., Ohio.

F562 ABNER FRENCH. Antecedents and Descendents of Abner French of Topsfield, MA  and Norwich, CT. 6pages contributed by Jannette Klein. Thomas French (Chart  #1). Jacob (1), Thomas (2), Thomas (3), John (4), John (5), Abner (6), John  (7), Abner (8).

F414 ANNA MARIA FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French on his line, William  French (Chart #2). Anna was b. 16 Jul 1814 and resided in New Athens, OH.

F076 ABNER FRENCH. Antecedents and Descendants of Abner French of Topsfield, MA  and Norwich, CT, contributed by Jannette Klein, 6pages, Thomas French (Chart  #1).

F493 CALEB JAŮ FRENCH. New England Historical and Genealogical Register, April  1926, by Rev. Arthur Wilmot Ackerman of Somerville, MA. Caleb was b. 29 Nov 1841 in Epping, NH, the son of Caleb and Mary (Sanborn) French. Edward French (Chart #4).

CHARLES E. FRENCH. American ancestors of Charles E. French and his wife Anna Richmond Warner, by Anna Richmond Warner French, 187p. 1894. Order through Higginson Books, 508-745-7170.

F421 DANIEL HOUSTON FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French on his line, William  French (Chart #2). Daniel was b. 11 Dec 1830 near Taylorstown, PA.

BF671 DANIEL FRENCH. Daniel Chester French, An American Sculptor, by Michael  Richman, Landmark Reprint Series, Postscript by Paul W. Ivory, National Trust  for Historic Preservation, The Preservation Press, Washington, D.C., 1976. Life of Daniel Chester French, born in Exeter, New Hampshire on 20 April 1850. 209  pages. Contributed by Nancy Leinwand. Edward French (Chart #4).

L441 DANIEL FRENCH. Newspaper article about Daniel French, the sculptor,  contributed by Jane Westneat of NH. Edward French (Chart #4).

F487 DARWIN FRENCH. Introduction to the Dr. E. Darwin French Dictation,  contributed and written by Gerald H. Tonnell. Includes the Dictation from Dr.  E. D. French, Poway, Calif., 7 Jul 1887. Dr. Erasmus Darwin French was asked to  provide his own eye witness account of the final decisive battle for the future  state of California in the Mexican American War of 1846- The Battle of San  Pasqual. 4 pages. Harvey and Ozias French (Chart #114).

BF651 DAVID FRENCH. The Family of David French, by Robert Hughes French,  Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1982, 240 pages. SLC 929.273 F887f. One copy contributed by the author, the other contributed by Bill Sopher. David was a pastor in Pennsylvania, b. 11 Aug 1783 in Salem, NY. Book includes his descendants: John McClellan, Ann Maria Blair, Sarah Jane, David Wishart, Nancy McClellan, Susannah Blair, Marguerite Maxwell, Phoebe Thompson, Simeon Webster, William Hanna, Daniel Houston, Ebenezer Gifford, Martha, Eliza Isabel, and John McClellan, all of whom have the surname French. Summaries of other surnames include Cummings, Howlett, Kingsley, Brackett, Clements, and Blair. William French (Chart #2).

F405 DAVID FRENCH. Tales of My Tribe, the French Family's History of South Potsdam, NY. Written by Sally Tupper Sherman Anderson and contributed by Sally T. Dingysoyr and her cousin Maurice Sherman. David was b. 11 Apr 1779 in Weston, CT. Includes surnames Tupper, Perry, Witter, and Sherman. 67 pages. Thomas French (Chart #9). Also includes various newspaper articles on the French family of Potsdam, NY.

F416 DAVID WISHART FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French on his line, William French (Chart #2).

F432 DAVID FRENCH, from a record kept by Thomas Gilyard of Seymour. CT Historical Society, contributed by Beverly McGuire. David was b. 30 Jan 1742 in Bethany, CT.

F494 EBENEZER FRENCH. New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol CXXVII, April 1973, contributed by Elizabeth Cagnon. William French of Sandown, NH; Ebenezer French m. Rhoda Barnard in 1777. South Hampton, NH and Evanston, IL. Edward French (Chart #4)

F422 EBENEZER GIFFORD FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French on his line, William French (Chart #2). Ebenezer was b. 11 Sep 1832.

BF673 EDWARD FRENCH. Edward French of Salisbury Lineage List, Revision 5, published by The French Family Association, December 1986, 114 pages, includes index, Edward French (Chart #4). See Vol. III of The Frenchline for more details on this book. Main lines are Edward French and Ann Goodale, Joseph French and Susanna Stacy, Joseph French and Sarah Eastman, Joseph French and Abigail Brown, Daniel French and Sarah Gould, Gould French and Dorothy Whittier, Daniel Flagg French, Timothy French and Mary Harriman, Simon French and Sarah Heard, Simon French and Joanna Jackman, Joseph French and Mary Pillsbury, Moses French and Sarah French, Joseph French and Abigail French, James French and Phebe Gill, Mary French and James Jackman III, Joanne Jackman and Benjamin French, Edward French and Mary Winsley, Hannah French and Abraham Pettingell, Eliphalet French and Rebecca Fitts, John French and Mary Noyes, Edward French and Jane True, James French and Elizabeth Carr, Rebecca Frenchand Henry French, Timothy French and Ruth Greeley, Josiah French and Mary Worcester, Timothy French and Elizabeth French, Timothy French and Mary Pike, Samuel French and Abigail Brown, Henry French and Elizabeth Collins, Benjamin French and Judith Greely, Samuel French and Mary Whitcher, Samuel French and Mary Collins, Moses French and Mary Dearborn, Joseph French and Ruth Knowles, Nathaniel French and Sarah Judkins, Samuel French and Abigel Godfree, Jonathan French and Johaner Elkins, Elizabeth French and Joseph Sanborn, Samuel French and Esther Jackman, Joanna French and Matthew Pettingell, Abraham Pettingell and Hannah French, John French and Sarah Noyes, Hannah French and John White.

F482 EDWARD FRENCH. French line by W. L. Holman, 1955, 81 pages. Edward French (Chart #4). See BF678 below.

BF678 EDWARD FRENCH. The French Family Workbook, by Arthur Westneat III, 1982 with W. L. Holman manuscript of 81 pages, 1955, totaling 166pages. Edward French (Chart #4).

F391 EDWARD FRENCH. Edward French of Salisbury, MA. Data from the New Hampshire Historical Society in Concord, compiled by Harry Dana French, Concord, NH.1590-1853, in 8 folders, box 1. Box 2 contains 6folders, 1800-1916.(Not yet available in library)

F040 EDWARD FRENCH. The French Family Related to John F. Stevens, by Elizabeth H. French, 1936, 4 pages.

F576 FRANCIS FRENCH. 11 pages of notes contributed by Homer French. William French (Chart #2)and his son Francis (Chart #8). William (1), Francis (2), Francis Jr. (3), Israel (4), David (5), David Jr. (6), John Jay (7), David (8), John (9), Homer Lee (10), Homer Lee Jr (11). Locations: Milford, CT; Derby, CT; Seymour, CT; Woodbridge, CT; Shawangunk, Utica Co., NY; Beaumont, TX. Surnames: Bunnell, Bowers, Loveland, Lines, Johnson, Munson.

F572 HENRY FRENCH. 9 pages of notes contributed by John and Norma French. Henry Willard French, b. Hartford, CT 1854. Letter to Henry from his twin sister Mary Willard French, July 1849; Alfred French of Picqua, OH; tombstones in the Union cemetery in Moosup, CT; article written by Olive French Fredeen about the Canadian winter of 1906-07, The Western Producer, Thurs., 31 Jan 1974.

F602 HEPZIBAH FRENCH. Insert on p. 1-4 after F572. Ancestry of Hepzibah (Chart #1) - Thomas (1), Thomas (2), John (3), Hepzibah (4), of Topsfield, MA.  Written and contributed by Brian J. Berry.  Surnames include Shapley, Towne, Keyes. 25 pages. Book in draft stage in 1987. Write author for details on publication.

F393 HEZEKIAH FRENCH. Data from the New Hampshire Historical Society, compiled by Harry Dana French, Concord, NH, Box #3 (1)- Plainfield, NH (Rev. War Soldier), compiled 11 Sep 1963. John French (Chart #3). 79 pages.

BF675 JAMES and WILLIAM FRENCH. FFA member Charles K. Field, III, published a book in 1985 on his line entitled "The Field Family and the French-Henry Families.'' The book covers James and William French (Chart #14) of Prince William and Stafford Counties, VA. James French (1680 to May 1743)was the first colonial ancestor of the French family who arrived in America from the North of Ireland (early 1700's). The entire book contains 371 pages and includes a large index. The section on the French family has 130 pages, the main line being James (1), William (2), Stephen (3), James (4), James (5), Junius (6). Besides the wills of James and William, the book describes James' life as a young man in the tobacco fields. Three French sons were officers of the Confederacy and tried desperately to preserve their plantation way of life from Virginia to Texas. Homesteads include Montgomery County, KY; Brentsville, VA; San Antonio, TX; Warrenton, Farquier County, VA; Houston, Halifax County, VA; Forth Worth, TX; and Tustin, CA.

F394 JOHN FRENCH. Data from the New Hampshire Historical Society, compiled by Harry Dana French, Concord, NH, Box #3, of Dorchester and Braintree, MA. JohnFrench (Chart #5).

F395 JOHN FRENCH. Data from the New Hampshire Historical Society, compiled by Harry Dana French, Concord, NH, Box #3, John of Cambridge, MA, 1635-1881. John French (Chart #3). Folders 3, 4, 5 and 6. Each folder contains between 60 and 150 pages.

BF684 JOHN FRENCH. 51 page pamphlet published by the FFA, 15 Dec 1985, compiled by Art Westneat and Roland Rhoades. John and Grace of Braintree, MA, lineage list includes John French and Grace Kingsley, John French, Jr., and Experience Thayer, Thomas French and Mary Allen, John French III and Margaret Darling, John French IV and Anna/Olive Haynes, Haynes D. French and Irene Learned, Thomas G. French and Aletta Hinman, Dependance French and Rebecca Fenno, John French and Mary Vinton, Dependence French and Mary Linfield, Joshua French and Esther Wales, Jedidiah French and Phebe E. Wales, Temperance French and John Bowditch, William French and Rachel Twells, Elizabeth French and Benjamin Wheelock, Thomas French and Elizabeth Belcher, Thomas French, Jr. and Mary Owens, Elijah French and Mary Clark, Moses French and Esther Thayer, Jonathan French and Abigail Richards, Abijah French and Joanna Holbrook, David French and Lydia Twitchell, Ebenezer French and Mary Fuller, Ebenezer French and Mehitable Gay, Samuel French and Anna Marsh, Alexander French and Mary White, Josiah French and Mary French. See related information on this publication in The Frenchline, Vol. II.

F498 JOHN FRENCH. "The Memoirs of our French Family.'' Written and contributed by Delwin and Verda French. 310 pages, including index. The FFA libraryhas 26 selected pages. John French, b. 1793, was the son of Samuel (Chart #66) and Rebecca French of Amberson Valley, Fannett Township, Franklin Co., PA. Surnames: Taylor, Bayle, Young, Deavor, Toughhead, Zeigler, Holland, Gracy, Ernst, Siebert, Eckman, Dredge, Dunn, Schroeder. Includes homestead maps of Fannett township in PA; Cumberland Co in PA; and Galesburg, Knox Co., IL. Other counties: Knox, Warren, Rock Island, Henry, Mercer, Peoria. Other towns: Galesburg, E. Moline, N. Henderson, Monmouth, Abingdon, Farmington, Peoria, Kewanee, Berwick, Alexis, Geneseo, Port Byron, Wataga.

F073 JOHN FRENCH. The Family, Ancesters, and Descendants of Captain John French of Stoughton, MA, by Sidney French, 1870, 11 pages, John French (Chart #5). Contributed by William M. French. Surnames Poole, Thayer, Lamb, Savil, Marsh, Bowditch, Twells, Wheelock, Vinton, Niles, Wales, Linfield, Hammond, Packard, Beals, Chessman, Perkins, Bryant, Howard, Ames, Pratt, Packard, Cobb, Hunt, Beals, Keith, Page, Billings, Burrell, Adams, Belcher, White, Porter, Arnold, Gorham, Capen, Lane, Monk, Cole, Hyer, Tirrell, Atwood, Rogers, Wood, Clark.

F020 JOHN FRENCH. Chart #5 "Genealogical Tree of Descendants of John French of Braintree'' (Bartholomew French, b. 9 Oct 1751, E. Bridgewater, MA)by Orvis French of Evanston, IL prior to his death in 1897. Contributed by William Pearson Leisening Rice. John French (Chart #5).

F119 JOHN FRENCH. John French Jr. of Taunton, Berkeley, Middleboro, and Oakham, MA, and His Descendants, by Henry B. Wright, 1914, John French (Chart #3). 39 pages. Index: Aaron French, Abigail French, Adaline French, Abigail Stone, Adaline Sadlier, Agnes M. French, Albert French, Albert E. French, Alexander C. French, Alice Linfield, Alvah B. French, Alvah J. French, Alvah R. French, Alvah S. French, Amelia Curtis, Ann M. French, Ann Parker, Ann S. French, Anna A. French, Anna Buffington, Anna Coates, Anna Davenport, Anne Smith, Annie Farnham, Anson H. French, Arthur R. French, Lieut. Asa French, Asa French Jr., Asa L. French, Augustus F. French, Azubah French, Bathsheba French, Bell Justice, Bessie Lambkin, Betsey French, Caroline Baldwin, Caroline D. French, Caroline M. French, Catherine D. French, Catherine  Davis, Charles French, Charles Anson French, Charles Asa French, Charles D. French, Charles E. French, Charles F. French, Charles H. French, Charles Henry French, Charles M. French, Charles Walter French, Charles Wright French, Chester French, Clara P. French, Clyde French, Courtney A. French, Crighton B. French or Creighton B. French, Cyrus French, David French, Ebenezer French, Edith E. French, Edward French, Edwin French, Edwin L. French, Eliza French, Eliza Boardman, Elizabeth French, Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth Sherman, Emily French, Erastus S. French, Esther Hathaway, Evelyn French, Evelyn  French, Experience French, Experience Foster, Fannie T. French, Fannie Young, Florence M. French, Fordyce R. French, Fordyce S. French, Frances French, Frank C. French, Frank  O. French, Freddie French, Frederick L. French, Freeman French, George F. French, George French Jr., Grace E. French, Hannah French, Hannah Bellows, Hannah Brimhall, Hannah H. French, Hannah Sawyer, Harriet Plastridge, Harry B. French, Hayden Shaw, Helen M. French, Henry French, Henry D. French, Henry Dwight French, Hopestill French, Horatio J. French, Horatio L. LFrench, Ida Haring, Inez French, Isaac French, Jacob French, James C. French, Jane Mackintosh, Jane S. French, Jennie French, Jennie Porter, Jennie W. French, Jessie B. French, Jessie Williams, Joanna, John French, John B. French, John E. French, Jo Nathan, Joseph French, Joseph L. French, Julia C. French, Julia H. French, Julia M. French, Katherine French, Laura E. French, Laura Wright, Lillian L. French, Lillian Margaret French, Lillie Maria French, Lucia Waite, Lucy Abell, Lucy Bell, Lucy Ann B. French, Lucretia Titcomb, Luthera Lamb, Lydia French, Lyndon French, Lyndon S. French, Lynward French, Mabel Brock, Madeline J. French, Marcy French, Marian Smith, Martha E. French, Martha Hazen, Martha Sawyer, Mary French, Mary A. French, Mary Abigail French, Mary Ann French, Mary Brakenridge, Mary C. French, Mary Elizabeth French, Mary Ella French, Mary Esther, Mary Farris, Mary Nevins, Mary Rhodes, Mary Ruggles, Mary Sanford, Mary Spooner, Mary Waite, Mercy French, Minnie French, Monona Howell, Myrtle French, Nabby French, Nancy French, Nancy D. French, Nancy Emerson, Nathan French, Nathaniel French, Patty Fitch, Philena French, Polly Ruggles, Prudence Head, Rachel French, Rhoda French, Rhode French, Robert M. French, Robert S. French, Samuel French, Samuel Farnham French, Samuel Franklin French, Sara French, Sarah French, Sarah Baker, Sarah E. French, Sarah Ireland, Scott French, Silence French, Solomon A. French, Susan A. French, Susan Reed, Susan Rohan, Susan Schober, Susanna French, Thankful French, Thankful Thrasher, Thomas French, Walter E. French, Walter F. French, Wilbur D. French, William French, William E. French, William H. French, Winifred F. French. Other surnames: Abell, Baker, Baldwin, Bangs, Barden, Bell, Bellows, Berry, Blood, Boardman, Brakenridge, Brewer, Bridges, Brimhall, Brock, Brown, Buffington, Carpenter, Cummings, Curtis, Cutler, Davenport, Davis, Dean, Eastman, Emerson, Farnham, Farris, Fitch, Foster, Garfield, Gaven, Gilibert, Goodale, Green, Haring, Hathaway, Hazen, Head, Henry, Howell, Humphrey, Ireland, Jardine, Joslyn, Justice, Kent, Lamb, Lambkin, Leedom, Linfield, Lyon, Mackintosh, Macullar, Moulton, Myler, Nevins, Owen, Parker, Phillips, Plastridge, Porter, Raymond, Read, Rhodes, Richardson, Ripley, Ruggles, Sadlier, Sanford, Sawyer, Schober, Shaw, LSherman, Smith, Spooner, Stone, Strong, Thrasher, Thompson, Titcomb, Treubeth, Trull, Turner, Vrooman, Waite, Warner, Welton, Williams, Wright, Young.

F426 JOHN FRENCH. John French and wife Joanna. John was brother of William French (Chart #2) and settled in Cambridge, MA in 1636, John French (Chart #3). 7 pages contributed by Janice Young. Includes Joseph French and Experience Foster, Nathaniel French and Abigail Smith, and Nathaniel French and Sarah Spalding.

F331 JOHN FRENCH. Family Memorial, by Elisha Thayer, 1835, p. 90-99, contributed by Beverly McGuire. John French (Chart #5). Genealogy of Fourteen Families of the Early Settlers of New England: Alden, Adams, Arnold, Bass, Billings, Capen, Copeland, French, Hobart, Jackson, Paine, Thayer, Wales, and White.

F570 JOHN FRENCH. 10 pages of notes contributed by Lester French. John French (Chart #5). John and his children: John, Thomas, Mary, Dependance, Temperance, William, Elizabeth, Thomas, Samuel, all of Braintree, MA. Surnames: Thayer, Marsh, Fenno, Poole, Bowditch, Twells, Belcher, Holbrook, Marsh, White, Darling, Wild, Pratt, Vinton, Hobart, Linfield, Wales, Curtis, Beals, Alden, English, Jones, Bigelow, Reford, Smith, Joslyn, Sargent, Fish, Maynard, Haynes, Hughes, Bowker, Day, Barrows, Learned, Williams, Carman, Gamble, Snow, Carman, Hinman, Baldwin, LeBourveau. Locations: Randolph, VT; Waukesha, WI; New London, CT; Chateaugay Corners, NY; Mendon, MA; Columbia, NH; Bloomfield, VT; Eaton, Quebec, Canada.

F573 JOHN FRENCH. 2 pages of notes contributed by Horatio James French. This extraction has been taken from a pamphlet of John French, Jr., a genealogy by the late Henry B. Wright, some-time Professor of History at Yale University, published by the Oakham, MA Historical Society. John French (Chart #3), brother of William French (Chart #2). John (1), Joseph (2), John (3), John (4), Asa (5), Samuel (6), Lyndon Smith (7), Augustus Fordyce (8), Horatio Lyndon (9). Surnames: Foster, Smith, Ruggles, Farnham, Sawyer, Ireland, Kistner, Dickes. Locations: Billerica, MA; Taunton, MA; Oakham, MA; Franklin, VT; Cabot, VT; Barton, VT; Fairfield, CT.

F574 JOHN JAŮ FRENCH. History of the John Jay French Family, published in The Frenchline, Vol. III, No. 1, p. 142-147. Francis French (Chart #8). Contributed by Homer French, from the Tyrrell Public Library in Beaumont, TX. Includes newspaper article and postcard of the French Trading Post Museum in Beaumont, TX.

F578 JOHN FRENCH. 1 page contributed by Delwin M. French. John and Sarah Young French of Fannett, Franklin Co., PA. John was b. 6May 1793. Samuel French (Chart #66). Cumberland Co., PA.

F413 JOHN MCCLELLAN FRENCH, I. Notes from Robert H. French and his ancestry, William French (Chart #2). John was b. 18 Nov 1812 in Buffalo, PA.

F424 JOHN MCCLELLAN FRENCH, II. Notes from Robert H. French and his ancestry, William French (Chart #2). Son of the above.

F084 JOSEPH FRENCH. French, Joseph P. French and Mary W. Brown of Alabama, by Myra Butler Collier, San Antonio, Texas, June 1979. 158 pages. Pike and Barbour Counties. Joseph French, b. 23 Mar 1812 in SC. Other surnames: Bright, Cogborn, Smith, Allen, Aultman, Wilson, Gadwin, Banks, Howard, Youngblood, Martin. Other locations: Wood Co. Texas; Dallas Co TX; Winnsboro, TX; Leon Co TX. Lists many Frenches born in Texas in the 20th century. Contributed by Myra B. Collier. Joseph P. French (Chart #16). Includes maps, state and military documents, photographs, and detailed information beginning in 1812.

F136 JOSIAH FRENCH. History of the Family of Mr. & Mrs. Josiah French of Bloomingdale, Dupage Co., IL, by George W. Moss, 1888, contributed by Paula Owen. Edward French (Chart #4). 20 pages.

F417 MARGUERITE MAXWELL FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French and his ancestry, William French (Chart #2). Marguerite was b. 21 Jun 1822 in Buffalo, PA.

F423 MARTHA and ELIZA ISABEL FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French and his ancestry, William French (Chart #2). From Buffalo, PA.

F501 MELISSA A. FRENCH. Melissa m. Joseph Elmer Nichols on 1 Jan 1867. She was dau.of William French, and was b. 25 Aug 1850 in New York. Homestead was in ClarkCounty. This line of the French family left New York and migrated to Ohio for a while before homesteading in Monroe County, Leon, WI. From theMonroe County, Wisconsin Heritage Book, published in 1984. Contributed byPatricia Wobschall.

BF680 PETER FRENCH. My French Connection, by FFA member Mrs. Arthur J. Freeborg. 114 pages, Henry French (Chart #10). Ancestry of Peter French, b. 1762, m. Rosanna Rule in the vicinity of Lancaster, PA, ca. 1793. Moved to Botetourt Co., VA and then to Knox Co., TN. This is the line which immigrated from Germany. He apparently left his homeland of England for Germany. Other surnames include Blake, Canfield, Caylor, Campbell, Chandler, Christianson, Clack, Clark, Cox, Credelle, Crabb, Davis, Duncan, Dupes, Ellison, Flenniken, Forth, Foister, Goddard, Greene, Green, Hall, Harris, Hensley, Hufaker, Johnson, Koontz, Little, Massey, McClannihan, McClure, McClurg, McNeilly, McKeen, McGuire, Nickols, Nuchols, Northern, Parks, Payne, Patillio, Rule, Russell, Saddler, Spencer, Sutton, Stewart, Swan, Tarwater, Tanner, Thomas, Todd, Wilson, Wittier, Wright.

F428 PHILLIPPA FRENCH. From the NH Historical Society 929.2 G873 by Frank Henry Pettingell. Phillippa was of Newbury, MA and m. Josiah Pettingell, ca. 22 Oct 1774. 1 page fact sheet.

F418 PHOEBE T. FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French and his ancestry, William ŠFrench (Chart #2). Phoebe was b. 16May 1825 in Buffalo, PA.

F397 RICHARD FRENCH. Data from the New Hampshire Historical Society, compiled by Harry Dana French, Concord, NH. Box #4 (2), of Marshfield, MA, 1590-1884. Richard French (Chart #6).

F599 RICHARD FRENCH, (Chart #6) History of the French Family, by Brooke French and Samuel Newman French, insert on p. 1-2 before F120. 23 pages. Donated by Elizabeth Greeley.

BF681 SAMUEL FRENCH. Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel French the Joiner of Stratford, Connecticut, by Mansfield Joseph French, Syracuse, New York, 1940, 375 pgs, SLC 929.273 F887fm. Includes a huge index of 57 pages (names and places). Samuel French (Chart #11). Samuel French, the Joiner, is a descendant from a large family in Saxmundham, Suffolk Co., England. Other families include Thomas French of Knodishall and Saxmundham, Suffolk, England. Rev. Jeremiah French of Saxmundham, Suffolk and Bradford Abbas, Dorset. Samuel French Senior of Bradford Abbas, Dorset, England. Philip French Jr. of Kelsale, Suffolk Co., England, and of NŮ and NJ. Capt. John French of Kelsale and New York. Homesteads were in Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT, Huntington Village, CT. Samuel m. Mary Price.1pfÔpf

F553 SAMUEL FRENCH. Outline of BF681 above, contributed by Jannette Klein and Velma Rust. 7 pages. Also data obtained from the Bible of Francis Henry French, a family record found in the Bible, the Smith Family Bible, the Lewis Family Bible, Bensus, Cemetery, and Town Records. The Cayuga County Histories contributed some data on the later generations. Also, data found in the National Archives Bounty Land Application #147864 by Jane (Vermillye, Travis)French attested to in Lock, NŮ in 1855. The Civil War Records at the National Archives of Samuel French, Jr., #20.073 and the application of his widow, Saphronia (Van Schaick)French #24.194.

F251 SAMUEL FRENCH. Descendants of Samuel French of Summerhill, NY, Dresserville District, by Jannette Klein. Contributed by the author. 7 pages, Samuel French (Chart #43).

F509 SAMUEL FRENCH. Owner of French's Theatre Bookshop in Hollywood, CA. Samuel French, Inc., publisher and retailer of plays from William Shakespeare to Jack Sharkey, collector of royalties for playwrights, founded in 1830, incorporated 1899. French's store has provided printed plays for the use of amateurs and professionals for over 150 years, expanded from a tiny, quaint Dickensian shop. Original office was on 7th St. in Los Angles, but now is located at 7623 Sunset Blvd., Hollwood, CA (213)876-0570. Addition for p. 1-7. John French, (Chart #5). John(1), Samuel(2)...(7). Samuel (4), b. Randolph, MA, 1821.

F415 SARAH JANE FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French and his ancestry, William French (Chart #2). Jane was b. 13 Jun 1816 in Buffalo, PA.

F419 SIMEON WEBSTER FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French and his ancestry, William French (Chart #2). Folders 1 and 2.

F398 STEPHEN FRENCH. Data from the New Hampshire Historical Society, compiled by Harry Dana French, Concord, NH. Box #4 (3), of Weymouth, MA, 1630-1924. Stephen French (Chart #7).

L595 STEPHEN FRENCH, addition to p. 1-8 after F398. Ancestors and Decendants of Frank Lusk Babbott and his wife Elizabeth Bassett French, 1974. p.236-255. Stephen French (Chart#7) of Weymouth, MA. Stephen (1), Stephen (2), Stephen (3), Daniel (4), Samuel (5), Justsus (6), Edward (7), Albert (8), Elizabeth (9). Surnames: Whitman, Beal, Lane, Warner, Goss, Dey, Short. SF SUTRO library CS B116. Other surnames: Brown, Chesbrough, Conant, Cowles, Pendleton, Pierce, Pierson, Richards, Richardson.

F407 SUSANNAH BLAIR FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French and his ancestry, William French (Chart #2). Susannah was b. 6May 1820 and lived for many years in Millersburg, Ohio.

F399 THOMAS FRENCH, Ensign. Data from the New Hampshire Historical Society, Šcompiled by Harry Dana French, Concord, NH. Box #4 (4), 1634- , Thomas French (Chart #1). Box #5 contains four Thomas French lines (not copied yet).

F055 THOMAS FRENCH. French and Howard Genealogy, including Thomas French who married Mary Button (Chart #9). Samuel French, the Joiner (Chart #11). Thomas French of Guilford, CT, 1643 (Chart #9). Also lists census of surname French in Bloomfield and Portage, NY, 21 pages. Other surnames include Button, Everts, Isbell, Blachley, Parmelee, Wilcox.

BF669 THOMAS FRENCH. Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas French from Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, England, who settled in Burlington County, New Jersey, by Howard Barclay French, Vol 1, Philadelphia, 1909, 501 pages, copied in its entirety. SLC US/CAN 929.273 F887fh Vol 1. Thomas French is one of the original proprietors in N  together with William Penn, Edward Byllynge, Thomas Ollive, Gauen Laurie and others. With some account of Colonial manners and doings, setting up of Friend's Meetings, copies of old minutes and other particular writings of public interest, curious and rare papers in facsimile, noteworthy happenings and places, etc. Thomas French (Chart #22). Large index.

BF670 Same as above, Vol 2. 743 pages, copied in its entirety. Large index.

F087 THOMAS FRENCH. Thomas French Family Lineage List and Index, Rev. 1, by the French Family Association, 5/85, 14 pages, Thomas French (Chart #1).

F320 THOMAS FRENCH. The Descendants of Thomas French of Ipswich, MA, five generations (Chart #1) by Robert L. French, RDBox 139, Chatham, NŮ 12037. Contributed by the author. Stephen French of Dorchester and Weymouth, MA (Chart #7). John French of Dorchester and Braintree, MA (Chart #5). William French of Billerica, MA (Chart #2). Richard French of Billerica, MA (Chart #6).Thomas French of Charlestown, MA (Chart #9), Edmund French and others of Coddenham and Edwardstone, England. Regarding Chart #1, other surnames: Howlett, Cummings, Peake, Stebbins, Kingsley, Keyes, Carpenter, Read, Stiles, Pearson, Towne, Gould, Perkins, Crocker, Pease, Meacham, Read, Brown, Field, Rice, Catlin, Severance, Hyde, White, Waterman, Cushing, Mason, Kent, Draper, Sweet, Tyler. Homesteads: Topsfield, MA; Rehoboth, MA; Deerfield, MA; Quebec line, p. 20-21; Enfield, CT; Attleborough, MA; Norwich, CT; Montpelier, VT.

F265 THOMAS FRENCH. New England Historical and Genealogical Register. Thomas French of Guilford, CT (Chart #9). Communicated by A. D. Weld French, Esq. of Boston, pp. 638-642. Also published in the Genealogies of Connecticut Families, Vol I, by Gary Boyd Roberts, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, 1983.

F412 THOMAS FRENCH. American Genealogy, 1951-52, Vol 27, NYSL 929.A5122. The Thomas French Bible Records, by H. Minot Pitman. Thomas French m. Catherine Ward 12 Dec 1750. Family lived in London, England, and immigrated to Washington, D.C. and NYC. Names include George French; Robert Summerfield French, Thomas Gautier French of East Orange, NJ; Harris Hanna French, of Memphis TN, Elise Cautier French who m. William Lowe Rice of Wilmington, DE; and Chauncey French.

F560 WILLIAM FRENCH. 3-page outline contributed by Steve Lawson. Thomas (1), Thomas (2), Thomas (3), William (4). William French (Chart #2).

F166 WILLIAM FRENCH. French Family Histories, by Jesse French Davis and Ellen Cockran French, 1977, p. 3-8, William French (Chart #2), Francis French (Chart Š#8).

F108 WILLIAM FRENCH. The Genealogy of the French Family, 1903, Camden Publishing Company, Camden, ME. 11 pages. Includes line of William French (Chart #2). Compiled by Fred E. French of Lincolnville and Camden, ME, who was b. 1856.

BF658 WILLIAM FRENCH. A Genealogical History of the French and Allied Families, by Mary Queal Beyer, privately printed at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, by the Torch Press, 1912. SLC 929.273 F887b. 216pages on the life of William French (Chart #2). Also connections to surnames Ingalls, Queal, Beyer, Cooper, Engelbeck, Armitage, and Beard. Areas include Cambridge, Boston, Billerica, Southwick, Dunstable (all in MA). Other locations: Castle Creek, Amsterdam, Decatur, Binghamton, Glen Castle, Worcester, Chenango, NY; Davenport, Iowa; Morrow County, Ohio and many other towns in Iowa and Ohio.

BF674 WILLIAM FRENCH. William French of Billerica Lineage List, Revision 0, the French Family Association, 5/84, 14 pages, William French (Chart #2), and Francis French (Chart #8).

F400 WILLIAM FRENCH. Data from the New Hampshire Historical Society, compiled by Harry Dana French, Concord, NH. Box #4 (5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10). (Not available in library yet).

F406 WILLIAM FRENCH. French Family History, by Madison Dero Meyer, 1937, contributed by Lester French, gathered by Ken Parent, 816W. Elm, Wheaton, IL in June 1972. Frenches from NC, TN and IL. William French, b. ca. 1778 in NC, d. in IL, m1 (Bassna/Bashley/Basney, m2. Cassinbra Cantrell. William's father immigrated from Germany to NC, then to Dandridge, Jefferson Co., TN. William French (Chart #71), 33 pages.

F420 WILLIAM HANNA FRENCH. Notes from Robert H. French and his ancestry, William French (Chart #2).

F495 WILLIAM FRENCH. New England Historical and Genealogical Register (NEHGR), Vol 44, Oct 1890. William French (Chart #2)and his Descendants, by John M. French, M.D., of Milford, MA. Also in Vol. 65.

F533 WILLIAM FRENCH. 9 page outline contributed by William M. French. Perhaps William French of Ireland, 1714. William French (Chart #46). Surnames: Gavit, Bill. Locations: Westerly, RI; Westfield, MA; Otego, NY; Bundysburg, Geauga Co., OH.

F538 WILLIAM FRENCH. The First Martyr to the Cause of American Liberty, 4 pages written and contributed by Art Westneat. William d. 13 Mar 1775 in VT on the Connecticut River. Westminster, VT. Also a newspaper article on William, contributed by Jean Corlew, from the Rutland Daily Herald, "Many Odd Inscriptions Grace Stones in Westminster Cemetery'' by Mary Gilbert Smith, 2 pages.

F591 WILLIAM FRENCH. William French, ca. 1459-1520, from Suffolk, England, Chart #11, contributed by Robert E. Hull. 4 pg outline of this line.

Miscellaneous Books

Diary of Emily Louise (Rood) French, 1890, who lived in the Denver, CO area. She described herself as a "hard-working woman" and her diary shows her struggle. The book is entitled Emily and is edited by Janet Lecompte, University of Nebraska Press. Contact Leola Culley, 4960 Hogan Dr., Ft. Collins, CO 80525.

Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey, by Lillian Schlissel, 1982, Schocken Books, Inc. Compiled from actual diaries and journals kept by women who traveled the Oregon and California trails. The diaries noted deaths of family members and births (although the preceding months of pregnancy were rarely mentioned), as well as telling of the hardships of the journey. Those who survived were surely brave, hardy women! There were two brief references to the diary of Barsina Rogers French who traveled with her parents. One referred to the penmanship and grammatical exercises she copied into her diary during the journey. The other told of women taking turns at standing night guard watching for Indians. French, Barsina Rogers, "Diary, 1867", Manuscript Diary, The Huntington Library, San Marino, CA. Thanks to LaVern K. and Ruth Ann French of Livingston, TX for sending us this information.

Texas Tough, by Gra'Delle Duncan. She uses as the source of her information "With the Border Ruffians" by R. H. Williams, reprinted in the "Frontier Times," Vol. 26, No. 10 (July 1948). The story is titled "Vengeance," and concerns two French brothers, Jim and Dick French who, upon their return to Texas after the Civil War, discovered that their father had been arrested and taken to San Antonio. He was charged with murdering a Mexican cattle buyer. He was taken from the law by vigilantes, and hung from a chinaberry tree in the square, without a trial. The story concerns the revenge of his death by the two boys, who discovered that the vigilantes had been friends and neighbors. Thanks to Marilynn French of Austin, TX, for sending this information.

History of the Otto Ervy French Family, by Otto Ervy French, 1958. Otto was b. 28 Oct 1884, m. Eda Della Patison, lived in Kansas and Missouri. His family originally came from Virginia, he assumes, and then moved to Lexington, Fayette Co., KY where 3 children were born and moved to Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Otto's line was from the Indiana son. 48 pages including photos, contributed by Mrs. John E. French, 8160 South Elwood, Tulsa, OK 74132-3217.

Experiences of a Prisoner in Dixieland, by Stephen French of Alma, IL, who joined the Infantry during the Civil War on 11 Aug 1862 at the age of 18. He was a private. He was captured 22 Jul 1864 at Atlanta, Georgia, and paroled at Jacksonville, Florida, 28 Apr 1865. His article was published in the "National Tribune." The article ran in five parts beginning Jul 1 and ending July 8, 1926. When his article was published, he was 82 years old, living in San Diego, and a retired attorney. He was killed at the age of 84 by a hit and run driver a block from his house. Thanks to FFA member Maidie Strellman of Bellevue, WA, for sending us this article in its entirety. 23 pages.

A Dynasty of Western Outlaws, by Paul I. Wellman, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, 1986. Jim French, a young Creek Indian with almost feminine grace and eyes as large and brilliant as any girl's, was an outlaw and killer. French had a flair for pretty colored scarfs, which he knotted in becoming fashion about his neck. Belle Starr, whose 8 lovers all suffered a melancholy fate, dallied with him as a lover for a short time only. He was later killed while robbing a store on 7 Feb 1895. He needed money and decided to rob the W. C. Patton and Company store, the largest emporium in the town of Catoosa.

Silk-Screened Wall Calendars by the ffrench Family of Galway, Ireland, in their 25th year of this family project. Each month is a 12 x 24" original silk-screened print. John and Primm ffrench, former art teachers in Stockbridge, MA, are now retired and devote their time to art and traveling. Order a calendar from them at their Dolphin Studio, West Main Street, Stockbridge, MA 01262-0323. Tel: (413) 298-3735.

Frenches from Stafford County, VA. The book "Kinship: It's All Relative" mentions hundreds of families from Stafford County, VA, 120 pages, 1994. Order from Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1001 North Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21200. The French family section includes the related families Beaty, Bowling, Brady, Callaway, Dade, Edwards, Farrow, Grant, Gregg, Hall, Helm, Johnson, Lacy, Madden, Mason, Manley, Rigby, Reno, Stens, Stone, Strother, Triplett, Wallon, Washington, and Waugh. To obtain information on just the French section, write to A. Maxim Coppage, F.S.A. Scot, 653 Pershing Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94596.

Descendants of Joseph French of Hanover Co., VA, 1760-1838, compiled by Rodney W. Smith, 8773 Roman Dr., Sterling Heights, Michigan 48312. Tel: (810) 264-8252.

Family History and Old Churches. This service helps you enrich your family history with old picture postcards and photos of churches that were an important part of your heritage. Most of the 10,000 postcards date from 1900 to 1940. Write Chuck Thompson  at P.O. Box 11652, Houston, TX 77293. Postcards are priced around $5.

Chapter 2. Allied Family Genealogies

F014 ASHLEY. The Ashley Genealogy, History of the Descendants of Robert Ashley of Springfield, MA, by Francis Bacon Trowbridge, New Haven, CT, 1896, 929.273 As35t. 25 pgs. Sibyl Martha French, m. William Parmer Judd of Norfolk, CT, ca. 1815. Index includes over 700 surnames. The book takes the Ashley family back 7 more generations to Robert Ashley (see p. 253).

BF654 ANDERSON. The Anderson Family Tree Book, of Perth Amboy, NJ, by Mara French, 1980. Includes the family of Hans Christian Anderson and Caroline Anderson who immigrated from Aalborg, Esbjerg, and Ribe, Denmark. Hans was the father-in-law of John French of Perth Amboy, NJ. William French (Chart #2).

BF657 BARKER. Some Descendants of Nathan Barker, of Sandisfield, Massachusetts, compiled by William G. Lord, 1931. First generation John Barker, son of Sir Robert and Catherine (Ackworth)Barker arrived in Plymouth, MA, about 1628 and resided in Marshfield and Duxbury, MA, 101 pages. A part of the Barker family is connected to the French family (late 1800), but none of them are mentioned.

462 BARKER. The genealogy of the New England Barker Family was taken from an original in the Sterling Library at Yale University. The Barker Family of Plymouth Colony and County, by Barker Newhall, PhD. 102 pages. Duxbury and Marshfield, MA. (no French mentioned). Many other notes included on Crown Pt., NY, where the Barker family was connected to the French family.

F437 BARROW/BARROWS. John Barrows of Plymouth, MA, one of the first immigrants in the U.S. with the name Barker (about 1645). After the Barker family moved to Crown Point, NY, one descendant married into the French line.

BF677 BATCHELDER. Batchelder, Batcheller Genealogy, by Frederick Clifton Pierce, 1898, 623 pages, Thomas French (Chart #1), William French (Chart #2), Edward French (Chart #4), John French (Chart #5). Surnames: Prescott, Dearborn, Worthen, Allen, Corliss.

F585 BILLING. Reuben Lowell French, Edwin Clark French, Rufus French, Dexter French. Locations: Barnstead, NH; Pittsfield, NH; Stoughton, MA; Bradford, ME. Surnames: Billings, Smith, Billing, Tolman, Hewett. Contributed by Velma Rust.F458 BLAIR. Ancestry of Col. John Blair of Pelham, MA and Argyle, NY. Two documents:

(1) The BLAIR Family of New England, compiled by Emily Wilder Leavitt. William Blair of Framingham and Shrewsbury, MA, immigrated in 1718 to Worcester, MA. David French m. Susannah Blair, dau. of Col. John Blair. William French (Chart #2).

(2) BLAIR Genealogy, 1922, Worcester Historical Museum.

F071 BRACKETT. Brackett Genealogy, Descendants of Anthony Brackett of Portsmouth and Captain Richard Brackett of Braintree, by Herbert I. Brackett, published by H.I. Brackett, Washington, D.C. 1907. Hannah French, m. John Brackett, 6Sep 1661. William French (Chart #2), 8 pgs. Surnames include Bass, Draper, Spalding. Frenches include those of John French (Chart #5).

F454 BREWSTER. William Brewster of Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England, immigrated on the Mayflower, 1620. The Brewster Genealogy, 1566-1907, compiled and edited by Emma C. Brewster Jones of Cincinnati, Ohio, Vol 1, The Grafton Press, NY, 1908, SLC 929.273 B758j.

F123 CHENEY. Cheney-French genealogy. Aaron French of Meredith, NY. Cheney French of West Avon, NY. Ruth French of Milford, NH. Adams French. Henry French of Montpelier, VT. Sobria French.

F535 COGSWELL. The Cogswell-French Connection, written and contributed by Paula F. Owen. 3 pages. Abroad the Angel Gabriel which became shipwrecked off Pemaquid, Maine.

F060 COMSTOCK. Supplement by Emily A. Madden to Comstock-Thomas Ancestry of Richard Wilmot Comstock by H. Minot Pitman, 1982, SLC US/CAN 929.273 C739p. or microfilm #1035527, item #7. Includes families of Burrage, Chamberlain, French, Griswold, Kittredge, Lee, Littlefield, Shed(d), Coggan, Parker, Rogers. Joseph and Experience (Foster)French. John and Hannah (Burrage)French (Chart #3). William French (Chart #2). John and Mary (Littlefield/Kittredge)French. Mary French and Nathan Shed of Billerica, MA. John and Mary (Rogers)French of Billerica. Cities include Charlestown, Newton, Billerica, Tewksbury, Woburn (all in MA).

F322 CROSBY. A Crosby Family - Josiah Crosby and Sarah Fitch, by Nathan Crosby, 1877, p. 35-7. Edward French (Chart #4).

F440 CUMMINGS. Cummings Genealogy, Isaac Cummings, 1601-1677 of Ipswich in 1638 and some of his descendants, compiled and published by Albert Oren Cummins, Montpelier, VT, 1904. Several Cummings are connected to the Frenches of Dunstable, MA. William French (Chart #2).

BF672 DERTHICKS, DERRICKS. Derthicks and Related Derricks, by Jack T. Spencer and Robert A. Goodpasture, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1986. Laurence Charles French of Marcus, Iowa; Lloyd Harold French of Cleghorn, Iowa; Margaret Lucille French of Marcus, Iowa. 581 pgs.

F392 EATON. History, Genealogical and Biographical of the Eaton Families, by Nellie Zada Rice Molyneux, 1911, 782 pages.

F589 EDWARDS. Cyrus Edwards' Stories of Early Days and Others, in what is now Barren, Hart, and Netcalfe Counties, edited and compiled by Florence Edwards Gardiner, Louisville, KY, 1940, contributed by Diana K. White. Benjamin French, Tallapoosa Bend French.

BF655 EMMERT. The Amazing Story of the Emmerts in America, by Sharon Taylor, Halbert's, Inc. 1982, 117 pages.

F323 FILLOW. Record of the Descendants of John Fillow, by D. H. Van Hoosear, 1888, p. 62, 98, 99. William French (Chart #46). Dover and Otego, NY. Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Mace)French.

96 FREELAND. Freeland and Allied Families, genealogical newsletter contributed by Barney F. Freeland. Noah French (Chart #19). New Jersey, New York. John Albert French, b. 1852 in Essex, NY; Lucy Phedelia French, Charles F. French, Frank M. French, Ransom LeRoy French, Eva Ellen French.

F339 GERVAIS. The Genealogy of Eugene Francis Gervais, by Brother Bernard Gervais, C.S.C., 1956, contributed by Donald J. Lord. Thomas French (Chart #1).

BF679 GREELY. Genealogy of the Greely-Greeley Family, by George Hiram Greeley, 1905, 911 pages, Edward French (Chart #4). Surnames: Eaton, Webster, Sanborn, Hall, Stevens, Page, Hook, Pettengill, Moody, Flanders, Fitts, Gill, Morrill, Libbey, Clough, Tuttle, Coffin, Pike, Nudd.

F324 GREGORY. Gregory Genealogy, selected pages contributed by Beverly McGuire. Almira French, b. 20 Jul 1793 who m. William Gregory of Ovid, NY. Mary Ann French, m. William Gregory who was b. Nov 1824, of Mt. Upton, NY. Mary W. French, b. 1811 of Bridgeport, CT, m. Philo Andrews Gregory.

L303 HAYNES. Walter Haynes of Sutton Mandeville, Wilshire, England, and Sudbury, Massachusetts and His Descendants, 1583-1928, Edited by Frances Haynes, Publication Assistant Frederic Marshall Haynes, Record Publishing Company, Haverhill, MA, 1929. SLC 929.273 H3328h. William French (Chart #2).

F457 HAYNES. Walter Haynes and his Descendants of Sudbury, MA and their connection to the Treadway and French families. William French (Chart #2). 3 pages.

F455 HOWLAND. Ancestry of Henry Howland, brother of John Howland who immigrated on the Mayflower, 1620, 21 pages. Samuel Howland of Dutchess County, New York, by Francis G. Jenkins. 24 pages.

F325 HURLBUT. Descendants of Thomas Hurlbut, by Henry H. Hurlbut, 1888, p. 428-9, Ohio and Sandisfield, MA. Includes Vinson Gould French, b. 26Jan 1812 in Sandisfield, MA.

F096 HUTTON. Genealogy of the Hutton family of Putnum, NY. F042. HYDE. Jonathan Hyde of England and Massachusetts and Some of His Descendants, SLC US/CAN 929.273 H992hj, includes Jonathan's marriage to Mary French of Billerica, MA, 3 pages. William French (Chart #2).

F038 HYDE. A Genealogy of the Family of Wm. Hyde and Eunice Stearns of Hubbardston, MA, by Benjamin A. Dean, Boston, 1889. 10 pages. Mary French m. Jonathan Hyde ca. 1650, Newton, MA, William French (Chart #2).

F124 HYDE. Jonathan Hyde family. 1626-1941, compiled and printed by George B. Hyde, 1941. Contributed by Wanda McBride. William French (Chart #2).

F125 HYDE. Samuel Hyde family. Contributed by Wanda McBride. Descendants of Samuel, who came from London to Boston in 1639 and Jonathan, who came to America in 1647, The Tuttle Company, Rutland, VT 1931. Mary French of Billerica m. Jonathan Hyde and lived in Newton, MA. William French (Chart #2).

F326 HYDE. William Hyde of Norwich, CT, by Walworth, 1864, Vol. 1, p. 40-1, 144-7, Thomas French (Chart #1).

F112 INGALLS. The last half of Mary Queal Beyer's book (BF658)on the Ingalls family, one of the earliest in the U.S. (1628). Genealogy starts from 1480. Also, The Ingalls Inquirer, 5640 W. Chadwick Rd., DeWitt, MI 48820, Vol. 3, #3, Nov 86, contributed by John A. Robbins. Abigail french, dau. of Eleazer French, m. John Ingalls 1782, Dunstable, MA.

F401 KELSO. The Kelso family and their connection to the Blairs. (See Blair.), Kelso Kin, by Virginia Naylor Smith, published by Mrs. Roy Campbell Smith, 1716 Temple Ave., Nashville, TN 37215. The Kelso Clan in Scotland from 910 to 1910. From the Old Pedigree of 1758 at the British Museum, London. The principal families in Ayrshire by George Robertson, 1828. Other surnames include Collins, Hines, Jones, Carney, Naylor, Moore, Link. SLC US/CAN 929.273 K299s. 26 pages.

F456 JONES. The Descendants of Joel Jones, a revolutionary soldier, born in Charlton, MA in 1764, and d. in Crawford Co. PA in 1845, together with an account of his ancestories, back to Lewis and Ann Jones, of Watertown, MA, who came to America about 1635, and the descendants of Lemuel Smith, born in Ware, MA in 1770, came to Crawford Co. PA in 1817, and died in 1855, by Elbert Smith, 1925, the Tuttle Company, Rutland, VT.

BF652 KINGSLEY. Kingsley Family of America, edited by William Arthur Kingsley, 1980, published by Gateway Press, Inc. Baltimore, MD21202. SLC US/CAN 929.273 K615k. The ancestry of John Kingsley of Dorchester and Rehoboth, MA. The ancestry of Stephen Kingsley of Dorchester, Braintree and Milton, MA. These are the cities where John French (Chart #5) resided. Book may be bought through William Arthur Kingsley, 1272 Fyler Rd., Kirkville, NŮ 13082.

F327 LANE. William Lane and Family of Boston, MA, 1648-1891, p. 138-40, Thomas French (Chart #1). Abram French, m. Hannah Lane and resided in Pittsfield, NH.

BF676 LEAVITT. Leavitt Genealogy, Vol. 6, by Noyes and Berndt, 1982, 206pages. Homesteads: Meredith, NH and Solon, ME.

F106 LOBDELL. The genealogy of Simon Lobdell written in part by Julia Lobdell. Simon Lobdell of Hereford, England, immigrated in 1645 to Milford, CT. Connections to the French family are in Plattsburgh, NY.

F064 LOTHROP. John Lothrop, 1584-1653, A Puritan Biography and Genealogy, by Richard Woodruff Price, 1984, 38 pgs. Mary Lothrop Stearns and Capt. William French of Billerica (Chart #2). Includes the line of their daughter Hannah, (surnames Child, Fay, Whitney). This is the line related to Elé Whitney 1765-1825, and George Bush, 1924- . John Lothrop was born in Etton, Yorkshire, England in 1584, and died in Barnstable, MA in 1653. Sixth generation Mary Lothrop married Capt. William French as her second husband on 6 May 1669.

BF659 MARKOVICH. The Ancestry of Michael John Markovich, by Marjorie Markovich Clark, 1984, 140 pages of pedigree charts only. Related families include Mary French, b. 24 Jun 1720 of Dunstable, NH; Samuel French of Bradford Abbas, England (Chart #11); Jeremiah French of Benhall, England; Thomas French of Suffolk, England (Chart #11). Surnames include Huckins, Price, Pitman, Knights. (Removed from Library because of lack of source material)

F483 OGLETREE. John Turner Sanders Ogletree m. Sarah Amanda French, 1849, dau. of Aaron French and Anna C. of Talladega Co. AL, NC, or SC. Surnames: Phillips, Turner, Sanders, Riggens, Martin, McBrayer. Written and contributed by Kyser Covart Ptomey. Aaron was b. ca. 1793. Children: Sarah, Thomas, James, Benjamin, Jefferson, Martha, Laura, Mary.

F009 PARKER. The Ancestors of Peter Parker and Sarah Ruggles, p. 372-377. Frenches listed: Alexander, Alice, Alma, Alse, Ann, Anna, Bridgett, Cicile, Clemence, Deleverance, Dorcas, Ebenezor, Edmonde, Edmond, Edward, Elezabeth, Elizabeth, Ephraim, ffrannces, ffreedom, Freedom, George, Goodman, H. Hutchins, Hannah, Henry, Jacob, John, Joseph, Margaret, Margareta, Margerye, Martha, ŠMary, Mersy, Mertha, Phoebe, Richard, Robard, Robert, Samuel, Sara, Serjent, Stephen, Susan, Susanna, Susanne, Thomas, Widdow, William. Thomas French (Chart #1)and William French (Chart #2).

F021 PARSONS. Parsons Family, descendants of Cornet Joseph Parsons, Springfield 1636- Northampton 1655, by Henry Parsons, A.M., member of the NŮ Genealogical and Biographical Society, Vol. 2, The Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor Co., New Haven, CT, 1920. SLC US/CAN 929.273 P251ph V.2. 70 pgs. Elizabeth Symmes, wife of William French (Chart #2), p. 8. Mary French, m. Samuel Stebbins of Springfield, MA, p. 31. Jonathan French, m. Charlotte Lowell Gibson before 1860, of Braintree, MA, p. 50. Rachel French, m. Elias Thayer, p. 116. Anne French, m. William King 9 Oct 1809 in Chesterfield, MA, p. 147. Leroy French, m. Ellen Parsons of Pittsfield, NH, p. 253. Mary Ann French, m. Ambrose Butler of Lubee, ME, p. 440. Clara French, m. George Holbrook in Keene, NH, p. 473. Joseph French, m. Statira Parsons, ca. 1825 in Maine, p. 94.

F085 PATZKOWSKI. History and Genealogy of the Patzkowské Family, written and compiled by Jack Michael Patt, San Jose, CA, 1975. No French listed.

F013 PEAKE. The Peak-Peake Family History from Woodstock, VT, edited by Cyrus H. Peake, Claremont, California, SLC 929.273 P313b Vol 1 and 2. 24 pages. Dorcas French, dau. of Thomas French (Chart #1). Also, Sarah French, dau. of Wm French (Chart #2). Family names: Peake, Curtis, Leavens, Corbin, Johnson, Morse, Bugbee, Stratton, Perry, Bishop.

F041 RAY. Index to Research Collection of Worth Stickley Ray and His Wife Marie Wroten on Their Ancestral Lines, and Other Families of the Southern States, Compiled and Typed by the Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, UT, 1955, SLC US/CAN 975 D2r. Hugh French of Richmond Co. VA; James French 1801-1850, m. Martha Williams, of N. Carolina; Marcellus French of Texas, 1852; James B. French of San Antonio, TX, 1851; Stephen, William and James French of Northern Ireland, immigrated to VA. Other surnames include Mason, Somerville, Turner, Champe, Ambrose, Fitzhugh, Thornton, Hedgman, Tyler, Elzey, Brent, Washington, Butler, Hansbery, Hornsby, Davis, Waugh, Metcalfe, Swatkin, Minor, Sanford, Dake, Lacy, Rigby, Bowling, Strother, Manly, Burgess, Triplett, Chinn, Fox, all of England, Virginia, or Maryland.

F264 ROGERS. Genealogical Dictionary of New England, by James Savage. (See F463 for the connections to the French family.)

F328 ROOT. Root Genealogical Records, 1600-1870, by James Pierce Root, 1870, selected pages contributed by Beverly McGuire. Almira French m. William Root of Montague, MA. Sampson French, m. Lucy Root, Southwick, MA. William French (Chart #2). Almeda French m. Phineas Root of Suffield, CT.

F551 SHELDON. The Sheldon-French Connection, written and contributed by Henry Sheldon. John French (Chart #5). John (1), Samuel (2), Alexander (3), Asa (4), Ambrose (5), Henry (6), Amy (7)who m. Edward S. Sheldon, 1901. 2 pages on the French family, 10 pages on the Sheldon family.

F065 SMITH. The Smith Family, 1629-1949, by Charles Hauber, Michigan, family of Mary French and Robert Smith, m. ca. 1656. Mary was dau. of Thomas French (Chart #1). Contributed by Paul Hokanson.

F066 SMITH. Ancestry and Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale, family of ŠMary French and Robert Smith. Thomas French (Chart #1). Contributed by Paul Hokanson.

L107 SMITH. Joseph Fielding Smith Family, 1838, US/CAN Q area 929.273 Sm61aij. Surnames include Mixer, Garfield, Lothrop, Spaulding, Thurston, Howe, Scudamore, Gould, and House. Ancestry of William French (Chart #2) and Thomas French (Chart #1).

F311 SMITH. Thomas Smith, Wheelwright, of Ipswich, MA, and Some of His Descendants, by Mrs. Carle R. Hayward of Quincy, MA. George and Mary French Smith, Mary b. 16Jan 1624 in Assington, Suffolk Co., England. Thomas French (Chart #1).

329 STACY. "Westward Ho.....'' by Everett Rankin Clark. From Massachusetts Bay to Oklahoma Short Grass Country, 1979. Selected pages contributed by Dorothy Stillwell. Surnames Ayers, Clark, Baldwin, Rogers, Reed, Stacy, Richardson, Chase, Sanborn, Dow, Wyeth. Edward French (Chart #4).

F332 THAYER. Martin Clinton Thayer, His Ancestors and Descendants, by Ruth Thayer Ravenscroft 1946, p. 52, 211-27. John French (Chart #5).F010 TOWNE. Ancestry of My Parents - Rejoice Foster Towne and Elizabeth Chloe (Sessions)Towne, by George Towne, 1974, SLC 929.273 T661tg, 6pages. Thomas French (Chart #1)and William French (Chart #2). Other surnames: Andrews, Badcock, Badger, Bartlett, Bosworth, Bourne, Bowen, Buckminister, Buffum, Chandler, Chapman, Church, Clark, Coker, Colburn, Cooper, Corbin, Crosby, Curtis, Cutler, Douglas, Evans, Felt, Fisk, French, Fuller, Gale, Gould, Green, Greenleaf, Haven, Holgrave, Hooker, Howard, Hunkins, Hyde, Johnson, Kinney, Knight, Leland, Longley, Lunt, Lyon, McCoy, Merrill, Miller, Newhall, Nurse, Palmer, Park, Parker, Peck, Pike, Polley, Raymond, Rhodes, Rogers, Ruggles, Scott, Sessions, Smith, Spofford, Squire, Sutton, Swett, Symonds, Thompson, Throop, Travis, Tucker, Underwood, Warfield, Wayte, Warren, Wells, Whitaker, White, Willard, Williams, Wood. Contributed by William Towne.

F330 TOWNE. Towne Genealogy, selected pages contributed by Beverly McGuire, Thomas French (Chart #1).

F561 TRAVIS. French-Travis Bible Records, 1 page, contributed by Jannette Klein. Indiana, 1812-1857. Bible in possession of Mrs. Marvin Huff, Evansville, Indiana, 1957.

BF653 TREDWAY. History of the Tredway Family, edited by William Thomas Treadway. Milton LeRoy French m. Louise Treadway of Malone, NY, p. 37, 337. William French (Chart #2).

F459 TREADWAY. Background information on the Miller Burying Ground and the Streetroad Cemetery in Ticonderoga, NY.

F113 VANDEVEER. The Vandeveer Family by Mabel Van Dyke Baer, contributed by Marjorie Mohr. Includes Susannah, James and Nancy French of Cumberland Co., Kentucky, b. ca. 1750. James and Barbara French of Indiana. Adair Co., KŮ and Jeffersonville, IN.

F334 WALKER. Memorial of the Walkers of the Old Plymouth Colony, by J. Bradford Richmond Walker, 1861, p. 140, 147. James French of Taunton, Phillip of ŠRehoboth, William of Eastham, John of Marshfield, and Thomas of Bristol. John French (Chart #3).

F266 WEEKS. Leonard Weeks of Greenland, NH and his Descendants, 1639-1888, by Rev. Jacob Chapman, 1889. Edward French (Chart #4). Also Thomas French of Stratham, NH (Chart #1). Pages 138-40.

F333 WHITE. The Vinton Memorial, by John Adams Vinton, 1858. John French (Chart #5). John Rogers of Weymouth, m. Judith French, b. 1614/15 in Somerset Co. England. Also surname Thayer. Edward French (Chart #4).

F335 WHITMAN. Descendants of John Whitman of Weymouth, p. 25-8, Stephen French (Chart #7). Stephen and Hannah Whitman French of Weymouth; Mary French m. William Badlam; Stephen French m. Abigail Beal of Hingham, MA; Samuel French m. Silence Torrey; David French m. Mary Carver in Abington; Elizabeth French m. Edward Blake; Jonathan French m. Elizabeth Ward; Mary French m. Joseph Dunbar; Daniel French m. Mary Lane; Mary French m. Reuben Hersey; Stephen French m. Ruth Petty Jones; Joel French m. Elizabeth Hobart; Betty French m. Ichabod Pratt.

F008 WILDES. The Ancestry of Dudley Wildes, 1759-1820 of Topsfield, Massachusetts, by Walter Goodwin Davis, The Anthoensen Press, Portland, Maine, 1959, SLC 929.273 W646d. Other names mentioned: Averill, Howlett, French, Clarke, Beane, Perkins, Gould, Towne, Blessing, Symonds, Porter, Dorman, Hawthorn, Wood, Wildes and Foster. 13 pages. Lists Alice French, bapt. 9 Apr 1610, dau. of Thomas French, m. Thomas Howlett (Chart #1).

F492 WORCESTER. The Descendants of Rev. William Worcester by Sarah Alice Worcester, 1914, p. 1-9, Edward French (Chart #4).

Chapter 3. International Genealogical Index (IGI)

All indexes list vital statistics for the period 1650-1850 for the surname FRENCH only. They were copied in 1984 at the Salt Lake City Genealogical Library. The IGI consists of about 50 names per page, identifying the sex, name of parents, locality, type of event (christening, birth, death, marriage, will), date of event, place of event, source of information.

F052 Using the IGI in Salt Lake City, 4 pages.

F043 Alabama, 1 page.

F047 Arkansas, 1 page.

F005 Connecticut, 13 pages.

F015 Dorset County, England, 3 pages, John French (Chart #5), Richard French (Chart #6), and Thomas and Samuel French (Chart #11).

F016 Essex County, England, 24 pages, William French (Chart #2).

F004 Kent County, England, 20 pages.

F046 Kentucky, 4 pages.

F078 Massachusetts, 83 pages.

F049 New Jersey, 13 pages. Thomas French (Chart #22).

F002 Northampton County, England, 3 pages, Thomas French (Chart #22).

F044 North Carolina, 2 pages.

F045 South Carolina, 1 page.

F110 Suffolk, England. Thomas French (Chart #1); Thomas and Samuel French (Chart #11). Godfrey, Elizabeth, Suffolk.

F022 Sussex County, England, 25 pages.

F048 Tennessee, 5 pages. Henry French (Chart #10).

Chapter 4. Wills, Vital Statistics, Wars, and Obituaries


F105 Miscellaneous wills from England, Ireland, and Scotland.

L461 Miscellaneous wills from the U.S. and Canada. Will of Volney French contributed by Margaret Fiske. Will of Franklin French of Chenango, Broome Co., NY, contributed by Monica French. Will of W. H. LFrench of Linn Co., Iowa, 29 Jun 1911, contributed by Monica French.

F496 New Hampshire miscellaneous wills. Elizabeth French, 26Feb 1777, Hillsborough Co., NH.

F497 Massachusetts miscellaneous wills. Settlement of estate of John French, Northampton, MA, 2 Jun 1697, contributed by Ethel Wood, surnames: Keet, Pomeroy.

F001 Wills and administrations. Wills pertaining to William French (Chart #2)including: Thomas French, Prerogative Count of Canterbury, No. 123, 1614, pgs 7 & 8, film 092056, 28 Oct 1613, p. 66 in The Frenchline.

F050 Last Wills and Testaments of John French, Burlington County, New Jersey, 1729; John French, Shelby County, Indiana, 1865; John French, Woodbridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey, 1713; Robert French, Chester, Burlington County, New Jersey, 1811; Richard French, Essex County, New Jersey, 1747; Samuel French, Montgomery County, New York, 1851; William French, Middlesex County, New Jersey, 1776; Mannassa French and Hannah French, Chenango County, New York, 1800; William French, Middlesex County, New Jersey, 1809. Thomas French (Chart #22).

F051 Will of Mary French, spinster, of Bury St. Edmunds, England, dated 6Dec 1682. On microfilm at SLC, Mentions her father ffrancis ffrench and mother, Mary ffrench. Also mentions Thomas Smith, Margaret Willing, and her brother, Thomas ffrench, probate 26Feb 1682.

F384 Will and land transfer of 16,000 acres on the Whitestone & Licking Creek in Fairfield Co., OH, from Abraham Baldwin to Sarah French (1/2 sister), dated 1807, Book F-301. Contributed by Robert P. French.

F054 Wills and Administrations at Somerset House. John Frenche, Revenhall, 16 Jan 1595.

L104 Will of Joseph French, 15 Nov 1754, of South  Hampton, NH.

F429 Barbadoes Records, Wills and Administrations. Vol I, p. 41 and 132. Vol  II, p. 124. Compiled and edited by Joanne Mcree Sanders, 1979 and 1980. John  and Elizabeth French, 1682, of St. Josephs Parish. Patrick French, mariner on  board the ship Wilde, 1692. Lyonell French of Barbadoes, 1657.

N113 Wills at Chelmsford (Essex and East Hertfordshire) Vol. I, 1400 - 1619, Issued by British Record Society, Ltd., for the Years 1957 and 1958.

N114 Will of Thomas French, d. 28 Jul 1551 in Arkesdon


F363 Miscellaneous Records (vital statistics from newspapers, etc; DAR; military, church). Numerous records contributed in part by Priscilla Bohanan.

F135 New England Marriages Prior to 1700, by Clarence Almon Torrey,  Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1985. Pages 284-285, 395, 632-5.  Lists 65 marriages.

F383 Death Notices from Freewill Baptist Publications, 1811-1851, by Young and  Taylor, 1985, transcript, Edward French (Chart #4).

F059 Public Documents of the French Family, New Jersey, New York, and Indiana,  18th and 19th generation, index, SLC film 1017046. Index of wills, deeds,  petitions, inventions, guardianship, marriage licenses, military records, 1  page.

F563 John French of Amherst passes away, 2 Feb 1905, contributed by Geraldine  M. Jennings. Cherokee Democrat, died in Amherst, Iowa, b. 1831 in Lincolnshire,  England. Immigrated first to Ontario, Canada before settling in Iowa. Also,  death notice of Clara Edna French Barnes, of Cherokee, Iowa, d. 1943. Article  on her father, George Edward French, D.V.S., taken from History of Cherokee  County, Vol. II, pages 128-9. Obituary of George E. French who was b. in  Mitchell, Canada in 1860. Also death notice of Merle Rowland French, M.D., of  Central New York, b. in Marcus, Iowa in 1893.

F564 Pennsylvania wills, contributed by Patricia M. Jameson. West Shenango  township, Crawford Co., PA. 11 pages. Also notes from the History of Ashtabula  Co., Ohio, Vol II, 1924, by Williams. Also, History of N.E. Ohio, by Lewis, 1893,  p. 333. Chauncey and Nelson French. James French (Chart #27).




N100 Newspaper articles.

Chapter 5. Ship, Passenger, and Immigration Lists

F006 Passenger and Immigration Lists Index to various books located in SLC, 1982 Supplement, 1983 Supplement, 1984 Supplement. Each of the 4 indexes is 1 page only, surname French only.

F011 Passengers to America, Passenger Lists to America, Emigrants from England, Founders of New England, SLC US/CAN 973 W3t, 10 pages. John ffrench of Washford, Ireland, a seaman, 26years, sailed to St. Christoph on 20 Feb 1634.  Judeth French, Weymouth, 29th of March 1635. Lawrence French of Galway, Ireland, sailed from Liverpool, England, 19 Mar 1700, to West Indies. Jane French, from Holme near Lancas, to Virginia or Maryland, 8 Sep 1699, age 21.  William French, age 25, gardner, from London, on ship "Betsey'' to VA. James French, age 25, hairdresser from London, on ship "Adventure'' to Maryland, 17 Apr 1775, Stephen French, age 45, of Carrick on Suir, Ireland, merchant, to NY, 29 Aug 1803. William French, age 46, Sailmaker, from Cornwall, on ship "Chance'', to Maryland.Ralph Mason, age 35, Joyner, Annes Mason, 35, his wife, Richard Mason, age 5, Samuel Mason, age 3, and Susan Mason, age 1, their children., on 4th July, 1635, in the ship Abbigall de Lo.  On 4 July 1635, Elizabeth ffrench age 30, Elizabeth ffrench, age 6, Marie French, age 2 1/2, ffrancis ffrench, age 10, Jo: ffrench, age 5mo., Roger Harlakenden, age 23, Eliza Harlakenden, age 18, his wife, Mable Harlakenden, age 21, his sister, Wm ffrench, age 30, Eliza ffrench, age 32, his wife, sailed on the ship Defence.  Visitation of Kent, 1574.

F080 Immigrant Ancestors, a List of 2,500 Immigrants to America before 1750, edited by Frederick Adams Virkus, 1970, 75 pages. Extracted from Volume VII, Compendium of American Genealogy. Listed are Edward French of Salisbury, MA, (Chart #4); John French of Braintree, MA, (Chart #5); Thomas French of Ipswich, MA, (Chart #1); William French of Billerica, MA, (Chart #2).

F101 Passengers and Ships, 17th century, from England to America. Includes the ship "Defence'', William French (Chart #2).

F068 The Planters of the Commonwealth, a study of the emigrants and emigration in colonial times to which are added lists of passengers to Boston and to the bay colony, the ships which brought them, their English homes, and the places of their settlement in MA, 1620-1640, by Charles Edward Banks, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, 1961. Lists Thomas French (Chart #1) and William French (Chart #2).

F102 New World Immigrants, A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists and Associated Data from Periodical Literature, edited by Michael Tepper, Vol I, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1979. Lists William French on the Defence.

F103 List of Alien Passengers, bonded from Jan 1, 1847 - Jan 1, 1851 for the use of the Overseers of the Poor, in the Commonwealth, by J. B. Munroe, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1971, SLC 974.46/B1 W3m. Lists Edward French, 13 Aug 1849, age 5, from Ireland, on vessel Bark Belvidere. Lists Honora French, age 8, same day, same vessel.

L304 The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; emigrants, religious exiles, political rebels, serving men sold for a term of years, apprentices, children stolen, maidens pressed, and others who went from Great Britain to the American plantations, 1600-1700. Edited by John Camden Hotten, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1962. SLC microfilm 874190. William French on the Defence, 1635 (Chart #2).

F309 Mayflower Families through Five Generations, published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1975.

L434 Winthrop Fleet of 1630, an account of the vessels, the voyage, the passengers and their English homes from original authorities, by Charles Edward Banks, Boston, 1930, 53 pages. Thomas French (Chart #1). The only complete list of the names of all those who are believed to have come to New LEngland with John Winthrop. Data given includes place of departure, places of residence in America, occupation, church affiliation, and dates of b. m. d. vital records.

Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England, 1620- 1650, by Charles Edward Banks, Edited and Indexed by Elijah Ellsworth Brownell, Southern Book Company, Baltimore, 1957. Harlakenden, Roger, EarleŐs Colne, Essex, on the ship Defence, to Cambridge, MA, N.E.G.R., 15/328. French, WIlliam, of Halstead, Essex, on the ship Francis, to Cambridge, MA, N.E.G.R., 44/367. French, John, Thomas, Thomas Jr., of Assington, Suffolk, to Ipswich, MA, Linzee 419.

N108 Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England, 1620- 1650, by Charles Edward Banks, Edited and Indexed by Elijah Ellsworth Brownell, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Balitmore, 1981. French, Richard, of Coggeshall, Essex, to Concord Cambridge, MA, Middlesex Court Rec.

Chapter 6. England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland


L409 Miscellaneous British and Irish records.

F072 Notes on the Frenches in connection with France, England, Ireland, Scotland, and the U.S., compiled by A.D. Weld French, Boston, 1885, 13 pages, contributed by William M. French. English/Scottish ancestry.

Notes on the French Family and surnames Francus, Franceis, French, etc. in Scotland, with an account of the Frenches of Thorndykes by A.D.W. French, 109 pages, 1893. Order through Higginson Books, 508-745-7170.

F310 Index Armorial to an Emblazoned Manuscript of the Surname of French, Franc, Francois, Frene, and Others, Both British and Foreign, by Aaron Davis Weld French, Boston, 1892. Complete book, 115 pages.

F028 The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom, by Vicary Gibbs and H. A. Doubleday, The St. Catherine Press, London, 1926, SLC REF 942 D22cok, 4 pages. The Frenches of Castle French in Ireland.

F030 Walford's County Families of the United Kingdom, or the Royal Manual of the Titled and Untitled Aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland containing the descent, birth, marriage, education, and appointments of each person, his heir apparent or presumptive. Record of the offices which he has hitherto held, together with his town address and country residence, London, Chatto & Windus, 1899, SLC 942 D22wac. 4 pgs.

F032 General Armory of England, Scotland, and Ireland, by John Burke, London, 1842, SLC 942 D24b. Describes 17 coat of arms for surname French. See The Frenchline, p. 47.

L033 Genealogical Research in England and Wales, Vol. 3, Old English Hand writing, Latin, Research Standards and Procedures, by David E. Gardner and Frank Smith, SLC REF 929.1 G172g, 39 pages.

L037 History of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, by Bernard Burke, Vol I, London, 1875, SLC 942 D2buf.

F053 Post Office Directory of Essex, Hertfordshire, and Middlesex, by E. R.

Kelly, London, 1874, SLC 942 E4ke, 5 pgs. Lists in Halstead a Mrs. French of Trinity St. as a private resident; a Robert French, Bird-in-Hand, Chapel Hill; Robert French, farmer at Stanstead Hall.

F133 Telephone Directories, England, Ireland.

L439 Scotland, description of `Mac' and `Mc' in surnames.

F584 Scotland. Records from the Ewart Library, Dumfries, contributed by Velma Rust.


L003 Handwritten list of Deaths in England, 1620-1630. Lists Thomas French, gentleman, 27 Feb 1621.

L023 Kings of England since the entry of the Normans, 1066, 2 pages, the time when the first French entered England.

F031 Topographical Dictionary of England comprising counties, cities, boroughs, corporate and market towns, parishes, chapelries, and townships, and the islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Man, by Samuel Lewis, London, S. Lewis and Co., 1831, SLC 942 E3L. Included are towns of Halstead, Higham, Farnham, Assington, Wethersfield, Arkesden. 9 pages. Thomas French (Chart #1) and William French (Chart #2).

F034 List of French births in England during different periods, 1626-1647, 1601-1625, 1602-1628, 3 pages.

F026 Genealogical Gleanings in England, abstracts of wills relating to early American families, genealogical notes and pedigrees constructed from the wills and from other records, by Henry F. Waters, A.M., 1969, SLF 942 D2wh Vol I & II, 18 pages on the French family. Surnames: Benskin, Whittacre, Walker, Chauncey, Rogers, Candler, Ray, Ward, Quincey, Palmer, Hollister, Mew, Webb, Plummer, Ambrose, Aspinwall, Lewes, Chapman, Pye, Seward, Cay, Yorke, Lighte, Spencer, Washington, Ham, Cooke, Thatcher, Hewett, Brumpstead, Breedon, Gurdon, Parker, Taylor, Cole. Edward French (Chart #4).

BF682 County Records of the surnames of Francus, Franceis, French, in England, Š1100-1350, by A. D. Weld French, Boston, 1896. Areas in England include Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, Cumberland, Derbyshire, Devonshire, Dorsetshire, Durham, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Kent, Lancashire, Leichestershire, Lincolnshire, Middlesex, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Somersetshire, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire, Westmorland, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, Yorkshire. 594 pages. Order through Higginson Books, 508-745-7170.

F062 Marriages from Boyd's Grooms, 1538-1600, French and Holmsted in England only. In specific is listed the marriage of Agnes Holmstead and Thomas French in Farnham, 1587 (Chart #2).

F099 Handwritten Burials and Baptisms of England, 17th century.

F128 England Church Information.

F129 England Store Information.

BE752 London, Beautiful Cities Series, by David Gibbon, 1985.

BE753 England, Beautiful Countries Series, by Lee Thomas, 1985.

BE751 England, the Beautiful Land, by Edmund Swinglehurst, Crescent Books, New York, 1984.

L061 St. Dunstans-in-the-West, London, England. Photos of burial site of William French, 1621.

L433 Nether Neyford, Northhamptonshire, England, Thomas French (Chart #22). Photos of the town, description of S.S. Peter and Paul Parish Church.

F519 Isle of Wight. Louis Daniel French, b. 1854. Also Portsmouth, St. Thomas. Contributed by Louis Lehmann.

F524 Early British records and Coat of Arms descriptions. Witney, Oxfordshire, England. Family immigrated to Blackstone, MA; Woonsocket, RI. Contributed by Mildred Crandall Falvey.

BF660 Conrad 0ŐBrien-ffrench. Delicate Mission, by Conrad OŐBrien-ffrench. Autobiography of a Secret Agent, 1980. Conrad was b. 1893, d. 1987. Story has many references to the ffrench tribe of Galway, in particular, Monivea, (Chart #127).

N109 Croydon, Surname: Godfery. Elizabeth, dau.of Richard and Mary, Godferye, Richard, son of William and Katherine, Godferye, Annis, ? of William and Katherine, Godfery, Anne, dau. of Water and Katherine, Godferye, Ketherine, dau. of Water and Katherine, Godferye, William, son of Water and Katherine.

N109b Alumni Cantabrigienses, A biographical list of all known students, graduates and holders of office at the University of Cambridge, from the earliest times to 1900, compiled by John Venn, Sc.D., F.R.S., F.S.A., and J.A. Venn, M.A. Part I, From the Earliest Times to 1751. French, Anthony (1); French, Anthony (2); French, Arthur; French, Clement; French, Edmund; French, Edward; French, George (1); French, George (2); French, George (3); French, George (4); French, Gregory; French, Henry; French, Jeremiah;, French, John (1); French, John (2); French, John (3); French, John (4); French, John (5); French, John (6); French, John (7); Frenche, Peter; French, Peter; French, Richard (1); French, Richard (2); French, Robert (1); French, Robert (2); French, Robert (3); French, Robert (4); French, Roger; French, Samuel; French, Thomas; French, William; French, French or Frank __; French__

N110a The Publications of the Harleian Society, est. A.D. MDCCLXIX, Vol. XXII, for the year MD.CCC.LXXXVI. Scroggs.

N110b County Genealogies, Pedigrees, Hertfordshire Families, Collected by Wm. Berry, 15 years registering clerk on the College of Arms, London. Published by John Russellsmith, Old Compton St., Soho, London

N111 Thomas Harlakenden, b. 1568, d. 27 Mar 1648, Father was Roger Harlakenden, Roger Harlakenden, son, b. 2 Jun 1594, EarleŐs Colne, Essex, England.

N112 French, George Russell, 1803 - 1881, b. London;  French, Gilbert James 1804 - 1866, b. 18 Apr 1804 at Edinburgh;  French, John, M.D. 1616? - 1657 b. at Broughton near Banbury, Oxfordshire, on or about 1616. Scroggs, Sir William, 1623? - 1683, b. Deddington, Oxfordshire.


F097 Essex Towns, 1540-1640, Essex County, England, by N. Rowley, B.A., 1970.

Includes "Governing Essex Towns'', and a map indicating Essex markets as of 1575.

F063 History of Essex, England, comprising a narrative of public and political events in the county, from the earliest ages to the present time (1861), by D. W. Coller, Chelmsford, England, 1861, SLC 942.67 H2c. Page on Stanstead Hall in Halstead. Essex map.

F069 Durrant's Handbook for Essex, England. The principal buildings, places, and objects of interest in each parish in the county, by Miller Christy, Chelmsford, England, 1887, SLC 942.67 E6c. Lists Wethersfield, Halstead, Great Bardfield, Arkesden. Includes map.

L302 Holman's Halstead, being historial notes arranged by William Holman, Pastor of the Church of Protestant Dissenters in Halstead, Essex, 1700-1730 A.D., prepared for the press by T. G. Gibbons, M.A., sometime Vicar of Halstead, Second Edition. Published by W. H. Root, "Gazette'' Office, Halstead, Essex, 1909. SLC 942.67/H1. pages 30-31.

BE757 Grandpa's Essex as seen by Victorian photographer Francis Frith, compiled by Philip Gifford and Jane Dansie, 1981. Shows photographs of Wethersfield, 1903.

BE759 Discover Halstead, Three walks in the town, by Percy A. L. Bamberger, Halstead, Essex, England.

BE760 A History of Public Transport in the Halstead Area, by Eric Axten, with maps.

BE764 A History of Essex, by A. C. Edwards, 1985. Several good maps.

BE767 Chelmsford through the ages, (Chelmsford, Essex), by Gilbert Torry, 1977.

BE768 Great Bardfield and its Church, Bardfield, Essex, England.

L438 Halstead, Essex, England. Postcards, description of St. Andrews Church, town description, Stanstead Hall.

L442 Farnham, Essex, England. Farnham Monthly News.

L443 Arkesden, Essex, England. A Short Guide to the Parish of Arkesden, Essex, by J. B. Barnes. William French (Chart #2).

L446 Manor of Pitley. Detailed information on the manor, maps, photos, floor plan. William French (Chart #2). The Manor of Pitley is in Great Bardfield, Essex Co., England.

F507 Calendar of The Commissary Court of London (Essex & Herts), 1431 to 1660. List of wills of 20 Frenches from Essex and Herts.

F582 Whaddon Parish REgister, Stephen French and his father William and grandfather, James. Co. of Bucks. 18th century. Contributed by Lillian French.

N106 Dedham, Essex, England. John Rogers of Dedham. Weathersfield, Chelmsford. Church registers of Chelmsford go back to A.D. 1538. John Rogers of Billerica. Rev. Mr. Hazen. Grandchild mary French. Elizabeth of Timothy Symmes. Mr. Syms (Minister of New England).  John Sym, cousin Henry Sym, Mr. John Symes. St. Dionis Backchurch, London. Fenchurch Street. Gabriel Fenchurch, London, clothworker. Fenchurch = Area of clothworkers , and Wm. French was a weaver. Thomas Boylson, clothworker. St. Gabriel, Fenchurch, London. Elizabeth Symes, wife of Thomas Symes. Samuel Symes. Willm Syms, Zacharye Syms, Zacherie Simes, William Simes, Mary Simes, Sara Simes, Mary Simmes, Zachary, William Symmes, Mary Symmes, Zachary Simmes, Sara Baker, Rev. Zechariah Syms or Symmes, b. in Canterbury Kent, 5 April 1599, minister of Charlestown, Mass. William Symmes, father William Symmes. See The Symmes Memorial, by Rev. John A. Vinton, Boston, 1873.  Francis Scrogges, Aldebury, Herts, b. 3 June 1585. Bardene, Essex. Henry, William and Francis Scrogges, Randolphe Symmes, Anne Symmes, Dorothy Symmes, Dyonis Simms, Edward and Francis Scrogges, Penelope Scrogges, Smythie Scrogges, Emlyn Scrogges, Susan Scrogges, Ann Scrogges. Anne Scroggs of Earles Colne, Essex, William Harlakenden, Edward Scroggs, Sister Scroggs, Margaret Scroggs, Richard Harlakenden of Clone, Prior. Cousin Sara Simmes of New England, Daniel Rogers of Wethersfield, Earles Colne, Smith the wife of William Harlakenden, brother-in-law William Harlakenden of Earles Colne. Mrs. Sara Symmes, Randolph Symmes, Randall Symmes. Anne Scroggs, daughter of Edward, had a sister Smith or Smithee, who married William Harlakenden, son of Thomas and Dorothy (Cheney) Harlakenden. Roger Harlakenden, Rev. Thomas Shepard, who had been at Earles Colne, Richard Harlakenden, brother of Roger of New England, sister Mabel, brother John Steadman, brother William French. Sara Simes. See Topographer and Genealogist, Vol. i, pp 228-258, edited by John Gough Nichols F.S.A., for a full pedigree of Harlakenden families; also REGISTER, Vol. xv., pp. 327-329. Cousin Randall Symmes, cousin Richard Symmes. Withersfield, Essex Co., Harlow, Essex Co., Eppinage, Essex Co., Wrightsbridge, Essex Co., Rayleigh, Essex Co.  Robert Man, Jane, daughter of William Symes, Esq. Coat of arms of "Symses". John Symes Esq. Randall Syms, 1599, Elizabeth Syms, Mrs. Sara Symmes, Thomas Man, London,  son Nathaniel Man, Anne, Johan, Francis, (Frances?) Nichloas and Thomas. Sara Simms. George French the weaver.

N107 Felstead, Essex 1558, Sisted, Essex, 1538, Great Parndon, Essex, 1547 to 1641, Belchamp Otten, Essex, 1578 to 1622, Gasfield, Foxearth, 1551 to 1617, Sible Hedingham, Fordham, 1588 to 1644, Wormingford, 1557 to 1640, Thaxted, Essex, 1558 to -, Stradishall, 1576, Bofford, 1557.


L018. Transcripts, Parish Assington, Suffolk County Record Office, England, years 1598-1823, (birth, marriage, death records). 24 pages SLC film 22520. Several listings from Thomas French (Chart #1).

L024 Christenings in Assington Parish, Suffolk, England, 1598-1683, page 26 only, dealing with Thomas and Susan French (Chart #1).

F056  Entries from the Ipswich Free Library in England on the Riddlesdale family. Thomas French (Chart #1).

F058 Register Book of Assington, Suffolk, 1598-1683, handwritten account of French births, marriage, and deaths in the 17th century, including Thomas French (Chart #1).

F098 Suffolk Churches and their Treasurers, by H. Munro Caulley, The Boydell Press, SLC 942.64 K2c, 1982. Describes the church in Assington, Suffolk, England.

BE769 Ipswich Through the Ages, by Lilian J. Redstone, 1969.

BE770 Stay Awhile In Suffolk, A Guide to the County, 1986.

L444 Assington, Suffolk England. Thomas French (Chart #1). St. Edmund King and Martyr Church. Assington News. Pamphlet on a short history of the village of Assington from 1066with extracts from various documents and records, compiled by D. E. Smith of Assington. Map of the parish of Assington.

F506Lowestoft, St. Margaret's Parish Church. Contributed by Eleanor Homewood. Also included are photos and postcards of Saxmundham, Lowestoft, Kelsale, and Knodishall.

F521 Bures St. Mary. Elizabeth French m. Henry Loker ca. 1600. Contributed by Marilyn Getty, Jerome D. Bosley, Joan Kidwiler, and Elizabeth A. Fleming. Family immigrated to Sudbury, MA.

N107 Wickambrook, Suffolk 1559, Thorpe Monieux, Suffolk.


F115 Memoir of the Family of French, by John D'Alton, Esq., Dublin, 1847, p. 1-39, the French Families of Ireland, including Freynes in France, De la Freignes in Herefordshire, De Freynes and Frenches in Leinster, Patrick De la Freyne of Kilkenny, John De la Freyne of Kylmehid, Robert De la Freyne of Kylmehid, William de la Freyne of Kilkenny, the large family of Freynes and ffrenches, and Frenches of Connaught (Patrick and John French), the large family of Frenches of Frenchpark (Peter, Robert, John, Francis, Robert, Nicholas, Jasper, Stephen, Patrick, Dominick, John, Arthur I, II, III, IV).

F027 Family Records, by Ashworth P. Burke, Heraldic Publishing Company, Inc., New York, N.Y., 1965, SLC BRITISH 942 D22bf or film #962418. Families mentioned Burrough, Blake, Bosville, Burke, Marriott, Macnamara, French, Vipan, Wakefield, 11 pages. Tells background on Bridget French, wife of Thomas French, (Chart #1). John Blake m. Mary French of Galway, Ireland. Frances Ann Bolton m. George Jones French, Ireland. Francis Blake, m. Margaret French, of Galway. Nicholas French, Robert French, Juliana French of Galway. John French of London. George French of Storrington. Patrick French of Galway. Marianne French of Dunshaughlin, Ireland.

F036 Burke's Dictionary of the Landed Gentry, 1858, SLC LDS BRITISH 942 D2buf, 3 pages. French of Frenchgrove, Mayo County, Ireland. French of Monivea Castle, Galway County, Ireland. French of Cloonyquin, Roscommon County, Ireland.

F130 The Family of French (Ireland)from the Royal Dublin Society. Fulco de Freyne Seneschal, 1302, descended from Rolo, First Duke of Normandy, and Gisla his daughter of Charles the Simple, King of France. Pedigree of Lord de Freyne.

F131 Local Historical Notes of Monivea and the French family by Martin Blake. 27 articles that were printed in the Tuam Herald during the years 1928-1929. Included are the origin of the families of French in Connaught, pedigree of John French of Grandterre in 1763, the former families of French in County ŠGalway, family of ffrench of Abbert and later of Corgery, family of French of Brooklodge, family of French of Carrorea, family of French of Moycullen, family of ffrench of Moyvilly (now Mount Hazel), family of French of Portcarron, families of French of Dooras, French of Cloghballymore, French of Drumharsn and Peterswell, pedigree of French of Rahasane, pedigress of French of Monine (now Vermount), French of Oranberg (now Frenchfort), French of Cregclare and Aggard, genealogy of French of Tyrone.

F132 French family of Frenchpark, Ireland, including Arthur French. Article received by mail from Waterford, Cork, Ireland.

F305 Index of the Marriage Licence Bonds, of the Diocese of Cloyne, Cork, and Ross.

BE755 History of Galway from the earliest period to the present time, by James Hardiman, Esq., Dublin, 1820. Page 13 describes Sir Maximilian ffrench during William the Conqueror years (1066). Also mentioned Frenches in Galway. 350 pgs.

BE758 The Houses of Ireland, by Brian de Breffny and Rosemary ffoliott, photographs by George Mott, 240 pages, 1975. Mentions Arthur French of Frenchpark, Roscommon County, Ireland on pgs 105-6, and Frenchpark, p. 84.

BE762 The Friendly Towns of Ireland, by William Keogh, Rainbow International Publications Ltd, 1984. Frenchpark.

BE763 The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry, introduction by Edward MacLysaght, Shannon, Ireland, 1969. Several Frenches scattered among the 770 pages of this book.

BE765 Irish Family Names, Arms, Origins and Locations, by Brian deBreffny, 1985. French with Coat of Arms is detailed.

BE766 The Surnames of Ireland, by Edward MacLysaght, 1985. French listed.

BE771 The Course of Irish History, edited by T. W. Moody & F.X. Martin, 1984.

BE772 The Ancestor Trail in Ireland, by Donal F. Begley, Dublin, 1982.

BE773 The Songs of Percy French, selected and edited by James N. Healy, with music and guitar chords, Dublin, 1983. Lillian C. French contributed the cover pages of Prose, Poems, and Parodies of Percy French, 1854-1920, edited by his sister Mrs. DeBurgh Daly, The Talbot Press Limited, Dublin, 1953.

L445 Frenchpark, Roscommon County, Ireland. Map of French homesite.

L447 Monivea, Galway Co., Ireland. Castle of Monivea, home of the French family, one of the 14 tribes of Galway.

F436 Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilisation, Vol. 2, E-K. Surname French. List of over 170 sources available at the National Library in Dublin, 5 pgs.

BF660 Acheson and Robert ffrench. 272 pages with photos. Order through Nick Giglio, 5569 N. County Rd. 29, Loveland, CO 80537. Book is out of print.

N112 French, Nicholas, 1604 - 1678, bishop of Ferns, born in 1604 in Wexford; French, Peter, d. 1693, missionary, native of Galway.

Chapter 7. United States Records

Alabama, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin


F587 Service and family record of Benjamin French, Lauderdale Co., AL, m. Catharine Shoemaker. Locations: Elk River, Limestone Co.; Bastro, TX; Arkansas; Madison Co., AL; Arkansas. Surnames: Shoemaker, Delew, Hendricks, Robison, Patterson, Johnson. Contributed by B. W. Burrough.


BC562 Exactly Opposite the Golden Gate, Essays on Berkeley's History, 1845- 1945, The Berkeley Historical Society, Berkeley, California, 1983.


F273 Connecticut probates. Included are Aaron French of Coventry, Oliver French of Coventry, Gamaliel French of Newtown, Robert French of Newtown, Samuel French of Brookfield, Daniel French of Stratford, Ebenezer French of Stratford, Eleanor French of Fairfield, Jeriel French of Weston, John French of Stratford, Joseph French of Stratford, Sgt. Samuel French of Stratfield, Samuel French of Stratford, Seth French of Stratford, Stephen French of Stratford, Ebenezer French of Guilford, Ichabod French of Guilford, John French of Guilford, Philemon French of Guilford, Sarah French of Guilford, Thomas French of Killingworth, Adeline of Derby, Adeline of Oxford, Betty of Derby, Charles of Derby, Charles of New Haven, Charles of Bethany, Cook of Bethany, David of Woodbridge, David of Bethany, David of Oxford, Edmond of New Haven, Francis of Derby, Hannah of Derby, Harriet of Bethany, Israel of Derby, Joseph of Derby, Joseph of Oxford, Lucy of Derby, Luther of Oxford, Martha of Derby, Nathaniel of Derby, Noah of Derby, Samuel of Derby, Wales of Derby, Abel, Betsey, David, John, Louisa, Lucy, and Sarah of Newtown, Abner of Lisbon, Charity of Franklin, Elizabeth of Norwich, John of Norwich, Jonathan of Norwich, Joseph of Lisbon, Phebe of Lisbon, Samuel of Norwich, Jehiel of Huntington, Ezra of Huntington, Gamaliel of Stratford, John of Huntington, John of Stratford, Jonathan of Huntington, Othniel of Stratford, Phebe of Stratford, Samuel of Stratford, Eunice of Watertown, Aaron of Farmington, Ann of Southbury, Benjamin of Woodbury, Bennet, Elijah, Garry, William of Southbury. Thomas French (Chart #1), Francis French (Chart #8), Thomas French (Chart #9), Thomas and Samuel French (Chart #11).

F534 Vital Statistics of Frenches in various parts of Connecticut. Also includes Mehoopany, PA. Meriden, CT; Pomfret, CT; Plainfield, CT; Windham Co., CT; Sterling, CT; Suffield Twp., Hartford Co., CT; Norwich, CT; Huntington, CT. Charts #3 and #53. Contributed by Tanny Gustafson.

F271 Information on the Connecticut State Library, 231 Capitol Ave., Hartford, CT and a list of researchers from the library, contributed by Margaret Fiske.

F215 Genealogical and Family History of the State of CT, by William Richard Cutter, 1911, p. 1060-1, 1343-4, 1388-9, Francis French (Chart #8)and John French (Chart #5).

F216 DERBY. History of Derby, CT, 1642-1882, by Samuel Orcutt and Ambrose Beardsley, 1880, p. 720-3, Francis French (Chart #8).

F351 DERBY, 1650-1710 b,m (no d), Francis French (Chart #8).

F217 FAIRFIELD. History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, CT, by Donald Lines Jacobus, 1932, Vol. 2, p. 347-350, Thomas and Samuel French (Chart #11).


a. Families of Early Guilford, CT, by Alvan Talcott, 1984, p. 498 500, Thomas French (Chart #9). Santa Clara Co. Historical Library, CA, 929.3746 T14.

b. History of Guilford and Madison, CT, by Steiner, 1897, transcript, Thomas French (Chart #9).

F350 GUILFORD. b. m. d. vital records.  Thomas French (Chart #9).

F554 HARTFORD. b. m. d. vital records.  The First Settlers of Hartford, CT, Memorials of Elder John White, by Allyn S. Kellog, 1860, Chart #35. Lucy White m. Joseph French of Norwich, afterwards of Coventry, d. 11 Aug 1740, age 30. Elizabeth White m. Samuel French of Norwich on 4 Nov 1734.

F220 HARTFORD. First Settlers of Hartford, CT (Memorials of Elder John White), by Kellogg, 1860, p. 44, Thomas French (Chart #1).

F342 HARTFORD. Genealogical Columns of the Old Hartford Times, contributed by Beverly McGuire and Lee Patten.

F293 HARTFORD. A Genealogy of the French Family of Hartland, CT, by Rev. Hollis Myron French, 1927. John French, b. about 1600 in England, a brother of William French who settled in Cambridge, MA in 1635. John French (Chart #3). John (1), Joseph (2), Ebenezer (3), William (4), William (5), William (6). Also traces the move to Bath, Summit Co., Ohio; Galvia, Knox County, IL; Granger, Medina County, Ohio; Eskridge, Kansas; Detroit, Michigan; San Bernardino, CA. 14 pages. Contributed by Beverly McGuire from the Connecticut State Library in Hartford, 929.2 F886fh.

F294 HARTFORD. Geer's Hartford City Directory, 1851, 1852, 1853, 1876, contributed by Beverly McGuire.

F292 KENT. b. m. d. vital records.  contributed by Beverly McGuire.

MADISON (see Guilford).

F491 MILFORD. Families of Early Milford, by Susan Woodruff Abbott, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1979. Francis French (Chart #8). Santa Clara County Library, CA, 929.2 A13.

F221 NEW HAVEN. Families of Ancient New Haven, CT, by Donald Lines Jacobus, 1923/1974, p. 624-6, Francis French (Chart #8). Lists Henry French, m. Mary Wooding. Contributed by Beverly McGuire, 1 pg.

F352 PLAINFIELD, b, m, d. vital records.

F222 SEYMOUR. Seymour, CT, Past & Present, by William C. Sharpe and Frank G. Bassett, 1902, p. 449-455, Francis French (Chart #8)and perhaps Thomas and Samuel French (Chart #11), Mansfield, CT. William French (Chart #2). William (1), Francis (2), Francis (3), Israel (4), David (5), David (6). Glastonbury, CT; Bethany, CT; Milford, CT.


a. Birth, Marriage, and Death vital records. Francis French (Chart #8) and/or Thomas and Samuel French (Chart #11).

b. History of Stratford, CT, by Samuel Orcutt, p. 1069-70, 1204-5, Francis French (Chart #8)and perhaps Thomas and Samuel French (Chart #11).

F291 WETHERSFIELD. Genealogies and Biographies of Ancient Wethersfield, by Stiles. Contributed by Beverly McGuire. Mary Willard, m. Henry French of Hartford, early 1800s.


F095 History of the Somonauk United Presbyterian Church near Sandwich, De Kalb County, Illinois, with ancestral lines of the early members, by Jennie M. Patten, Chicago, 1928. From the St. Paul Historical Library F549.568P2, contributed by Robert P. French. William French (Chart #2).

F567 DAR certificate, Oak Park, IL. Jonathan French; Albert C. French of Somonauk, IL; Renasselaer W. French of Worcester, NY; Rensselaer W. French of Cambridge, NY; John Blair French of Dunstable, NH. Contributed by Robert P. French. 4 pages. William French (Chart #2).

F594 McLean County, IL. Addition for p. 7-2 after F095.  History of McLean County, 1879. David H. French, b. Andover, Windsor Co., VT 2 Aug 1841. Removed to Saratoga Co., NY; Jefferson Co. WI; Solon, McHenry Co., IL. Surnames: Roach. Also small paragraph on Adams  Co., Augustus C. French.

F517 Waddams Grove, IL, b. m. d. vital records.  Contributed by Gerald A. Scheiman.


F074 Historical Society, Ripley Co., Versailles, IN, Family Records, French, Item #6. SLC film 1460 147 123. Surnames Whalen, Lochridge, Know, Wohler, Becrast, Thiem.

F057 1850 Census, Indiana, Switzerland Co., Posey Township, Noah French, b. 1781 in NJ.


F581 Linn Co. Iowa History, 1887, 2 pages contributed by Monica French. Dr. W. H. French, formerly of Broome Co., NY. Surnames: Lamareaux, Cook. Locations: Binghamton, NY.

F552 Nashua, Chickasaw Co., Iowa; Plainfield, Bremer Co., Iowa; Nashua. Graves Registration Project of W.P.A., contributed by Marguerite Schneider, 1 page.


F306 Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds, a complete index to all of the earliest land entries, military warrants, deeds and wills of the commonwealth of Kentucky by Willard Rouse Jillson, Sc.D., Genealogical Publishing Company, 1969. pgs. 33, 101, 332, 414, 492 on the surname French. Santa Clara Library, Calif., 159621.

F307 Genealogies of Kentucky Families, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1981. Large French family who were buried in the French graveyard, Montgomery County, KŮ and in the Winchester Cemetery, Winchester, KY. James French (1), Keziah French who m. James Prewitt in 1802 (2). p. 208-211, 660-661.

F114 Misc info of Frenches in Kentucky, contributed by Marjorie Mohr. Mercer Co census, 1830 (Henry, John, Ephraim French); Kentucky Vital Statistics for Mercer Co 1852-1859 (Charity, Eliza, Margaret, George, William French); Lincoln Co Marraiges, wills of Mercer Co, Mercer Co. Deed Book, DAR Patriot Index, early marriage records of Mercer Co, Kentucky land grants 1782-1924.

F511 Caldwell Co., KY. b. m. d. vital records.  contributed by Patricia J. Ward, Maxine Clark, and Hazel J. Hayes. Most of this family moved to Christian Co., Lincoln Co., and Lawrence Co., Missouri.

F596 Pulaski Co., KY. Addition for p. 7-2, after F114. Compiled by Alma Owens Tibbals, 1952. Alonzo Currier French, b. 21 Jan 1847 in Canaan, NH. Son of Moses and Elizabeth Currier French. Surnames: Locke. p. 183-184.

F526Warren Co., KY. Amos French, b. ca. 1781 and his family. Benjamin French, b. ca 1750 and his family. Contributed by Carolyn Deeg.

F557 Gravestones from the Nield Family Graveyard, Quirks Run Road, Mercer/Boyle County Line, KY. Contributed by Marjorie Mohr.


F319 State of Maine, Reference Guide and Maps to Towns and Counties, compiled by Roland Rhoades, 1986, 18 pages.

F345 Soldiers, Sailors, and Patriots of the Revolutionary War in Maine.

F289 Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine, by George Thomas Little, Vol. 1, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York, 1909, SLC ŠUS/CAN 974.1 D2l. Edward French (Chart #4), p. 201, 204-5. p. 2157-8, perhaps Thomas French (Chart #1), Andover, MA; Norway, ME.

F227 DEXTER. Old Dexter Families from the 6/29/1933 The Eastern Gazette, by Annie W. Murphy and Mary H. Hamilton, 3 pp., John French (Chart #5).

F228 FAYETTE. History of Fayette, ME, p. 108-9, Edward French (Chart #4).

F592 KINGFIELD, ME.  Hew source for p. 4-3 after F359.  Bible record of Amanda (Simmons) French, wife of Josiah French, m. 16 Mar 1837 in Kingfield, ME   Surnames: Simmons, Collins, Lane, Kezar, Colburn, Cummings, Savage, Hutchins, LaBelle, Lovejoy, Butts, Carson, Cross, Gavit, contirbuted by H. Everett LaBelle. William French, (Chart # 2).

F229 NORWAY. History of Norway, ME, 1786-1922, by Charles F. Whitman, 1924, p.

412-5, perhaps Thomas French (Chart #1), Andover, MA.

F230 PORTER. History of Porter, ME, by William Teg, 1957, p. 20-1, 158-9, 254,

277-8, 281. Farmington, NH. William French, b. 1776. John French, b. 1775 (Chart #65). The French-Gilman Cemetery and the Riverside Cemetery, Kezar Falls. Jacob French came to Porterfield in 1802.

F083 PORTLAND. Mr. Goodhue Remembers Portland, Scenes from the Mid 19th Century, Portland, Maine, undated, by Earle G. Shettleworth Jr. and William David Barry. No French listed.

ROCKLAND (see Thomaston).

SOUTH THOMASTON (see Thomaston).

F231 STOCKTON SPRINGS. The Story of Stockton Springs, ME, by Alice V. Ellis, p. 17, 19, perhaps Stephen French (Chart #7), Zetham French. Contributed by Marguerite B. Schneider.

F232 THOMASTON. History of Thomaston, Rockland, and South Thomaston, by Cyrus Eaton, 1865, Vol. 2, p. 230-1, Andover, MA.

F233 TURNER. History of Turner, ME, From its Settlement to 1886, by Rev. W. R. French, 1786-1887, p. 52-3, John French (Chart #3). Biographical data on early citizens, marriages 1775-1800, and chapter devoted to families. 340 pages total, including index. The present town of Turner, ME was granted by MA as Sylvester-Canada in 1765.

F234 WARREN. Annals of Warren, ME, by Eaton, 1877, p. 542-3, Thomas French (Chart #1), perhaps Richard French (Chart #6)and Edward French (Chart #4). Lists William Wiggen French from Stratham, NH and Samuel French, b. 1777 in NH.

F235 WINTHROP. History of Winthrop, ME, p. 387-9, Edward French (Chart #4 )and William French (Chart #2).

F508 YORK BEACH. Photos, newspaper articles and data on the Union Bluff House, Moses French Proprietor, 1888. Contributed by Robert French Taylor and Jean Bennett. Hotel burnt down in March 1987.

F354 Maine, b. m. d. vital records.  to 1892 on file at Maine State Archives, and published V.R.

F355 Augusta, ME m,d, (no b.) to 1892, published, Edward French (Chart #4).

F356 Belfast, ME b. m. d. vital records.  to 1892, published, Edward French (Chart #4).

F361 Old Bristol and Nobleboro, ME b. m. d. vital records.  to 1892.

F357 Chesterville, ME b. m. d. vital records.  Edward French (Chart #4).

F358 Gardiner, ME b. m. d. vital records.  to 1892, published, Edward French (Chart #4).

F360 West Gardiner, ME b. m. d. vital records.  to 1892, published, Edward French (Chart #4).

F359 Hallowell, ME b. m. d. vital records.  to 1892, published, Edward French (Chart #4).

BC571 Lincolnville, ME b. m. d. vital records.  published 1985, 544 pages.

F588 Oxford Co, ME, m. 1831-1892. Lovell township. Contributed by John A. Robbins. Augustus N. French, M.D.

F586Somerset Co, ME, m. 1804-1891. Mercer township. Contributed by John A. Robbins. Daniel Ladd and Nabby French. William Cummings and Amelia S. French.

F510 Stockton Springs, ME, records from the Sandy Point Cemetery. Contributed by Marguerite Fiske. Also lists Zetham French of Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA and Prospect, Waldo Co., ME, where his entire family was born.


F430 Dewey Collection, from Westfield, MA library, contributed by Winchell  Carroll. French lineages from Westhampton, Southwick, Dunstable (MA); Windom  (CT); William French (Chart #2).

F275 Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, pages 60-97. A supplement to Rev. War Pension Applications. Lists many Frenches.

F236 Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of the State of Massachusetts, by William Richard Cutter, 1910, p. 880, 1906-12, 2605-7, 2278-9. Thomas French (Chart #1)and John French (Chart #5). Contributed by Raymond R. French and Homer French.

F237 Genealogical and Family History of Boston and Eastern MA, by William Richard Cutter, 1908, p. 280-2, 1250-1, 1278-9, William French (Chart #2), Edward French (Chart #4) and John French (Chart #5).

F238 Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Middlesex Co., MA, by William Richard Cutter, 1908, p. 709-11, Richard French (Chart #6). Pages 848-50, William French (Chart #2). Pages. 1920-1, John French (Chart #5).

F239 Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester Co., MA, by Ellery Bicknell Crane, 1907, p. 216-8, William French (Chart #2).

F100 Handwritten records of Tewksbury, Dunstable, Billerica, etc., in Massachusetts of all accounts of inhabitants.

F138 French Genealogies from the New England Historical Genealogical Society, (NEHGS), Newbury St., Boston. Two pages that list 9 books on the surname French.

BC559 Massachusetts, A Pictorial History, by Walter M. Whitehill & Norman Kotker, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1976. 1620 to the present. Shows James French and Company book store, publishers and stationers, 1858.

BH564 Massachusetts Town and Counties - What Was What, Where and When, by Michael J. Denis, 1984, 46 pages.

BC557 Puritan Village, The Formation of a New England Town, by Sumner Chilton Power, Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for History, Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CT, 1963. Mostly concentrates on Sudbury and Watertown, MA.

F435 Historic Homes and Places in MA. Watertown, Sudbury, Woburn, Billerica, Chelmsford, Dunstable, Stow, Newton.

AMESBURY (see Salisbury).

F220 AMHERST. Lost Amherst, compiled by The Amherst Historical Commission, Amherst, MA, 1980. Old photos of Amherst. No French mentioned.

F240 ATTLEBOROUGH. History of Attleborough, MA, by Daggett, p. 91.

F088 BERKLEY. French Family in Berkley, from Berkley Families, two bound volumes of manuscript material in the possession of the Old Colony Historical Society in Taunton, MA. Research done in 19th century by unknown genealogists. Lists by family groupings descendants of John French of Cambridge, FFA Chart #3), who lived in Berkley, MA. One listing, on legal-size paper, apparently the later of the two lists, duplicates most of the earlier one and adds new and updated information, carrying some families to the late 1800Ős. Sources are not given except in very few instances, so information needs to be verified. This genealogy is especially useful because of the lack of published vital records for Berkley. This is pages 74-89 and 183-213 of Berkley Families. Contributed by Edith F. Hebb of Elmira, NY.

BC555 BILLERICA. History of Billerica, 1653-1883, by Henry A. Hazen, A. Williams and Co., Boston, 1883, reprinted by Howard A. Doyle of Cambridge, MA, 1973, 800 pages. William French (Chart #2). Frenches mentioned are Frederick S., Abigail, Anna, Benjamin, Dorcas, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Olive, Sally, Timothy, Jacob, Jonathan, Ebenezer, Samuel, David, Joel, Jonas, Asa, Jesse, Peter, Isaac, Nathaniel, Reuben, Luther, Cyrus, Charles, Sullivan.

F499 BILLERICA. "Historical Memoir of Billerica, in Massachusetts,containing notices of the principal events in the civil and ecclesiastical affairs of the town from its first settlement to 1816, by John Farmer, Amherst, NH, printed by R. Boylston, 1816. Contributed by Don Myers. William French (Chart #2). 36 pages. Surnames: Alden, Bacon, Baldwin, Blanchard, Bracket, Brooks, Browne, Butler, Carrier, Chamberlain, Champney, Corneal, Crosby, Danforth, Davis, Ditson, Dunkin, Durant, LDutton, Farley, Farmer, Farr, Fassett, Fitch, Foster, Frost, Gorton, Grimes, Hale, Hamlet, Hides, Hill, Holden, Hopkins, Hubbard, Hunt, Jefts, Kemp, Kidder, Kinsley, Kittredge, Lane, Levistone, Manning, Marshal, Meades, Moore, Needham, Page, Parker, Patten, Patterson, Perry, Pollard, Poulter, Richardson, Rogers, Rofs, Sanders, Sharp, Shed, Sheldon, Stearns, Tay, Tompson, Toothaker, Trull, Walker, Web, Whiting, Wilkinson, Wilson, Whitaker, Willowes.

F500 BILLERICA. "The History of Billerica'' contributed by Don Myers. 20 pages including many photos of houses of yesteryear. Surnames: Danforth, Jacob French, Manning, Bowers, Talbot, Howe, Hill, Farley, Tay, Hayden, Hill, Locke, Stearns, Stone, Spaulding, Galvin, Pickman, Foster, Ryan, Oliver, Wood, Patten, Dignon.

F597 BILLERICA. French Family from 1599 to 1914, compiled by H. Martin Kellogg, 1884.  Later compiled by Mrs. Bonnibel (French) Hodgkins, 1915.  William French (Chart #2). Thomas (1)(2)(3), William (4), Jacob (5), William (6), Samuel (7), Silas (8).  Surnames: Champney, Danforth, Barron, Reed, White. 13 pgs?

F090 BOSTON. The Nineteenth of April, 1775, a Collection of First Hand  Accounts, Paul Revere's Engraving of Boston, 1774, 34 pages, 1968.

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F486 BOSTON. Genealogical newspaper clippings from the Boston Transcript,  contributed by Robert P. French.

F224 BRAINTREE. History of Braintree, MA, by H. Royce Bass, 1883, p. 144-5, John French (Chart #5).

F241 BRIDGEWATER. History of Bridgewater, MA, by Mitchell, contributed by  Joseph Bolster, p. 167-9, 235, John French (Chart #5).

F593 BRISTOL, MA.   New source for p. 7-4 after F241.  Margaret (French) Lamb, m. John Cary at Bridgewater 7 Dec 1670 and removed to Bristol in 1680.  Surnames: Kidder, Howland. 2 pages. William French (Chart#2).  Contributed by Helen Coyer. Also 1 page on Colonial Dames of America, Ancestral Records and Portraits.

F242 CHARLESTOWN. Charlestown Genealogies and Estates of 1629-1818, by Thomas

Bellows Wyman, 1879. p. 376-7. William French (Chart #2)and Richard French  (Chart #6).

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DUNSTABLE (see New Hampshire).

F244 EASTON. History of Easton, MA, by William Chaffin, 1886, contributed by  Joseph Bolster, transcripts and index, John French (Chart #5).

F000 FALL RIVER, Chart #1. Contributed by Edith Hebb. Prior to 1844 (unplublished records from a record book at the Fall River Public Library).

b. Representative Men of Southeastern Massachusetts, pages 529-31. A genealogical record of the Fall River French family (partial) also of Rehoboth, MA.

F245 HANOVER. History of Hanover, MA, by Jedidiah Dwelley and John F. Simmons,  1910, p. 190-1, Edward French (Chart #4).

F246 HINGHAM. History of Hingham, MA, by Lincoln, Vol. 2, p. 235-241, Stephen  French (Chart #7). Lineage from 1630 to 1881.

F077 IPSWICH. Millend, Ipswich, 1635-1640. Maps and early history of Ipswich,  MA, 1901, 16pages, showing plot of Thomas French (Chart #1).


a. History of Lexington, MA, by Hudson and Lexington Historical  Society, 1913, Vol. 2, p. 230-1, Tewksbury.

b.  The Lexington-Concord Battle Road, hour-by-hour account of  events preceding and on the History-making day, April 19, 1775, published by  Concord Chamber of Commerce, Massachusetts, 37 pages. Statue of Minuteman  sculptured by Daniel Chester French stands on this road.

F272 MILFORD. History of Milford, Part 2, by Adin Ballou, 1882. p. 752. Habijah (Abijah) and John French who migrated from Braintree, MA. Abijah settled in Milford about 1734. From the Mendon Historical Society, Mendon, MA. Contributed by Margaret Fiske. John French (Chart #5).

F248 NORTH BRIDGEWATER. History of North Bridgewater, MA, by Bradford Kingman,  1866, p. 504-7. John French (Chart #5) and Stephen French (Chart #7).

F249 NORTH BROOKFIELD. History of North Brookfield, MA, by Temple, 1887, p.  593, John French (Chart #3).

F223 NORTON Marriages to 1850. Alford Makepeace French, Turzey Tucker, David, Nancy Makepeace, Submit Tucker and Eli French, Ephraiam French and Diana Andres, James French and Sarah Tucker, James Jr. French and Lois Blake, James and Mary Moulton, Nancy C. and Simeon G. Blandin, William and Zurviah or Zerviah Tucker, Zilpha and Joseph Dagget.  Chart #3.

F250 PALMER. History of the Town of Palmer, MA, 1716-1889, by J. H. Temple,  1889, p. 459-61, Richard French (Chart #6).

BC566 PELHAM. History of Pelham, MA, from 1738 to 1898, including the early  history of Prescott, by C.O. Parmenter, Amherst, MA, 1898, 531 pages. Includes  the connection of the Blair family to the French family. William French (Chart  #2).

F219. REHOBOTH. Vital Records 1642-1896, contributed by Edith Hebb.

F267 SALEM. History of Salem, MA, Vol. 3. Mary French, bp. 6Jul 1690; Humphrey  French m. Abigal and d. after 1712. Children Abigail, Elizabeth, Deliverance,  Mercy, Mary, all of Salem. Other surnames: Darling, Gould, Marsh, Carriel.

BC554 SALISBURY-AMESBURY. The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury,  Massachusetts, by David W. Hoyt, New England History Press. A reprinting (1981) of the four volumes containing all of the author's journals written between 1897 and 1919. 1,243 pages includes author's work from Vol I, 1897 through the 1919 supplement. Edward French (Chart #4).

BC560 SOUTHWICK. Southwick, MA, 1770-1970. Produced for the Bi-Centennial. Shows home of Samuel French, descendant of William French (Chart #2).

F453 SOUTHWICK. Many notes from the Southwick Historian, Lee David Hamberg, on the French Family. Clarissa, Cyrene, Philip, Philura, Chauncey, Amaziah, Vashti, Hannah, Amry, Nelson, Timothy, William, Aaron, Sampson, Daniel, Phebe, Sally Ann, Roland French. Map of Southwick with French homesteads. Map of the Old Cemetery in Southwick, prepared by the Old Cemetery Restoration Committeein 1976 with list of French plots. William French (Chart #2).

F252 STOUGHTON. The Old Stoughton (MA)Musical Society, contributed byJoseph Bolster, p. 120, 134, 151, 173, John French (Chart #5).

F007 SUDBURY. The Sudbury Records (Sudbury, Massachusetts), 1629-1706, transcribed and edited by Sumner C. Powell, SLC 974.44/S1 N2 Vol 1. 9 pages.Loker, Treadway, who married into the French line.

F274 TAUNTON. Asa French of Oakham, County Worcester, 1770.

F598 WEST BRIDGEWATER, MA 1850. (Chart #5), John French. Insert on p. 4-4 after F373.

F253 WEYMOUTH. Genealogy of the Early Families of Weymouth, MA, by GeorgeWalter Chamberlain, 1984, p. 234-243, 474-5. John French (Chart #5)and StephenFrench (Chart #7).

F137 WORCESTER. Worcester County, MA, details of William French (Chart #2).

F290 Massachusetts DAR.

F365 Abington, MA b. m. d. vital records.  to 1849, Stephen French (Chart #7).

F368 Acton, MA b. m. d. vital records.  to 1849.

F366 Amesbury, MA b. m. d. vital records.  to 1849, Edward French (Chart #4).

F369 Andover, MA b. m. d. vital records.  to 1849.

F256 Arlington, MA d (no b,m).

F122 Ashfield, MA. vital records.

F150 Ashburnham, MA. vital records.

F160 Athol, MA. vital records.

F367 Attleboro, MA b. m. d. vital records to 1849, John French (Chart #3).

F169 Auburn, MA. vital records.

F116 Barnstable, MA. vital records.

F226 Barre, MA. vital records.

F257 Becket, MA m (no b,d), also Danube NY.

F261 Bedford, MA. vital records.

F297 Bellingham, MA. vital records.

F298 Berlin, MA. vital records.

F299 Beverly, MA. vital records.

F370 Billerica, MA b. m. d. vital records.  to 1849, William French (Chart #2).

F300 Bolton, MA. vital records.

F313 Boston, MA. vital records.

F314 Boxford, MA. vital records.

F258 Bradford, MA b. m. d. vital records.  Edward French (Chart #4).

F270 Braintree. Records of the Town of Braintree 1640 to 1793, edited by Samuel A. Bates, 1886, incl. 263 pages of b.m.d indexed. Photocopy of entire book, 940 pages. John French (Chart #5).

F371 Bridgewater, MA b. m. d. vital records.  to 1849, John French (Chart #5).

F373 East Bridgewater, MA b. m. d. vital records.  to 1849, John French (Chart #5).

F315 Brimfield, MA. vital records.

F284 Brockton, MA. vital records.

F318 Brookfield, MA. vital records.

F343 Brookline, MA. vital records.

F346 Burlington, MA. vital records.

F285 Cambridge, MA. vital records.

F347 Carlisle, MA. vital records.

F348 Carver, MA. vital records.

F386 Charlemont, MA. vital records.

F388 Charlestown, MA. vital records.

F389 Charlton, MA. vital records.

F296 Chelmsford, MA. vital records.

F390 Chelsea, MA. vital records.

F286Chester, MA. Birth records, contributed by Gerald Tonnell. Harvey and Ozias French (Chart #114). Marriage records also.

F464 Cohasset, MA. vital records.

F465 Colrain, MA. vital records.

F466 Concord, MA. vital records.

F287 Conway, MA. vital records.

F278 Cummington, MA. vital records.

F467 Danvers, MA. vital records.

F372 Dartmouth, MA m. to 1849 (no b or d).

F288 Deerfield, MA. vital records.

F468 Douglass, MA. vital records.

F469 Dover, MA. vital records.

F279 Dracut, MA. vital records.

F470 Dudley, MA.

Dunstable (see New Hampshire).

F471 Duxbury, MA. vital records.

F472 Edgartown, MA. vital records.

F281 Foxborough, MA. vital records.

F473 Framingham, MA. vital records.

F474 Gardner, MA. vital records.

F475 Gill, MA. vital records.

F476 Gloucester, MA. vital records.

F282 Grafton, MA. vital records.

F477 Great Barrington, MA. vital records.

F478 Greenfield, MA. vital records.

F479 Groton, MA. vital records.

F259 Haverhill, MA b. m. d. vital records.  Edward French (Chart #4).

F374 Mendon, MA b. m. d. vital records.  to 1849, John French (Chart #5).

F283 Milford, MA. vital records.

F375 Milton, MA b. m. d. vital records.  to 1843, John French (Chart #5).

F531 Montgomery, MA, Footprints in Montgomery, MA, perhaps Chart #46. John French m. Susannah Bill, Jul 1758. Most children settled in Westhampton, and in the mid-1800s a branch of the family relocated in Forchester, MA, and later again in Braintree, MA.

F480 Montague, MA. Elizabeth Bill m. William French (Chart #46). From the Groton Avery Clan, Vol I, Cleveland, 1912, by Avery, Elroy McKendree and Avery, Catherine Hitchcock (Tilden).

F260 New Braintree, MA b (no m,d) John French (Chart #5).

F376 Newbury, MA b. m. d. vital records.  to 1849, Thomas French (Chart #1)and Edward French (Chart #4).

F377 Newburyport, MA b. m. d. vital records.  to 1849, Edward French (Chart #4).

F530 Salem, MA, Prudence Gavet m. William French (Chart #46). Philip Gavet of Salem, MA, and Some of His Descendants, by Joseph Gavit of Albay, NY, from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 1923, Vol. 77.

F378 Salisbury, MA b. m. d. vital records.  to 1849, Edward French (Chart #4).

F379 Taunton, MA b. m. d. vital records.  to 1849, Jacob French (Chart #3).

b. An American Ancestry by Anna Richmond Warner French, 1894. Pages 35, 108-9. Genealogy of Ephraim French (1) of Raynham, MA, Ephraim (2) of Taunton and Boston and his children. This is part of a longer section, the remainder of which gives the genealogy of Enoch (2) and his children. Also a picture of Enoch French. Contributed by Edith Hebb.

F380 Tewksbury, MA b. m. d. vital records.  to 1849.


F516 Jackson Co., MI. Death Certificates, Register of Deeds office, Tower Building, Jackson, MI, contributed by Joan Robertson Sprangel, 2 pages.

F600 Cemetary Records of Michigan, 3 pages, including Saginaw and Gladwin Counties. Contributed by Frederick Pike. Insert on p. 4-5 after F516.


F511 Christian Co., MO. Family originated in Caldwell Co., KY, contributed by Patricia J. Ward. McKinley, Lawrence Co., MO, family originated in Caldwell Co., KY, contributed by Hazel J. Hayes. Lincoln Co., MO, family originated in KY, contributed by Maxine Clark.

F512 Newburg (Competition), Laclede, MO. Contributed by Jennifer Van Stavern.


F268 Town of NH and the Counties in which they are located as of 1981, pages 58-62.

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BM851 Revolutionary War Pension Applications of NH Soldiers, complete. Pages 205-258 in NH Historical Society Collection. Benjamin French of Stratham (Chart #1), David French of Westmoreland (Chart #5), Ebenezer French of S. Hampton (Chart #4), Ezekiel French of Sandwich (Chart #4); John French of Spencer, Tioga Co., NŮ (Chart #5); Jonathan French of Enfield, NH, (Chart #4), Joseph French of Warren, NH (Chart #4); Moses French of Deerfield, NH (Chart #4); Nehemiah French of Elmore, Lamoille Co., VT (Chart #2); Nicholas French of Merrimac, NH (Chart #2); Obadiah French of Mont Vernon, ME (Chart #4); Offen French of Bradford, NH (Chart #4); Samuel French of Boscawen, NH (Chart #4); Silas French of Glover, VT; Thomas French of Berlin, VT; Thomas French of Windham, VT (Chart #4); William French of Canton, ME (Chart #4).

F262 New Hampshire Towns and Counties, What Was What, Where, and When, by Michael J. Denis, 1982, 27 pages.

Extracts of the French Family from The History of Washington, NH. Higginson Books. Order through Higginson Books, 508-745-7170.

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BELMONT. See Gilmanton.

BENTON. See Coventry.

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F082 DUNSTABLE. Dunstable Village, published as part of Dunstable's Tercentenary Celebration, 1973 by the Town of Dunstable, NH, editor Curtis H. Gates, 95 pages. Story about the Village of Dunstable, NH, the home of many descendants of William French (Chart #2). Shows photo of Benjamin French's home, fountain donated by Jonas French, and maps of land plots.

BC552 DUNSTABLE. History of the Old Township of Dunstable, including Nashua, Amherst, Milford, Brookline, Nashville, Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield, and Dracut,  Londonderry, Pelham, Merrimac, Dunstable and Tyngsborough, all near the NH and MA border, by Charles J. Fox, Charles T. Gill, Publisher, 1846(original book).  p. 243-5, William French (Chart #2). Frenches mentioned: William, Samuel  (Sarah, Samuel, Joseph, John, Ebenezer, Richard, Alice, Jonathan); Joseph  (Elizabeth, Joseph, Josiah, Thomas, Benjamin, Samuel); Samuel (John, Ebenezer); John (John, William, Hannah, Eleazer, Elizabeth, Ebenezer, Sarah); Ebenezer; Joseph (Bridget, Elizabeth, Joseph); Theodore (Rhoda, Joseph, Theodore, Lydia, Jacob); Benjamin (Molly, Mary, Benjamin, Esther, Augustus, Betty, Charlotte, Frederic, Thomas, Lucy, Bridget); Frederic (Grace, Benjamin, Frederic, Charles, Arthur, Rebecca, Edward); Thomas (Elizabeth, Jonathan, Mary, Elizabeth, Caroline, Thomas, Benjamin, Charles).

BC553 DUNSTABLE. A History of the Town of Dunstable, Massachusetts, from its earliest settlement to the year of Our Lord 1873, by The Rev. Elias Nason, M.A., Alfred Mudge & Son, Printers, Boston, 1877 (reprinted in commenoration of the 300th anniversay of the town)., 316pages. Frenches mentioned: Abigail, Alice, Benjamin, Betty, Bridget, Charlotte, Ebenezer, Eleazer, Elizabeth, Esther, Isaac, James, Jefferson, John, Jonas, Jonathan, Joseph, Mary, Martha, Molly, Polly, Samuel, Sarah, Susan, Susanna, William. William French (Chart #2).

BC570 DUNSTABLE. Early Generations of the Founders of Old Dunstable: Thirty Families, 1911, by Ezra S. Stearns, 1986reprint by Heritage Books, Inc, 103 pages.Early families include Acres, Beale, Blanchard, Cooke, Cromwell, Darbeyshire, French, Galusha, Gould, Harwood, Hassell, Honey, Lovewell, Lund, Marks, Perris, Perry, Read, Robbins, Searles, Smith, Swallow, Taylor, Temple, Tyng, Usher, Waldo, Warner, Weld, and Whiting. Frenches include Benjamin, Frederick, Josiah, Theodore, and Thomas.

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F192 NEWMARKET. The Tide Turns on the Lamprey - A History of Newmarket, NH, by Sylvia Fitts Getchell, 1984. Surnames Moody, Smith, Hill, Branscomb, Churchill, True, Badger, Gilman, Baker. Towns: Troy, OH. p. 194-5, 206-7, 220-1, Thomas French (Chart #1).

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F194 NORTHFIELD. History of Northfield, NH, 1780-1905, by Lucy Cross, 1905, p. 120-4, Edward French (Chart #4)and William French (Chart #2), Sanbornton, Chichester.

NORTHWOOD. (see Deerfield)

NOTTINGHAM. (See Deerfield)

F195 PEMBROKE. History of Pembroke, NH, 1730-1895, by Rev. N. F. Carter, 1895, p. 107-110, Thomas French (Chart #1).

F196 PETERBOROUGH. History of Peterborough, NH, by Albert Smith, 1876, p. 88-9, Richard French (Chart #6).

F197 PIERMONT. History of Piermont, NH, 1764-1947, p. 186-7. John Osborn French res. Manchester, m. Elizabeth Heath 24 Jan 1844.  His parents prob. John French and Judith Carter.  JohnŐs parents Nicholas French and ____ Wood, (Rachel Farmer per Harry Dana French). William French, (Chart #2).

F198 PITTSFIELD. History of Pittsfield, NH, by E. Harold Young, 1953, p. 403, 526-7, Thomas French (Chart #1) and Edward French (Chart #4).

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F203 RYE. History of Rye, NH, Discovery to 1903, by Langdon Parsons, 1905, p. 354-5, Thomas French (Chart #1).

F204 SALISBURY. History of Salisbury, NH, by John J. Dearborn, 1890, p. 584-5, Edward French (Chart #4).

F205 SANBORNTON. History of Sanbornton, NH, by Rev. M. T. Runnels, 1881, Vol. 2, p. 285-7, Edward French (Chart #4) and Thomas French (Chart #1). Newmarket.

F206 STRATFORD. History of Stratford, NH, 1773-1925, by Jeannette R. Thompson, 1925, p. 370-9, John French (Chart #5) and William French (Chart #2).

F207 SULLIVAN. History of Sullivan, NH, 1777-1917, by Rev. Josiah Lafayette Seward, 1921, Vol. 2, p. 980-3, William French (Chart #2) or Thomas French (Chart #1).

F208 SURRY. History of Surry, NH, 1769-1922, by Frank Burnside Kingsbury, 1925, p. 620-1, William French (Chart #2).

F209 SUTTON. History of Sutton, NH, by Mrs. Augusta Harvey Worthen, 1890, Vol. 2, p. 720-3, Edward French (Chart #4).

F210 SWANZEY. History of Swanzey, NH, 1734-1890, by Benjamin Read, 1892. Surnames Shaw, Lawrence. p. 342.

F211 TROY. History of Troy, NH, 1764-1897, by M. T. Stone, 1897, duplicate of Sullivan, p. 418-9, Thomas French (Chart #1) and William French (Chart #2).

F212 WASHINGTON. History of Washington, NH, 1768-1886, published by the town, 1886, p. 433-8, Edward French (Chart #4) and John French (Chart #5).

WEBSTER (see Boscawen).

F213 WESTMORELAND. History of Westmoreland (Great Meadow), NH, 1741-1970. Westmoreland Historical Committee, 1976, p. 420-1, John French (Chart #5).

F214 WILTON. History of Wilton, NH, 1762-1888, by Abiel Abbott Livermore and Sewall Putnam, 1888, p. 372-4.

M850 CONCORD. N.H.V.R., b. m. d. vital records. divorces, 1600s-1937 (b. thru 1900) of all Frenches at Bureau of Vital Statistics, Concord, NH. Compiled by Harry Dana French. Also includes other NH vital records compiled by Roland Rhoades.

BC569 Northern New Hampshire Graveyards and Cemeteries, by Nancy Dodge, FFA Researcher and Writer, has taken on the project of mapping, recording, and indexing all known burial places in seven northern NH towns: Clarksville, Colebrook, Columbia, Dixville, Pittsburg, Stewartstown, Stratford. It is being deposited with the NH Historical Society Library in Concord, the Colebrook Public Library, the NH Old Graveyards Association, and the NEHGS in Boston. 443 pages.

F280 Dunstable, NH. b. m. d. vital records.  1795-1910, William lFrench (Chart #2). Also Vital Records of Dunstable to the end of the year 1849, published by the Essex Institute, Salem, MA, 1913, contributed by Wenda James.

F362 Farmington, NH b. m. d. vital records.  1887-1938 from Town Reports.

F525 Hollis, NH, Samuel French, b. 1807. Contributed by Marion Emmons. Also includes Norwich, NY; Dublin, NH; and Willimantic, CT.

F079 South Hampton. Vital Records of South Hampton, NH, 1743-1886. Published by the Historical Committee of the South Hampton Friends of the Library, 1970. 117 pages. Surnames related to the French family are: Flanders, True, Page, Jones, Smith, Chandler, Merrill, Eastman, Colby, Marsh, Collins, Morrell, Whittier, Currier, Goodwin, Dow, Jewell, Sanborn, White, Barnard, Clough, Morrill, Brown, Batchelder, Flanders, Woodman, Ordway, Ring, Currier, Weare, Dow, Clough, Hutchins, Dole, Janvrin, Fitts, Bartlett, Mudget, Gottwood, Lougee as well as many Frenches.

F505 South Hampton, NH. Ammarilla French, m. David Collins, 1801. Ammarilla was b. in 1781, CT, of Irish descent. Surnames: Pratt, Benedict, Collins. Most family members moved to Summit County, OH. Contributed by Gertrude DeBoer. Also see F494.


F336 Genealogical and Memorial History of the State of New Jersey, by Francis Bayley Lee, 1910, p. 610-13, Thomas French (Chart #22).

F308 PASSAIC VALLEY. Family Records, or Genealogies of the First Settlers of  Passaic Valley and Vicinity, by John Littell, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1981, p. 157-8.

BC561 MANASQUAN. Manasquan, New Jersey, 1685-1962.

F513 Elizabeth, Morristown Co., NJ, Noah and John French. Also includes Essex Co., NY; Upper Sandusky, Wyandot Co. OH; Noble, IN. Contributed by Kate V. Walters. Perhaps Chart #19.

F514 Little Egg, NJ. Samuel French m. Esther Sooy. Chart #37. Contributed by Helene Urtheil.

F528 Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ. Ensign French, m. Mary Smith. Family later moved to New York City. Contributed by Arthur R. Barton.


F411 New York State Library. DAR Bible Records, Vol 77, contributed by Robert P. French. Vol 11, Nathaniel French, Billerica, MA (Chart #2). Family bible records from Norwich, NY; Utica, NY; Cooperstown, NY; and Rochester, NY.

F425 New York Vital Statistics. Frenches from Washington County, NY.

F364 DAR Bible Records, Vol. 77 in the NY State Library.Bible of Mrs. Harriet Barket Treadway belonging to Mrs.Adeline M. Lobdell, Plattsburgh, NY. Published by J.B. Lippincott & Co.,Philadelphia, PA, 1964. French family of Malone, NY; Perth Amboy, NJ; Watertown, NY; Crown Point, NY; Bath, NY; Plattsburgh, NY. Contributedby Robert P. French. William French (Chart #2).

F566 Cambridge, NY, Coila Church, Jonathan French. William French (Chart #2). Contributed by Rosalind Bates.

F518 Williamstown, Otsego, NY; Ellicottville, Cattaraugus Co., NY. Contributed by Ethel Nichols.

F529 Dutchess Co., NY. Chart #58. Contributed by Beverly McGuire.

F532 DAR, Otego Co., NY. Sergeant William French, 4 pages. Chart #46. Moved from Montgomery, MA to Otego, NY in 1786. He then moved to Bundysburg, OH.

F536Norwich, Chenango Co., NŮ and Granby, Oswego Co., NY. Contributed by Tanny Gustafson, Chart #23.

F580 Broome Co., NY, marriage record of Frank Dunning French and Eleanor Radmore Firth, contributed by Monica French. Later of Suskatchewan. Various other certificates from Broome Co. contributed by Monica French. William French (Chart #2).

F089 Architecture from the Adirondack Foothills, by Robert Harold McGowan. Photo of Edgar and Nora French's house dated about 1850 in Malone, NY, 112 pgs.

BC551 Cobblestone Landmarks of New York State, by O. Shelgren, C. Lattin, and R. Frasch, Syracuse University Press, 1978, 163 pages. Photos of old houses in Webster, Ontario, Williamson, Sodus, Palmyra, Newark, Lyons, Marion, Macedon, Parma, Clarkson, Hamlin, Murray, Gaines, Ridgeway, Shelby, Lyndonville, Royalton, Somerset, Wilson, Wheatland, Chili, Henrietta, Riga, Rush, Elba, Alexander, York, Geneseo, Castile, Middlebury, Bath, Canandaigua, Victor, West Bloomfield, Gorham, Phelps, Farmington, Seneca, Geneva, Tyre, Junius, Ledyard, Scipio, Benton, Starkey, Elbridge, Liverpool, Cazenovia, Bouckville, Madison, Bridgewater, Holland Patent, Fultonville, Guilderland, Mendon.

BC565 Fairy Tale Railroad, The Mohawk and Malone Lines, New York, by Henry A. Harter, 1979. Milton L. French, I, was stationmaster at the Malone, NY, junction prior to 1916.

F093 ARGYLE. The Argyle Patent and Accompanying Documents, excerpted from History of the Somonauk Presbyterian Church by Jennie M. Patten, Argyle, New York, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1979, 68 pages. Several pages contributed by Dorothy Safford. William French (Chart #2).

F019 ARGYLE. Argyle, Then - Now - and Forever. A history of Argyle, Washington County, New York, by Mary MacDougall MacMorris, 1764 - 1964, 104 pages.

Contributed by Doris McEachron of Argyle. Details of the South Argyle United Presbyterian Church, attended by descendants of William French (Chart #2), in particular, David French, b. 23 Jan 1753 in Dunstable, MA (p. 86).

F452 ARGYLE. Argyle Men Who Fought in Revolution, from the Greenwich Journal, Greenwich, NY, Nov. 7, 1956. Jonathan and David French, descendants of William French (Chart #2). List of Frenches buried at the Watson Cemetery in Argyle. Also notes on the French family from the Argyle town historian, Doris McEachron, 1983.

F081 CAMBRIDGE. Old Cambridge District, by Amos DeLany Moscrip, published by the Washington County Historical Society, Cambridge, New York, 1941. 123 pages. David and Jonathan French, 9th generation of William French line (Chart #2).

F349 CAMBRIDGE. Account of Old Home Week, Cambridge, NY, September 10, 11 and 12, 1916. A History of the Coila Congregation, by Rev. John C. Scott, D.D. and the first setters who came to Cambridge, who had lived at Colerain and Pelham, MA and were Col. John Blair and his family, and two French brothers, David and Jonathan. William French (Chart #2).

L091 CORTLAND. 50 pages of miscellaneous French information in NY, contributed by Jannette Klein. Cortland, NŮ county records of wills about 1825; Cayuga County Historical Society DAR records; Summerhill by Edith Howell Buckley, p. 24; Onondaga County History; records from Sullivan, Ohio; descendants of Samuel French of Summerhill, NY, Dresserville District; records from Attica, NY. Samuel French (Chart #43).

F117 CROWN POINT. Phone book of Crown Point, New York. (See Ironville).

F086 FRANKLIN. Franklin Historical Review, Vol 10, 1973, Franklin County, New York (mostly Malone, NY), 70 pages. Home of several 19-20th century Frenches, descendants of William French (Chart #2).

F460 GREENWICH. Notes on the French family of Greenwich. Letter from Hi-Brow Farms in East Greenwich including photo of East Greenwich United Presbyterian Church and Rev. French. Booklet on the Associate Church of East Greenwhich, 30 May 1849. Also notes on the United Presbyterian Church of Shushan. William French (Chart #2).

F502 HERKIMER. Samuel D. French, b. in Herkimer Co., NY 30 May 1842, son of Luther L. French of CT. Whitesboro, Oneida Co., NY, and Iowa. Surname: Kenney. Contributed by Martin H. Curtis.

F503 HERKIMER. History of Herkimer County, NY, 1893, p. 177-8, contributed by Martin H. Curtis. Morris F. French, b. in Warren 22 Sep 1850, son of Luther I. and Isabel (Culver) French. Morris m. Mary E. Ingalls of Hartwick, Otsego Co. Luther was b. in Plymouth, Litchfield Co., CT.

BC564 IRONVILLE. Ironville Historic District, Essex County, New York, The Penfield Foundation, Ironville, Crown Point, NY, 1977.

F603. MALONE. Insert on p. 4-6. Bible records of Ezra and Phebe French, from Bible acquired by Eleanor French Hale Bryan of Malone, NY. French Estate in Malone owned by Eleanor is at 29 Second St.

F255 ONONDAGA. Onondaga's Centennial - Family Sketches, transcription, p. 220-1. Ashbel French, b. 20 Feb 1830 in Otisco, NY, son of Ashbel and Louisa Brooks French of MA.

BC572 OTEGO. A History of Otego, by Stuart Banyar Blakely, Cooperstown, NY, 1976, 152 pages. No index, but mentions many French homesteaders and includes a 1900 map of surname homesites.

F489 OTSEGO. A History of Otsego County, 1740, Illustrations and Biographical Sketches, Some of its prominent men and pioneers, printed in 1878. William French (Chart #46). Levi French of Otego, NY. William French of Otsdawa, NY.

F012 PORTLAND. Historical Sketches of the Town of Portland, comprising also the Pioneer History of Chautaugua County, with biographical sketches of the early settlers, by H.C. Taylor, M.D., Fredonia, N.Y., 1873, SLC 974.795/P1 H2t, index mentions about 100 surnames from Portland, NY, including Simon Burton who m. Margaret French in 1786. She was b. 1 Jul 1764 in Salem, MA.

F295 PUTNAM. Map of Putnam showing French homesites. Notes on Putnam contributed by Ethel S. King. Home of Solomon French and Benjamin French, descendants of William French (Chart #2).

F548 SAG HARBOR. The Hannibal French House, Sag Harbor, Long Island, NY, built Šin 1799. Contributed by Corrine Weis.

F094 SALEM. Salem Album, Portraits of the Past, compiled by Dr. Asa Fitch Historical Society, Salem, NY, 94 pages.

F092 SALEM. Doorways to Yesterday, Salem Landmarks, January 1976, Salem, New York.

SUMMERHILL. See Cortland.

BC550 TICONDEROGA. Ticonderoga Historic Portage, by Carroll Vincent Lonergan, of Ticonderoga, NY, copyright 1959, reprinted 1975, 248 pages.

BC558 TICONDEROGA. Ticonderoga, Patches and Patterns From its Past, published by the Ticonderoga Historical Society, Ticonderoga, NY, 1969, 343 pages. Mentions Isaac French, p. 62, as a local constable in the town.

F067 Washington County, NY. Representatives, County and Town Officers of Washington County, NŮ 1982, issued by the County Clerk, Fort Edward, NY.

BC563 Washington County, NY. History of Washington County, NY, 1737-1878, Heart of the Lakes Publishing, Interlaken, NY, 1979.

OHIOF559 ALLEN COUNTY. One page on family of William French, born near Glasgow, Scotland about 1730. Children Enoch, Andrew, and Alexander. North Jackson, Trumbull Co. Contributed by Faye MacAlister.

F490 FARMINGTON. Early Families, including Ashley, Baldwin, Bundy, French, Gates, Goodrich, Rawson, Stephens, Wilson, Curtiss. William French (Chart #46). Contributed by William M. French and Margaret T. Taylor.

F488 MILLERSBURG. Pioneer History, Some Historical Data Regarding Early Settlers of Millersburg and Holmes County, Ohio, from The Farmer Hub, 30 Jul 1925, contributed by Margaret M. Little. John French (Chart #48).

F55ś PIKE. George French of Pike township in early part of 1800's, m. Sarah McBride of Huntington Co, PA. George was b. 19 Sep 1775 in Chanceford, York County, PA. Contributed by Ray Novak.TEXASF577 Early Southeast Texas Families, Chapter XXI on French, pages 118-122, contributed by Homer French. John Jay French and his descendants. Francis French (Chart #8). Also Time and Shadows, French and the French, contributed by Homer French. Schenectady, NY.


F503 Ohio Marriage Records, Vol I, 1808-1830, Preble Co. Marriages 1808-1830,  p. 20. Butler Co. Births, 1807, Gateway to the West, Ohio, Sep 1967. Jackson Co. Marriages, 1816-1825, Gateway to the West, Ohio, Apr 1975, Vol III, No. II. Surnames: Howard, Cooley. Contributed by Lillian C. French.

F579 Service Record of William French, Trumbull Co., OH, Chart #46.


F535 Windham Twp., PA.; Wyoming Co., PA; Northumberland Co., PA; Braintrim Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. Contributed by Tanny Gustafson. Chart #23.


F522 Azale J. French, b. in TN in 1824. Also includes Navarro Co., TX, Marshall Co., AL, and Ellis Co. TX. Contributed by Juanita Jones.TEXASF590 San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX. Ben French of Missouri. Laura A. French. Contributed by Jack Nosler.

Also Early East Tennessee Mariages, Vol. 1, Grooms, by Byron & Barbara Sistler, Nashville, TN, 1987.


F520 Van Zandt and Dallas Counties, TX. Contributed by Doris M. Leffel.


F225 Historical Magazine, Vol. 5, Towns of Windham Co., by Abby Maria Hemenway, 1891, p. 42-3, 213, William French (Chart #2).

F301 MAIDSTONE. Vermont Historical Magazine, Maidstone, VT, p. 1039-1040. Major Hains French. Contributed by Lester French.

F431 MANCHESTER. French-Robertson House, contributed by Richard Robertson, built 1784-1820, moved from the flooded village of Mille Roches, Stormont County. Home of Jeremiah French, a substantial landowner from Manchester, VT.VIRGINIAF344 Genealogies of Virginia Families, Vol. 3, Fl-Ha, 1981, p. 597-8. No treatment of the French family - only one mention in entire book.

ŇSettlement and Cemeteries in VermontŐs Northeast KingdomÓ by FFA Member Nancy Dodge. Higginson Books, 14 Derby Square, Salem, MA 01970. Hardcover or paperback. Order through Higginson Books, 508-745-7170.

ÓGravestones of Guildhall, Vermont & Northumberland, NH.Ó by FFA member Nancy Dodge. Hardcover or paperback. Order through Higginson Books, 508-745-7170.


F515 Prince William County, VA. Contributed by Kenneth C. Thomsen, Jr. CANADAF583 Ontario Marriage Notice, by Wilson. 1871 Census, Horton township. 1881 Census, Montreal. Contributed by Velma Rust.


F523 Muskego, WI. Thomas Giles French, letter dtd 1839, contributed by Lester French. John Milton French, Bloomfield, VT.

F527 Portage City, WI. John Milton French, b. 4 May 1791, in Essex Co. VT. Contributed by Lester French.

Chapter 8. Canadian Records

F312 History of Compton County, 1692-1896, by L.S. Channell, contributed by Nancy Dodge. French family in Canada: Cookshire, Quebec; Eaton Corner, Quebec.  Sawyerville, Quebec, Thomas French (Chart #1) and John French (Chart #5).

F029 History of the Colonial Gentry, by Sir Bernard Burke, Vol I, Genealogical  Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1970, SLC BRITISH 942 D22b. 2 pages of Frenches  from Canada, Frederick John French, Esq., of Prescott, Grenville, Ontario, and of Osgoode Hall, Toronto, Canada, descendant of Jeremiah French of Manchester, VT, in 1764. Benjamin French of Ontario, family surnames Wood, Burrett, Forsythe, McGillis, Colquhoun, Knight. John Strachan French of Cornwall, Ontario, 1812.

F549 BAŮ ROBERTS. French's Cove in Bay Roberts, Conception Bay, Newfoundland. Robert Charles French, b. 14 Oct 1872. Surnames: Snow, Fillier, Kelly, Brown, Mugford, Fradsham. Contributed by Barbara Watanabe.

Chapter 9. Miscellaneous Data

L075 French Coat of Arms Parchment.

F109 English Convicts in Colonial America, Vol I, Middlesex: 1617-1775, includes David French.

F337 New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial, by William Richard Cutter, 1913, p. 642-3, John French (Chart #5).

F118 Immigrants to America contributed by Bill Sopher. Edward French (Chart #4), Jacob French of Weymouth (Chart #7), John French of Cambridge (Chart #3), John French of Dorchester (Chart #5), John French of Ipswich (Chart #1),  Stephen French of Weymouth (Chart #7), Thomas French of Boston (Chart #1),  Thomas French of Guilford (Chart #9), William French of Cambridge (Chart #2).

F121 English origins of New England Families from the New England Historial and  Genealogical Register, Vol I, by Gary Boyd Roberts, Genealogical Publishing  Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1984.

F316 French Family genealogical chart with surname Powers, Kelley, Norris, Bassett, Shors, Griffitts, Murray, Greer. Includes Gideon French of Woodstock,  VT and surnames Carpenter, Phillips, Foster. John French (Chart #3).

F317 Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution with an Historical Essay by Lorenzo Sabine, Vol. I, original 2nd Ed. Boston 1864, reprinted by Genealogical Printing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1979. Thomas French of Long Island, NY, 1779; Joseph French of Jamaica, NY.

BM853 The Uprooted, by Oscar Handlin, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, Grosset & Dunlap, Publishers, New York, 1951.

F134 Burke's American Families with British Ancestry, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1977. The lineages of 1,600 families of British origin now resident in the U.S. Page 2693 mentions the French family of Knoddishall, Suffolk, England. Thomas and Samuel French (Chart #11).

F338 Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, p. 366, 612-5, Thomas French (Charts #1), William French (Chart #2), Edward French (Chart #4), John French (Chart #5), and well as probably many other charts.

F340 Colonial Families of the USA, by Nelson Osgood Rhoades, 1920, Vol. 7, p. 201-4, Edward French (Chart #4).

F341 Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution, by Lorenzo Sabine, Vol. 1, p. 447-8.

BM852 Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, by Noyes, Libby, Davis, 1928-1939, copyright 1983. 795 pages.

F263 County Changes Since 1790 in the states of Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York.

F427 Miscellaneous newspaper articles.

BC567 HAMILTON, AUSTRALIA. Insert as last entry on p. 7-2. Hamilton, a Western District History, published by Hargreen Publishing Company, 1984, by Don Garden. Acheson French of Moniver Castle, Galway, Ireland, and his decendants who immigrated to Hamilton, Australia. Book has 278 pages, of which 28 are about Acheson. Maximillian de French, (Chart #127). Contributed by Alison Anderson.

Chapter 10. Maps and Atlases

BA500 Universal Atlas of Metropolitan Boston & Eastern Massachusetts, 170 maps of cities and towns, Universal Publishing Co, 31 Tosca Drive, Stoughton, MA 02072, 1983, 208 pages.

BA501 Atlas of Washington County, New York, Stone & Stewart, Publishers, Philadelphia 1866.

BA502 Atlas of Essex County, New York, O. W. Gray & Son, Philadelphia, 1876.

BE750 The Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers, edited by Cecil Humphery-Smith, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore, MD1984. Contains Ša genealogical map of the pre-1832 parishes and a topographical map of English and Welsh counties.

BE756 The Hamlyn Road Atlas of Great Britain, 195 pages, 1984.

L025 General map of the county of Essex, England, 1768.

L035 Map of Suffolk and Essex, SLC #68141.

L070 Map of England, contributed by the British Museum, Jul 1951, SLC 942.67 E7e.

BA503 The Old Maps of Kennebec Co., ME in 1879.

BA504 The Old Maps of Northeastern Essex Co., MA in 1884.

BA505 The Old Maps of Southern Penobscot Co. ME in 1875.

BA506 Maps of the Roads of Ireland, by George Taylor and Andrew Skinner, Sahhon,  Ireland, 1969. Productions of old town maps showing homesteads of many Irish surnames.

BA507 ABC Atlas of Essex, England by Barnett. Steet plans and sectional road maps. Halstead city map.

BA508 Encyclopedia Britannica World Atlas of 1946.

BA509 1985 Ordnance Survey Motoring Atlas of Great Britain. 3 miles = 1 inch.

L321 Miscellaneous English, Irish, and Scottish maps.

F404 Miscellaneous US and Canadian maps.

BE776 Ordnance Survey Road Atlas of Ireland.

BE777 Ireland from Maps, National Library of Ireland, Facsimile Documents of

Old Ireland. Folded Large Maps

M001 Map of Chelmsford, Harlow and surround area in Essex.

M002 Street map of Galway, Ireland.

M003 Map guide of London, England.

M004 Maps of Great Britain and Ireland.

M005 Street plan of Edinburgh, Scotland.

M006 Map of East Ireland.

M007 Maps of Essex, England.

M008 Map of Thaxted, Essex, England.

M009 Clan Map of Scotland.

M010 Map of Galway Bay, Ireland.

M011 Map of Longford and Roscommon, Ireland.

M012 Map of South Wexford, Ireland.

M013 Historical map of Ireland, by L. G. Bullock, showing surnames and coat of arms.

M014 Street and path maps of Great Bardfield, Essex, England.

M015 Street maps of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England.

M016 Map of Sudbury and Halstead, Essex, England.

M017 Map of Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, contributed by Eleanor Homewood.

M018 Map of Northern Ireland.

M019 County Map and Gazetteer of Lancashire and the Isle of Man.

M020 County Road Map and Gazetteer of Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Cambridgeshire.

M021 A Genealogical and Historical Map of Ireland.

M022 Street Plan to Stortford, Sawbridgeworth, Stansted Mountfitchet, and Takeley, all in Essex County, England.

M023 Irish Maps of Yesteryear.

M024 List of all old series Ordnance Survey maps of England.

M025 A Genealogical and Historical Map of Scotland.

Chapter 11. Catalogs

BK800 Genealogy and Local History, Tuttle Antiquarian Books, Inc., Rutland, VT.

BK801 Genealogical & Local History Books in Print, edited by Netté Schreiner- Yantis, Springfield, VA, 1977.

BK802 Goodspeed's Book Shop, 7 Beacon St., Boston, MA, Catalog No. 591.

BK803 NEHGS Book Loan Catalogues.

F448 New England History Press, 9 Orange St., P.O. Box 70, Somersworth, NH 03878-0070.

F449 Heritage Books, Inc., 3602 Maureen, Suite 109, Bowie, MD 20715.

F450 Higginson Genealogical Books, 14 Derby Square, Salem, MA 01970.

F451 Genealogical Books, Baltimore.

L402 Guildhall Library, Publications List, London, England. Biobliographies,  books relating to genealogy, facsimiles of early London maps, postcards.

Chapter 12. Guide Books

BG605 Successful Family Organizations, Record Keeping, and Genealogy in Family Activities, by Wallace/Bousfield, 1978, 189 pages.

BG606 "Shaking Your family Tree', A Basic Guide to Tracing Your Family's  Genealogy, by Dr. Ralph Crandall, 1986. 256 pages.

BE775 "The Family Tree Detective'', A Manual for Analysing and Solving  Genealogical Problems in England and Wales, 1538 to the Present Day, by Colin D. Rogers 1983. 145 pages.

F403 England, Historical Background Affecting Genealogical Research in England, 1975, pamphlet produced by the Genealogical Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Series, A, No. 50.

BG603 Historical Materials Relating to Northern New York, compiled and edited by G. Glyndon Cole, Canton, NY, 1976.

BG601 Historical Materials Relating to Northern New York, compiled and edited by G. Glyndon Cole, The Adirondak Museum, 1976.

F126 England/Ireland Record Office and Society information.

F127 England/Ireland Hotel Information.

BE754 Notes in pamphlet form on genealogy from the Public Record Office (PRO) in London, England. Birth, marriage, death, census, probate, change of name, immigrants, emigrants, shipping and seamen, military, admiralty, private conveyances, apprenticeship, royal marines, Royal Irish Constabulary, death duties.

L017 Suffolk Record Office, Aids to searchers, SLC BRITISH 942.64 A3a.

BE761 Irish Genealogy, A Record Finder, Edited by Donald F. Begley, Dublin, 1981. Tells about the people of Ireland, historical and administrative divisions of Ireland, Irish census returns and census substitutes, guide to irish directories, genealogical matter in the publications of the Irish manuscripts commission, newspapers as a genealogical source, the registry of deeds for genealogical purposes, wills and administrations, early genealogical sources for attornies and barristers.

BE774 Handbook on Irish Genealogy, how to trace your ancestors and relatives in Ireland, by Donal F. Begley, Dublin, 1984.

F111 How to Find Adoptees.

BG600 Genealogist's Handbook for New England Research, New England Library Association, 1980.

BG602 Handy Guide to Austrian Genealogical Records, by Dagmar Senekovic, Published by the Everton Publishers, Inc., 1979.

Chapter 13. Newsletters and Societies

F139 About Towne newsletters

F385 The Maine Seine newsletter, 1982 to date.

F039 The Essex Genealogist, Essex County, Massachusetts.

F484 The NH Genie newsletter.

F387 Sons and Daughters of the First Settlers of Newbury, MA, newsletter.

F381 Genealogical Societies and Historical Societies - Summit Publ. 1984.

F382 Family Associations, Societies, and Reunions - Summit Publ. 1984.

Chapter 14. Magazines

Inside Ireland, Rookwood, Stocking Lane, Ballyboden, Dublin 16, Ireland.

In Britain, BTA, 4 Bromells Road, London SW4 0BJ, England.

The Genealogical Helper, The Everton Publishers, Inc., P.O. Box 368, Logan, Utah 84321.

Second Boat magazine, 1983 to date.

Downeast Ancestry magazine (Maine), 1984 to date.