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Reunions for 2010

FFA Chart 3 - 2010, 4-6 Jun 2010

FFA Chart 10 - 2010, 18-19 Jun 2010

FFA Chart 12 – 1995-2010, End of June

FFA Chart 12 – First Sunday in August

FFA Chart 22 – 14 Aug 2010

Past Reunions

FFA Chart 6 – 2009

FFA Chart 8 - 1990

FFA Chart 10 - 2008

FFA Chart 10 - 2006

FFA Chart 36 - 1998

FFA Chart 110 - 1994

FFA Chart 129 - 2008

FFA Chart 188 – 2007

Unknown Chart - 2002

Unknown Chart - 2008

Unknown Chart - 2005

FFA Chart 3 - 2010

From Barb French Mulholland, email:
Kansas City, Kansas, Friday, June 4 through Sunday June 6, 2010. The main event will be on Saturday, June 5, at 4pm. For information, call Jodi Murphy at 913-710-2838.

John French was the brother of Lieut. William French who came to America from England about in 1635-37. John was married to Joanna and had the 5 children. John, Joanna and a son died within two months of each other from an epidemic and Lieut. William French took their 4 remaining children to raise. See FFA Chart #E3.

I have been working with management of the Holiday Inn Express Village West in Kansas City Kansas and have come up with the following contract.

I have secured ten rooms for Jun 3 – 7, 2010. I had to give them an example of beds per room for the quote so I used two queen but your reservations can change according to your needs. The cost for two queen beds is 109.95 plus tax per night for a group rate for ten rooms. There is a two night requirement for these rates, if less than two nights, the cost will be 129.95 plus tax. They also request that we have one spokesman for the group which I agreed to. This includes a hot continental breakfast, Indoor pool and hot tub, 24 hr Fitness Center, Free WiFi Access, is within walking distance to the Legends Shopping Center which is one of the largest shopping areas in the midwest.

Reservations must be made by May 15, 2010 to me, then I will forward them on to the hotel. The hotel must receive them by May 21. All rooms not reserved by that date will return to hotel inventory. Individual reservations booked after the deadline are subject to availability and regular rates. The price could change if all ten rooms are not reserved and the cost for 8 rooms would be 114.95 plus tax per night. Arrival time is 4:00 pm and Departure time is 12:00 pm

At this point, John and I will be driving in on Thursday as will son Shane and his family. We will arrive late on Thursday evening; therefore, we will be available on Friday to pick anyone up at the airport that may need transportation to the hotel. I am sure that among all our relatives, we will all find transportation to the reunion, so there is no need to rent a car. The Legends also has many restaurants and activities. If you google Legends, it will bring up The Legends at Kansas City, click on hotels and you can view the hotel and the rooms. You can get a complete listing of the retail stores at the Legends and the activities.

My sons John III and Shane and maybe me, are planning to attend the Detroit Tiger/Kansas City Royals baseball game on Friday night. If anyone is interested in attending, let me know. If I have forgotten anything, let me know that too. I hope you are as excited as I am to meet all our family and learn more about them. Hope to hear from you.  Barb

Please see the Reunion Announcement via Evite by hosts Jodi Murphy and Marsha Davidson.

FFA Chart 6 – 2009

Richard French Family originally from Marshfield, MA

French Family Reunion, October 22, 2009 in Sutter Creek, CA. Email: Immediate family only.

Mara French, Roy French, Keith French, Nedra San Filippo, Hannah French, Becky French Garcia, Sabian Garcia, Sonia French, Sarah French, Randy French

Nedra San Filippo, Becky French Garcia, Sarah French, Sonia French, Hannah French, Mara French, Gary Elben, Sabian Garcia, Roy French, Keith French, Randy French

FFA Chart 8 - 1990

Francis French originally from Derby, CT

French Family Reunion, Beaumont, Texas, 27 October 1990, Ramada Inn

Mark your calendar for October 27 for the French Family Reunion of Texas. Everyone is invited, but the majority will be descendants of Francis French of Derby, CT, whose descendant, John Jay French, moved to Beaumont, Texas. That was seven generations ago. Expected turnout is about 200.

Place: Ramada Inn, Beaumont, Texas

Morning: registration, get acquainted, music, short speech.
Afternoon: luncheon, short speech, tour, and entertainment. Look for 19th Century costumes and a blacksmith at the French Trading Post!

Gloria McKnight, Program Chairperson, 6390 Bedford, Beaumont, TX 77708. (409) 892-9241.
Hez Aubey, FFA of Texas President, 1870 Rikisha Lane, Beaumont, TX 77706 (409) 898-0878.

Prices: Reunion includes lunch and entertainment.
$15 Adults    $3.50 Children 6-12    Children under 6 are free.

Speakers: Ellen Rienstra will speak on John Jay French, and Judy Linsley will speak on Johns wife, Sally Munson. Ellen and Judy are daughters of Johnny and Esther Walker. Ellen and Judy write novels under the pen name, Marie Beaumont.

Hotel Reservations: Make reservations at the Ramada Inn for only $35/night and let them know youre with the French Family Group. Call (409) 892-2722.

Ancestry of Francis French of Derby, CT. If you are a descendant of Francis French and would like your name and family to appear in the book, Ancestry of Francis French of Derby, CT, complete the enclosed form. Photographs, maps, and family stories are welcomed. Address all questions about the book to Mara French, 521 River View Drive, San Jose, CA 95111. (408) 227-4411.

Registration Form. Please list all attendees so that we can have name tags made up in advance. The name tags will be color coded by family.

Send reunion fees and forms to Hez Aubey, 1870 Rikisha Lane, Beaumont, TX 77706. Make checks payable to Hez Aubey.

FFA Chart 10 - 2010

Lincoln, NE, June 18-19, 2010. The host hotel is the Embassy Suites, only $129 a night with free made-to-order breakfast and a free cocktail or soft drink at the nightly cocktail party. Reserve before 1 May 402-473-4703 and say you are with the United French Organization. See website:

FFA Chart 10 - 2008

In June 2008 the United French Organization members held its reunion at The Red Lion at the Park, Spokane, WA. The reunion was a great success, the hotel ideal, and both planning and execution by President Jack French and his daughter Jackie Runkel well done. The reunion was honored by the attendance of an Iraq war veteran, Marcus Hellege. Kathy Smith and her sister Jane French-Sloan were elected President and Vice-President, respectively. Cyndie Reis was re-elected as Secretary-Treasurer, and Katy Nazeck elected as Newsletter Editor. Attendees voted to hold the 2010 reunion in Lincoln, NE. See website:

FFA Chart 10 - 2006

In June 2006 the United French Organization members held its reunion at Eugene T. Mahoney State Park in Nebraska. The reunion was a great success, the location ideal, and both planning and execution by President Kathy Hellwege, her husband Craig, her sister Claudia Rathje, and her mother LuEtta Barnes, made for one of the best reunions ever. LuEtta, born in 1927, is the youngest and sole survivor of Gentry's children. Gentry's first child, Claude, was born in 1879, so he had children over a span of 48 years (and three wives). The reunion was honored by the attendance of two young Iraq War veterans, Marcus Hellwege and Eric McKeeman. Norma Burchard (pictured below) was elected president for the next term (two years), with daughter Cyndie Reis reelected as Secretary-Treasurer, Patt French as Vice-President, and Katy Nazeck reelected as Newsletter Editor. Attendees voted to hold the 2008 reunion in Spokane, WA.

FFA Chart 12 – 1995-2010

Blue Ridge Mountains yearly in June. Chart #12 has had almost yearly reunions beginning on Jun 24, 1995 in Bluefield, WV, on the Virginia border. For details, write Virginia Wermuth [6]. [6] FFA member Virginia French and Harold Wermuth, 5929 Hines Road, Richmond, VA 23231. Her book, Interwoven", the Genealogy of Matthew French, Siblings, and Descendants of Virginia, 1710-1996, Chart #12, published June 1996. FFA member Virginia Wermuth has done a tremendous job on this book. John French, b. 1710 in Westmoreland Co, m. Martha Upshur or Lipshur (probably a handwriting misidentity) ca. 1735 in Westmoreland Co., d. 1750 Frederick Co., VA or Hampshire Co, WV. Matthew French, b. 2 Feb 1732 (3 weeks before George Washington was born in the same area) in Northern Neck, later Westmoreland Co, VA, d. 1814 at Wolfe Creek, Giles Co., VA, m. Sarah Payne in 1757/58 in Culpeper County, VA. Virginia attended several reunions of her family, most recently in June 1995 and June 1996 in Bluefield, VA, on to the border of WV. The book is 8" x 11", over 1100 pages (in 2 volumes), includes several photos. The index is 50 pages. Order the book from Virginia Wermuth. Quantity is limited - call Virginia before ordering at 1-804-795-2658. Virginia Wermuth, 5929 Hines Rd., Richmond, VA 23231. Two volume book, currently not in print. For questions, contact FFA member Virginia Wermuth, 5929 Hines Road, Richmond, VA 23231.

FFA Chart 12 – First Sunday in August

There is a John N. French reunion annually (1st Sunday of August) at South Shore, KY, across from Portsmouth, OH. Contact Ms. Dana French, Box 755, South Shore, KY 41175.

FFA Chart 22 – 14 Aug 2010

We are currently planning a French Family Reunion for descendants of Aaron French for 14 August 2010 in Towanda, PA. Jeff and Ethel French, Chart #22. (This is not the Aaron French of Chart #21)

The URL is:

Aaron French was b. 8 Sep 1739 in New Providence, Union Co., NJ, d. 31 Aug 1805 in Amity, Washington Co., PA, m. Mary Clark on 15 Sep 1764 and had 8 children: Aaron Jr., Deborah, Elizabeth, Mary, Ezekiel, Lydia, Asa, and Susannah. Ezekiel was b. 17 Jun 1775 in Essex Co., NJ, and Asa was b. 8 Jul 1780 in New Providence, Essex Co., NJ.

In 1787 or 1788, Aaron moved to Washington Co. PA where he acquired 400 Acres of land lying 4 mi. SW of Amity and partly within the present Greene Co., PA. He named it "The New Republic".

From: 60-0107. Aaron French lived at or near New Providence, NJ, as early as 1764, and in Essex Co. until shortly before 1790, when he removed to PA; he died 8/31/1805. It is said that he had two or more brothers, one of whom removed to NY and another "went south". See website:  

FFA Chart 36 - 1998

Hugh French, French Family Chart #36 of Virginia who is related to the Strother family, had their reunion in August 1998 in Arlington, VA. Contact Donna Strother, 455 Elbow Creek Rd., Mt. Vernon, IA 52314-51942,

FFA Chart 110 - 1994

Kathryn Boyd Scott of Oklahoma City, OK, attended a French Family Reunion in Livingston in Jul 1994 and went up to French Mountain. There were about 35-40 relatives. Every Memorial Day, the French family has a s a reunion at Rinnie Church, about 15 miles off the road between Crossville and Jamestown, TN. Contact Rodney and Kelly French in Crossville about this reunion.

FFA Chart 129 - 2008

July 4, 2008 - Independence Day Party and Cookout - Burleson, Texas

August 30 - September 1, 2008 - William Luther Johnson Family Reunion -- Vernon, Texas, ALL Johnsons, Frenches, Piggs and their families and decendents invited.

For all of these events please visit for more details or just post a message to R.S.V.P. or email Ashley Ashworth Carter at

FFA Chart 188 – 2007

Moses French who m. Sarah Carter. Parents were from the Spartanburg area in SC, and they moved to TN ca. 1822.



10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2007
Optimist Room, YMCA 400 Oaklawn Drive, Corsicana


As usual, I'll bring plates, napkins, eating utensils, cups, tea, coffee, creamer, sugar, sweet 'n' low, salt and pepper. I'll also bring a ham.


If you know of any family births, marriages, deaths, etc. since the last reunion and you haven't gotten the information to me already, please do so by October 20, so I can include that, to share with all.

If you need more information and/or to send updates, you may contact:

Peggy Loar, email:

I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING EVERYONE THERE! Please check with your family members and share this with them if they didn't get an invitation.

Unknown Chart - 2002

FRENCH FAMILY OF EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA REUNION, August 2nd-4th, 2002 in New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina. This will be the first family reunion that will include people from almost all of the branches of Joseph (1726-1774) & Abigail (1725-1779) French's family and their descendants. If your French ancestors were in the Eastern part of North Carolina before 1950, you are probably directly related to us. Please send me an email and I will forward the details about the hotel and the reunion to you. Also, please send any geneaology questions you may have regarding the French's of Eastern North Carolina. Best Regards, David A. French, email: or

Unknown Chart - 2008

Adams County, Mississippi French Family Reunion
Late March 2008, just SE of Natchez.
My mother was Alice French, daughter of Posey French and Enola Stampley. I am now located in Seattle, WA. Contact: Fulton ("Foots") Harrigill.

Unknown Chart - 2005

Tracy Potts, 311 Richard St., Martinsburg, WV. 25401-9078

French Reunion 2005 Aug 28th, from 12 noon till 6:00 pm
Dinner will be at 1:00
Located at Tuscarora Puritan Club, Martinsburg, WV, behind Tuscarosa Church Hall.

Please bring a covered dish or picnic lunch and something for auction. Remind Relations!!! Invite relatives !! Bring pictures from past reunions. Come and plan to enjoy the day !! Hope to see you there