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Edward French is listed 6th. His brother-in-law, William Worcester, is listed 2nd
See [43] in Bibliography for entire list.

Chart #4, Edward French, 1595,
Salisbury, Essex Co., MA

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History and Background

Where Was Edward Born?

Who Did Edward French Marry?

The Ship “Angel Gabriel”

Original Settlers of Salisbury, MA, see [1]

Salisbury Marriages, see [2]

The Worcester Family


Bibliography and Records

DNA Test Group 3 Test Results

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Pedigree Charts by Various Researchers:

Edward French researched by Harry Dana French

Edward French researched by Art Westneat

Early Ancestry of Edward French in England by Mara French

Edward French, FFA Chart #4 by J. Michael Frost

Edward French Genealogy by Nina Evelyn French Cousins

Edward French by James D. True

Town of Salisbury, Massachusetts

Edward French Family from “Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts, With some Related Families of Newbury, Haverhill, Ipswich, and Hampton”, by David W. Hoyt; Providence, RI.

History and Background

Edward French, 1598, emigrated from England in 1636, first arriving in Ipswich, MA, and migrating to outlining areas: Salisbury, MA; S. Hampton, Kingston, Chester, Candia, NH; Gardiner, Augusta, Hallowell, Fayette, Chesterville, Belfast, Mt. Vernon, ME; Bridgewater, Hartford, Andover, VT.

Where Was Edward Born?

Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk, England

The NEHGS (New England Historical-Genealogical Society) had an article on this many years ago proving that Edward French of Thorpe Morieux never left England. Many records indicate that Edward French was born (or had lived) in Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk Co., England. Thorpe Morieux baptisms, 1538-1650 show only Anne, daughter of Edward French gent., baptized 8 Feb 1626-27. No supported data exists listing a daughter Anne born to the Edward French of Massachusetts.

Rugby, Warwickshire, England

Edward was born 21 Sep 1595 in Rugby, Warwickshire, England, the son of John. See his English ancestry at FFA Chart #E4.

Who Did Edward French Marry?

Ann Goodale?

The theory that Edward French was married to Ann Goodale has been discredited. According to this theory, Ann was a sister of Richard Goodale, Sr., who called Edward French his “brother” or his church brethren. However, no proof has been found that Richard Goodale, Sr. had a sister named Ann. See a list of Richard's siblings in Walter Goodwin Davis’, “The Ancestry of Abel Lunt, 1769-1806”, of Newbury, Massachusetts, Portland, ME: Anthoensen Press, 1963, pp. 104-105; no sibling named Ann is included in that list.

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Ann Worchester?

Edward married Ann Worchester/Worcester. See his English ancestry at FFA Chart #E4.

Notable French Descendants of Edward French

Daniel Chester French and more

Scultor, best-known work is of seated Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in WDC, and the Minute Man in Concord, MA. He was born on 20 Apr 1850 in Exeter, NH. His Ancestry.

Daniel French

Inventor of the “Yankee” Steam Engine mechanism for mills and boats in 1809. He was born in 1770 in Berlin, Connecticut. His Ancestry.

Benjamin Brown French and more

Author of the White House Diaries, He was born on 4 Sep 1800 in Chester, NH. His Ancestry. Witness to the Young Republic: A Yankee's journal, 1828-1870, by Benjamin Brown French. 675 pp, illus., hardbound. The author was a friend and associate of the Presidents and history-makers of the era, and uncle of sculptor Daniel Chester French. Read first-hand just what these people were like and the atmosphere of the times.

Honorable Augustus Chaflin French

Former Governor of Illinois

James Constantine French

Invented an improvement in vault lights in 1871. He was born on 2 Aug 1808 in Hill, NH.

Harry Dana French

President Gerald R. Ford

Born 14 Jul 1913 in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska.

Bishop Phillips Brooks (lyricist of "O Little Town of Bethlehem")

Born 13 Dec 1885 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.

Author Ray Douglas Bradbury and more

Born 22 Aug 1920 best known for his dystopian novel “Fahrenheit 451” in 1953.

Poet Robert Frost

Poet Edwin Arlington Robinson

Playwright Tennessee Williams


Description: bible1

Bible sold at auction on March 15, 1999, first bid $25, 27 bids brought it to $168 to R. K. Leigh at The Bible listed at the auction mentioned below is the line of Edward French (1) and his son Samuel French of Salisbury, MA.

1. Edward French, b. ca. 1590 in England, m. Ann Goodale

2. Samuel French, b. ca. 1633 in England, m. Abigail Brown

3. Joseph French, b. 1676 in Salisbury, MA, m. Hannah

4. Samuel French, b. 11 Dec 1699 in Salisbury, MA, m. Mary Collins

5. Samuel French, b. 14 Aug 1734 in Salisbury, MA, m. Elizabeth Eastman

6. Israel French, b. 26 Oct 1765, m. Deborah Bennett

   Children: Betsey, John, Samuel, Ebenezer, Dorothy, Polly, Sally

7. Ebenezer French, b. 1799, m. Poly Tucker

   Children: Daniel

There is a Frank Pierce French born 22 May 1850 in Loudon, NH who m. Alice Hendricks and had two children, Frank and Mabel. He's in the 8th generation of this family, son of Hiram French (7), Samuel (5), Samuel (5), Samuel (4), Henry (3), Samuel (2), Edward (1). So, 3rd generation Henry (3) and Joseph (3) above were brothers.

Price: $56, see below:

Title of item: 1832 Family Bible (genealogy)


Starts: 03/08/99 08:44:04 PST

Ends: 03/15/99 08:44:04 PST

Price: Currently $56.00

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Item Description:

1832 Family Bible Old and New Testements, pub. by B. Waugh and T. Mason for the Methodist Episcopal Church at the Conference Office, 14 Crosby St., New York, J Collord, Printer, 1832, Measures: 8 X 10 in. 2 in. thick. Leather Covers, entire Bible is tight, Some browning and foxing inside, Overall Very Good Condition. 167 Years Old. Scan on Request. Inside cover, hand written: Ebeneser French father of Daniel T. French.

Genealogy section:

Deborah French was born March 26, 1762, Died Jan. 23, 1852, Israel French born Oct. 26, 1765, Betsy French born April 30, 1788, Dorothy French born Aug. 18, 1790, Dorothy Weeks died Nov. 19, 1863, Polly French born May 28, 1792, Polly Weeks died March 7, 1861, Sally French born March 28, 1794, Hannah French born Nov. 6, 1796 died 1846 Ebenezer French born Dec. 19, 1798, died Sept 14, 1864, Samuel French born  Jan 20, 1806, died Feb. 7, 1875, Polly Tucker wife of Ebenezer Tucker died  March 31, 1845. Jarusha Taylor Folsom Bates? French born July 26, 1809, died  May 5th 1885, Daniel Tucker French was born May 18, 1824, died Feb. 4th  1907, Frances Adelaide French was born Sept. 1849, Geore S. French was born  May 16, 1852, died July 30, 1856, Georgie Etter French was born June 21, 1859, died July 3, 1868, Isabel French was born 1862, Louisa Isabel Woodman French born July 22, 1828, died Jan 3, 1905, George Stores Folsom died Aug. 25, 1848, son of Jurusha Taylor Folsom French late?, Daniel Tucker died Sept. 19, 1848, Betsy Tucker died Sept 20, 1848, Thomas T. Folsom died May 24, 1863, Daniel Tucker jr? died April 18, 1865. There is an old obit in the Bible that states that Frank French internationally known wood engraver died at 93, the obit says he died in N.H. says he was born in London N.H. 1850, so that would make the obit about 1943 or so. The Previous owner of this Bible lived around Troy New York. Winning bidder please add 7.00 s/h/i. Jimmy Kerr Bookseller Visit eBay, the world's largest Personal Trading Community at