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Which DNA Test?

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Please note that all DNA Test Numbers are owned by Julia French Wood, are private, and should not be emailed globally.

Which DNA Test?

If you decide to have your DNA tested, be sure to order your test through the FRENCH DNA Project with FamilyTreeDNA (even though offers their own test). Benefits:

      Other testing companies use different markers and it is difficult, if not impossible, to transpose them to fit into our French DNA Project.

      Being a part of our FRENCH Y-DNA Project isn't just about the markers, but offers so much to each participant that you would not be able to avail yourself of if your markers are not a part of the companies vast database. does all the DNA matching including matching against their world databases and you are able to see all the names and email addresses of each match, plus your Ancient as well as more recent European origins.

      As an added and important bonus, the company keeps your DNA frozen for 25 years, so it is, always, available if you would like to order more testing. is the only company that does that and it is free. This is so important if the person you tested isn't available at a later date.

      You will receive a reduced price because the French Project has already been initiated and has over 90 French DNA tests. The price could change.

      You will be able to verify if you connect to one of the existing French lines on the FFA website.

      Your DNA test and chart number will be added to the Cross-Reference Chart.

Currently over 60 French DNA tests have been taken and posted, and another 30 are in the process. The entire project includes almost 6,000 surnames.

Julia French Wood, the administrator of the project, recommends the Y-Chromosome DNA test (Y-DNA37) for males with the surname French.

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