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Description: OriginalLogHouse_s

The original settlers in Franklin County, PA, were mostly
Palatine Germans and Usterscots.
This log cabin was the home of Mary Ellen and William Moore of Antrim, PA,
and is representative of those built in Antrim at Jacob French’s time.

Chart #195, Jacob French 1st, ca. 1704
Antrim twp, Cumberland Co., (now Franklin Co.), PA
Berkeley Co., VA (now WV)

This chart was updated by Mara French on 1/6/16. Numbers in brackets [ ] show sources and refer to the Bibliography. Send any corrections, additions, or comments to Although Jacob French is not in my line, I will continue to do research on him as time permits. My line is FFA Chart #6. Revisions: 2009, 2011, 2012, 2016.


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In Appreciation

Thank you to Deb Skoff [1], Vicki French Carroll [37], and Linda French Dawson [11], who all contributed a significant amount to this French family research. Deb and Vicki are both descendants of Jacob’s (2nd) son Henry, and Henry’s son George W. French, FFA Chart #31. Linda is a descendant of Jacob’s (2nd) brother George French, FFA Chart #136. Although Jacob French is not in my line, I will continue to do research on him as time permits. My line is FFA Chart #6. Mara

Surname French Derivatives of this Particular Family

The surname of this family could have been Anglicized to “French” after immigration to the New World. Overseas it could have been:

Frantz, Franck, Frasch, Frinch, Friench, Franche, Franch, Freich, Ffrench, Pfrench, Frens, Frensch, Frensche, Francey, Französisch, Rench, Rentch, Francis, Francois, Fanck, Fersch, Frand, Frank, Frech, Fremt, Funck, Funk, or Tench.

The Christian name Jacob could have been.

Jaque, Jacobs, Jacques, Hans Jacob, Johann Jacob.

French Reunion for Jacob French Families

Tracy and Brian Potts, 311 Richard St., Martinsburg, WV. 25404-9078. 304-263-1170. French Reunion 2005 Aug 28th, from 12 noon till 6:00 pm.
 Dinner will be at 1:00
Located at Tuscarora Puritan Club, Martinsburg, WV, behind Tuscarora Church Hall. Please bring a covered dish or picnic lunch and something for auction. Remind Relations!!! Invite relatives!! Bring pictures from past reunions. Come and plan to enjoy the day!! Hope to see you there. Obviously this reunion has already taken place.