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DNA Test Group 4 Analysis
PA, MD, VA, WV, TN, KY, and Canada
FFA Charts #10, #23, #30, #31, #136, #186, #193,
#194, #195, and perhaps #129

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Several DNA tests match each other and are grouped together as DNA Test Group 4. Julia French Wood is the DNA expert and administrator for the surname French. Email here at For questions related to ancestry, email

FFA Chart #10, John Peter French and William Lewis French – DNA Test Group 4
FFA Chart #23, Isaac French – DNA Test Group 4
FFA Chart #30, Louisa French – no test
FFA Chart #31, Henry French – DNA Test Group 4
FFA Chart #129, Peter French – no test
FFA Chart #136, George French – DNA Test Group 4
FFA Chart #186, Philip French – DNA Test Group 4
FFA Chart #193, David French – DNA Test Group 4
FFA Chart #194, Jonathan French – DNA Test Group 4
FFA Chart #195, Jacob French – DNA Test Group 4

Analogy of DNA Test Group 4 Ancestry

I started naming these families by giving them chart numbers long long long before we were ever able to construct their ancestral lineage through DNA. Therefore, the chart numbers don’t always coincide with one family, but I plan to leave it the way it is due to the amount of time and energy it would take to reshuffle everything.

1.1 John French, the emigrant, b. 1705 in England, assumed to be the patriarch or immigrant of this line, and assumed to have immigrated from England to Pennsylvania on 27 Feb 1728 at age 23, married in Franklin Co., Pennsylvania (in a very German-populated area) to Mary about 1730. John d. before 3 Oct 1755 in Antrim Twp., PA. John and Mary had the following children: Jacob, Louisa, George, and John, all born between 1730 and 1742 in PA. He may, of course, have had more children, yet to be researched.

2.1 Jacob French: b. ca. 1730-1731, m. Magdalena Shively. Children: Barbara, Mary, George, John, Jacob Jr., Henry (only these sons mentioned in Jacob Sr.’s will – George and Jacob remained in WV and John and Henry moved south – no David in this line at that time), and Elizabeth. Jacob d. in 1788. FFA Chart #195.

2.2 Louisa French, b. ca. 1732, m. John Snively, and he d. 21 Jan 1792 in Antrim, Franklin Co., PA. Louisa died after John. FFA Chart #30.

2.3 George French: b. ca. 1735-1740. FFA Chart #136.

2.4 John French, b. 1742 in Chansford, York Co., PA, m. Marie Barbara Schmeiss. Children: Elizabeth, Peter, George, John, and Catharine who moved to TN. FFA Chart #129.


2.1 Jacob French, FFA Chart #195, b. ca. 1730 in PA, of Berkeley Co., WV. He m. Magdalena Snabley/Schnebley/Savely/Shively, the sister of John Snabley/Schnebley/Savely/Shively who had married Louisa French, who was Jacob’s sister. Magdalena was b. 1722 and was from Franklin Co., PA where they probably met. He mentions sons George, Jacob, John, and Henry in land transactions. He may have returned to Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD in 1785 to care for his brother, John, who died there in 1787, the year before he himself died.

3.1 Barbara French, m1. Christopher Helm?, and m2. 16 Apr 1806 to Michael Lephart (or the German version Leibhardt) in Berkeley Co., WV.

3.2 Mary French, m. Loved Reed on 15 Oct 1786 in Berkeley Co., VA.

3.3 George French, b. 1750 in VA according to the Boston Transcript, remained in Berkeley Co., VA, until after his father died in 1787. George m. Mary Snabley/Schebley/Savely/Shively (a German name) on 10 Oct 1789.

3.4 Capt. Jacob French, b. ca. 1750-55, m. Catherine Ward, remained in WV. He d. 9 Apr 1826 in Berkeley Co., WV, his son Henry, his son Jacob, his son John, his son James Hamilton, his son Howard, his son Claude Hamilton  (DNA Test 15700)

3.5* John French, FFA Chart #194, b. ca. 1753, m. Catherine Hedges. He did not remain in Berkeley Co., WV, but moved to KY. John died in Lincoln Co., KY on 21 May 1792. Catherine then m2. Henry Dougherty.

4.1 Samuel French, b. 5 Jun 1782 in IN, m1. Betsey Baker, m2. Julia Anne Dougherty who was b. 1798 in KY, dau. of Samuel Dougherty and Polly Williams. Moved to Orange Co., IN, in 1811, d. 2 Sep 1841.

5.1 Samuel S. French, Chart #194, b. 19 Mar 1817 in KY, m. Nancy Ann Ingram of Helt, Vermillion Co., IN, d. 11 Apr 1886 in Anderson Cemetery, Hutton township, Coles Co, IL, his son John Enos, his son Otto Ervy, his son Otto Eugene, his son John Edwin (DNA Test 195497)

4.2 George Hedges French, b. 1784 in IN, m. Polly Robbins on 8 Jun 1809 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY, d. 1847. Lived in Northwest, Orange Co., IN, in the 1820 census with 7 members in the household.

5.1 Jonathan French, FFA Chart #194, b. 1810 in Martin Co., IN, m. Catherine Batchelor, his son James W., his son Charles Henry, his son Thomas Charles, his son Thomas Charles II (DNA Test 57209).

4.3 (John) Philip French, FFA Chart #186, b. 3 Mar 1790 in KY, m. Sarah Randall on 12 Aug 1813 – she was from Butler Co., OH, his son Warner, his son George, his son William Albert, his son Wayne Hathaway, his son Warren Wayne (DNA Test 176015). [Unsure who is the father of Philip French, but a fit would be John French who married Catherine Hedges, above, because both families moved to Indiana. This family was the only one who lived in Helt, Vermillion Co., IN, yet both Samuel and George (listed above) could be his brothers because they all moved to IN ca. 1820. We are predicting that Philip was the youngest brother of George Hedges French above, as his father John French (who married Catherine Hedges) died in 1792 shortly after Philip’s birth. Because his children were not born until 1812, Philip was not yet head of household, and therefore probably lived with one of his brothers.]

3.6. Elizabeth French, b. ca. 1754, m. Joseph Lamon on 23 Oct 1805 in Greene Co., TN, is shown as the sister of Henry French, below.

3.7 Henry French Sr., FFA Chart #31, b. 12 Mar 1755, a blacksmith and gunsmith, m. Elizabeth Ersom (a German name) of Maryland. He d. 11 Aug 1821. Elizabeth was b. 30 Nov 1755 and d. 22 Mar 1828, his son George Washington, his son Thomas Sturman, his son Perry Sterman, his son Herbert Earl, his son Robert Rufus, his son Rev. Thomas French (DNA Test 176945)

No more sons as only sons George, Jacob, John, and Henry are mentioned in their father’s land transactions.

2.2 Louisa (or Levinia) French, FFA Chart #30, b. ca. 1732, m. John Schnabel or Snabley or Schebley or Savely or Shively or Schnebele in 1743 Antrim, Franklin Co., PA. She d. after 1791, a widow.

2.3 George French, Sr., FFA Chart #136, b. 1729 probably in Antrim twp., Franklin Co., PA, who built a stone house at “Old Forge Farm” about 7 miles from “Huckleberry Hall” where his brother Jacob resided.

3.1 Barbary French, m. Felkner (German name).

3.2 Evy Margret French, m. Toppin. On 3 Feb 1829, the Toppin tract of 790 acres went to Misses Pinckney in South Carolina.

3.3 Mary French, m. Everett Walker.

3.4 George P. French, b. 1749 in VA, was a blacksmith, d. before 1820 in Greenville, SC, wife’s name unknown.

4.1 John Peter French, b. before 1774 in VA, m. Anna Stone.

5.1 William J. French, FFA Chart #136, b. 1801, m. Jane Stone, and had son Joel E., his son James William, his son Ellison Chappell, his son James Eugene, his son Herb (DNA Test 217185).

5.2 George French, FFA Chart #136, b. 1802, m. Polly Ann Arnold, had son William Arnold, and his son Arnold, and his son Raiford Pinckney, and his son Raiford Ligon French (DNA Test 08909).

4.2 Jacob French, b. ca. 1785 in VA or in Montgomery Co., MD.

4.3 James French, b. ca. 1789 in Montgomery Co., MD.

4.2 George French, FFA Chart #136, b. ca. 1790-92 in Montgomery Co., MD, d. in 1857 in Wedowee, Randolph Co., AL, m. Nancy Elizabeth Corr, son George, his son George, his son George William, his son George William II, his son James Monroe, his son George Alfred, his son Fred Harvey Williams (DNA Test 217185).

3.5 Henry French Sr., FFA Chart #10, b. ca. 1755, d. in Washington, Greene Co., TN. Henry m1. unknown wife by 1778 and had at least 6 children between 1779 and 1810, then m2. Catherine Heatrone in 1817 and had no children.

4.1 Henry French, Jr., b. ca. 1778-79, m. Rhoda Callow, moved to Green Co., TN.

5.1 William M. French, FFA Chart #10, b. ca. 1822, m. Elizabeth Trobaugh, his son William Andrew French, his son James Franklin French, his son Robert Goldman French, his son Joe Lester French (DNA Tests N15044).

4.2 John Peter French, b. 1793, m. Elizabeth Ann Hartman.

4.3 William Lewis French, b. 1795 in Blount Co., TN, m. Sarah Ann Glass, from Chuckey, Green Co., TN.

5.1 John Peter French, FFA Chart #10, b. ca. 1836, m. Sabra Jane Collier, his son James Gentry French, his son Claude Smith French, his son Marvin Maxwell French, his son Marvin Lewis (DNA Tests N72228).

4.4 Stephen C. French, b. after 1810, m. Matilda Broyles.

3.6 John Peter French, b. after 1755, moved to Cherokee Creek in Washington Co., TN, FFA Chart #10.

[The next two names are only a theory, but they most logically fit here. More research is needed]

3.7 David French, FFA Chart #193, b. 1762 in Berkeley Co., WV, lived in Jefferson Co., OH and Daviess Co., KY, then migrated to Ohio Co., KY, m. Margaret Shively (a German name) on 20 Dec 1790 in Jefferson Co., KY, d. 29 Dec 1819 in Ohio Co., KY, his son David Shively, his son William Henry, his son David Shively, his son Felix Latney (DNA Test 10303). [he most logically fits here]

3.8 Isaac French, FFA Chart #23, b. ca. 1765 perhaps in KY. Isaac was a resident of Rouge River (near Detroit), Michigan in 1790, moved to Kent Co., Ontario, Canada, 1820. He m1. unk, and may have m2. Nancy Stone 13 Oct 1805 in Mercer Co., KY. Isaac died by 1820 in Chatham. Several people named Stone were born in Mercer Co., KY, ca. 1795: Stephen, Dorothy, Jesse, Mary. (DNA Test 128944) [he most logically fits here]

4.1 Peter French, b. 1791 near Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, moved to Chatham, Kent Co., Upper Canada, m. Rachael Blackburn, d. 22 Sep 1878 in Chatham Township, Kent Co., Ontario, Canada, age 88.

2.4 John  (Johannes) French, Sr., FFA Chart #129, b. ca. 1742, moved to Chansford/Chanceford, York Co., PA, m. Maria Barbara Schmeiss (a German name) probably about 1760, d. 25 Dec 1787 in Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD.

3.1 Peter French Sr., chr. 29 Apr 1769, resided in Hagerstown, m. Rosanna Rule or Ruhl (a German name) in Lancaster, PA, moved to Washington Co., MD, then Botetourt Co., VA, and then to Knox Co., TN, where he died in 1849. (DNA Test in progress)

3.2 Catherine French, married Jacob Seiford or Sheetz or Sheets, of Chanceford, York Co., PA.

3.3 Maria Elizabeth French, b. ca. 1760, m. Johannes Schmeiss (a German name) prior to Jul 1785.

3.4 John/Johann French, Jr., chr. 15 Oct 1775 (twin?) at Saint Luke’s Church in Chanceford, York Co., PA, received land from his father in Dover, Huntingdon Co., PA, in 1793, d. 1858 in Tell, Huntingdon Co., PA, m. Ever or Eberle.

3.5 George French, Sr., chr. 19 Sep 1775 (twin?) in Huntingdon Co., PA, moved to Ripley Co., Dearborn Co., Madison Co., and Ohio Co., IN. He d. 24 May 1857 in Bear Branch, Pike Township, Ohio Co., IN, m2. Sarah McBride on 5 Mar 1809 in Huntingdon Co., PA. His first wife is unknown.