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The rich valley of Santa Clara County where Alden French raised pears only to be replaced a few years later by Silicon Valley, precisely where Mara French worked at Cadence Design Systems from 1986-2003.

Chart #9, Thomas French, ca. 1615
Charlestown, Suffolk Co., MA
Guilford, New Haven Co., CT

Stratfield and Fairfield, CT

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Ninth Generation

Children of Frederick R. and Adelaide (Jones) French, 8.4

9.1 Elva M. French, b. 11 Dec 1872 in Elk, Cloud Co., KS.

9.2 Bertha V. French, b. 20 May 1877 in Elk, Cloud Co., KS.

9.3 Nancy (Nannie) V. French, b. 3 Jul 1884 in Elk, Cloud Co., KS.She was living at home with her parents in Elk, Cloud Co., KS in the 1910 census. In 1920 she was living at home with her father since her mother had died in Elk, Cloud Co., KS. The same was true in 1930, but the two had moved from Elk to Clyde. Frederick was 81 and Nannie was 35.

9.4 Rudy H. French, b. 5 Apr 1886 in Elk, Cloud Co., KS. He is listed in the 1900 census of Elk, age 14.

9.5 Silas H. French, b. 16 Jun 1888 in Elk, Cloud Co., KS. He is listed in the 1900 census of Elk, age 12.

9.6 Walter R. French, b. Jun 1891 in Elk, Cloud Co., KS. He is listed in the 1900 census of Elk, age 9.

9.7 Laverne S. French, b. May 1896 in Elk, Cloud Co., KS. She is listed in the 1900 census of Elk, age 4.

Children of George H. and Dell (Spring) French, 8.7

9.8 Charles H. French, b. 12 Sep 1879 in Victor, NY.

Children of Seward and Jennie L. (Jefferson) French, 8.17

9.9 Reuben French.

9.10 Lyra French.

9.11 Florine French.

9.12 Floice French.

Children of Charles Marion and Anna (Dorste) French, 8.18

8.13 Lillian Edith French, b. 16 Jun 1894 in Falls City, Richardson Co., NB, d. 10 Apr 1983 in Lemon Cove, Tulare Co., CA.

8.14 Charles Vernon French, b. 2 May 1898 in Rulo, Richardson Co., NB, d. 10 Dec 1918 in Fullerton, Orange Co., CA.

8.15 Ralph Harold French, b. 15 May 1901 in Stroud, Lincoln Co., OK, d. 23 Jan 1968 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA.

8.16 Clifford Marion French, b. 17 May 1905 in Santa Paula, Ventura Co., CA, d. 22 Jul 1978 in Woodland, Yolo Co., CA. He m. Emily Catherine Berry who was b. 1907, d. 2001.

Clifford Marion French ca. 1930

Children of Franklin Augustus and Alice B. (Howard) French, 8.19

9.17 Edith Orpha French, b. 26 Jan 1886 in Traverse City, MI, m. Roger Schwab and had 8 children.

9.18 Howard French, b. 17 Sep 1889 in Traverse City, MI.

9.19 Ruth French, b. 11 Sep 1891 in Traverse City, MI, m. John Akers.

9.20 Lowell French, b. 2 Apr 1894 in Traverse City, MI, m. Alice Day.

9.21 Ruby Amanda French, b. 9 Apr 1896 in Traverse City, MI, m. Martin Karlovsky.

Children of Willard Ole and Grace French, 8.39

9.22 Wendell French, b. 1910 in Skagit Head, Island, WA.

9.23 Gracia E. French, b. 1917 in Skagit Head, Island, WA.

Children of Clinton Enos and Jennie May (Moore) French, 8.42

9.24 Glen Burton French, b. 1916 in Everett, Snohomish, WA.

9.25 Norma M. French, b. 1920 in Everett, Snohomish, WA.

Children of Jay Leroy and Musette Irene (Spooner) French, 8.44

9.26 Marston French, b. 1913.

9.27 Lavonne French, b. 1916.

9.28 Eileen French, b. 1917.

Child of Franklin Hiram and Annie (Childs) French, 8.51

9.29 Jessie Childs French, b. 12 Aug 1873 in Stanton, MI.

Children of Charles Frederick and Ida Minerva (Dunham) French, 8.52

9.30 Earle Dunham French, b. 2 Sep 1880 in Laneview, MI.

9.31 Thomas Charles French, b. 14 Aug 1885 in Laneview, MI.

Children of Albert De Forest and Mary Jane (Covey) French, 8.53

9.32 Harland French, b. 23 Jan 1881 in Laneview, MI.

9.33 Bessie A. French, b. 6 Sep 1882 in Laneview, MI.

9.34 Daisy B. French, b. 22 Sep 1884 in Chelsea, MA.

9.35 Charles Glen French, b. 1 Jun 1886 in Long Lake, MI.

Children of Truman R. and Mary Leora (Bissell) French, 8.54

9.36 Ralph Lewis French, b. 28 Aug 1879 in Laneview, MI.

9.37 Edwin Linton French, b. 22 Aug 1881 in Laneview, MI.

9.38 Albert Ray French, b. 20 Oct 1883 in Long Lake, MI.

9.39 Hazel Myrl French, b. 15 Mar 1886 in Long Lake, MI.

Children of Charles Tupper and Miriam Bliss (Witters) French, 8.70

9.40 Clifton Ira French, b. 23 Jan 1860 in Potsdam, NY, d. 26 Jun 1924 in Potsdam, NY, unmarried.

9.41 Charlotte Maria “Lottie” French, b. 20 Sep 1862 in Potsdam, NY, m. Charles Melvin Sherman on 26 Sep 181 [33]. Charlotte d. 9 Apr 1934 in Bellingham, WA [33]. Charles was b. 4 May 1855 in Madrid Springs, NY, d. 22 Feb 1932 in Bellingham, WA [33]. They had son George W. Sherman on 27 Sep 1903, and he had son Maurice J. Sherman on 11 Feb 1940 [33].

9.42 George William French, b. 4 Aug 1865 in Potsdam, NY, m. Mary “May” Bix in Potsdam, NY on 17 Oct 1906, d. 11 Aug 1930. She was b. in Martinstown, Ontario, Canada on 2 Oct 1869, d. Ithaca, NY, 22 Nov 1953, the dau. of Stephen and Mary Box, no children.

9.43* Oscar Witter French, b. 19 Jul 1868 in Potsdam, NY, m. Lillian Koolbeck in Hospers, IA, on 7 Feb 1899. He d. in Coaville, UT, on 15 Sep 1950. She d. 13 Sep 1910 in Coalville, UT, the dau. of Jacob and Lillian Koolbeck.

Children of William Perry and Emily Sophia (Brown) French, 8.71

9.44 Helen Adele “Nellie” French, b. 9 Mar 1865 in Potsdam, NY, m. John A. Griswold in Canton, NY of 25 Sep 1889.

9.45 Harriet Jane French, b. 11 Oct 1870 in Potsdam, NY, m. Howard Wade Pratt on 11 Oct 1899 in Canton, NY. He was b. 28 Jan 1870 in Worcester, MA and d. in Niagara Falls, NY in 1937. No children.

9.46 Wilber David French, b. 20 Mar 1874 in Potsdam, NY, m. Minnie Hervage on 5 Aug 1908 in Buffalo, NY. No children. Wilbur d. 9 Mar 1971 in Buffalo, NY, almost at 100 years old.

9.47 May Belle French, b. 16 Aug 1876 in Potsdam, NY, m. Raymond William Thompson on 15 Jun 1901 in Buffalo, NY. May d. 2 Apr 1940 in Ogdensburg, NY.

Children of Henry David and Polly (Hill) French, 8.73

9.48 Marion French, b. 4 May 1868 in Hopkinton, NY, d. 14 Sep 1868 in Hopkinton, NY.

9.49 Laura Jennie French, b. 30 Jun 1869 in Hopkinton, NY, d. 10 Sep 1886 in Potsdam, NY.

9.50 Charles Ira French, b. 29 Jun 1873 in Potsdam, NY, m. Grace Fannie Barns on 28 Jun 1899 in Potsdam, NY. She was b. in Potsdam, NY, d. St. Augustine, FL on 15 May 1927, the dau. of C. C. Barns. They gave birth to a dau. who d. in infancy. Charles d. 8 Jan 1960 in Potsdam, NY.

9.51 Herbert Perry French, b. 27 Jul 1875 in Potsdam, NY, m. Ethel Frank on 10 Jun 1910 in Potsdam, NY. She was b. in Lake George, NY on 17 Jun 1889, d. 13 Jan 1972 in Canton, NY, the dau. of Edwin and Cora (Morse) Frank. No Children. Herbert d. 4 Dec 1967 in Potsdam, NY.

9.52 Grace Mabel French, b. 24 Jul 1878 in Potsdam, NY, d. 17 Dec 1956 in Potsdam, NY.

9.53 Ethel Maude French, b. 22 Sep 1882 in Potsdam, NY, d. 6 Nov 1965 in Potsdam, NY.

Children of Wilbur Fisk and Carolyn (Seger) French, 8.75

9.54 Flora Lillian French, b. 30 Mar 1875 in Madrid Springs, NY, d. 4 Mar 1901 in Potsdam, NY.

9.55 Jesse Carlyle French, b. 18 Dec 1876 in Madrid Springs, NY, d. Peace River Country, Canada.

9.56 Harry Leroy French, b. 1878 in Madrid Springs, NY, d. Shelburne, Ontario, Canada on 20 Mar 1973.

9.57 Nina Vesta French, b. 12 May 1883 in Madrid Springs, NY, d. 14 Oct 1901 in Potsdam, NY.

9.58 Ira Tupper French, b. Apr 1886 in Madrid Springs, NY, d. in 1908 in GA, age 22.

Children of Mortimer and Mary (Gallagher) French, 8.83

9.59 Hazel French

9.60* Alden French, b. 2 Nov 1878 in CA [42] [43]. Alden m. Anna Marguerite Purcell on 18 Oct 1904 in San Jose, CA. Anna was b. 9 Mar 1878 in San Jose, d. 27 Mar 1952. Alden d. 14 Jan 1965 [43]. Ref [43] remembers him as a tall, thin man with a drink of water in his hand, and wearing a one-piece denim overalls outfit in the summer and in the winter, he wore a one-piece union suit under those denim overalls. They had 5 children. Alden’s pear ranch became a "what if" story for my family. My father and his three siblings sold it to HP in late 1970's for $1.0 million. HP kept it in agriculture for 30 years to reduce property taxes and then sold it at the beginning of the Silicon Valley computer boom (about 1970) for $330 million! [41] Alden lived at 438 North Sixth Street in San Jose.





An enterprising, successful rancher whose progressive methods are as interesting as the splendid results he has attained, is Alden French, who dwells about two miles south of Alviso. He was born on the old French Ranch on November 2, 1879, the son of Mortimer D. French, a native of Wisconsin, who had married Miss Mary Gallagher,(see marriage license info below) a native of Santa Clara County, the daughter of Andrew Thomas and Maria (Martin) Gallagher, and the granddaughter of Andrew T. and Mary (Siskron) Gallagher, of New York. In the fall of 1848 her father sailed on the bark John W. Cater for California by way of Cape Horn, and he reached San Francisco the following March. He took up mining, among his other ventures, in Tuolumne County, and when he came to Santa Clara County went to work in the Redwoods. Later he purchased a schooner and carried freight between San Francisco and Alviso. Eventually, he settled down to farming on 160 acres in the Alviso district, near Santa Clara. Mrs. French died in 1911 at the age of fifty-seven years, while Mortimer D. French passed away in 1906, at the age of sixty-six, and was buried on the day before the great San Francisco earthquake. He was a farmer, a cattleman, and also a grain and hay farmer, the eldest in a family of seven children; and he was thirteen years old when his father died. His mother was a native of New York and crossed the plains from the Empire State with her parents.

Mortimer D. French prospered exceedingly as a farmer and stockman, his holdings being increased to 300 acres. He was a large grain farmer and later on he became a breeder of Percheron horses and Durham cattle and was a leader in this line for many years. The French home ranch was a noted place.

Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer French had eight children: Alden, John, Ernest A., Hazel, Marian, Albertina, now deceased; Gertrude, and Andrew, also deceased; and when Alden was four years old, his father left the ranch, moved to San Jose, and in partnership with Mr. Jarvis engaged in distilling. Then he took up the buying and selling of horses, hay, wood and coal. Alden, therefore, attended the grammar school in San Jose, and for two years he continued his studies at the high school in that city. When nineteen years old, he entered the service of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, and for nine years he was in charge of their store room in San Jose. Then, in various departments, he worked for over eight years for the Walsh-Col Wholesale Company of San Jose. In the spring of 1919, Mr. French became actively engaged in the management of the Gallagher ranch, on the San Jose-Alviso Road, and he has ever since been foreman of this farm, in which he also has an estate interest. It was purchased by Andrew Thomas Gallagher in the fifties, and had about 123 acres, in time well-irrigated and supplied with artesian water. More land was added, and now there are about 360 acres, one-third of which is devoted to the growing of pears, somewhat more to apples, while 110 acres are given up to pasture, berries and hay. Packing houses are near-by, and from twenty-five to fifty men are given employment. Sixty or more carloads of pears and six to eight carloads of quinces are shipped annually. Mr. French also has an estate interest in a ranch of fifty acres left by his father, on the Mountain View-Alviso Road, which is devoted to pasture and hay.

At San Jose, on October 18, 1904, Mr. French was married to Miss Anna M. Purcell, a native of San Jose, and the daughter of John and Delia Purcell. Mrs. Purcell, who was Teresa Gorman before her marriage, was born in Australia and came to San Francisco at the age of twenty. In 1868 she came to San Jose and two years later she was married to Mr. Purcell. Of their seven children, three are living; May, married Joseph Calice, the manager of Black's Package. Company at San Jose; Anna, is Mrs. French; Naomi, is Mrs. Alfred J. Pinard (see obituary below)of San Jose. Mr. Purcell, who was at one time superintendent of streets of San Jose, died in 1900. Mr. and Mrs. French make their home on a part of the Gallagher Ranch, although they also own a home at 438 North Sixth Street, San Jose. Four of their children are still living—Mildred Gertrude, Alden Edward, Mary Martha, and Mortimer Alfred French; but their second-born, who was also named Alden, passed away aged eleven months. In national politics a Republican, Mr. French is too good an American not to throw aside narrow partisanship and work for the best interests of the community in which he lives, supporting heartily those men and those measures most appealing to him.

From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1165

Transcribers Note:  Marriage License on file at the San Jose Historical Museum


Subject: FRENCH, M. D.

Title: Marriage License File
Location: San Jose Historical Museum 
Call #: 
Source:    Source Date: 10/7/1877 
Volume:    Page: 
Note: Bride:


San Jose Mercury, April 23, 1980, Wednesday, page 8B

Naomi Pinard: veteran teacher

Naomi Purcell Pinard, 97, a teacher in Morgan Hill, San Jose and Milpitas for more than 40 years, died Sunday at a Campbell residence after a long illness. Mrs. Pinard was born in the family home on N. Fifth. Her late father, John Purcell, who came to San Jose by covered wagon in the 1800's, was superintendent of the road crew that laid the first paved street in San Jose. She was graduated from San Jose Normal School and began her teaching career at Burnett School in Morgan Hill in 1904. She also taught at Madrone School, at St. Mary's in San Jose and in the one-room Airport School in Milpitas before retiring about 1960, according to her son Alfred Pinard Jr. Mrs. Pinard was guest of honor at the Morgan Hill Historical Society's Founders Day Dinner in November 1979. Besides her son, Mrs. Pinard leaves three grandchildren. A rosary was recited Tuesday at Willow Glen Chapel. Private burial will be at Santa Clara Mission Cemetery.

PINARD, Naomi P. - In Campbell, California, April 20, 1980, beloved wife of the late Alfred J. Pinard Sr., loving mother of Alfred J. Pinard Jr. of Campbell, devoted grandmother of Alfred J. Pinard III of Miami, Fla. & Rene & Yvette Pinard of San Jose. A native of San Jose. Age 97. A member of California Retired Teacher's Association, the California Pioneers, the Jesuit Seminary Assoc. & the Belle's of St. Mary's. A graduate of San Jose State Normal class of 1904. Recitation of the Rosary Tuesday, April 22, 19080 in the Willow Glen Chapel (Accinelli & Gray) 1039 Lincoln Ave., S.J. at 7:30 p.m. Interment private, spiritual bouquets preferred.


SANTA CLARA COUNTY The Valley of Heart's Delight

9.61 Albertina French, b. 1881 [43], one of first siblings to die.

9.62 Andrew French, twin, b. 2 Nov 1884 [43].

9.63 John H. French, twin, b. 2 Nov 1884 [43], third child born on a Nov 2d. 1915.

From the Santa Clara County Biogaphy Project, Santa Clara County, The Valley of Heart’s Delight

JOHN H. FRENCH.—A progressive rancher and one who is decidedly successful is John H. French, the owner of a fourteen acre ranch on the Oakland Road, five miles north of San Jose. His career has been somewhat varied, but whatever he undertakes he carries on to a successful end. He was born in San Jose, November 2, 1884, the son of Mortimer D. French, a native of Wisconsin, who married Miss Mary Gallagher, a native daughter of California. She is the daughter of Andrew Thomas and Mary (Mar-tin) Gallagher, and the granddaughter of Andrew T. and Mary (Siskron) Gallagher, of New York. In the fall of 1848 her father, the late Andrew T. Gallagher, embarked on the schooner John W. Cater and sailed around the Horn for California. He reached San Francisco the following March and took up farming in Tuolume County, and upon removal to Santa Clara County, went to work in the redwoods. He was later engaged in the transportation of freight between Alviso and Sari Francisco. Eventually he settled down to farming on a 160-acre tract in the Alviso district. Mrs. French died in 1915, at the age of fifty-one years, while Mortimer French passed away in 1906, aged sixty-six. He was a farmer, a cattleman, and also a grain and hay farmer, the eldest in a family of seven children, and he was thirteen years old when his father died. His mother was a native of New York, and crossed the plains from the Empire state with her parents. John H. French started out on his own way while still a young man and went into railroading. He first handled baggage and freight at San Jose and then took to the road. He worked at firing on a switch engine in the yards at San Jose; later firing a freight engine on the coast division and finally was transferred to the passenger service. During 1907, he gave up the road and took a position as stationary engineer at the pumping plant of the San Jose City Water works. For the next year and a half he was one of the foremen on the Gallagher ranch near Alviso; then for a time he was with the Standard Oil Company at San Jose; then with the American Express Company. In March 1920, he purchased a part of the old Selby ranch on the Oakland road, consisting of fourteen acres, three acres of which are set to pears and the balance -is in alfalfa. He irrigates his orchard by means of an electric pump. On December 25, 1907, Mr. French was married to Miss Ethel Kerr. a native of San Jose, the daughter of John and Jane Kerr. John Kerr came to California in the early days and was first occupied in doing carpenter work, later ran a store in San Jose. Mr. and Mrs. French are the parents of five children; Wimam Gallagher, Deboria, Rose Marie, Mary Jane, and Jack who died at the age of five and one-half years. In his political affiliations, Mr. French is a Republican. Since starting out in life on his own account he has made steady advancement, through his industry and diligence, and his life record proves what may be accomplished through perseverance

9.64 Gertrude French, b. Jan 1885 [43].

9.65 Ernest Andrew French, b. 23 Dec 1887 [43].

9.66 Marian Martha French, b. 1 Sep 1895 [43].

Children of David Carter and Carrie (Griffin) French, 8.90

9.67 Edith French, b. 15 Jun 1888.

9.68 Margaret French, b. 1890.

9.69 Carrie French, b. 1892.

9.70 Sarah “Sadie” French, b. 20 Oct 1893 in Danbury, CT, m1. Herman Nagle, m2. Peter Esselman.

9.71 Luella French, b. 1 Jun 1896 in Danbury, CT, m. Herbert Hazzard.

9.72 Frank French, b. 2 May 1899 in Danbury, CT, m. Mary Ackles, and had daughter Elaine French.

9.73 Grace French, b. 31 Oct 1901 in Danbury, CT, m. Wilford Bulla.

9.74* Helen French, b. 22 May 1904 in Danbury, CT, m. Harold Martin French on 1 Oct 1924 in Brewster, NY. Harold was the son of Charles Henry French of FFA Chart #55, an unrelated line. Harold was b. 1 Aug 1904 in Croton Falls, NY. This line is from Oxfordshire, England. Helen d. 10 Jul 1975. Harold d. 21 Oct 1977 in Croton Falls, NY. Another researcher says that Harold Martin French was the son of Henry French and Daisy E. Light. The FFA is unsure about the relationship of these two French families.

9.75 George French, b. 4 May 1906.

9.76 Clark French, b. 25 Dec 1907 in Bethel, CT, m. Mary Christopher.

9.77 May French, b. 24 Jun 1911 in Bethel, CT, m. Otney Stratton, Jr.

Children of Frank Beach and Endora May (Selleck) French, 8.91

9.78 Clinton French.

Children of Leslie Nelson and Sarah Jane (Brooks) French, 8.95

9.79 Florence Estella French, b. 2 Oct 1877.

9.80 Leslie Nelson French, b. 22 Jun 1882.

9.81* Raymond French, b. 7 Jun 1884 in NY. He worked in a laundry and then as a machinist in 1910, 1920, and 1930 in Syracuse, NY. He m. Cecilia who was b. ca. 1899 in NY.

Children of Lewis Albert and Anna French, 8.91

9.82 Gertrude French, b. ca. 1900.

Children of Lewis Albert and Frances (Coleman) French, 8.98

9.83 Jessie Mary French, b. 16 Sep 1889.

9.84 James Anson French, b. 24 Apr 1891.

Children of Charles Henry and Florence Eva (Pike) French, 8.99

9.85* Franklin / Frank Leroy French, b. 16 May 1902 in Cato, Cayuga, NY, d. 24 Feb 1970 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY. He was a machinist for a gear company. He m. Carrie Louise Snyder on 27 Jun 1923 in Syracuse, Ononadaga Co., NY.

9.86 Irma Lowella / Luella French, b. 9 Sep 1904, d. 8 Feb 1990 in Auburn, Cayuga Co., NY, m. Roy I. Schmelzle who was b. 17 Jul 1908.

9.87 Elnora Mae French, b. 1 Jul 1913 in Cato, Cayuga, NY, d. 1 Oct 1974 in Auburn, Cayuga Co., NY, buried at the Maple Grove Cemetery in Jordan, Ononadaga, NY. She m. Earl Kenneth DeForest on 20 Dec 1921. He was b. 15 May 1908 in Elbridge, Ononadaga Co., NY. They had 3 children: Richard Allen Deforest, James Keith Deforest, and Hazel Jean Deforest.

Children of Adelbert Orange and Lois Ida (Taylor) French, 8.102

9.88* Milton Edward French, b. ca. 1913, m. Mary Ann Yankee of Clio, MI.

Children of Theodore D. and Sadie French, 8.117

9.89 Lee E. French, b. 17 Jul 1901 in ID, d. 5 May 1951 in Los Angeles, CA, m. Helen who was b. ca. 1908 in ID, and had one daughter, Yvonne B. French, b. ca. 1917 in CA. In 1930, Yvonne was living in Elkhorn, San Joaquin Co., CA.



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