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Old Guilford Forge Retail Shop, Guilford, CT

Chart #9, Thomas French, ca. 1615
Charlestown, Suffolk Co., MA
Guilford, New Haven Co., CT

Stratfield and Fairfield, CT

This chart updated by Mara French on 11/18/09. Numbers in brackets [ ] refer to the bibliography at the end of this chart. An asterisk (*) shows continuation of that line. Send any corrections or additions to this chart to Revisions: 1990, 2009.


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Fourth Generation

Children of John and Ruth (Pierson) French, 3.2

4.1 Samuel French, b. 2 Sep 1717 in East Guilford, CT, d. 12 Mar 1718 in infancy.

4.2 Mary French, b. 15 Feb 1720 in Guilford, CT, d. 15 Mar 1788 [2], m. Deacon Timothy Meigs on 17 Sep 1735, and he d. 14 Sep 1751 [2].

Children of Thomas and Sarah (Graves) French, 3.7

4.3 Sarah French, b. 30 Jan 1722 in Guilford, CT, m. Jonathan Dudley on 23 or 26 Jun 1742 [16], d. 15 Nov 1751 [16].

4.4 Ebenezer French, b. 7 Nov 1723, d. 18 Nov 1753, never married.

4.5* Enos French, b. 20 Dec 1725 in Guilford, CT, m. Mary Wilcox, dau. of John Wilcox [2] and Deborah Parmalee, on 6 Nov 1752, and he d. 26 May 1811 [16]. Mary was b. 1 Dec 1731 in East Guilford, New Haven Co., CT, d. 28 Sep 1777 [2] in Killingworth, Middlesex Co., CT. (Note that brother John also married a Mary Wilcox, but they are not the same women born 9 years apart).

4.6 Susannah French, b. 6 Jun 1728 in Guilford, CT, m. Eliakim Stevens on 27 Jan 1746 [16]. Eliakim d. 29 Jan 1784 [2].

4.7 Ichabod French, b. 17 Sep 1730 in Guilford, CT, d. Feb 1763 (age 36).

4.8* Philemon French, b. 12 Mar 1733 in Guilford, CT, m. Mary Dudley on 27 Oct 1757 in Madison, formerly Guilford, CT, moved to Jericho, VT.

4.9* John French, b. 25 Jun 1735 in Guilford, CT, m. Mary Wilcox on 10 Dec 1759 [16].  Mary was b. 22 Jun 1740. These are the ancestors of Mrs. Pauline J. Kelton of Rhode Island. See book on the French family by Lowell French of Flint, Michigan. John and Mary French were 2 of the first 16 members of the Congregational Church of Dummerston when it was organized on 18 Aug 1779. John French attended the first grist-mill built in town at Slab Hollow on Salmon brook, first recorded on 23 Nov 1772. John participated as a Dummerston soldier in an expedition to Bennington in 1777. Please note that not all Frenches living in Dummerston were of this line. A larger group of Frenches of Dummerston were from FFA Chart #2, William French of Billerica, MA. These 2 French families do not have the same DNA. (Note that brother Enos also married a Mary Wilcox, but they are not the same women born 9 years apart.)

John Scott sold, Mar. 17, to John French, miller, the eastern half of lot, No. 38 in Slab Hollow In Dummerston, Windham Co., VT, for £20. The boundary line began at the "Log Bridge" below, "and running as the road runs till you get eight rods above the grist-mill dam, then westerly a straight line, so as to take half of said lot." French sold in 1784, to his son, John Jr., 23 1/2 acres "with one half of the grist-mill and mill-spot, one half of the dwelling-house on Joseph Hayward, my son-in-laws' land."

A part of the boundary was "the southeast-east corner of my Log House." Joseph Hayward was a shoemaker. In 1783, French sold Hayward one half his farm-house, grist-mill and mill-privileges. The deed was signed by John French and Mary, his wife. Hayward was married to their daughter, Sarah, Jan. 15, 1784, by Rev. Mr. Goodhue of Putney [46].

4.10 Diadema French, b. 29 Oct 1737 in Guilford, CT, m. Ephraim Wilcox of Middletown, CT on 24 Aug 1761 [16] [49] in Madison, formerly Guilford, CT, or on 30 Apr 1788 [2].

4.11* Didymus French, b. 24 Apr 1741 in Guilford, CT, m. Jerusha Stevens on 25 Dec 1766 in Middletown, CT [49].

Children of Samuel and Mary (Sherman) French, 3.10

Ref. [51] listed various children on this line who seem incorrect. Otherwise, Ref. [51] seems like a reliable source. Also, genealogist Harry Dana French made various guesses on these children below, so this section needs further research. Because they are born before the first census, a reliable source is if they are buried next to one another. One such cemetery is the Long Hill Burying Place at Trumbull, CT. Unrelated FFA Chart #11 also has ancestors in this part of CT. Note the wide age-span of these children – something Is definitely incorrect. These 11 children were born between 1720-1738.

4.12 Samuel French, b. before 1720, d. in infancy.

4.13* John French, b. 1721 in Bridgeport, CT, d. 31 Aug 1796 in Trumbull, CT, in his 75th year and is buried at the Long Hill Burying place in Trumbull, CT [51]. He m. Elizabeth “Betty” Edwards of Stratford, CT. She was b. ca. 1730 in CT, d. 13 Oct 1786, age 56, in Trumbull, CT, the dau. of John Edwards and Rebecca Porter. Four of Betty’s children are buried at her left: S., M., B., and L. French [51] --- this last statement may be untrue, because much of the data in Ref [51] is incorrect.

4.14 Elizabeth French, bapt. July 1726. (may be incorrect)

4.15 Lucy French, b. ca. 1729, d. 28 Oct 1751 in Stratfield, CT, m. Jedediah Welles on 29 Nov 1750, the son of Samuel and Mary Welles. After Lucy died, Jedediah m2. Hannah Hawley.

4.16 Hannah French, bapt. Apr 1731. (may be incorrect)

4.17* Jehiel French, bapt. 30 Jan 1731/32, m1. Eunice Wheeler according to the Trumbull Congregational Church Records [52]. This Jehiel has often been mixed up with the Jehiel French (both born the same year) who m. Abiah Middlebrook of North Stratford, CT.

There is yet another Jehiel French who m. Mary Foote according to the probate record of Weston/Fairfield, CT of 1813. The Newton CT marriage records list them as marrying on 8 Jan 1755 and living in North Stratford. Mary Foote was the dau. of Solomon Foote and Elizabeth Osborn and Mary was b. 29 Oct 1721 in Fairfield, CT. This could not be the same Jehiel because in 1755 he was still married to Eunice and they had a dau. born in 1766.

4.18 Abigail French, bapt. 10 Feb 1733, m. Hezekiah Wheeler (not from FFA Chart #11).

4.19 Joseph French, bapt. Jul 1733. (may be incorrect)

4.20 Samuel French, bapt. 24 Nov 1734, m. Mary Turney on 18 Dec 1777 and resided in Brookfield, CT, in 1772 per Families of Old Fairfield. No children listed. Will 1814, proved 1817 in Brookfield/Danbury, CT.

4.21 Benjamin French, bapt. 4 Jul 1736. (may be incorrect)

4.22* Benoni French, b. ca. 1738 in Stratford, CT, m. Mehitable Booth on 11 Jan 1763 [53]. He d. 20 Dec 1823, age 85. Mehitable d. 12 Aug 1814, age 71. He was a farmer and lived in the house in 1856 owned by Henry Olmstead. He had no sons and only one daughter, who married Freeman Lewis, the father of the late Alanson Lewis and Mrs. Eliakim Hough. Mehitable was buried at the Stratfield (or Pequonnock) Burying Place.

Children of Ebenezer and Eleanor (Smith) French, 3.12

4.23* Jehiel French, bapt. 5 Nov 1732 in Trumbull, CT, or North Stratford, CT, He resided in Brookfield, CT in 1772 per Family of Old Fairfield. Jehiel m1. Abiah Middlebrook, dau. of David Middlebrook, on 19 Apr 1769, at the Trumbull Congregational Church [52]. They had the following children: Lois 1769, Ezra 1770, David 1772, and Robert 1783. Abiah was b. 17 Jan 1748 in Trumbull, CT. Another record shows that Abiah Middlebrook was m1. Ezra Adams on 24 Feb 1765 and had child Jerusha on 2 Nov 1766. Abiah d. 3 Jul 1803 in Fairfield Co. This Jehiel has often been mixed up with the Jehiel French (both born the same year) who m. Mary Foote of Fairfield or Eunice Turney.

Another Jehiel French who m. Eunice Turney on 26 Dec 1757 shows up in the Trumbull Congregational Church records [52]. She could have been the first wife of this Jehiel. The church records show that they renewed their covenant at the church on 31 Dec 1758 and that they had a child b. 9 Sep 1764. Eunice could have died before 1769 when Jehiel m. Abiah Middlebrook – none of his theory has been proven.

4.24* Gamaliel French, bapt. 24 Oct 1736 in Stratford, CT, d. 1811 in Newtown, CT, m. Lucy Turney.

4.25* Stephen French, m. Phebe Summers.

4.26* Othinel French, b. ca. 1745, m. Jerusha Johnson on 15 Aug 1763 according to the Newton CT marriage records. He was of New Stratford.

Children of Gamaliel and Hannah French, 3.15

Heirs are all daughters.

4.27 Deborah French, m. Coutong.

4.28 Rhoda French, b. ca. 1740 in Tashu, Fairfield Co., CT, m. David Mallett. She d. 5 Mar 1777.

4.29 Mary French, bapt. 6 Sep 1741.

4.30 Sarah French, m. Patterson.

Children of Gamaliel and Sarah (Redfield) French, 3.15

4.31* James Redfield French, b. 1752 in Bridgeport, CT, m1. Mary Brinsmade, m2. Anna Cable. James d. 14 Jan 1835, age 85, and is buried in the Stratfield Burying-place with Anna, who d. 18 Mar 1841, age 70, with their dau. Julia Ann who d. 20 Apr 1825, age 17. His first wife, Mary Brinsmade, d. 10 Feb 1803, age 46, also is buried at the Stratfield Burying place.

4.32 Hannah French, bapt. 27 Jan 1754.

4.33* Gamaliel French, b. 13 Apr 1755 in Stratford, CT, m. Susannah Brinsmade on 17 Jan 1782 at the Trumbull Congregational Church in Trumbull, CT [52]. He d. 28 Jun 1828, age 72, and Susannah d. 18 Mar 1935, age 74. Both are buried at the Old Stratfield Cemetery in Bridgeport, Fairfield Co., CT. Susannah Brinsmade was b. 18 Sep 1760.



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