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Westerly, Rhode Island in 1877

Chart #46, William French, ca. 1715,
Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Londonderry, Rockingham, NH
Westerly, Washington, RI
Montgomery, Hampden, MA
Otego, Otsego, NY
Bundysburg, Geauga, OH


This chart updated by Mara French on 10/19/15. Numbers in brackets [ ] show sources and refer to the bibliography at the end of this chart. An asterisk (*) shows continuation of that line.

Send any corrections or comments to this chart to marafrench@mindspring.com. Although this is not my line, I will make additions to it, and you will be notified when your data is added. Revised 2007, 2008, 2015.

Note that this research can always be improved; I’ve added to it as much as I could with this update. Hopefully other people who see this online will research and add to it instead of just re-copying what I have here.


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History and Research

The ancestry of this line has long been a puzzle for everyone. Can anyone help? If so, email marafrench@mindspring.com.

In light of the fact that the majority of DNA tests in DNA Group 5 for the surname French come from Northern Ireland and were Scots-Irish ancestors, and in light of the fact that the first 16 settlers in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH, were from Ireland, William French was most certainly also from that migration path; the greatest embarkation for America took place in 1718. See “The Scots-Irish Journey to the New World – the 1718 Migration”. The surname “French” is not mentioned.

DNA Tests

The most propelling early research has been done thru DNA. Descendants of William French show that he is from DNA testing, Group 5. Besides FFA Chart #46, FFA Charts #197, #198, and #199 are also in DNA Test Group 5; however, they immigrated much later than William did, showing that the family members remained in Northern Ireland for at least another 100 years after William immigrated. Other DNA Test Groups can be eliminated for the search of this line. See also the Cross-Reference French Chart /DNA Groups. These charts are being worked on and have the same DNA as FFA Chart #46:

Š      FFA Chart #197, Robert H. French, b. ca. 1828, Northern Ireland, m. Sarah Lenis. Their son Robert H. French, lived in New York City and married Nellie Mae McDonald who was born 1855 in Scotland.

Š      FFA Chart #198, James Clifford French, b. 1828, Northern Ireland, d. 1891, PA. He married Rebecca Boston and their son, Enoch French, lived in Lawrence, PA and married Amanda Watts. Rebecca was b. 1835 in Kings Chapel, PA and died there in 1927.

Š      FFA Chart #199, Jack (John) Henry French, b. ca. 1850, Indiana, d. IN. He married Margaret Mitchell. Their son, Ray Valdamer French, moved to Arkansas and married Alice Jones.

Michael French

There is no evidence of the false rumors that Michael French from NH was William French’s father; there are no descendants named Michael in this line, see Ref. [35]. A more likely name of William’s father would be the name of William’s only sons, John, William, or James. William did have a brother named John as William witnessed his brother’s will.

1718 Immigration

Prior to embarkation for America:

The late 1710s witnessed a confluence of economic factors that contributed significantly to the migration of 1718. Between 1714 and 1719 Ulster suffered a succession of bad harvests and by 1718 the linen industry was also in recession. Simultaneously, between 1717 and 1718, 31-year leases on land, which had been let on favourable terms in the wake of the Williamite campaign, expired and higher rents were demanded. One agent, Henry Maxwell of Carrickfergus, informed his undertenants that ‘there leases is now not good, and that they must pay more rent from this Alsants (All Saints Day] or leave the land.’ The rent-roll of Captain Jackson, a middleman for the Merchant Taylors Company near Coleraine, increased from £310 to £582. As one correspondent informed the Clothworkers and Merchant Taylors’ Companies: ‘one reason they give for their going is the raising of the rent of the land to such a high rate that they cannot support their families thereon with the greatest industry.’

First Generation

1.1 William French, born probably between 1680-1690 in Ireland.


1719 – David Cargill is listed in Nutfield (Londonderry), Rockingham, NH, on 20 Oct 1719, having departed from Aghadowey, Ireland, shortly after 12 Jun 1719. He was 58 years old, born 16 Jun 1661. If William French were on this same ship, some sources (not legitimate) say he came with his wife and 12-year old son William, who was therefore born in 1707. This birthdate seems early for a son who married Prudence Gavit who was born in 1720. 

On 20 Oct 1719, James McGregor, Samuel Graves, David Cargill, James McKeen, James Gregg, and “one hundred more” were granted land.

1733 Jun 19 – William French was the first-listed witness in the will of David Cargill in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH, who died in 1734. David was born in 1661 and was 72 at the time he wrote his will. John Macmurphy was the second-listed witness; he was born in 1682 in Ireland, d. 25 Feb 1755 in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH. John Macmurphy’s wife was Mary Cargill which proves the connection of these families. John Squire Macmurphy and Mary Cargill had 8 children between 1711 and 1728.

At this time, William French was living in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH. Because witnessing a will is a noteworthy position, it is assumed that William would have been at least 40 years old or born closer to 1682 when John MacMurphy was born.  One wonders if William’s mother’s name was Cargill or if a French married a Cargill in Ireland.

Anyone may be a witness unless he is blind. There is no minimum age requirement but obviously common sense must be applied. The witnesses may be called to give evidence after your death and should therefore be of a suitable age and competent to give evidence. Although the law does not require a witness to be over 18 it is probably preferable for this to be so. For practical reasons it may be best to seek out witnesses somewhat younger than you. The point of having witnesses is so that they can speak after your death if queries arise.

1739 -- William French was a member of the Charitable Irish Society in Boston in 1739. Founded in 1737 to cultivate a spirit of unity and harmony among all resident Irish and their descendants in the Massachusetts Colony. St. Patrick’s Day was established on Mar 17, 1737. The pioneers of this society who were members between 1737 and 1743 of which 102 were members. In order for the William French to be connected with this family, one of the other families he was connected to would have to be listed in this group. Several early settlers living in Londonderry and acquainted with William French are listed in “Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America” by Charles Knowles Bolton, 1910. All of the following data is from this source.

1747 – William French’s son, John, died in Londonderry, and son William administered John’s will.

1748 May 27 – son William was living in Westerly, Washington, RI.

Charitable Irish Society in Boston

Because William French was not among the First 16 Settlers in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH, who arrived in 1719, he came with another group who came mostly from Aghadowey, Ireland, departing in 1719.

See: https://archive.org/stream/scotchirish00boltrich/scotchirish00boltrich_djvu.txt

The surname Gavit is not mentioned whatsoever with this group of men, indicating that the Gavit family had not lived in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH, but were of Westerly, RI, where William’s son William married Prudence Gavit.

Capt. Crowningshield – not listed in Ref. [45], but connected to William French in some way.

David Cargill, 16 Jun 1661 in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland and d. 3 Apr 1734 in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH. The aged David Cargill had come with the Rev. James McGregor from Aghadowey, Ireland, and they were both appointed by the Synod members of the Committee “on funds”. They were from the General Synod of the Presbyterian Church in Ulster. Their meeting was held in June of each year. The Synod of 1717 was especially interesting for its long and important sessions, in which Boyd, McGregor, Cornwall, and others who were interested in America took part. Nine presbyteries were represented: Down, Belfast, Antrim, Tyrone, Armagh, Coleraine, Derry, Convoy, and Monaghan. One hundred churches sent their ministers and in most instances also a ruling elder.

David Cargill departed from Aghadowey, Londonderry, Ireland, to New England in America shortly after 12 Jun 1719 as per Ref. [45]. David is listed in Nutfield (Londonderry), Rockingham, NH, on 20 Oct 1719 [45, p. 248]. He had served as a Ruling Elder of the church in Aghadowey, Ireland, died in 1734 at the age of 73. Most likely William French was on this same ship.

Jennett Smith Cargill, wife of David Cargill, b. 1664, d. 5 Oct 1745, buried at the Forest Hill Cemetery. Nine children of David and Jennett Cargill:

Rev. John Cargill, b. ca. 1681, d. 1731.
Elizabeth Cargill, b. ac. 1683.
Marion Cargill, b. ca. 1684, d. 1736.
Annis Cargill, b. 1688, d. 8 Aug 1782, m. James McKeen*, buried at the Forest Hill Cemetery.
David Cargill Jr., b. 1690, b. 1748.
Mary Cargill, b. ac. 1693.
Jean Cargill, b. ca. 1695, married John MacMurphy.
Margaret Cargill, b. ca. 1704.
Martha Cargill, b. ca. 1707 in Aghadowey, County Derry, Northern Ireland, m. John McKeen Jr. in East Derry Presbyterian Church, Derry, Rockingham, NH, moved in 1760 to Nova Scotia, Canada, d. 30 Dec 1767 in Truro Bible Hill, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada and is buried at the Truro Robie Street Cemetery.

John MacMurphy, b. 1682 in Ireland, d. 21 Sep 1755 in Portsmouth, NH; buried at Londonderry, NH. Signed blank sheet of paper for David Cargill’s will, May 25, 1734 – important document because William French signed as first witness and it shows they lived in the same town.

Mary Cargill McMurphy, wife of John, d. 19 Nov 1770, buried at the Forest Hill Cemetery
49 members of the McMurphy family are buried at the Forest Hill Cemetery
They had children: Jean, Aug. 7, 1711; Isabell, July 15, 1713; Cristine, June 12, 1715; Alexander, July 16, 1717; John, Jan. 5, 1720-1; Robert, Jan. 30, 1723-4; Judith, Sept. 3, 1728; Elisabeth, Sept. 3, 1728. John was born in 1682 in Ireland; his children are about the age of the William French who married Prudence Gavitt. He was the second-listed witness in the will of David Cargill in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH, who died in 1734; William French was the first-listed witness. Because John Macmurphy was born in 1682 in Ireland and died 25 Feb 1755 in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH, and because William French Jr. was living in Westerly, Washington, RI, in 1739, it is expected that William French, the member of the Scotch-Irish Society of Boston, MA, was William French Sr. 

David Hunter, 6 members of the Hunter family are buried at the Forest Hill Cemetery, Londonderry, NH. He signed a blank sheet of paper for David Cargill’s will, May 25, 1734 – important document because William French signed as first witness and it shows they lived in the same town.

John Penhallow, born 13 Jan 1693 in Portsmouth, NH, m. Elizabeth Butler in 1717, d. perhaps in 1735 in Londonderry, NH. Death date doesn’t seem correct. This needs more research as there could have been other men with this name. He signed as witness for the bond for David Cargill’s will, May 25, 1734 – important document because William French signed as first witness and it shows they lived in the same town.

Nathaniel Shannon, many men with this name – needs more research. Signed as witness for the bond for David Cargill’s will, May 25, 1734 – important document because William French signed as first witness and it shows they lived in the same town.

Rev. James McGregor was born in Magilligan, Londonderry, Ireland ca. 1677. He may have been educated in Scotland. He was ordained as the minister of Aghadowey (where David Cargill resided) in 1701. His last appearance at a yearly Session in Ireland was on April 11, 1718. He did not attend the April 29, 1719 meeting. He had boarded a ship in Coleraine bound for Boston in the early summer of 1718 per one source. He was chosen to be the minister and leader of the first and almost exclusively Ulster-Presbyterian settlement in America. The Reverend married Marion Cargill, the sister of Mrs. McKeen, Mrs. James Gregg, and David Cargill Jr.

William French is listed below in 1739.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:society1.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:society2.png

Many more names are listed in the Presbyterian Memorials by William Boyd, M. A., however, William French, David Cargill, and John MacMurphy are not listed.

Londonderry, Rockingham, NH

William French witnessed the will of David Cargill in 1733 in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH. William French may have been the father of William and John French of Londonderry; in 1733 the son William was too young to witness a will, probably less than 20 years old.

David Cargill was born 16 Jun 1661 in Perth or Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland and d. 3 Apr 1734 in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH. He was the son of John Cargill, born 13 Dec 1620 in Argyll, Scotland, and who died in 1683 in Aghadowey, Londonderry, Ulster, Ireland. Cargill was the name of a civil parish in Perthshire, Scotland. David Cargill m. Jennett Smith in 1680 in Aghadowey, Londonderry, Ulster, Ireland. They arrived in New Hampshire in 1719, as per “Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America”, by Charles Knowles Bolton, printed in Boston by Bacon and Brown in 1910, reprinted by Heritage Books in 1989 in Bowie, MD, 398 pages. There is a distinct possibility that William French was on this same ship. David Cargill came first to Casco Bay, Maine with other families on the ship of Capt. James Crowingshield -- they spent the winter there and then removed to Nutfield (Londonderry), New Hampshire in April 1719. David Cargill died on 3 Apr 1734 and is buried at the Forest Hill Cemetery in East Derry, New Hampshire. All 9 of their children were born in Aghadowey, Londonderry, Ulster, Ireland. As far as known, none of these children married a French.

On 20 Oct 1719, James McGregor, Samuel Graves, David Cargill, James McKeen, James Gregg, and “one hundred more” were granted land. William French may have been in this group.

Provincial papers. Documents and records relating to the province ..., Volume 32 By New Hampshire, New Hampshire (Colony). William French must have been quite closely connected with David Cargill and John MacMurphy; however, he might have remained shortly in Londonderry, NH, and then moved on to a new plantation, most likely Westerly, Washington, RI, as his name is not listed in the many names of settlers in Nutfield and Londonderry, 1719-1720. 

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:david.png

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:!2Av_oL0oR4FQQ!087EVLKgeVZOx_Ed7iUu2PAwVQGbOU7YTdFPrISih35hoM7jN.jpeg

First 16 Settlers in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH

First 16 settlers in Londonderry, NH, in April 1719. They were all from the same parish in Ireland, having been born in Scotland, and sailed for America in 1718 in a vessel commanded by Captain Crowningshield, landed late in the season at Casco Bay, Maine, where they spent the winter, see Ref. [36]. They were among the early Scots-Irish pioneers coming from the parish church in Aghadowey, Ireland. See “Aghadowey and the 1718 Migration”. Also see First 16 Settlers in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH.

Sixteen men with their families first settled on the “common field” about the mouth of West-running Brook. In December 1718 the town voted to grant a lot to each of “the first comers to the town which is the number of 20.

(1) Capt. James Gregg, born in Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland, removed to Northern Ireland, d. 10 Mar 1758, buried at the Forest Hill Cemetery. Janette Cargill, wife of Capt. James Gregg, d. 10 Mar 1758, buried at the Forest Hill Cemetery. Another record states he was of Macosquin, County Londonderry, Ireland.

5 children of James and Janette Gregg: James, John, Elizabeth Ann, Samuel, Thomas. 57 Gregg family members are buried at the Forest Hill Cemetery

(2) James McKeen and about three hundred Scots-Irish colonists went north and spent the winter in Casco Bay. After a cold and hungry winter, McKeen, his family, and about 20 others sailed south to the Merrimack river, and from there up to the town of Haverhill. The inhabitants of Haverhill did not welcome the new settlers, and so they travelled overland to an unsettled site called ‘Nutfield’ (named after the great quantity of chestnuts, walnuts, and butternuts found there). He was in the town records of Londonderry in 1719. He was of Ballymoney, County Antrim, Ireland, m1. Janet Cochran, m2. Annis Cargill. He d. 9 Nov 1756 at the age of 91 years. In 1723 Nutfield was renamed Londonderry. By 1721 the population was 360, and by 1740 it was the second largest settlement in the province.

(3) John Barnett, Captain, and Jean his wife. Their children are mentioned in the records as early as 1722. He d. in 1740 at the age of 86; therefore, born 1654.

(4) Archibald Clendenin, and Miriam his wife. Their children are given in the birth records as early as 1720.

(5) John Mitchell, Captain. He died in 1776, aged 80.

(6) James Sterrett.

(7) James Anderson, and his wife Mary. Their children are mentioned as early as 1720. He died in 1771 aged 88.

(8) Randal Alexander, and his wife Jenet. He died in 1770, aged 83.

(9) James Clark, and his wife Elizabeth. One of his 5 children was born in 1726.

(10) James Nesmith, and his wife Elizabeth McKeen,. He died in 1767, aged 75.

(11) Allen Anderson.

(12) Robert Weir or Wear, and his wife Martha, had a daughter born in 1723.

(13) John Morrison Jr. and his wife Margaret. He died in Peterboroough in 1776, aged 98.

(14) Samuel Allison and his wife Catherine. Their children are mentioned as early as 1721. He died in 1760 at age 70.

(15) Thomas Steele, married Martha Morison, sister of John Morison mentioned above. He died in 1748 at age 65.

(16) John Stuart/Stewart and his wife Jean.

Second Generation

Children of William French, 1.1

2.1 John French, of Londonderry, Rockingham, NH, died in 1747. His brother William French was granted administration of John’s will on 16 Oct 1747. At this time, according to John’s will, William was living in Westerly, RI. John was a tailor in Londonderry, NH, and was a soldier in the “Intended Expedition against Canada.” The intended expedition happened in 1746, the year before John’s death. His birth probably happened ca. 1711-1721. No wife is mentioned in the administration. For a soldier to participate in this expedition, one would expect him to be about age 30 or less; therefore, John may have been born ca. 1717 in Ireland just prior to immigrating to New England.

From “Probate Records of the Province of New Hampshire, 1741-1749”, Volume 33, by Albert Stillman Batchellor, Henry Harrison Metcalf, editor, 1915.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:will.png

The Scheme for the Conquest of Canada in 1746 consisted of plans that were well laid and gave every earnest of success.  

2.2 William French, b. 1714* in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, and died in 1761 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA (no verification). He married in Rhode Island in 1739, was a merchant and shopkeeper, and removed from Rhode Island to Massachusetts late in life to live with his children. He was a Protestant, as was Northern Ireland.

*Mrs. H. L. Pearson, Box 196, Bently, Kansas 67016 has written sometime before 1990 that  William French was born in Ireland in 1714. If this were true, according to the 1733 witness document for the will of David Cargill he signed, he would have been only 19 years old, and therefore the 1733 witness document shown below was probably that of his father. She further states that William came to America with his parents at age 12, which would indicate he immigrated in 1726, but no record with these dates or names has been found [19].


William married Prudence Gavitt on 1 Mar 1738-39 (1739 by the old calendar) by Joseph Pendleton, Justice, in Westerly, Washington, RI, according to the Vital Record of Rhode Island, 1636-1850, Births, Marriages, and Deaths, by James N. Arnold, 1894. Their first child was born on 15 Nov 1739. Their marriage record states: “Then William French and Prudence Gavit both of Westerly appeared before me and I Joyned them Together in Ye bonds of Matrimony, Joseph Pendleton, Justice.” Webster defines “Bond” as a binding agreement; covenant. Ref. [19] states that a Bond was a record of marriage made in the town records, before the fact or after, that a couple had made a marriage and therefore that marriage was protected by the Bond.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:marriage.png

William was the only “French” listed in Westerly in 1739 in the “Marriage” section; but two of their children are listed in the “Birth and Death” section, both births as no French died in Westerly. Because daughter Anna died in 1759, this would indicate that the French family left Westerly before that year as her name is not listed in Westerly. Even though both John and Anna were baptized on 30 Aug 1741, they were not twins as they were born in different years.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:Stonington1.png

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:birth.png

The church building itself was not constructed until 1674 under British rule; before this time, the congregation met at a Road Meetinghouse. The present church structure was built in 1829.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:roadchurchsepia.jpg


1704 Apr 22 – Prudence Gavit’s parents, Ezekiel Gavit and Hannah Wilcox, married in Westerly, RI.

1714-1720?? – William French was born probably in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

1719 – David Cargill emigrated from Ireland to America among thousands of other Scots-Irish who came that same year. He had a close connection with William French, which occurred between 1719-1733 (15 years) or earlier in Ireland. This group of Irish settlers headed for the frontiers of Maine and New Hampshire, and most likely William French was together with him on this ship.

1739 -- On 1 Mar 1739 William married Prudence Gavitt in Westerly, Washington, RI, where they both resided. Land deed issued to William in Westerly, RI, shopkeeper, by Exekiel Gavit in 1739.

1739 Mar 1 — Married Prudence Gavitt in Westerly, Washington, RI.

1739-1747 – Owned land in Westerly, RI.

1739-1752 – 8 children of William and Prudence French were born.

1747 – John French of Londonderry, Rockingham, NH, listed his estate on 16 Oct 1747, died by 27 May 1748, granting administration to his brother William French of Westerly, RI.

1747 – William sold land in Westerly, RI, and later moved from Rhode Island to Montgomery, Hampden, Massachusetts.

1748 May 27 – William was still living in Westerly, Washington, RI, where the will of his brother John was granted as per the Suffolk, MA, Probate Files.

1752 May 13 -- Prudence Gavitt’s father Ezekiel Gavit of Westerly provided in his will to his daughter Prudence French 5 shillings (presumably she had received her share in the earlier deeds) - Westerly, RI Wills, book 4, pp 399-400. This is not a date of death, but only the last mention available of Prudence Gavitt French, but it is evidence of whom her father was. 

1754 Mar 25 – Will of Ezekiel Gavit was proved in Westerly, yeoman.

1759 -- Daughter Anna died in 1759 but not in Westerly, which would indicate that the French family left Westerly before that year as Anna was only 18.

1761 -- William died after 1761 (or another record says 1755) in Montgomery, Hampden, MA. At least 3 of William’s children (John, William, Thankful) moved to Montgomery and it is predicted that William moved to live with these children.

Surname Gavitt

The surname “Gavitt” or “Gavit” or “Gavet” was quite extensive in Westerly, Washington, RI. The Gavitt family did not live in Londonderry, Rockingham, NH. It is assumed William moved to Westerly before 1739 so he could meet and marry Prudence Gavit by that year.

Prudence Gavitt was baptized on 28 Oct 1739 at the First Congregational Church in Stonington, New London, CT, by Rev. Ebenezer Rosseter, as an adult while married to William French. From the Church Record Abstracts, 1630-1920. First 2 children, John and Anna, are also mentioned as being baptized at this same church. The numbers in the right columns below indicate Volume and Page numbers. Stonington is only a “stones” throw from Westerly.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:Stonington1.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:Stonington2.png

Westerly in RI and Stonington, New London, CT, are essentially right next to each other. Westerly, RI, at first called Misquamicut, was purchased on 27 Aug 1661, and at that time, no inhabitants were named French. The immigrants who settled the Town of Londonderry, New Hampshire, were descendants of a colony migrating from Scotland to Northern Ireland (Ulster) about 1612. A large number of these Scots-Irish settlers left their homes in Londonderry, Ireland, and arrived in Boston in 1718 to start a new life without religious wars and persecution. 

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:map.png

Prudence was born [6 Jul 1720 in Westerly, Washington, RI – not proven], the daughter of Deacon Ezekiel Gavitt and Hannah Wilcox.

Ezekiel Gavit was born 26 Dec 1683 in Marblehead, Essex, MA, and died 13 May 1752 in Westerly, Washington, RI. He married Hannah Wilcox on 22 Apr 1704. He was a house carpenter in Westerly, RI. They had 12 children. His will:

In his will, dated 13 May 1752 and proved 25 Mar. 1754, Ezekiel Gavit of Westerly, yeoman, bequeaths to his daughter Mary Lewis 5s., old tenor; to his daughter Hannah Case 5s., old tenor; to his daughter Thankful Gavit a bed and furniture; to his daughter Prudence French 5s., old tenor; to his daughter Esther Gavit a bed and furniture; to his son Ezekiel Gavit his silver tankard and silver-headed cane, in addition ' to previous gifts; to his son Stephen Gavit 5s., old tenor, in addition to previous gifts;* to his sons Samuel Gavit and Joseph Gavit all his homestead farm, to be equally divided between them, and also other lands, the said Samuel to pay to the testator's son Benajah Gavit, within three years after the testator's decease, £400, "Current Money of New England or In Passable Bills of the old Tenor," and the said Joseph to pay to the testator's son Hezekiah Gavit, within the same time, £400, of the same description; and to his wife Hannah Gavit his dwelling house and all his personal estate, "for her to Dispose of as She Sees Meet." He appoints as executors his wife Hannah Gavit and his son Ezekiel Gavit. The will was witnessed by Stephen Willcocks,t Daniel Saunders, and Joseph Crandal, who made oath when the will was proved. (Westerly Records of Wills, book 4, pages 399-400.)

Hannah Wilcox was born 4 Oct 1689 in Westerly, the daughter of Edward Wilcox and Mary Hazard, and died about 1773, final probate in 1774, in Westerly, Washington, RI.

Ezekiel’s father, Philip Gavet, was perhaps from the Isle of Jersey, and arrived in Massachusetts in 1647, born 2 Mar 1631, m. Hannah Macchrone ca. 1655, age 24 in Marblehead, Essex, MA [19]. Philip died in 1714 and Hannah died in 1713. Philip and Hannah had these children:

Elizabeth married to Mathew Delaway;
Ezekiel married to Hannah Wilcox;
John married to Mary Carter;
Hannah married to Thomas Dillehay; and
Joseph married to Mary Williams [19].

Hannah Macchrone was born 31 Oct 1659 at Cambridge, Suffolk, MA, and was christened 19 Jul 1663 in the First Church, Cambridge, Suffolk, MA, and she d. 1 Dec 1713 in Salem, Essex, MA, the daughter of John Macchrone from Scotland and Deborah Bush.

Many of the Gavitt family resided in Westerly and are buried at the Westerly Historic Cemetery between Rt #1 and Old Post Rd. Gavitt is the name of a current street in Westerly. The French family did not continue the Gavitt names Ezekiel or Philip.

Land Deeds, Westerly, Rhode Island

1738/9 -- Westerly, RI, Deeds, Vol. 5, Page 240, Ezekiel Gavit Jr. and Amie his wife, carpenter, to Wm. French, shopkeeper, 100 A bounded: John Rathbun, Joseph Babcock Jr., John Dodge, heirs of Peter Barker decd. now in possession of Edward Bleavin , Feb. 15, 1738/9. Witnesses: Wm. Champlin Jr. and Wm. Babcock.

1740/1 -- Westerly, RI, Deeds, Vol. 5, Page 214, Joseph Babcock Jr. and Susannah his wife to Wm French, bounded: Peter Davis, Ebinezer Rathbun, sd French, Joseph Babcock Sr., it being all ye sd Joseph Babcock Jr.’s land, Rebeckah ye wife of ye sd Joseph Babcock Sr., Feb. 27, 1740/1. Witnesses: Wm Babcock and Thos ____.

1741 -- Westerly, RI, Deeds, Vol. 5, Page 44, James York of Charlestown to Samuel Gavet, house carpenter, quit claim, 24 A bounded: Joseph Crandall, Ezekiel Gavet, land which did belong to Wm Hardy late deceased, April 2, 1741. Witn: Thomas Sisson, Wm French, Wm Babcock.

1747 -- Deed 26 Nov 1747 in Westerly, RI, William French & Prudence his wife to Jonathan Weaver, bounded by John Dodge, Peter Davis, Edward Bleaven, Thomas Weaver, ... all ye Land purchase d of Ezekiel Gavit Jr., Westerly, RI Deeds, vol.7, pp72-3. After the sale of this property when William was age 32, the family moved to Massachusetts.

1747 -- Westerly, RI Deeds Vol. 7, Pages 74-5, William French & Prudence his wife to Thomas Weaver of Bristol, Husbandman, 122 acres bounded by Peter Davis, Ebenezer Rathbun, heirs of William Rathbun Deceased, and John Crandal ... being all the Land purchased of Joseph Babcock Jr., Nov. 26, 1747. Witnesses: Elias Thompson and W. Babcock.

Death and Burial

William’s and Prudence’s date and place of death (presumably New England) are still a mystery. 

Third Generation

Children of William French and Prudence Gavitt, 2.2

Of their 8 children, only 3 were males who carry on this line. William and Prudence named their children:

Prudence (after mother)
William Jr. (after father and perhaps grandfather)
Mary (after maternal grandmother)
Hannah (after maternal grandmother)

3.1* John French, b. 15 Nov 1739 in Westerly, Washington, RI, and was entered by Wm Babcock, Town Clerk [19]. John died after 1781 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA, as his last son, Dudley French, was born 24 Aug 1780, plus John French was Selectman in 1781 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA. He was baptized by Rev. Nathaniel Eells

 on 30 Aug 1741 along with his sister, Anna.   Rev. Nathaniel Eells lived his entire life in Stonington, New London, CT; he was b. 1703, d. 1786.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:birth.png

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:Stonington1.png

John was a Yeoman and purchased a place called No. 3 in the County of Hampshire, Massachusetts, on 3 May 1754. He paid Thomas Brown thirty pounds for the sixty acres of land, located in the Southampton Annex in Montgomery, Hampden, MA.

John fought in the Revolutionary War and was in the migration to New York [19].

From the “Early Settlers of Montgomery, Massachusetts”. John French was a Selectman of Montgomery in 1781 at age 42.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:JohnFrench.png

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:JohnFrench2.png

Marriage and Children

John French married Susannah Bill on 1 Jul 1758 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA. She was b. 16 Jul 1740 in Groton, New London, CT, the daughter of Thomas Bill (1705-1796) and Abigail Mason (1710-1754). She was baptized on 27 Jul 1740 at the Groton First Congregational Church in Groton, CT, as per Connecticut, Church Record Abstracts, 1630-1920. No French is listed in the Groton Abstracts and therefore it was the church of the Bill family. Susannah French died in 1780 in Otego, Otsego, NY.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:groton.png

Many members from the Bill, Avery, and French families married one another, living in Montgomery, Hampden, MA. Ephraim Avery settled in Montgomery in 1767, and his sons were William, Abel, Samuel, Rainsford, and Ephraim, Jr., besides two daughters. From the Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988:

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:John.png

3.2 Anna French, b. 25 Mar 1741 in Westerly, Washington, RI, baptized by Rev. Nathaniel Eells on 30 Aug 1741 along with her brother John. She d. 1759 in Westerly, Washington, RI, at age 18.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:Stonington1.png

3.3 Prudence French, b. 7 Jun 1743 in Westerly, Washington, RI. She d. in NY.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:birth.png

3.4* William French, Jr., b. 25 Jan 1744 Westerly, Washington, RI, d. 15 Aug 1838 at age 94 in Bundysburg, Geauga, OH, and was buried in Parkman Twp., Geauga, OH.

The Bundys and the Frenches were closely related. Before 1804 William French had moved from the south side of the river to the East Branch in Otego, and was living back on the old road, on what is now a part of the Wilsey farm. He eventually went to Ohio after the War of 1812. His son, Abel, bought on the east side of the creek land that is now owned by Mrs. Sherman Burdick and occupied by Oliver Harris; in 1849 he bought the Ira Scofield farm and lived there with his son Dennis. G. Morrell, another son of Abel French, bought fifteen years later what is now the upper (on the East Branch) part of the Wilsey farm.  

A next place, now owned by W. S. Hatheway, was settled before 1800 by “Captain” James French. His cousin, Wheeler French, who loved the chase, was here later.


William m. 1767 to Elizabeth Avery in Montgomery, Hampden, MA. She was b. 20 Jan 1743/44 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA, d. 20 Jan 1813 Otego, Otsego, NY [14] [16]. She was the daughter of Ephraim Avery (1727-1792) and Abigail Bill (1732-1811). The family goes back to Christopher Avery born ca. 1561 at Farbrain in the Archdeaconry of Totnes, England and Johanna born ca. 1565 at Exeter, Devon, England. The Avery family was originally from Newton Abbott, Devon, England, and they immigrated ca. 1630 to MA.

Their children lived long lives:

Martha, 1768-1809
James, 1769-1845
Betsy, 1772-1866
Wareham 1774-1845
Sabra, 1777-1801 (age 24)
Abigail, 1779-1862
William, 1781-1862
Abel, 1783-1861
Sluman, 1785-1804 (age 19)
John, 1787-1874
Avery (male), 1789-1866
Prudence, 1791-1873
Lucy, 1794-1862

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:500-2.jpeg

Census Records

1810 census, he was age 66 and living in Otego, Otsego, NY.

1820 census at age 76, lived in Bundysburg, Geauga County, OH by 1815.

1830 census at age 86, he was living in Parkman, Geauga, OH, where he died 8 years later.

Revolutionary War

William fought in the Revolutionary War, securing the rank of Sergeant in Col. Brewer’s Mass. Troops, serving about one year in two different enlistments [19]. From his pension application, the troops he was with were trying to get into action at Bunker Hill, but couldn’t get across a river to the fighting. After the war he made his home in Otego, NY, for some 25 years, and then moved on to Bundysburg, Geauga, OH. He made application for a Revolutionary War pension on 21 Aug 1832 at the age of 88. When executed, he was granted the amount of $48.22 per annum with $166.99 settled on him at that time [19].

From the Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution buried in the state of Ohio, p. 148:

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:geauga.png

The DAR application [20] states that Sergeant William French moved from Montgomery, MA, to Otego, NY, in 1786, and resided there until 1804 or a little later. A group of families made this move: Bundys, Frenches, Gates, Averys, Smiths, and Shepherds.

After the War of 1812 and in 1815, he became one of the pioneers of Bundysburg, Geauga, Ohio, along with Colonel Elisha Bundy, Jacob Gates, and Wareham French. Part of application follows [20]:

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:DAR.png

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:DAR2.png

William’s pension file gives the following information [19]:

Š      He was born January 25, 1744 in Westerly, RI.

Š      At age 31 he volunteered for service in the Revolutionary War in the Spring of 1775. At that time he was living in Norwich, Hampshire, MA.

Š      His service was under the command of Capt. Michael Henry. John Gray was his First Lieutenant and Sacket his Second. He spent, at this time, nine months in the army, being discharged at Roxbury. At this time he was not in any battles. He was sent in company with about 100 men, under the command of Major Tubber to burn an enemy’s guardhouse. They lost one man but succeeded in burning the guardhouse. His statement was sworn to by Mabes Bundy and Lewis Wolcott.

Š      He volunteered again in 1777 and served about 1 month as sergeant in Capt. John Cortland’s Massachusetts Company. A note on the papers read that the name was probably Kirtland or Kirkland.

Š      After the Revolution he resided for about 25 years in Otego, NY, which would be about 1787.

Š      He said that then he moved to Parkman Township, Geauga County, OH and lived there for 12 or 13 years, which would be until 1814 or 15.

Š      His Revolutionary War pension was executed on August 21, 1832 when he was residing in Farmington, Trumbull, OH, where he had been residing for about 2 years (1816 or 1817), his age then was 88 years, and he died at 94 years.


William was buried at the Gates Cemetery on 15 Aug 1838, and Elizabeth was buried 20 Jan 1813 in Otego, NY.

Ref [4] contributed various records and photos on William and the Parkman Bundysburg Gates Cemetery in Geauga, OH, located on the east side of Bundysburg Rd. and 1/2 mile south of the intersection of Swine Creek and Bundysburg Rd., near Parkman, Geauga County, Ohio.

This is a no longer a used family Cemetery of the BUNDY/FRENCH/GATES family recorded by Charles M. FRENCH in 1970. It has been visited by descendants of the family again in 1984 and 1988. It is near the French family farmhouse on land now populated by several Amish families in the area who keep it in quite good condition.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:YTcalX7diIyx8ajRjUvgqG_YXTV05DGqPSkF0SZufVee8b!APy340egedxYCK47R.jpeg

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:YD9_X7kNzandn7j_xgd2IZ9x8f_3vAJdDBTcCT754e8qAfhfQOErS0!uwTgwkKkr.jpeg

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:500-1.jpeg

Description on headstone: “Sgt. Mass. Troops Rev. War, d. 15 Aug 1838”

3.5 Mary French, b. 24 Nov 1746 in Westerly, Washington, RI. She d. 24 Sep 1783 in Southampton, Hampshire, MA, at age 37.

3.6 James French, b. 14 Sep 1748 in Westerly, Washington, RI.

3.7 Hannah French, b. 12 Oct 1750 in Newtown, Fairfield, CT, d. Aug 1797 in Unadilla, Otsego, NY. She m1. William Wheeler on 15 Jun 1766 in New London, New London, CT. They had children Ebenezer Wheeler, James Wheeler, William Wheeler, John Wheeler, Joseph Wheeler, and Hannah Wheeler. Hannah m2. Silas Hubbell in 1785 in Blandford, Hampshire, MA. They had children Wheeler Hubbell, Truman Mallery Hubbell, and Richard Hubbell.

3.8 Thankful French, b. 1756 (according to following source, p. 582) in New England (probably CT, MA, or RI), d. 19 Nov 1841 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA, m. James Wheeler (brother of William, her sister’s husband), ca. 1773 when Thankful was 17 in New London, New London, CT. She was named after her mother’s sister. From “The Genealogical and Encyclopedic History of the Wheeler Family in America” by Albert Gallatin Wheeler, American College of Genealogy, 1914.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:wheeler.png

FFA Chart #9 and FFA Chart #86 of Connecticut also married into the Wheeler family. Plus, the book mentioned above does not include all the Wheeler connections to this line, FFA Chart #46.

Fourth Generation

Children of John French and Susannah Bill, 3.1

Of these 10 children, only 4 were males to carry on this line. Ref [28] says they had 11 children.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:John.png

4.1 Prudence French, b. 8 Feb 1759 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA, d. after Sep 1816 in Ontario, Wayne, NY. She m. Isaac Gates ca. 1775 in Ontario, Wayne, NY. They had a daughter, Polly Gates.

4.2 Mary (Polly) French, b. 3 Jul 1761 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA, m. Houghton [19].

4.3* Judge John French, b. 16 May 1764 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA, m. Desire Bull. John was a noted lawyer of Otsego County, NY. Desire is in the 1860 census with her daughter and son-in-law, age 94 [25]. She is not in the 1870 census, perhaps passed away [25]. In 1812, John immigrated to New York, NY, via ship.

John was in the migration to NY moving to Hapersfield/Otego Otsego, NY after the Revolutionary War. John was a tough man not afraid of a good fight and so it is written in Otsego there was a fight among the early settlers and Peter Scramling and John French were selected to “fight it out.” (See page 150, 151 History of Otego.)

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:fight.png

4.4 Cynthia (or Cynthya) French, b. 16 Mar 1766 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA.

4.5 Abigail French, b. 25 Jun 1768 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA, m. Colonel Elisha Bundy on 30 Nov 1785 in Montgomery, MA by the Pastor of the Congregational Church in Westfield, Hampden, MA, d. after 18 Jun 1855 in Ohio. They had 11 children. She received a pension of $30.78 per annum commencing on 4 Mar 1848.

4.6 Sarah (Sally) French, b. 16 Jul 1770 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA, m. Ferry [19].

4.7* Malcolm Wheeler French, b. 17 Feb 1774 in Montgomery, Hampden Co, MA, d. 2 Jul 1846 in West Almond, Allegany, NY [14]. He m. Eunice Bundy ca 1792. She was b. 20 Sep 1776 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA and d. 9 Apr 1840 in Otego, Otsego, NY [14]. His burial is at West Almond, Allegany, NY [18]. Wheeler's name is found on several land transactions around the Bath Wheeler area in NY. Information has now come to light that makes us believe that after Eunice died 9 Apr 1840, that Wheeler then remarried a woman names Frances (last name unknown). In June of 1847 there are deeds showing land transfers of both Wheeler and Frances deeding land to Wheeler Jr., which leaves us to believe Wheeler died or was dying at that time. Frances died in 1849 and both are buried in W. Almond Twp. Allegany City, NY (small cemetery on private land). In 1855 we find on a NY state census in Otego, Harriett listed as head of household living with sister Almira, and John Hiro and Marilla as boarders.

4.8 William (Bill) French, b. 24 May 1776 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA, d. 1852, m. Mehitable Doty [19].

4.9 Anna French, b. 11 Jul 1778 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA.

4.10 Dudley French, b. 24 Aug 1780 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA, had 4 sons.

Children of William French Jr. and Elizabeth Avery, 3.4

For more records, see http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/73278198/person/46272999601

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:mAc4J5EyQSy6u3tadL6OYYknnZBZLve!uAEpF!DFa1QVcTFt5YEmflvJCEMfF_JZ.jpeg

4.11 Martha French, b. 19 Jan 1768 in Montgomery, NY [27], m. Asahel or Ansel Packard on 12 Aug 1780 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA [27]. He was b. 18 Mar 1763 in Norwich, CT and d. 26 Jun 1846 in Unadilla, NY [27]. Martha d. 1809 [27].

4.12* James French [16], b. 7 Dec 1769 [17] in Montgomery, NY, m. Tryphena Abel [27] ca. 1786 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA. James d. 26 Jul 1842 in Bath, NY, at 72. Tryphena was b. ca. 1767 in CT and d. ca. 1850 in Bath, NY, age 83. They had one son, James, in Bath, NY, ca. 1799 who d. 1868. Unlike most of the family who moved to Bundysburg, Geauga, OH, Captain James French moved his family to Bath, Steuben, NY, after the War of 1812.

4.13 Betsy French [16], b. 18 Oct 1772 [17] in Montgomery, NY, and m. Hymenus Goodrich [27].

4.14* Wareham French, b. 13 Dec 1774 NY in Montgomery, NY [27], d. 7 Jan 1845 in West Farmington Twp, Trumbull Co, OH, m. 1820 to Sarah Johnson, and built a sawmill in the Bundy settlement during the same year. Sarah was b. 1782, d. 23 Aug 1841 in Farmington Twp., Trumbull, OH [14] [16], and was buried in West Farmington, Hillside Cemetery [19]. Wareham settled on a farm later owned by G. R. Brown and occupied by Irving H. Allen. His house stood west of the road. It was later occupied by Jonathan Brown. Today most of the farms in Bundysburg are owned by Amish and there is still an operating sawmill.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:mAc4J5EyQSzXWRpvxRE4Qk2QwNTnX4DtM2KTih_tV3gWCynScotsPuF4Q8RUfxPh.jpeg

4.15 Sabra or Sebra French [16], b. 25 Apr 1777 is Otsego, NY [27], m. Isaac Gates who was on 28 Dec 1771 in Preston, CT and d. 10 Aug 1788 [27].

4.16 Abigail French [16], b. 9 Jul 1779 in Otego, Otsego, NY, d. 14 Oct 1862 in Bundysburg, Geauga, OH, age 83, m. Jacob Gates who was the brother of Isaac Gates. He was b. 1769, d. 18 Oct 1817, age 48 [17], and was buried at the Cemetery in Bundysburg, OH. They had 10 children [17]. After Jacob had died, Abigail married Joseph Hinkston and had 2 sons. Joseph had 14 children by his previous wife.

4.17* William French III, b. on 24 Jul 1781 in Montgomery, NY [27]; however, his gravestone says he was b. 23 Jul 1781 in MA. He died on 25 Oct 1862 in LeRoy, Dodge, Wisconsin [16] [17] at 82 years. He m. Lois Fuller ca. 1803 in NY [27]. She was b. 1788 in NY, d. 4 Dec 1869 in Leroy, Dodge, WI [17] [27]. He was buried in Kekoskee Cemetery, Dodge, WI [27], along with his wife and son Luther. They had 10 children.

In 1816/17 along with her husband, father and step mother Sylvia Adams-Fuller and her son Charles Adams and his family- they purchased approx 200 acres of farmland in Middlefield, Geauga County, Ohio. In 1850 Lois and Wm were still living in Ohio - her step-mother Sylvia was living with them- they lived next to Charles Adams

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:60077924_137816447190.jpg Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:60077925_137816453955.jpg

4.18* Abel French [16], b. 25 Jul 1783 in Otego, Otsego, NY [27], d. 13 Feb 1861 in Otsego, NY [27], m. Susannah Bundy who was b. 30 May 1786 and d. 22 Mar 1849 [17]. At least 22 family members are buried in the Bundy Cemetery, Otego, Otsego, NY.

Abel bought on the east side of the creek land in Otego that is now owned by Mrs. Sherman Burdick and occupied by Oliver Harris; in 1849 he bought the Ira Scofield farm and lived there with his son Dennis. G. Morrell, another son of Abel French, bought fifteen years later what is now the upper (on the East Branch) part of the Wilsey farm. He did not go on to Ohio as his father did.  


4.19 Sluman French [16], b. 19 Aug 1785 [17] in Otego, Otsego, NY [27]. Records indicate that he died at 19 [19].

4.20* John French, b. 8 Oct 1787 in Otego, Otsego, NY [27], m. Bursheba French. Her parents were Malcolm Wheeler French (son of John and Susannah Bill French) and Eunice Bundy (daughter of Peter Bundy and Bathsheba Avery). Malcolm was John’s uncle [16]. They had 3 children [17]. One of their children could have been Jefferson A. French was b. 13 May 1812 in NY and lived in Rising Sun (now called Randolph), Ohio, IN, in the 1850 and 1870 census with his wife Sophia Pepper and 3 children. Jefferson d. 11 Jun 1885 and is buried in the same cemetery. His mother was Mary French who was b. in 1793, d. 3 Feb 1860, and is buried at the Union cemetery, Rising Sun, Ohio, IN. His father was John I. French, b. Jul 1788 in Otsego, Otsego, NY, d. 23 Apr 1874, age 85 years and 9 months, and is buried in the same cemetery. Capt. John I. FRENCH, of Rising Sun, died in that village in 1874, at the ripe old age of four score and six years less four months. In 1817 he removed from New York State, and settled on the ridge near Lawrenceburgh, and in 1830 he moved to what is now Ohio County. He was a soldier of the War of 1812. In 1870 it was stated that he was the oldest Mason in the State, having been connected with the order sixty-one years. He was made a Mason in New York City. From “History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, Indiana, 1885”. John’s parents were William French and Elizabeth Avery. Perhaps more from Rising Sun are on this line. 
See http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/25821884/person/1731430501.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:500-4.jpeg

4.21* Avery French [16], b. 6 Oct 1789 in Otego, Otsego, NY [27], d. 3 Oct 1866 in Farmington, Turnbull, OH [17] or 3 Oct 1865 in Iowa [27], m1. Betsey (Elizabeth [27] ) Martin on 10 Oct 1810 [27]. She was b. 26 Jan 1789, and d. 15 Feb 1850 in Shabbona Grove, IL [27]. They had 12 children. Avery m2. Hannah Dean on 19 Nov 1853 [27]. Avery was named after his mother’s maiden name. See lineage:

4.22 Prudence French [16], b. 22 Dec 1791 in Otego, Otsego, NY, d. 30 Jan 1873 (age 81), m. Col. Elijah Bundy who was b. 20 Jul 1788. Another record says she m. Elisha Bundy, Jr., who was born 20 Jul 1768 and died 7 Nov 1877 [17] [19]. He was the son of Elisha Bundy, a veteran of the Revolutionay War and who is buried in the Gates Cemetery near Bundysburg, OH. Prudence’s husband and Abel’s wife were brother and sister. Prudence had one son, Hiram Bundy [17].

4.23 Lucy French [16], b. 15 Feb 1794 [17] in Otego, Otsego, NY, m. Harvey Bill and had 4 children: George, Zelotas, Harvey, and Mathilda Bill [17]. Lucy had come to Ohio in 1815 and left for Illinois in 1855.

Fifth Generation

Children of John French and Desire Bull, 4.3

5.1 Cynthia French, m. Matheson [18].

5.2 Eunice French, m. Josiah Cass. Josiah was born in Kent, Litchfield, CT 26 Sep 1786.10 Josiah was the son of Aaron Cass and Ruth Bull. Josiah died about 1826.

5.3 Anna French was born in Otsego County, NY Jan 1796. Anna died 18 Feb 1860 in Tioga County, NY, at 64 years of age. She married Aaron Cass before 1822. Aaron and Anna were first cousins, being children of Ruth Bull and Desire Bull, respectively. See Case Family Reports.

5.4 Abigail (Abby) French, m. Aaron Depuy. These two individuals were cousins.

5.5 Hannah French, m. William Reed [18].

5.6 Polly French, m. Henry Williams [18]. According to a couple of census, she was born ca. 1809 [25]. Their first child was b. in 1840 and they had a total of 5 children [25]. Polly was buried in a small cemetery along with a “Jeremiah French” [25].

5.7 John French, twin, m. Lida Williams [18].

5.8 Abram French, twin [18].

5.9 Thomas French, m. Polly Bull. Polly was born in Lewis, NY 1805. Polly 13 was the daughter of Abraham Bull Jr. and Abigail Lake.

5.10 Rheinard French, scraped skin from back getting out of State’s prison [18].

5.11 Benjamin French was married twice. He m1. Lucy Bates. Lucy was the daughter of Reuben Bates and Abigail Bull. He married Catherine Frye.

Children of Malcolm Wheeler French and Eunice Bundy, 4.7

5.12 Bursheba French, b. ca. 1799/1800, m. John French (see 3.20), and had son Hiro John French who m. Ellen Young.

5.13 Harriett French was born about 1800/1801. She died in 1855.

5.14* Luther French was born in 1802 in New York. He died in 1891 in of Corning, Steuben, New York. He married Clarissa Shepard who was born about 1807 in New York, the daughter of Benjamin Shepard. She died after 1870 in Corning, Steuben, New York. Both Luther and Clarissa were Bundy descendants and are therefore 2nd cousins.

5.15 Almira French was born in 1804 in New York. She died in 1878.

5.16* Wheeler French Jr., b. 1805 in Otego, Otsego, NY and d. 26 Dec 1879 in Maine Prairie, Stearns, MN [14]. He m. Nancy E. Cramer ca. 1829 in NY. Nancy was b. 12 May 1811 in NY and d. 14 Feb 1873 probably in Maine Prairie, Stearns, MN [14].

5.17 Levi French, b. 1808 in NY, d. 1870 in Otego, Otsego, NY, m. Marinda or Marilla Bundy. She was b. 1812 in NY, d. after 1860 in Otego, Otsego, NY. They had one daughter, Sarah, b. ca. 1838 in NY [18]. Marilla’s brother Peter Bundy married Charlotte Jane French, see 6.16 and Ref. [49].

5.18 Maria French, b. Feb 1810 in NY, d. 8 Sep 1870 in Otego, Otsego, NY, m. Hiram Bundy and had 5 children: Egberto, Edgar, Harriet, Hiram E., and Elvira Bundy.

5.19* Dr. Dudley Saulston French, b. 8 Apr 1812 near Corning, Steuben, NY, d. 4 May 1867 in Shakopee, Scott, MN. He was buried in Valley Cemetery, Shakopee, Scott, MN. He m. Mary M. Bliss ca. 1849 in NY. She was b. 24 Sep 1820 in MA and d. 10 May 1888 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN. About 1856 Dudley moved his family to Maine Prarie, Sterns, MN. He studied medicine as there was no doctor on the prarie and he practiced Homeopathy and was the only doctor in the area for many years. Later he and his wife moved to the Shakopee area where he died 4 May 1867. Mary died on May 10, 1888 at 3131 Lindley Ave. S. in Minneapolis. Both are buried at the Valley Cemetry, Shakopee, Scott, MN. Dudley lies in a grass-covered grave broken stone, Mary has no stone. All their children moved to the Los Angeles, California area about the turn of the century except Harriet. She remained in the Minneapolis area for many years [18].

5.20 Albert G. French, b. 1822, d. 1868, m. Melissa A. Barnard. She was b. ca. 1830 in NY, d. in Painted Post, Steuben, NY, and they had one daughter, Charlot A. French, b. ca. 1848 in NY.

5.21 Marilla French, b. 1823 in NY, m. Samuel Young.

Child of James French and Tryphena Abel, 3.12

5.22* James French, b. 1799, d. 1868, and is buried at the Grove Cemetery in Bath, Steuben, NY. He m. Maria Ferris and had 5 children: Dewitt, John, Mary, Charlotte, and Thomas. She was b. 8 Dec 1803 in Greenville, Greene, NY, d. 26 Dec 1902 in Bath, age 99. Mary Ferris was the daughter of John F. and Catherine (Bogardus) Ferris; she was the innkeeper at the American House Inn, a tavern in Bath.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:50529003_135327829510.jpg

Children of Wareham French and Sarah Johnson, 4.14

5.22* Schuyler French, b. September 20, 1813 Otsego County, New York d. Greene Twp., Trumbull, OH, marriage: June 15, 1835 to Mary Jane Bostwick b. February 25, 1818 Connecticut d. February 25, 1818 Greene Twp., Trumbull, OH [14].

5.23 Cornelia French, b. 8 Jun 1803 in Geauga, OH, d. 4 Aug 1842, m. Moses Hatch on 11 May 1820 and had 1 son, Warren Dewaine Hatch [27].

5.24 Samuel S. French, b. 2 Oct 1816, d. 21 Apr 1897 in Farmington, OH, m. Amelia Belden [27].

Children of William French and Lois Fuller, 4.17

5.25 Susanna French, b. ca. 1805. Susanna m. Charles P. Everett on 27 Jun 1822 in , Geauga, Ohio [27].

5.26 Moses French, b. ca. 1806. Moses m. Jane Eddie on 29 Jan 1828 in Tuscarawas, Ohio [27].

5.27 Lucy French [27]. Lucy m. James Jones in 1829. There is a rather large gap in years between Lucy's birth and her next eldest sibling.  So I'm wondering if my Marilla French might be an older sister who has as yet gone unreported. So my question is whether or not you may have received further information on this William's family, which might show if Marilla is his child [32]. I have a Marilla French who married Thomas Fowler around 1829 in Geauga.  On the same day a Lucy French married a James Jones. Both marriages were performed by the same Methodist Episcopal minister. I do not know the connection between Marilla and Lucy French, nor do I know the parents of Marilla who is in my direct line. Has any new information come to your attention since the last revision date in 2008? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Later census years show Marilla French to be born around 1811 [32].

5.28 Calvin French, b. 1817. Calvin m. Lorana Walton on 15 Nov 1839 in Geauga, Ohio [27].

5.29* Luther French, b. 7 Mar 1818 in Plainsville, Ohio. He died on 23 Jan 1896 in Sutton, Nebraska [27]. Luther married Polly Emeline Littlefield on 26 Apr 1849 in LeRoy, Dodge, Wisconsin [27]. Luther was buried at the Sutton Cemetery in Sutton, Clay, NE. They had 4 children: Emma, Ernest, William, and Edward.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:96564923_137298975634.jpg

5.30 James French b. ca. 1820 in Painesville, Geauga, Ohio [27].

5.31 William F. French b. in 1825 in Vermont [27].

5.32 Martin French b. ca. 1831 in Vermont [27].

5.33 Eliza French [27].

5.34 Olive French b. ca. 1833 in Vermont [27].

Children of Abel French and Susannah Bundy, 4.18

All 7 children were born and died in Otego, Otsego, NY.

5.35 Matilda French, b. 9 May 1810 in Otego, Otsego, NY [27], d. 30 Oct 1897, age 87, m. Asa W. Lamb on 22 Sep 1847. She d. 30 Oct 1897 in Osego, Otsego, NY [17].

5.36* Lemuel S. French, b. 28 May 1812 in Otego, Otsego, NY {27], m. Almira Chappel on 22 oct 1830 [27] and had 6 children [17]. Lemuel d. on 4 Jan 1874 in Otego, Otsego, NY {27].

5.37 Willard Dennis French, b. 15 Jun 1814 in Otego, Otsego, NY [27], d. 24 Jun 1890 in Otego, Otsego, NY, m1. Hannah Jenks on 6 Apr 1851 in Otsego, NY, and had daughter Hannah E. French, m2. Lucy Northrup [17] in Otsego, NY [27].

5.38 Susan E. French, b. 23 Jul 1816 [17] or 13 Jul 1816 in Otego, Otsego, NY [27], d. 2 Sep 1895 (age 79) in Otego, Otsego, NY, m1. Samuel Derby on 4 Sep 1865. He d. 2 Sep 1895. They had one daughter, Susan Derby [17]. Susan m2. Elisha Hubbard [27].

5.39* George Morrell French, b. 14 Oct 1819 in Otego, Otsego, NY [27] [29], d. 9 Apr 1897, age 77 [17]. He m. Christianna Taylor on 28 Sep 1848 in Otsego, NY [27]. She was b. 15 Aug 1822 in Richmond St. Mary, England [29].

5.40 Polly Ann French, b. 17 Dec 1821 in Otego, Otsego, NY [27], d.17 Jul 1899, age 77 [17] in Otego, Otsego, NY [27].

5.41 Amanda French, b. 29 May 1824 in Otego, Otsego, NY [27], d. 30 Mar 1892, age 67 [17] in Otego, Otsego, NY [27].

Children of John French and Bursheba French, 4.20

5.42 Adelia French, b. 1837?, d. 1902, m. William O. Bliss. They had 7 children: Janette A., Cassius W., Henry G., Libbie, Kate M., and 2 others with the surname Bliss [17] [18].

5.43 Louisa French, b. 1837?, d. 1902, in NY, m. Henry George Bliss from Otego, Otsego, NY. They had 3 children: Clara A., Jesse I., and George Bliss [17] [18].

5.44 John Hiro French [17], b. 1828, d. 1899.

Children of Avery French and Betsey Martin, 4.21

See lineage: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/82099672/person/34452298306

5.45 Prudence French, b. on 4 Jan 1812 in Otsego, NY, d. in 1891 in Brentwood, CA [27]. She m. Reuben Eldred Lemoin on 31 May 1830 [27].

5.46 Catherine J. French, b. on 21 Jun 1813 in Otsego, NY, m. David Secor on 6 Mar 1834 [27].

5.47 Mary French, b. on 10 Jun 1815, m. Peter Merriman on 22 Nov 1838 [27].

5.48 Lucinda French, b. on 12 Apr 1817, m. Milo Neal on 20 Aug 1840 [27].

5.49* William Martin French, b. 1819, d. 1903. Continues at http://tmsociety.org/thomas/hannah/pafg16.htm#130593.

5.50 Ursula French, b. 1820, d. 1906.

5.51 Elizabeth “Betsey” French, b. 1822, d. 1852.

5.52* Avery Martin French, b. on 31 Mar 1823 in Geauga, OH, d. on 16 Jan 1898 in Garretsville, OH [27], m. Margarette Reine Day on 31 Dec 1845 [27]. She was b. 14 May 1826, d. 26 Mar 1907, A.M. d. Garrettsville, OH, 16 Jan 1898.

5.53 James Marcus French, b. 20 Jul 1824 in Parkman, Geauga, Ohio, m. Melissa Coe on 17 Mar 1850 [27].

5.54 Elizabeth Cornelia French, b. 1825.

5.55 Sluman Morgan French, b. 1826, d. 1907.

5.56 Charlotte French, b. in 1829 in Ohio, m. Ovid Hair [27].

5.57 Abel Marlowe French, b. in 1833 in OH, m. Sarah A. Popplewell on 28 Mar 1855 in Geauga, OH [27].

Sixth Generation

Children of Luther French and Clarissa Shepard, 5.14

6.1 Edwin French b. ca. 1828 in NY. He was christened in of Oswego, Kendall, Illinois

6.2 Adeline French b. ca. 1830 in NY. She was christened in of Oswego, Kendall, Illinois. She m. Miles Dighten Cass who was born in NY about 1822. I believe his name was Miles Dighten, as he seems to have used both names in the 1855 NY State census (Miles D.) and the 1860 US census (Dighten) [44].

6.3 Francis French b. ca. 1841 in NY. She was christened in of Oswego, Kendall, Illinois.

6.4 Julia French b. ca. 1839 in NY. She was christened in of Oswego, Kendall, Illinois.

6.5 Marcy French b. ca. 1844 in NY. She was christened in of Oswego, Kendall, Illinois.

Children of Wheeler French and Nancy Cramer, 4.16

6.6* Almon Gilford French, b. May 1831 in NY and d. 16 Aug 1920 in Little Rock Lake, Benton, MN, m. Lydia Deliah Mageson ca. 1852 in NY. Lydia was b. 18 Feb. 1833 in Pennsylvania and died 12 Aug. 1904, in Detroit Lakes, Becker, MN [14].

6.7 Edward P. French, was b. ca. 1841 in NY.

Children of Dudley French and Mary Bliss, 4.19

6.8 Mary French, b. ca. 1848 in NY, d. 1849.

6.9* Herbert Milton French was born on 5 Mar 1850 in New York City, New York, New York. He died on 25 Oct 1929 in Fullerton, Orange, California. He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. He married Mary Sherrod STRAIT on 25 Dec 1878 in Shakopee, Scott, Minnesota. Mary Sherrod STRAIT "Mammie Delight" was born on 17 Dec 1860 in Jordan, Scott, Minnesota. She died on 21 Nov 1918 in Willows, Glenn, California. She was buried on 22 Nov 1918 in Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.

6.10* Francis Marion French, b. ca. 1851 in NY, NY, d. 18 Jul 1901 in LA, CA. He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA. He m. Louise Chase who was born on 25 Jun 1859 in New York City, New York, New York. She died on 5 Jan 1936 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. She was buried on 7 Jan 1936 in Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

6.11 Helen E. French was born on 12 Aug 1854 in New York City, New York, New York. She died on 13 Apr 1922 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. She was buried on 15 Apr 1922 in Oakwoods Cemetery, Chicago, Cook, Illinois. She married Henri E. LANDRY and had daughter Marie Landry.

6.12 Amanda A. Minnie French, b. 24 Nov 1855 in NY, d. 21 Apr 1943.

6.13 Harriet Isabel French was born on 27 Jan 1857 in Kimball, Stearns, Minnesota. She died on 31 Jul 1933 in Fairhope, Baldwin, Alabama. She was buried in Fairhope, Baldwin, Alabama. She married Clarence Otis WHITE on 25 Nov 1885 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. They had 5 children: Capt. Earl F., Edith M., Clara M., Mabel Catherine, and Gladys Dorothy White.

6.14* George Dudley French was born on 24 Feb 1860 in Saint Cloud, Sterns, Minnesota. He died on 13 May 1937 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. He was buried on 15 May 1937 in Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. He married Sarah Carlton ALLEN on 3 Dec 1883 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. Sarah Carlton Allen was born on 8 Sep 1862 in Newark, Essex, New Jersey. She died on 1 Feb 1938 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. She was buried on 4 Feb 1938 in Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.

6.15 Malcolm Harry French was born on 30 Apr 1862 in Great Plains, , Minnesota. He died on 28 Jun 1942 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. He was buried on 1 Jul 1942 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. He married Evalyn D. HOWE. Evalyn D. HOWE was born on 8 Jun 1861 in Saint Louis, Saint Louis, Missouri. She died on 23 Nov 1944 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. She was buried on 27 Nov 1944 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.

Children of James French and Maria Ferris, 5.22

6.16 Charlotte Jane French, b. 1825 in Canisteo, Steuben, NY, d. 7 Apr 1887 in Honeoye Falls, Monroe, NY, and was buried at the Grove Cemetery in Bath, Steuben, NY [50].

Charlotte Jane French m1. Peter Bundy III on 24 Jun 1847 in Bath, Steuben, NY. Peter was b. 31 Mar 1788 in Otego, Otsego, NY, and d. 8 Feb 1856 in Andover, Allegany, NY. They had one child: Clinton D. Bundy (1849-1875). Photo from www.findagrave.com. At the time of their marriage, Peter was 59 and Charlotte was 22.

Peter had previously been married to Sarah/Sally Ferry in 1808 in Otego, and when she died on 4 Nov 1844 in Otego, Peter decided to move to the town of Andover, Allegany, NY, which is a distance of 170 miles west of Otego. There he m. Charlotte. Peter was the 7th child of Captain Peter Bundy and Bersheba Avery. Peter Bundy’s sister Eunice Bundy married Malcolm Wheeler French, see 5.17 [50]. Peter shipped his lumber down the Susquehanna River to Chesapeake Bay and then on to the federal city of Washington DC, a total distance of 352 miles [50]. In Andover, Peter was one of the wealthiest men; the value of his real estate was $50,000 in the 1850 census, compared with his neighbors whose incomes ranged from $600-$1,800. By using a relative wage calculation, $50,000 in 1850 is equal of $20,794,846.20 in 2008. The family lived a very comfortable life in Andover [50]. Charlotte was Peter III’s first cousin twice removed. Her grandfather Captain James French was the son of William French and Elizabeth Avery. Elizabeth was the sister of Bersheba Avery Bundy, Peter III’s mother [50]. When Peter Bundy died on 8 Feb 1856, Charlotte was 31 and Clinton was 7. 

Charlotte m2. Seymour L. Hurd (1820-?).

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:135021607_1415843021.jpg

Scan of a carte de visite (cdv) photo taken abt 1864-1866 as there is a tax stamp on the back of the photo. Handwritten on the back "Charlotte Jane French Bundy Hurd". Taken in a studio in Buffalo, New York.

“Clinton Delos Bundy: his Ancestors and Descendants” by James B. Battles, PhD, details all the family connections between Charlotte Jane French and her first husband Peter Bundy III, from page 136-143. Clinton Delos Bundy was the only child of Charlotte Jane French and Peter Bundy III. Clinton Delos Bundy was named after the middle names of her two brothers, Dewitt Clinton French and John Delos French. Clinton was b. 15 May 1849 in Andover, NY, and d. 5 Oct 1875 in Lima, Livingston, NY. These pages are included in Ref. [50] below because the family story is so complicated and it Dr. Battles description may clear family connections.

6.17 Dewitt Clinton French, b. 1826, d. 1904. He was buried at the Grove Cemetery in Bath, Steuben, NY.

6.18 Thomas J. French, b. 1828, d. 1888. He m. Mary Elizabeth French (1828-1862). He was buried at the Grove Cemetery in Bath, Steuben, NY.

6.19 John Deloss French, b. 1832, d. 1860. He was buried at the Grove Cemetery in Bath, Steuben, NY.

6.20 Mary Elizabeth French, b. 1839, d. 1883. She was buried at the Grove Cemetery in Bath, Steuben, NY.

Children of Schuyler French and Mary Jane Bostwick, 5.22

6.21* Sharon French, (son) b. November 09, 1843 Farmington Twp., Trumbull, OH d. December 23, 1891 Silver Lake, Shawnee, KS, marriage: August 18, 1867 to Sylvia Alice Cory b. June 21, 1845 Greene Twp., Trumbull, OH d. January 09, 1888 Silver Lake, Shawnee, KS [14].

Children of Luther French and Polly E. Littlefield, 5.29

6.22 Emma Jane French, b. 1851 in Wisconsin, m. Oscar James Fouts (1867-1934), d. 1936 in Emity, Yarnhill, OR, and was buried at the Yarnhill Carlton Pioneer Memorial Cemetery in Yarnhill, Oregon.

6.23* Ernest French, b. 8 Jul 1861 in Green County, Wisconsin near Monroe, d. 23 Oct 1943 and buried in a plot owned by Henry Schuler at the Sheridan Municipal Cemetery in Sheridan, Sheridan County, Wyoming, along with his wife Eliza and son Ray.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:46953551_128735110659.jpg

6.24 William D. French, b. 25 Jun 1867, d. 6 Sep 1948. He was buried at the Caldwell City Cemetery in Caldwell, Sumner County, Kansas, along with his wife Annie T.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:60668657_128812489699.jpg

6.25 Edward French, b. 9 Jan 1868 in Dodge County, Wisconsin, d. 26 Apr 1951 in Sutton, Clay County, Nebraska.


Children of Lemuel French and Almira Chappel, 5.36

6.26 Mary E. French, b. 6 Feb 1837 [17].

6.27 Wellington A. French, b. 11 Dec 1840 [17].

6.28 Lemuel C. French, b. 19 Jul 1843, d. 25 Jan 1845, age 1 [17].

6.29 Josephine French, b. Jun 1851 [17].

Children of George Morrell French and Christianna Taylor, 5.39

6.30 Susie C. French, b. 14 Feb 1850 [17] in Otego, Otsego, NY and d. 1914 in Otego, Otsego, NY [29].

6.31 Alveline A. French [17], b. 4 Jan 1852 in Otego, Otsego, NY, and d. 18 May 1925 in Stamford, Fairfield, CT [29].

Children of Avery Martin French and Margarette R. Day, 5.52

6.32* Charles LeRoy French, b. 23 Apr 1853 Bundysburg, OH, m. Emma Ella Wolfe, b. 28 Apr 1880, d. 3 Mar 1927.

Seventh Generation

Children of Almon French and Lydia Mageson, 6.6

7.1 First son [14].

7.2 Second son [14].

7.3* John Hiro French, b. 14 Jul 1859, in Elmira, Chemung, NY and d. 11 Nov 1925, in Williston, Williams, ND, m. Lucy Ann Doney, on 31 Dec 1886 in Maine Prairie, Stearns, MN. Lucy was b. 18 Dec 1869 in Atwater, Kandiyohi, MN and d. 7 Jan 1939, in Williston, Williams, ND [14]. Another source says he m. Lydia Deliah Mageson of PA [16].

Children of Herbert French and Mary Strait, 6.9

7.4 Jennie Estelle French was born on 13 Dec 1880 in Shakopee, Scott, Minnesota. She died on 14 May 1957 in Santa Ana, Orange, California. She was buried in Santa Ana, Orange, California. She married George Hart CHESLEY on 1 May 1906 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.

7.5 Dudley Burton French was born on 30 Jan 1888 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. He died on 11 Oct 1956 in Lynwood, Los Angeles, California. He was buried in Hillside Cemetery, Redlands, San Bernardino, California. He married Edna May DUDLEY on 3 Jul 1909. Edna May DUDLEY was born on 10 Jan 1889 in , LaPorte, Indiana. She died on 13 May 1980 in , San Bernardino, California.

7.6 Nina Delight French was born on 30 May 1890 in , , Minnesota. She died on 14 Jan 1970 in , Los Angeles, California. She married William Berry PYLES Sr. on 3 Sep 1913 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.

Children of Francis French and Louise Chase, 6.10

7.7 Hazel F. French.

7.8 Della French was born about 1885 in Minnesota. She died about 1920 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. The cause of death was cancer of the liver.

Children of George French and Sarah Allen, 6.14

7.9 Walter Dudley French was born on 16 Oct 1884 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. He died on 7 Apr 1970 in Ridgeway, Fairfield, South Carolina. He was buried on 10 Apr 1970 in Evergreen Cemetery, Chester, South Carolina. He married Ada Adele STONE on 7 Jan 1913. Ada Adele STONE was born on 12 Jan 1884 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. She died in Feb 1981 in of Greenwood, Greenwood, South Carolina [18].

7.10 Marian Lysle French was born on 13 Oct 1886 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. She died on 20 Apr 1952 in Orange Cove, Fresno, California. The cause of death was car accident. She was buried on 22 Apr 1952 in Reedley Cemetery, Reedley, Fresno, California. She married Walter Carl THOMAS on 19 Jan 1909 in El Centro, Imperial, California. They had 3 children: Walter Carl, Marian Lysle, and George Douglas Thomas [18].

7.11 Vera Carlton French was born on 2 Feb 1889 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. She died on 9 Jul 1968 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. She was buried on 12 Jul 1968 in Crestlawn Memorial Park, Riverside, Riverside, California. She married John Scott THOMAS on 14 Sep 1908 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. They had 3 children: Clarence Scott, Vera Beryl, and Leland Wayne Thomas [18].

7.12 Helen Gladys French was born on 24 Feb 1891 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. She died on 11 Feb 1969 in Malibu, Los Angeles, California. The cause of death was heart failure. She was buried on 14 Feb 1969 in Ivy Lawn Cemetery, Ventura, Ventura, California. She married Franklin Stephen SOLOMON on 29 Nov 1913 in Calexico, Imperial Valley, California. They had 2 children: Francis Winnefred Solomon and another child who is still living in 2007 [18].

7.13 Winford Franklin French, b. 16 Mar 1893 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN, d. 16 Mar 1898.

7.14 George Donald French was born on 19 Apr 1894 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. He died on 7 Sep 1967 in Vista, San Diego, California. He was buried on 11 Sep 1967 in Eternal Hills Cemetery, Oceanside, San Diego, California. He married Nancy Wilma AMMONS on 1 Sep 1920 in , Ventura, California. Nancy Wilma AMMONS was born on 27 Jun 1899 in , , Tennessee. She died on 6 Dec 1985 in San Diego, San Diego, California. Their child and George’s second wife are still living in 2007 [18].

7.15 Douglas Allen French was born on 22 Nov 1895 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. He died on 8 May 1942 in National Military Home, Malibu, Los Angeles, California. The cause of death was appendicitis. He was buried on 12 May 1942 in , Los Angeles, California. He married Frances Marie J. MYTTON on 10 Dec 1919 in , San Bernardino, California. The marriage ended in divorce. Frances Marie J. MYTTON was born about 1895 in , , Canada. The marriage ended in divorce. Their 3 children and Douglas’ second wife are still living in 2007 [18].

7.16 Ralph Malcolm French, b. 17 Aug 1899 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, d. 10 Aug 1904.

7.17 Evelyn Lucille Catherine French was born on 29 Nov 1902 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. She died on 1 Apr 1993 in Carson City, Carson City, Nevada. She married Willard W. WEBSTER on 24 Oct 1919 in Santa Ana, Orange, California. The marriage ended in divorce. They had a son, Dale W. Webster Sr., and another child who is still living in 2007 [18]. She m2. William F. Grieco [18].

Children of Sharon French and Sylvia Cory, 6.21

7.18 Herbert Alison French, b. November 19, 1877 Silver Lake, Shawnee, KS d. December 26, 1960 Topeka, Shawnee, KS, marriage: September 04, 1900 to Maud Bishop Myers b. March 04, 1880 Meriden, Jefferson, KS d. February 17, 1935 Topeka, Shawnee, KS [14].

Children of Ernest French and Eliza, 6.23

7.19* Ray Eugene French, b. 27 Jul 1887 in Nebraska, d. 7 Dec 1922 in Sheridan, and buried in a plot owned by Henry Schuler at the Sheridan Municipal Cemetery in Sheridan, Sheridan County, Wyoming, along with his parents.

Ray Eugene French, aged 35, a resident of Rozette, Wyo., died at the home of his aunt, 35 N. Jefferson street, this morning at 8 o'clock after a lingering illness of ten weeks. He is survived by a wife and a two year old baby son, and his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. French. He came to Sheridan 26 years ago, and has lived in this section of the state ever since. Funeral services will be conducted in the Champion chapel at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon. Rev. L.S. Dudley, pastor of the First Christian church, officiating. Burial will be in the Mount Hope Cemetery. From the Sheridan Enterprise no. 55 December 07, 1922, page 13.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:46953551_128735110659.jpg

Children of Charles LeRoy French and Emma E. Wolfe, 6.32

7.20* Avery Marell French, b. 8 Dec 1885, m. Elva Lucille Eynon, 19 Sep 1912, d. 5 Apr 1973, she d. 24 Dec 1980 [19].

Eighth Generation

Children of John French and Lucy Doney, 7.3

8.1 Enos Gilford French, b. 12 May 1890, in Maine Prairie, Stearns, MN and d. 15 Jul 1932, in Williston, Williams, ND, m. 22 Oct 1927 Clara Agnes Vogt in Sidney, Richland, Montana. Clara was b. 20 Sep 1898, in Detroit Lakes, Stearns, MN and d. 23 Jan 1998, in Williston, Williams, ND [14].

Children of Avery Marell French and Elva Lucille Eynon, 7.20

8.2 William M. French, m. Alberta Gertrude Townsley, d. ca. 2002 [19].

DNA Testing

A proven source would be for a male with the surname French of this line to take the DNA test. It is a simple test that doesn’t involve blood. A kit is delivered to your house with special brushes for you to take cheek swabs and the tip is injected into the tiny test tubes to be returned to the lab. After the tests that you ordered are completed, in about 4 weeks, you will be notified and can log in to your personal page at the company to view your results and your DNA matches. They may match up with one of the tests shown here: DNA for French Group 5. The FamilyTree DNA website gives a special lower price to those with the surname French. Read about those who approve of it: Customers’ Comments and Testimonials. Julia French Woods, administrator of the French DNA website, suggests the 37 marker test (Y-DNA37), but if you want to start with 25, you can upgrade to a higher test at a later date without retaking the test.

Bibliography and Records

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[14]  Cass Family Reports

There were several first cousin marriages between these two families. The marriage date of "before 1822" is just an estimate based on the birth date of their son Miles.

Aaron was born in Kent, Litchfield, CT about 1795. Aaron 2 was the son of Aaron Cass and Ruth Bull. Aaron died after 1860. Aaron traveled to California before 1850 to join in the "gold rush." After settling first in Tuolumne County, CA, Aaron had apparently moved from there (probably to Yuba county) soon after the 1850 census, as he was not found in any local records at the Tuolumne County Genealogical Society - including the Miner's and Businessmen's Index, Pioneer Roster, Alley's Tuolumne County History, and the 1852 CA state census for Tuolumne County. Aaron was visited by at least one family member while in California, son George Whitman Cass, who shows up with him in the 1860 federal census of Yuba County, CA.

In Selkreg's book on Tompkins County, Aaron is mentioned on page 283: "Aaron and John Cass went to Canada." So perhaps he moved from California after 1860 with his brother John to Canada. Further research is required to substantiate this. Moved to town of Dix in 1842, according to 1855 NY State Census.

Lived on Franklin St., Watkins Glen, NY.

They had children Aaron Jefferson Cass, Ruth Ann Cass, Miles Dighten Cass, George Whitman Cass, Andrew Jackson Cass, and Maria A. Cass.

Š      Miles Dighten Cass was born in NY about 1822. He married Adeline French. I believe his name was Miles Dighten, as he seems to have used both names in the 1855 NY State census (Miles D.) and the 1860 US census (Dighten).

Š      George Whitman Cass was born in Horseheads, Chemung, NY Dec 1825. George died 21 Sep 1907 in Stoney Point, Rockland, NY, at 81 years of age. He married Sarah HILLERMAN in NY, about 1851.

Š      Andrew Jackson Cass was born in Campbell, Steuben, NY Dec 1827. The NY State census records show that Andrew was born in Steuben County, NY. His death record shows a birth place that appears to be "Cameltown N.Y." The closest town name in Steuben County would be Campbell, from which the spelling "Cam[pb]el[l] Town" is probably derived. Andrew died 8 Jan 1899 in Geneva, Ontario, NY, at 71 years of age.7. Andrew died of Bright's Disease: Glomerulonephritis (kidney inflammation). His doctor's name, from the death record, appears to be R. W. Padgham. His body was interred 1899 in Reading, Schuyler, NY, County Line Cemetery. Death record states that Andrew was buried in Watkins, NY. He married Harriet COLLINS in NY, about 1857. In 1875 NY State census Andrew is listed as a widower, working as a stablehand at a hotel.

Š      Maria A. Cass was born in Steuben County, NY about 1835. Moved to town of Dix in 1842, according to 1855 NY State Census.

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[20] FFA Library F532 DAR, Otego, NY. Sergeant William French, 4 pages. Chart #46. Moved from Montgomery, MA to Otego, NY in 1786. He then moved to Bundysburg, OH. Supplemental application to the National Society of the DAR, from Helen Flemming Ford, National Number 57439, Nov 16, 1912, from Otego, Otsego, NY. The information concerning the French family has been added to this lineage and this document has been discarded as I have too many drawers and drawers of papers in my house.

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[22] Ohioan Room of the Warren Trumbull County Library. Title page (handwritten) FARMINGTON....EARLY FAMILIES....Ashley, Baldwin, Bundy, French, Gates, Goodrich, Rawson, Stephens, Wilson so maybe this "manuscript" was handwritten and Mrs. Taylor didn't handwrite it herself. She states: French Family....William French (from Scotland and Londonderry Ireland) came with parents when he was 12 years old. Married Prudence Gavitt, etc. etc. etc. The Gavitts were from the Isle of Jersey. See New England History & Genealogy Register Vol 77, page 34 - 56, etc. etc. etc.

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John and Susannah French are from FFA Chart #46.

Harmon and Ermine French are from FFA Chart #86.

FRENCH 1850 Records of Births

Abigail, d. John and Susannah, June 25, 1768.

Anna, d. John and Susannah, July 11, 1778.

Betsey Clarrissa, d. Harmon and Emiline, Sept. 8, 1826.

Bill, s. John and Susannah, May 24. 1776.

Cynthya, d. John and Susannah, Mar. 16, 1766.

Dudley, S. John and Susannah, Aug. 24, 1780.

Eunice, d. Harmon and Emiline, Sept. 21, 1833.

Eunice, d. Harmon and Emiline, Aug. 21, 1831.

Henry Edward, s. Harmon and Ermine, Mar. 26, 1828.

Horace Dwight, s. Harmon and Emiline, Nov. 11, 1829.

John, Nov. 14, 1739.

John, s. John and Susannah, Mar. 16, 1764.

Mary, d. John and Susannah, July 3, 1761.

Maryette, d. Harmon and Emiline, May 23, 1825.

Prudence, d. John and Susannah, Feb. 8, 1759.

Sarah, d. John and Susannah, July 16, 1770.

Wheeler, s. John and Susannah, Feb. 17, 1774.
----, s. Harmon and Emiline, Oct. 6, 1834.

FRENCH 1850 Records of Marriages

Herman [int. of Westhampton] and Emiline [int. Emaline] Frisby, [int. Dec. 19, 1824] Feb. ----, 1825.

John and Susannah, Bill, July ----, 1758.

FRENCH 1850 Records of Deaths

Emily, d. Harmon [dup. Harman] and Emiline, Apr. 9, 1834 [dup. a. 7 m.]

[30] Alyssa Chandler, email: allies_adornments@yahoo.com, email sent 27 Dec 2014.

[31] Denise Oliansky, email: denise.oliansky@gmail.com, email sent 10 Jun 2015, from Buffalo, NY. Hi Mara. I've been researching the French family for a friend of mine. She is descended from Stephen Hurlbut and Mary French, the daughter of William French and Prudence Gavitt/Gavet. I thought William was from the line of Michael, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, but evidently that may not be the case. Have you been able to resolve the mystery of who his father is? I truly appreciate any guidance you can provide on this...it is one of the only lines of her family I have not been able to crack.

[32] Lori Hedditch, email: Aulo00@aol.com, email dated 17 Jan 2012.

[33] O’Teanea, email: fourcornerandmor@aol.com, email dated 12 Dec 2011. I am looking for William French’s wife’s name (Gavitt) and nationality according to the “stories” Prudence would have been Onondaga 100% as William would have and appears on the Dawes rolls for the Five Civilized Tribes of the Cherokee Nation. I do have the roll number for William French; however due to tradition I would not be Cherokee.  I am a little confused, great-granddaughter Blanche McFarland and Granddaughter Loi French and how this ties into my family Cay/Short Family.  My Great-Grandmother is Blanche McFarland and Blanche was ½ Onondaga.  I am just trying to get the story straight.

[34] Harmon French of FFA Chart #86 appears in Montgomery in the 1830 and 1840 census records. Also in the 1830 census on the same page as Harmon, the Avery and Wheeler families appear. No link to FFA Chart #46 has been found -- it needs more research.

[35] Many researchers suspect Michael French was William’s father.

Š      Michael French, b. ca. 1660 in Ipswich, Essex, MA, m. unknown ca. 1690 in Lubberland, NH and had children James, John, and William. James m. Philippa White on 15 Jun 1714 and had son Michael b. 6 Jan 1716. John d. before 1747 in Chester, Rockingham, NH. Lubberland on the shore is today Newmarket, NH. The oldest section was at Doe’s Neck in the mid-1600s. The Lubberland shore became part of Newmarket when the “Durhamside” was annexed in 1870. Two French homes are noted to be from Newmarket, those from 15 and 23 Exeter St. Newmarket suggests a connection to Chart #4, but that chart belongs to DNA testing, Group 3.

Š      Ref. [21] researched data identifying William French and Prudence Gavitt of Westerly, RI, said by some to be from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, to be actually from Londonderry, NH. This may be incorrect data leading to William (5), Michael (4), Thomas (3), Thomas (2), Thomas of Ipswich, MA (1) which is Chart #1 and incorrect. There was a Michael French (?) who lived around Lubberland (adjacent to Exeter, NH) in the 1670s. In her last email to Ted Steele, researcher Debbie Wilson of Greenland, NH, conjectures that this person may, in fact, have been Michael York, related to Thomas French alias Yorke. Debbie was able to find a map that shows where Benjamin York had land at Lubberland. Michael French bought and, I presume, lived on six acres. I still think he was a York or tied in with them. He was definitely not the son of Thomas 3 of Ipswich. In Oct 2015 Ted Steele [9] writes that:

Š      Michael French purchased land of John Yorke at Luberland (Durham), NH, on 1 June 1676.

Š      Michael French took the Oath of Allegiance at Exeter in 1677.

Š      Michael French was a surety in the estate of Ephriam Folsom in 1709.

Š      Ref [22]. Notes in 1985 from Margaret T. Taylor of the Trumbull, Ohio, Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society to William M. French of Grand Junction, Colorado. These notes include the "Farmington Records," from their library, which includes handwritten notes on the French, Bundy, Avery and other families. Apparently the notes were compiled by the late (she died before 2000) Maxine Cox of West Farmington, OH, some years earlier and given to the OGS library at Trumbull. The FFA published materials provided by this William M. French in 1986. In reviewing this set of pages, however, all of the material appears to be correct -- in that it checks with research I have done on these lines. Therefore, I see little reason to dispute what they say about William French, son of Michael. What they do say is that... "The French family line was Scotch-Irish. The Gavitts from the Isle of Jersey." "William French (from Scotland and Londonderry, Ireland, came with parents, he was 12 years of age) married Prudence Gavitt, born 6 July 1720, married March 1st 1738”. (Note that Phillip Gavitt Sr. was b. ca. 1651 in St. Saviors, Isle of Jersey, England, and d. after 1714 in Westerly, Kings, Rhode Island.)

Š      (Reply from Ted Steele) If William (who married in 1738) was about 20'ish when he married, he would have been born about 1715-1718 or so. If he were 12 when he came to America, that would put his date of immigration about 1727-1730. Supposedly, he came with his parents -- or at least his father, Michael French, at that time. BUT we have a Michael French taking an Oath of Allegiance at Exeter, NH, in 1677. I also have a note that "William French was of Exeter, NH, in 1709. That he removed from Londonderry, NH to Westerly, RI, in 1747. So, I think these notes give us great cause to examine French records in Londonderry, Ireland, and more importantly, in Scotland.

Š      Ancestry.com and Rootsweb say that “Michael French resided in 1677 in Exeter, Rockingham, NH. He resided in 1709 in Exeter, Rockingham, NH. He immigrated about 1726. He resided in 1747 in Westerly, Washington, RI. Michael had sons James, John, and William”. The FFA feels this just doesn’t make sense. If Michael were only born in 1677, he would have been over 40 when William was born. These names and dates must be a combination of various French families. It further goes on to say that son “James m. Phillippa White on 15 Jun 1714 in Boston, Suffolk, MA, and that son James d. before 1747, and that William was b. ca. 1714 in Exeter or perhaps Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland and immigrated about 1726.”

[36] Glen Swartz, email: glswartz@aol.com. Email sent 1 Oct 2015.

[37] Captain James Gregg and his immigration to America in 1718.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:Gregg1.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:gregg2.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:gregg3.png

[38] The History of Londonderry, Comprising the Towns of Derry and Londonderry, NH, by Edward Lutwyche Parker, 1851.

[39] INSTITUTE OF ULSTER SCOTS STUDIES, Room M1 021, University of Ulster at Magee, Northland Road, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, BT48 7JL, Telephone: (028) 7137 5612; Fax: (028) 7137 5543, E-mail: bp.kelly@ulster.ac.uk

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[43] MILNE, Elijah L., #725. Family names: GAVIT, BILL. Connection: Chart #46: William French (2), m. Prudence Gavit; John French (3), m. Susannah Bill; Wheeler French (4); Dudley S. French (5); George D. French (6); Vera C. French (7); L. Wayne Thomas (8); Jacklyn Thomas (9); Elijah Luke Milne (10). (from Orem, UT, 801-377-4991)

[44] Kate Stromsted, email: kestro2@gmail.com, email good in 2008. "The Shepard Families of New England" by Gerald Faulkner Shepard and Linus J. Dewald's book on the Prentice family as the son of (Malcolm) Wheeler French and Eunice Bundy.

[45] Several early settlers living in Londonderry and acquainted with William French are listed in “Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America” by Charles Knowles Bolton, 1910. All of this data is from this source. Sixteen men with their families first settled on the “common field” about the mouth of West-running Brook. In December 1718 the town voted to grant a lot to each of “the first comers to the town which is the number of 20. Also see pdf version.

[46] Title: "Gavitts of Westerly, Rhode Island: a genealogy"
Author: Gavitt, Richard E
Publication: 1st Ed, Bristol, CT: R.E. Gavitt, 1992
Repository: Library of Congress, Wash., D.C.
Page: pp8, 12
Text: [19] Prudence Gavitt. It is well documented and cited, but no mention of Prudence’s death. 

[47] History of the Town of Stonington, County of New London, Connecticut, from its First Settlement in 1649 to 1900, with a Genealogical Register of Stonington Families, by Richard Anson Wheeler, 1900.

[48] “A” William French was christened on 23 Sep 1662 in Derry Cathedral, Templemore, Londonderry, Ireland, the son of Leonard French. This may not be the same person of this line. Also in Templemore listed in “The Register of Derry Cathedral 1642-1703” is Elizabeth French, baptized 23 May 1700, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth French.

[49] From the records of The Painted Hills Genealogy Society Town of Bath, Steuben, NY, Grove Cemetery. Updated by Paul Giometti, Jean Kay Morse Jackson, and Annette Campbell.

[50] “Clinton Delos Bundy: his Ancestors and Descendants” by James B. Battles, PhD, 2015, details all the family connections between Charlotte Jane French and her first husband Peter Bundy III, from page 136-144.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy1.png

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy2.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy3.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy4.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy5.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy6.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy7.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy8.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy9.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy10.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy11.png

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy12.png

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy13.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy14.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy15.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy16.png
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bundy17.png
For an outline of this Bundy family and for references to this material, see pages 142-144 at the website listed at [50] above.