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DNA Group 6 Analysis
Essex and Suffolk Counties, England
FFA Charts #1, #2, and #3

This page updated by Mara French on 11/17/10. Send any corrections or additions to this chart to Revisions: 2010. The nearby cities where various French families lived are: Halstead, Sible Hedingham, Great Maplestead, Twinstead, Assington, Great Tey, Gosfield, Stisted, Greenstead Green (Greenstreet), Arkesden (west of Great Bardfield), Wethersfield, Great Bardfield (Pitney Manor), and Finchingfield. The Stour River at the top-right divides Essex from Suffolk county; therefore, Assington and Bures St. Mary are the only towns in Suffolk for this analysis. Stanstead Hall is to the right of Greenstead Green.


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Clarification of the DNA Tests

BEWARE. ALL THE INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE IS SUBJECT TO MORE VERIFICATION. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY OF IT FOR GRANTED. We may never know the real ancestry for sure, as the records do not go back any further, but I did my best at deciphering them. Mara

For Group 6, there are 4 testers, and of the 25 tests each has taken, only 2 numbers are off 1 point. In other words, 23 of the 25 tests taken match exactly. Please refer to the test results for Group 6. According to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) presented by the Family Tree DNA, under the title “Probability for Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA), if 23 or 25 tests match, there is 50% probability that the MRCA was no longer than 11 generations ago, and 90% probability that the MRCA was no longer than 23 generations ago, and 95% probability that the MRCA was no longer than 27 generations ago. We go back 18 generations.

These are the Charts involved for DNA Group 6 Ancestry, all of whom immigrated to New England during the Puritan Migration ca. 1630-1637:

Jacob French, b. ca. 1553, FFA Chart #E1.
William French, chr. 1606, FFA Chart #E2.
John French, chr. 1599, FFA Chart #E3.

The 5th generation is approximately when the Puritan Migration to the Colonies occurred about 1635. These immigrants were born during the very early 1600s. Most descendants of these Puritans living today are in the 16th or 17th generation, if the generations are calculated more or less as follows:

1. 1504
2. 1525
4. 1584
1608 Puritan ancestor generation (those who immigrated to New England)
7. 1673
9. 1735
11. 1780
13. 1850
15. 1913
17. 1965

Probability for Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA)

Number of matching markers

50% probability that the MRCA was no longer than this number of generations

90% probability that the MRCA was no longer than this number of generations

95% probability that the MRCA was no longer than this number of generations

10 of 10




11 of 12




12 of 12




23 of 25




24 of 25




25 of 25




35 of 37




36 of 37




37 of 37

2 to 3



65 of 67




66 of 67




67 of 67




You should test more markers when you want to compare additional markers against others with similar results to you. The additional STR markers will refine your matches. If you currently have many Y-DNA12, Y-DNA25, or Y-DNA37 matches you should certainly consider upgrading your Y-DNA profile to a higher level. You may always upgrade to a higher level of testing as your number of matches and needs change. You need not retest because you first test is kept for possible later testing. Our motto could be: Test only what you need, and upgrade only when necessary.

Pedigree Chart of DNA Group 6 Ancestry

This Pedigree Chart combines FFA Charts #E1, #E2, #E3. Starting in 1985 and onwards, these charts were kept separate; then, due to DNA testing, we were able to combine them – that and with a lot of research into parish registers in Essex and Suffolk, England. These charts will still be kept separate due to their enormous size, plus to keep them more small-family oriented.

Considering the first 25 markers of the DNA test results between Thomas of Chart #1 and William of Chart #2, there is only 1 marker different that that marker is only 1 number off; therefore, there are 24 of 25 markers which gives a 90% probability that the MRCA was no longer than 16 generations ago, or a 95% probability that the MRCA was no longer than 20 generations ago, the connection of which this chart shows below.


1.1 Thomas French, b. ca. 1520.

      2.1 Thomas French, b. ca. 1551.

      2.2 Jacob French, b. ca. 1553 in Assington, Suffolk, m. Susan Warren 1578, d. 1615 in AssingtonFFA Chart #E1, DNA Group 6.

            3.1 William French, chr. 25 Jul 1580 in Bures St. Mary, Suffolk. 

                  4.1 John French, chr. 24 Jun 1599 in Halstead. FFA Chart #E3

                        5.1 John French, chr. 5 Sep 1633 in England

                        5.2 Mary French, chr. between 1634 and 1636 in England

                  4.2 Ellen French, chr. 24 Jul 1603 in Halstead.

                  4.3 William French, chr. 6 Apr 1606 in Halstead (born earlier). FFA Chart #E2

                        5.1 Elizabeth French, chr. 1629

                        5.2 Maria (Mary) French, chr. 1633

                        5.3 John French, chr. 1635

                  4.4 Thomas French, chr. 10 Nov 1606 in Twinstead (5 miles NE of Halstead).

                  4.5 Jacob French, chr. 17 Jan 1607/8 in Twinstead (5 miles NE of Halstead).

3.2 Jacob French, chr. 1582 in Bures St. Mary, d. 1582.

3.3 Thomas French Sr., chr. 1584 in Bures St. Mary, as the son of Jacob, m. Susan Riddlesdale 1608, d. 1639 USA. All children immigrated to New England except Margaret who died young.

                  4.1 Thomas French Jr. chr. 1608 in Assington, m. Mary Scudamore and had 7 children. To New England before his father. May have married Mary Morton who appears on the list of original members of the First Church of Boston, as was Thomas French, and then is heard of no more.

                  4.2 Alice French, chr. 1610 in Assington, m. Thomas Howlett.

                  4.3 Dorcas French, chr. 1614 in Assington, m. Christopher Peake.

                  4.4 Susan French, chr. 1616 in Assington.

                  4.5 Anne French, chr. 1617/18 in Assington.

                  4.6 Margaret French, chr. 1619/20, d. 1635 in Assington.

                  4.7 John French, chr. 1622 in Assington, m. Freedom Kingsley.

                  4.8 Mary French, chr. 1624/5 in Assington, m. George Smith.

3.4 Elizabeth French, chr. 1586/7 in Assington

3.5 Susan French, chr. 1589 in Assington, d. 1613 in Assington

3.6 John French, chr. 1596 in Assington.

      4.1 Sarah French, buried 22 Jan 1620/21 in Assington.

3.7 Robert French, chr. 1600 in Assington


Repetition of Names

For 4 generations, these same 14 names were used to name 27 ancestors.

John 5
Jacob 3
Thomas 3
Mary 3
William 2
Susan 2
Elizabeth 2
Ellen 1
Alice 1
Dorcas 1
Anne 1
Margaret 1
Robert 1
Sarah 1