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Chart #57, Edward French, 1737
(combined with former Chart #44)

French’s Cove, Bay Roberts, Harbour Grace, and Bareneed,
Newfoundland, Canada;
New Westminster, British Colombia, Canada

Seventh Generation

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Seventh Generation

Children of John French and Jane Lacey, 6.2

7.1 Abe (or Abraham) French [48], b. ca. 1870? Most likely he m. Elizabeth, b. 1874, d. 26 Jan 1953, aged 79 years, and is buried at the Bareneed United Cemetery in the Port de Grave District. See

7.2 Florence French [48].

7.3 Salena or Selena or Selina French [48].

7.4 Mary Ellen French, b. 5 Aug 1895? [48], d. 26 Oct 1973 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada [48]. She m. Azariah Boone who was b. 1889 in Newfoundland, Canada, d. 1961 [48]. They had children Francis Boone (1913), Jean Boone (1916), Howard Boone (1917), Kathleen Boone (1919), Terry Boone (1931) [48]. According to the Border Crossings From Montreal, Canada to the U.S. during 1895-1956, Azariah arrived at the port of St. Albans, Vermont in the U.S. in Mar 1910 at age 20. He had been a clerk, listing his father also as Azariah Boone of Newfoundland, and after crossing, his destination was Philadelphia, PA.

Description: Mary Ellen French (cropped)  Mary Ellen French Boone

Children of Abraham French and Mary Newell, 6.3

6.5 Joseph French, b. 26 Sep 1859 at The Dock, Bareneed, C.B., NF to Abraham and Mary French. He was baptized 20 Nov 1859 at St. Mark's C of E Bareneed, C.B., Newfoundland.

6.6 Lavinia French, b. 4 Oct 1861 at The Dock, Bareneed, C.B., NF to Abraham and Mary French. She was baptized 5 Jan 1862 at St. Mark's C of E Bareneed, C.B., Newfoundland. She m. William Morgan ca. 1882 at Conception Bay, Newfoundland, and she d. 9 May 1897 at age 35 in Coley’s Point, Newfoundland, after the birth of her last child, William Morgan, who also died at that time. She had 6 children: Jane Morgan 1883-1897; Albert James Morgan, 1885-1897; child Morgan, 1887-1897; child Morgan 1891-1897; Mary Ann Morgan, 1893-1953; and William Morgan, 1896-1897.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:vaS!lleivbXz5X3F5jdoY5F1VjaUZTCIeujtJrR1mNU6wssH0F5CmZccM!EYcBqd.jpeg

Lavinia died in 1897 along with 5 of her 6 children. Could there have been a bubonic plague or epidemic? They were buried at St. John’s Anglican Church graveyard in Coley’s Point. Her husband, William Morgan, died 9 Mar 1946 in Coley’s Point, Newfoundland.

Children of Stephen Augustus French and Mary Ann Stevens, 6.10

7.7 Alice French, b. Jun 1869 in Harbor Grace, NFL, Canada, d. 5 Sep 1873.

7.8 William John French, b. 7 Aug 1871 in Harbor Grace, NFL, Canada.

7.9 Stephen Augustus French, Jr., b. Mar 1873 in Harbor Grace, NFL, Canada, died after 1917.

7.10 Daughter French, b. 1877, d. 1877.

7.11 Reuben French, b. 27 Jun 1880 in Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, Canada. Birthdate conflicts with next son. Need more research.

7.12* James Henry French, Sr., b. 12 Aug 1880 in Canada, m. Ada Mae Wambolt who was b. 1883, d. 1958. They married on 19 Mar 1902 in Liverpool, Queens Co., Nova Scotia, Canada. James d. 1948 in West Acton, Middlesex Co., MA.

James Henry French and two of his work buddies, chauffers (truckers) for the wood mill in Acton, Middlesex Co., MA. James was said to have red hair, husky-dog blue eyes, and double rows of teeth top and bottom. He waddled when he walked from a logging accident where his ankle bones were badly broken and fused.

James Henry French (ctr), Jack McNiff (l), Ben Perry (r) in Acton, MA.

1905 Grampa French, Harry, Beulah, Ted Gram, Addie Wamboldt m. Briggs.

James Henry French (standing far left) of Coley's Point and his family: Harry H (1903-1983), Beulah H (1905-1937), Kenneth 'Ted' Gordon (1904-?), James' wife Ada Mae Wamboldt (1883-1958) and Ada's sister Addie Melissa Wamboldt (1897-1978 m. Briggs).

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:YsMyjAiEgXLDP!5HnlMhLl6zvUc1PHdXG2gRifgrvg_GfkTPBIY2JvOVCLRINprI.jpegDescription: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:YsMyjAiEgXI0Q_yCqIF9lQCBz3dUQNnDRBvCyd!76LU46pSRM82hTBZ1nwMrwcZB.jpeg

Ada May and her brother Nelson are standing to one side of the front porch of Ada's home in West Acton. The photographer would have been standing in the driveway. Photo taken 1945-1948 at 38 Homestead St., W. Acton, MA.

Next photo is of Auntie Bean’s grandfather James Henry French of West Acton MA. He drove his Indian truck over this bridge, and it collapsed. The truck was probably full of lumber. He must have come back with someone to take the picture because he's all dressed up for it. 

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:YsMyjAiEgXJIXYLQkZoHY173nLWqBYSmJm04m5Ifza_VgtjDOI21m1sK5vRujh6k.jpeg

James Henry French’s Indian truck. He's standing on the running board with his workmate Jack McNiff (also from West Acton). He must have loved this truck because there are a lot of pictures of it around.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:YsMyjAiEgXKzrUyQg3br5B7rJaWrjHxVM3W6UGxyrpizhYnVeqNotSoFiX_in5dC.jpeg

James Henry French’s truck posing all by itself. Auntie Bean am not certain this is the same truck as in the other photo. He worked for the Hall Brothers Pail and Churn Factory in 1910, as a chauffer hauling lumber. He continued to haul lumber and 'wood wares' through 1930. The sign on this truck says Davis Knight West Acton. I don't know if he worked for them or if the truck was leased or sold by them to Grandpa or the company for which he worked.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:YsMyjAiEgXLMzkTXZ!ap0tzcACwveqAaueFbMwD9lN3mkTHDao03pr0MyfjkUUsC.jpeg

Residence of JAMES HENRY FRENCH during Nov 1902, 419 Broadway, Chelsea, MA. Border Crossing & Passenger manifest shows Auntie Bean left Halifax to visit him at this address in November of 1902. Most likely rooms were rented on the top floors. It is now a place called Cora's Barbershop.


1901 census for Brookfield Mines in Nova Scotia. James French is a boarder. Another boarder, Thomas Crowe, gold miner, is the same age as James and also from NFLD. John Harding (68, single), his sisters Mary (67), Henrietta (70), both spinsters, also live in the house. John's occupation is listed as Hotelkeeper.

1920 census of Acton, Middlesex Co., MA, born in 1880 in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Canada, immigrated in 1905 to America, married to Ada M. French, living with 8 children:
Harry H. French, age 16.
Kenneth G. French, age 15.
Beula H. French, age 14.
Charles B. French, age 11.
Elsie L. French, age 7.
Mary N. French, age 4.
James H. French, age 2.
Edith G. French, just born.

1940 census of Acton, Middlesex Co., MA, living at 1 Homestead St. James was an assembler who owned his own house, had an 8th grade education, was a naturalized U.S. from the English-speaking section of Canada, married to Ada M. French:
James H. French, age 60
Ada M. French, age 57
Edith G. French, age 20
Majorie L. French, age 15
Robert G. French, age 10

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:YsMyjAiEgXJCJLdcGISp4VTNHj3HyhScBMfzjzrqmPFYq72ceMWVmECaLrzo9Vyf.jpeg

7.13 Charles Samuel French, b. 18 Sep 1883 in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada, m. Minnie Bradbury, d. Jan 1966. Minnie Bradbury, b. ca. 1885 in Country Path, Newfoundland, married in 1906 Charles Samuel French (son of Stephen French, brother of James Henry of Canada), b. 1883, d. 1966. They lived most of their lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, after emigrating down from Canada. He was the youngest son in his father’s will.

Minnie Bradbury-French and husband Charles Samuel French. Scanned from the Banjorosa French Family Collection of Maine.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:YsMyjAiEgXIDzlzDzJhGlWDxkeSLvZFteYWGY_dM!g_EvsgFvkCmtxyQKZNGnNgo.jpeg

A letter from Ada to James' brother Charles. James had surgery on his legs, all the vericose veins stripped. My father says a framework was made for the bed to keep the blankets from touching his leg. My father also said a log had fallen across his ankles in a logging accident, and the way they fused made him waddle like a duck because they wouldn't bend.

Transcription of text in document

June 28-1939

Dear Charles,

Thought I would write you a line to tell you how Jim is. I know you don't have any to get out very often.

He is still on his back. His leg looks terrible bad. The nurse comes every day & takes care of him. It is terrible to have to lie in the same position day and night. But he is in this as he is in every thing else. "Takes it on the chin."

He is very patient, and he suffers greatly by spells. The nurse spoke this morning as if they were going to try to get a hospital bed for him. She had a talk with his Dr. and I guess it will be a long time before he gets around by the looks of things. For a man like that has never been sick it is hard. But God will take care of him in his own way. People are very good to him. They come often to see him and that cheers him up. He has lots of friends. The Lodges, too, come in bunches to see him. Come out when you get a chance. He looks forward to it very much.

I am feeling fine myself. And am going to stay that way. The weather has been cool and that is a help. Love to Minnie, and come when you can.

Love to all, Ada

Children of Esau French and Sarah Patience Earl, 6.17

7.14 Eliza French, b. 1903.

7.15* Edgar Garfield French, b. 16 Jun 1908 at Coley’s Point, Harbour Grace District, Newfoundland, the dau. of James Benson and Mary Patience Richards. He d. 3 Sep 1981 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He m. Edith Benson who was b. 11 Nov 1908 in Hickman’s Harbour, Newfoundland, d. 28 Jun 1975 in Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bBhahgNmmElJ15gLUmnOyUrvhEBWCE4_echJNx94RhIRt4pJKkmfgGObmtD_xrFh.jpeg

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:bBhahgNmmEnJLQeo2IRLDEc3yEd6xsWPwRGqVO8qvbi!T1zkgib4gpu050YuSRmh.jpeg

Edgar Garfield French in the 1970s in Newfoundland.

7.16 Doris French, b. Oct 1910 in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Children of William John French and Elizabeth Snow, 6.31

7.17 Elizabeth Anne French, b. 14 Aug 1865 at Coley’s Pt. [4], chr. 12 Nov 1865 at B.R., m. Jake Fillier and had dau. Harriet Fillier b. 9 Dec 1896 or 97 [4].

7.18 Julia French, b. 11 Mar 1870 in B.R., chr. 1 Apr 1870 in B.R., m. E. Kelly on 7 Feb 1900 [4].

7.19* Robert Charles French, b. 14 Oct 1872 in Coley’s Pt., chr. 14 Oct 1872 in Coley’s Pt., d. 10 or 20 Oct 1950 in Watertown, MA, m. Bessie H. Brown on 25 Apr 1905. Bessie was b. 17 Sep 1879 in Beachside, Newfoundland, Canada, d. 22 Jan 1975 in Watertown, Middlesex, MA [4]. They also lived in Rye, NH [49]. Robert C. French appears in the 1920 census of Watertown, Middlesex, MA, age 46, born in Canada, married to Bessie H. French, both his parents were born in Canada, he immigrated to America in 1898.

7.20 Caroline French, b. 6 Jan 1875 at Coley’s Pt., chr. 17 Mar 1875 in B. R., d. at Clarkes Beach, m. Abram Mugford and had one dau. in Green Valley, Ontario and another, Eliza Mugford Knuuttunen who was b. 22 Feb 1902 in Canada, died 26 Oct 1989 in Mentor, Lake Co., Ohio [4]. The daughter of Eliza Mugford Knuuttunen is (name unknown) but in 2011 she was 84 years old; therefore, born in 1927 per her granddaughter Holly Fleischer, email: This unnamed daughter was born in Rockport, MA, and living in 2011 in Houston, TX.

7.21* William Aquilla French, b. 6 Aug 1877 [84] in Coley’s Pt., Newfoundland, Canada, or in Bareneed, Newfoundland, and was a carpenter of Long Beach Pond, d. 5 Nov 1948 at Clarkes Beach, South River, m. 4 Apr 1902 at Port de Grave to Mary Jane Kelly, the dau. of Frederick Kelly and Susannah Dale. Mary Jane Kelly was b. 4 Sep 1880 at Coley’s Pt., d. 25 Apr 1964 in Clarkes Beach [4]. See Ref. [8] which might be the same person [49]. William Aquilla French later lived in British Columbia, Canada.

Children of Robert French and Elizabeth, 6.35

7.22 Martha Jane French, had son Ernest Allan Greenland who is mentioned in his grandfather Robert French’s will of 9 Jun 1926. No other children are mentioned in Robert’s will.

Children of John French and Hannah Mary Snow, 6.38

7.23 Emma French, b. 18 Nov 1862 in Bay Roberts, Coley’s Point, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, d. 24 Sep 1957 in Coronado, San Diego Co., CA. She arrived in Boston, MA, on 14 Sep 1885 and moved to Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., Colorado at age 48 in the 1910 census. Afterward in the 1920 census she was living in Coronado, San Diego Co., CA. She was naturalized on 18 Dec 1936 in San Diego, CA, at the Superior Court, Petition 4919 RLF. She is buried at the Greenwood Cemetery in San Diego.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:500-2.jpeg

7.24 Ann French, b. 3 Sep 1864, d. 28 Jan 1867.

7.25 James Knight French, b. 8 Jul 1869, d. Jan 1870.

7.26 Benjamin French, b. 19 Jun 1871 in Newfoundland, Canada.

7.27* John Charles French Sr., b. 18 Sep 1873 in Coley’s Point, Newfoundland, d. 7 Apr 1960 in Burlington, Chittenden Co., VT. He m. Gertrude Mae Marson and had 2 sons. Gertrude was b. 9 Sep 1878 in N. Pittston (now Randoph), Kennebec Co., ME, and d. 28 May 1956 in Burlington, Chittenden Co., VT.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:500-5.jpegDescription: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:YsMyjAiEgXKojAvZdo5iWq8xF_KTqjcStBKvsxvuga0njh5juoSSZJnTAVFth5Q9.jpeg

John Charles French Sr. probably ca. 1893-1900. Gertrude’s photo was taken 29 Jun 1940 in Southbridge, MA.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:YsMyjAiEgXKZPVqG98CLecwtBYzjy0vF9kq6I3GH1neoz3!9ch2akayBjdHSMY__.jpeg

The couple on left is John Charles French and his wife Gertrude May (Marson) French. The couple on the right is Charles Frederick Hellner and his wife Mary Patience (French) Hellner. Mary Patience is the sister of John Charles French.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:500-12.jpeg

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:02V5JsrxNCldnHLZioyOAnw6DqksPAmHS0zq3UIjpZWogtHOQoa3ZIi8ZgDl5QQX.jpeg

Gertrude Marson French, Barbara R. Hellner, Charles Edwin Hellner, Marjorie Jane Hellner, and John Charles French.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:YsMyjAiEgXLgIyDtkoSQoqTdynSrVF51Py2vTSpFU3kzjywG9gyiWNuJgiSH!vQw.jpeg

Naturalization Record of John Charles French

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:500-6.jpeg

John Charles French Sr.-born 20 Sep 1872, died 7 Apr 1960 Gertrude May Marson- born 9 Sep 1878, died 28 May 1956 John Charles French Jr.-born 1 Sep 1903, died 27 Dec 1989 Helen Margaret Campbell- born 12 Apr 1901, died 1 Mar 1994

7.28 Mary Patience French, b. 29 Feb 1876 in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, d. 20 Oct 1964 in Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL. She m. Charles Frederick Hellner and had at least 4 children: Charles Edwin Hellner, Emma Louise Hellner, Clayton Bartlett Hellner, and Clifton Mehder Hellner (the last 2 are twins). For details see

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:YsMyjAiEgXKZPVqG98CLecwtBYzjy0vF9kq6I3GH1neoz3!9ch2akayBjdHSMY__.jpeg Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:500-11.jpeg

Mary Patience and her husband Charles Frederick Hellner.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:02V5JsrxNCndcCd50n1aNMIWSYgcZpsv9RzhZu712sVI9_NSyfh_JZnYM6Kh7ycV.jpeg Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:02V5JsrxNCllOz30s17JLRa5fMEn6JpeF5FmnhR6BmNqtljzrHo1FG38Ry1u8eB3.jpeg

Mary Patience (French) Hellner with son Clifton Mehder Hellner.

7.29 Louise Bartlett French, b. 15 Jul 1882 in Coley’s Point, Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, d. 29 May 1972 in Coronado, San Diego Co., CA. For details, see Judith Thompson’s website

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:500-10.jpeg Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:02V5JsrxNClR3axzNv2Gg41aLXuPtcJjbC7o0RbToMh7_cBIy2AFTB1S2JszyALE.jpeg

Children of Abraham French and Mary Dawe, 6.41

7.30 Mary Susanna French.

7.31 Annie French, b. 24 Mar 1877 in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada, m. James Knight Earle, moved to Gardner town, Worcester Co., MA. They had at least 2 children: Florence Earle and Doris Earle.

7.32 Ethel French, b. 21 Jul 1879 in Coley’s Point, Newfoundland, Canada.

7.33 Emma French, b. 1 Oct 1881 in Coley’s Point, Newfoundland, Canada. She m. John Mercer in Bay Roberts. Her widowed father, Abraham, and her son Lewis Mercer, lived together in the 1921 census of Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada.

7.34 Selina French, b. 4 Mar 1885 in Coley’s Point, Newfoundland, Canada, d. 17 May 1885 in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada, in infancy.

Children of William French and Rachel Elizabeth Taylor, 6.46

7.35* Maxwell Leslie French, b. 2 Mar 1898, m1. Florence Morrison, m2. Marguerite Pearl Clarke. See He d. 19 Jun 1970 in Melrose-Wakefield Hospital in Melrose, MA. He m. Florence Morrison who was b. ca. 1904 and d. 1941. They had about 4 children. In the 1930 census, they were living in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:500-4.jpegDescription: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:500-6.jpeg

7.36 Eva Maud French, b. 3 Feb 1900 in Coley’s Point, Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, d. 10 Mar 1906, buried at the Point Methodist Church Cemetery at Coley.

7.37 Florence Marion French, b. 11 Jul 1902 in Coley’s Point, Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, d. 10 Feb 1923 buried at the Point Methodist Church Cemetery at Coley.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:500-7.jpeg

Florence and Stella French

7.36 Stella Myrtis French, b. 22 Aug 1906 in Coley’s Point, Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, d. 30 Apr 1977 in Stoneham, Middlesex, MA. She was buried with brother Max in Stoneham. When she arrived in Niagara Falls, NY, at age 43 on 22 Aug 1949, she was 5’ tall, 116 pounds, had grey/brown hair, and grey eyes.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:500-8.jpegDescription: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:500-9.jpeg

Stella French in 1940, and with her brother Max.

Children of George French and Mary Sheppard, 6.49

7.37 Emily French, b. 1870.

7.38 Belinda (Bell) French, b. 1871 in Harbour Grace, d. 1925, m. John Twanbley.

7.39 Mary Jane French, m. Simeon Janes, d. ca. 1930.

7.40 Alice French, b. 1873 in Newfoundland, d. 1942 in Quebec, m. Ernest Marlow in Quebec ca. 1895 and they had 8 children.

7.41 Ambrose French, b. 25 Nov 1882.

7.42 Rachael French, b. 19 Jul 1882.

7.43 George “Wallace” French, b. 28 Sep 1884.

7.44 William “Kenneth” French, b. 25 Mar 1887, m. Agnes Twigg.

7.45 Else Maude French, b. 14 Nov 1890, m. Alex Clark.


Bibliography and Records