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Chart #57, Edward French, 1737
(combined with former Chart #44)

FrenchÕs Cove, Bay Roberts, Harbour Grace, and Bareneed,
Newfoundland, Canada;
New Westminster, British Colombia, Canada

First Generation

This chart updated by Mara French on 9/8/13. Numbers in brackets [ ] show sources and refer to the bibliography at the end of this chart. An asterisk (*) shows continuation of that line. Send any corrections or additions to this chart to Revisions: 2009, 2011, 2013.


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First Generation

1.1* Edward French, b. ca. 1680, and is listed in the microfilm copy of the Edward French Shipping Co. log [48]. He lived in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. FrenchÕs Cove was named after the Edward French family who claimed land here going back to 1634, perhaps the grandfather of Edward.

FrenchÕs Cove, 1920.
FrenchÕs Cove is named after the Edward French family
who claimed land here going back to 1634.
The remains of a fishing settlement are barely visible to the eye today, below.

1.2* Stephen French and is listed in the microfilm copy of the Edward French Shipping Co. log [48].

1.3 Ioan French is listed in the microfilm copy of the Edward French Shipping Co. log as dying on 31 Sep 1737 [48]. His name is pronounced Yo-Ann and is Welsh for John.

Edward French Shipping Company

Shipping Company Log

A microfilm copy is available through LDS Family History Centers, Microfilm #1887634. The log is for several ships and covers from the early 1700s to ca. 1800. It includes several birth entries for the FRENCH family as well as one marriage and one death entry.

Below is my transcribed summary, (but I welcome any corrections, additions, etc). From Carolyn Kelly, email:

Births listed:

Note: This outline was researched to the best of my ability, but as it was a difficult task, I make no claim that it is correct. Please use it just as a guide. Mara French,

Name                   Date                              Parents                          Birth Gen

Mary French         September 12, 1763        Edward & Elizabeth        4

Edward French     August 11, 1766             Edward & Elizabeth        4

William French      August 14, 1768             Edward & Elizabeth        4

Gordon French     July 29, 1770                 Edward & Elizabeth        4

Samuel French      May 1, 1772                           Edward & Elizabeth        4

John French                  July 11, 1774                 Edward & Elizabeth        4

Abraham French   February 16, 1778          Edward & Elizabeth        4

Ioan French (John)         (illegible)                       Edward & Elizabeth        4

Nathaniel French   (illegible)                       Edward & Elizabeth        4

Elizabeth French    1747                                                                 3

Mary French         May, 1749                                                         3

William French      1753                                                                 3

John French                  1755                                                                 3

Thom French        1758                                                                 3

William French      1709                             Edward                         2

Mary French         September 16, 1718        Stephen?                       2

Elizabeth French    March 1, 1786               Edward & Patchene        5

Dycanner French  March 1, 1788                                                   5

Koblif French        November 9, 1792                                              5

John French                  May 1, 1796                                                               5

Samuel French      April 29, 1801                                                    5


William French married November 2, 1733 (spouse's name is not legible)


Ioan French (John), September 31, 1737

West Indies Shipping & Trading Company

From Lloyd Rowsell, email: His remarks are in brackets [ ] .

"From the IGI files I have viewed microfilm of documents confirming that the Edward French family operated a West Indies Shipping & Trading Company out of Bay Roberts during the period abt. 1700 to 1810. [During a snowstorm in January 2002], I read microfilm [1935 handwritten transcription record] of a document in the Newfoundland Archives [originally] dated April 21, 1636 mentioning a Richard French a skillful Marryner and recommending commission to take Pirattes to be granted to Capt. French.

Newfoundland Ship registers confirm that my ancestors built and owned sailing vessels in the late 1700s and later mastered fishing and sealing schooners up until abt. 1860. Other Russell / Rousell relatives in Newfoundland built, owned and operated fishing and trading schooners until the 1940s and some are active in the fishing business today."


Bibliography and Records