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Hunterdon County Court House, Circa 1730, South Warren Street

Chart #191, Jeremiah French, Sr., 1762
of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ
Morgan, Butler Co., OH
Springfield, Hamilton Co., OH
near Liberty, Union Co., IN
Brookville, Franklin Co., IN

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DNA Test Results for French DNA Group 17

First Generation

Second Generation




DNA Test Results for French DNA Group 17

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This DNA Test proves that this line is not connected to the other French lines from New Jersey; mainly, DNA Group 1, which includes FFA Charts #188, #21, #112, #22, #184, #16, #187, #41, #36, and #28. This line also does not connect to the Quaker French family of NJ. Amwell, NJ, where this family originated, is just west of New Brunswick and Piscataway where DNA Group 1 Frenches originated, yet the DNA does not match. Alan French (test 102653) and Ivan S. French, descendant of JeremiahÕs son William C. French (test 188792) took the DNA tests that match.

á      188792, Chart #191, Jeremiah French, b. 1762, Amwell, Hunterdon, NJ, d. 1834, Butler Co., OH.

1. Jeremiah French Sr., (Amwell, Hunterdon Co. NJ) 6/12/1762 - 7/22/1834 - (Indiana/Butler co. OH), married Hannah Williams, (Goshen, Orange, New York) 8/11/1762 - before 1844 (Ohio/Indiana).

2. Their son William C. French.

á      102653, Chart #191, Jeremiah French, b. 1762, Amwell, Hunterdon, NJ, d. 1834, Butler Co., OH.

1. Jeremiah French Sr., (Amwell, Hunterdon Co. NJ) 6/12/1762 - 7/22/1834 - (Indiana/Butler co. OH), married Hannah Williams, (Goshen, Orange, New York) 8/11/1762 - before 1844 (Ohio/Indiana).

2. Their son, Jeremiah French Jr., (Pennsylvania or Ohio) 6/15/1803 - 7/25/1834 (Butler Co., Ohio/Indiana), married on 6/8/1833 Charlotte Sefton, (Ohio) 5/10/1809 - 6/12/1834, (Butler Co., OH/Indiana).

3. Their son, Nathaniel Granville French, (OH/IN) 5/10/1834 - 3/10/1900 (Pana, IL), married on 5/19/1859 Amanda Bartlett 1/3/1840 - 1/22/1878.

4. Their son, Ransford Morton French, (Venice, OH) 7/16/1866 - 10/5/1942, married on 10/4/1897 Vashti Evelyn Morrow (Missouri), 3/3/1871 - 5/26/1941- both buried in Blue Ash, OH

First Generation

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1.1 Jeremiah French was b. 12 Jun 1762 in Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ. Hunterdon County dates back to 1714 at which time there were enough settlers in Amwell to form a company of militia. Old Amwell township was formed by Royal Charter in Burlington Co. in Jun 1708. East and West Amwell were formed in Apr 1846 after Jeremiah had left.

The name ÒJeremiahÓ was spelled in various different ways, such as Jerimeah, Jarameya, Jerimeah, Jerry, and Jerimah. Note that there are several other men named Jeremiah in New Jersey early on, and this line is most often confused with the one b. in 1759, FFA Chart #179. See also Jeremiah French.

Because Jeremiah was born in Amwell, it is obvious that his parents lived there also. Perhaps JeremiahÕs parents were married in Amwell before 1762. See Ref. [5] for a listing of those married in Hunterdon Co., NJ, but they all appear to be after 1800. His father may have been born ca. 1735-40 and may have the name of JeremiahÕs oldest children: Nathaniel or Moses or William; there is no Nathaniel or Moses in JeremiahÕs wifeÕs family. The Amwell Church of the Brethren is the oldest church in Hunterdon Co., NJ, having been founded before the Revolutionary War in 1733. Below is map of Hunterdon Co., NJ, 1755-1765.


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:1755to1765.gif

Definitely the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783, played an important part in JeremiahÕs life as he was only 13-21 years old.

Frenchtown is a village in Hunterdon Co., NJ, but it is not in Amwell; it also was not formed until 1867; therefore it has nothing to do with Jeremiah French.

Jeremiah relocated first to Bedford Co., PA by about 1782 when he was an adult and met and married Hannah Williams who lived there with her parents. Their children were born in Bedford Co., PA between 1783 and 1803, or perhaps they were born in Ohio. Bedford is quite a distance west of Amwell.

One may ask what took Jeremiah to Bedford Co. and did he have siblings who followed him there?

JeremiahÕs father-in-law, John Williams, died in Bedford Co., PA, in 1809; his will mentioned his daughter Hannah. HannahÕs brothers, Charles and William, lived in Fayette Co., PA, around 1799-1803. Jeremiah and his wife then moved to Morgan township, Butler Co., OH, probably by 1810, on land bordering IN. The oldest mill in Butler County, OH, near the unincorporated community of Scipio on the border of Indiana was built in 1810 by Jeremiah French.

Brookville, IN, is very close to Oxford, OH, (these two states are separated vertically by a dashed line on this map).

Census and Tax Records

Jeremiah French Sr. has a tax record from Pennsylvania in 1785.

Jeremiah French Sr. appears in the mid 1790s Tax Records of Bedford Co., PA.

Jeremiah French Sr. has a deed record in January 1804 in Hamilton Co., OH.

Jeremiah French Sr. appears in the 1806 Tax List of Hamilton Co., OH.

Jeremiah French Sr. appears in the 1808 Tax List of Hamilton Co., OH.

Jeremiah French Sr. appears in the 1809 Tax List of Hamilton Co., OH.

Jeremiah French Sr. appears in the 1810 Tax List of Springfield, Hamilton Co., OH.

Nathaniel French, son of Jeremiah French Sr., 1817, on the Taxpayers AssessorÕs List of Brookville, Franklin Co., IN. Nathaniel died 2 years later in that township.

Jeremiah French listed in the 1820 census of Brookville, Franklin Co., IN, with 8 in his family, at the same time and place where Moses French married. Jeremiah is also listed with his wife and 6 children.
1 male 10-15, b. 1805-1820, grandson?
1 male 16-18, b. 1802-1804, grandson?
1 male 18-25, b. 1795-1804, Jeremiah Jr.
1 male 45+, b. before 1775, Jeremiah
1 female under 10, b. 1810-1820, granddaughters?
2 females 18-25, b. 1795-1804, daughters Mary and Hannah
1 female 45+, b. before 1775, Hannah

No other French is listed in entire Franklin Co., IN, in 1820.

1828 Taxpayers Assessors of Brookville Township, Franklin Co., IN, lists Jeremiah French Sr.Õs children William C. French and Jeremiah French Jr.

In the 1830 census of Union Co., IN, Hannah French appears as head of household living next door to her brother Anthony Williams. She is listed as age 60-70 living with a male age 20-30. She was therefore born 1760-1770, which is precisely correct. Union Co. is just above Liberty Ave. and Hwy 27 in the map above, very close to Brookville and Oxford. Hannah d. 22 Jul 1844 and is buried in Union Co., IN (no proof), and she survived the unfortunate wide-spread epidemic of Asiatic Cholera that killed her husband Jeremiah Sr. and other members of the family.

In the same 1830 census, to look for Jeremiah French Sr., we would need to look for a male French aged 60-70 in Indiana or Ohio. Jeremiah lived with his son Jeremiah Jr. and his sonÕs wife Charlotte Sefton who married on 8 Jun 1833. Jeremiah Sr. was not living with his wife, Hannah, at this time, as she escaped death. Unfortunately, all 3 from this family (Jeremiah Sr., Jeremiah Jr., and Charlotte) died the following year in 1834 of Asiatic Cholera, which was a wide-spread epidemic at that time, in Morgan, Butler Co., OH. Jeremiah Sr. d. on 22 Jul 1834 in Morgan, Butler Co., OH. Henry Sefton is in the 1830 census of Franklin, Wayne Co., OH, living with a male aged 60-70. Charlotte Sefton was b. 10 May 1809 in Oxford, Butler Co., OH, the daughter of Henry Sefton and Elizabeth Boyes. Charlotte d. 2 Jun 1834. CharlotteÕs father, Henry Sefton, also died that year on 27 Jul 1834, in Crosby, Hamilton Co., OH, which is just south of Oxford, Butler Co., OH. Henry Sefton (1767-1834) and Elizabeth Boyes (1777-1841) were immigrants from Antrim, Ireland, who didnÕt immigrate until after 1800 as they married in Antrim, Ireland, in 1799.

Jeremiah Jr. and Charlotte Sefton had one child just a month before they both died, Nathaniel Granville French, b. 10 May 1834 in Hamilton Co., OH. Nathaniel was raised by the Sefton family, his maternal side. Nathaniel d. 10 Mar 1900.

1831, son of Jeremiah French Sr., William C. French, b. ca. 1786, d. 1831 in Brookville, Franklin Co., IN, see Ref. [8].

In 1834 in Morgan Township, Butler Co., OH, the Asiatic Cholera visited the township, especially the eastern side, in a malignant type. About 60 died within three weeks. There was scarely a family which was not visited.
Jeremiah French Sr. 22 Jul 1834
Jeremiah French Jr. 1834
Charlotte Sefton French, 2 Jun 1834
Henry Sefton, 27 Jul 1834

(Henry SeftonÕs wife Elizabeth Boyes d. 21 Dec 1841 in Crosby, Hamilton, OH, buried at New Haven Cemetery in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH)

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Court Records of Decatur County, Indiana 1822-1848
Probate Order Book D, Holmes (Greensburg Library)
page 183

William Sefton vs the heirs and widow of Henry Sefton deceased in a partition of real estate.  The heirs of Henry Sefton were listed as Elizabeth his widow and William and Henry Sefton, Jr.  Ann Jane now the wife of John Hughes Sarah now the wife of Jason F. Brevort, Mariah now the wife of Andrew Scott, Elender now the wife of Calvin Hungerford, Nathanial G. French under 21 the son and only child of Charlotte (now deceased) the wife of Jerome French. A map of the partition was entered here. March 1839.

1840 census would show Hannah French probably living with the Williams family, and she would have been 78 years old, or in the census it would have been listed as age 70-80. Her beloved brother Anthony Williams died in 1846, so she could be listed with him. Anthony Williams appears in the 1840 census of Union, IN, showing he lives with a female aged 50-59, which could be his wife and not his sister. No female aged 70-80 appears in Ohio or Indiana living with a Williams or Sefton family. HannahÕs sons had died before 1840.


Jeremiah m. Hannah Finch Williams in Bedford Co., PA (no proof) probably about 1782, perhaps in Peoria, OH (see Ref. [15]), and had 8 children, born between 1783 and 1803. She was b. 11 Aug 1762 in Goshen, Orange Co., NY, the daughter of John Williams (1731 in Caemarvoshire, Wales, d. 21 May 1809 in Brush Creek, Fulton Co., PA) and Hannah (Finch) Williams (1735-1827) of Bedford Co., PA. They were probably married in 1784 after he finished his military duty, and then they had 8 children:
1. Nathaniel, b. ca. 1783 in PA?, d. 1819 in Brookville, Franklin Co., IN, single, see Ref. [8].
2. Moses, b. ca. 1785 in PA?.
3. William C., b. ca. 1786 in PA?, d. 18 Apr 1831, age 45, in Brookville, Franklin Co., IN, see Ref. [8],
     m. Caroline Ferris, had 1 son and many descendants, including Walter C. French who is Ivan FrenchÕs
     grandfather; Ivan was the DNA tester for this family.
4. Sarah/Sally Ann, b. 7/12/1788 (twin?) in PA?, m. Stephan Sylvester Carroll in Hamilton,
    Butler Co., OH. See
5. Elizabeth, b. 7/12/1788 (twin?) in PA?
6. Mary Polly, b. ca. 1799, m1. Stephen Mahaffey,
    m2. George William Lynn 11 Oct 1828 in Brookville, IN.
    They named their first son Jeremiah French Lynn, b. 1829.
    The 1880 census states her father was born in NJ.
7. Hannah Susannah, b. ca. 1801, m. Joshua P. Williams of Union Co., IN.
8. Jeremiah Jr., b. 6/15/1803, d. 7/25/1834, m. Charlotte Sefton 1833.

Hannah Williams French d. 22 Jul 1844 probably in Union Co., IN, and could be buried in the same cemetery as her beloved brother Anthony Williams who was b. 6 Oct 1772 and died 24 Jul 1846 and is buried at GoodwinÕs Corner or Pentecost, Union Co., IN.

Williams Family

HannahÕs father, John Williams, m. Hannah Finch on 31 Aug 1761 in Goshen, Orange Co., NY. He is found in Pennsylvania as early as 1768. They had the following children: Charles, Hannah, William, Isaac, John, Solomon, Anthony, and Samuel. The Williams family left Goshen, Orange Co., NY in 1778 for PA and went through WV.

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John died in Brush Creek, Fulton Co., PA, but was buried in the Williams Family Cemetery on a family tract in West Providence township, Bedford Co., PA on 21 May 1809. His wife, Hannah Finch, was b. 1735 in Goshen, Orange Co., NY, and buried near Liberty, Union Co., IN on 11 Oct 1826.

Abstracts of Wills and Administrations of Bedford County, PA

Will of John Williams, of Bedford, dated 17 January 1809, proved June 1809. Children: Hannah French, William Williams, JOHN WILLIAMS, JR., Charles Williams, Anthony Williams, Samuel Williams. Wife: Hannah (Finch) Williams. Executor: _____. Witnesses: Christian Felton, Abraham Martin and Francis Reynolds.

There are several men named John Williams listed in the Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1796, as runaway servants, convicts, or apprentices. He is listed giving his name, his masterÕs name, his masterÕs country and colony of residence, his masterÕs occupation, and the date of the newspaper where the advertisement first appears, the runawayÕs ethnicity, the runawayÕs age, the runawayÕs occupation, and runawayÕs contract code. On the next line is the time between newspaper advertisement and when the worker ran away, day of the week the worker ran away, maximum reward offered, runawayÕs height. He would have had to be from Pennsylvania. No proof if any of these as being the one we are searching for; but the master John Brinton is listed as being Welsh and born about 1733; see

William Williams (b. 19 Nov 1762, Orange Co., NY) was the son of John Williams (1731-1809) and Hannah (Finch) Williams (ca 1735-1827) of Bedford County, PA. William Williams moved from Berkeley Co. VA to Bedford Co. PA around 1784 (when he was 20 years old). He lived in Bedford Co. until at least 1803, when he moved to Fayette Co.

The date of William's birth is given as 19 Nov 1764 in a transcript of his parents' bible record.  It shows his sister Hannah's birth date as 11 Aug 1762 and brother Isaac's as 2 Oct 1763. The names and dates are in order and appear to be reliable.

William would have turned 13 in Nov 1777 rather than 16 if the bible transcript is correct.

A transcription of his tombstone in Spears Cemetery, Wharton Township, Fayette Co PA, would have him born in 1759.  It says he died 9-1-1848 at the age of 88. Honour's pension declaration says he died 1 Sep 1848 and that she and William were married on 28 Jul 1803 in Bedford Co PA by Abraham Martin, J.P.

"H. Bradford, for Honour Williams" wrote the Commissioner of Pensions from Uniontown PA on 16 Apr 1858 inquiring about an arrearage in pension payments. This was probably William and Hannah's daughter, Hannah Bradford.

A letter of inquiry is in the file, dated January 5, 1929,  from Miss Flora M. Williams of 35 Connellsville St., Uniontown, PA. She claimed that "while living in New Haven, now a part of Connellsville, Fayette Co., Penna., he (William Williams) entered the army again and served in the War of 1812. His widow, Honour Williams, also received a pension for his services in that war."

If William did serve in the War of 1812 at the age of around 50, it needs to be verified. The papers signed by Hannah or William that the National Archives selected to send to me make no mention of 1812 service. Reference by Andy Anderson at

John WilliamsÕ will shows that he gives to his daughter Hannah French. She must be the oldest child as he mentions her before his sons William, John, Charles, Anthony, Samuel, and Solomon.


Jeremiah served in New Jersey Militia during the American Revolutionary War sometime between 1775-1783 (before he married). His war efforts may have taken him to Bedford Co., PA, as Jeremiah French is listed there under Capt. Samuel PaxtonÕs Ranging Company as a Private. On a list of receipts and payments to the Militia Bedford County, Jeremiah is listed as £4 4 0.

Military Rolls, 1783-1790, a list of the inhabitants of Hopewell Township, Bedford Co., PA, made subject by law to the performance of militia duty taken by Joseph Shoup the 26th Jan 1789.

John Murphey.

Joseph Lilley.

Jacob Wimer.

Joseph Shoup.

Lawrence Swartz.

John Ryland.

Daniel Longstreath.

John Longstreath.

Joh Lewis.

Bazel Joyster.

Peterson Cherry.

Benjamin Penn,

Lewis Fauster.

Marten Longstreath.

James Garrahan.

Peter Carrigun.

Martin Myers.

Bolser Swartz.

Henry Swartz.

Abraham Bolman.

Nicholas Bollman.

Valentine Bowser.

Thomas Buck.

John Galloway.

David Levistone.

John Newcomer.

Matthew Dougherty.

Jeremiah French.

Jacob Stiller.

Josep McFerren.

John McCany.

William Nixon.

John Chivington.

Henry Rynard.

Adam Miller.

William Wilson.

John Miller.

John Ogden.

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Jeremiah FrenchÕs military duty in Bedford Co., PA, closely parallels that of David, Samuel, and Lot French, which is currently FFA Chart #64. Until we find a definite connection, we are leaving these families separate. The problem exists that Jeremiah is from Hopewell township; Lot and Daniel are from Providence township; and David is from Upper and Lower Chichicheston townships.

Jeremiah was on the militia rolls of 1783-1790 in Hopewell Township, Bedford Co., PA. Also listed are Lot French and Daniel French in 1789 in Bedford Co.  Samuel French is listed in 1783-1790 in Bedford Co.  Lot French is also listed in 1786. David French is listed in 1786. Andrew French is listed in the 1st Battalion of Philadelphia in 1784. Charles French is listed in Philadelphia in 1785.

The OÕNeal Genealogy Association Newsletter lists Lot French under the Class Roll of Capt. George EnslosÕ Company Province in the Co. of Bedford. Perhaps he was killed during the war because his name is not mentioned any further on

Jeremiah FrenchÕs Mill, 1810, Scipio, Butler County, OH

French's Mill was built in 1810 by Jeremiah French, apparently on the east side of Dry Fork Creek in Morgan Township, near the Ohio-Indiana border. It was called "the oldest mill in this part of the township" in the 1882 Butler County history, which placed it "three-quarters of a mile below Scipio" with "an overshot wheel 18 feet in diameter."

From ÒA History & Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, OhioÓ, published in Evansville, IN, 1882: The oldest mill in this part of the township was built in 1810 by Jeremiah FRENCH, three quarters of a mile below Scipio.  It had an overshot wheel eighteen feet in diameter, and stood on the east side of the creek. At first the mill stood on posts, which in time rotted; and in order to build a saw-mill, stone were used for the foundation. John HYDEE succeeded French, who also was followed by Jesse SMITH and HOLLIBUT, both of whom were Yankees. SMITH was a mill-wright by trade.  The old French mill ceased running more than forty years ago [that would be before 1842].  Below French's mill a few rods, Levi SPARKS built a stone still-house.  He had his corn ground at the mill above. 

The 1836 township map of Morgan, Butler Co., OH, shows Jeremiah French in the NW quadrant of #10.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:1836-morgan-twp.jpg

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:1836-morgan-twp.jpg


Jeremiah d. on 22 Jul 1834 in Morgan, Butler Co., OH of Asiatic Cholera, which was a wide-spread epidemic at that time. He is buried (along with 117 other Frenches) at the Spring Grove Family cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, Section 84 Lot 91. He was re-interred with his son Jeremiah French Jr. 34 years later on 8 Aug 1868 at the Spring Hill Cemetery in Cincinnati, OH. In 1834 the Asiatic cholera visited the township, especially the eastern side, in a malignant type. About 60 died within three weeks, including Jeremiah Sr., his wife Hannah, Jeremiah Jr. and his wife Charlotte.

Description: Jeremiah1

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The ÒN. G. FrenchÓ who is listed above as the lot owner was undoubtedly Nathaniel Granville French, the son of Jeremiah French Jr. who was living in 1868 during this internment. Nathaniel Granville (10 May 1834 – 10 Mar 1900) was only a couple of months old when both his parents died.

See We find 7 cemeteries in Amwell on this website: As of now, no French is recorded on that link. 116 records with the surname French are listed in the Spring Grove Cemetery.

Second Generation

Children of Jeremiah French and Hannah Finch Williams, 1.1

2.1 Nathaniel French, b. 1785 in Bedford Co., PA, d. 1819 in Franklin Co., IN (age 34). Was a Corporal in the War of 1812. No heirs. A man by the name Nathaniel French, who was born between 1790 - 1800, appears in the 1830 census of Greene Co., Illinois, which has as its western boundary the Illinois River. This is near the area where Jeremiah's four daughters were living in 1844.

2.2 Sarah (Sally) Ann French (twin), b. 12 Jul 1788 in Bedford Co., PA, d. 1871 in Peoria, Peoria Co., IL, m. Stephan B. Carroll in Hamilton, OH. . See

2.3 Elizabeth French (twin), b. 12 Jul 1788 in Bedford Co., PA. May have moved to IL near the Mississippi River.

2.4 Moses French, b. ca. 1789 in Bedford Co., PA. Need more research: Moses d. 1900 at a very old age, m. Huldah Gardner on 2 Apr 1820 in Franklin Co., IN. There was a Huldah Gardner who was b. in NH in 1791, the dau. of Amos Gardner and Phebe Terrell. She is probably the same Huldah Gardner who appears in Nantucket, MA, in the 1810-1840 census which is not the same Huldah as this French line. Ref [1] says that her relative Lizzie writes that only two of Jeremiah French Sr.Õs sons lived to marry; one was Jeremiah Jr. and the other was William, so perhaps Moses died young.

2.5 William French, b. between 1780-1790 in Bedford Co., PA, lived in 1836 in Oxford, Butler Co., OH. The map showing quadrants 21, 27, and 28 shows William owned about 466 acres. In 1830 William most likely lived in Oxford, Butler Co., OH, where his father died in 1834. The 1830 census shows 7 men with the name William in Ohio in the counties of Athens, Delaware, Geauga, Montgomery, and Trumbull, but no Butler. Butler Co. is on the edge of Indiana. The 1840 census lists Wm French in Oxford, Butler, Ohio. He is living with 1 male between 15-20, and William himself is 50-60; therefore, he was born between 1780-1790. He is also living with 1 female 15-20 and his wife was 40-50; therefore, she was born between 1790-1800.

William as well as any French do not appear to be listed in the 1850 census of Butler Co., OH. William d. 18 Apr 1831, age 45, in Brookville, Franklin Co., IN, see Ref. [8]. More research needs to be done as these dates do not coincide. William m. Caroline Ferris, had 1 son and many descendants, including Walter C. French who is Ivan FrenchÕs grandfather; Ivan was the DNA tester for this family. Caroline Ferris was b. 1812 and d. 1834, the daughter of Frederick Ferris and Susanna Nichols. After William died in 1831, Caroline Ferris French m. John St. John. For more information, see Patti HeimburgerÕs genealogy in the Table of Contents.

Description: Jeremiah6

2.6 Mary French, b. 1799 Bedford Co., PA, d. after 1880 in Perry, Pike Co., IL, m1. Stephen Mahaffey, m2. George William Lynn 11 Oct 1828 in Brookville, IN. May have moved to IL near the Mississippi River. They named their first son Jeremiah French Lynn, b. 1829.  The 1880 census states her father was born in NJ.

2.7 Hannah French, b. 1801 in OH, m. Joshua Palmer Williams of Union Co., IN, a relative on her motherÕs side. She may have moved to IL near the Mississippi River. Joshua was b. between 1800-1813 in Union Co., IN, m. in Pike Co., IL in 1836. Hannah was a widow in Brown Co., IL in 1880. Joshua was reportedly living in Utah around 1872. Children: Loaran, Sarah Elizabeth, Jeremiah Marcellus, and Hannah Mary Williams. For details on this line, see AndyÕs file on entitled  ÒJoshua Williams & Hannah French of Pike and Brown Counties, ILÓ, Ref [8].

2.8 Jeremiah French Jr. was b. 15 Jun 1803 in Orange Co., NY (he may have been born in Goshen, his motherÕs birth home), d. 25 Jul 1834 from Asiatic Cholera (his father died at the same time). See death certificate. Jeremiah Jr. m. Charlotte Sefton on 8 Jun 1833. Their son, Nathaniel Granville (10 May 1834 – 10 Mar 1900) was only a couple of months old when both his parents died. Charlotte was b. 10 May 1809 in Butler Co., OH, and d. 2 Jun 1834 also in Butler Co., OH. Jeremiah is buried at the Spring Grove Family cemetery in Cincinnati, OH. Charlotte was buried with her parents at New Haven Cemetery, Hamilton Co., OH [1].

Description: Jeremiah3

Jeremiah French Jr.Õs son, Nathaniel G. French, born a year after his parents marriage and born 2 months before they both died.

Description: Jeremiah4

Description: Jeremiah2

The above record is from ÒThe Alumni Record of the University of Illinois at UrbanaÓ, edited by Frank William Scott, 1906. Ransford M. French was the son of Nathaniel G. French, above.

Other Jeremiah Frenches Born in the 1700s

See also Jeremiah French.

á      Jeremiah French is on a list of men thru the DAR who fought or gave serve during the American Revolution. This list is by state that the ancestor came from, and in this case, it says he served in NJ and came from NH. He was born in 1757 in Stratham, NH, and m. Sarah Sullivan.

á      Jeremiah French is on a list of men from Northumberland Co., PA in 1790 showing one male over 16, 2 males under 16, and 2 females. This could be another Jeremiah French.

á      FFA Chart #11 shows a Jeremiah French, b. 1712 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT, son of Samuel French the Joiner.

á      FFA Chart #11 shows a Jeremiah French, b. 1764 in Huntington, Fairfield Co., CT, son of Thomas and Abigail (Mallory) French.

á      FFA Chart #11 shows a Jeremiah French, b. 1786 in Huntington, Fairfield Co., CT.

á      FFA Chart #11 shows a Jeremiah French, b. 1789 in Manchester, VT.

á      FFA Chart #179 shows a Jeremiah French, b. 1759 in NJ, m. Margaret VanGorder, and moved to Tioga Co., PA and Chemung Co., NY. He also served in the Revolutionary War [11].

á      1790s HOPEWELL, BEDFORD, PA DOCUMENT, SLAVES for sale. ... Signed at bottom by Jeremiah French. A Jeremiah French is listed as an inhabitant of Hopewell, Bedford Co., PA, made subject by law to the performance of militia duty taken by Joseph Shoup on 26 Jan 1789.


French, Amanda b: 3 JAN 1840 in Miamatown, Hamilton Co., OH d: 22 JAN 1878 in Lindenwald, Butler Co., OH

French, Charlotte Eliza b: 27 APR 1872 in Colerain, Hamilton Co., OH d: 18 MAR 1911 in Van Buren, Montgomery Co., OH

French, Elizabeth

French, Elma A. b: 23 AUG 1881 in Lindenwald, Butler Co., Ohio d: 27 MAY 1955 in Los Angeles, CA

French, Emma H. b: 29 MAR 1849 in Ohio d: 30 APR 1924 in Indiana

French, Ernest Channing b: 16 AUG 1875 in Lindenwald, Butler Co., OH

French, Gladys L. b: 3 NOV 1893 in Illinois d: 29 MAY 1964

French, Hannah b: 1801

French, Harry b: ABT 1900 in New Orleans, Louisana

French, Harry G b: ABT 1900 in New Orleans, Louisana

French, Henry Granville b: 31 MAY 1869 in Colerain, Hamilton Co., OH d: NOV 1910 in California

French, Jeremiah b: 12 JUN 1762 in Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ d: 22 JUL 1834 in Ohio/Indiana border

French, Jeremiah b: 15 JUN 1803 in Penn. or Ohio/Indiana border d: 25 JUL 1834 in Butler Co., OH/Indiana border

French, Jeremiah b: 31 DEC 1877 in Lindenwald, Butler Co., OH d: 31 DEC 1877 in Lindenwald, Butler Co., OH

French, Luella May b: 26 MAY 1862 in Milville, Butler Co., OH d: 10 APR 1944 in Indiana

French, Margaret Louise b: 4 JUL 1910 in Blue Ash, Hamilton Co., Ohio d: DEC 1986 in Moxee, Yakima, WA

French, Mary b: 1799

French, Matilda B. b: 24 JUN 1862 in Venice, Butler Co., OH d: 26 MAR 1950 in San Berdardino, CA

French, Matilda Bartlett b: 24 JUN 1862 in Venice, Butler Co., OH d: 26 MAR 1950 in San Berdardino, CA

French, Moses b: ABT 1789

French, N. G. b: 10 MAY 1834 in Morgan Twp., Butler Co., OH/Indiana d: 10 MAR 1900 in Pana, Christian Co., IL

French, Nathan G b: 10 MAY 1834 in Morgan Twp., Butler Co., OH/Indiana d: 10 MAR 1900 in Pana, Christian Co., IL

French, Nathaniel b: ABT 1787

French, Nathaniel Granville b: 10 MAY 1834 in Morgan Twp., Butler Co., OH/Indiana d: 10 MAR 1900 in Pana, Christian Co., IL

French, Ransford M b: 16 JUL 1866 in Venice, Butler Co., OH d: 5 OCT 1942 in Blue Ash, Hamilton Co., OH

French, Ransford M b: 2 APR 1906 in New Jersey d: 18 MAY 1974 in Alexandria, Louisiana

French, Ransford Morton b: 16 JUL 1866 in Venice, Butler Co., OH d: 5 OCT 1942 in Blue Ash, Hamilton Co., OH

French, Ransford Morton b: 2 APR 1906 in New Jersey d: 18 MAY 1974 in Alexandria, Louisiana

French, Sarah

French, Thomas H. b: 14 OCT 1936 in Blue Ash, Hamilton Co., Ohio d: 15 JAN 2007 in Henderson, Texas

French, Thomas Herbert b: 14 OCT 1936 in Blue Ash, Hamilton Co., Ohio d: 15 JAN 2007 in Henderson, Texas

French, Vashti Morrow b: 24 MAY 1903 in New York d: 16 DEC 1982 in Paw Paw, Van Buren Co., Michigan

French, William b: ABT 1799

French, William H. B. b: 10 JUL 1860 in Millville, Butler Co., OH d: 29 APR 1861 in Butler Co., OH

French, William Robert b: 28 JUN 1913 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio, United States d: 10 JUN 2000 in Liberty Township, Butler Co., Ohio.

DNA Testing

Administered by Julia French Wood. For any questions regarding DNA, please email Julia at

A good source for research would be for a male with the surname French of this line to take the DNA test. It is a simple test that doesnÕt involve blood. A kit is delivered to your house with special brushes for you to take cheek swabs and the tip is injected into the tiny test tubes to be returned to the lab. After the tests that you ordered are completed, in about 4 weeks, you will be notified and can log in to your personal page at the company to view your results and your DNA matches. They may match up with one of the tests shown here: The FamilyTree DNA website gives a special lower price to those with the surname French. Read about those who approve of it: To get the discounted price for our French DNA Project group, go to and click at the left on "Join the French DNA Project" then place your order. Julia French Wood suggests the 37 marker test (Y-DNA37), but if you want to start with 25, you can upgrade to a higher test at a later date if needed.


[1] Patti Heimburger, (good as of 2012). I received a copy of a letter from Nathaniel French, one of Jeremiah's grandson's, (my ggm's father) written to is eldest son, dated 3/19/1899. "I have no records of the French family. About all I know is my grandfather Jeremiah French was born in Hunterdon Co., New Jersey, came to Ohio (Hamilton Co) about 1800 where my father of same name was born. Both died of cholera in 1834, I being raised without parents and distant from any of my father's people. I never had a chance to know much about them. I don't think you can scrape up any relationship to your friend." BTW, Nathaniel was raised by the Sefton's (his maternal side).

I looked through online pages of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812 and found some of interest.

-    Corp. Nathaniel French and a Henry Martin both in Capt. Ephraim Brown's Co., (country unknown)

-    William French and a Benjamin Williams both in Capt. Daniel Dull's Co., (country unknown)

-    William "Wrench" [French?] in a Capt. Warham, (Grant's Co.)

-    Squire French and a Joseph Williams, Samuel Williams, Havel Williams all in Capt Jacob Bartholomew's Co., (country unknown)

-    John French in Capt. Hugh Craighton's Co., (country unknown)

-    Samuel French in John Augustine's Co., (country unknown)

-    Joel Zane with a Capt. William Wilson's Co., (country unknown) [this is the only Zane I could find]

-    John Martin and William Martin both with a Capt. David Sutton's Co., (Butler Co.)

[2] Jeanette S. French, From 2007: Daniel French of Profidence TWP, Bedford, Bedford Co., PA. He enlisted in the Rev War while living in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, along with a Jeremiah French. Both Daniel and Jeremiah French moved to Bedford County, PA, following the war.
1785 Tax Assessment, Profidence TWP [Bedford Co., PA]
James French, 50 acres
Daniel French, 30 acres
Jeremiah French, 50 acres
Lott French; Single Freemen

Jeremiah French moved on to an area on the IN-OH border and is being researched by another French researcher. They have just submitted DNA from their line for testing. It would be great if you have a Male, surname FRENCH, who could participate in the DNA testing. I think Daniel and Jeremiah were probably brothers but no proof as yet.

Gateway to the West, Volume I, Hamilton Co., Deed Records, Deed Book D-1, Page 565, 1-17-1804 transaction. Also note 8-25-1803 entry mentioning Jacob Bryant of Springfield, Essex Co., NJ. 8-29-1803 - mentions William Van Horn also of Essex Co, NJ

 [3] Barbara Higgins Meyer, email: (not good in 2012)

[4] Bob Lynn, email: Website: See also Lives at 4400 Trapline Dr., Anchorage, Alaska, 99516-1538, 907-346-4447.

[5] Marriage Records of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 1795-1875, dated 1918, website:

[6] Descendants of Hannah Finch,

[7] Terri Murdock, or (good in 2002, not good in 2012). I believe this Jeremiah French is my 5G Grandfather. I show that he was married to a Hannah Williams and that Sarah Ann French born in July 1788 in Ohio, was my 4G Grandmother. Have you received any additional information concerning his or Hannah's ancestors?

[8] Jeremiah Sr.Õs oldest son Nathaniel, d. 1819: Franklin County Inventories, Pg 251 Book A, website:


Inventory of the personal property of Nathaniel French deceased


1 english dictionary                                  6.00

2 volumes Chittys pleadings                          10.00

3   do Raymonds Reports                              15.00

1  do   Story's Pleadings                             4.00

1  do   American Presidents                           4.00

1   do  Crawn Circuit                                 4.00

1   do  American Digest                               4.00

1   do  Cooper's Pleadings                            4.00

5  volumes Tuckers Blackstone with custion noted to same 20.00

2 volumes Tidds Practice                              7.00

2  do  Silvnas Nisi prices                            6.00

6   do  Comyns Digest                                30.00

1  do  Lawyers Guide                                  5.00

1  do  Peaks evidence                                 5.00

1  do  Jones on Bailment                              1.00

1  do  Ewings Philosophy                              3.00

1  do  Campbells Rhetoric                             2.50

1  do Goldsmith's Greese                              1.25

1  do  Life of Napoleon Boneparte                      .50

1  do Duncans Logic                                    .75

1  do  Murrys Grammener                                .25

1  do Henrics Kimistry                                 .75

Sunday books & pamphlets                              1.00

1 desk & bookcase                                     5.00

1 trunk                                               3.00

3 pr cloth pantaloons                                 6.00

4 do nankeen & c                                      6.00

5 vests                                               7.00

1 pr sherivollas                                      5.00

3 coats                                              13.00

1 great coat                                         12.00

2 blankets                                            5.00

3 shirts                                              6.00

4 chairs                                              2.00

1 bucket                                               .50

1 table                                               2.00

1 pr  tongs & shovel                                  1.50

1 saddle                                             12.00

1 pr saddle bags                                      2.00

1 bridle                                              4.50

1 map                                                 1.50

1 looking glafs                                       1.00

appraised by us this 25th day of September 1819

Robt Martin

G. Sellurdock

Sworn before Hugh Morrison Justice of the Peace for Franklin County Indiana the

26?Th September 1819


Franklin County Inventories, William C. French, son of Jeremiah Sr.

Page 275-276

February Term A.D. 1834

Before me, Nathaniel Hammond one of the Justices of the Peace of and for the

County  aforesaid, personally came Daniel St. John and Isaac Peck, appraisers

duly appointed by Michael C. Snell & Caroline French, administratrix of the

estate of William C. French, late of said County deceased, to appraise the

personal property of which said deceased died seized who were by me duly and

legally sworn faithfully to appraise according to their unbiased judgments the

personal estate or all of the estate that shall be exhibited to them by said

administration. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this

23rd day of April 1831. Nathaniel Hammond, Justice of the Peace.

A list of personal property belonging to the estate of William C. French, deceased


1 wagon & bed                                             48.00

set of harnefs for 2 horses, 1 blind bridle               10.00

1 horse                                                   47.00

1 saddle & bridle                                          6.50

1 counterpin, 2 flannel blankets, 2 coverlets              2.25

1 linnen sheet, 1 old flannel blanket, 1 bed quilt         1.12

3 cotton sheets, 1 bed spread, 2 pillow cases,

  1 table cloth & towel                                    2.00

4 coverlets, 4 kitchen chairs, 1 violin, 1 slate,

  5 butcher knives                                         8.87½

3 windsor chairs, 1 pr shoes                               2.60

1 pr hand irons, shovel & tongs, 1 looking glass           1.75

5 earthen crocks, 2 tin buckets, 2 cups, coffee pot

  canister tea chest, 2 waiters, 1 ladle, 1 tin horn

  1 bed pot, 2 candlesticks & table                        1.87½

1 fall leaf table, 12 plates, 1 sugar bowl, 4 cups &

  saucers, 1 pepper box, 1 tumbler, 2 bowls, 6 tea

  spoons, 7 knives & 6 forks                               1.25

1 glass tumbler, 1 old tea pot, 1 salt cellar & lot

  of old books                                              .37½

1 hand saw, 2 axes, scythe & cradle, plane & hoe           2.87½

1 mare & colt                                             45.00

3 baskets                                                   .25

1 lot of old irons, 1 splint sieve, old churn &

  slop bucket                                               .75

2 combs & 2 brushes                                         .37½

2 iron kettles                                             1.25

1 set plough irons & shovel plough, saddle bags & leather  2.50

1 bedstead & cord, 1 straw bed tick & feather bed          3.00

1 bedstead & cord, 1 straw bed tick & feather bed          3.50

[page 276]

1 small spinning wheel & steelyards                        2.00

1 pr of old shoes                                           .06¼

9 pounds sugar                                              .37½

1 griddle, 1 pot, 1 tea kettle, 1 bake oven, 1 skillet,

  2 smoothing irons                                        2.50

1 washing tub                                               .50

1 rifle gun, bullet moulds, powder horn & bullet pouch    15.00

1 meat cask, 1 water cask, 1 old trunk                      .75

the wearing clothes of the deceased                        3.00

1 chest                                                     .75

1 dog puppy                                                 .50

4 hogs                                                     1.00

cash notes on the Bank of the United States              115.00

1 note of hand on John C. Johnston due Dec 1831          108.32½

do   on    do   payable 1st day dec 1832                  37.50

do   on    do   payable 1st day dec 1832                  35.00

do   on    do   payable 1st day dec 1832                  50.00

total                                                    565.27

taken on the 23rd day of April 1831

[9] From the will above of Nathaniel French, one could see that he was an attorney-at-law.

[10] Butler County, OH, Genealogy:

[11] Andy Anderson, email: "Charles Williams married Mary McLain in Bedford Co., PA. Her parents, Jacob and Elizabeth (Wilson) McLain, moved from Bedford Co. to Zanesville (in Muskingum Co., OH) around 1814 and died there." Since Andy comes from the Williams family he knows the lines/names well and now I can understand the possible connection in 1812 (French/Williams/Zane). There were groups of French relatives who lived near the Williams families (from Hannah Williams French who married Jeremiah French, Sr.) for generations.

[12] CAPT. L. FRENCH WILLIAMS [Lizzie, NathanielÕs cousin, is a sister of this Captain]. See

Was born in Perry, Pike County, Illinois, October 6, 1837. His father Joshua P. Williams, was born in Union county Indiana, September, 1815. His vocation is that of a farmer. At the age of twenty-one he was married to Miss Hannah, daughter of Jeremiah French, of Hamilton county, Ohio. They had four children, of whom the subject of this sketch is the oldest. In 1836 he moved to this state, locating in Pike county. In 1859 he removed to the territory of Utah, where he now resides.

The Captain received most of his education from the teaching of his mother, who was a good scholar, and taught the first school in Perry. At quite an early age he commenced clerking in the mercantile house of A. D. Ravenscroft, of Versallies, Illinois. On the breaking out of the rebellion he enlisted in company C., 27th regiment Illinois volunteers; was mustered into the service August 17th, 1861, at Camp Butler; at Springfield was elected second lieutenant. They were then forwarded to the front. He participated in many hard-fought battles. Prominent among them were Belmont, Island No. 10, Union City, Stone River, Lavergne, Chicamauga, at the last of which he received a severe wound in the head. He lay on the battle field for three days without receiving medical attendance, as his comrades thought him killed. It was nearly two years before the gallant Captain fully recovered from the effects of his wounds. He remained in the service, though not in the front, until September, 1863, when he received an honorable discharge, coming from the service with his military record untarnished. Previous to receiving his wound, he was commissioned captain, and while bravely leading his men to the charge, received his almost fatal wound. 

On his return home he was married to Miss Louisa, daughter of Charles M. Vertrees, of Perry. They have a family of three children, all daughters. At present he is a member of the enterprising firm of Cleveland & Williams. They have a large and well selected assortment of merchandise.

[13] ÒHistory of Fayette Co., IN, 1885Ó: The history of Fayette County as a civil division began January 1, 1819. William W. Wick, James Noble, John Test, William C. Drew, D. J. Caswell, James B. Ray, James Rariden and Nathaniel French were admitted to practice as attorneys and counsellors at law in this court.

FIRST AND LATER LAWYERS AT THE FAYETTE COURTS. At the opening of the court, May 3, 1819, the following-named attorneys were present and admitted to practice in the courts of Fayette County: William W. Wick, James Noble, John Test, William C. Drew, Daniel J. Caswell, James B. Ray, James Rariden, Nathaniel French, and John A. Daily.

[14] Juanita Arnold, email: (email good in 2001). Could Jonathan have been a son of Moses or Mose? Jonathan French b May 18, 1788 New Jersey or Pennsylvania one census says NJ another says PA.  d October 07, 1869 Ripley County, Indiana married Elizabeth Johnson b December 17, 1801  d December 22, 1875 Ripley County, Indiana married August 04, 1820 Brookville, Franklin, Indiana. From the FFA: Jonathan is buried at the Union Flat Rock Cemetery in Ripley Co., IN, and his wife was Elizabeth, b. 17 Dec 1801, d. 20 Dec 1875 and is buried at the same cemetery. A total of 31 Frenches are buried in this cemetery, the oldest being Jonathan. See


Descendants of Jonathan French I decend through his son SAMUEL FRENCH, b.

May 08, 1825, Fayette County, Indiana; d. Aft. 1880, Fayette County  or

Franklin County, Indiana.


Generation No. 1


1.  JONATHAN1 FRENCH was born May 18, 1788 in New Jersey or Pennsylvania,

and died October 07, 1869 in Ripley County, Indiana.  He married ELIZABETH

JOHNSON August 04, 1820 in Brookville, Franklin, Indiana.  She was born

December 17, 1801, and died December 22, 1875 in Ripley County, Indiana.



2. i. MARIAH2 FRENCH, b. July 15, 1821, Fayette County, Indiana; d. March

16, 1863, Union County,  Indiana.

3. ii. GEORGE WASHINGTON FRENCH, b. October 20, 1823, Fayette County,

Indiana; d. November 08, 1915, Pretty Prairie, Kingman County, Kansas.

4. iii. SAMUEL FRENCH, b. May 08, 1825, Fayette County, Indiana; d. Aft.

1880, Fayette County  or Franklin County, Indiana.

5. iv. MARY JANE FRENCH, b. November 07, 1826, Fayette County, Indiana; d.

September 10, 1907, Decatur, County,  Indiana.

v. JR. JONATHAN FRENCH, b. December 17, 1827, Fayette County, Indiana; d.

July 20, 1924; m. MARY E. JUDD; b. 1829; d. Deceased.

vi. JACKSON FRENCH, b. October 01, 1829, Fayette County, Indiana; d. August

02, 1840, Fayette County, Indiana.

vii. INFANT FRENCH, b. February 01, 1831, Fayette County, Indiana; d.

February 01, 1831, Fayette County, Indiana.

viii. HANNAH FRENCH, b. April 22, 1832, Fayette County, Indiana; d.

December 26, 1910; m. JOSEPH JUDD, February 26, 1854; b. 1830; d. Deceased.

ix. OLIVER FRENCH, b. 1834, Fayette County, Indiana; d. 1834, Fayette

County, Indiana.

x. DRUSILLA FRENCH, b. April 02, 1835, Fayette County, Indiana; d. March

22, 1855.

xi. FRANCIS FRENCH, b. February 14, 1837, Fayette County, Indiana; d. March

17, 1907; m. MARY ELIZA MARSHALL, January 22, 1902, Ripley County, Indiana;

b. 1839; d. Deceased.

xii. JAMES FRENCH, b. January 01, 1840, Fayette County, Indiana; d. 1842,

Fayette County, Indiana.

xiii. LEWIS FRENCH, b. Abt. 1842, Fayette County, Indiana; d. January 01,

1862; m. SARAH J. RINO, February 05, 1860, Ripley County, Indiana; b. 1844;

d. Deceased.


Generation No. 2


2.  MARIAH2 FRENCH (JONATHAN1) was born July 15, 1821 in Fayette County,

Indiana, and died March 16, 1863 in Union County,  Indiana.  She married

SQUIRE DAVIS February 24, 1838 in Decatur County, Indiana.  He was born

October 29, 1816 in Indiana, and died January 24, 1889 in Springersville,

Fayette County, Indiana.



i. SARAH N.3 DAVIS, b. June 15, 1839, Union County, Indiana; d. July 24,


ii. ELIZABETH DAVIS, b. August 29, 1840, Union County, Indiana; d.

Deceased; m. HARRY MOUNTS, 1861; b. 1838; d. Deceased.

iii. ARMELLA ELLEN DAVIS, b. March 11, 1842, Union County,  Indiana; d.

January 15, 1930, Mattoon, Coles County, Illinois; m. ADDISON WARD,

September 08, 1860, Liberty, Union County, Indiana; b. 1837, Union County,

Indiana; d. Deceased.

iv. MARY JANE DAVIS, b. April 13, 1843, Union County, Indiana; d. August

27, 1912, Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio; m. ZEPHANIAH LEE ENFIELD, December

25, 1864, Oxford, Butler County, Ohio; b. 1841, Union County, Indiana; d.

Deceased, Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio.

v. LUCINDA DAVIS, b. June 18, 1845, Union County,  Indiana; d. September

04, 1846, Union County,  Indiana.

vi. MARTIN V. DAVIS, b. January 20, 1847, Union County,  Indiana; d.

December 07, 1920; m. MARY CAMPBELL, October 03, 1870; b. 1848, Union

County,  Indiana; d. Deceased.

vii. AMANDA M. DAVIS, b. June 29, 1849, Union County, Indiana; d. Deceased,

Liberty, Union County,  Indiana; m. PULLEN; b. 1847; d. Deceased.

viii. REBECCA ANN DAVIS, b. July 23, 1851, Union County,  Indiana; d.

December 29, 1929, Roseberg, Indiana; m. JAMES MULLEN, April 18, 1872; b.

1848; d. Deceased.

ix. HANNAH FRANCIS DAVIS, b. October 27, 1853, Union County,  Indiana; d.

July 12, 1940, Connersville, Fayette County, Indiana; m. WILLIAM WEAVER,

February 18, 1875, Indiana; b. 1851; d. Deceased.

x. CLEMENTINE DAVIS, b. September 13, 1855, Union County,  Indiana; d.

1931, Fayetteville, Indiana; m. WILLIAM CUMBERLY; b. 1853; d. Deceased.

xi. MARTHA ALICE DAVIS, b. April 30, 1857, Union County,  Indiana; d.


xii. SYLVANUS M. DAVIS, b. November 01, 1859, Union County,  Indiana; d.

November 22, 1936, Springersville, Fayette County, Indiana; m. CLARA,

December 24, 1887; b. 1861; d. Deceased.

xiii. MAHAECIAL DAVIS, b. August 05, 1861, Union County,  Indiana; d.


xiv. FLORENCE EMMA DAVIS, b. February 24, 1863, Union County,  Indiana; d.

March 25, 1853, Union County,  Indiana.

[15] Roxanne K. Carkhuff, email:, email good in 2008. She talks about Lebanon, Hunterdon Co., NJ, Tax Lists.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:NJ French search.jpg

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:Old NJ French seach.jpg

 [16] Butler Co., OH, Cemeteries

 [17] Hunterdon County NJ Archives Military Records.....Jeremiah FRENCH and others


Rev War Rosters PRIVATES of New Jersey


Copyright.  All rights reserved.



File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by:

Patti Heimburger February 20, 2009, 1:10 pm



Official Roster 



Freeman, David. Captain Asher F. Randolph's company, State troops.


Freeman, Edgar. [See Lieutenants - Navy].


Freeman, Eleizer. Essex.


Freeman, Israel. Middlesex.


Freeman, Jedediah. Captain Dodd's company, Second Regiment, Essex; also State



Freeman, Jehiel. Middlesex.


Freeman, Jeremiah. Sussex.


Freeman, John. "Captain John Walton's Troop, Light Dragoons," Monmouth.


Freeman, Jonah. Middlesex.


Freeman, Jonathan. Captain Morgan's company, Second Regiment, Middlesex;

"Captain Nixon's Troop, Light-Horse," Middlesex.


Freeman, Joseph.


Freeman, Matthew. Essex.


Freeman, Matthias. Middlesex.


Freeman, Michael. Morris.


Freeman, Moses. Captain Abraham Lyon's company, Second Regiment, Essex.


Freeman, Philip. Morris.


Freeman, Philip. Captain Carhart's company, First Regiment, Monmouth.


Freeman, Samuel. Morris.


Freeman, Samuel. Middlesex.


Freeman, Silas. Morris.


Freeman, William. Morris.


Freeman, William. Middlesex.


Freeman, Zenus. Captain Josiah Pierson's company, Second Regiment, Essex.


Frees, Adam. Sussex.


French, Daniel. Third Regiment, Hunterdon; also State troops; also Continental



French, David. Somerset.


French, Jeremiah. Hunterdon.


French, Jeremiah. Captain Westbrook's company, Third Battalion, Sussex; also

Continental Army.


Additional Comments:

Jeremiah French (my ancestor) is listed in some records but not in Hunterdon Co.


This file has been created by a form at


File size: 2.0 Kb


This file is located at:

[18] Research from Jim Gunderson (now deceased) on Bedford Co., PA: Stephen French, a son of Daniel, a son of James, (maybe) a son of Nathaniel b. 12 Jul 1762* at Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ. That is from research by a Francis Cox. I do not know how good the Nathaniel connection is or whether Nathaniel is "East or West Jersey." A different researcher thinks there is a Jeremiah between James and Nathaniel. The key file for the Bedford Co. families of James + Daniel + Stephen is the orphans court records at Bedford Co. There is other research there as well. James died intestate with 8 young children (Daniel is the eldest). The court stepped in - all the children are named. Then Daniel died intestate and Stephen stepped in to try to straighten it all out about 1833**. Copies of the entire French family file was made for me in Jul 2006 by Gillian Leach, Historian in Bedford Co. Part of my East Jersey line (FFA Chart #188), Joseph P. French 1767-1826 and son Robert 1787-ca 1855 does come through the Bedford Co. area and to Allegany Co., MD. But the names James and Daniel and Stephen do not show up in the correct years.

*This might mean that Nathaniel and Jeremiah were twins.
**This was the year of the vast cholera epidemic.

[19] Gateway to The West, Vol. 1, compiled by Ruth Bowers and Anita Short, 1967, website:

Samuel French m. Elizabeth Decker on 21 Jun 1810 in Butler Co., OH.
Jeremiah French to Jacob White Jr. of Springfield twp, Hamilton Co., OH, Bill of Sale for chattels and household goods, 17 Jan 1804.
Polly French m. Lewis Johnston on 24 Jul 1823 in Lawrence Co.