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(left) Neddy French House, Moorestown, Burlington Co., NJ, ca. 1770.
(right) Thomas French House, 512 Camden Avenue, Moorestown, Burlington County, NJ,
SR 01/19/76, NR photo dated 01/09/78

Chart #20, Thomas French Jr., the Quaker, 1639
Rancocas, Moorestown, and Chester, Burlington Co., NJ
Immigrated from Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, England

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Chart 20 in pdf Format

Researched and handwritten by Harry Dana French before 1960, then formatted in pdf by Art Westneat, 96 pages.
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Chart 20 on Rootsweb

This chart includes over 1,000 members of this French family. Index of this line was researched by Jeffrey Lee French, born 20 Nov 1962 in Columbus, Stillwater, Montana, died 8 Dec 2016 at age 54 in Sheridan, Sheridan, Wyoming, former email He lived on 5010 Coffeen Ave., Sheridan, WY 82801, (307) 672-3301. His website has been taken over by another person, perhaps Christina Phillips. Earlier Index.


Randy Keith Winch, the creator of the Rootsweb indexer for and for WorldConnect died on 8 Dec 2016; he was only 54.  See his Obituary below. Rootsweb has been taken over by another person.


of the book “Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas French from Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, England”, who settled in Burlington County, New Jersey, by Howard Barclay French, Vol 1, Philadelphia, 1909, 501 pages. This index in PDF format was added in August 2015.

DNA Test for Chart #20

Search for Kit #96136. As there has been only 1 DNA test taken for this large family, kindly consider taking one for comparison. Because this line were all Quakers, it might not combine with the DNA Test Group #1 and most of the other French families do from New Jersey.

History and Research

Morristown and Moorestown Locations

The Thomas French House

Books on Chart 20

Analysis of the Surname French in New Jersey

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You may search the FFA Library for “Chart #20” or for “Nether Heyford” to find more information on this line.


Randall Keith Winch -- Obituary


History and Research

Thomas French Jr., b. 1639 in Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, England, immigrated to Burlington Co., NJ. See his Gravesite. See his parents’ Gravesite.

From Burlington: A Provincial Capital, Historical Sketches of Burlington, New Jersey and Neighborhood, by George DeCou, 1945, CD purchased by Mara French.

Thomas and Jane French and their children arrived in Burlington from Nether Heyford, County of Northampton, early in 1680. When a youth, Thomas French joined the Society of Friends and in 1657, when only 18 years of age, he was imprisoned for refusing to pay tithes for the support of the Established Church.

In November, 1680, he purchased 1/8 of a share of land in West Jersey from John Woolston and as a proprietor his name appears as a signer of the Concessions and Agreements. Under this proprietary right, he located 600 acres on Rancocas Creek below the village of Rancocas in 1684. Franklin Park Farm, now owned by Mrs Julia C. Taubel, at one time the country seat of Governor William Franklin, the last of the Royal Governors, is part of the French plantation. T. Harvey Buzby, a direct descendant of Thomas French, owned the Park Farm until 1940.

Jane French died in 1692 and four years later Thomas French married Elizabeth Stanton of Philadelphia. He died in 1699 and both he and his wife were buried in the family burying ground on the plantation, the location of which is not known at the present time. His will, dated Jun 3, 1698, is a most interesting document. The first paragraph reads:

“I being intended if the Lord will to goe for Old England not knowing whether I shall ever returne againe to my family doe make & ordaine this my last will & Testamt. . . I give unto my wife Elizabeth after my decases if shee be the longer liver the House & Plantation where now I live with four Hundred Acres of Land belonging to it . . . , during her naturall life. . . . I give unto my sone Charles ffrench Two hundred Acres of land Lyeing next John Hudsons.”

The will stipulated that the entire plantation should revert to his son Charles at the death of both parents. He willed to his son Richard “all the Reversion of my Eighth part of a Propriety,” purchased from John Woolston in 1680. In 1695 he had by deed of gift conveyed 300 acres west of Moorestown, to his oldest son Thomas “in consideration of the natural affection, good will and kindness which he hath and beareth to his well beloved Son.” This was part of the 600 acre tact in Moorestown (formerly Chester) Township which he had taken up in 1689.

This book also states that Sarah Scattergood married Richard French, son of Thomas and Jane French, in 1693 (p. 209). The Frenches mentioned in this book are: Charles (182, 188); Hannah (181); Jane (181, 187); Mary (181); Richard (188, 200); Thomas Sr. (181, 187-8); Thomas Jr. (188).

Morristown and Moorestown Locations

Two distinct locations are being confused in relation to the Thomas French Quaker line. Information from Jeanette S. French.

·      MORRISTOWN is located in Morris County, New Jersey

·      MOORESTOWN, which for over two centuries has been one of the most distinctive Quaker quarters, is located in Chester township, Burlington County, New Jersey. This French family was from Moorestown.

The Thomas French House

Thomas French Jr. House, 512 Camden Avenue, Moorestown, Burlington Co., NJ, SR 01/19/76, NR 01/09/78.

Now located in a relatively urban setting, this building was once the centerpiece of a large farm. It is believed to incorporate the oldest house in Moorestown, built by Thomas French, Jr. in the early 18th century. Although at first glance this appears to be a 5-bay, 2 1/2-story house with a conventional Georgian center-hall plan, closer inspection reveals that it was constructed in at least three sections. This is suggested on the exterior by the placement of the front door slightly off-center, and evidence, revealed in the brickwork, of the relocation of a window to make the facade appear more symmetrical.

The oldest section consisted of a 1-room structure, now encompassed in the southeast corner of the building. As occurred frequently in central New Jersey, this was then enlarged to a 3-bay, side hall plan, two rooms deep, and then to a full central hall, 5-bay plan.

Some fine woodwork survives on the interior. The east parlor retains chair rails, a molded cornice, and a round-arched corner cupboard with carved pilasters and keystone. In the living room is a corner fireplace, with a Federal-style mantel with delicate free-standing columns and bulls' eyes in the end panels.

Thomas French, Jr. was locally prominent in Moorestown in the early 18th century. He served in several church and township offices, and eventually was elected to the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders. The property descended in his family until 1837. During the Revolutionary War, the farm was probably occupied by troops from both sides. Certainly both sides raided it. Continental troops appropriated cedar rails, hay, and grain in February 1777. In June 1778, British troops, retreating from Philadelphia, slaughtered cattle and made off with timber and clothing.

For a time in the 19th century, a girls' school operated on the property. Elwood Hollinshead acquired the farm in 1858. It remained in possession of his descendants until 1965, although the family began to subdivide the property for development in 1914.

Books on Chart 20

·      The Descendants of Elizabeth Jane, Bertie Melissa, and Fannie Ellen Hottel, by FFA member Warren B. French Jr., and Christopher E. French, 8 Feb 1994. Chart #20. Elizabeth Jane Hottel m. William Schoonover French Sr., 1855-1928. William was a prominent citizen in the Valley of Virginia, the son of Martin V. French, and was born at Kylertown, PA, then resided in Woodstock, VA. Thomas (1), m. Jane Atkins; Richard (2), m. Mary King; Jonathan (3), m. Esther Matlack; Francis Sr. (4), m. Elizabeth Sparrow; Thomas Sr. (5), m. Hannah Johnson; Capt. William (6), m. Phoebe Mathis; Martin Van Buren French (7), m. Frances Schoonover; William Schoonover French Sr. (8), m. Elizabeth J. Hottel; Warren Ballinger French (9), m. Lena Belle Sheetz; Warren B. French (10), m. Patricia H. Teale; Christopher E. French (11), m. Rhonda L. Harris. Book is about 250 pages. Request book from Christopher French, Frenchfield, Route 2, Box 325, Edinburg, VA 22824.

·      The Descendants of the Hottel Family, by Warren B. and Christopher E. French, February 8, 1994. Includes the ancestry of Thomas French of Nether Heyford, Chart #20. Thomas (1); Thomas (2); Richard (3); Jonathan (4); Francis (5); Thomas E. (6); Capt. William (7); Martin Van Buren (8); William Schoonover French, Sr. (9). William S. French, Sr., was the son of Martin V. French, b. Kylertown, PA, and m. Bettie Hottel of near Woodstock, Virginia, in Feb 1885. Frenchfield, Route 2, Box 325, Edinburg, VA 22824.

·      The Frenches of Woodstock, VA, an account of six generations: our relatives, our enterprises, and our memories. Edited by Anne French Dalke, FFA member Christopher Edward French, and Carolyn French Long. The FFA says this is one of the nicest book we have seen. Just published in 1997. Martin Van Buren French of Burlington Co., NJ and his descendants of Little Egg Harbor, NJ and Woodstock, VA. 850 pages. Contact FFA member Christopher E. French about ordering.

·      BF669 THOMAS FRENCH. Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas French from Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, England, who settled in Burlington County, New Jersey, by Howard Barclay French, Vol 1, Philadelphia, 1909, 501 pages, copied in its entirety. SLC US/CAN 929.273 F887fh Vol 1. Thomas French is one of the original proprietors in Burlington together with William Penn, Edward Byllynge, Thomas Ollive, Gauen Laurie and others. With some account of Colonial manners and doings, setting up of Friend's Meetings, copies of old minutes and other particular writings of public interest, curious and rare papers in facsimile, noteworthy happenings and places, etc. Large index. Order book through Ms. Iris Watson, Higginson Book Company, 148 Washington Street, Salem, MA 01970, Tel: 508-745-7170, FAX: 508-745-8025. Vol. II is 743 pages, published in 1913. Index of this book.

·      FFA Library -- You may search the FFA Library for “Chart #20” or for “Nether Heyford” to find more information on this line.


1680 Nov 20 -- Deed. John Woolston, yeoman, to Thomas French, cooper, both of Burlington, NJ, for 3- of 1-90 share, except a lot in Burlington of 1 acre rood with a house and 50 a. around it and a lot of 2 a. there; grantor holding said by conveyance from Thomas Ollive of Welingborough, haberdasher, of February 26, 1676 7. 12

1682 Oct 13 -- Do. Do. for Robert Dunsdale of 500 a., S. Rancokus alias Northampton R., E. William Evans, N. Thomas Ollive’s millbrook, W. Thomas French. 33

1689 1st m. (March). Do. Do. for Thomas French, of 600 a. on Pemsoking Cr. between Thomas Wallis, Jonathan Fox, Thomas Rodman and Samuel Burrows; also of 21 a. of meadow adjoining Thomas Plooton. “Note 200 Acres of this Survey is taken of And ye remaining 421 Acres stands recorded in Page (100.)” 89

Undated: Daniel Leeds, for Richard ffinimore, of 205 a. along Northampton R., between Abr. Huling, Tho. Ollive and Tho. French. 92

This Thomas is the one of Burlington, NJ, who was a Quaker, FFA Chart #20.

Undated: Schedule or Tarry with a deed of bargain and sale (ut supra, p. 12) betw. John Woolston senior and Thomas French, the first acknowledging the sale to the other of 200 acres on Rancokus Creek, S. E. Wm. Biddle, N. W. John Roberts; also 200 a. on the same creek, N. W. Thos. Ollive and a lot in Burlington, N. E. High St., a little alley lying on the S. W. side of John Hollinshead, N. W. Delaware R., S. E. the Back Street, 25 feet front on the river. 352

1693 Nov. 18. Do. William Biddle of Mount Hope, Burlington Co., merchant, sole executor of Wm. Ellis of the same Co. yeoman dec’d, to Richard French of said Co., yeoman, for 460 acres, near John Curtis at Mount Pleasant, Mansfield Township: for boundaries see Liber A, P- 68. 355. This Richard is the one of Burlington, NJ, who was a Quaker, FFA Chart #20.

1694-5 Feb. 19. Do. Thomas French, senior, of Wellingborough, Burlington Co., yeoman, to his son Thomas French, junior, husbandman, for 300 acres on Pensawkin Creek, near the bridge, betw. Samuel Burrows, Tho: Rodman and Tho: Wallis; also 2T a. next to Tho: Hooton. 433

UNDETERMINED: David A. French, b. 6 Feb 1747 in Somerset Co., NJ, d. 8 Oct 1838 in Essex/Union Co., NJ. 1830 Starkey, Yates Co., NY, p.259, 1m 80-90 (David), 1m 90-100 (unknown, possibly related to Sarah), 1f 10-89 (Sarah). See an article in the Genealogical Magazine of NJ (my notes are unclear, it may be NY, V 3-10-11, and also David French's Bible in possession of the Wixson family at Dundee, Yates Co., NY. Grace Wixson notes that the Bible records are also on file at the DAR.Further ref: History of Union & Essex Cos., NJ, Cleveland's History of Yates Co, NY. David lived at French's Corners (aka Eddytown and Lakemont NY) currently Yates Co. in 1794. The moved from Connecticut Farms (Union NJ) to the Passaic Valley
NJ 1778-80 Rev.War census at Springfield, Essex Co.The DAR application of Laura Snodgrass Searles, a descendant, claims that the ancestors of David A. came from Northamptonshire, England - this reference is from Ricord and refers to the family of Thomas Ffrench of Burlington Co., NJ - not our line. Stacy L. Jackson's History of Cameron, NY: "David French was born in New Jersey Feb. 6, 1747. He married Sarah Wilcox who was born Oct 8, 1745. They settled in Starkey, now Schuyler Co., in 1794, being among the first settlers at that point. They had at least one son, Benjamin, who was born 1771, and married Mary Conklin (actually Collard).

He m. Sarah Willcocks on 30 May 1776 in New Providence, Essex, NJ. She was b. 8 Oct 1755 in New Providence, Essex, NJ. They had 10 children: Benjamin, Mary, Willis, Levi, Sarah, David, Cornelius, Elizabeth, Phebe, and Nancy. See Many more connections.


Samuel Richards was born in 1763 in England and died at age 82 in 1845 (on 15 Nov 1844, 81 years, or 3 Aug 1845, spouse Ann Eliza Shinn) in Westfield, NJ. Actually, “an” Ann Eliza Shinn married Samuel Richards on 3 Aug 1845 in Burlington, Burlington, NJ, denomination Methodist at the Broad Street United Methodist Church. Joseph Ashbrook was the witness. SHINN is probably incorrect. Check with DNAGroup1.docx.


Map showing location of lands along the Rancocas as taken up from the Indians by Thomas French and other pioneer settlers between 1680 and 1690.



Evesham Births


Randall Keith Winch -- Obituary

WINCH, Randall Keith, age 54 (Nov. 20, 1962 – Dec. 8, 2016) died on Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016, at his residence in Winchester. Randy was born on Nov. 20, 1962, in Ord, Calif. to Roger and Carolyn Winch. He is survived by his father, Roger Winch of Winchester; one sister, Nicole Collins of Tullahoma; one brother, Kevin Winch of Winchester; and his nieces, Vanessa Morris of Franklin County and Nicole "Nikki", Victoria and Rachael of Tullahoma. His mother, Carolyn Proffitt-Winch preceded him in death. Randy was a long-time resident of Tullahoma and Winchester. He graduated from Tullahoma High School in 1981, where as a student he excelled on both the math and tennis teams. Randy loved playing tennis in his younger years and taught himself how to code. He started Rootsweb in 1996, and was fondly referred to as the "Chief Hacker and Creator of Wonderful Things" by Brian Wolf Leverich. In 2000, Rootswed was purchased by Ancestry and Randy stayed on until his death as the senior software developer for He was instrumental in building, improving and maintaining Rootsweb and his love for his mother Carolyn led him to also develop WorldConnect. Randy will be fondly remembered both by his family and everyone who had the honor of calling him friend and will be missed beyond measure. In lieu of flowers, please send all donations in his name directly to Tullahoma High School, 927 North Jackson St., Tullahoma, TN 37388, Attn: Ladonna Webb, to either the THS Tennis and/or THS Computer Technology (CTE). Visitation was held on Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016, at Kilgore Funeral Home in Tullahoma from 4 to 7 p.m. Kilgore Funeral Home in charge of arrangements, 215 Mitchell Blvd., Tullahoma, TN 37388 (931) 455-0677 <>
Published in Herald Chronicle on Dec. 16, 2016 - See more at:


[1] Floyd French,, email good as of 10 Oct 2019.

[2] Mary Grether,, email good as of 31 Dec 2016.
Isaac French B.1780 NJ; D. 1845 Highland co Ohio​
Theodosia Lippencot Maltack  b. 1786 NJ, d. 1855 Highland co Ohio
Theodosia married Joseph Gilbert
they had 7 children, and they lived & died in Leanon, kansas, some of the
children moved to Colorado

From the FFA:

Isaac French is from the Quaker Line of the French Family, FFA Chart #20. The months may be from the old calendar
He was born 8 of the 9th month 1785 in Burlington, NJ to Rachel and George French as shown at a Quaker Evesham Monthly Meeting (Pre-Separation/Orthodox). 
I can send you the original record but as it is a jpg file, you’ll need to request it from my email
His mother Rachel was born 8 of the 9th month 1755. Here are their other children:
William French born 30 of the 3rd month 1776
Abraham French born 23 of the 5th month 1778
Susanna French born 16 of the 11th month 1781
Bathsheba French born 15 of the 3rd month 1783
Isaac French born 8th of the 9th month 1785
Jacob French born 8th of the 5th month 1788

Isaac died 9 Aug 1845 in Clinton County, OH, and is buried in the East Fork Quaker Cemetery
He married Theodora Lippencott on 12 Jan 1804 in Burlington, NJ
His gravestone states he was born in 1780, but his birth record states otherwise
Theodora was born 1786 and died 1855. 
Apparently, they had only 1 daughter, so the French line ended there.

[3] Doris French Smith, email:, email good in 2002. My great grandfather was David Morey French from Piqua, Ohio....he is a part of chart # 20 (Aaron French) in the French Family Association. This chart goes back to Thomas ffrench in New Jersey.

[4] Katherine Hall, - email good in 2000. At the time I didn't know if I was related or not, but I recently uncovered
some information that makes me believe that I am. My Great-Grandfather was Asa Telford French, born in Piqua in June of 1844.  I have strong reason to believe he was the son of Simeon and Martha French.  You see...Martha's maiden name was Telford and also the other children of Simeon & Martha i.e. Milton, Caroline, Quincy were also the same names of some of the siblings my Grandfather Ray French.  How can I verify that this is true and who do I need to contact directly regarding updating the GEDCOM file
with my French family information?

[5] Joseph Horned,, email good in 2003.     

[6] Al Maass,, email good in 2003. I am trying to locate any one with a line to Tomas FRENCH, son of Thomas and Marcy FRENCH who in 1798 married at Redstone Monthly Meeting (Brownsville, PA) Esther CATTELL daughter of Jonas and Elizabeth CATTELL.  Thomas and Esther (Cattell) FRENCH (originally from NJ) subsequently emigrated to Salem, OH

[7] Barbara French Hamson,, email good in 2004. My line is from Thomas Ffrench (Nether Hayford, England).  It descends to Thomas, Jr; Thomas III; Robert; James; Thomas; Thomas Emmor; Albert Newton; Thomas Penn (who was my father).

[8] It's just amazing how many sites there are for Chart 20, but no confirmation. These links are from 2004.