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St. John The Baptist, Saxmundham, Suffolk, England. More

Chart #11, Samuel French, the Joiner, 1687
Saxmundham, Kelsdale, Knodishall, and Lowestoft, to
Suffolk County, England, and
South Perrott and Bradford Abbas, Dorset County, England, to
Stratford, Connecticut

This page was updated by Mara French on 6/29/20. Numbers in brackets [ ] show sources and refer to the bibliography at the end of this chart. An asterisk (*) shows continuation of that line. Send corrections or comments to Contact. Although this is not my line, I keep it updated as time permits. Revisions: 1984, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2020.


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Researched and handwritten by Harry Dana French before 1960, then formatted in pdf by Art Westneat
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Compiled by Bill French

Randy Keith Winch, the creator of the Rootsweb indexer for and for WorldConnect died on 8 Dec 2016; he was only 54. See his Obituary below. Rootsweb has been taken over by another person.

Bill French has been trying to find someone to take over this line since 2018. He desperately wants to get all his genealogical materials he collected from many of the family members including extended family to our archive facility at the Onondaga Historical Association, in Syracuse, NY. If anyone would like to continue with this line on Rootsweb, please contact Bill French.


Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel French, The Joiner, of Stratford, Connecticut, by Mansfield Joseph French, Published on 9 May 1941

If the above file does not open, try “Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel French”. In my opinion, this is the best documented ancestry on any French immigrant in America, plus this version is searchable, 485 pages, includes photos, maps, full index. Just click the page, and the next page will open.

PDF version: “
Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel French”.

TXT version: “Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel French”. version: “Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel French”.

History and Research

DNA Test for Chart #11 – DNA Test Group 2

Jeremiah French Jr.’s House in Upper Canada Village, Ontario, Canada

Jeremiah French Jr’s House in Manchester, VT

Jeremiah French Jr’s Tombstone, United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada

Historical Narratives of Early Canada of Jeremiah French

Joshua French’s House in Manchester, VT

Stratford, CT Vital Records 1639-1854

Ripton Parish, Connecticut, Peter Price French, b. 15 Oct 1762

Jeremiah French, Elizabeth Horsey, Samuel French, Susannah Pitman

The History of the Old Town of Stratford and the City, p. 1204

1790 U.S. Census

Lieutenant Jeremiah French Jr.’s Uniform

This 1779 uniform belongs to Lieutenant Jeremiah French Jr. and is in the “Canadian War Museum”.  Born in 1743, in Stratford, Connecticut.  Died in Cornwall, Ontario, in 1820.  He fought with Sir John Burgoyne and was taken prisoner at the Battle of Bennington in 1777.  After the war he received a 2,400 acres Loyalist grant at Maple Grove, near Cornwall, Ontario.  His home is now in “Upper Canada Village”, Morrisburg, Ontario. Research supplied by Ian Blundy [15].

Other Men Named Jeremiah French

Suffolk Wills

Will of Thomas French, 29 September 1653, Knodishall, Suffolk, England

Will of Edmond French of Kelsdale, 10 Jun 1619

St. John the Baptist Church, Saxmundham, Suffolk, England

Randall Keith Winch -- Obituary

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You may search the FFA Library for “Chart #11” or for “the Joiner” or “Lowestoft” to find more information on this line.


History and Research

Contact Information: Please send Bill French any corrections or additions to this chart. He has a published genealogy citing my oldest ancestor is William French b. 1450, d. ca. 1520. His genealogy was published by his great uncle, Mansfield Joseph French in 1940 and is entitled, "Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel French The Joiner of Stratford, Connecticut", Edwards Brothers, Ann Arbor, Michigan). Bill French's line is as follows: William (Bill) French > Alexander Winchell French > Arthur Huntley French > Mansfield Joshua French > Rev. Mansfield French > Joshua French > Samuel4 > Samuel3 > Samuel2 (The Joiner) > Samuel1 > Rev Jeremiah > Thomas > Robert (Robard) > Thomas > William > William of Lowestoft (1450-1520).

This French line lived all over the U.S. and Canada, but mostly in Connecticut, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, Jew York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wisconsin. In Canada they lived in Ontario, Oxford, Stormont, Cornwall, and Saskatchewan.

Chart #11 is named after the first immigrant of this line to come to America, Samuel French, the Joiner. A joiner was a profession in the 1600's, and according to Webster, it is a person who constructs the wooden components of a building, such as stairs, doors, and door and window frames.

Chart #11 goes back to 1450, the oldest research we have on the surname French. William French was born about 1450 in Lowestoft, died about 1520, and was buried 7 Feb 1560 in Kelsale, Suffolk County, England. William French was a Lowestoft merchant. Mansfield French states* that William had two younger brothers (or one brother and a nephew), one of who was Churchwarden of St. Mary's, Kelsale but church records clearly show that the Churchwarden was Robert French, born 1545 to Thomas, William's brother or nephew. Mansfield further states that William's father was born c.1450 and died c.1520, and that his will is filed in Somerset House, London. A researcher' 1993 visit to Somerset House revealed that no wills are stored there, nor did a close search of the Public Records Office, where such records are indeed kept, produce any such document (although I did locate the will of another William French d.1535, apparently a collateral relative). For William's father to have lived 1450-1520, he would have to have been at least 50 when he married and to have survived her son, William's mother would have to have been in her 90's in 1593 and therefore young enough to be her husband's granddaughter [3].

It seems more likely that, as both William's wife Christian and his sister Margaret had grandchildren (and were thus probably at least 40), his godson William Wright was married, and his mother was still living when he died, William was probably born between 1520-1540. If this is so, William's father would probably have been born between 1480-1520 and thus is clearly not the William French, Mansfield suggests and the John (d.1561) and Thomas (d. 1567) whom Mansfield lists as William's brothers could instead have been his uncles. Mansfield lists a Margaret, bapt. 1548, as one of Thomas's children. William's will names his sister, Margaret, who would have been born about this time. Could Thomas be William's father? [3]

In any case, William and Christian apparently had no living issue. He thus left much of his estate, a good portion of which he owned outright (rather than leasehold) to his sister Margaret's son Thomas Goddard and to his wife's son by her first marriage, Matthew Fullwood who himself had a young daughter at the time of William's death. William's mother Agnes, who had been widowed for a second time just previously, survived her son [3].

He was clearly interested in education, as he also directed that Christian "bring up or cause to be brought up" Richard Mighael [sic], a fatherless minor, and send him to school so that he might learn his grammar "and other things necessary," and like his late stepfather provided an income for a schoolmaster. He also provided for housing "for two poor people to dwell in so long as the world standeth" and extended his late stepfather's bequest to the poor [3].

* Mansfield states that his records were "furnished by Richard Grosvenor Barteiot FSA, Editor Somerset & Dorset Notes & Queries." This would have been before 1940 [3].

Samuel French, the Joiner, was born 15 May 1687 in Bradford Abbas, Dorsetshire, England, died 3 Sep 1763 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT, and married Mary Price in Dorset. They had 11 children: Samuel, Jeremiah, Mary, Susanna, John, Jonathan, Anne, Elizabeth, Thomas, Hannah, and Joseph, all of which are documented in Chart #11.

East Broad Street, Stratford, CT

Jeremiah French was born ca.1712, the son of Samuel and Mary (Price) French of Stratford, Ct. He came to Dover by 1756 and leased two large farms totaling over 400 acres. He lived near Old Dover's Tavern in South Dover. He was an original purchaser of some of the New Hampshire Grants and before the Revolution owned much of what is today Manchester Center, VT. He had 4 sons who were loyalists; Jeremiah Jr., Benjamin, Charity and Gershom [9].

Considering the very detailed "Settlers of the Beekman Patents", in Dover, Dutchess County, NY it's confusing because there were two Jeremiah Frenches. Jeremiah French Sr was the 2nd son of Samuel French The Joiner. He moved from CT to Dutchess County, NY. He was often accused of being a Loyalist, and after some skirmishes with some of the locals, and having to escape for awhile to Long Island, he finally prevailed in Court and retained all his lands in Dutchess County, NY.

About 1760, his son and others formed a group called the Nine Partners - a land developing company. They purchased the original patents the King gave about 61 of his buddies, and subdivided and sold them. Jeremiah Jr. surveyed much of the town of Manchester, Bennington County, VT, and was the first Town Clerk. He eventually moved to Manchester.

Jeremiah French Jr, was a Loyalist and a Captain in the Queens Loyal Rangers, then later a Lt. in the Royal Regiment of New York, (called the "Yorkers"). He forfeited much of his lands in VT. He moved to Cornwall in Ontario where he became a very prominent citizen and was the area's first representative to Parliament in Ottawa. His house was actually moved from land now submerged to make way for the 1950's St. Lawrence Seaway Project enabling freighters to travel into Lake Ontario from the Atlantic Ocean. He sold his original house to a son-in-law, George Robertson. That house is still standing at Upper Canada Villages, near Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. The house is called the "Robertson House”. Prior to this house, Jeremiah lived at the 1811 House in Manchester Village, Vermont.

What is a Joyner or Joiner?

This interesting surname is of Old French origin, and is from an occupational name for a maker of wooden furniture, derived from the Anglo-Norman French "joignour", from the Old French "joigneor", itself from "joinre", to join, connect, originally from the Latin "iungere". As an occupative term joiner probably came into use somewhat later than carpenter. Job descriptive surnames originally denoted the actual occupation of the namebearer and later became hereditary. The medieval "Cocke Lorelle's Bote" mentions "Carpenters, coupers, and joyners". The surname was first recorded in the late 12th Century (see below), and other early recordings include: William le Juinnur (1204, Early English Personal Names); and John le Jeynuur in the 1296 Feet of Fines of Essex. Recordings from London Church Registers include the christening of Francis, son of Anthony Joyner, on July 18th 1591 at St. Margaret Lothbury, and the marriage of Christofer Joyner and Agnes Savadge on December 4th 1598. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Joinur, which was dated 1195 - 1215, in the "Records of Pleas of London", during the reign of King Richard 1, known as "The Lionheart", 1189 - 1199. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

Read more:

Stratford, CT Vital Records 1639-1854

From the Barbour Collection

Surname French, website:

Andrew, son Samuell Jr & Elizabeth, b Mar 24, 1755

Benjamin, son Jeremiah & Hannah, b Oct 22, 1745

Benjamin, son Benoni & Mehetable, b June 2, 1772; died June 23, 1772

Benoni, m Mehetable BOOTH, Jan 11, 1763

Bette, dau Jon & Bette, b Sept 13, 1744

Bette, dau Jon & Bette, b June 8, 1752

Bettee, dau Samuell & Hannah, b Apr 16, 1770

Bette, dau Gameliel & Susan, b Aug 24, 1784

Charity, dau Jeremiah & Hannah, b Aug 15, 1747

Elijah, son Samuell Jr & Elizabeth, b Sept 12, 1751

Elisha, son Jon & Bette, b Dec 19, 1750

Elizabeth, dau Samuell Jr & Elizabeth, b Apr 8, 1741

Frederick, of Monore (sic), m Carline WELLS of Stratford, Nov 29, 1843, by Rev W B Weed

Gamaliel, m Susana ______.

Gameliel, b Apr 13, 1755

Hulda, dau John & Bette, b Sept 28, 1743

Ichabod, son James & Mary, b Jan 13, 1777

James, m Mary BRINSMADE, Jan 19, 1774

Jeremiah, son Jeremiah & Hannah, b July 8, 1743

John, son John & Bette, b Dec 23, 1746

John, son James & Mary, b Aug 28, 1775

Joseph, son Samuell Jr & Elizabeth, b July 26, 1748

Joseph Brinsmade, son James & Mary, b Jan 12, 1786

Joshuah, son Samuell & Hannah, b Feb 20, 1767

Josiah, son Samuell Jr & Elizabeth, b Dec 18, 1745

Mary, dau Jeremiah & Hannah, b Feb 28, 1739

Mary, m Daniel SHELTON, Mar 13, 1758

Mare, dau Benoni & Mehetable, b Dec 7, 1766

Nathan, son Jon & Bette, b Dec 26, 1748

Nehemiah Loring, son Samuell Jr & Elizabeth, b May 1, 1737

Polly, dau James & Mary, b Dec 6, 1778

Rebecca, m David SHERMAN, Jan 18, 1775

Ruth, dau Gamaliel & Susan, b Aug 21, 1786

Samuell Jr, m wid. Elizabeth CLARK, June 2, 1736

Samuel, son Samuell Jr & Elizabeth, b Mar 9, 1738/39

Samuel Jr, m Hannah NICHOLS, May 29, 1766

Sarah, dau Jeremiah & Hannah, b May 22, 1741

Sarah, dau Samuell Jr & Elizabeth, b June 22, 1743

Sarah, dau John, sadler, & Hannah, b Sept 24, 1753

Sarah Redfield, dau James & Mary, b Aug 13, 1783

Susana, wife Gamaliel, b Sept 18, 1760

Timothy, son Gamaliel & Susan, b Sept 12, 1788

William, son Jeremiah & Hannah, b Mar 23, 1737

William, son Gamaliel & Susan, b Dec 18, 1782

1790 U.S. Census

It might be interesting to know that in the 1790 census of the United States, only 488 head of households are named French, and no other family is listed as from Northumberland; therefore, we conclude that Jeremiah’s father died before 1790. He must have been about 50 years old, born about 1740.

Those head of households listed for New York in 1790 are:

William French, Harpersfield, Montgomery Co., New York
Samuel French, Mohawk, Montgomery Co., New York
Peter French, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., New York
Peter French, Hampton, Washington Co., New York (FFA Chart #11)
Peter French, Rensselaerwick, Albany Co., New York
Ruben French, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., New York
Levi French, Wellsburgh, Clinton Co., New York
Jonathan French, Argyle, Washington Co., New York (he is from FFA Chart #6)
Joseph French, Mohawk, Montgomery Co., New York
Joseph French, Washington, Dutchess Co., New York
Joseph French, Hudson, Columbia Co., New York
Joseph French, Oyster Bay, Queens Co., New York
Joseph French, Middletown, Ulster Co., New York
John French, Otsego, Montgomery Co., New York
John French, Harpersfield, Montgomery Co., New York
John French, Rensselaerwick, Albany Co., New York
John French, Saratoga, Albany Co., New York
John French, Hoosick, Albany Co., New York (FFA Chart #11)
Jasper French, Whites, Montgomery Co., New York
Jeremiah French, Pawling, Dutchess Co., New York (FFA Chart #11)
Elijah French, Balls Town, Albany Co., New York
Benjamin French, Saratoga, Albany Co., New York
Benjamin French Jr., Saratoga, Albany Co., New York
David French Jr., Otsego, Montgomery Co., New York
David French Sr., Otsego, Montgomery Co., New York
David French, Cambridge, Albany Co., New York
Ebenezer French, Mohawk, Montgomery Co., New York
Abner French, Mohawk, Montgomery Co., New York
Ansil French, Rensselaerwick, Albany Co., New York
Ashel French, Mohawk, Montgomery, New York

Those head of households listed for Pennsylvania in 1790 are below.

Alexander French, Hopewell, Newton, Tyborn, and Westpensboro, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania
Alexander French, Springhill, Fayette, Pennsylvania
Andrew French, Bristol, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aron French, Washington, Pennsylvania
Charles French, Water Street East Side, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Chrisr French, Water Street East Side, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Daniel French, Bedford, Pennsylvania
Danl French, Mixed township, York Co., Pennsylvania
Enoch French, Fannet, Hamilton, Letterkenney, Montgomery, and Peters, Franklin Co., Pennsylvania
Eres French, Armstsrong, Washington, Pennsylvania
James French, Bedford, Pennsylvania
Jeremiah French, Northumberland, Pennsylvania (FFA Chart #179)
John French, Bedford, Pennsylvania
John French, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jonathan French, Water Street East Side, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jno French, Portion taken from Washington, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Robt French, Portion Taken from Washington, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania
Samuel French, Fannet, Hamilton, Letterkenney, Montgomery, and Peters, Franklin Co., Pennsylvania
Wm French, Hopewell, Newton, Tyborn, and Westpensboro, Cumberland, Pennsylvania
Wm French, Portion taken from Washington, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania
Wm French, Portion taken from Washington, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania

Lieutenant Jeremiah French Jr.’s Uniform

This 1779 uniform belongs to Lieutenant Jeremiah French Jr. and is in the “Canadian War Museum”.  Born in 1743, in Stratford, Connecticut.  Died in Cornwall, Ontario, in 1820.  He fought with Sir John Burgoyne and was taken prisoner at the Battle of Bennington in 1777.  After the war he received a 2,400 acres Loyalist grant at Maple Grove, near Cornwall, Ontario.  His home is now in "Upper Canada Village", Morrisburg, Ontario. Research supplied by Ian Blundy [14].

Will of Thomas French, 29 September 1653, Knodishall, Suffolk, England


Comments by Jeanette French,, email good in 2004.
This Thomas French is a different Thomas French than identified

in "Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel French the Joiner of Stratford,

Connecticut" by Mansfield Joseph French; Syracuse, New York, 1940. However,

he presents a transcription/abstraction of the will of Rev. Jeremiah French,

in the County of Dorsett, 12 May 1685, which states " Moreover my will is

that he shold pay my sister Hanah in Suffulke the three pounds a year

(injoyned me by my father on his will) during her life. . . ." Since this

is found in the following Thomas French's will, there is little doubt that

this Thomas French is the father of Rev. Jeremiah French.



"In the Name of God Amen

the nine and twentith day of September in the yeare of our Lord one thousand

six hundred fifty three I Thomas French of Knodishall in the County of

Suffolke gentleman being in perfect health and good remembrance doe ordain

and make this my last will and testament in manner and form following.


"Item I give and bequeth unto Nathaniell my youngest sonne one little

tenement called

Nic??boned together with the yards orchards and Tightle there unto belonging

lying in Knoddshall aforesaid now in the occupation of Samuell French his

Brother to to have and to hould the said tenement with the yards orchard and

tightell before bequeathed unto the said Nathaniell my sonne to him and his

heirs forever from and after the death of Lucie my wife"


"Item I give and bequeth unto John my sonne all that my coppyhold or

customary lands lying in a close called the (?Slay or Slone)close in

Knoddishall aforesayd the whole Land Robert French my father bought and had

of the Surrender of one Robert Fletcher of (?firston) in the Countie

aforsaid to have and to hold to the said John my sonne and his heires

forever from and after my decease


"Item I give unto Jerimy French my sonne one close called Broadsenn with

three Tightells lying att the westende of the close in Knoddshall aforesaid

and one close called (?Cordecalls) lying in four peices and one little

meadowe called the long meadow lying in Buxlowes in the Countie aforesaid to

houlde to him the said Jeremy his heires and assignes forever he the said

Jeremiah paying unto Phillipp my sonne the summe of three (?score) pounds of

lawfull english money within foure years next after my decease the first

payment to beginn within one yeare next after my decease and if my said

sonne Jeremie shall faile in paying of the sayd three (?score) pounds I give

my sayde sonne Phillipp as aforesaid then I give and bequeth the same Land

unto my seconde sonne Phillip and his heires Seconde


"Item I give and bequeath unto the said Jeremye my sonne all the rest of my

Land and tenemente with the appurtenances whatsoever or wheresoever both

freehold lands and tenements or coppyhold and Customary Land and tenements

lying in Knoddishall or Buxlowes or elsewhere and not formerly given in this

my last will and testement to have and to hould from and after my Decease

unto the said Jereme my sonne and to his heire forever nonethless upon

_______ ________ at ones following (viz) that so the said Jerimie my sonne

his heires Executor or Adminestratores doe pay or cause to be payde such

summe and summes of money as he hath formerly entered into Bond to pay unto

Abigall my daughter Samuell my sonne and Nathaniell my sonne


"and also that he his Executors or Administrators shall pay or cause to be

payede unto Hannah Wilson my daughter the summe of three pounds of lawfull

money of England yearely and every yeare during her naturale life and if my

said sonne Jeremie his Executores or Administrat shall refuse to pay the

said summes of mony formerly expressed that then I will my queath to him

shall be utterly voide and of none effect


"And then I give and bequeath all those Lands and tenements herein this my

will given unto Jeremie my sonne unto Philipp my sonne and to his heires

forever he paying all such summe and summes of money as Jerimies sonnes

should have done.


"Item I give unto Nathaniell my sonne the great bedd in the now parlour as

it standeth with all that belongeth unto it and two payre of sheetes;


"Item I give unto Hannah Wilson my daughter the trundle bedd in the now

Parlour with all that belonges unto it and two payre of sheetes;


"Item I give unto Robert French my sonne the summe of twenty shillings to be

payd unto him by my Executors within one yeare next after my demease


"Item I give unto Mary Webb my daughter the summe of twenty shillings to be

paide unto her within one year next after my demise


"Item I give and bequeath unto Abigale now the wife of Samuell the summe of

tenne shillings of lawfull English money to be paid by m y Executores within

six monthes next after my demise all the rest of my goods chattells and

moveable _____ bequeathes I give and bequeath unto Phillip French my sonne

whom I make and ordaine solo Executor of this my last will and testement in

witnesse of which I have hereunto _______ my name and ______ to my seale the

day and yeare fixst above written Thomas French Publishes __________ and

________ in the presence of Thomas Knight William L___ugman


"This will was proved at Westminster the fourth day of February in the yeare

of our Lord God (according to the computation of the Church of the Church of

England) one thousand six hundred fifty and three before the Judges for

probate of Wills and granting administration __ lawfully authorized by the

oath of Phillipp French his natural and lawfull sonne and Executor named in

the said will to whome administration was committed of all and singular the

goods chattells and debts of the said condicile having first sworn truly and

faithfully to administer."



Father: Robert French

Wife: Lucie

Sons: Nathaniell, Robert, Samuell, John, Jerimy, Phillip

Daughters; Hannah Wilson, Mary Webb, Abigall

Others: Abigale now the wife of son Samuell

Robert Fletcher who his father bought land from

Witnesses: Thomas Knight, William L___ugman


Coppyhold = a conveyable lease of land




On 5 Nov 1645 the County of Suffolk divided into 14 precincts for Classical Prebetyries. In the 4th division were: Thomas French of Knoddishall and William French of Kellishall or Kelshall. Thomas French also shows up in Kelshall and paid for his lands by 1641, and Robert French of Keddington [8]. Daniel French was a minister of Stroud from 1657-58. On 7 Jun 1644 in Cottenham (Cambridge), sequestered from Dr. John Manby to Peter French. Robert French is of Keddington on 19 Apr 1647.


Will of Edmond French of Kelsdale, 10 Jun 1619

Edmond French of Kelsdale. Yeo. 10 Jun 1619. Sick. Soul to Almighty God, trusting to have remission of sins & be saved by merits, death & passion of Jesus Christ. To wife Cicely, for life, all lands & tenements in Kelsale & Carlton, she paying out of the same to son Thomas French £13. 6s. 8d. at Lady day & Michaelmas by equal portions a year; if she fail in payment, then Thomas to enter lands & distrain till he be paid. On her death, said lands to go to son Thomas, he paying out of the same £200, namely to his sisters Cicely & Margery French £50 each in 1 year of their mother’s death, & to pay to brother William & sister Dorothy £50 each in 2 years. If he refuse payments, then power to Cicely, Margery, William & Dorothy to enter lands which testator’s father Thomas French bought from Dionise Norman, & sell the same, & that any of them whose portion be unpaid shall make sale thereof, & the money thus arising to be equally divided between them. Also to wife Cicely, all goods, cattle bonds, bills, plate & ready money; she to pay daughter Clemence French £50 in 3 years of testator’s death & to pay son Francis French £70 in 2 years & to pay son William French £20 when he be 22. If any of these children die before receipt of legacy, surviving children to inherit that portion. Wife Cicely to be extrix. Wit. Robert Reeve. William Davenford. John Block. Pr. Granted to extrix at Kelsale, 24 Nov 1620.

Randall Keith Winch -- Obituary

WINCH, Randall Keith, age 54 (Nov. 20, 1962 – Dec. 8, 2016) died on Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016, at his residence in Winchester. Randy was born on Nov. 20, 1962, in Ord, Calif. to Roger and Carolyn Winch. He is survived by his father, Roger Winch of Winchester; one sister, Nicole Collins of Tullahoma; one brother, Kevin Winch of Winchester; and his nieces, Vanessa Morris of Franklin County and Nicole "Nikki", Victoria and Rachael of Tullahoma. His mother, Carolyn Proffitt-Winch preceded him in death. Randy was a long-time resident of Tullahoma and Winchester. He graduated from Tullahoma High School in 1981, where as a student he excelled on both the math and tennis teams. Randy loved playing tennis in his younger years and taught himself how to code. He started Rootsweb in 1996, and was fondly referred to as the "Chief Hacker and Creator of Wonderful Things" by Brian Wolf Leverich. In 2000, Rootswed was purchased by Ancestry and Randy stayed on until his death as the senior software developer for He was instrumental in building, improving and maintaining Rootsweb and his love for his mother Carolyn led him to also develop WorldConnect. Randy will be fondly remembered both by his family and everyone who had the honor of calling him friend and will be missed beyond measure. In lieu of flowers, please send all donations in his name directly to Tullahoma High School, 927 North Jackson St., Tullahoma, TN 37388, Attn: Ladonna Webb, to either the THS Tennis and/or THS Computer Technology (CTE). Visitation was held on Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016, at Kilgore Funeral Home in Tullahoma from 4 to 7 p.m. Kilgore Funeral Home in charge of arrangements, 215 Mitchell Blvd., Tullahoma, TN 37388 (931) 455-0677  Published in Herald Chronicle on Dec. 16, 2016 - See more at:


[1] Al Dawson, (from 1998 – no longer valid). The maternal grandmother of my ancestor (wife of Milton Arthur Mason) of Jane (Jennie) SPRINGER Mason (1844-1895) d. Akron, OH. Anthy French b. 1780, Manchester VT. Parents: Joseph French (1748-1813); married 1777 Mary BEARDSLEE, in Stratford, Fairfield County, CT. Mary's date are (1758-1839) b. Stratford, CT, died Manchester VT. She too has a French (surname) background, as her father was Israel Beardslee and her mother was Elizabeth French. Joseph was the son of Samuel French b. 1710 in England and Elizabeth Loring. From Ref [2], p 46 (according to notes from my Springer cousin Jane Ellen Jackson, of Houston, Texas.

[2] "Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel French, The Joiner of Stratford, Connecticut" by Mansfield Joseph French. You may purchase book through HIGGINSON BOOK COMPANY
SALEM, MA 01970
Assistant: LAUREN
fax: 978-745-8025

Search this book on

[3] Bill French,, continuing research by his great uncle, Mansfield Joseph French Ref [2]. Bill French has been trying to find someone to take over this line since 2018. He desperately wants to get all my genealogical materials I collected from many of the family members including extended family to our archive facility at the Onondaga Historical Association, in Syracuse, NY. 

W. C. French
181 Parkside Ave
Orange Park, FL 32065-7214
Cell 832-723-1957 no land line
Spouse Carol E. French, cell: 281-989-3351,

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FFL #11 and #131, Family Tree DNA #108/F07339. Also use email:, good in 2020, and website:

My 3rd great grandfather, Rev. Mansfield French, was a Episcopal-Methodist minister who was engaged in securing funding for many colleges and universities in this country, including Marietta College and the first two black colleges, Xenia Female College and Wilburforce University which is still in existence as a part of the Ohio State University System - and named for the famous British abolitionist, William Wilburforce. After the outbreak of the Civil Was he asked his good friend Salmon Chase, then Secretary of the Treasury under Abraham Lincoln for an audience with President Lincoln. He met with President Lincoln on several occasions extolling the plight of the negroes in the south and the desperate need for assistance. On January 6, 1862, Simon Cameron, Secretary of War, with the expressed approval of President Lincoln appointed Rev Mansfield French a Chaplin in the US Army and placed him in charge of administrating the Freedmen's Bureau in Beaufort, SC. formed in February of 1862. This post was Rev. Mansfield French's crowning achievement after a life already filled with service to his church and to his fellow man, particularly in the promotion of higher education.

Another notable who would be Lt. Jeremiah French, a Loyalist who was first a Captain in the Queens Loyal Rangers then a Lt. in the King's Royal Regiment of New York, 'The Royal Yorkers'. After the Revolutionary War he fled to Canada where he became the first Member of Parliament for the Stormont area of Ontario. Two of his original houses still are being used - one is now the Restaurant and bed and breakfast called the 1811 Houston, in Manchester, VT, and the other now named The Robertson House in the Upper Canada Villages, Maple Grove, near Cornwall, Canada - where it was moved in the 1950s when the St. Lawrence Seaway was opened to commercial shipping. George Robertson was his son-in-law who only owned the house for two years after the death of his wife Elizabeth French Robertson, and before his own death.


Burton Lee French, 1875-1954

Biographical History

Born August 1, 1875 in Delphi, Indiana, Burton Lee French was the fourth of nine children born to Charles Albert (or David Scott) and Mina Philippena (Fisher) French. In 1880 the family moved to Kearney, Nebraska where David Scott changed his name to Charles Albert French. In 1882 the family continued the trek westward on the "Immigrant Train" Railway to San Francisco, then by ship to Portland, by riverboat and railway to Walla Walla where they paused for about a month while seeking a permanent location. They then crossed the prairie in a wagon and settled near Princeton, Idaho, but within a year the family moved to the town of Palouse, Washington. In 1891 French was a member of the first graduating class of the Palouse school, a school his father helped to build.

In January of 1893 Burton French entered the University of Idaho. He interrupted his education to teach in the public schools of Kendrick and Juliaetta, thus did not graduate from the University until 1901. From 1901 to 1903 he was a fellow in political science at the University of Chicago, graduating with a Ph.M. degree. He was admitted to the Idaho bar in 1903. In 1921 he received an honorary LL.D from the University of Idaho; Miami University awarded him the same degree in 1948.

In 1898, while still a student at the University of Idaho, Burton French was elected to the Idaho House of Representatives, and was re-elected in 1900, serving as Republican floor leader for his last two years. While in Boise he met Winifred Estel Hartley, a teacher originally from Nebraska. They were married in Norfolk, Nebraska, June 28, 1904. Their only child, a daughter, died in infancy.

In 1902 French was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, where he served as Congressman from Idaho from 1903 to 1909, 1911 to 1915, and 1917 to 1933. He was a member of the House Appropriations Committee and served as chairman of the Sub-committee on Naval Appropriations. In 1930 and 1931 he was Congressional Representative to the Interparliamentary Union in London and Bucharest respectively.

Following his defeat by Compton I. White in the Democratic landslide of 1932, French returned to Moscow, where his wife died in February 1934. In September 1935 he accepted a teaching position at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. He continued teaching, eventually becoming head of the political science department, until 1946.

Although French was a life-long Republican, soon after his retirement Miami President Truman appointed him to the Loyalty Review Board of which he became vice chairman. He served on this board until it was reorganized in 1953.

Burton French died at the age of 79 of leukemia in Mercy Hospital, Hamilton, Ohio on September 12, 1954. He was buried in Moscow, Idaho on September 22.

Idaho State Representative, 1898-1901; U.S. Representative, 1903-1909, 1911-1915, 1917-1933; prof. political science, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1935-1946.

There were several notables in our family that did not have our surname and they include, Julius Sterling Morton - Secretary of Agriculture under President Grover Cleveland, and the 'Father of Arbor Day' and his sons started Morton Salt Company; Marie Koerber aka Marie Dressler who won the academy award for Best Actress in the 1930 movie, "Min and Bill" opposite Wallace Berry, and nominated again the next year in the title role of "Emma".

[4] Onondaga Historical Association

Museum and Research Center, 321 Montgomery St., Syracuse, NY 13202. (See MJ French Collection #6762).

As written by Bill French: The OHA is online, but their collections are still being digitized and they have yet to acquire a server adequate to permit online access to the information and documents. I am in the process of publishing my family's third edition. The previous 2nd edition, a copy of which I have, was last published in Dec 1940 by my grand uncle, Mansfield Joseph French. Mansfield left all his genealogical papers and materials archived at the Onondaga Historical Association in Syracuse, NY. I have been indexing and scanning the totality of the collection for the last 5 years. I still have some to do, but believe the end is finally in sight. The original index consisted of a single line very briefly describing the contents of the 6 boxes of documents and materials. I presently have more then 100 pages of a detailed index and several thousand scans of the images of the materials.

We also found my grand uncle's original Book #1 with many notes he made to update his publication, on eBay. Fortunately, that is back in the family, purchased on eBay by a cousin in Athens, Greece. I have no idea how it ended up on eBay, since everyone who knew him, knew how deeply he cared about the family history and knew he archived his papers and notes.

I digitized my grand uncle's entire book and retyped every page of it into a master database. The original publication contained about 3,000 descendants. Presently I have more than 16,000. There are many who would like to merge into our family, but I haven't seen sufficient support documentation to permit some of them to become a part of the master file. I truly wish I had the advantageous my grand uncle had where I could devote full time to compiling the family history. I do spent most days doing something toward preparing the 3rd edition which I hope to publish and have available for purchase at the "Big One", in the summer of 2009, the first ever full French and allied families reunion where the majority of my family resided originally - in Manchester, VT,

As my note enclosed in my previous email stated, I hope to slightly modify our genealogy to resemble more of a family history than a straight genealogical record. I hope to have the bulk of the actual genealogical record attached to the book, on a DVD which will be sold with the book and will contain as much of the source documentation as possible, along with the images of the many documents my grand uncle kept and that I have accumulated for the last several years. (Emailed from Bill French)

[5] Janice Lund, (old email address)

[6] Brian,

[7] Richard Day,

[8] Ernest Thompson, Moss Beach, CA, Robert French, probably born about 1550 and died in 1611 in the U.K. He lived in Carlton on the north edge of Saxmundham. (Suffolk). Wife was Alice Wilton. Their son was Thomas French, born 1574. The descendants ended up in New York and Vermont in pre-revolutionary time.

[9] Marian Reeves,, email good in 2018, descendant of Christopher French, my family is from Tunkhannock, Wyoming County, PA. She will turn over all her research to the Wyoming County Historical Society in Tunkhannock, PA.

[10] Tommy French,

[11] Rechcigl,, email undeliverable.

[12] Volume 1, Frank Doherty book "Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, NY. Frank In the books he puts together all the information he found in his research on the families that settled in the Beekman Patent. The French family would be Volume 5 and The Brown Family in Volume 2 you might want to try to look at these books for the complete rundown on both of these families.

The information on Jeremiah French is from page 491 The War-II. Benjamin Birdsall was a Colonel who served on Long Island but removed to Dover in the Beakman Patent in March 1777

Birdsall requested permission from the committee of Dutchess County to settle on some farm that had been vacated by a Tory. the committee suggested that he settle on the farms formerly in possession of Archibald Campbell and Moses Northrup in Pawling. He seems to have settled instead on the farm of Jeremiah French in Dover. As the letter below indicates, he was rather upset that French could claim his land back and he took on Egbert Benson, Chairman of the County committee in his Pique.

Birdsall placed the following notice in the New York Journal and the General Advertiser issue of 15 March 1779.

Mr. Holt,

As I think it of importance that the good Whigs of this State be well informed of the political character of the public officers in government, insert the following narrative in your New-York Journal, and will oblige your humble servant, Benjamin Birdsall.

Jeremiah French, of Dutchess County, being suspected to be disaffected to the liberties of America, and having encouraged his sons to join the enemy, was as I am credibly informed, put on his parole, broke it, departed out of this State, was absent about maybe two years, has lately returned, and pretends that he has not been with the enemy, but has resided in some part of Connecticut, during the aforesaid time. --- Since his return, the Commissioners for conspiracies, before whom he was convened, had upon an opinion, that he had not gone over to the enemy, dismissed him---During the Interval of his absence, the commissioner of Sequestration seized and sold his personal estate, and leased his lands to me as a refugee from Long-Island; he now claims the possession of his farms, which he held on a least for life, from Robert Gilbert Livingston; on the 12th inst. in conversation with Egbert Benson, Est.; Attorney-General of this State, one of the Commissioners for conspiracies, and a member of the Assembly concerning the political character of the said Jeremiah French, and his claim to the aforesaid lands, he advised me to  hire the said lands of French, which advice occasioned some debate between him and me, in the course of which he told me, That for two years past, the Whigs had done the State more damage than the Tories. Conceiving that the aforesaid expression might have unguardedly escaped from him, I determined to put it in his power to recall them; I therefore this morning publicly asked him whether he had not made use of those expressions, and demanded of him to recall them. -- I therefore think it my duty thus to publish the transaction between him and me, determine how fit he is to serve them to public office. Benjamin Birdsall, Marc 14 1779

589 Chapter 10, The Revolutionary War-III. Jeremiah French was born ca. 1712, the son of Samuel and Mary (Price) French of Stratford, Ct. He came to Dover by 1756 and leased two large farms totaling over 400 acres. He lived near Old Dover's Tavern in South Dover, He was an original purchaser of some of the New Hampshire Grants and before the Revolution owned much of what is today Manchester Center, VT. He had 4 sons who were loyalists; Jeremiah Jr., Benjamin, Charity and Gershom, the book "Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel French the Joiner" 1940, has good information Jeremiah and his family but we have found a considerable amount of local information about his Loyalists activities, some of which follow.

On 23 November 1776 Benjamin Birdsall presented an account of confiscated goods found on the farm, late Jeremiah French, by Zebulon Seaman and John Conklin. The goods were mostly joiners’ tools and were found hidden in the cellar, inside walls, etc. A letter dated Red Hook 13 Feb. 1781 to Coz Gilbert Livingston states" I am informed that J French has sold his farm or farms & himself got in his old trouble again. Therefore I think it behooves me to look out for myself for the back rents, I make it to about 300 bushels wheat back rent due in May 1781." on 27 Nov. 1782 Robert G Livingston in a letter, proposed Jeremiah French's farm for "my son-in-law Mr. John Reade to go on it in the spring."

French, in a letter dated Woodbury (CT) Feb. 16th day 1781, addressed to "The Gentlemen Commissioners and authority of Dutchess County" explained his actions: The reason of my leaving my habitation as I did was because I was threatened of my life in highest degree and likewise I was ordered by the authority after taken to Return home and be peaceable which I should  have been exceeding glad of but my house was soon beset with a guard and I thought my life in danger. So I left my habitation the last day of January and came to New Milford the next day to Woodbury and there remained to the first day of this instant Feb/ and then I went to New Milford and returned the six day of the month, the seventh day I went to Wilton, the 8th day I went to Middlesex the 9th day I returned to Redden and there remained to the 12th day).) the 13th day to North Stratford the 14th day to Ripon and the 15 day to Woodbury to my son again where I now be, as witness my hand and seal." (signed) Jeremiah French (N-YHS Colls). As we note elsewhere, Lt Col. Benjamin Birdsall took over French's farm after he left, but did not enjoy peaceable possession.

Jeremiah French was an overseer of the poor for a number of years and was Pawling Precinct Supervisor in 1776. He is supposed to have died on his farm in Dover in 1793.

Bottom of page 492 and top of 493 Settlers of the Beekman patent, Chapter 9 The Revolutionary War II.

Benson replied in the paper of 22 March 1770

To the printer

"Sir You will through the channel of your paper,, inform Ben Birdsall, that he is so infamous and contemptible, as scarcely to merit my notice. -- He has maliciously misrepresented a conversation between us. --- that I made us of the words contained  in his advertisement, or others similar to them is true; but it is equally true that they were spoken with certain restrictions, and in connections with other words, which would give them a sense and meaning very different from what was intended by his publication, --- I forbear to enter into a further vindication of myself, and recapitulate all that passed between us on Saturday last, or to mention the cause of his resentment against me, least I should seem to hold up an idea, that I conceived it possible for him to injure my reputation, However, I do not consider Birdsall in this instance, more culpable than the person (whoever  he may be) whom he employed to draw up his advertisement; the former it not only a mere wretch devo! id of principle or sentiment, the latter from the stile and manner of the piece appears to have understanding, and, I do assert, has most shamefully prostituted his talents, to the vile purposes of defamation; I am , your humble servant Egbert Benson.

Poughkeepsie, march 19, 1779

On 12 March 1779 Birdsall submitted a very lengthy letter to the paper, somewhat toned down, and that was the end of the paper war"

Ancient Document 10002 contains a "Den V Fen" ejectment proceeding against Birdsall brought by Samuel Ward and Jeremiah French in October 1779, Gilbert Livingston was attorney for French and the lands were awarded to French on 12 October 1789. Birdsall was indicted 19 May 1789 for an assault and batter, probably connected with this matter. (Minutes of Court of common Pleas, MF 127, DC Clerk's Office).

Birdsall was very active in the war but he didn't seem to find the peace in Dover that he removed there for.

All the above information under [12] is from Marion Reeves [9].

[13] Stratford Historical Society.

[14] Ian Blundy,, email good in 2020.

[15] Marilyn Kulkarni, email, email good in 2019.

I just found the French family I have searched for years. They were in the
Rochester NY area and were mislabeled as Trench instead of French.
Brighton NY 1850 US census
Harvey S. Trench     70
Rebecca Trench       44
Alfred G             33
Jane                 24
Susan                14
Martin               11
Mary                  9
Frances               7
Margaret              3

[16] Raymond Harpin French


HERBERT GREER FRENCH, of Cincinnati, Ohio, associated with Procter and Gamble, soap manufacturers, from 1893, Treasurer 1903, Vice-President from 1919, General Chm, Cincinnati Community Chest Campaign 1931, Director, University of Cincinnati, Tstte, Cincinnati Art ...

[18] Carole Main, email:, email good in 2009. I am trying to get a least 5 of the French/Robertson/Moss family history printed. I am writing the Moss Family history and I found that The Rev. Jeremiah French B: 1623 (son of Thomas and Marjery French lived in Saxmundham, England) Jeremiah's son Samuel French married Susanah in Dorset England. etc. etc.

Our French family moved to the US in 1743. Most of the English men came to America as members of the military and were given land grants in Canada for their service. Others stayed in the US. My aunt has compiled an awesome amount of information. The French family lived in Maple Grove a very small village along the St. Lawrence River in Ontario, Canada. Aunt Edith is 95 years old so I am trying to get this completed quickly. In Canada the Frenches married Robertsons (my grandmother was a Robertson who married a Moss) etc. etc. If you would be interested in the early information, I would be happy to send it to you. It is a huge undertaking but a computer surely is the magic touch. Most of the research was done on hand-printed pages. (like 7pt) Our families lived on the St. Lawrence River where the Seaway went through so most of the homes are gone. You can see the area at Carole Main Moss, Bullhead City, AZ. My phone number is 928-704-4427.

[19] Todd and Nonda (Sutherland) Henshaw, email:, email good in 2010. My great grandmother was Alice Claricy French!

[20] Deborah Todd, email:, email good in 2018, phone: 650-862-1051.

[21] Jeanette French,, email good in 2004.

[22] Nannette McCormick, email:, email good in 2010.

I just came across your website today and wanted to let you know how helpful this is going to be in my research.  I only recently started researching my family's genealogy.  I am the fifth great-granddaughter of Jeremiah French.  I found my ancestors on Chart 011.

Here is my family line:

Jeremiah French/Elizabeth Wheeler - fifth great grandparents
Hannah French/Stephen Miller - fourth great grandparents
Jeremiah Miller/Josette Lagrow - third great grandparents
William Miller/Mary Elizabeth Hall - second great grandparents
Eunice Miller/Riley Lee Johnson - great grandparents
Everett Riley Johnson Sr./Lillian Amelia McCargar - grandparents
Everett Riley Johnson Jr./Nancy Jane Piper - parents

I am looking forward to perusing this website, what a great find!!

[23] Deanna French, email:, email good in 2010.

Hi! I recently started gathering together my family history on my father's side and came across your website. I haven't read all of your website, but you are a French and we must be somehow related, however distantly. My Great Aunt Gertrude did the lion's share of the family history of the French's side of the family who settled in East Smithfield, PA in the U.S.

In brief...

Samuel French had Joseph. Joseph French had Gideon. Gideon had Gideon A. French. Gideon A. had Sylvanus French. Sylvanus had Luke, Luke had Purl, Purl had Dean, who is my father. I don't know if any of this is of interest to you, but if it is, please reply and I'll be happy to provide any information that I know about the French's in East Smithfield and Wellsboro, PA. 

Looking forward to hearing from you regardless. 
Ms. Deanna L. French
Home (301) 567-7174
Work (301) 780-2100 Ext. 2019

William French, b. ca. 1450
William French, b. ca. 1483
Thomas French, b. ca. 1513
Robert French, b. 1545
Thomas French, b. 1574
Jeremiah French, b. 1623
Samuel French, b. 15 May 1687
Joseph French, b. 1730
Gideon French, b. ca. 1757
Gideon French, b. 30 Sep 1801
Sylvanus French, b. 9 Jul 1840

[24] Lindsey Taylor, email:, email good in 2011.

I retrieved your information from the French Family Association Website. My Name is Lindsey Taylor I am a decendent of Samuel The Joiner (Chart 11) through his son Jonathan French and His daughter Anna French Gilbert.  I have been working on trying to confirm the connections from Anna all the way up to Samuel the Joiner’s father. I did not if you would be able to help me at all?

I saw under the Library part of the website a lot of research you and others have compiled. i was not sure if you would be willing to share some of the information? Under the Library Catalog the numbers would be:

F273 Connecticut
F005 Connecticut 13 pages
F553 Samuel French

Other possible ones would be:
F055 Thomas French
F534 Vital Statistics of Frenches in various parts of Connecticut
F353 B. History of Stratford- Mainly Samuel French info

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me or contact me on my cell at 605-695-0797. I am usually up late and reside in the Mountain Time zone.

[25] Steve & Vicki French, email:, email good in 2011.

My name is Steven French. For year's my family didn't know much about the French side of the family. My grandfather Lyle Victor French born21 Sept 1895 in Tillsonburg Canada and died in 22 Nov 1955 in Benton Wisconsin did not leave much information. We had info on his father and then his father then it ended in Canada.  Now that I am retired and have time on my hand's I thought it was time to start looking. I joined and was amazed at what I found. I know that not everything is completely accurate but has to be pretty close. I think father's to son's is right but some of the siblings on some of the older people might be off on some that I have found. I found your web site and find it very interesting. I don't know about all this DNA stuff and the cost I'm really interested in just finding where my family comes from. From what I can tell I would be in Chart#E11 because that person is in my tree. I was surprised to find my family go across Canada then to Connecticut then back to England. Back to 1513. My question I have lots of questions is this thing you have something that I should be a part of. Is there someone with this tree already? When you say everything has to be documented are you talking birth certificate. And death certificate? It sounds like a lot of work. Can you give me a little feedback on how things work and if you would be interested in having my side of the family. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you. 

My name is Steven French and I have been spending the last several month's on looking for my family that we knew little about other than we are from Wisconsin and my grandfather came from Canada then it ended.  Now I found out we go across Canada to Stratford Ct. And Samuel"The Joiner" Chart 11. Then back to William French B.1450-D.1520 in Lowestoft England. Then I found your site and am interested in putting my tree in. But I have questions. Do we put it in Chart11. What kind of proof do I need on all the people. Do I need papers on all the births and deaths of every one all the way back. If you could send me a little info on this it would be great. What is this DNA does it cost money? Are you interested in my family? Hope to hear from you soon.

[26] R. J. Thoden,, email good in 2012.

Seeking information about William FRENCH born about 1450 at Lowestoft, Suffolk, England.  Have no wife for him but
born to marriage were at least three sons - William abt 1476; John abt 1478 and Thomas abt 1480.  If you have any
information on this family, would like to hear from you.

[27] Bob Peck, email:, email good in 2012.

I am a descendent of Jeremiah French. Please give me a call (714-832-4420) or write back. 
I have often been in communication with Bill French (last three times tonight) and I have been to Bradford Abbas....

[28] Tricia Galloway, email:, email good in 2014.

I am descended from Samuel’s son Joseph and his wife, Charity Beardslee, and currently live in Trumbull, CT, within 10 miles of the Ripton parish burial ground in Huntington Ctr., Shelton (now).  My husband and I went there yesterday and put some flowers next to the headstones of Dr. Lewis French, and Lucy French, the oldest ones of the French family that we could find in that cemetery. shows that Joseph and Charity were buried there, but apparently their headstones did not survive.  I need to contact the sexton and look at his records some time.

Where do you live?  Are you in Canada, or Vermont?

I am sorry that I was not looking at the French family line, and finding the French Family Association back in (or before) 2009, when you had a big family reunion (according to the website—it was being planned anyway).  It would have been wonderful to attend it.

You have tremendously helpful and interesting information and links on the French Family Association website, Mara!  My information is extremely limited by contrast—but I would be happy to be connected with local CT descendants, and also to follow up on anything locally in CT that you might want looked at in person, talking photos, etc.

My phone number is (203) 374-4132.

[29] Mark D. French, email:, email good in 2015.

Generation 12, Mark D. French, b. 1953

Mark D. French, b. 1953


Generation 11, John Harpin French, b. 1922

John Harpin French was born ca. 1922 and lived in Mellenville, NY

This means that John would be in the 1930 census

There it states that he was born ca. 1923 in CT

in 1930 they were living in Hartford at 266 Palm St. 

Both his and his wife’s parents were born in CT

Family members:

Raymond H. 41 father

Clara M. 44 mother – or should she be Edna White?

Eunice M. 14 dau

Ruth E. 12 dau

Paul 11 son

Jane E. 8 dau

John 7 son == your dad

Betty A. 5 dau


Generation 10, Raymond H. French, b. 1888

Raymond H. French was born in 1888

He was a Title Examiner for insurance in 1930, home valued at $10,500

Clara was born in 1885, and because they had daughter Eunice in 1916, 

they must have married in 1915 or before. 

In the 1910 census, Raymond was an orphan, age 22, single

In the 1920 census Raymond was 31 living in Hartford, married to Clara

with children Eunice, Ruth, and Paul. 

In 1935 Raymond was living at 728 Cherokee, Des Moines, Iowa as an Abstract Examiner

On his WWII Draft Registration Card, he shows he was born on 17 May 1888 in Waterbury, CT.

He was 5’ 10 1/2”, weighed 163 lbs, light complexion, gray hair, blue eyes

I assume Raymond died before 1942. Clara was born Clara Painter on 14 Sep 1885 in CT

according to the 1900 census of Waterbury, New Haven, CT. Her father was Solon Painter

born in CT and her mother was Henrietta Painter born in NJ. Clara had siblings Edith,

Walter, Nina, and Veda. She last lived at 12565 Philmont, Columbia, NY, died in Nov 1973.

You were 20 — did you ever meet her?

In the 1900 census, Raymond was 11 years old and should appear with his parents. 

The 1890 census was destroyed by fire. Cannot find Raymond in 1900.

In the 1880 census, there’s a Harpin French, age 50, born 1830 in Orange, New Haven, CT,

married to Sarah, age 44, and they have children Charles 22, Albert 12, Louisa 10, and

Lillian 5. They may have had Raymond in 1888 but Sarah would have been 53???? Hardin

died on 20 Nov 1893 — Raymond was only 4 and his mother died in 1895 when Raymond was 6

and that is why Raymond is difficult to find in 1900. Harpin is buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery

with his wife Sarah E. and children Eugene and Eddie. His name was actually Harpin Riggs

French, b. Jul 1829 in Seymour, New Haven, CT, son of Warren French, his wife was

Sarah E. Brockett and they had 9 children. Eugene (1874-1875 and Eddie 1876-1878) 

died young. Sarah E. Brockett was born 27 Apr 1835, d. 26 Feb 1895 — so you can see

that in the 1900 census, Raymond was an orphan at age 11. Raymond was born when

Sarah was 53.


Following the other children:

Charles Hiram French, born 1858 — he could have been Raymond’s father?

Albert, born 1868

Louisa, born 1870

Eugene, born 1874, died 1897

Lillian, born 1875

Eddie, born 1876, died 1878

Raymond, born 1888 — could or could not be him.


Looking at the 1900 census:

Charles was born Aug 1857 in CT, was living in Seymour, New Haven, CT, single


Generation 9, Charles Hiram French, b. 1858

In the 1870 census, Charles was 12, born ca. 1858 in CT, living in Seymour with Hiram 52, born 1818

Ellen 16 (born 1854), Charles H. (born 1858), and Mary E. 11 (born 1859). His mother must have died.

Charles Hiram French, b. 1858, living in Seymour in 1860 with parents Hiram 41 (1819) and Julia A. 40 (1820), and siblings Ellen A. 6 (1854) and Mary E. 1 (1859). Mary was born 21 Feb 1859, died Mary E. Warren at age 19 on 13 Apr 1878. 

Charles H. French, b. 1858, living in Seymour in 1870, age 12, living with father Hiram French 52, plus see above. 

Charles H. French, b. 1858, living in Seymour in 1880, age 22, living with father Hermam French, age 62, born 1818.

Charles H. French, b. 1857, living in Seymour in 1900, age 42, living with his widowed sister Ellen A. Short, 45, born 1855.

Charles H. French, b. 1858, living in Seymour in 1920, age 62, widowed, living with his sister Ellen, 64

Charles H. French, b. 1858, living in Seymour in 1930, living with his sister Ellen, 75

Charles died 9 Nov 1937 in Ansonia, CT


Generation 8, Hiram French, b. 4 Nov 1817, d. 5 Dec 1884

He was age 32 in the 1850 census, the first census that lists all members of the household. 

Many family members were buried on Elm St. at the Cemetery in Ansonia, New Haven, CT, where there are 614 interments:

Hiram French, b. 4 Nov 1817, d. 5 Dec 1884

Julia Ann French, wife of Hiram, born 20 Apr 1820, died 25 Jan 1870 just before census. 

Ellen A. French, b. 3 Dec 1853, d. 5 Feb 1934

Mary E. Warren, wife of W. I., born 21 Feb 1859, d. 13 Apr 1878

Samuel French, died 28 May 1862, age 72, 

Judith Howe, wife of Samuel French, died 8 May 1852, age 58, married Judith Howe 25 Dec 1817 in Derby.

Samuel Howe French, born 11 Nov 1822, d. 13 Dec 1910

James W. French, son of William & Phebe, d. 29 Jan 1850, age 15

Phoebe A. French, daughter of William & Phebe, d. 8 Mar 1848, age 4 months

Betsey Peet, widow of William J. French, died 13 Jan 1860 


Hiram French in Derby in 1850, age 31, living with the Hotchkiss family. (Eli, Susan, George)

Hiram French in Seymour in 1860 census, married to Julia A., children Ellen A., Hiram, Mary

Hiram French in Seymour in 1870 census living with dau. Ellen, son Charles, dau. Mary. 

Hiram French in Seymour in 1880 census, died 5 Dec 1884


Generation 7, William Johnson French, b. 1786 in Huntington, Fairfield Co., CT

married Betsey Peet


Generation 6, James French, b. 1759 in Ripton Parish, Huntington, Fairfield Co., CT,

married Anna Seeley


Generation 5, Joseph French, b. 1730 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT, married Charity Beardslee


Generation 4, Samuel French, b. 1687 in Bradford Abbas, Dorset, England, m. Mary Price.


Generation 3, Samuel French, b. 1655 in South Perrott, Dorset, England, m. Susannah Pitman.


Generation 2, Jeremiah French, b. 1623 in Saxmundham, England, m. Elizabeth Horsey.


Generation 1, Thomas French, b. 1574 in Saxmunham, England, m. Marjery Knight


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I'm trying to get in touch with Mr. French regarding Chart #11 (Samuel French the Joiner of Stratford, CT) as I have some interesting info to share and a couple of questions about Thomas French of Manchester, VT and his sons who moved to Williston, Vt.    

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[33] A History of the Town of Stratford and the City of Bridgeport, CT, by Samuel Orcutt

[34] Old Burial Place at Nichol's Farms, est. 1806, Stratford, Fairfield County

In memory of Martha French, relict of Jeremiah French, who died Aug. 10, 1816, aged 88 years.