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Jesse French, 1845-1927
Piano Manufacturer

Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, England; Nashville, TN; St. Louis, MO; New Castle, IN

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Jesse French in 1896

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Jesse French and his Wife, Callie Lumsden

Jesse French was b. 28 Jun 1845 in Devonshire, England, and d. 7 May 1927 in New Castle, IN. Nashville was founded in 1779 and incorporated in 1806. Jesse French immigrated to New York City in 1849 when he was only 4. He is listed as born in Jul-Aug-Sep of 1845 in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, England in the BMD Birth Index of 1837-1915. Another source (U.S. passport application) said he was b. 23 Jul 1846 in Devonshire, England.

By 1857 his family was living in Nashville, TN, when son Henry A. French was born. By 1900 they lived in St. Louis, MO., and by 1920 in New Castle, Henry Co., IN. He was educated in public schools of Nashville, TN, and graduated from commercial college in Peoria, IL. He began his business career as a clerk in the office of Secretary of State, Nashville, TN. He then became assistant Secretary of State of Tennessee for 7 years; commenced mercantile pursuits as a dealer in sheet music and small musical merchandise at Nashville TN in 1872. In 1875 he became partner in the firm of Dorman, French & Smith.

Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, England

Jesse French m. Caroline “Callie” Lumsden on 2 Jan 1872 in Nashville, TN. She was b. 22 May 1851 in Ohio (as census records show). She d. 10 Feb 1919 in New Castle, Henry Co., IN. Callie’s father was John Lumsden, b. 23 Jul 1824 in Southampton, Hampshire, England, died 30 Apr 1898 in St. Louis, MO. In 1860-1880, he was living in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN, probably where the two families met each other. John Lumsden was a tanner before he founded the Starr Piano Company.

   John Lumsden, married Lucetta Cristman in 1848

Census: 1860, in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN. Census: 1870, in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN, 1880. Census: 1900, in St. Louis, MO. They lived in Nashville during the Civil War. Little did Jesse know that in 1925, with the advent of the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville would become “Music City USA”. Jesse and Callie had 3 sons, John Lumsden French, Horace Edgar French, and Jesse Lumsden French Jr., all born in TN. The photo below on the right is from the Music Trade Review, 19 Dec 1903, when Jesse was 58 years old.

Description: JesseFrench28 Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:Krell-French_Officers_MTR-19Dec1903-37-25.pdf

Jesse French’s Immigration, 1849

Jesse immigrated with his parents, Jacob and Mary Ann French, in 1849 from England. Jacob was 42 years old at that time; therefore, he was born in 1807 in England. The 1850 census shows Jacob and Mary Ann French in New York Ward 10, New York, NY, and that Jacob was b. ca. 1804 in England. They were living in NY with their children: Julia (age 8), Henrietta (age 6) and Jesse (age 4). Jacob was 46, and a printer, and all of them were born in England. It does not list son Samuel who is on the ship passenger list.

The New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957, list Jacob French arriving on 19 Apr 1849 in New York, departing from Liverpool, England, on the ship “China”. It shows Jacob French (age 42) on board with Mary Armido or Ansell (hard to read) (age 32) and their children: Samuel (age 9), Julia (age 7), Henrietta (age 5), and Jessy - Jesse (age 3). It also indicates that Mary French, an infant, died on board. John Atteridge was shipmaster. Mary’s name was first added to the list, later crossed out. Samuel must have died very shortly thereafter, as he is not listed in the 1850 census. Mary Ann’s surname could have been Aransolo – there was such a marriage in 1843 in Islington, Greater London, Middlesex, England.

Description: JesseFrench25

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The Emigrant Ship “Guy Mannering” sailed only a couple months after the “China”, also from Liverpool to New York. I cannot find anything on the ship “China”.

Jesse French’s Occupations

After leaving school, intending to follow the calling of his father, he started as a printer’s devil, and worked himself up to the position of chief clerk in a printing office. Between times he served as route carrier and mail clerk. When the Civil War broke out, young Jesse took a position in the United States Post Office at his hometown, Nashville, TN. His father and mother being compelled to go to England to settle an inheritance left young Jesse in charge of the home and family. The hard times brought upon the country by the Civil War and especially upon the Southern States, forced Jesse often times to most heroic efforts to keep the wolf from the door and care for his two sisters and younger brother. Afterwards, in went to Peoria, IL, and took a business and law course at the college. Upon his return to Nashville, he was appointed Assistant Secretary of State of TN. He served in that capacity for five years. His faithful serves and the ability displayed in his work in the State Department, prompted his friends to urge him to become a candidate for the office of Secretary of State, rather a bold undertaking at that time for a Union man in a southern community. Jesse lost the election by just one vote, which fact demonstrated his great popularity and the faith which his fellow citizens had in him. Although momentarily chagrined over the defeat, he was thankful for this apparent setback.

Jesse then struck out for himself as a businessman. His first venture was to buy out the sheet music and small goods department of Dorman and Holmes of Nashville in 1873, the year after he married. Three years later he was persuaded to take a one-third interest in the new firm of Dorman, French, and Smith, who sold mainly the Bradbury piano, made by their partner, F. G. Smith. Buying out Smith’s interest after a short while, the firm was changed to Dorman and French, and Dorman retired a year later. Jesse started chains of stores directed from his headquarters in Nashville. In 1885, the Jesse French Piano and Organ Company had a capital of $500,000; quite good for a man who had started twelve years ago with a capital of hardly $3,000. He then drifted into piano manufacturing. In 1902 the Krell-French Piano Company was incorporated with a capital of $550,000. Krell was President until 1905 when Jesse assumed the entire management as President when Krell left the company.

He transferred his headquarters to Lt. Louis, MO,. He was organized or took part in the Union Trust Company, the Liberty Mills, the Missouri-Lincoln Trust Company (having a capital and surplus of over $13,000,000), the Lincoln Trust and Title Company, and the Mercantile Metal Milling Company.

Jesse French’s Wife, Callie Lumsden

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Callie French, above left 1870, right two photos undated

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Callie French, above left in 1897, right in 1896

Her father, John Lumsden, had a large holding and was one of the founders of the Jesse French Piano Company. He is listed in the 1895 St. Louis City Directory: John Lumsden, Vice-President of Jesse French Piano and Organ Company, 922 Olive, res. 4038 Westbelle Pl. Jesse French, res. Nashville, TN, was listed as President, and Oscar Field, res 3301 Morgan was secretary.

Jesse French’s Passport Application for Business

The U.S. Passport Applications, 1795-1925, say that Jesse French was b. 23 Jul 1846 in Devonshire, England and a U.S. passport was issued to him on 6 May 1920, and that his father Jacob French was a naturalized citizen of the U.S. It states his father, Jacob French, immigrated from the Port of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, in 1834 and that he resided about 12 or 14 years, uninterruptedly, in the United States from 1834 to 1848 in New York, and that he was a naturalized citizen of the United States. Jesse French had obtained his previous passport in Nashville, TN, ca. 1895. Jessie was obtaining a new passport at age 74 to visit France, Italy, and Belgium on business. He intended to leave from the port of Montreal, Canada, and sail on the Scotian steamer on the 18th of Jun 1920. Jesse states that his father, Jacob, came to the United States as a mere lad with his father who was a printer for an establishment perhaps called Bradshaw. In 1834 Jacob would have been 30 years old, not really a mere lad.


Genealogy of Jesse French

Description: JF12

First Generation

1.1* Jacob A. French, born between 1804 and 1807 in England (compare his 1849 immigration records and the 1850 census records above). Jacob first immigrated to the United States with his father from the port of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, ca. 1834. His father resided about 12 or 14 years, uninterruptedly, in the New York from 1834 to 1848, and he was a naturalized citizen of the United States. His father was a printer for an establishment perhaps called Bradshaw. Jacob went back to England without his father after 1834 and married his old sweetheart, during which time their children were born and they returned to New York in 1849 (perhaps his father was dying?).

When referring to his mother, Jesse writes the following: “Words would fail me to write a eulogy of mother, as I think she was one of the grandest characters I ever know, of fine physique, ever bright and cheerful, kind and generous to a fault, much of her life was given to helping the poor and afflicted. Very fond of poetry, she was never at a loss to recite some beautiful lines to comfort and cheer the sorrowing. An accomplished singer (just as father was)/ I cannot forget the hallowed influence upon us children of the songs they had so often sung together at the close of day.” With all this family musical talent, it is no wonder that Jesse was quite a clever rhymester and loved music.


Jacob m. Mary Ann Ansell, born Feb 1813 in England. Mary Ann was born just outside Stockingford in Warwickshire, England. Jacob, however, first came to America while he was single about 1834. While in America and in the course of time, he took the Oath of Allegiance as a citizen of the United States. After remaining a number of years, he returned to England to marry the sweetheart of his youth, Mary Ann Ansell. The passport application of his son, Jesse French, states that Jacob returned in 1848. Jacob and Mary Ann had 5 children altogether in England, and then in 1849 immigrated to the United States to make their home in the new country. One child died on board, and another child died shortly thereafter. They had one more child in TN.


Jacob A. French d. before 1880 in TN. Mary Ann was living in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN in 1880 and in Memphis City, Shelby Co., TN in 1900, age 87, with her daughter Henrietta, age 55, next door to John C. and Oliver K. Houck, family connected with the Jesse French & Sons Piano Company. Mary Ann died in Murfreesboro (SE of Nashville), Rutherford Co., TN.

Passenger and Immigration Lists

The New York 1820-1850 Passenger and Immigration List shows Jacob French arriving in New York from London on 29 Nov 1841 on the ship “Westminster”. It states that Jacob was 35. The account of the Westminster voyage, arriving on 30 Jul 1841, may be of a different voyage, because no French is listed.

The next time Jacob immigrated to New York from Liverpool at age 42 on 19 Apr 1849 on the ship “China”. (see list below)

Census Records

The 1841 England Census shows Jacob, age 35, living in Stockland, Fordington Liberty, Dorset, England with his wife, Mary Ann, age 25. It shows their son, Samuel James French, age 2 (born in 1839). Jacob was a farmer.

Description: JFnew1

The 1850 census of New York shows Jesse French’s father, Jacob (age 46), living in New York Ward 10, New York, NY. Jacob is accompanied by his wife Mary A. (age 36) and children Julia (age 8), Henrietta (age 6) and Jesse (age 4), all born in England. It is unknown where eldest son Samuel was – he was b. 1839 and would have been 11 years old.

In the 1860 census of Nashville, Davidson Co., TN, Jesse’s future wife Caroline was 9, living with her parents John (31) and Lucetta (28), and her sisters Maria (4) and Alice (1). Her father was a farmer, born in NY ca. 1829. 12 Frenches are listed in the 1860 census of Nashville. Jesse French is listed as age 14, b. ca. 1846 in England, living with his parents (both born in England), Jacob (age 57) and Mary Ann French (age 46) and his siblings (all born in England, except Henry): Julia (age 18), Henrietta (age 16), Jepe / Jesse (age 14), and Henry A. French (age 2). Jacob was a printer. This definitely shows that the family immigrated between 1846 when Jepe (Jesse) (male) was born in England and 1858 when Henry A. was born in TN.

Description: JesseFrench24

By the 1870 census, Jacob was 66 and living in Nashville Ward 8, Davidson Co., TN with his wife Mary A. French (age 56), and children Julia (age 28), Henrietta (age 26), Jesse (age 24), and Henry (age 12). At this time Jacob was a printer, and Jesse was a clerk. Again it clearly states that all children, except Henry, were born in England. Henry was born in TN.

In the 1880 census, Jesse was 40 years old living with his wife Callie, age 28, and their 3 children John, age 7; Horace, age 3; and Jessie, age 2 on Marks St., Nashville, Davidson, TN. They were married in 1872, just 8 years prior to this census. The census record indicates that Jesse and both his parents were born in Tennessee. Perhaps at age 40, Jesse wasn’t sure if he was born in TN or England, but 20 years later he indicates he was born in England, as evidenced below. Jesse’s father, Jacob had died by 1880 and his mother, Mary A. (age 68) is living with her daughter, Henrietta French (age 35), widowed, and working as a housekeeper in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN. Also living with her is her son, Henry A. French (age 22), and members of the Houck family: Julia C., J. C., A. K., and Jesse.

In the 1900 census, Jesse was living at 4133 Morgan St., St. Louis Ward 25, St. Louis, Independent City, Missouri. His office was at 1211 Vandeventer Ave. In this census, it states that Jesse was born in England and Callie was born in Ohio. It also states that Jesse was born in July 1846, and Callie in May 1851. It states that both of Jesse’s parents were born in England. Jesse’s brother, Henry A. French, remained in Nashville, age 42, born Dec 1857 in TN, married to Helen in 1886 (she was age 43, born Dec 1856), and their children: Henry A. (age 8, born Oct 1891), Jesse L. (age 5, daughter, born May 1895), Robert K. (age 3, born Oct 1896), and Helen E. (age 2, born Apr 1898). Helen, Henry’s wife, was born in NY, and all the Frenches were born in TN. They were living next to George Lumsden and his sister, Edith Lumsden. Henry was a musical instructor.

In the 1910 census, Jesse was 63, living with Callie L. in St. Louis Ward 23, St. Louis (Independent City), MO, without his children. Jesse’s brother, Henry A., was 53, still living in Nashville with his wife Helen L. (age 53) and their 4 children: Henry A. Jr. (age 18), Jessie L. (age 15), Robert K. (age 13), and Helen E. (age 11). Henry A. Sr. was a merchant in a music store, whereas Henry A. Jr. was a salesman in a music store, both working for someone else.

By the 1920 census (Jesse died in 1927), Jesse was living in New Castle Ward 5, Henry Co., IN, age 73, born 1847, a widow, living with 2 unrelated servants. He is listed as the President of a Piano Factory. Meanwhile, his brother, Henry A. is 62, born 1856, living in Civil District 11, Davidson Co., TN, a widow, living with his daughters Jessie (age 24) and Helen (age 21). Henry A. French Sr.’s son, Henry A. French Jr., had moved to Atlanta, De Kalb Co., Georgia, age 29, b. ca. 1891 in TN, m. Julia M. and had a young son, Henry A. French III, age 1, born in 1919 in Georgia. Henry Jr. was a manager of a music store.

In the 1930 census, Henry A. French III was 11, was living in Militia District 531, DeKalb Co., Georgia, with H. A. (age 25, born in TN) and Julia French (age 31, born in TX). H. A. French (Henry Angel French) was b. 19 Oct 1906, d. 5 Oct 1996, and last lived in Beverly Hills, Citrus Co., Florida. Henry A. French III was b. 20 Dec 1918, d. 31 Dec 2000, last lived in McLean, Fairfax Co., VA.

Second Generation

Children of Jacob French and Mary Ann Ansell, 1.1

2.1 Samuel James French, born in 1839 in Stockland, Fordington Liberty, Dorset, England, died shortly after immigrating to NY. He was on the ship’s record in 1849. The 1841 England Census shows Jacob, age 35, living in Stockland, Fordington Liberty, Dorset, England with his wife, Mary Ann, age 25. It shows their son, Samuel James French, age 2 (born in 1839). Jacob was a farmer.

2.2 Julia C. French, born 1842 in England, married John Cassell Houck in 1872 at age 30. In 1860, 1870, 1880 she lived in Nashville, TN, in 1900, 1910, 1920 she lived in Memphis, Shelby Co., TN. In 1920 she was living on Tate Street, Memphis Ward 11, Shelby, TN. She died before 1930.

2.3 Henrietta French, born 9 Jun 1844 in England, never married, living with John C. and Julia C. Houck in 1910 when she was 66.

2.4* Jesse French, b. 18 Jul 1846 in Devonshire, England. By 1920, Jesse was working in manufacturing in New Castle, IN, and that his last passport was obtained from Nashville, TN, ca. 1895.

2.5 Mary French, born 1848 in England, died 1849 aboard ship China while immigrating to NY

2.6* Henry Ansell French, Sr., born Dec 1857 in Tennessee (only other living male in this family). He m. Helen who was b. ca. 1856. Henry Sr. lived all his life in Nashville. He was a merchant in a music store as per the 1910 census in Nashville when he was 53 years old. They had 4 children. He lived in Nashville his entire life.

Third Generation

Children of Jesse French and Callie Lumsden, 2.4

Description: JesseFrench2

Left to Right: Jesse French Jr., Horace Edgar French, and John L. French, photo dated pre-1896

Photo taken in 1897. Brothers John Lumsden French, Jesse Lumsden French Jr., and Horace Edgar French.

3.1 John Lumsden French, b. 10 Nov 1872 in TN, age 27 in the 1900 census of St. Louis Ward 25, St. Louis (Independent City), MO, his father born in England and his mother in Ohio. He is living with Lucetta Lumsden (his grandmother), age 71, b. Nov 1828 in Ohio, her father was born in Switzerland and her mother in Pennsylvania. Lucetta Lumsden was the wife of John Lumsden who was the father of John’s mother, Callie. She was living off the estate of her husband. John m. Elizabeth P. but died young without heirs on 23 May 1902 at age 29 and is buried at the Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis, Independent Cities, MO.

Description: JesseFrench5   Description: JesseFrench6

John Lumsden French, left 1897, right undated

From website French formed the St. Louis Motor Carriage Company in 1900 with George P. Dorriss. They produced 85 automobles. Ironically, Mr. French died as a result of an automobile accident in Pittsburgh. He was on a business trip & took a trial spin in a new car & collided with another car. He suffered severe head injuries when he was thrown from his vehicle. (Bio by: Connie Nisinger)
Bellefontaine Cemetery, Saint Louis, St. Louis city, Missouri, USA
Plot: Block 4, Lot 4077.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:6249590_1015941678.jpg  Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:6249590_1015941715.jpg

In 1900, John French drove the St. Louis on the first automobile trip between St. Louis and Chicago. In 1901 he was one of only three drivers to finish in a New York-to-Buffalo race driving the car pictured below. See and and

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:800px-1901_st_louis.JPG

Owners of St. Louis Motor Carriage Company, ca. 1903

Owners of St. Louis Motor Carriage Company, George Dorris (front) and Jesse French Jr. and Sr. in a company racing and touring car built in 1902 or 1903 in front of Frank P. Blair Statue at northeast corner of Forest Park on Lindell. Photograph, ca. 1903. Missouri History Museum Photographs and Prints Collections.

3.2* Horace Edgar French Sr., b. 3 Apr 1877 in TN, d. 15 Jun 1968 in Winter Park, Orange Co., FL, m. Ellen (Nellie) May Fuller or Tuller in New Castle, IN. She was b. 12 Oct 1875, d. 14 Oct 1949. In 1900, Horace E. French was 23, living in St. Louis Ward 25, St. Louis (Independent City), MO, with his parents, Jesse and Callie. By 1910, Horace is listed as H. Edgar French, living with his wife Nillie F. in New Castle Ward 5, Henry Co., IN, and their son H. Edgar G. French (age 2). He worked as a salesman in a piano factory, most likely that of his father. In 1920 H. Edgar was living in Boerne, Kendall Co., TX, age 42, with his wife Nellie (age 44) and their children: Horace E. (age 12), and Elizabeth (age 9). By 1930, Horace was 53 and living with his wife Nellie, age 54, and their children Horace (age 22, b. 1908) and Elizabeth (age 19, b. 1911) in New Castle, Henry Co., IN. This census states that Horace’s father was born in England. In 1930, Horace was the President of a piano company and his son, Horace, worked with him. The photo below on the right is from the Music Trade Review, 19 Dec 1903, when Horace was 23 years old and the Treasurer of the Krell-French Piano Company.

Description: JesseFrench29  Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:Krell-French_Officers_MTR-19Dec1903-37-25.pdf

Description: JesseFrench22 

        Henry Gennett and H. Edgar French in 1897

Horace filed a Patent Number 905304 on 12 Aug 1907 which was issued on 1 Dec 1908, for a key for combination instruments. It relates to a method of connecting piano keys with the actions or the abstracts thereof. See

Horace had a connection to Sydney, Australia, and that was to F. Owen French of 94 and 92B Pitt Street. In 1919 when H. Edgar French was 42 years old, he lived at 603 S. 14th Street in New Castle, IN. See Please contact Maurice about Australian Postal History and Social Philately at

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:248_TN.IMAGE1.jpg

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:248_TN.IMAGE2.jpg

Notice the “Jesse French & Sons” written below the diagram of a piano. The reverse, shown partially, has a drawing of a large industrial plant (assumed to be that of the parent USA piano company) as well as 3 postmarks, an originating Registered Sydney, as on the front, plus 2 copies of a double ringed CHICAGO, ILL./ AUG/ 1/ 1924/ REG. DIV.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:248_TN.IMAGE3.jpg

The following photo (left) is of Rufus Owen French of Sydney, Australia, and his wife Clara French Wallace, 1892-1969. See website as we are unsure how this line ties in. The son or grandson of Rufus was James Augustus French (right photo), b. May 1936 in Orange, NSW Australia; he died in Sydney, NSW, Australia. In the 1930 Australlian Electoral Rolls of Parramatta, Castle Hill, NSW, Australia, both Clara and Rufus Own French lived on Lonhawn Avenue, Model Farms; she was a housewife and he tended the orchard and poultry.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:600.jpeg Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:9oVRInNA9PEiJvs6_ixxque9jrRs7pzjjrE2!DNLBpRJe75tcQQD9R0dpVkqVY9m.jpeg

Apparently the “F” in F. Owen French stands for Frederick Owen French who was living in 1936 in Gordon, Parramatta, New South Wales (NSW), Australia, see Australian Electoral Rolls of 1936 below:

From this list you can detect that Frederick’s wife was Ethel Gertrude French. Frederick and Ethel are also listed in the 1930 Australian Electoral Rolls without any other French listed, living at Lagonda, 52 St. John’s Rd., Gordon, Australia. Frederick Owen French is listed in the following rolls: 1930, 1936, 1937, 1943, 1949, 1954, 1958, 1963, and 1968. has all the details as many other Frenches are listed, including Bruce Owen, Edith May, Elizabeth Owen, Enid Isabelle, Ethel Gertrude, Eva Grace, Florence, Frederick Noel, Frederick Owen, Harold, Horace Edward, John Alston, Lorna May, Phyllis Ruth, Rita Maria, and Richard Oxley French, all in 1943 alone. Some of the later Frenches that show up after 1977 to 1980 are Owen Kenneth French, Julie Owen French, Mark Owen French, Owen John French, Owen Kevin French, Ross Owen French, Bruce Owen French. Of special note are Rufus Owen French who married Mary Ann Jones in 1882 in Bathurst, NSW, and Bruce Owen French d. 7 Dec 1995 and is buried at the Outside Riverina Cemetery in Outside Riverina, NSW. I can do more precise research on these Australians if I have time and if you email me your desires,

3.3* Jesse Lumsden French, Jr., b. 29 Jan 1879 in TN, d. 5 Aug 1958 in Canada, m. Edith Kennedy, known as Helen “Nellie” Kennedy, or just simply “Nell”. They lived in Ocala. In 1900, Jesse L. French was 21, living in St. Louis Ward 25, St. Louis (Independent City), MO, with his parents, Jesse and Callie. In 1910 Jesse was 31, living with his wife Helen in New Castle Ward 5, Henry Co., IN, and their children: Caroline (age 6, born in MO), Jesse III (age 3, born in IL), Waller (age 2, born in IN). In 1920 Jessie was 40, living in New Castle Ward 5, Henry Co., IN, with his wife Helen, and their children Carolina (15), Jesse III (13), Walter (11), and John (3, born in IN). In 1930, Jesse Jr. is 51, living with his wife Helen (age 47, born in IL) and their son John (age 13, born in IN). Jesse Jr. was the V. P. of a Piano Factory. John, who was b. 19 Oct 1916 in New Castle, Indiana, d. in 1962 in Tallahassee, FL.

Description: JesseFrench30  

Jesse French Jr. (above left), Ocala Star-Banner Newspaper from Sunday, September 26, 1965 (above right), and Obituary from the Ocala StarBanner, dated 22 Jan 1962 (below).

From Donna Kennedy Nichols (see 4. in Bibliography): Helen Kennedy, born in IL in 1880's, married Jesse French Jr., probably from New Castle, IN. They owned Jesse French and Sons Piano Factory. One of Uncle Jesse's brothers was Horace French who lived in New Castle. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Nell had at least 2 children: John French who did live in Tallahassee, FL and Caroline who married Richard Banta of Crawfordsville, IN. Jesse and Nell French lived in Ocala, Florida for many years. I have recently found some things belonging to my cousin Betty French Kelly, daughter of Horace, that I would like to give to a member of her family. It is a lace handkerchief she carried at her wedding in 1934. Her oldest son was Arthur French Kelly, born abt. 1940. Arthur French Kelly stated: “My grandfather was Horace E. French and my great grandfather was Jesse French. As a child I visited the French piano factory in Newcastle (sic), Indiana, a number of times. Several of my family continue to own French baby grand pianos. My mother Elizabeth French, recalls a cousin by the name of Bruce French who moved to Australia in the 1950s, from whom she lost contact.”

Children of Henry Ansell French and Helen L., 2.6

3.4* Henry Ansell French Jr. was b. 21 Oct 1891 in TN, m. Julia H. Mizelle who was b. 1899, and had son Henry A. French, b. 1919 in Atlanta, DeKalb Co., GA. Henry Jr. registered for the draft for WWI in Altanta, Fulton Co., GA. In the 1940 census of Nashville, Davidson Co., TN, Henry was 48, living with his father Henry A. French who was 82, and Henry’s wife Julia age 41, and their son Henry A. French, age 21.

3.5 Jessie L. French (dau.), b. 1895, no known spouse or children.

3.6 Robert Kershner French, b. 20 Oct 1896 in TN, lived at 1715 Eastland Ave., Nashville, TN. In 1930 lived in Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., TX, m. Ray – she was b. in 1905.

3.7 Helen E. French, b. 1898. She lived all her life in Nashville, at least until 1920 when she was 22.

Fourth Generation

Children of Horace Edgar French Sr. and Ellen Tuller or Fuller, 3.2

4.1* Horace Edgar G. French Jr., b. 16 Dec 1907 in New Castle, Henry Co., IN. He m. Mary Josephine Perdue on 20 Jul 1968 in Montgomery, Montgomery Co., AL. Horace d. 14 Apr 1986 in Montgomery, AL, where he had established a retail piano store which operated until around 1959. His last address was in Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL. It is possible that Horace Edgar French resided for awhile in 1936 in Australia living with Eva Grace French, relationship unknown (see below).

4.2 Elizabeth (Betty) French, b. 1911 in Boerne, Kendall Co., TX. She married in 1934 to a man named Kelly and had son Arthur French Kelly, b. ca. 1940. Betty died a few years before 2009. Arthur had children Brian Arthur Kelly and Risa Kelly Beck.

Children of Jesse Lumsden French Jr. and Helen “Nellie” Kennedy, 3.3

4.3 Caroline French, b. 1905 in MO, living in New Castle, Henry Co., IN, in 1920. She m. Richard E. Banta of Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co., IN. They had daughter Kathleen Banta, b. ca. 1928.

4.4 Jesse French III, b. 1907 in IL, living in New Castle, Henry Co., IN, in 1920. Resided later in life in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. By the 1940 census of New Castle, Jesse was living at 615 Bundy Court with his wife Helen J., same age, and their daughter Diane, age 6, b. 1934 in Alabama.

4.5* John Hickland French, b. 19 Oct 1916 in New Castle, IN, was a veteran of WWII and a member of the Trinity Methodist Church. He died at age 45. He was associated with Radio Station WRMC for a number of years. He m. Sarah T. and had 2 sons, John J. Jr., and Marvin French, both of Tallahassee.

Description: JesseFrench27

Children of Henry Ansell French Jr. and Julia H. Mizelle, 3.4

4.6 Henry A. French, b. 1919 in Georgia. By the 1930 census of DeKalb Co., Georgia, Henry was 11 living with his parents and no other siblings are listed. By the 1940 census of Nashville, Davidson Co., TN, he is listed as age 21, living with his parents and his grandfather, and no other siblings are listed.

Fifth Generation

Children of Horace Edgar F. French Jr. and Mary Josephine Perdue, 4.1

5.1* Horace Edgar French III.

Children of John Hickland French and Sarah T., 4.5

5.2 John J. French Jr. of Tallahassee, Leon Co., FL. He lives at 1531 Live Oak Dr., in Tallahassee, phone 850-224-2549, aged 60-64 in 2012.

5.3 Marvin J. French of Tallahassee, Leon Co., FL. He lives at 1531 Live Oak Dr., in Tallahassee, phone 850-224-2549, aged 60-64 in 2012.

5.4 Oats M. French of Tallahassee, Leon Co., FL. He lives at 1531 Live Oak Dr., in Tallahassee, phone 850-224-2549, aged 60-64 in 2012.

Sixth Generation

Children of Horace Edgar French III.

6.1* Kevin Edgar French, m. Laura.

Seventh Generation

Children of Kevin Edgar French and Laura, 6.1

7.1 William Jesse French.

Descendants of Jesse French

The following list of people are not all descendants, but also people interested in Jesse French ancestry.

1. Kevin Edgar French and his wife Laura, and their son William Jesse French are direct descendants of Jesse French. Email: Laura French, email: From Donna Kennedy Nichols (see 4. in Bibliography): Helen Kennedy, born in IL in 1880's, married Jesse French Jr., probably from New Castle, IN. They owned Jesse French and Sons Piano Factory. One of Uncle Jesse's brothers was Horace French who lived in New Castle. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Nell had at least 2 children: John French who did live in Tallahassee, FL and Caroline who married Richard Banta of Crawfordsville, IN. Jesse and Nell French lived in Ocala, Florida for many years. I have recently found some things belonging to my cousin Betty French Kelly, daughter of Horace, that I would like to give to a member of her family. It is a lace handkerchief she carried at her wedding in 1934. Her oldest son was Arthur French Kelly, born abt. 1940.

Hi Mara.  I was looking at the updated Jesse French page today and saw this reference at the bottom of the page.  I could not quite figure out who Donna Kennedy Nichols is or how to contact her.  Betty French Kelly is my husband's great aunt.  She passed away a few years ago.  I know how to get in touch wtih Arthur and others in the Kelly family.  My husband's grandfather was Horace French, Jr., Betty French's brother. 

Our lineage:  Jesse French, then Horace Edgar French, then Horace Edgar French, Jr., then Horace Edgar French, III (my father in law), then Kevin Edgar French (my husband) and our son, William Jesse French. 

2. Joan and Tom Smith, I'm looking for living LUMSDEN descendents, including ALICE (LUMSDEN) GENNETT (b. 5-5-1859 TN; d. 1-28-1952 CA). In 1876 she married HENRY GENNETT (b. 9-13-1852, d.6-3-1922 OH?; 8th of 9 children). [I once contacted Judith GENNETT, whose husband I believe is from Alice/Henry's son CLARENCE's line, but she hasn't filled me in on who came directly after them or explained yet her(husband's) connection.] If you are related to Lumsden-Gennett offspring (including those from Clarence/Harry/Frederick/...GENNETT) -or- know anymore about the GENNETT connection to LUMSDEN brothers [JAMES/GEORGE/JOHN, who partnered with John L.'s 3 daughters' husbands (...Jesse French + CAROLINE LUMSDEN; Wm. Payne + AMELIA LUMSDEN; Henry GENNETT +ALICE LUMSDEN) in that family business selling/mfg Pianos in IND, TENN, elsewhere U.S...], kindly let me know! I'd especially love Any/All *Photos* of these distant cousins!!! PLEASE contact me: < JoanTomSmith AT hotmail DOT com >. Also see Joan Smith’s Genealogy.

To:;; Chenoa Jacobs; Kelly, Steve;;;


3. Judith Gennett, or website: and

4. Donna Kennedy Nichols, email: or  I know Jesse French of Jesse French and Sons Pianos. His son, Jesse French Jr, married my grandfather's sister, Edith Kennedy (she was known as Nell). My Aunt Nell and Uncle Jesse lived in Ocala and I spent much time with them when I was a child, and knew their grandchildren. Part of the year they were in New Castle, IN, and were either with Horace and Mable French or at our house. My grandfather, Aunt Nellie's brother, was Dr. Walter Urban Kennedy. They were born in Murrayville, IL. They also had a brother, John, who lived in California. In fact, he was in CA when their mother Kathleen Steuart died in Winchester. Helen Kennedy, born in IL in 1880's, married Jesse French, probably from New Castle, IN. They owned Jesse French and Sons Piano Factory. One of Uncle Jesse's brothers was Horace French who lived in New Castle. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Nell had at least 2 children - John French who did live in Tallahassee, FL and Caroline who married Richard Banta of Crawfordsville, IN. Jesse and Nell French lived in Ocala, Florida for many years. I have recently found some things belonging to my cousin Betty French Kelly, daughter of Horace, that I would like to give to a member of her family. It is a lace handkerchief she carried at her wedding in 1934. Her oldest son was Arthur French Kelly, born abt. 1940. My Uncle Jesse and Aunt Nelle lived in Ocala for their permanent home, but he was the son of Jesse French Sr. who began the company. Am trying to locate family members of Jesse French family. Uncle Jesse was of the Jesse French and Son's Piano Company. He lived part of the year in Ocala, FL with my aunt, Helen Kennedy French. Rest of the year they traveled. He died in Canada before 1952. Aunt Nellie (Helen's nickname) carried his ashes back to New Castle, IN in her purse in an urn. where he is buried in a family plot. One son was John who lived in Tallahassee, FL. He had 2 sons. They also had a daughter, Caroline, who married Richard Banta, author of The Ohio, in the River's of America series. They lived in Crawfordsville, IN. Uncle Jesse also had brothers Horace and Edgar French who lived in New Castle, IN, and also a sister. I moved in 2001 and lost one contact of someone who sent me information on Jesse French and Son's Pianos which was founded in either Birmingham or Nashville.

From Aug 13, 2012: I was just checking out some things on Uncle Jesse and Aunt Nell’s house in Ocala, where I lived with them for almost a year in 1942.  I live about 25 miles away now in Inverness, FL.  And, I noticed on Uncle Jesse’s death date, it was way off.  I was at Uncle Jesse’s funeral in New Castle.  Aunt Nellie was very much alive at the time!  She carried Uncle Jesse’s ashes back from Canada in her big black bag.  Both the Canadian and US officials told her cremation would be the easiest way to get his body back to the States.  The service was held at the cemetery, and Aunt Nellie had to ‘rescue us kids’ from parental and grandparental wrath!  The boys and I had been wandering around the cemetery and I was showing them places.  Spending as much time in NC as I did, I played in the cemetery a lot.  Aunt Nell was my grandfather’s kid sister... and I also knew my Uncle John.  I also spent a lot of time at Uncle Horace and Aunt Mabel’s house down the street from my grandparent’s house in New Castle, and my friends and I spent a lot of time up in the stamp shop downtown next to my grandfather’s medical office.  They were on the same floor, the second floor, the the New Castle Courier Times paper.  Uncle Edgar was also usually around, and when I went to school in New Castle, I would sometimes go down to their house to eat lunch if I didn’t go to my grandparent’s house for lunch.  I lived with my grandparents in New Castle in the 4th grade.

5. Deborah Young. (Cannot locate her email) I would like very much to talk with you about this French line. I have been searching for information on this piano and organ company that had an office in Birmingham, Alabama and in the early 1900's opened a branch office in Pensacola, Florida. My ggrandfather was the manager for this company in Pensacola. Appreciate any help that you can give.

6. Lumsden Genealogy:

7. Marvin C. French, 6349 Jess Ct., Saint Cloud, FL 34771-9482, 407-892-6003,

8. Henry, Maxine, William, Bill, and Don French, 1907 Sawyer Place, McLean, VA 22101-5524, 703-893-8524, email:

9. Laurel Martin (do not have email). She is a widow and owns the original of the multi-family photo on this website. Her mother-in-law was Rose Gennett, the little girl sitting on a lap in front row of that photo) mailed it to me out of her family album, so I could make quality reprints. I sent an enlargement to the Starr-Gennett Foundation, who had never seen it, either. – Joan Smith

10. Edgar French, mail:, he sent most of the photos on this page in a zip file. It was the photo album of Callie French, inherited by Edgar French. His grandfather was Horace Edgar French who lived in New Castle, IN, and operated the French piano factory until around the late fifties or early sixties.

11. More Email relatives:, (Chenoa Jacobs), (Steve Kelly),,,,,,,,,,, (Alison Kelly and Gerald Frantzen --- great-great grandchild of Jesse French),,

12. mcfly_davis, related through O. K. Houck. Her mom is a Houck from Bardstown, KY.

13. Marianne Hughes, email:

14. Brian Arthur Kelly, email:

15. Risa Kelly Beck, email: or My cousin Alison Kelly sent me the link to the French website.  Would you please add me and my brother, Brian Arthur Kelly?  My name is Risa Kelly Beck and Brian Kelly at  We are some of Betty Kelly’s grandchildren.

16. Steve Kelly, email:

The Lumsden Family and Related Families Gennett and Davis

Pedigree Chart of the Lumsden-French-Gennett Families from Joan Smith, Ref. [2].

Extended Family Photograph, dated 1897, Jesse French is 57.

John LUMSDEN (Mollie's uncle; her father James' brother) + his 3 daughters (Mollie's 1st cousins) & their husbands (FRENCH, FIELD, GENNETT...all in that Starr piano/record business together). Taken in St.Louis, we think, just before they built the mansion.

Back row (left to right):  12, 13, 9, 8, 5, 10, 7, 6, 14  
Front row (left to right):  15, 17, 2, 16, 1, 3, 4, 11

2    --Lucetta Cristman-Lumsden (wife of John Lumsden Sr.)
3      ---Caroline/Callie Lumsden-French
4        ----Jesse French
5         -----John Lumsden French
6         -----Horace Edgar French
7         -----Jesse Lumsden French Jr.    
8      ---Maria Lumsden-Field
9        ----Oscar Addison Field
10            -----Lucetta Lumsden Field
11            -----Oscar Addison Field, Jr.
12     ---Alice Lumsden-Gennett
13       ----Henry Gennett
14           -----Harry Gennett
15           -----Fred Gennett
16              ------Rose Gennett
xx -James LUMSDEN (brother of John), died in Nashville in 1881.
xx   --Libby, left Tennessee after 1881 and moved to reside with her dau. in Chicago, and d. there in 1908.
17       ---Mollie Lumsden-Richards, only child of James. She d. in 1864

P.S.:  Tom & I have been invited to luncheon next month (during school break, Easter week) w/the gal who lent us this original photo [Laurel Martin, daughter-in-law of Rose Gennett, the 5-yr-old girl in photo]! 

She also emailed me, 

                         "...and I have invited my husband's

          sister (Alice Gennett Martin-Karlebach)'s,

          daughter, Rosanne Karlebach, to come.

          She lives with her mother in the family home

          in the Wilshire area of Los Angeles these 70

          some years, where my husband Henry (Hank)

          lived with Alice Gennett, daughter Rose, and

          sister Alice when I met him....".

They're all going to share more photographs (original clan's wedding pictures, etc) so am looking forward to getting more family snapshots/stories!

-Joan & Tom Smith

Lumsden Photos

Description: JFnew3 Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:LUMSDENmollie1864.jpg

Mollie Lumsden-Richards (above), only child of John Lumsden's brother James. Joan (Ref. #2 above) has finally identified her as Mollie who died in 1864. Mollie had given Callie (cousins, 4 years apart in age) her photo (below), taken around age 18, in album Ed French inherited. On the back of this photo, Mollie writes to her cousin Callie French “Don’t forget to tell me when you write what Lizzie said in that folio – you must tell me! M.E.” Is this photo above a flip of the same photo?

Description: JesseFrench9   Description: JesseFrench10

Maria Lumsden (left above) and Alice Lumsden (right), 1874

Description: JesseFrench11    Description: JesseFrench12

Alice Lumsden Gennett (left above) and Harry Gennett, 1877

Description: JesseFrench13    Description: JesseFrench14

Lucetta Crisman Lumsden and John Lumsden, 1874

Description: JesseFrench23

Lucetta Crisman Lumsden (Mrs. John Lumsden) taken in St. Louis, MO

See website:

Lucetta Cristman (John Henry) Born, 3 Dec 1828, in Germantown, Montgomery Co., OH. Died, 21 Jun 1905, in St. Louis, MO. Extra 4: 1870, in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN. Census: 1900, in St. Louis, MO. Census: 1880, in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN. Census: 1860, in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN. with Rose Gennett, April 1899, Dolby's

An address: "Mrs. Lucetta Lumsden/ 102 Sth 13th St/ Richmond Ind" ca. 1897. Same as daughter Alice.

Lucetta lived at 4362 West Pine Blvd. in the 1900 census with her grandson John French and servants Henrietta Smith, born in Germany, age 45 and William Collins, 32, born in Illinois. She owned her home (free) and was "living on estate of husband." She had had four children, three of which were living.

She is interred in the Bellefountain Cemetery in St. Louis according to E. Conrad.

E. Conrad: "My dad was very fond of Grandmother Lumsden. Dad had one of the first cars in Richmond. Grandmother Lumsden loved to go for a ride on Sundays, so Dad had a buggy top put on to keep the sun off her."

Obituary, June 1905: "The funeral of Mrs. Lucetta Lumsden who died early yesterday morning at 4038 West Belle place, will take place from that address at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Rev. G. W. King of the First Presbyterian church will officiate. Six of the grandsons will act as pallbearers. Mrs. Lumsden, who was 77 years of age, was the widow of the late John Lumsden, a former well-known business man.
"Born in Germantown, Ohio, in 1828, she moved later to Nashville, Tenn., where, at the age of 20, she married the late John Lumsden, who died in 1898, shortly after their golden wedding.
"Mrs. Lumsden was one of those staunch pioneers whose characteristics changed not with the change of fortune. She possessed a marvelous memory, and her personal reminiscences of the civil war times contained in themselves a fund of interesting history. She had a penchant for compiling clippings andher library contained scrapbooks and files which would be of great value to any institution of learning. As a thorough and constant reader of the newspapers, Mrs. Lumsden had no superior and no move of importance among the world's news escaped her eye or comment. Her philanthropies were of the unostentatious sort."

Newspaper Article, "Richmond Woman Shares in Big St. Louis Estate:" "When young she nursed friends and relatives through three cholera epidemics in Ohio. She was a great newspaper reader and has files dating back to the civil war period. She was recognized as a brilliant letter writer. "Under the terms of the late John Lumsden's will, the Lumsden estate, worth over $1,000,000 and stock in the Starr Piano factory in Richmond, Ind., will now be divided equally between three daughters, Mrs. Gennett of Richmond, and Mrs. O.A. Field and Mrs. Jesse French, both of St. Louis. She married John Lumsden.

Description: JesseFrench15   Description: JesseFrench16

James Lumsden and Mrs. James Lumsden (Aunt Libby), 1874

Description: JesseFrench17   Description: JesseFrench18                            

Clara Davis (adult), Mr. Davis – 1877

Description: JesseFrench19   Description: JesseFrench20

Nellie Davis and Clarence Adell Davis - 1877

Description: JesseFrench22

Henry Gennett and H. Edgar French – 1897


The following information and photos are from Joan Thomas Smith, email:

f.y.i. /ALL,

        In a vintage family album originally belonging to Greatgrandmother/Callie Lumsden-French(1851-1919), Edgar French just found this much-younger picture of Callie's cousin(niece of her father/John Lumsden; daughter of eldest brother/James Lumsden Jr.) /Mollie Lumsden's husband/Edward Stone Richards!  On the back was written "To Cousin Callie, From Eddie. August 7, 1870" (age 30; come December 1865, he would have been married to Mollie just five years)!!  I am sO thrilled to have it (the only other one we had of E.S.R. was that one found in Chicago historical archives taken in his early 60's, shortly before he died...see all the hair he still had, in this new view Edgar found)!    The alumni association at Urbana University (Ohio, where both Mollie & Eddie were born) was equally thrilled to see the picture which I already scanned to them, being that Eddie was an alumnus from their very-first-year (back when they also accepted elementary-age students) just like Mollie at St. Cecilia Academy, 1860-present.  [I believe it was already shared with several of you, the Johnny Appleseed Museum curator at UU [where JA/'John Chapman' + Eddie's father/'Amos Adams Richards' (1794-1872; relative of President John Adams) worked with the same ministry that helped found UU] agreed to speak (if SCA invites him) at their campus about Johnny Appleseed & the link between him and their earliest alumni; I dearly hope he's taken up on it, especially since Tom already bought something from their museum (carved from genuine original J.A.-planted tree wood) for him to present the school!]  I am on Cloud-9, and hubby & I are very looking forward to attending the Founder's Day celebration in Nashville next month (first stopping off up North, to visit Mollie/Eddie's family home in Chicago and their graves at Graceland Cemetery)!


Photos of Edward Stone Richards (Eddie): Photos sent to Mara French <>, Donna Nichols <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Fletch Coke <>,, Chenoa Jacobs <>,,,,

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:EdwardStoneRichards.jpg

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:ESRichards2.jpg Edward S. Richards

 From: Joan Thomas Smith, email:

Hi, Mara  et al !

     [I’ve taken the liberty of adding other names from your web page also, in case any of my info today is of interest to them as well!]   I'm attaching a snapshot of the 3rd history binder Tom & I completed (the 1st contained Mollie’s original 1860’s memory book from her school days plus a full transcription; the 2nd stuffed with Starr-Gennett history for the school's Music department along with some original S-G label records and even one of their vintage piano rolls plus an historic brick from their old factory)!


My hubby & I are trying to decide which upcoming event to attend at St. Cecilia Academy in Nashville (their 150th anniversary, this year!):  On August 17 is their “Founder’s Day” celebration, and September 26 is their “Heritage Day” event

[LOOK;  Also,

SCA History: ]

Some of you may recall—Tom & I have been working nearly two years on the family history of SCA’s first year alumna/Mollie Lumsden’s (attended 1860-1864) […we discovered she was the only child of James Lumsden Jr., the eldest brother of John Lumsden (president of Starr-Gennett), and thus first-cousin of Callie Lumsden-French, Alice Lumsden-Gennett, & Maria Lumsden-Field].  We’ve donated several historical items to their alumni org, including that memory book we found somewhere years ago here in California [praying for the relative to come forward, who is responsible for letting this treasure go (yard sale??), as we’d love to THANK YOU… it sparked our most memorable history project to date!!!!  [HAS to have belonged to one of you or yours, since we know relatives came out here from TN, to CA where Tom (retiring History teacher; collected old books) acquired the little volume, over quarter a century ago!  Anyway, the school was thrilled to get it ‘back’ —contains so many handwritten sentiments about Mollie penned by many other of their very-first-year class members!!].  It’d be SO neat if a real French/Gennett/Field relative could also attend, so they’d have a Mollie-descendant present at one of the ceremonies!!  Is anybody able/interested in going??

Favor:  would y’all please take another last look at this St. Cecilia grad photo of Mollie (a second view, below), and tell me if you think it’s the same sole un-identified person (woman seated, front left) in the fabulous 1897 group photo?  Mollie (John’s niece) would’ve been age 50;  tho woman may appear older than that, her cousins [Caroline/’Callie’, Maria, & Alice—respectively 4, 9, & 12 years her junior] look ‘old’ for their ages, too! 

If you can’t view the picture right here, see at (thanks for posting, Judith!):

Am forever updating Mollie Lumsden(-Richards)’s (extended-)Family Tree (generations 1-2-3), and can mail anybody the current version if desired.  Being that Mollie was James Lumsden Jr.’s only child, and neither of her own two sons married or had offspring, pretty much everything I have is her(‘your’!) Uncle John’s line.   

Bombshell:  I recently added an 8th Lumsden sibling (Alexander, b. 1827) whom super-sleuth Judith Gennett discovered listed on UK baptismal and census records for Henrietta & James Sr.’s’ eldest children born/residing in hometown/England!  And it perfectly explains the gap I always had, between John (b. ~1824) and George (b. 1831). [Thanks again for the helpful research, Judith!!]   Everybody note, the info given there for the boys’ parents stated James Lumsden/’Sr.’ was born in Ireland (…it had always been questioned whether his origin of birth was England or Ireland); b. 1798 (anybody know the month/day?).


Bushels of thanks again, French’s, for those great photos of the sister cousins + Mollie’s parents + Mollie herself [precious handwritten note on the back! Oh--That odd word was "folio" (Websters: "a folded piece of paper, forming two leaves or four pages in a book")]. 

  Re the lot which came with a couple of “DAVIS” people (relatives?)… who are they?  mcfly_davis” or anybody, please help. Thx!  

Also seeking an earlier photo of Mollie’s husband, Edward Stone Richards (relative of President John Adams; Civil War colonel; Chicago Board of Trade fame).  He looks 60+ in the only one I found, in that Chicagoan archive;  see below …does anybody recognize a younger-version in your family albums resembling the man in this pic??)

And, if anybody out there has other Lumsden-kin photos (no matter what generation), I’d sure love to see em!  That goes for trees, names/dates, family lore, etc!  THANK YOU!!


On this page  it says you don’t have an email address for Laurel Martin [Mrs. Henry/’Hank’ Gennett

(5th president of Starr Piano Co.), the late Rose Gennett’s daughter-in-law. Rose is child on John Lumsden’s lap, in Laurel's wonderful 1897 group photo].  Laurel’s e-mail address is .


Last but not least:  I can’t remember whom I’ve already told about the appalling state of James Lumsden’s family burial plot in Nashville (Mt. Olivet Cemetery).  While the graveyard records shows placement of the dozen graves including sisters and brothers of John Lumsden, the disturbing issue is their grave markers have gone missing!  The cemetery map verifies where all remains lay (a very pretty spot), however, nothing accounts for why the tombstones are no longer there (several unacceptable excuses).  They have referred me to a stone maker*, whom I contacted to inquire how much a simple LUMSDEN marker would cost (see reply/info, below).  I would be happy to match ANY contributions that anybody would be generous to donate to this holy cause… Even tho I’m not even a real Lumsden relative, I feel a deep & genuine connection with the clan and simply won’t be able to rest, until a stone is on Mollie’s paternal gravesite!!  Knowing these are ancestors of you &/or your children, might some of y'all please consider helping fund this need?  If you wish, you may write a small check payable directly to ‘Hunt Memorials’ (no amt is too-small as, alas, as of this year we are now subsiding on a teacher’s pension). Would so appreciate it soon, to expedite the order in time to coincide with the SCA nun’s anniversary memorial.  My heartfelt appreciation for your consideration!!



 From: Richard D. Schultz (

 Sent:  Mon 1/25/10 8:47 PM

 To:  'Thomas & Joan Smith' (


 Mrs. Smith,


 A flat 2”x12”x36” memorial for Mt. Olivet with

 inscription information in gray granite cost $452.

 00 plus cemetery fees of $138.24 and sales tax (if

 applicable) $41.81 for a total $632.05. [Or, a family

 headstone in the sizes permitted at Mt. Olivet start

 at $1880.00 plus cemetery fees and tax.] Fabrication

 time is approximately six weeks from order. If you

 would like to call me, I would be happy to give you

 a more detailed explanation.




 Richard D. Schultz, CM, 

 General Manager, Hunt Memorials, Inc.

 4807 Gallatin Pike, Nashville, TN 37216

 Phone: 615/262-1313, Fax: 615/262-1290




Again, THANK YOU one and all  for your helpful support of our history project.  We, and St. Cecilia Academy’s alumni association, will be eternally grateful !


God Bless,

                   Joan (and Tom) Smith

                   5392 St. Mary’s Circle

                   Westminster, CA 92683-3454

 Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:Mollie2.jpg

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:LUMSDENjohn&james+wives.jpg

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Mara:Desktop:LUMSDENmollie1864.jpg