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R. T. FrenchÕs Products

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IMPORTANT: This is a genealogical website for Robert T. French who invented FrenchÕs Mustard. If youÕd like to order any of FrenchÕs products, please go to their homepage or write to FrenchÕs Mustard, 4343 Mustard Way, Springfield, Missouri 65803 or call 417-837-1813.

If you're a collector looking to complete your collection of vintage French's spice tins and bottles, you might find the following list useful. The French's spice and seasoning products used in this cookbook were: French's Basil, French's Parsley Flakes, French's White Pepper, French's Currie Powder, French's Rum Extract, French's Vanilla Extract, French's Pepper, French's Food Color, French's Almond Extract, French's Celery Seed, French's Savor Salt, French's Onion Salt, French's Whole Cloves, French's Cayenne, French's Onion Granules, French's White Pepper, French's Nutmeg, French's Marjoram, French's Pepper Flakes, French's Celery Flakes, French's Cream Tartar, French's Garlic Powder, French's Onion Flakes, French's Paprika, French's Saffron, French's Onion Salt, French's Dill Seed, French's Seafood Seasoning, French's Onion Powder, French's Thyme, French's Rosemary, French's Marjoram, French's Garlic Salt, French's Ginger, French's Whole Black Peppers, French's Bay Leaf, French's Sage, French's Orange Extract, French's Apple Pie Spice, French's Brandy Extract, French's Vanilla and French's Lemon Extract.

Also used in some of the recipes are French's Prepared Mustard, French's Worcestershire Sauce, Colman's Mustard, French's Instant Potato and Good Luck Pie Crust Mix.