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Glenlo Abbey, Galway

Surname French in Co. Sligo

Origination of the Surnames ffrench and de Freynes

Surname French in Ireland from Counties Wexford, Roscommon, Galway, Cork, Mayo, etc.

Emigration, Irish Charts

Castles of the Surname French in Ireland


Glenlo Abbey, Galway

Glenlo Abbey then

Jim and Lillian Dickinson report on their visit to Glenlo Abbey in 2004 which was owned by the Ffrench, but is not a 5-star hotel. Situated on a 138 acre estate overlooking Lough Corrib, Glenlo Abbey was formerly the ancestral home of the Ffrench and Blake families, two of the fourteen Tribes that ruled over Galway for centuries. The Palmers, a well known merchant family lived in Glenlo Abbey for three generations. The original house dates back to 1740, and is still privately owned by the Bourke Family [1].

Glenlo Abbey now, as a 5-star hotel. See

The main house itself dates back to 1740 and was built by the Ffrench Family who were one of Galway's Famous Fourteen Tribes who ruled the City for centuries. The stone cut Abbey was built in the 1790's but was never actually consecrated. The many sitting rooms and library are a testament to another era and The Pullman Restaurant aboard the Orient Express is truly Ireland's most unique restaurant.

Situated behind the first tee, The Pullman Restaurant is a special experience and has a long history dating back to 1927. Glenlo Abbey Hotel's location on the shores of Lough Corrib, make it an obvious attraction for all year fishing but particularly the trout & salmon season. The onsite golf course and the close proximity to many of Ireland's great golf courses make this family run hotel a great base when touring the West of Ireland. Plans are currently underway for a Spa to open in the near future. Glenlo Abbey Hotel is situated on the N59 to Connemara & Clifden and is 4kms/2miles northwest of Galway City Centre.

Surname French in Co. Sligo

Landowners in County Sligo, late 1870

      Lord De Freyne, address Frenchpark, owned 4,052 acres in Co. Sligo valued at 1,488 pounds 13 shillings.

      Arthur French, addess Naas, Co. Kildare, owned 1,706 acres in Co. Sligo valued at 404 pounds 10 shillings.

      Col. Fitzstephen French, address Lough Erret, Frenchpark, owned 1,224 acres in Co. Sligo valued at 427 pounds 4 shillings.

      Robert French, address 10, James's-terrace, Malahide, owned 522 acres in Co. Sligo valued at 239 pounds 12 shillings.


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