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Pershore Abbey, founded in the 7th century

Chart #EE, Edward French,
Pershore, Worcestershire, England

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Ancestry of the French Family of Pershore

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation

Sixth Generation

Seventh Generation

Margaret Mason and Hugh French

Maps of Pershore


England History and Research

Several list members have been discussing the DNA Group 1 results in respect to the recent addition of Hugh French of Maryland and later of Virginia. Some say Hugh French was from Ireland and some say from England. Hugh French had ties with the Masons from Pershore, England, and with the George Washington line, also from nearby that region in England. However, only Mary and Anne French married into the Mason family and no French male has been found yet to account for Hugh French. The research goes on and on.

This French family married into the George Mason family of Pershore. The George Masons (and the George Washingtons from nearby) emigrated to Virginia. This French line has not yet been connected to the U.S. Chart #36; however, the Masons and Washingtons mentioned in this chart are the same as those mentioned in Chart #36, and both families intermarried and both emigrated at the same time and to the same area. Now that the DNA test shows that this family was not from the well-known Irish family of Frenches, it is assumed that these Frenches of DNA Group 1 were from Pershore, England. But, itÕs not a fact yet.

The French and Baugh (see 1.5 below) families were two of the most important families in the village of Pershore at this time. Their ownership of lands and houses placed them on the commissions of peace, on the vestry of the parish, and, in the case of George French, Gentleman, at the head of the court baron of the manors of Old and New Pershore.

When I was in Pershore in the 1990s, the village was vastly modernized and the small library (see map below) didnÕt contain information back further than the 1800s. The medieval Pershore Abbey where the French and Mason family gathered for weddings and baptisms was founded in 589AD by King Oswald.

  Pershore Abbey

Ancestry of the French Family of Pershore

View the French Family of Pershore, Worcestershire. See details of this chart below. There is good reason to believe that this French family is the same one as FFA Chart #36.


First Generation

1.1* Robert French of Pershore [9].

Second Generation

Children of Robert French, 1.1

2.1* Robert French of Pershore, m. Margaret Chadwall [9].

Third Generation

Children of Robert and Margaret (Chadwall) French, 2.1

3.1 William French of Pershore [9]. He was recorded at the Visitation of Worchestershire of 1634 as the son of Robert French, when he sold lands in Pershore in 1573.

3.2* Edward French of Pershore, b. mid to late 1500s [6], m. Susan Savage [9] ca. 1570 in Bromland, Somersetshire, England. She was b. ca. 1550 in England. Text below is from Ref. [11].

Fourth Generation

Children of Edward and Susan (Savage) French, 3.2

4.1 William French.

4.2* Dennis George French, b. ca. 1585 in Pershore, died in Pershore, England [5]. Will administered at St. Andrews, Pershore [5].

4.3* George French, b. in Pershore [8] ca. 1570, d. 1647 in Pershore [5] [8], m. Cecily Gray, dau. of Edward Gray of Buildwas Abbey, Co. Salop [9]. Cecily was Catholic. George was head of the court baron of the manors of Old and New Pershore. Being the head included in the ancient rights and privileges belonging to the manors of Old and New Pershore, which he had purchased from John Richardson in 1598 [3]. As the lord of the manor, he was the most prominent man in Pershore at this time. George conveyed the manors in 1642–3 to Edward Baugh, possibly for a settlement on his son or grandson George. It was probably the younger George who was succeeded in 1660 by Augustus French, who conveyed the manors in 1668 to Edward Dineley, possibly as a preliminary to their sale to Giles Lawrence [10]. Cecily Gray was b. 1580, d. 1605.

Fifth Generation

Children of Dennis French, 4.2

5.1* Ann French, b. ca. 1610, d. 1673/74 in Pershore [8], m. Thomas Mason 2 Feb 1624/25 in the Abbey Church of the Holy Cross, Pershore. Had seven children baptized in the Abbey Church, the third being George Mason I. Thomas was a yeoman farmer.

5.2 John French of St. Andrew, Pershore. Had dau. Cecily French, bapt. 23 Feb 1633/34 at St. Andrews, Pershore.

5.3 Dennis French, d. 1636, m. 4 Nov 1623 to Mary B. at St. Andrews, Pershore.

5.4* Richard French, b. 1608 of St. Andrews, Pershore.

Children of George and Cecily (Gray) French, 4.3

5.5* George French II, b. ca. 1612 [9], d. 1658, m. Grace Baugh of Pensham, dau. of Edward Baugh, who d. 1660. The Baugh, Mason, and French families all immigrated to King George County, Virginia about 1650-1660. Thomas Mason called on Grace and Chrisagone (French) Hungerford to be witnesses to his will. In 1657/58. Ann (French) Mason witnessed the will of Grace.

5.6 Edward French [9].

5.7* Henry French [9], b. 20 Oct 1616 [4] of St. Andrews, Pershore.

5.8 Chrisagone (or Chrysogon or Grisogon) French (daughter) [9], m. Anthony Hungerford. Chrisagone was Catholic. Had a son and a daughter. The son was mentioned in the will of Colonel HungerfordÕs mother-in-law, Cicely French (nee Grey).

Sixth Generation

Children of Ann French and Thomas Mason, 5.1

There are 7 children total in this family, only 3 are accounted for here.

6.1 William Mason [6], b. 1632 in Pershore, d. ca. 1702 in Pasquotank Co., North Carolina.

6.2* George Mason I, b. 10 Jun 1629 at the Holy Cross Church in Pershore in rich farming country of the Vale of Evesham, immigrated in 1651, d. 1686 in Stafford Co., VA [8], the immigrant to Virginia on the ship Assurance with his cousin Gerard Fowke, ca. 1650/1 [6], m1. Mary French [8], also 6.9 below. George was baptized 10 Jun 1629 at the Holy Cross Church, Pershore, England. Mary was b. ca. 1630 in Pershore [8]. George m2. Frances Norgrave. George and Mary immigrated to Norfolk Co., VA.

6.3 Thomas Mason.

Children of Richard French, 5.4

6.4 Maria French, b. 23 Jun 1633 [4], probably died young.

6.5 Cecilia French, b. 11 Feb 1635 [4] at Holy Cross Parish.

6.6 Anna French, b. 12 Jan 1640 [4] at Holy Cross Parish.

6.7 Susanna French, b. 13 Mar 1642 [4], probably died young.

Children of George and Grace (Baugh) French, 5.5

6.8 George French, b. 19 Sep 1641 [4], under 21 in 1658.

6.9* Mary French, under 21 in 1658. She married George Mason I, 6.2 above. Immigrated to Norfolk Co., VA.

Children of Henry French, 5.7

6.10 Cisely French, b. 4 Mar 1645 in Pershore [4].

Could Henry have had a son named Hugh French, b. ca. 1648, d. before Nov 12, 1701 in St. MaryÕs Parish, Richmond Co., VA who m. Margaret Prosser before 7 May 1685 in Old Rappanhannock Co., VA, who had sons Daniel, Hugh, and Mason of FFA Chart #36?

Seventh Generation

Children of George Mason, 6.2 and Mary French, 6.9

7.1 Sarah Mason, b. ca. 1670 in Stafford Co., VA.

7.2 Mary Mason.

7.3 Elizabeth Mason.

7.4 George Mason II, b. ca. 1660 in Norfolk Co., VA, or on the Accokeek Plantation, Stafford Co., VA, m1. 1688 to Mary Fowke, the dau. of Gerard Fowke (of Staffordshire, England) and Ann Thorowgood (of Kicostan, Hampton Co., VA). George d. 1716 in Stafford Co., VA [8]. George m2. Elizabeth Waugh, m3. Sarah Taliaferro.

Pershore Abbey Tomb

Margaret Mason and Hugh French

Mary French who m. George Mason 1 (see FFA Chart #36) may have been an aunt of Hugh French, her brother being HughÕs father. In ref [43], Hugh French is the earliest French ancestor of this line listed in 1663 of Maryland. In consideration of this, Hugh French m2. Margaret Prosser Miller on 7 May 1685 [79], and her maiden name was perhaps Mason.

Francis  Mason  emigrated  to Virginia in 1613, aged 18 years; born in 1595. He was Justice of Norfolk County from its formation until  his death; Lieutenant of Militia 1640; Church Warden and Sheriff of County in 1646. He died in 1648. His wife, Mary, and daughter, Anne, came over with him on the ship, John and Francis. His second wife was Alice. Issue of Francis Mason and Alice: Lemuel, Elizabeth, Francis and James.

FrancisÕ son, Lemuel, and FrancisÕ wife, Alice, administered his estate. Lemuel was born about 1628, married  Anne Sewell, and he died June 17, 1695.  He was Justice from 1649 until his death. He was High Sheriff in 1668, Burgess 1654, 1657, 1660, 1663, 1675, 1685, and presiding Justice and Colonel of Militia of Lower Norfolk County, 1680. Issue of Lemuel Mason and Anne Sewell:

     Frances Mason, born 1652, married George Newton.

     Alice Mason, mar. 1st Hodges; 2nd Porter; 3rd, Samuel Boush.

     Elizabeth Mason, mar. Thomas Cocke.

     Margaret Mason, b. ca. 1656, married Hugh French of England.

     Anne Mason, born 1658.

     Abagail Mason, mar. George Crafford.

     Mary Mason, mar. Cocke.

     Diana Mason, mar. Thorogood.

     Thomas Mason.

     Lemuel Mason.

     George Mason.

Maps of Pershore

Here you can see the Pershore Abbey where Ann French and Thomas Mason were married, and St. Andrews where other children were baptized.

These superly-detailed historical Ordnance Survey maps date back to between 1860 and 1910, and are available for every town in England and Wales.

Zoom in on this satellite map of England to visually see Pershore where the French and Mason families lived.


Just east of Worcester is Pershore where George Mason lived. A very short distance east at the red star is Sulgrave where George Washington lived.

Many Frenches lived in Pershore. The Battle of Worcester took place in 1651 and caused these three families among a hundred others to flee to Virginia. In 1650 there were 8,000 inhabitants in Virginia. Thirty years later there were 40,000.

Map of the Nearby Towns of Worcester and Pershore in England


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[2] Will of Grace French, Principal Probate Register, Somerset House, London.

[3] Thomas Nash, Collections for the History of Worcestershire (London, 1781), 2:249.

[4] IGI, Mar 1988 for Worcestershire, England.

Anna French, b. 12 Jan 1640, dau. of Richard French

Cisely French, b. 4 Mar 1645, dau. of Henry French

Cissellia French, b. 11 Feb 1635, dau. of Richard French

Edward French, b. 19 Apr 1707, son of Samuel and Mary French

George French, b. 19 Sep 1641, son of George French

Harry French, b. 27 Jan 1549, son of Thomas French

Henry French, b. 20 Oct 1616, son of George French

John French, b. 16 Jul 1580, son of Edmund French

Maria French, b. 23 Jun 1633, dau. of Richard French

Susanna French, b. 13 Mar 1642, dau. of Richard French

Thomas French, b. 4 Nov 1628, son of Elizabeth French

[5] Worcester Wills and Administrations from Salt Lake City.

[6] Regina Roper, 405 NE 10th Ave., Gainesville, FL 32601 who has compiled quite a bit of information on the Masons, Fowkes, and allied families Bronaugh, Hereford, Carter, and Thorowgood.

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[9] Visitation of Worcestershire, 1634.

Robert French of Pershore=........


Robert French=Margaret Chadwall


Edward French=Susan Savage---William French


George French=Cicely Grey


George- Edward - Henry - Grisogon(sic) Aged 22 in 1634

The Coat of Arms quoted in 1634 is:-

Per bend sinister engrailed Or and Sable, a lion rampant counterchanged.

Crest:- A fleur-de-lys Gules, flowered Or.

[10] Pershore, Holy Cross with Wadborough and Walcot Cum Membris.


The manors of OLD and NEW PERSHORE were granted with the site of the abbey in 1544 to William and Francis Sheldon, who sold them in 1553 to Conan Richardson.   Conan was succeeded in 1570 by a son John, who seems to have given the two manors to his nephew Conan Richardson, for Conan sold them in 1598 to George French. George conveyed the manors in 1642–3 to Edward Baugh, possibly for a settlement on his son or grandson George. It was probably the younger George who was succeeded in 1660 by Augustus French, who conveyed the manors in 1668 to Edward Dineley, possibly as a preliminary to their sale to Giles Lawrence. They were sold by Giles son of Giles Lawrence in 1698 to Sir Edward Sebright, and descended with Besford (q.v.) in the Sebright family until about the middle of the 19th century. Leets were held annually for the manors until about 1830. In 1868 the estate belonged to Mrs. Elizabeth Malins, but all manorial rights had lapsed.

[11] The Heraldry of Worcestershire: being a roll of the arms borne by the several noble, knightly, and gentle families, Volume 2, by Henry Sydney Grazebrook. 1873.

[12] Descendants of George Mason Born in Pershore, England, 1629
Died in Virginia, 1686

[13] The 6 Generations of George Masons, showing the French marriage. This chart also shows the Taliaferro family who were prominent in the FFA Chart #36.

[14] Wills of the French family of Pershore. Dennis, Dionise, George, Lionel, Richard, and Thomas French