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Chemung Valley from Waverley Hill on Sullivan Trail looking towards Elmira. Samuel French was buried at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Waverley, NY, in 1861.

Chart #77, Samuel French of Chemung Co., NY

This chart updated by Mara French on 10/12/08. Numbers in brackets [ ] show the source material and refer to the bibliography at the end of this chart. An asterisk (*) shows continuation of that line. Send any corrections or additions to this chart to Revisions: 1999, 2007, 2008.


History and Research

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation


Boston Marriages

DNA Test

You can pinpoint the French and Price farms in Genoa looking at the pink lower rectangle labeled DIST No. 11. The farm is at the bottom of this district and landowners are “L. Price” (Lewis Price – see 2.1) and “J. French” (Jeremiah French – see 2.7). Other farms nearby are owned by Wager, Johnson, and Cheeseman. See enlargement below.

History and Research

This line starts in Boston in 1793 and migrates to Long Island, NY and then to Chemung Co., NY. This chart contains many members of the Price family; thereby indicating it could be conntected with FFA Chart #11, Samuel French “The Joiner” and wife Mary. Both lines were from Chemung Co., NY. They each had a child named Jeremiah and they both lived to Boston, MA [8]. However, Chart #11 is DNA Group 2 whose DNA is completely different from Chart #77, DNA Group 6.

Chart #77 may also tie in with Chart #179 or Chart #183. All are very close in name and place. The DNA test of this line show that Chart #77 relates to Charts #1 and #2 in that they all are from DNA Group 6. Because Chart #1 is practically complete and this line does not show up in that family, the FFA believes that Chart #77 will eventually tie into Chart #2. And, because William French of Chart #2 was the brother of John French of Chart #3, this chart could tie in to Chart #3 as well.

Who was Samuel French’s father?

According to Ref. [21], Samuel’s father may have been Abraham, Adam, Charles, Gideon, Samuel, or Thomas French. The following marriages took place in Boston near the time Samuel French was born:

Jonathan French m. Rachel Dickman on 9 Oct 1785
Samuel French m. Mary Meacam on 11 Oct 1789 (had son Samuel born 1790 in Braintree, MA, which is FFA Chart #5)
John French m. Catharine Hickey on 8 Sep 1793
Othniel French m. Hannah Carry on 27 Oct 1793
John French m. Judy Bell on 12 May 1793
Zakock French m. Bulah Smith on 29 Sep 1793
Theodore French m. Elizabeth Dawes on 2 Jul 1794 in the Church in Brattle Square at age 30, had dau. Susanna, son Theodore

First Generation

1.1 Samuel French, b. 1793-94 in Boston, MA [5], listed as age 62 and born in Boston in the 1855 NY Census of Chemung Co. [5], m. Fanny (Frances) Scott. She was b. in 1801 in Ireland [5]. All Samuel’s children were born in NY, the first in 1821, thereby indicating that Samuel was only 28 years of age or less when he moved to NY. Most likely he met and married Fanny Scott on Long Island, NY. Samuel bought a farm in Chemung Co., NY in 1830, but not until after the Federal Census was taken because he nor any other French is listed. Samuel d. 1861 in Chemung Co., NY, and left his estate to his wife and children [1]. He is buried at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Waverly, NY [12]. Fanny d. 1862 (a year after her husband) in Chemung Co., NY [1]. DNA test.

   Chemung Co. borders Pennsylvania, originally was part of Tioga County to the east from which it was separated in 1836. The first towns were Chemung and Newtown, the latter of which became Elmira in 1808. Tioga Co., NY, also spilled over into Tioga Co., PA.

Samuel is listed in the 1840 Federal Census of Chemung, Chemung Co., NY as 1 male under 5 (Jeremiah), 1 male between 5-10 (George), 1 male 10-15 (unk), 2 males 15-20 (unk), 1 male 20-30 (William), 0 males 30-40, 1 male 40-50 (Samuel), 1 female under 5 (Mary), 1 female 5-10 (Rachel), 1 female 10-15 (Elizabeth), 1 female 15-20 (Frances), 0 females 20-30, 0 females 30-40, 1 female 40-50 (Sarah), no slaves, total of 12 family members of which 4 were working in agriculture, marked in red (only a guess). No other French is listed. In the 1850 census, each individual name is listed, door to door, per household.

1850 Chemung, Chemung Co., NY Federal Census, showing place of birth. Apparently William and his wife Elizabeth were living next door to his parents.

Samuel sold a right-of-way to the Junction Canal in 1845 [9]. One interesting but almost forgotten enterprise of Elmira, NY, was the "Junction Canal," a waterway built to connect the Erie Canal by way of the Chemung, with the Erie Railroad which did not reach Elmira until 1849. Great quantities of salt, lumber and heavy freight were carried from the north by Seneca Lake and connecting waterways. Junction Canal extends several miles along the Chemung, affording navigation at points where the river is obstructed by rapids and narrows.

Second Generation

Children of Samuel and Fanny (Scott) French, 1.1.

2.1* William S. French, b. 1821 on Long Island, NY, m1. Elizabeth, 4 years younger than him, from Connecticut [1], m2. Sarah S. Price, sister of Martha from Cayuga Co., NY, dau. of Lewis Price and Mary Clark Scammon in Genoa Township, Cayuga Co., NY [1] on 2 Mar 1861 in Genoa [15]. Sarah was b. 9 May 1828 in Genoa, NY, d. 1869. Sarah was living in 1861 at the Southport Hotel [15]. William and Sarah lived in Chemung Co., NY according to the 1850 census. William went to Genoa Township, Cayuga Co., NY to work on the Lewis Price farm. William d. 1888 in Cayuga Co., NY and is buried at the Forest Home Cemetery, Waverly, Town of Barton, Tioga Co., NY.

Sarah Price (2.1) and Martha Price (2.7) were daughters of Lewis Price who was b. 12 Oct 1797 in Elizabethtown, Union Co., NJ [11] and moved to Genoa, NY ca. 1820, and m. Mary Scammon in 1824. [1]. Mary Clark Scammon was b. 26 Apr 1802 in Stratham, NH, dau. of William Scammon and Sarah Robinson, m. Lewis Price 29 Feb 1824. “A” large French family also lived in Stratham, NH, at this time.

The Price family began with Lewis Price’s ancestor Benjamin Price, b. in England about 1621, m. Mary Alice Sayre ca. 1668 in Southhampton, Suffolk Co., Long Island, NY, d. 1721 in Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ. Sarah S. Price (2.1) was b. 9 May 1828 in Genoa, NY, and Martha Jane Price (2.6) was b. 18 Sep 1839 [10] in Genoa, NY [11]. There is a Sarah Price French buried in the King Ferry Cemetery, Genoa, Cayoga Co., NY, died 1869 (see Chart #183).

2.2 Frances B. French, b. 28 Feb 1824 in Long Island, NY [12], d. 5 Apr 1880, buried at Cardiff Cemetery, Cardiff, Onondaga Co., NY, m. Rev. Luther Northway on 27 Apr 1843. He was b. 18 Mar 1817 in Hornby, Steuben Co., NY [1]. They had at least 7 children: William Luther Northway (b. 1844, d. 1851 of Scarlet Fever); Wilbur Northway, b. 1845, d. 1939 [17]; (no name) Northway, b. 1846, d. 1851 of Scarlet Fever; Frances Northway, b. 1847, m. Dr. Albert G. Beebe, d. 1940 [17]; Bishop H. Northway, b. 1850, d. 1851 of Scarlet Fever [17]; William Luther Northway (#2), b. 6 Jan 1852 [17]; Lavinia Northway, b. 1855 in Yates, Webster Co., NY, m. Clifford Story, d. 1947 [17].

2.3 Elizabeth A. French, b. Sep 1829 in Chemung Co., NY [1]. Age 26 in the 1885 NY Census [5]. Elizabeth d. 11 Oct 1906 in Waverly, Tioga Co., NY [1]. Never married.

2.4 Rachel French, b. May 1831/32 in Chemung Co., NY [1]. Age 24 in the 1885 NY Census [5]. Rachel d. 1904 in Barton, Tioga, NY. She m. Toles.

2.5* George Hiram French, b. 1832/33 in Chemung Co., NY [1]. Age 22 in the 1885 NY Census [5], d. 1882 in Barton, Tioga Co. He m. Victoria who was b. in 1837.

2.6 Mary Jane French, b. Sep 1836 in Chemung Co., NY [1] Age 18 in the 1885 NY Census [5]. Mary d. 5 Dec 1904 in Barton, Tioga, NY. She m. Edward Minor Payne on 22 Dec 1860 in Waverly [14] [15]. He was b. Mar 1839 in PA, a tea broker in 1876. They had 5 children, only 4 living in 1900: Fanny M. Payne, Edward Minier Payne (corn 22 Dec 1860 in Waverly), George H. Payne, Charlotte L. Payne [1].

2.7* Jeremiah French [1], b. Feb 1838 in Chemung or Cayuga Co., NY, age 17 in the 1885 NY Census [5], m. Martha (or Mary [1]) Jane Price in 22 Mar 1870 in Genoa, NY, sister of Sarah from Genoa, Cayuga Co., NY, dau. of Lewis Price and Mary C. Scammon in Genoa Township, Cayuga Co., NY. Martha was b. 18 Sep 1839 in Genoa [1]. Jeremiah went to Cayuga Co., NY to work on the Lewis Price farm. Jeremiah d. 1901 in Buffalo, NY, and is buried in Forest Lawn, Waverly, NY [1]. Martha d. 1923 in Genoa, NY and is buried at the West Genoa Cemetery [1]. DNA test. Jeremiah d. 1901 in Cayuga Co., NY.

Third Generation

Children of William and Sarah (Price) French, 2.1

3.1 Jenny B. French, b. 1857 in NY [1]. Her mother Sarah d. in 1869.

Children of George H. and Victoria French, 2.5

3.2 Hiram George French, b. 1857, d. 1900 [1].

Children of Jeremiah and Martha (Price) French, 2.7

3.3 Samuel Craig French, b. Jul 1874 in Genoa, NY, d. 3 Jun 1946 in Buffalo, NY, buried in the West Genoa Cemetery. He m1. Alida Blue, b. 1870, d. 16 Apr 1911. He m2. Florence Ellen Wilson [1]. She was the dau. of Lorenzo Eilson and Gertrude Vielley [1]. He had one child by the first marriage and one by the second marriage, Lester Craig French, b. 23 Jun 1932 in Port Byron, Cayuga, NY. Lester married a Parker and had 4 children [1].

3.4* Jesse Herbert French, b. 26 Nov 1880, in Genoa, Cayuga Co., NY, d. 16 Feb 1968 in Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY, buried in West Genoa Cemetery. He m. Winifred Clare Campbell on 6 Mar 1901 in Lansing, NY. She was b. 16 Feb 1883 in Ludlowville, Tompkins Co., NY, d. 31 Oct 1948 in Ithaca, Cayuga Co., NY and is buried at the West Genoa Cemetery [1]. DNA test.

3.5 Child French [1].

3.6 Child French [1].

Fourth Generation

Children of Samuel Craig and Florence (Wilson) French, 3.3

4.1 Lester Craig French, b. 23 Jun 1932 in Port Byron, Cayuga, NY. Lester married a Parker and had 4 children [1].

Children of Jesse H. and Winifred (Campbell) French, 3.4

4.2 Clara French, b. 8 Mar 1902 in NY [1], m. James H. Quigley who was b. 8 Nov 1898 in Cayuga Co., NY, and had 3 children [1].

4.3* Kenneth Campbell French, b. 18 Sep 1904, Genoa, Cayuga Co., NY, m. Josephine Elizabeth Riley on 5 Jun 1921 in Ludlowville, NY, d. 1977 in Ithaca, NY [1]. DNA test.

Fifth Generation

Children of Kenneth C. and Josephine (Riley) French, 4.3

5.1 Charles Earl French, b. 5 Dec 1923, Tompkins Co., NY, m1. Dorothea Mae Smith [1] and had 3 children, m2. Moon [1]. DNA test.

5.2 Child French who m. George Harper [1].

Boston Marriages


Abigail & Isaac (of Truro) Wharf, Nov. 9, 1788 by Rev. Thomas Gair

Abigail & Isaac (of Truro) Wharf, Nov. 9, 1788 by Rev. Thomas Gair

Abijah & Sarah Billings, Mar. 1, 1803 by Rev. Samuel West

Abraham & Lucy Smith, Feb. 17, 1799 by Rev. Saml. Stilman

Bela & Abigail Meserva, July 20, 1806 by Rev. Thomas Baldwin

Benjamin & Sally Emmons, Jan. 11, 1795 by Rev. John Murray

Charles & Mary Field, Jan. 5, 1797 by Rev. Saml. Stilman

Che. Wm. & Polly Bowdoin, Nov. 7, 1797 by Rev. Wm. Walter

Elizabeth Reiley & Wimond Bradley, Apr. 12, 1787 by Rev. Samuel Parker

Ephraim & Betsy Newel, Aug. 17, 1802 by Rev. John Eliot D.D.

Ephraim & Rebecca Abrahams, Nov. 30, 1806 by Rev. Samuel Stillman

Gideon & Rebecca Baxter, Oct. 20, 1793 by Rev. Joseph Elkley

Hannah & John Ruck, Nov. 16, 1763 by Rev. Andrew Eliot

Jacob & Phebe Low, May 1, 1796 by Rev. John Murray

Jacob & Nancy Spence, Mar 19, 1809 by Rev. John Lathrop D.D.

Jane & David Matthews, Sept. 17, 1797 by Rev. Wm. Walter

John & Catharine Hickey, Sept. 8, 1793 by Rev. Wm. Walter

John & Judy Beil, May 12, 1793 by Rev. Saml. Stilman

John & Mary Richardson, Dec. 23, 1802 by Rev. Samuel West

John & Mary Avory, Oct. 3, 1802 by Rev. Samuel Stillman

Jonathan & Rachel Dickman, Oct. 9, 1785 by Rev. Samuel Stillman

Jonathan & Hannah Hartshorne, July 3, 1808 by Rev. Charles Lowell

Mary & John Hefferman, Nov. 6, 1803 by Rev. Samuel Stillman

Matthew [Martha] & Hugh Tayler, Nov. 29, 1772 by Rev. Sameul Mather

Michael & Eleanor Kehoo, Aug. 22, 17[66] by Rev. Samuel Mather

Michael & Eleanor Kehoo, Aug. 22, 17[66] by Rev. Samuel Mather

Moses & Elizabeth Perry, June 1, 1806 by Rev. Samuel Stillman

Moses & Sally A. Derby, Apr. 12, 1807 by Rev. Thomas Baldwin

Nathaniel & Silence Dyer, both of Braintree - Sept. 23, 1762 by John Hill J.P.

Othniel & Hannah Carrey, Oct. 27, 1793 by Rev. Thomas Baldwin

Rachel & William Felt, Spet. 3, 1792 by Rev. Peter Thatcher

Rebecca & James Clay, Aug. 26, 1801 by Rev. John Murray

Rosanna & John Frank, Feb. 25, 1787 by Rev. Samuel Parker

Sally & John Baguel, Mar. 4, 1798 by Rev. Mr. Baldwin

Samuel & Mary Meacam, Oct. 11, 1789 by Rev. John Clarke

Sarah & Giles Taber, Nov. 1, 1807 by Rev. Joseph Eckley D.D.

Susanna & Thomas Stewart, Sept. 10, 1809 by Rev. Wm. E. Channing

Tbia & Lucy Ward, Nov. 15, 1798 by Rev. Saml. Stilman

Theodore & Elizabeth Dawes, July 2, 1794 by Rev. Peter Thacher

Thomas & Nancy English, May 10, 1795 by Rev. Thomas Baldwin

William & Jane Farrell, Feb. 19, 1804 by Rev. William Emerson

William C. & Polly Bowdoin, Nov. 19, 1797 by Rev. Peter Thacher

Zadock & Bulah Smith, Sept. 29, 1793 by Rev. Saml. Stilman


[1] Charlie French,, 808 Hector St., Ithaca, NY 14850, 607-273-0862.

[2] FFA Folder L091, full of information from various sources: Letter, 3 Apr 1958, 2 Water St., Cortland, NY, to a D.A.R. member from unknown. Information researched at the Cayuga Co. History and Historial Society. Cortland and Summerhill are two separate towns. Didn’t continue with this, because the folder is of Chart #43, and Chart #43 leads to Chart #3. Not part of Samuel French and Fanny Scott line.

[3] FFA File F251 – pamphlet on Samuel French of Summerhill, NY, Dresserville District, by Jannette L. Klein. Contributed by the author. 7 pages.

[4] Census Records: Census reports from Town of Chemung, Chemung County, NY 1840 1850 1860 list him as born in Mass in 1793. The 1855 report lists Boston, MA. His son William born in 1821 is listed as born on Long Island. I think three children were born in that area. In 1830 Samuel purchased land in Chemung County. The deed says he was from New York City. He had four more children in Chemung Country. His youngest was Jerimiah, born in 1838. Samuel died in 1861. His wife was Francis Scott born in 1801 in Ireland.

[5] NY state census of 1855 for Chemung Co., NY

[6] Data from Christine Karns, 24 Jan 2002

1.1 Samuel F. French, b. 1770-74, m1. Martha Rogers (b. 1779), m2. Jane Rogers (Travis-French) who was b. 1775, d. in Summerhill, Cayuga Co., NY on 20 Mar 1832, removed from VT where oldest daughter Abbe was born in 1880.

And their Children:

2.1 Jonathan French

2.2 Abigail (Abbe) French, b. 4 Jun 1802 (oldest daughter) is listed in the 1850 NY census, which states she lived with a Malvina, age 13. Malvina is not listed in the 1880 census of Summerhill, NY. Also, who was Nancy French, listed as “Head of Household” in the 1840 Census of Summerhill, NY? Who was Martha French, b. 1828 and listed as a student at the Homer Academy in 1850? In the 1865 Census of Cortland there is an F.M. and Maria French.

2.3 Heman French

2.4 Loran or Loren French, b. 1804 [6]

2.5 Ruth French, b. 1812 [6]

2.6 Samuel French

2.7 Francis French, twin of Lydia, b. 1818 [6]

2.8 Lydia French, twin of Francis, b. 1818 [6]

2.9 Rebecca French

2.10 Mary French

2.11 Jane French

2.12 Sarah French

2.13 Anne French

2.14 Alida French

2.15 Olive French

[7] not used


Samuel FRENCH "The Joiner"(8978) was born on 15 May 1687 in Bradford Abbas, Dorset Co., ENG. (8979) He was baptized on 7 Jun 1687 in Bradford Abbas, Dorset Co., ENG.(8980) He immigrated about 4 Jun 1715 to Boston, Suffolk Co., MA.(8981) (8982) He died on 3 Sep 1763 in Huntington, Fairfield Co., CT.(8983) He had an estate probated on 26 Sep 1763 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT. (8984) He was a Carpenter.(8985) He was Episcopal.(8986) Parents: Samuel FRENCH and Susannah (Mrs. Samuel French).

He was married to Mary PRICE about 1710 in ENG.(8987) Children were: Samuel FRENCH, Jeremiah FRENCH, Mary FRENCH, Susanna FRENCH, John FRENCH, Jonathan FRENCH, Anne FRENCH, Elizabeth FRENCH, Thomas FRENCH, Hannah FRENCH, Joseph FRENCH.

[9] The Junction Canal was a canal in the states of New York and Pennsylvania. The canal was also called the Arnot Canal, after the name of its principal stockholder, John Arnot of Elmira, New York.

The canal was built and operated by a private stock company.

The canal was partly open in 1854, but the entire length was not finished until 1858. Samuel French sold a right-of-way to the Junction Canal in 1845. The completed canal was eighteen miles long and had eleven locks. The intent was to lengthen the reach of the Chemung Canal deeper into Pennsylvania in order to connect to the canal systems there.

Competition with railroads led to diminished use of the canal. In 1865 the canal was severely damaged by a flood. In 1866, the stock company was authorized to change its name to the "Junction Canal and Railroad Company," and work commenced in constructing a railroad on its right of way. The canal was last used in 1871, and was then abandoned.

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In Starkey, Yates Co., N.Y., on the 5h inst., by the Rev. Jonas Sedge , Mr. William H. French, of Wells, Bradford cc., Pa., to Miss Eliza Harrison of the former place. On the 12th, 1831 by the same, in Wells Bradford Co., Pa, Mr. William Wiley Lebanon , Madison co., NY to Miss Charlotte French of the former tlacs. In Bath in 1832, on the 8th inst., by the Rev. I.W. Platt, Lazarus Hammond, Esq., of Hammondsport, to Miss Maria French of Bath.

[16] Elmira Gazette, Page 10, Deaths 1846-1850. March 1846 -- It in Erin, on the 4th inst., Jeremiah French, in the 97th year of his 
Age. Mr. French was in and fought through the Revolution War in the army of General Washington. He was in the battles of Monmouth, White Plains, Brandywine, and was in the army when Cornwallis surrendered. In Wells township, Bradford co. ,Pa., on the 14th inst., Mrs. Sarah French, relict of the late Peter French, in the 70th year of her age, Thursday, March 4, 1847.

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[21] 1800 City Directory for Boston, Massachusetts, Anyone of these men could have been the father of Samuel.

French, Abraham ~ Union Street

French, Adam ~ Fifth Street

French, Charles ~ lemon dealer ~ no. 50 Cornhill

French, Gideon ~ tallow chandler & soap boiler ~ Leverett Street

French, Samuel ~ bricklayer ~ Botolph Street

French, Thomas ~ retailer ~ Hawkins Street

[22] Nathaniel of Boston and Joanna Downs of Stoughton Aug. 27, 1795 by Rev. Zachariah Howard at Stoughton (marriage)