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Chart #41, Otho French, 1707
William Morgan French, 1807
Baltimore, MD; Allegheny Co., PA
Stanton, Powell Co., KY

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From Prairie to Palestine:
The Eva Marshall Totah Story

Edited by Lyla Ann May

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p. 326 – Abraham Franklin StrahlÕs parents, Phillip Strahl and Rhoda Ann French. The Strahl line originated in Karlsruhe on the banks of the Rhine River, in the southwest region of Germany near France known as Bundesland-Baden-Wurttemburg.

p. 399 – A noted hunter in those days was a pioneer named Otho French, whose skill in trapping wolves, fighting wild cats, killing bears and deer, and gathering wild honey, are still listened to with entire credulity and enthusiasm by the younger generation. French was a zealot in the cause of temperance, and in those days of universal indulgence in the strong drink, refused to entertain in his cabin those carrying liquor about their persons, or shelter the droversÕ hogs that were fattened at a distillery.

p. 441 – Israel French Jr. purchased a brick house in New Market, MD, on 21 Nov 1810. The street is now a National Historic Landmark.