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Chart #12, John C. French VA and WV
New River Valley: Frederick, Giles, Westmoreland, Montgomery, and Culpeper Counties, Virginia
Mercer and Hampshire Counties, West Virginia

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Chart #12

From “A History of the Middle New River Settlements and Contiguous Territory” by David E. Johnston (1906). This website has a Google Search engine for you to search for John French and others.

The FFA Chart #12 was research by Virginia Wermuth who published a two-volume set, but it is not online. Virginia and Harold Wermuth, 5929 Hines Road, Richmond, VA 23231, 804-795-2658. See Bibliography Reference [6] below.

A brief version of this chart is shown below, but it is in no way complete.

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Chart #12 from the FFA (in brief)


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History and Research

The ancestors of John French (born ca. 1710) originally lived in Scotland, removed to Wales, and then settled in Westmoreland Co, VA [18]. John’s ancestors came across the Atlantic and settled in the Northern Neck of Virginia--Westmoreland County, within the grant to Lord Fairfax. It was in Westmoreland, about 1735, that John French married a lady of Welsh extraction.

Among the children born to them was a son, Matthew, in 1737. Settlers were pressing across the Blue Ridge and on to the south branch of the Potomac, and on and along the Big and Little Cacapon. As information came back from these people of the wonderland they had found, others became interested and made up their minds to go; among them John French and his family, in about 1750, made their way up the Rappahannock and over to the south branch of the Potomac, locating at a place since well known as French's Neck, a beautiful and valuable body of land on the south branch of the river mentioned.

John lived but a short while after reaching his new home, and his widow shortly after his death married Captain Michael Cresap. The district in which John French settled soon became the County of Hampshire. There were several sons in the family other than Mathew, among them William and James, and a daughter Esther, who married John Locke.

Matthew and his step-father soon had differences of such a nature as to lead to their estrangement and separation; Matthew, who had not yet attained his majority, sold out his interest in his fathers estate to his step-father, Captain Cresap, and went back over the mountains to Culpeper, where he married an Irish girl whose name was Sallie Payne. In 1775 Matthew, with his wife and seven children, four sons and three daughters, crossed the Alleghenies into the New River Valley, and settled at what is now known or called the Boyd place, on Wolf Creek, in Giles County, then Fincastle.  The names of the sons of Matthew were John, Isaac, James, and David; the latter, the youngest child, was born in Culpeper in 1772; the daughters were Martha, Mary and Annie. John, the son of Matthew, married Obedience Clay in January, 1787;  Isaac married Elizabeth Stowers for his first wife; his second was a Mrs. Fillinger; James married Susan Hughes, a half sister to the elder William Wilburn;  his second wife was Margaret Day; David married Mary Dingess.

Martha, the daughter of Matthew, married Jacob Straley; Mary married Isaac Hatfield; Annie married General Elisha McComas.

The following are the names of the children of John French and his wife Obedience Clay French, viz: William, Ezekiel, Charles C., James, George P., John, St. Clair, Hugh and Austin, and the daughters, Annie, Sallie, Orrie, Obedience, Nancy and Rebecca.

Isaac French and his wife, Elizabeth Stowers French, had the following named children, viz: Sallie, Elizabeth, Docey, and Isaac.

The children of James French, by his first marriage, were three sons, Isaac, Rueben, and Andrew; and five daughters, Mary, who married Daniel Straley; Sallie, who married William Hare; Elizabeth, who married James Rowland; Isaac married Sallie Straley; Reuben married Miss Meadows, and Andrew L. married Miss Day; and by the second marriage James had two daughters, Esther Locke, who married Kinzie Rowland, and Martha, who married William Milan.

The names of the children of David French and his wife, Mary Dingess French, are as follows, viz: Guy D., who married Araminta D. Chapman; Napoleon B., who married Jane Armstrong; Dr. David M., who married Miss Smoot, of Alexandria, Virginia; Rufus A., William H., and James H., who died unmarried; the daughters, Cynthia, who married Judge David McComas; Harriet, who married Samuel Pack; Minerva, who married Colonel Thomas J. Boyd. Matthew French died on Wolf Creek, in Giles County, in 1814. Mrs. Sallie Fletcher, a grand daughter of Mathew French, and 95 years old in 1892, gave to the author in writing a personal description of Mathew French and his wife, whom she well recollected, being a married woman and about seventeen years old at the date of the death of her grandfather. Mrs. Fletcher says: "Matthew French was a small, spare made man, light hair and blue eyes; his wife was a very large woman, quite fleshy, fair complexion, light hair and blue eyes."

Matthew French and his eldest son, John, were American soldiers in our War for Independence, and served in Colonel William Preston's Battalion of Montgomery County Militia, of which Joseph Cloyd was Major, and Thomas Shannon the Captain of the company to which the Frenches were attached. They were with their company in the battle of Wetzell's Mills, March 6th, 1781, and again at Guilford Count House, on the 15th of the same month.

The names of the children of Guy D. French and his wife, Araminta D. are as follows, viz: Henley C., who married Miss Harriet Easley (both now dead); Mary, who married William B. Mason (both now dead); Fannie, who married J. H. D. Smoot (the latter dead); Sarah, who first married Dr. W. W. McComas (killed in battle of South Mills), and secondly married Captain F. G. Thrasher; Susan, who married Dr. R. T. Ellett (the latter dead).

Captain David A. French first married Miss Williams, for his second wife Jennie C. Easley; William A. married Sarah E. Johnston; Charles D. married Annie C. Johnston. Opposite this page is a photograph of Hon. William A. French, a great grandson of Matthew the Settler. William A. died in April 1902.

The descendants of Matthew French are scattered far and wide over the South and West. Among them were many brilliant men and women; the men have been magistrates, sheriffs, clerks, lawyers, judges, statesmen and soldiers. David McComas, one of the descendants of Matthew French, was an eminent jurist; William McComas, another, was a member of Congress from 1833 to 1837; Dr. W. W. McComas was a distinguished physician and gallant Confederate soldier; Colonel James Milton French, now of Arizona, served his country with devotion and honor both in military and civil life.

John C. French and his son Matthew are on the 1820 census index of Washington Co, VA. Both are mentioned in the 1827 will of William Taylor, also of Washington Co.  In 1749 John received large tracts of land in Fredrick Co. VA from Lord Fairfax, and so immediately moved to his new home. Hampshire Co. was formed from that area in 1753. They had settled in the South Branch of the Potomac, the new home at French's Neck, which was named after these first settlers.

Chart #12 from the FFA

First Generation

1.1* John French, b. 1710 in Westmoreland Co, m. Martha Upshur or Lipshur (probably a handwriting misidentity) ca. 1735 in Westmoreland Co., d. 1750 Frederick Co., VA or Hampshire Co, WV [1]. Martha was Welsh. Her surname could have been Upshur. Another source says he m. Mary Laird [12]. Another source says his wife (Martha Upshur) married a Hugh Murphy after John’s death [13]. In 1749 John received a large grant of land from Lord Fairfax in that part of Frederick Co., VA which is now Hampshire Co., WV, and left Westmoreland County and moved to their new home upon the Rappahannock or the Great Branch of the Potomac, moving across the Blue Ridge to a place on the south branch of the Potomac River known as French’s Neck, which soon became a part of Hampshire County, WV [7]. John secured large tracts of land in Hampshire and Upshur Counties, which now lie in WV (in 1870 Hampshire County was part of WV). According to tradition, John named Hampshire County for the county Hampshire in England where the French estate was located, and Upshur County was given the name of Martha Upshur, his wife [1]. John commanded troops in the militia and was appointed a constable of Frederick Co., but he died soon after in 1750. After John’s death in 1750, Martha m. Captain Cresap I [18].

Second Generation

Children of John French, 1.1

2.1* William French [17]. This could be Chart #110, #1.1, William who was b. ca. 1735 from Henry Co., VA.

2.2 Ann French

2.3* Matthew French, b. 2 Feb 1732 (3 weeks before George Washington was born in the same area) [4] in Northern Neck, later Westmoreland Co, VA, or he was b. 2 Feb 1737 [57], or he was born 2 Feb 1734, d. 1814 at Wolfe Creek, Giles Co., VA, m. Sarah Payne on 10 Jan 1758 [57] in Culpeper County, VA. Sarah was b. 1740 and died after 1772 [57]. When Matthew received his father’s land after his father died in 1750, his step father, Captain Cresap, took it and Matthew moved back across the Blue Ridge to Culpeper Co, VA. At that time he was still a minor. Here he met and married Sallie Payne. All seven of their children were born in Culpeper. In 1753 Matthew was appointed guardian of his younger brothers and sisters. Sarah was Irish. In 1775 Matthew, his wife, and seven children, came to the Wolf Creek section of the present Giles County from Culpeper County and were among the first white settlers. They had moved southwest across the Blue Ridge and part of the Alleghenies into the New River Valley [7]. In 1790 Matthew received 200 acres of land in Fincastle, VA, on both sides of Wolf Creek. Buried at French-Boyd Cemetery, Narrows, Giles County, VA, along Wolf Creek. In 1790 Giles County was called Montgomery County.

Matthew “was a small, spare-ade man, light hair and blue eyes; his wife was a very large woman, quite fleshy, fair complected, light hair and blue eyes” [18]. Genetically, therefore, all their children were blue-eyes and fair complected [7].

Matthew and his oldest son, John, were patriot defenders of American independence, serving in Col. William Preston’s Montgomery County Militia battalion under Major Joseph Cloyd and Captain Thomas Shannon. They participated in the battles of Wetzell’s Mills and Guilford Count House in March of 1781 [7].

A Matthew French American Revolutionary War memorial marker was erected on Wolf Creek in the early 1930’s. Many descendants are DAR’s and SAR’s because of the patriot service of Matthew French [7].

Matthew and Sallie built their new home about six miles up Wolf Creek from where it joins New River. The area was part of the hunting range of Ohio Valley and Great Lakes Indians, who had been molesting frontier settlers. About three years after Matthew came, a marauding party raided the home of Moredock McKensey at the mouth of Wolf Creek, killing several and taking captive two young girls of the family. Matthew managed to take his family out to the safety of the McComas-Napier-Hall Fort, later called Fort Branch and now a part of Pearisburg, VA. He fled so hastily that he left all belongings, which the Indians ravaged and pillaged, ripping up feather beds, tearing down corn cribs, and turning the cows in to the corn, killing and skinning a horse, and carrying off his pewter tableware in the hide. The latter was found buried along their escape trail, evidently too heavy to manage in flight. After the Indian raid, Matthew took his family back to Wolf Creek, where the family grew and Matthew and Sallie lived and died [7]. Matthew French’s will.

SERVICE:  Private, Colonel William Preston's Battalion, Montgomery Co, VA Militia. Fought at Whetzell's Mills and Guilford Court House.

CHILDREN: John, born 1759, married Obedience Clay

                     Isaac, born 1770, married (1) Elizabeth Stowers, (2) Mrs. Fullinger (The birth date possibly should have been 1760)

                     James, born 1763, married (1) Susan Hughes (2) Margaret Day

                     Martha, born 1765, married Jacob Straley

                     Mary, born 1767, married Isaac Hatfield

                     Annie, born 1769, married General Elisha McComas

                     David, born 1772, married Mary Dingess

2.4 Joseph French, younger than Matthew.

2.5* James French, younger than Matthew, m. Mary Crapper and d. 1773. Mary d. 1823 [14]. James’s land is described as Lower Blue adjacent to Hugh Murphy, while Mary was cited as the widow of James French and wife of James Murphy, whom she married after James died in 1733 [14] [17].

2.6 Esther French, b. 1750, d. 1801 [2], m. John Locke, (b. 1745, d. 1832) of Jefferson Co., WV [17]. This lineage continues with James Lock3; Nancy Anne Lock4, b. 1749, m. Asaph Wilson [1] or William Brooks [3]; Maria L. Wilson5, m. Martin H. Miller; Carlton W. Miller6; Nelberta Miller7, m. Cecil Holt; Frances Holt8, m. Wallace Austin [2]. If Nancy4 m. William Brooks, her son was Richard Brooks5, and his son Rev. Richard L. Brooks6.

Due to the fact that John Lock/Locke was b. in 1745 of the second generation and Nancy was b. in 1749 of the fourth generation, there is definitely a mistake. Will those members working on the Locke Family please supply me with the correct data.

2.7 unknown French, but John and Martha had seven children [7].

Third Generation

Children of William French, 2.1

3.1 John French, d. 1830, m. Mary [17]. They had five children [17].

Children of Matthew and Sarah/Sallie (Payne) French, 2.3

The descendants of Matthew and Sarah (Payne) French are scattered over all the United States. Among them were magistrates, sheriffs, clerks, lawyers, judges, teachers, statesmen, and soldiers [18].

3.2* John S. French (oldest son [7]), b. ca. 1760 in Culpeper Co, VA, d. 1810 [4], m. Obedience Clay, dau. of Mitchell and Phoebe (Belcher) Clay, 1 Feb 1787. John served with his father in the War for Independence in the same company. They served in Colonel Preston’s battalion of the militia of Montgomery County, of which Joseph Cloyd was major, and Thomas Shannon the captain. They were also in the Battle of Wetzell’s Mill, 6 Mar 1781, and at Guilford Court House on 15 Mar 1781. Obedience b. 1759, d. 1810 [17] [44].

3.3* Isaac French, b. 1760 in Culpeper Co, VA, m1. Elizabeth Stowers in 1791 [17]. After Elizabeth died, Isaac m2. Mrs. Fillinger.

3.4* James Wilbur French, b. 1763 in Culpeper Co, VA, d. 1841 in Giles Co., VA, m1. Susan Hughes of NC on 18 Oct 1789 [10]. Susan b. 1765 in NC, d. 1827 in Giles Co. Susan was a half sister to the elder William Wilburn. After Susan died, James m2. Margaret Day. James was a gentleman, a Justice of Giles Co., and was a large landowner [19]. In 1807 James and Susannah sold to Thomas Little 250 acres of land on the north side of Wolf Creek. Matthew, father of James, gave 100 acres to David and James on the south side of Wolf Creek. In 1815 James gave Isaac, his son, land on Wolf Creek. On 10 Aug 1787 James had a grant of 60 acres south side of Wolf Creek of New River [24].

3.5 Martha French, b. 1765 in Culpeper Co, VA, m. Jacob Straley in Jun 1785, son of Jacob and Susan (Barbor) Straley, emigrants in 1758 from Frankfort-on-the-Main, Germany [7]. They had eleven children: James, Daniel m. Mary French (his first cousin), Sallie m. Isaac French (her first cousin), John, David, Charles, Jacob, Joseph, French, Leland, and Nancy [7].

3.6 Mary French, b. ca. 1763 [30] or 1767 [57] in Culpeper Co, VA, m. Isaac Hatfield on 13 May 1788 in Montgomery Co., VA. He was b. 3 Aug 1763 in Louden Co., VA and d. ca. 1825 in Cabell Co., WV [30]. Isaac and Mary had ten children -Sarah; Polly; James Addison; Rebecca; Andrew L.; John; Isaac, Jr.; Anna; Elisha M. and Lasher. The first seven were born in Montgomery Co., VA. and married in Cabell Co., WV. The last three were both born and married in Cabell Co. [30].

3.7 Annie French, b. 1769 [57] in Culpeper Co, VA, m. General Elisha McComas, son of David and Catherine (Burk) McComas in 1791 [17]. They moved to Kanawha Co., VA. They moved to Kanawha Co., VA. In 1822 he was commissioned General of the 22nd Virginia Regiment. Elisha was b. 1770, d. 1849 [7]. Their son, William M. Henderson m. Sarah France Lutes, dau. of Joseph and Sarah (Steele) Henderson. William’s daughter, Sarah Louise Henderson, m. Ralph Leonard Hutchinson, son of Ralph and Biancia (Hyke) Hutchinson. Granddaughter of Sarah and Ralph is Margaret H. Miller, 501 Greenway Dr., Corpus Christi, TX 78412 [26].

3.8* David French, b. 1772 (youngest of 7 children) [7] in Culpeper Co, VA, m. Mary Dingess, dau. of Peter and Mary (Smith) Dingess in 1797. David was the Justice of the Peace in Montgomery Co. before he moved to Giles Co. [12]. He was the first County Clerk of Giles Co. and captain of the County Militia. He was commissioned by Governor William H. Cabell as one of the first Justices of the Peace of the county. He was an officer in the 2nd battalion of the 86th regiment of the Virginia militia, and in the June 1804 term of Montgomery County court, was recommended for promotion from Lieutenant to Captain [7]. In January 1802 David became owner of 4,000 acres of land on the Kentucky side of the Big Sandy River which separates the present West Virginia from Kentucky. Mary was b. 1780, d. 1828. David d. 1833. They were both buried in the French-Mason Cemetery, Pearisburg, VA, on the hill east of the main part of Pearisburg, on the north side of Route 460, almost opposite Birchlawn Cemetery. They had nine children.

George B. Roberts in his Genealogy of Joseph Peck quotes, in part, the conveyance document:

“James Monroe, Esquire, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, To all to whom these presents shall come, Greetings: Know ye that by virtue of 4 Exchanged preemption warrants of 1,000 acres each, No. 223, 224, 225, and 233, all issued April 19th, 1782, there is granted by the said Commonwealth unto David French, a certain tract or parcel of land containing 4,000 acres by survey bearing date of 27th day of October, 1799. Lying and being in the County of Kanawha, joining and above the lands surveyed by Joshua Fry on Sandy and bounded as followeth to wit. Beginning at a large poplar and buckeye corner to said Fry and with his line N 50 W 140 poles to point of beginning with its appurtenances.

To have and to hold said tract or parcel of land with its appurtenances, to the said DAVID FRENCH and his heirs forever.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, The said James Monroe, Esquire, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia hath hereunto set his hand and caused the Lesser Seal of the said Commonwealth to be affixed at Richmond, on the 8th day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and 2, and of the Commonwealth the 26th.

(Signed) James Monroe”

The David French 4,000-acre grant lay on both sides of the Lavissa River from about a mile above the forks of the Big Sandy to near the mouth of Georges Creek. He sold it prior to 1810 to George Chapman, Joseph Peck, William Chapman, and John and Edward Burgess.

Children of James and Mary (Crapper) French, 2.5

3.9 William French, d. ca. 1833 [17].

3.10* Robert French, d. ca. 1829, m. Eleanor [17].

Fourth Generation

Children of John and Obedience (Clay) French, 3.2

This couple had 15 children.

4.1 William French, b. ca. 1789 [36], m. Elizabeth French, his first cousin, who was the dau. of Isaac and Elizabeth (Stowers) French (see third generation). Elizabeth was b. 28 Apr 1792, d. 4 Jul 1847 in Mercer Co., WV [36]. They were the parents of William Madison French [36] and Elizabeth French [36]. William M. French was b. 20 Oct 1814 in Giles, d. between 1900-1910 in Putnam Co., WV, m. Rhoda Caperton on 2 Jan 1839 in Mercer Co., WV [36]. Elizabeth French was b. 26 Jul 1812 in Giles Co., VA, and m. Andrew Jackson Thompson on 11 Sep 1832 [36]. After the death of Rhoda, William m. Matilda Perkins on 10 Oct 1883 in Jackson Co., WV. He was 70 and she was 64 [36]. Matilda was b. in Mason Co., WV [36]. Note: This generation will be put in the proper order when I have more time. Mara

Children of William M. French and Rhoda Jane Caperton [36]:

1. female 1840-1850

2. James Allen French, b-12/12/1840 d-1926 in Jackson Co. WV m- ab 1864 to Minerva A. BENNETT b-1847 in OH. d-10/11/1884 Jackson Co. m- #2 3/5/1885 in Jackson Co. WV to Hester Jane HOWELL b- 8/1842 Meighs Co. OH. d-2/5/1928.

3. Sarah Elizabeth French, b-3/17/1843 d-/8/4/1922 Kanawha Co. m-1/16/1861 Giles Co. VA to William Washington Woodall.
For details on this line, see

  William Washington Woodall and Sarah Elizabeth French
4. Andrew Jackson French, b-10/20/1846 Mercer Co. d-7/4/1934 Putnam Co. WV.He married 4/21/1867 to Nancy M. MILLER b-ab 1847 d-9/23/1881 Jackson Co. WV m- #2 ab 1883 to Ruth Jane HILL 5/8/1864 d-9/26/1926. 

5. William Overton French, b-9/1849 Mercer Co. d-10/30/1930 m- 4/21/1875 in Jackson Co. to Mary M. HARE "MOLLIE" b- 3/30/1856 d -3/30/1914 M-#2 Estill ( ) Blankinship b-1876 d-after 1920.

6. Julia Ann French, b- 12/22/1851 d -3/11/1921 m-2/10/1872 in Jackson Co. to William Leftridge Boswell b-9/30/1848 d- 7/5/1923 Jackson Co.WV son of Gilbert & Mary GOOD.

7. George William French, b-7/28/1859 Giles Co. VA d- 1914 Kanawha? Co. WV. m- 12/21/1882 Jackson Co. to Minerva Brown Frazier b-3/18/1866 Giles Co. d-9/11/1941 Kanawha Co. WV. 

4.2* Ezekiel French, b. ca. 1790, m. Charerie (or Catherine) Carter [6] [17], d. between 1846-1850 in Tazewell Co. [36]. Batherin was b. 1792 and d. after 1850 in Tazewell [36].

4.3 Charles Clay French, b. 1799, m. Rebecca Carter [17] on 8 Dec 1926 in Tazewell Co., VA [36], d. after 1870 in Mercer Co., WV [36].

4.4 (?) Col. James Milton French, was a colonel in the Civil War over the 63rd Regt. of VA Infantry and served at Chickamaugua and in other southwestern campaigns. He went to Arizona to live [7].

4.5* George Pearis French, b. 1804 [36], m. Patricia (Patsy) Bottom or Britton or Bolton on 27 Nov 1828 and moved to Bland Co [17]. He. d. 1850 in Giles Co. [36]. She was b. 21 Oct 1808 and d. 21 Jul 1891 [36].

4.6 John L. French, b. 1806, m. Obedience (Biddie) Clay [17] [52] or to Josephine Lucas on 19 Mar 1832 in Giles Co. [36], d. after 1850 in Giles Co. [36].

4.7 St. Clair French, b. 1811 in Giles Co., VA [47], m. Hannah Burkett or Mariah Burdit [47] or Maria Hannah Burkett [36], 31 Aug 1830 [25]. Maria was b. 1814 and d. after 1860 in Giles Co., VA [36]. Family continues with Rachael Adilla French (5) [47], b. 13 Apr 1837 in VA, d. 25 Mar 1911 in Rhea Co., TN, m. David Doan Davis (both buried at the French Cemetery in Rhea Co., TN); Henry A. Davis (6), b. 1871, m. D. Hale; Jesse E. Davis (7); Dorothy Davis (8), m. Richard Webb [25]. St. Clair d. after 1860 in Giles Co. [36].

4.8* Hugh Caperton French, b. ca. 1797-1798 in Montgomery Co., VA which later became Mercer Co., WV (incorporated in 1837), m1. Livicia (Love) or Levicia [36] Lambert, 1 Jun 1820, m2. Rachel Frye [16] [44] in 1839. The identity of the two Hughs as the same person is not proven [16].

4.9 Austin French, b. 1814, d. after 1850 in Tazewell Co., VA, m. ca. 1835 to Lucinda who was b. 1815, d. after 1850 in Tazewell Co., VA [36].

4.10 Obedience French, b. 1808, m. 26 Jan 1826 in Giles Co., to Andrew Kirk [36].

4.11 Rebecca French, b. 1812, m. Benjamin Workman, 12 Nov 1832 in Giles Co., VA [36].

4.12 Nancy French, d. at age 85, a widow.

4.13 Annie French, b. ca. 1789 [58], m. William Carter, 8 Nov 1809 in Giles Co, VA. William b. 1785, d. 5 Dec 1854 in Jackson Co., OH [4]. Moved to Jackson Co. OH with children Simeon and Sarah. William was b. 1785, d. 1884 [17]. Annie’s son French Carter moved to Leavenworth, Kansas in the 1850s after the death of his father [58].

4.14 Orrie French (daughter)

4.15 Sarah (Sallie) French, b. 1794, d. after 1860, m1. William Hare 27 Dec 1818, m2. Andrew Kirk, 26 Feb 1828 [17]. Another source says Sallie m. Joshua Davis [36] and had Louisa Davis (5) who m. John Chapman Hale; Charles Rufus Hale (6); Lucian S. Hale (7); Garnet M. Hale (8), m. Carolyn [11].

Children of Isaac and Elizabeth (Stowers) French, 3.3

4.16 Sarah (Sallie) French [17].

4.17 Elizabeth French, m. William French, his first cousin, the son of John and Obedience (Clay) French (see the beginning of the fourth generation [17].

4.18 Docey French [17].

4.19 Isaac French [17].

Children of James and Susan (Hughes) French, 3.4

4.20* Isaac French, m. Sallie Straley (his first cousin) in 1820, the dau. of Jacob and Martha (French) Straley. Martha was the dau. of Matthew French, generation 2 of this chart. Isaac d. 15 Aug 1855. Straley generalogy.

4.21 Mary French, m. Daniel Straley (her first cousin) who was the brother of Sallie Straley who m. Isaac French. They had two sons, James F. and Jacob C., who died childless, and two daughters who married. Dau. Julia T. Straley m. Col. James M. Bailey of Mercer County and had two sons and one daughter who died childless, and Belle Bailey who m. James D. Honaker, and Alice Bailey who m. Mr. Lee. Mary’s and Daniel’s second daughter, Sallie F. Straley, m. Elijah Bailey and had two children, Robert H. Bailey and Mary J. Bailey [7].

4.22* Andrew L. French, m. Rebecca Day 31 Dec 1834 [10].

4.23* James Reuben French, b. 1790/1793 in Giles Co, VA, d. 1827/1829 in Mercer Co., WV, m. Naomi (Oma) Meadow, the dau. of the Reverend Josiah and Judith (Juda) Lilly Meadow on 27 Jan 1812. They made their home in Mercer Co, near Princeton. Naomi b. 1794 in Giles Co., d. Aug 1849 in Mercer Co. WV. On the 1815 Tax List Giles County, Reuben was the head of the household. At that time he had one horse and seven cattle.

4.24 Elizabeth French, m. James Rowland, 25 Jul 1824.

4.25 Sarah (Sallie) French, b. 1798, d. 1860, m. William Hare 24 Dec 1818, the son of Joseph and Phoebe (Perdue) Hare. They had 9 children: Joseph, Andrew, James, Isaac, William, John, Phoebe, Susannah, and Sallie. Their first son, Joseph, had a dau. Phoebe Louise Hare, who m. William Albert Reid. They, in turn, had a dau., Minnie Reid, who m. David E. French [7].

Children of James and Margaret (Day) French, 3.4

4.26 Esther Locke French, m. Kinzie Rowland.

4.27 Martha French, m. William Milan, 15 Jan 1829.

4.28 Aralia Ann French, m. Jacob B. Lawson, 3 Dec 1849.

Children of David and Mary (Dingess) French, 3.8

4.29* Guy Dingess French, b. 5 Jun 1798, d. 12 Apr 1865, m. Araminta D. Chapman, 5 Sep 1826, dau. of Henley and Mary (Alexander) Chapman. Araminta was b. 4 Feb 1808, d. 11 Mar 1876 [7]. In 1827 he built a house on the corner of Main St. and Wenonah Ave., Pearisburg, now known as the Thomas House. All their children were born there. He obtained leave from the town to “take earth from the public square and the street in this town and mold and burn into brick for the erection of a brick house” on Lot 30. In the 1860’s, Guy’s house was known as the Western Hotel, but early in 1869 it was closed “because the Court wouldn’t grant liquor license.” However, in June, Araminta, then a widow, re-opened it. For 44 years Thomas J. Pearson owned the building, 18 years as a dwelling, a few years rented it as a hotel and store, and later he used it himself as a store. In more recent years it has been owned by the Thomases and used as a store with apartments upstairs. Guy died suddenly while standing in the door of the hotel when a man rode by and called out the news that Lee had surrendered [7].

4.30 Napoleon Bonepart French, m. Jane Armstrong, dau. of Colonel Thomas T. Armstrong. Napoleon was captain of French’s Mercer County Battery of the Confederate forces. Napoleon was captain of French’s Mercer County Battery of the Confederate forces and later commissioned colonel. He served as a Virginia State Senator to the 1860-61 Assembly and defeated his brother, William H. French, as Mercer County representative to the Secession Convention. Both brothers had been Whigs all their lives, but William H., a short time prior to secession had united with the Democratic party, so incensing his former political friends that they collaborated with Napoleon’s friends to defeat him. The Whigs were strongly union in sentiment, the Democrats in favor or secession. Napoleon did his best to help the Secession Convention vote against secession, but, when the state went with the Confederacy, he fought for the same cause as William did. Napoleon inherited all the land of Peter Dingess, his grandfather, by way of his Uncle Charles. He was m. to Jane Armstrong, dau. of Col. Thomas T. and granddaughter of Col. Martin Armstrong [7]. They had daughter Eliza Jane French according to email

4.31* Dr. David Milton French, b. 1822, d. 1881, m. Mary E. Smoot of Alexandria, VA [7]. She was b. 1830, d. 1891 [17].

4.32 Rufus A. French, d. unmarried. He served as a private in the Confederate Army in Dr. William Wirt McComas’ Battery in the Civil War, and succeeded his father as Clerk of the Giles County Court, serving from 1833 to his death in 1855 [7].

4.33 William Henderson French was first Annie (French) McComas. They had no children.

4.34 Captain James Harvey French, b. 20 Oct 1818. He was the first principal of the Concord Normal School, WV, and served in this school until his death 11 Dec 1891 or 24 Jul 1891 [12]. No issue. James served in the C.S.A. as Captain of Company D, 7th Regiment of Virginia Infantry, a company of Giles County men. He had organized these men into Company C of the 24th Virginia Regiment, which was the first company from Giles County to join the Confederate Army and later was united with the 7th Regiment. James was the first principal of Concord Normal School, the present Concord College at Athens, WV, which was organized on 10 May 1875. His salary at that time was $700 per year, and the school building was a rough, unfinished affair, with neither windows nor doors, and without seats or heating. He served this institution for seventeen years until he died on 11 Dec 1891 of LaGrippe. There is a monument to his memory on the present college campus [7].

4.35 Cynthia French, m. her first cousin Judge David McComas, who was the son of General Elisha and one daughter. He was a lawyer in Giles County. Children: Capt. John A., Allen C., Samuel, Charles D., Minerva [7].

4.36 Harriett French, m. Samuel Pack, son of John and Jane (Hutchinson) Pack and had four sons and Captain of Company A of the 17th Regiment of Virginia Cavalry and later Colonel of the same regiment in the Confederate Army. He is not to be confused with Maj. Gen. William H. French of the Union forces who lost his command of the III Corps after the Mine Run campaign. The William H. French of this family was a strong political figure in Giles and Mercer counties. He did not marry [1] [18] [7]. Another reference says he m. Martha Burton in 1847 [17].

4.37 Minerva Ann French, b. 1816, d. 1890, m. in 1833 to Thomas Jefferson Boyd (1804-1893) who was the first Commonwealth’s Attorney for Mercer Co. He was the first law graduate of the University of Virginia. Both he and his wife were highly educated [7].

Children of Robert and Eleanor French, 3.10

4.38 William French, m. Nancy Slane (?) who was b. 1795, d. 1838 [17].

4.39 Nancy Corbin French [17].

4.40 James French [17].

4.41 John French [17].

4.42 Eliza Maria French [17].

4.43 Sarah French [17].

4.44 Katherine French [17].

4.45 Robert French [17].

Fifth Generation

Children of Ezekiel and Charerie (Carter) French, 4.2

5.1* Charles Campbell French, m. Nancy Abigail Pauley [6] [17].

5.2* John Lewis French, b. 14 Feb 1832, d. 4 Nov 1890 in Tazewell Co., VA, m. Elizabeth Rose Pike [28].

Children of George and Patricia (Bolton) French, 4.5

5.3* General James Milton French, m. Rhoda Henderson [17] [52].

5.4 son French [17].

5.5 son French [17].

Children of Hugh and Livicia (Lambert) French, 4.8

5.6* John N. French, (twin) b. ca. 1825, d. ca. 1922 in East Fork, m. Mary Hazelett (sister of Sarah, below) of Tazewell Co, VA, in a double wedding ceremony on 9 Mar 1855 in Lawrence Co., [8] [55]. She was the dau. of Robert and Margaret (Holiday) Hazlett [55]. Mary was b. 1835, d. 1917 [29] in East Fork. Both he and his twin brother were widowers with small children. Another source says his wife was Eliza J. Honaker whom he had married in Giles Co. on 6 May 1847 [55].

There is a John N. French reunion annually (1st Sunday of August) at South Shore, KY, across from Portsmouth, OH. Contact Ms. Dana French, Box 755, South Shore, KY 41175 [8].

Many Frenches lived in Lawrence Co., KY and are buried along Rte 23 at the Bear Creek graveyard [11].

5.7 Jehu or Jehugh or Lihugh French (twin) b. ca. 1825, m. Sarah (or Ann) Hazelett (sister of Mary, above) in a double wedding ceremony on 9 Mar 1855 in Lawrence Co., KY [55], then moved to KS or MO [8]. She was the dau. of Robert and Margaret (Holiday) Hazlett [55]. Another source says his wife was Amanda [55]. Both he and his twin brother were widowers with small children.

Children of Hugh and Rachel (Frye) French, 4.8

5.8* Isaac Edward French, b. 1849, d. 1923 in Dickenson Co., m. Ann Dunbar who was b. 1852 [17].

5.9* Daniel Lewis French, m. Emaline Smith in Dickenson, VA [44]. Their dau. Nicatie French, m. Noah Buchanan in Dickerson, VA [44].

Children of Isaac and Sallie (Straley) French, 4.20

5.10 Harvey French, never married.

5.11 Elizabeth French, m. on 9 Aug 1842 to Oscar Fitzalan Johnston, son of David E. and Sallie (Chapman) Johnston. David wrote the History of the Middle New River Settlement [18]. David m. his first cousin, Sarah E. Pearis.

Children of Andrew and Rebecca (Day) French, 4.22

5.12* James D. French, b. Nov 1838 in Giles County, VA [10], m. Harrietta (or Henrietta) E. (Belcher) Dangerfield on 31 Oct 1865 by George A. Reynolds (Tazewell County Marriage Book 3). Henrietta brought the two sons, Samuel and Greenville Dangerfield, with her into the marriage [10]. James enlisted on 25 Jul 1861 in Tazewell County and served as a Private in Co. H, 8 Virginia Calvary under Capt. McDonald. James was taken as a prisoner of war and dropped from the Confederate rolls on 15 Oct 1864. James took the U.S. Oath of Allegiance on 30 May 1865 [10].

Children of James and Naomi (Meadow) French, 4.23

5.13* Capt. Russell French, m. Martha Hale, 28 Oct 1845. Had daughter, Naomi V. French who m. Robert N. French, her first cousin (see sixth generation) [17].

5.14 William French, m. Martha Burton, 22 Feb 1847. Martha d. 14 Jun 1884, age 53.

5.15 Jane French, m. Mr. Bowling.

5.16* James Henderson French, b. 21 Jan 1824 in Mercer Co, WV, d. 25 Aug 1903 in Killeen, TX, m. Catherine E. Peters Thompson dau. of Syms and Nancy (Hall) Thompson. Moved to Nolanville, Texas, but before that, lived in Mercer, Lee, Tazewell, and Giles Counties, VA. Catherine b. 19 Nov 1827 in Tazewell Co. VA, d. 19 Jul 1902 in Killeen, TX.

(add p. 21-22)

5.17 Gordon French, m. Mary ______.

5.18 Mahalia/Mahala French, b. 1824, age 26 on the 1850 Census and Head of Household.

5.19 Charlotte French, m. Bannister Meadow, 5 Dec 1845.

5.20 Jehu French, m. Amanda ______.

Children of Guy D. and Araminta (Chapman) French, 4.29

5.21* Henley Chapman French, b. 1827, d. 1890, m. 1852 to Harriet Thomas Easley, the dau. of John S. (1790-1868) and Agnes Clark (White) Easley. Harriet b. 1833, d. 1894. Henley was educated at Emory and Henry College and at the U.S. Military Academy. During the Civil War he had charge of Saltpeter works on New River for the Confederate Army. Harriet’s father was the son of Isaac (1761-1810) and Judith (Easley) Easley (first cousin), and the grandson of Daniel (ca 1725-86) and Elizabeth (Echols) Easley. Daniel, of Halifax County, was a Revolutionary War soldier. Henley and Harriet had ten children [7].

5.22 Mary I. (Isabel?) French, b. 13 Feb 1830, d. 1 Mar 1887, m. William Bernard Mason. He was b. 10 Jan 1823 to Dr. Daniel and Sarah (Porter) Mason of Rappahannock County, VA. He d. 7 Nov 1904. They had seven children: Sarah, William, Fannie, Guy, James, Sue, and Mamie [7].

5.23 Sarah Minerva French, b. 6 Sep 1832, d. 8 Oct 1919 in Pearisburg, VA. She m1. in 1851 to Dr. William Wirt McComas, her second cousin, by whom she had five children, three of whom died in infancy. He died in Apr 1862 at South Mills. In 1872 she m2. Capt. F. G. Thrasher who d. 1915 [7].

5.24 Frances (Fannie) French, b. 1834, d. 1905 [17], m. Josiah H. D. Smoot of Alexandria, VA, in 1853 [17]. They had two daughters [7].

5.25 Susan Virginia French, m. 14 May 1867 Dr. Robert T. Ellett, son of Robert and Susan (Gilman) Ellett of Hanover Co., VA. He was b. 29 Apr 1836, d. 26 May 1904. They had eleven children, seven sons and four daughters [7].

5.26* Captain David Alexander French, b. 7 Sep 1837. He enlisted in the Confederate Amy in June 1861 as a lieutenant in Dr. William Wirt McComas’ Battery. After Dr. McComas’ death at South Mills in April 1862, the command of the battery fell to Lt. David French who was then commissioned captain of the battery and commanded it to the end of the war. He is said to have been the last officer to surrender at Appomattox. He received his education mainly at Amory and Henry College. He served Giles County four years as surveyor and eight years, at least, as treasurer. He m1. Mary E. Williams in 1869 [17]. She was b. 28 Nov 1844 to John and Sarah L. (Lumpkins) Williams. She died a few weeks after the birth of their third child, on 4 Jan 1876. David m2. Jennie C. Easley on 16 Jun 1880, dau. of John W. and Emily (Thompson) Easley, who was b. 15 May 1854 in Giles County. David and Jennie had two children [7].

5.27 William Augustus French, b. 8 May 1845, m. 31 Oct 1871 Sarah Ellen (Nellie) Johnson, dau. of Chapman I. and Eliann (Snidow) Johnston. Nellie graduated from Martha Washington College with first honors. William enlisted when only fifteen in French’s Company D, Seventh Virginia Volunteer Infantry of the Confederate Army and fought at the first Manassas Junction; then he transferred to French’s Battery and a company commanded by his uncle, James H. French. After a disability leave of three months, he joined the Battery of his brother, Capt. David A. French. He is known as the Hon. William A. French for his service as State Senator from Giles, Wythe, Bland, and Pulaski counties in the Virginia Assembly. The children of William and Nellie are shown in the Johnston Family section of ref [7] which we do not have. William d. 1902 [17].

5.28* Charles Dingess French, b. 8 Jan 1850, m. Annie Chapman Johnston on 22 Oct 1879, dau. of Chapman I. and Eliann (Snidow) Johnston. Note that brothers William and Charles married sisters, Nellie and Annie. Charles and Annie had three children, the youngest dying of membranous croup before his fourth birthday. Charles and Annie also raised three other children with their own: Ellis Edmunds, Rose (a negro girl), Easley (a negro boy) [7]. They lived for many years at the present 104 Memorial Blvd., Narrows, VA. When they gave up housekeeping, they spent the winters with her son Chapman and his wife, Lela, in Roanoke and the summers with Her daughter, Ellene, on a farm at Narrows.

Children of David and Mary (Smoot) French, 4.31

5.29* George Smoot French, b. 1850, d. 1933 [17], m1. Eliza Williams Hite who was b. 1853, d. 1898. George m2. Mary H. Reed, b. 1874, d. 1957 [17].

5.30 Catherine French, b. 1852, m. Wirt A. French [17].

5.31 Capt. David McComas French, b. 1853 [17].

5.32 Frances French, m. Frederick Bieg and had Valentine Bieg [17].

5.33 Mary French, b. 1857, d. 1934, m1. Capt. Holmes Paulding who was b. 1853, d. 1883. Mary m2. Joseph Rice who was b. 1844, d. 1901. In both marriages there was no issue [17].

Sixth Generation

Children of Charles C. and Nancy (Pauley) French, 5.1

6.1* John Stinson French, m. Susan (Susie) Chaney Ferguson [6].

Children of John Lewis and Elizabeth (Pike) French, 5.2

6.2 Rebecca Jane French, b. 12 Jun 1866 in Norton, VA, m. Thomas Jackson Durham [28]. Their son was John Everett Durham, b. 1887, who had dau. Ruby Leona Durham, b. 1917 and m. James R. Carter was b. 1915. Their dau. is Donna Sue Carter, b. 1941, who m. Satterfield and lives in Alexandria, VA [28].

Children of Gen. James and Rhoda (Henderson) French, 5.3

6.3* Robert N. French, b. 1860, m. Naomi V. French (his first cousin), dau. of Lt. Russell French and Martha Hale (see later on in the sixth generation) [17].

6.4* Rev. James Thompson French [52].

Children of John N. and Mary (Hazelett) French, 5.6

6.5 Mary Luther French, b. 1857, d. 1926, m. Mr. Taylor, whose great-grandchild was Walter Hatten [8].

6.6* James William French, b. 1850, d. 1940, m. Hannah Stanley [29]. She was b. 1850, d. 1939.

Children of Isaac and Ann (Dunbar) French, 5.8

6.7 Ballard Dunbar French, b. 1888 in Dickenson Co. [17].

6.8 Ethel French, m. John Trivitt [17].

6.9 Dr. Newton B. French [17].

6.10 Creed F. French [17].

6.11 William E. French [17].

6.12 Margaret French, no issue [17].

6.13 Myrtle French, m. John Greene [17].

Children of Daniel Lewis and Emaline French, 5.9

6.14 Nicatie French, m. Noah Buchanan in Dickenson, VA. Nicatie is the great-grandmother of Barry Johnson [44].

Children of James D. and Henrietta (Dangerfield) French, 5.12

6.15 H. D. “Doc” French, m. Virginia Purcell [10].

6.16 Margaret “Maggie” Ellen French, m. Albert F. Doyle [10]. This family continues with Gertrude Nancy Doyle (7), m. Luther W. Hypes; Sylvia Hypes (8), m. James Leonard Peterson; Judith Mae Peterson (9), m. Leslie Alfred Lindstrom; Gregory Alan Lindstrom (10), m. Debra Kay Bailey [10].

6.17 C. Frazier French, m. Martha Doyle [10].

6.18 Joseph (Joe) S. French, d. at 86 yrs of age [10].

6.19 Eveleanor “Evie” French, m. Mr. Carter [10].

6.20 Joanette “Nettie” French, m. D. L. “Link” Caldwell [10].

6.21 William French, b. Jan 5 [10].

6.22 Charles F. French, m. Martha Eleanor “Ellie” Doyle on 27 Apr 1887. Charles d. 1 Feb 1935 [10].

Children of Russell and Martha (Hale) French, 5.13

6.23 Naomi V. French, m. 1882 to Robert N. French who was b. in 1860 in Bland Co. (see Robert’s biography earlier in the sixth generation).

Children of James and Catherine (Thompson) French, 5.16

6.24* Napoleon Bonaparte French, b. 26 Jan 1849 in Mercer Co., WV, d. 7 Jul 1925 at 76. He m1. Katherine Lewellen. Their only child died in infancy. Katherine died within a year. Napoleon m2. Sarah (Sallie) Gillam, b. 18 Oct 1859.

6.25 Henry French, b. ca. 1850 in Mercer Co., WV.

6.26* Guy Dingess French, b. 29 Sep 1851 in Mercer Co., WV, d. 22 Oct 1920 in Dallas, TX, m1. Hannah Elizabeth Simms, dau. of Jim Simms, 6 Aug 1977 in Bell Co., Texas. Hannah was b. 4 Aug 1857, d. 6 Aug 1879. They had one dau. Guy m2. Catherine Jemima (Jennie) Simms, dau. of David and Angeline (Greer) Simms. Catherine b. near Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., TN, 11 Dec 1860, d. 17 Aug 1945 in Dallas, TX.

6.27* Luther Ward French, b. 4 Jul 1860, d. 23 Jun 1945, m. Hattie Williamson in 1886 [1].

(add story from Irene’s p. 30-31).

6.28 Syms Thompson French, b. 20 Apr 1855 in Mercer Co., WV, d. 24 Dec 1882 in Abilene, TX at the age of 25. His death was caused by pheumonia. He was in the photography business with his brother, Goggan French. His body was brought home and buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Nolanville, TX [1].

6.29 Ballard French

6.30* Reuben Goggan French, b. 31 Jan 1859 in Mercer Co., WV, m. Eula Wood on 24 Jun 1891, d. 26 Jul 1946 in TX. Eula was b. 10 Apr 1871, Christian Co., KY. In 1906 Reuben moved from Killeen to Haskell, TX and operated a drug store there until 1917. In 1919 he moved to Abilene and was a druggist in the Abilene State Hospital for one year and later opened his own drug store. During WWII he worked in various drug stores to help out during the manpower shortages. He is buried in the Cedar Hill Cemetery, Abilene, TX. Eula d. 16 Jan 1949 and is buried in the Cedar Hill Cemetery [1].

6.31 James Whitten French

6.32 Sidney G. French

6.32 Mary (Molly) C. French

6.34 James W. French

6.35 William Henderson French, b. 8 Feb 1855 in Mercer Co., WV, m. Lucinda Lewellen of McLennan Co, TX on 26 Oct 1877. She d. in Bell Co., TX. No issue. After the death of Lucinda, William moved to California. He d. 28 Apr 1940 or 1948 in Modesto, CA and is buried in the Modesto Cemetery.

Children of Henley C. and Harriet T. French, 5.21

6.36 Guy D. French, b. 1853, d. 1910, m. Bettie E. Snidow, dau. of Wm. T. and a granddaughter of Christian, The Blacksmith, Snidow [7].

6.37 Mary Clark French, b. 1855, m. Christian Snidow, a son of Wm. T. and a grandson of Christian, The Blacksmith, Snidow [7].

6.38 William Wirt French, b. 1858, d. 1899, m. Rose Baach [7].

6.39 Fannie Smoot French, b. 1860, d. 1890, m. S. F. Day [7].

6.40 Araminta Agnes French, b. 1862, d. 1901 [7].

6.41 Carrie Sue French, b. 1865, d. 1891 [7].

6.42 Harriet Alverda French, b. 1867, d. 1912, m. W. S. Leake [7].

6.43 John Easley French, b. 1869, d. 1927, m. Pricie Snidow, dau. of Christian N. and Louise (Turner) Snidow [7].

6.44* David Edwin French, b. 1871, m. 1899 Minnie Reid. She was b. 1875 in Summers Co., WV to Phoebe Louise (Hare) and Wm. Albert Reid. He was a second great grandson of Matthew French and she was a third great granddaughter of Matthew, making them third cousins once removed. Her descent was from Matthew’s son, James [19], and she was a writer from age sixteen, a member of DAR and Regent of the John Chapman Chapter in Bluefield, WV, State Chaplain, UDC, a member of Virginia Historical Society and of the League of American Penwoman’s Club. David and Minnie had five children [7].

6.45 Unknown French. Henley and Harriet had ten children [17].

Children of David A. and Mary E. (Williams) French, 5.26

6.46 James W. French, b. 24 Feb 1872 [7].

6.47 Mary F. French, b. 17 Dec 1873 [7].

6.48 Nellie S. French, b. 12 Dec 1875 [7]. Her mother, Mary, died after this birth on 4 Jan 1876.

Children of David A. and Jennie (Easley) French, 5.26

6.49 John David French, b. 27 Dec 1881 [7].

6.50 Guy French, b. 19 Jul 1883 [7].

Children of Charles D. and Annie C. (Johnston) French, 5.28

6.51 Chapman Johnston French, b. 15 Aug 1880, m. 27 Feb 1918 Lela Lee Weatherly, b. 7 Oct 1884 to Rev. Samuel S. and Mary Elizabeth (Henry) Weatherly. They had no children. She died of cancer soon after he retired from the N. & W. He m2. her niece, Mildred Greer. He d. suddenly at age 84 at their country home in Troutdale, VA. He and Lela are buried in Birchlawn Cemetery, Pearisburg, VA [7]. Lived in Roanoke, VA.

6.52 Anna Ellene French, b. 2 Jan 1883, m. 5 Jun 1907 Jesse Brown Givens [7]. Lived on a farm in Narrows, VA.

6.53 George Smoot French, b. 3 Nov 1887, d. 27 Jul 1891 of membranous croup. He is buried in the French-Mason Cemetery, Pearisburg, VA [7].

Children of George and Eliza (Hite) French, 5.29

6.54 Mary Eliza French, b. 1878, d. 1970, m. Clarence R. Howard, no issue [17].

6.55 Eleanor Williams French, b. 1880, d. 1963, m. Richard Fibson, no issue [17].

6.56* David Milton French, b. 1882, d. 1927, m. in 1913 to Jean Lloyd Brent who was b. 1888, d. 1958 [17].

6.57 Georgianna McComas French, b. 1888, d. 1915, no issue [17].

Children of George and Mary (Reed) French, 5.29

6.58 Margaret Reed French, b. 1908, d. 1960, m1. in 1933 to Raymond Parmer who was b. 1986, d. 1955. She m2. Mr. Koltko [17]. By her first marriage, she had a daughter, Mary E. Parmer, b. 1935, d. 1978, b. 1963 to Kenneth Slote. They adopted a daughter, Laura Slote, b. 1967, and then in 1969 had a son, Mathew, who d. 1979 [17].

Child of Capt. David McComas French, 5.30

6.59 David McComas French [17].

Seventh Generation

Children of John S. and Susie C. (Ferguson) French, 6.1

7.1 Virginia French, m. Harold Wermuth, and have two children: Madeline and Kenneth, and one grandchild, Lauren. [6].

Children of Robert and Naomi (French) French, 6.2

7.2 Virginia May French [17].

7.3 Milton Russell French [17].

7.4 Wirt Merlin French [17].

Children of James William and Hannah (Stanley) French, 6.3

7.5 Mason Oscar French, b. 1881, d. 1978, m. Lulu Ann Lambert. She was b. 1886, d. 1958 [29]. Their dau. was Mildred Reva French, b. 1913, d. 1980, m. Gayle Henry Blankenship. He was b. 1906, d. 1981 {29]. m

Children of Rev. James Thompson French, 6.4

7.6* Jack Tyree French [52].

Children of Napoleon and Sallie (Gillam) French, 6.24

7.7 James Edward French, b. 14 Mar 1881, never married [17].

7.8 Bell French, b. 18 May 1883, m. Arthur Joseph Besse on 20 Sep 1898, had 3 children: Jack, Emil, and Augie [17].

7.9 Lula French, b. 24 May 1887, d. 17 Apr 1896 [17].

7.10 Ione French, b. 24 Apr 1898, m. James Gordon Bonham, Apr 1919 [17]. They had Ophelia, b. 18 Oct 1920.

Children of Guy D. and Hannah (Simms) French, 6.26

7.11 Nora Alice French, b. 15 Sep 1876, d. 11 Aug 1930, m. David Patrick Harris 28 Feb 1895. He was b. 26 Jan 1873, d. 8 Dec 1902. They had two children, DeAlva and Noema. After the death of David Harris, Nora m2. John R. Rodgers. They had two daughters: Johnny Alice and Mary French Rodgers [1].

Children of Guy D. and Catherine J. (Simms) French, 6.26

7.12* James Simms French, b. 10 Feb 1883, m. Mary Amelia Bollinger on 20 Jun 1906, she was b. 27 Oct 1885. Genealogist of the family [1].

7.13 Annie Myrtle French, b. 7 Feb 1885, d. 16 Nov 1891.

7.14 William Arthur French, b. 15 Nov 1887, d. 16 Nov 1890.

7.15* Guy Marvin French, b. 31 Mar 1890, m1. Tommie Magill on 8 May 1910, m2. Mrs. Lottye Jetson Grant on 24 Jun 1922 [1].

7.16 Earl David French, b. 25 Apr 1893 in Killeen, TX. Enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1917. He was in Company A, 354th Infantry, 89 division. In Aug 1918 while fighting in France, he suffered severe injury to his lungs from gas sent over by the Germans. He was hospitalized at once and never returned to the front lines. He received his discharge 8 Feb 1919 and returned to Floydada. In Nov 1919 he contracted pneumonia and d. 16 Nov 1919, buried in Floydada Cemetery. His term of Army service was one year, three months, and thirteen days.

7.17* Raymond Greer French. b. 19 Oct 1895, m. 12 Dec 1916 to Rubye Melissa Holland, who was b. 4 Apr 1894. Raymond d. 5 Jan 1968, Fort Worth, and is buried in the Bluebonnet Hill Memorial Park.

7.18 Chester Wheeler French, b. 26 Aug 1898, m. 26 Nov 1922 Clara Belle O’Neal, who was b. 2 Oct 1900. They adopted a dau., Bettye Lynnette French, b. 19 Mar 1928.

Children of Luther and Hattie (Williamson) French, 6.27

7.19* Aubrey L. French, b. 9 May 1887 in Nolanville, TX, m1. Etta Goodwin, m2. Mrs. Lottye Jetson Grant on 24 Jun 1922, d. 1981 [1].

7.20 Ethel Mertz French, b. 1889, m. Elmer Metz [1].

7.21 Haynie French, b. 1894, d. 1984, m. Gladys Ford [1].

7.22 George French, b. 1896, m1. Alverda Green, m2. Minnie Petty [1].

7.23 Irene French, b. 1899, m. Roy B. Braswell [1].

7.24 Faye Wagner French, b. 1902, m1. Raymond Crutsinger, m2. Willie Wagner [1].

7.25 Luther Verne French, b. 1906, m. Ruby Edgin [1].

Children of Reuben and Eula (Wood) French, 6.30

7.26 Grady Rather French, b. 24 Mar 1892 in Lilleen, TX, m. Alice Robertson on 2 Aug 1958. He d. 10 Mar 1978 in Abilene, TX. He was a retired salesman for Burroughs Adding Machine Company. After his death, Alice moved to Austin, TX.

7.27 Florence Killeena French, b. 11 Oct 1893 in Killeen, TX, m1. Ben F. Clifton on 23 Dec 1914. Ben was b. 22 Jan 1891, d. 2 Dec 1918. They had one child, Martin Clifton III. She m2. A. J. Smith Sr. After his death, she continued to live in Anson, TX

7.28 Elbert Brooks French, b. 23 Oct 1897, m. Mary Billingham on 26 Aug 1933. Mary was b. 1 May 1907 in Detroit, MI. Elbert d. 24 Apr 1970 in Anaheim, CA. Benjamin Fred French was their only child. He was b. 21 Mar 1947, Detroit, m. Teressa on 9 Apr 1971.

7.29 Goggan Henderson French, b. 27 Nov 1900, m1. Ethel Corley who was b. 12 Oct 1903 in Abilene. She was the dau. of Roy M. and Bell (Burleson) Corley. No issue. Coggan m2. Louise Willis.

7.30 Eula Fay French, b. 22 May 1907 in Killeen, TX, m. Frederick Newell Stirman, Sr. on 21 Dec 1925. He was b. 15 Jan 1904 in Texmo, Oklahoma Territory, the son of George Christopher and Stella Elmira (White) Stirman. They had 4 children.

Children of David E. and Minnie (Reid) French, 6.44

7.31 David E. French, Jr., b. 19 Oct 1900, m. Gladys A. Bailey [7].

7.32 John French, b. 6 Sep 1902 [7].

7.33 Harriet Louise French, b. 3 Oct 1904, AB and LLB degrees from University of Virginia [7].

7.34 Elizabeth Wilson French, b. 24 Jan 1912 [7].

Children of David and Jean (Brent) French, 6.56

7.35* David Milton French, b. 1914, m1. in 1942 to Margaret A. Craven who was b. in 1915, m2. in 1955 to Mary E. Smith who was b. 1923 [17].

Eighth Generation

Children of Jack Tyree French, 7.6

8.1* James H. French [52].

Children of James S. and Mary A. (Bollinger) French, 7.12

8.2 Mary B. French, b. 26 Jun 1909, m1. Robert Montgomery Hill, 12 Aug 1931, and had 2 sons. Mary m2. Clifford Emil Shult, 9 Jan 1960 in El Campo, TX.

8.3* Simms Darton French, b. 25 Oct 1913, m. Helen Spain who was b. 26 Oct 1913 and lived in Salado, TX. He worked for the Dallas Morning News as the Financial Editor of News, d. Dec 1969, age 86, in El Campo, TX. Simms was a man of unusual talents and interests. He always had time to write letters which were treasured by all who received them. His book Our Folks is highly valued by all who received a copy. He worked for many years for the Dallas Morning News. The following tribute was paid to him: Former Financial Editor of News, J. S. French, dies Dec. 1969.

J. S. French, 86, retired financial editor of the Dallas Morning News, died Sunday in El Campo, TX. A native of Killeen, Bell Co., TX, he came to the News in 1917 as a reporter, but before his retirement in 1952, he had worked on the universal desk and several positions in business and news. He was living in El Campo, TX.

Before he began editing the market page, he was responsible for state news. He was known for his strict attention to detail and was able to quote all stocks carried by the News and their selling price.

A graduate of the University of Texas, he had worked for the Galveston News several years where he was city editor. He also operated a bookstore in San Marcos.

A Dallas resident 55 years, he moved to El Campo in 1960. He was a member of the Tyler Street Methodist Church.

Survivors are a son, Simms D. French of Temple; a daughter, Mrs. Clifford Shult of El Campo; two grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be at 3 p.m., Tuesday in Wheeler Funeral Home in El Campo and he will be buried in Memorial Cemetery.

The Texas flag in front of the Dallas Morning News Building will be flown at half-staff Tuesday in honor of J. S. French, retired market editor for the News.

Children of Guy and Tommie (Magill) French, 7.15

8.4 Frances French, b. 12 Jul 1912.

8.5 Fairy French, b. 16 Jan 1915.

Children of Raymond G. and Rubye M. (Holland) French, 7.17

8.6 Rubye Katherine French, b. 15 Nov 1921 in Floydada. She m. Henry Carlton Masters on 18 May 1941. Had several children, some adopted.

8.7 Dorothy Holland French, b. 6 Jul 1925, Fruitdale, TX, m. Bresfred Benjamin Burk on 10 Oct 1942. They had several children.

Children of Aubrey and Etta (Goodwin) French, 7.19

8.8 Wyno Lee French, b. 19 Jan 1927 in Mullin, TX, m. Melvin Murphy [1].

Children of David and Margaret (Craven) French, 7.35

8.9* David Milton French, b. 1943 in [17], m. in 1960 to Alice (Penny) Crane [17].

Children of David and Mary (Smith) French, 7.35

8.10 George Emlen French, b. 1956, m. in 1984 to Patricia Warren, who was b. 1960 [17].

8.11 Robert Frent French, b. 1962 [17].

Ninth Generation

Children of James H. French, 8.1

9.1 James H. French, Jr., MD [52].

Children of Simms D. and Helen (Spain) French, 8.3

9.2 Simms D. French of Temple, TX.

9.3 dau. French, m. Clifford Shult, of El Campo, TX.

Children of David and Alice (Crane) French, 8.9

9.4 David French, b. 1961 [17].

9.5 Adrienne French, b. 1962 [17].

9.6 Daniel Brent French, b. 1969 [17].


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Š      Chart #12 has had almost yearly reunions beginning on Jun 24, 1995 in Bluefield, WV, on the Virginia border. For details, write Virginia Wermuth [6].

Š      There is a John N. French reunion annually (1st Sunday of August) at South Shore, KY, across from Portsmouth, OH. Contact Ms. Dana French, Box 755, South Shore, KY 41175 [8].


Š      Clear Creek Genealogy, and the French Family.

Š      Giles County, VA Genealogical Website