Wills of the County of Essex (England), Volume 2, 1565–1571 (Online database: NewEnglandAncestors.org, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2003), (Orig. Pub. by National Genealogical Society, Washington, D.C. F. G. Emmison, Essex wills (England): Archdeaconry of Essex, Archdeaconry of Colchester, . . . , preserved in the Essex Record Office, Chelmsford, seven volumes, 1982–1991).


P. 26:


WILLIAM SMYTHE of Barking yeoman, 6 Nov. 1565. (92)


To Jane my wife my lands at Padnole Corner in Barking for her life; after her decease, my house that I dwell in with the lands belonging to William my son. To Agnes WODLANDE my wife's daughter my house at Padnoles Corner called Grenes with the lands belonging. If both William and Agnes die without heirs, I will half my lands to James SMYTH my uncle's son dwelling in 'Norwood (co. Middlesex)'. To William my son 2 of my beasts, 2 featherbeds, 2 woolbeds, 2 bedsteadles, 6 pewter dishes of the best, 6 platters, 2 of the best brass pots, the best chafer, 4 candlesticks of the best, 1 pair of tongs, a table form, 3 saucers, the cupboard next the best, a kettle, 4 pieces of brass at 'Sowthowll' [South Hall in Rainham?], 2 spits, 1 pair of cobirons, 5 chests, and 1 chair. To my wife's daughter 1 good cow, 2 platters, 2 pewter dishes, 2 saucers, 2 chests, a brass pot, and 1 featherbed. I will that my wife shall keep Agnes WODLANE as long as my wife liveth and if Agnes be ruled by her. The rest of my goods to Jane my wife, whom I make my executrix. I will Andrew FULLER, John SNAGGES and Allen FRENCHE to be my overseers, and 10s. apiece for their pains. Witnesses: Andrew FULLER, Thomas CHAMPNEYES, Alleyn FRENCH, William OWTRED, Robert NUTTINGE. Proved 15 Feb. 1565/6.


Pp. 59-60:


EDWARD FRENCHE of Great Burstead, 2 Oct. 1563 [sic]. (213)


To William FELLOW now a child and my son-in-law 40s. at 21, and my wife to have his custody; if she marry, to be bound to William PERYMAN of Great Burstead for the payment thereof; if she refuse to be bound, William PERYMAN to take possession of so much of my goods as are worth 40s. To the child the best chest that was his mother's. I will that my horse, be sold to pay my debts and the overplus to my sister [not named]. To Ellen my wife the lease that I have bought for 10 years of one Richard ROBYNSON, laying out aforehand for 10 years 4 and 40s. more must be paid; if she cannot obtain the lease, she to have again the 4 The residue of my goods to my wife, whom I ordain my executrix, she to bring up two children, one of her own and my other child William FELLOWE. Witnesses: John OCKELY vicar, William PERIMM, Bartholomew GRENE. Proved 16 March 1567/8.


P. 81:


JOHN GARROLDE of Great Burstead, 26 May 1569. (302)


To my sons Michael GARRALD 20, Alexander GARARD 20, Anthony GARRARD 18, and Enoch GARROLD 14. To Alexander my best featherbed. To my daughters Agnes 4 and Thomasine 6. Such sums to my four sons at 21 and to my two daughters within 6 months after my decease. To John GILDER my godson 6s.8d. To Elizabeth BOULTON 6s.8d. To William GARRET my brother 5s. To the poor people of Witham 5s. and the poor men's box of Great Burstead 5s. All my household stuff shall be equally divided amongst my six sons (the featherbed to Alexander excepted) but shall remain in my executors' hands for their behoof till they are due to receive their parts. The residue of my goods to John and William GARROLDE my sons, whom I ordain my executors. I ordain William FRENCHE my brother-in-law my supervisor. Witnesses: Mr. Thomas THORPE minister, James HARRIS the elder, William FRENNCHE of the same town, John PARKER of Laindon, Proved 26 May 1569.


P. 144:


THOMAS POLLARD of Bardfield Saling [now Little Saling], 27 Oct. 1560. (520)


To John the younger, my son, my son Thomas, and Alice my daughter, each 40s. To Alice wife of William POLLARD my son 13s.4d. To Alice POLLARD my own daughter all the stuff in the chamber that I lie in, i.e. the featherbed, bed-stead, chests and hangings. She shall have the tilth of the croft behind the tenement called Gentilmans, as much barley as shall suffice to sow the same, 5½ bushels of wheat which William KINGE doth owe me, and the money he oweth me for the sheep which he bought of me. The residue of my household stuff to my children evenly divided, i.e. William, John the elder, John the younger, Thomas, and Alice. I will that the said Alice shall receive the rent for the 'yeld hall' [Guildhall] of William PARKE as the same hereafter shall grow to be due as in a pair of indentures between me and William PARKE. To Julian HATCH widow 2s., 2 bushels of barley, and a flitch of bacon. To Robert FRANKE my marble coat and Robert POD my black russet hosen and my white hosen. To John DIGBEY of Finchingfield my great pair of knives. I will that Richard FRENCHE of Stebbing, whom I make my executor, shall take the rent of my copyhold lands of William PARKE until my debts and legacies be paid. To John the elder the reversion of the customary tenement and of my other copyhold lands in Bardfield Saling holden of the manor of Great Bardfield, in the tenure of William PARKE for certain years to come; for default of issue, to remain successively to John the younger and to Thomas. I will that my said son shall take up the tenement and lands at the next court after my decease. To my son William 13s.4d. To Joan BROWNE my goddaughter 8d. To Thomas FORD for writing this my Will 12d. The rest of my goods shall be equally divided among my children. To Richard FRENCH my executor 5s. for his pains. Witnesses: Nicholas BICKNER, William KINGE.


P. 156:


GEORGE LAW of Arkesden, 20 Oct. 1567. (558)


To Grace my wife my house and land, free and copy, in Arkesden for her life and to bring my children up till they come to lawful age; after her death, to George my son, paying to his brethren Henry and Thomas and my daughter Grace 3 6s.8d. each. If George die without issue, to Henry, paying Thomas and Grace the said sums; if Henry die without issue, to Thomas, paying Grace; if Thomas die without issue, to Grace; if all die without issue, to Henry my brother. To my four children at 10 2 ewes apiece. The rest of my goods to my wife, whom I make my executrix. I make my supervisor Thomas FRENCHE. Witnesses: Richard GIPPES, George LAW, John WATER, Robert CLERKE. Proved 8 Jan. 1567/8.


P. 214:


JANE SALTER of Terling widow, 12 Sept. 1568. (748)

To be buried in Terling churchyard by my late husband and other kinsfolk. Towards the reparations of the church 20s. To the poor folks of Tendring [sic]. To my daughter Florence my best featherbed and the great yellow hutch. To my daughter Elizabeth my best gold ring, Florence my next gold ring, and Joan SALTER my little gold ring that I wear every day. To my daughter Audrey my best cassock that is furred and 40s. in money. To my daughter SALTER my other best cassock that is new. To Edward SALTER all my barley in WHITE's barn and my barley growing at the time of my departing. To Mary SALTER another of the children of my son Blase SALTER 4 old ryals. To Jane SALTER his daughter 33s.4d., a little brass pot, a little posnet, a little kettle, a scummer, 2 pair of sheets, a tablecloth, 2 great hutches in my chamber where I lie, a court table, my best bed I lie on, my coverlet with knots, 7 porringers, 4 platters, 3 dishes, 3 saucers, a chamber pot, a fire shovel, a pewter basin, 2 pillows, and a little spruce hutch. To Margaret DAGNETT 4 shillings at marriage and a worsted kirtle. To Rose GRENE of Witham 5s., George CORNEWELL, William JACKSON and Robert WHITINGE each 10s. To my sister SMITHE 15s. To Blase 20 and 2 old ryals. To Margaret DAGNET my black cassock. To Florence, Audrey and my daughter SALTER my linen that I wear, to be equally divided. The residue of my goods to Blase. I ordain my son William HALE of Maldon my executor. Witnesses: John ORVICE clerk and vicar of Terling, Francis ALMONDE, John FRENCHE. Proved 8 Nov. 1570.


P. 252:


RICHARD FITCHE of Ridgewell, 13 Aug. 1571. (Nuncupative.) (879)


He gave to the poor of Ridgewell 2s.4d. To his two children, i.e. Thomas and Joan, each 5 marks at 21; if both die before, to Agnes his wife; if she and they die before the children are 21, to his eldest brother's children [not named]. The residue of his goods to his wife, whom he made his executrix, to bring up his children in the fear of God. Witnesses: Thomas FRENCHE, Thomas AGNES alias SMITHE. Proved 4 Sept. '1581' [recte 1571].